Driven wild boar hunting: how to achieve success

The most common type of hunting was wild boar hunting from the approach. This method is suitable for experienced hunters. Young and inexperienced hunters are better off testing themselves on another hunt, otherwise irreparable things may happen. This method is not very effective, like “from ambush”, when boars come to feed at a certain time. Hunting a wild boar from the approach is liked by those who like to follow the animal and sneak up on it so that it does not sense a person. When approaching a boar, the hunter awakens the ancient instinct of preying on the animal.

How to Prepare for a Hunt

It is necessary to discuss in advance with the huntsman the question of how the herd moves to obtain food, where it spends the day, and routes of movement. Hunting will bring good results if the hunter knows the terrain and relief, if tracks and piles on the grass have been observed in advance, or he can recognize the voices of animals. In addition, for successful hunting in the forest there must be many paths that are maintained in good condition. Without such conditions it is difficult to achieve success.

When hunting a wild boar from the approach, the hunter is in close contact with the boar. Therefore, he needs to be most careful because of the great danger. The boar is a dangerous, intelligent and strong animal. In terms of strength and intelligence, the boar is second only to the bear. He sometimes seems clumsy, but all this is just an illusion that can cost life and health to many inexperienced hunters.

General hunting rules

Every hunter dreams of getting a trophy in the form of a wild boar carcass, but not everyone gets it. Even after calculating all the actions down to the smallest detail, you can return from the hunt with nothing. If you are just a beginner hunter, it is better to practice shooting smaller game: hare, fox, ducks, pheasants. Harvesting boar requires professional skills and certain knowledge. The outcome of events will depend on how carefully you prepare for the fishing process. The general rules of hunting include several important points that will help you understand how to properly hunt a wild boar:

  • good preparation. Think in advance where and when you will track the animal. The wild boar hunting season is not open all year round. It usually lasts from August to the end of February. Hunting with dogs shortens this period to October, and it is better to look for young boars from September to January;
  • Explore in advance the territory where you are going to hunt, talk to the huntsman and find out about the behavior of the animal in this location, the number of individuals, and preferred food. Walk around the area yourself and make a route plan. Check the availability of trails to pass through, because windbreaks will greatly complicate the hunting process;
  • select the type of hunt. There are several of them and which one is right for you depends on some factors;
  • prepare weapons, equipment, ammunition. There should be no foreign odors coming from you, such as tobacco, alcohol, perfume, or anything that could alert the animal;
  • Only males can be shot. It is prohibited to shoot females or small piglets. The only exception is selective shooting;
  • remember that a wounded pig is capable of attacking. After being shot, you will have a few seconds to make a decision: shoot again or look for cover;
  • do not set dogs on a wounded animal, in a fight they can get hurt on the fangs;
  • weapons must always be ready;
  • Inspect tree trunks in search of prey. The more the bark is peeled off, the larger the boar you may encounter;
  • At the time of surveillance, do not follow the animal path or in the direction of the wind. It’s better to go a little to the side and move against the wind, so you won’t scare off the animal with your smell;
  • try to get close to the animal so that there are trees or bushes between you. Such obstacles will slow down the boar if he decides to attack you;
  • Do not under any circumstances approach the animal until you are sure that it has died;
  • if a boar is running towards you, jump to the side in front of it. Most likely, there will be no repeated attack and he will run away.

Remember that you can only shoot males

The last but most important rule is don't panic. Sober thinking will help you quickly navigate even the most difficult situation.

Winter hunting

Walk-up hunting for wild boar in winter is very effective. It is in winter that it is usually held. Approach hunting is carried out in winter following fresh tracks of wild pigs. But since the animal is smart, it usually does not show signs of its habitat in forest lands. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to discover their roosting areas. Experienced rangers usually know well all the forest areas where wild pigs live. It is difficult to find an animal in a strange forest.

There are certain recommendations that will help the hunter when hunting wild boar:

  1. The weapon must always be loaded and ready for use.
  2. For such a hunt, it is better to have trained hunting dogs.
  3. You need to go hunting while it is still light and the sun has not set. They approach the edge slowly, then go to the wild boars, which are feeding.
  4. It is better to find a place for a shot near a tree or stone, so that if the shot is unsuccessful, you can hide. If you are absolutely sure that you have hit the animal, and it is not moving, it may be alive. The approach to the boar should be from the back with a gun. Look at the animal's ears and the fur on its mane - if the fur and ears are ruffled, the animal is alive and ready to attack the hunter. In this case, it is best to shoot the boar in the ear.
  5. You cannot shoot at a wild boar running towards a hunter, since it is very difficult to hit him at such a moment. It's better to shoot in the side under the shoulder blade.
  6. You should never leave a wounded animal, in such a situation it becomes a bundle of anger and rage. People nearby may be injured. The hunter must drive the boar until he shoots it. The boar is smart and can wait for the hunter near the paths. It is especially dangerous to drive a wild boar in the dark.

Other recommendations

In winter, there are some peculiarities when hunting wild boar from the approach:

  1. You need to know the rule that all animals sniff the odors in the air before leaving the forest thicket. Therefore, you need to choose a place so that the wind is directed towards the hunter.
  2. In mountainous areas, before sunrise the wind is directed towards the valleys, and after sunset in the opposite direction.
  3. The hunter must time his movement during the feeding of wild boars, when the chomping sounds of wild pigs can be heard. At this time, they do not expect an attack, they are calm. Another sign of the calmness of animals is the tail. If tail swings occur, then the boar is calm. If he became wary and froze, then the hunter must be careful.

Driven boar hunting

Driven hunting for wild boar differs significantly from driven hunting for elk, since these types of animals are completely different from each other both in appearance and in their way of life, habits and habitats. After feeding, moose in most cases lie down to rest right next to the feeding area, while wild boars, on the contrary, having eaten their fill, go into the forest, which is difficult for humans to navigate.

The success of the upcoming hunt largely depends on how well the beaters know the behavior of the wild boar and the terrain in which the hunt will take place. The wild boar is a heat-loving animal that prefers a humid habitat. Wild boars living in the forests of the taiga are very different from their relatives living in the southern regions. This led animals to adapt and be able to survive in the harsh conditions of the northern climate. Thanks to its omnivorous nature and good fertility, the wild boar is recognized as one of the best breeding wild animals. In Russia, trophy hunting has recently become increasingly popular.

The essence of driven hunting is that the beaters must accurately drive the animal located in the forest towards the hunter-shooters. It is not easy to drive out a boar to a direct shot from a hunter, since this animal is quite smart and cunning and is capable of hiding under a spruce tree, allowing the beater to pass a meter away from him. Therefore, the beater must have a clear understanding of the area, as they say, know every bush. Beaters move through the forest in a straight line, making loud vocal noises, hitting trees with sticks, and firing noise shots into the air. The beater's clothing and headdress should have elements of bright colors, thanks to which the shooter will not be able to confuse him with a wild animal that is making its way through the dense thickets of the forest.

Shooting numbers must be placed so that the direction of the wind is favorable to the beaters towards the hunters. On one hunt, the leader did not take this into account and arranged the numbers so that the direction of the wind was from the shooters towards the corral; the boars, pushed by the beaters, smelled the smell of the hunters carried by the wind, turned around and left the corral by the edge of the forest. Such a hunt requires a lot of time for its preparation; it happens that the hunt itself goes much faster. The success of the hunt, the competent placement of shooting numbers in promising places, taking into account the direction of the wind, the ability to read and determine the freshness of tracks, largely depends on the experience of the hunt manager.

Before conducting this event, safety instructions are required so that each participant knows the rules and their responsibilities. In a raid hunt, it is not uncommon for a person to die when he is killed by a bullet from his comrade, who fired a shot at a wild boar that was in the line of fire with a different number. Don't break the rules that are written in blood. Often, an unprepared young hunter, seeing a wild animal for the first time, can do unpredictable things: shoot without aiming, go towards the wild boar, leave the number.

Therefore, the hunter must be mentally prepared to meet the beast, self-possessed and cool-blooded at the moment of adrenaline rushing into the blood. In modern times, unfortunately, there are more and more cases that do not fit into any framework of the hunter’s rules... This is when a hunter begins to drink alcohol to (warm up) and simply falls asleep, sitting down to rest. In this case, the wild boars, as a rule, will pass nowhere, namely next to this number.

Driven hunting for wild boar can pose a serious danger for the hunter, since the animal can simply rush at him. An adult cleaver has large and sharp fangs, like a knife, with which it is capable of causing serious injuries. There were also cases when a wild pig rushed at a hunter, protecting its brood. In case of danger, you can take cover behind a large tree that grows nearby. A hunter who goes into a pen should have a gun with him, as he can meet there a seasoned boar, which, not frightened by the noise, may behave unpredictably.

The shooter at the number must clearly understand the permitted shooting sector in order to avoid an accident. You cannot shoot the animal towards the corral, as there are beaters in it. Having taken a position in advance, you need to make sure that there are no obstacles to shooting; branches or bushes that interfere with your view must be removed. While waiting, you need to behave extremely quietly, without making sudden movements, so as not to give away your presence ahead of time, and, especially, smoke.

Shooters need to be positioned so that they can clearly see each other, or at a distance beyond the range of the shot. The number to which the wild boars are closest should shoot. It happens that one number is shot, and the remaining boars turn back to the pen, where in a panic they can slip past the beaters and go to the number where the pen has already passed. Therefore, every single shooter must remain in place until there is a command to shoot.

There was such a case. The arrows were placed, and the pen had not yet begun; at that time, two pigs came out of the forest into an open place for the second number. The hunter didn’t think long, fired a shot and caught one, and the second ran back into the forest, where he was successfully driven to another number and also caught.

In the fall, when the last leaves have fallen from the trees, hunting is easier because visibility becomes much better. With snow falling, hunting will be even easier, since the tracks of wild boars are clearly visible in the snow. When making a corral, wild boars, as a rule, run along the tracks that they came earlier, next to the path, and you need to put the numbers first.

If the hunt takes place in the thickets, then you need to take care of what kind of bullet you will use. The bullet must have good penetration ability and the ability to be used in dense undergrowth; the Polev 6u bullet is excellent for this type of hunting. Shooters who will occupy positions with a large field of view with a long shot distance are better off using long-barreled rifled weapons in 7x62.54 caliber with an expansive bullet, which has a good stopping effect.

It is not recommended to use buckshot for this hunt, since you never know at what distance you will have to shoot. It was possible to hunt young boars, under whose skin they found buckshot with meat rotting around the lead, because buckshot is not always capable of inflicting a mortal wound, but can only injure the animal, which will still die from inevitable infection.

By following all the rules, the hunt will be a success!

PS When hunting wild boar, I use an effective bait recipe that I came up with myself. You can read more about the bait here

The secret to hunting is waiting and patience

Every time such a hunt can be called a lottery. You can come to the right places many times, but the animals will come to feed along other paths. Only patience and attentiveness will help in this matter. You just have to wait for a good opportunity. The closer the evening gets, the greater the tension of anticipation. However, the most effective wild boar hunting occurs at night. You need to tune in more precisely to extraneous sounds; any cry of a jay or blackbird gives a signal that wild pigs are approaching. You can wait several hours.

How to approach animal roosts

There is a special type of wild boar hunting from the approach. It is called "on the benches". This hunt needs to be done during the day, when wild pigs are sleeping. Boars sleep soundly, so you can get quite close to them. But this is a dangerous method; a sharply frightened wild boar can take a person’s life. Such an event forces a person to be very attentive, careful and move slowly, carefully examining the boar’s beds. This type of hunting is usually allowed closer to autumn.

Corral strategy

When hunting wild boar, you need to take into account that during the rut, the hoe will try to escape through thickets of bushes and impassable thickets. Therefore, hunters need to choose denser areas of the forest for ambush. In addition, during the rutting process, the pace of the animal completely depends on the pace of the beater. If the beater walks slowly, the boar will also not be in a hurry. In order for a wild boar hunt to end successfully, the hunter must adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. It must be taken into account that during the rut, the boar will try to go to its bedding areas.
  2. You should know where the animal stops for the day.
  3. The wild boar always tries to escape through the densest areas of the forest.

Before the start of the hunt, all hunters are divided into two groups: beaters and numbers. The beaters must drive the animal to the numbers. The main thing in hunting a boar in a pen is to correctly place all the numbers, since the success of the hunt depends on them. As a rule, the chain of numbers and beaters is formed by one or more hunters. The option when many people participate in the formation of the chain is unacceptable.

When hunting a wild boar in a pen, you should remember that the tighter the chain of beaters itself, the more successful the hunt can be. It must be borne in mind that although the wild boar is a rather cautious animal, it is not afraid of hunters, so it can easily escape from encirclement. The numbers need to be displayed on boar trails, since the cleaver mainly uses trails for movement.

Good hunting in summer

It is better to hunt wild boar from the approach in mild windy weather in the summer. Then it’s time for the pigs to fatten. A herd of animals that constantly moves in search of food creates a lot of noise. Just such a condition is ideal for hunters to approach wild boars.

Hunters usually use this technique - they find the animal’s habitat and walk around it in a circle, separating the place where the animal enters a given square. As a result, there is a slow decrease in the search area for animals. The smaller the search area becomes, the greater caution must be exercised.

When approaching a place of wild boars, you need to lie in ambush, as boars can be close and react sharply to any movement. The last distance to the animal must be crawled carefully, constantly looking around and stopping around. After detecting a wild boar, you need to fire shots.

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