Top 10 best sniper rifles in the world

Increasingly, partisan detachments are appearing in various local conflicts, trying to turn the tide of hostilities in their favor with targeted strikes, for which the ideal weapon is a sniper rifle. This type of weapon also does not leave the arsenal of the world's leading armies, and remains an indispensable tool for solving problems by special forces. Although progress has a significant impact on the defense industry, most of the Top 10 contenders the best sniper rifles in the world have been in service for about fifty years, but still they have to give way to new, more ergonomic and accurate options.

10.L42 Enfield (UK)

This model of sniper rifle appeared at the end of the nineteenth century, quickly proving the convenience and reliability guaranteed by the use of a magazine, which is why the L42 became an indispensable tool both in the Boer War and in the two largest battles of mankind. Despite the fact that the rifle is over a hundred years old, snipers from the British Commonwealth countries still prefer it, because the target range is a full kilometer, and the maximum range is almost two.

L42 Enfield (UK)

  • Weight – 4.43 kg.
  • Length – 1181 mm.
  • Barrel – 699 mm.
  • Cartridge – 7.62×51.

The L42 Enfield is a bolt-action rifle with a magazine, and its origins date back to 1895 in Great Britain. The L42 Enfield sniper weapon was first used by the military forces of the British Empire in the first half of the last twentieth century.

The rifle was used numerous times in the First and Second World Wars, the Second Boer War and the Irish War of Independence and was considered the best in the world at that time. Its popularity among professional snipers is explained by its ability to hit a target at a maximum range of 1,829 meters, but the effective range is 1,000 meters.

9.SR-25 (USA)

The semi-automatic rifle, which entered service with the United States Army a quarter of a century ago, ranks ninth in the ranking of the 10 best sniper rifles in the world. Despite the fact that the destruction range is only 800 meters, the SR-25 has proven its effectiveness in all hot spots: Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor. A 10-round magazine gives the shooter an advantage and allows him to single-handedly repel an attack from several enemy units, even if they are attacking from different flanks. However, it is unlikely to be able to penetrate even armored glass if the target range exceeds the norm by a couple of meters.

SR-25 (USA)

  • Weight – 4.88 kg.
  • Length – 1118 mm.
  • Barrel – 610 mm.
  • Cartridge – 7.62×51.

The SR-25 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured in 1990 in the United States of America and ranks ninth in our ranking of the best sniper rifles on the planet. This sniper rifle was developed by gunsmith Eugene Stoner, and it was mass produced by Knight's Armament Company.

This semi-automatic weapon, with a rifled barrel and a direct gas impact system, began to be actively used in 1990. The rifle “passed” tests during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as during the crisis in East Timor (2006). The SR-25 model has an effective target engagement range of 800 meters.

8.AS50 (UK)

It was produced by order of the United Kingdom Defense Department, so it immediately became popular among various specialized units. The main highlight is five shots in one and a half seconds, without the need to jerk the shutter, which makes it possible to deal with terrorists or criminals who are moving at high speed, sometimes even hiding behind hostages, because amazing accuracy will allow you to avoid civilian casualties. There is also the possibility of using incendiary supplies, and the targeting accuracy is about two kilometers.

AS50 (UK)

  • Weight – 13.94 kg.
  • Length – 1369 mm.
  • Barrel – 692 mm.
  • Cartridge – 12.7×99.

The AS50 is a product of Accuracy International, a renowned English firearms manufacturer. The rifle was developed in 2007 to equip specialized units of the British troops. It can fire five shots in just 1.6 seconds, which is why it is very popular and considered one of the best in the world.

A bullet fired from this sniper weapon is capable of hitting an enemy at a distance of up to 1,800 meters. In addition, the sniper can use incendiary ammunition, guaranteeing a very high level of accuracy.

7.M21 (USA)

The weapon, ranked seventh in the list of the best sniper rifles in the world, was used by the Americans during the Vietnam War, moreover, it was specially developed for it. The M21 rifle entered service in 1969. You may have noticed the similarity with the M14 assault rifle, and it is not accidental, it was this that served as the prototype. It is still in service with the army, because the magazine holds 20 rounds of ammunition, standardized for NATO troops, which allows you to avoid shortages of ammunition or quickly replenish them. The effective firing range is nine hundred meters.

M21 (USA)

  • Weight – 5.27 kg.
  • Length – 1118 mm.
  • Barrel – 560 mm.
  • Cartridge – 7.62×51.

The M21 model is the best example of the SWS sniper weapon. The rifle was developed, tested and put on the assembly line at the request of the US Army, which required high-precision weapons to conduct military operations in the Vietnam War.

Essentially, this semi-automatic sniper rifle is an upgraded version of the M14 assault rifle. Adopted by the regular army in 1969. It is equipped with a box magazine for 20 “NATO” cartridges. The effective target firing range is 850 meters.

6.HK PSG1 (Germany)

Germany, bled dry after the Second World War, did not have its own means for the production of military ammunition for a long time, until 1972, when, after the terrorist attack at the Olympic Games in Munich, the government issued an order for the production of semi-automatic and sniper rifles, choosing one of the manufacturers from the times of the German Empire as a contractor. And now, for 45 years, the PSG1 remains an indispensable tool for special operations, because its 20-round magazine and effective range of 800 meters are ideal for freeing hostages and preventing terrorist attacks.

Barrett 50 Cal (USA)

  • Weight – 12.91 kg.
  • Length – 1448 mm.
  • Barrel – 737 mm.
  • Cartridge – 12.7×99.

First on the list of the best sniper rifles in the world is the Barrett Model 50, also known as the M82, is a high-caliber military sniper rifle designed by Ronnie Barrett and manufactured by the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Company. The rifle was adopted by US Army units in 1989 and is widely used to this day.

The rifle has a “50 BMG” cartridge chambering system, also known as the “Light Fifty”, and a magazine designed to hold ten rounds. A cartridge fired from this “barrel” can travel 2,600 meters and pierce walls! However, the effective firing range is slightly less - 1,560 meters.

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5. Dragunov rifle (USSR)

Definitely the most advanced of domestic military inventions, it ranks fifth in the top ten best sniper rifles in the world. Having entered service in 1963, it has still not been able to find high-quality analogues, all thanks to the wide base for modernization provided by the ease of assembly. Unlike more modern analogues, it is much less demanding in terms of maintenance; there have been cases when a shot was fired from a weapon covered with ice. Effective aiming is possible at a distance of about one and a half kilometers. Most often, the Dragunov rifle is found under the name SVD. This weapon has become widely used in computer games about the Cold War and modern shooters.

PSG1 (Germany)

  • Weight – 8.10 kg.
  • Length – 1208 mm.
  • Barrel – 650 mm.
  • Cartridge – 7.62×51.

The “PSGI” model is a German sniper rifle produced by the legendary company “Heckler & Koch” and ranks sixth in our ranking of the best sniper rifles in the world. The history of the rifle's origins begins in 1972 after the events of the Munich massacre, after which the Heckler & Koch arms company was entrusted with the responsibility of producing high-precision semi-automatic weapons for the army and police units.

The “PSGI” model rifle with a high-capacity magazine, manufactured in 1972, is still in use today and is guaranteed to allow effective shooting at targets at a distance of 900 meters.

4.Mosin rifle (Russia)

Created for the needs of the Russian Imperial Army, this rifle survived the First World War, performing well in swampy areas and in constant pollution, because for effective shooting it was enough just to clean the barrel and wipe the sight. It was in service until 1961, when it was replaced by the SVD. The Mosinka is perhaps the best Russian sniper rifle . This weapon is the object of a huge number of jokes, because its amazing survivability and effectiveness at medium distances can be demonstrated today, museum exhibits just need to be charged and they are ready for battle, and Siberian hunters claim that the best gun for use in severe frost conditions is simply can not found.

Mosin rifle (Russia)

  • Weight – 4.12 kg.
  • Length – 1232 mm.
  • Barrel – 729 mm.
  • Cartridge – 7.62×51.

The legendary “Three-Ruler” of the First World War, the Mosin rifle, is a bolt-action weapon with shocking accuracy and firing range. Developed in 1891 for the needs of the Russian Imperial Army, this unique rifle remained in service for about 70 years and rightfully earned 4th place among the world's best sniper rifles .

The design of the model was developed taking into account combat operations in “non-flying” weather conditions and when the mechanisms are dirty. At the same time, the rifle has powerful firepower, accuracy and a long range of destruction - up to 1,000 meters.

3.L115A3 AWM (UK)

Among the top three best sniper rifles in the world is the best British product in this segment. The model was created specifically for firing large-caliber ammunition, capable of hitting even weakly armored enemy vehicles. For the convenience of the shooter, two options for optics were installed, for different times of day, and a magazine for 5 rounds, since a larger number of shells of a similar caliber would have a negative impact on the recoil. The rifle has proven its effectiveness during special operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

L115A3 AWM (UK)

  • Weight – 6.82 kg.
  • Length – 1300 mm.
  • Barrel – 750 mm.
  • Cartridge - 8.59x70.

Magazine: 5 rounds, box-shaped, detachable.

Model “L115A3 AWM” (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is the best British sniper rifle, which was put into service in 1996. Designed for use with a large-caliber Magnum cartridge, it is equipped with night and day optics and a detachable box magazine for 5 rounds.

The rifle was actively used during the fighting in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. The outstanding effectiveness of this model is explained by the precise firing of the weapon at a distance of up to 1,400 meters.

2.CheyTac LRRS M-200 Intervention (USA)

Stunning ergonomics, the presence of a buttstock with a recoil compensator, as well as phenomenal accuracy made the M-200 rifle a favorite weapon of assassins. Of particular note is the firing range, which ensures that you hit the bull's eye from a distance of two kilometers, thereby ensuring that you will not be detected by either enemy troops or law enforcement agencies. The main disadvantage is its outstanding weight; when fully equipped, the CheyTac LRRS M-200 weighs about 13 kilograms, which makes the fighter using this rifle an extremely immobile combat unit.

1.Barrett 50 Caliber (USA)

M62, which is the official name of this model, takes first place in the ranking. For 2021, the Barrett 50 Cal is the best sniper rifle in the world . It has been in service with many armies of the Atlantic Alliance for about thirty years, and has never received negative reviews, and the main source of praise was the heavy-duty cartridges used in hunting revolvers. A shot from the Barrett 50 Cal can penetrate a brick wall at a distance of more than two kilometers, but the aiming accuracy is only one and a half thousand meters. Combined with a 10-round magazine, it will not leave the enemy vanguard and scouts any chance, without giving away the shooter’s position.

Dragunov rifle (USSR)

  • Weight – 4.33 kg.
  • Length – 1235 mm.
  • Barrel – 620 mm.
  • Cartridge – 7.62x54R.

The Dragunov rifle, better known as the “SVD,” is one of the most powerful, trouble-free and reliable models of small arms sniper weapons and was considered not only the best sniper rifle in the USSR, but throughout the world. It was developed in 1958 by weapons engineers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and accepted into service by army units in 1963.

The “SVD” model is equipped with a box magazine for ten rounds and is characterized by a short stroke gas piston system. The effective firing range of this weapon is 1,200-1,300 meters with an open sight and optics, respectively.

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CheyTac Intervention M200 (USA)

  • Weight – 12.31 kg.
  • Length – 1400 mm.
  • Barrel – 762 mm.
  • Cartridge – 10.3×77.

The M200 model is the standard for accuracy, range and firepower. It’s not for nothing that this weapon is called the best sniper system in the world, which is undoubtedly true.

The stunning combination of performance characteristics and military weaponry engineering allows this weapon to hit targets at a distance of 2,300 meters, with targeted fire at just under 2,000 meters.

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