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Every woman is given by nature to be tender, charming and feminine. But everyday affairs, everyday life, problems at work, destroy the feminine principle.

And in order to reawaken the feminine lightness in yourself and become a real muse for your man, sometimes you need very little. For example, read books about femininity from this selection so that in a very short time you can shine with all the rays of true femininity.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, "Who Runs with the Wolves"

The author of the book is a psychotherapist who collected and analyzed fairy tales dedicated to the female archetype. Estes argues that the origins of femininity must be sought in the primordial wild woman, wise and courageous, who lives in the soul of each of our contemporaries. And studying fairy tales helps to gain access to this wild woman.

Enter the world of analytical psychology to find your own Self and discover possibilities within yourself that you never knew existed! The book will help you abandon everything superficial and come into contact with your hidden power, which at first may frighten a person accustomed to living within the shackles imposed by civilization.

Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth. Stereotypes against women"

Naomi Wolf is a feminist and sociologist. She dedicated her book to the pressure that modern culture puts on women. In the 21st century, women not only have to work on an equal basis with men, but also look according to certain canons.

Naomi Wolf believes that a woman’s task is to free herself from this pressure and abandon crippling “beauty practices”, not compare herself with some ephemeral “beauty ideals” and release her true femininity. This book can change your views about yourself, which is sometimes very painful. However, if you strive for independence and want to learn how to be yourself in the full sense of the word, you should definitely read it!

"What the Skin Hides" by Yael Adler

Yael Adler is a German dermatologist who described in simple and accessible language how human skin functions.
The beauty and health of this organ begins from the inside, so it is important to know about its features in order to diagnose and treat problems in time. It is not for nothing that the book has long been among the top publications on beauty and health - it has collected almost all the most useful information about the skin, its structure, renewal and functions. First, the dermatologist describes in detail what the organ is made of, talks about the dermis, epidermis and microbiome and how they work at the system level. This book does not contain a boring list of negative factors affecting the skin and a long list of its features. The writer gives practical advice on skin care at home (for example, recipes against itching from insect bites or sunburn), and also pays attention to each area of ​​the body covered with skin. With Yael Adler, you'll learn whether you need to wear sunscreen year-round, the consequences of a lack of vitamin D, and how your skin behaves at different times in your life.

Dan Abrams, Woman on Top. The end of patriarchy?

It is generally accepted that male and female thinking are fundamentally different from each other. At the same time, “male” abilities are usually taken as a certain standard. However, there are some things in which women are superior to men. Want to know what your strength is? So you should study this book. You'll learn that women drive better, vote more wisely, and achieve greater results as leaders! The book will make you believe in yourself and abandon the stereotypes that doing something “like a girl” is bad!

“Stylish travel light” - Anna Sharlay

In your rush to book cheap flights and collect the essentials, don't forget to treat yourself in a great way. A professional stylist shares in her book her experience that will make it easy to put together a stylish wardrobe and a professional cosmetic bag, not waste money on things that won’t suit you, and even take memorable photos while traveling! Magazines have long introduced the concept of airport fashion. You'll always notice a stylish star, even if you don't know who she is - it's all about her casual and easy look.

Try on different roles

Marie Forleo, “You are a goddess! How to drive men crazy?

If you are single and dream of finding your other half, this book is for you. The author teaches you to look for the root of problems not in others, but in yourself. After all, women themselves often push potential promising gentlemen away from themselves.

Become a goddess, believe in yourself, and you will find your happiness (and, importantly, you will be able to maintain it).

Erich Maria Remarque "Life on Borrow"

The book of the famous writer Erich Maria Remarque “Life on Borrow” is written in an unusual style for him: there is almost no political subtext, the plot is focused on human psychology.

In the mountains of Switzerland there is a sanatorium where Lilian, a young and beautiful girl, spends her last days. She is sick with tuberculosis, but appreciates every day she has left. She would like to see the whole world, because it is so beautiful! Lilian does not understand how you can risk your life, take it for granted, because it could end at any moment. Realizing that there is very little left, she decides to make the most of the remaining time and leaves the sanatorium.

Natalya Pokatilova, “Born of a Woman”

Many readers claim that this book completely changed their worldview and taught them to be truly feminine. Of course, the author relies on very dubious “ancient practices”, but you can find many useful exercises in the book. If you approach them rationally and thoughtfully, you can achieve impressive results and change your life for the better.

Alexander Shuvalov, “Female genius. Disease history"

It is generally accepted that men have higher intelligence than women. The author refutes this stereotype, relying on numerous scientific studies and historical data. Women have the same opportunities as men, but they often have to give up their destiny for the sake of family and children. However, according to the author, being a genius is not easy for representatives of both sexes: you have to pay a high price for talent.

The book is useful for women who are not sure that they are capable of doing something grandiose just because they were born representatives of the “weaker sex.” Find out that your possibilities are limitless and you are no worse (and maybe in many ways better) than men.

Book rating in the table:

AuthorNamePublishing houseBindingNumber of pagesPrice, rub
10D. Varlamova, E. FoerSex. From the neurobiology of libido to virtual porn Alpina Publishersolid354400-500
9Alena KamyshevskayaMy sexBoombooksoft144not specified
8Carol DayhouseMan of dreams. How mass culture created the image of the ideal man Alpina Publishersoft322460-580
7Marilyn YalomBreast historyEksmosolid424410
6Rupi KaurMilk and honeyEksmosolid400340-490
5Betty FriedanThe mystery of femininityProgresssolid496not specified
4Emily NagoskiAs the woman wants. Master class on the science of sex Mann, Ivanov and Ferbersoft336660
3Yulia LapinaBody, food, sex and anxiety. What worries the modern woman. Alpina non-fictionsolid229370-410
2Anna ShadrinaSingle. Sex, love and family outside of marriage New Literary Reviewsoft240380
1Dmitry LubninProject Woman. Subtleties of tuning the female body: find out how your body works Eksmosolid400400-490

Helen Andelin, "The Charm of Femininity"

This book was written in the middle of the last century, when the ideal woman was a charming housewife, caring for her spouse and literally holding the marriage on her shoulders.

After reading the book, you will be able to believe that you can change a lot in your relationship with your spouse: the author provides a lot of practical advice that has not lost its relevance to this day.

Rating of books on the topic of female sexuality in 2021

Along with recommendations, there are books that will help reveal the feminine essence, increase sensuality and self-esteem. Scientific and psychological publications by Russian and foreign authors - doctors - have long been sold on the literature market. Psychologists, sexologists, their patients, ordinary housewives are happy to share their experiences, describe various situations, analyze and explore life moments from different angles. Let's analyze a selection of books on the topic of sexuality and rank the 10 most purchased and read in 2021.

10th place - Daria Varlamova, Elena Foer “Sex. From the neurobiology of libido to virtual porn"

The rating of the book on Live lib is 3.64, the year of publication is 2021, the number of pages is 354, the cost is 400 - 500 rubles.

The book by Daria Varlamova and Elena Foer from Alpina Publisher will contain a lot of useful information for both women and men. The authors combined the biological concept of human sexuality with the culture of society. The decision turned out to be successful. Against the background of controversy and research, one can note how prohibitions coexist with cultural codes, instincts with psychological aspects, from the biological attraction of the sexes to the sex of future generations. Sex is a controversial aspect in life.

Psychologists are studying the factors that determine the frequency of sex and the choice of a partner. The interaction of biology with the cultural life of societies helps to define and understand sensuality and sexuality. Wandering erogenous zones as a natural phenomenon, the neurochemistry of libido, the psychology of middle-aged housewives - the beginning of the list of problems and situations being studied. Various facts add up to a big mosaic picture, where there is a little bit of everything. The book can be compared to a mini desktop encyclopedia.

Daria Varlamova, Elena Foer “Sex. From the neurobiology of libido to virtual porn"


  • Hard cover;
  • The book is written in accessible language, contains and deciphers many concepts.


  • a large number of scientific terms and endless parentheses.

9th place - Alena Kamyshevskaya “My Sex”

The rating of the book on Live lib is 3.19, the year of release is 2014, the number of pages is 144, the cost is 430 rubles.

The sexual comic book or graphic novel was published in 2014 under the Bumkniga publishing house. The story tells the stages of growing up of the main character, awareness of her own sensuality and sexuality. The entire path to achieving pleasure in the body and the formation of the spirit of the individual is described: girlish love, meetings and partings, joy and disappointment from sexual relationships, casual and not so casual. The theme develops against the backdrop of youthful taboos, intimidation from mentors and parents, thanks to which the girl was afraid of the manifestation of desires and passion. The child was subjected to harassment and sexual violence, and experienced fear of intimacy. A terrible life experience left a mark on the young soul and created a lot of problems for an adult girl, forcing her to indulge in all serious sins.

Alena Kamyshevskaya “My Sex”


  • read in one sitting;
  • unusual topic.


  • the work is too truthful and difficult to perceive;
  • drawings enhance and make the text heavier;
  • not in stock, any version of the book can be purchased to order.

8th place - Carol Dyhouse “Man of Dreams. How mass culture created the image of the ideal man"

The rating of the book on Live lib is 3.49, the year of publication is 2021, the number of pages is 322, the cost is 460 - 580 rubles.

Over the centuries, the ideals of male and female beauty have changed. But the male idols always corresponded to the choice and ideal of the women of their time. The emergence of female independence also changed the idea of ​​the ideal man. The book by the publishing house "Alpina Publisher" reflects the topic of studying famous sex symbols of different times and trends (cinema, literature, mass culture) from the point of view of psychology, showing the fantasies and desires of women, their development over time, changes in male heroes. The title of the book literally sounds like “A History of Women and Desire.” The writer talks about this, making the female audience breathe unevenly and imagine their idols of sexual desire. The object of study is a man through the eyes of a woman, how she sees the ideal image. The book plunges into the world of the history of male beauty from a female point of view and fantasies.

Erol Dayhouse “The man of dreams. How mass culture created the image of the ideal man"


  • interesting historical images are reflected;
  • the book allows you to look at men as objects of desire through a female gaze;
  • The research sources are included at the end.


  • the translation of the title is slightly inconsistent with the original;
  • soft cover;
  • not for everyone.

7th place - Marilyn Yalom “Breast Story”

The book's rating on Live lib is 3.43, year of release: 2011, number of pages: 424, cost from 410 rubles.

A book for fans of the Popular genre. Eksmo Publishing House published the book by the American writer and researcher, mother of four children, in 2011. The book has been popular among readers since 2004 to this day. Research on cultural studies in Europe. The book analyzes women's breasts, their attractiveness, and the reasons for their attractiveness. You can find a lot of useful information, for example, when the first corset, bra, etc. appeared. The study of the breast and the role in human cultural life over the course of not just one decade, but the entire history of mankind, from the primitive communal system to modern society.

A large historical period of time of 25 thousand years makes it possible to identify factors and patterns in the attitude of societies towards the female breast, its functions from the point of view of society and aesthetics. They looked positively at the breast, associating it with feeding the child. In such cases, she was idolized and female idols were worshiped. This has been the case in Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Eve and the Ancestors, the Madonna and Child, the symbol of the French Republic in the form of a woman with bare breasts: examples of “good” breasts can be found in every century. Negative qualities and functions were combined with the concept of vulgarity, temptation, debauchery, violence, aggression, sin.

The basis of the concepts arose from a male point of view. The Prophet Ezekiel and the cities as shameless libertines, William Shakespeare and Lady Macbeth, modern pornography. "Bad" breasts are also tracked throughout the entire time interval. In the modern world, breasts are directly related to two opposing concepts. On the one hand, next to the meaning are the words food, sex, life, beauty, on the other hand, new terrible interpretations have appeared: illness, death. The chapters have meaningful content. After reading the book, your worldview will change and take on new meaning.

Marilyn Yalom "The Story of Breasts"


  • exciting, lively, useful book;
  • contains popular scientific research with facts;
  • Hard cover;
  • interesting cover.


  • black and white illustrations of unique engravings, drawings and paintings;
  • At the end of the book there is a huge list of sources for each chapter.

6th place - Rupi Kaur “Milk and honey”

The rating of the book on Live lib is 4.14, the year of publication is 2021, the number of pages is 400, the cost is 340 - 490 rubles.

The blank verses of the debut book of the young Indian poetess Rupi Kaur from the Eksmo publishing house help the reader track the bitter moments of the heroine’s life. The four stages of life are divided into: pain - love - breakup - healing. The sensual lines are captivating from the very beginning. Each moment is taken from my own experience. Emotional, sad, romantic, vulnerable, trusting - you can pick up a lot of synonyms that describe the lyrics from the book. The translated lines of poetry are published together with the original version in English.

Rupi Kaur "Milk and honey"


  • an unusual book, written in the style of “blank verse”;
  • contains the translation along with the original English texts;
  • the publication is available on most book sites;
  • in hardcover.


  • not detected.

5th place - Betty Friedan “The Feminine Mystique”

The rating of the book on Live lib is 4.08, the year of publication is 1993, the number of pages is 496, the cost is not found, the book is only available in electronic form.

A classic book on psychology for the reading audience. Dedicated to the women's liberation movement in America in the post-war years. Girls left educational institutions for the sake of marriage. The reason was considered valid and was supported by many. The fear of being too smart was prevalent in the mid-twentieth century. Thousands of housewives lived without aspirations for a better life, did not make plans for self-improvement and personal development, and did not climb the steps of the career ladder. Betty Friedan tried to conduct research among married women without education, to analyze their lives, actions, and ensuing consequences.

A woman’s needs faded into the background after the birth of a child; the woman degraded, physically doing housework and running the household. The needs of all family members occupied a central place in married life. After interviewing each of them, the conclusion was that all of them were sexually unsatisfied. In the presence of lovers, a similar situation was observed. Each woman was unhappy in her own way, but the problems were similar. Based on scientific findings, an analysis of housewife syndrome was carried out. He showed that education and independence lead to maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse with a partner.

Education and career among the fair sex have become fashionable again and continue to be on the highest step of the pedestal among other achieved results. Our readers were introduced to the invaluable experience of American housewives by the Progress publishing house. For almost three decades, the book has been reread by tens of thousands of women in Russia and abroad.

Betty Friedan "The Feminine Mystique"


  • easy to read book;
  • based on life situations and experiences;
  • hardcover edition.


  • The old edition allows you to read the book only in electronic form.

4th place - Emily Nagoski “As a woman wants. Master class on the science of sex"

The rating of the book on Live lib is 4.08, the year of release is 2021, the number of pages is 336, the price is from 660 rubles.

The book's author, Emily Nagoski, has been working in the field of sex education for two decades. Questions about pleasure, arousal, attraction, sexual desire - these are all for her. The information in the book will improve your sex life with your partner. Every woman is capable of experiencing an orgasm and getting sexual pleasure, and to achieve it, you need to study and make every effort to achieve the desired result.

Why don't you want to have sex? What are the characteristics of the female body and genital organs? How does your sex life change as a result of constant stress? The book opens our eyes to these issues and examines the topics of sensuality and satisfaction through evolutionary psychology, anatomy, and gender studies. The life experience of the heroines, scientific developments and technologies help to set up the correct approach and attitude to the concept of sexuality, teach them how to manage it. The book contains special exercises, the text is written in simple and accessible language. The publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber published Emily Nagoski's book in a circulation of 3,000 copies.

Emily Nagoski “As a woman wants. Master class on the science of sex"


  • the text is written in accessible language;
  • educational book with a set of exercises;
  • It is possible to order in any store.


  • soft cover.

3rd place - Yulia Lapina “Body, food, sex and anxiety. What worries the modern woman?

The rating of the book on Live lib is 4.09, the year of publication is 2021, the number of pages is 229, the cost is from 370 to 410 rubles.

Yulia Lapina is a clinical psychologist who has been working for a long time with people who suffer from digestive disorders and, accordingly, behavioral disorders. Based on the experience and research of female behavior, the proposed book arose. Most modern women ask similar questions. Why is it difficult to lose weight? Why don't you want sex? What's wrong with my appearance? What's wrong with me? Why am I so worried? Quality of life, health, relationships with people - everything changes depending on the posed, sometimes far-fetched problems relating to the body, food and sex.

Answers to questions can be found in the book. Anxiety is caused not by internal problems, but by external ones. Are you okay, etc. Every girl and woman is an individual internally and externally, but the answers are always the same. The text is written in accessible, interesting language and is easy to read. The book voices topical women's topics, contains confirmed scientific facts, and links to sources. Edition "Alpina non-fiction", quantity - 3,000 copies. Can be recommended to friends for general development and getting the right direction in life.

Yulia Lapina “Body, food, sex and anxiety. What worries the modern woman?


  • The book is captivating and quick to read;
  • Hard cover;
  • available in all versions (paper, electronic, MP-3 audio);
  • suitable for any female audience;
  • supported by scientific research and facts with reference to sources;
  • without reading morality.


  • not detected.

2nd place - Anna Shadrina “Single. Sex, love and family outside of marriage"

The rating of the book on Live lib is 4.23, the year of release is 2021, the number of pages is 240, the cost is from 380 rubles.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the number of unmarried successful women around the world. If in America and the West “loners” became recognizable among city residents 40–50 years ago, then this wave has reached Russia in recent years. This category of women influences society, forces it to respect itself and reckon with it. This phenomenon is discussed in a book published by the New Literary Review publishing house in 2021. The book examines the position of “loners” among other social categories, shows how problems are solved, and discussions are held on Internet pages and blogs. The book is a challenge for modern society, chained within a certain framework of foundations that have developed over the years.

Issues covering the sexual part of life are considered differently: in ancient times you could not say that you were interested in sex, now you cannot say that you are not interested in sex. Regarding single women, it should be noted that they used to be labeled as losers. But as it turns out, sometimes loneliness goes hand in hand with happiness. In the book, the author interviews fifty women residents of large cities. All of them are successful women who have made careers without having a family.

Perhaps villagers are less successful, they have no career opportunities, and do not have a favorite job. They are simply doomed living in the village. The book tells about free women living outside the framework of laws and prohibitions, doomed to family life. The heroines tell how and why they came to loneliness. The problem is considered from all sides. If men want to understand the psychology of loneliness, they may well read Anna Shadrina’s book.

Anna Shadrina “Single. Sex, love and family outside of marriage"


  • Interesting subject covered;
  • the book is based on the life experiences of the heroines;
  • easy reading;
  • suitable for reading by the male half of humanity.


  • soft glossy binding.

1st place - Dmitry Lubnin “Project Woman. Subtleties of tuning the female body: find out how your body works"

The rating of the book on Live lib is 4.47, the year of release is 2021, the number of pages is 400, the cost is 400 - 490 rubles.

The book by a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist was published by the Russian publishing house Eksmo in 2021. The circulation was 5 thousand copies. The best Moscow doctor prepared detailed instructions on the topic of the female body, described how it works, the features of growing up, illness and pathology. The text is written in an interesting, accessible, non-sad, and knowledgeable manner. The book can be read by representatives of the fair sex of any age and generation, from girls to grandmothers. A reference book with elements of humor, not frightening with sophisticated terms.

Dmitry Lubnin “Project Woman. Subtleties of tuning the female body: find out how your body works


  • the book was written by a knowledgeable specialist and helps to understand the characteristics of the female body;
  • reviews of the book are only positive;
  • hard paper edition;
  • the price is affordable for hardcover and a large number of pages;
  • Ordering is possible in any online store.


  • not detected.

Cherry Gilchrist, Circle of Nine

Analytical psychologists believe that our psyche is based on archetypal images, each of which gives us certain abilities. This book is dedicated to female archetypes: the Queen of Beauty, the Queen of the Night, the Great Mother and others. Discover the power of each archetype, develop those whose capabilities you lack, and you can find harmony and true femininity!

The books listed in this article look at femininity from different angles. Some authors identify a housewife as an ideal, others advise finding a wild, pristine woman within yourself, free from conventions... Study as many sources as possible to find your own point of view on what femininity is!


The female audience welcomes books based on the real life experiences of the heroines, be it a successful lady or an ordinary housewife. While reading, you can get a lot of pleasure, learn new aspects and concepts, learn to love yourself, believe in your attractiveness and beauty. Sensuality and mystery will help any woman build a successful career, find a worthy partner for sex and life together, change her destiny and become happy.

The choice is yours.

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