The best positive books. 10 books that make you want to live

It seems that there is no such person who would not be disappointed in life. At such moments, all things around us are seen exclusively in gray tones, all bright colors and emotions dim and fade. Some are saved by friends, some by family, and some by their favorite job.

We present to you books, after reading which you want to live , after which life will certainly return to its former colors. Read with pleasure!

Abdel Cellu "You changed my life"

It was this book that formed the basis of the famous French film “1+1” or “The Intouchables”. It tells the story of the fate of two people who managed to change each other: a rich aristocrat who, by the will of fate, became wheelchair-bound, and an emigrant who did not have a job.

This book is about an incredible friendship that can bring back zest for life and turn it upside down.

12 Weeks a Year, Brian Moran, Michael Lennington

We are used to thinking in terms of the calendar year: most people's goals are spread out across the months. Most of us know exactly how to lose weight, become rich and happy. And almost no one manages to fulfill even a third of the promises they make to themselves.

Most of the plans remain plans: it didn’t work out to lose weight by summer, renovations are stuck at the initial stage, the search for an interesting job ends in surfing the Internet. Why this happens and what needs to be done to get out of the vicious circle, the authors of the book know, which will help increase personal effectiveness.

In just 12 weeks, with the guidance of entrepreneur Brian Moran and business expert Michael Lennington, you can change your life. To do this you will have to work on yourself every day, but the result is worth it. You will set your priorities correctly, increase the profitability of your business and get rid of stress in your personal life.

Some recommendations may seem unusual to you. For example: achieving a goal should involve as few tactical steps as possible. The more steps that separate you from success, the less likely you are to achieve your goal.

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Fannie Flagg "Standing Under the Rainbow"

This is a work about a small town where all the residents know everything about each other. Moreover, this city is known throughout the country, because the woman who runs the city radio talks about it and its amazing life every day in her wonderful, seemingly smiling voice.

Through a whole cascade of human characters and their difficult destinies, the author shows that even in everyday life and routine you can find reasons for joy and happiness.

“Quick results”, Andrey Parabellum, Nikolay Mrochkovsky

How can you change your life in just 10 days, learn how to set and achieve goals as effectively as possible? The advice of business consultant Andrei Parabellum and entrepreneur Nikolai Mrachkovsky will help you.

The book describes in detail in simple language certain rules, laws and skills for managing yourself and your personal time. Practical recommendations and assignments will help you consolidate the material you have learned.

The authors offer a program for each of the 10 days, during which you can change yourself and begin to achieve your goal. It is noteworthy that you don’t have to do anything supernatural, since our effectiveness turns out to be influenced by the most banal things like TV or lack of movement. These things slow down development, but a glass of water every two hours can help the brain and make us more successful overall.

The book will appeal to those who like to get quick results in a short time.

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Ken Kesey "Sailor's Song"

Prepare to be immersed in the chilling world of Alaska. It is filled with gloominess, cold severity, the sea and human destinies that are unlikely to leave you indifferent.

You will certainly rise to a vibrant life and dazzling light, but first you will have to go through a grotesque world full of bilious sarcasm and angry humor.

Elinor Porter "Pollyanna"

Completely immersed in routine life, it is very difficult to see at least some joy in life. However, it is possible. This is exactly what the main character of the book, Pollyanna, shows. This girl lives by “playing for joy,” which turns the lives of many people in her town upside down. She opens their hearts to happiness and joy.

This book teaches that we all need to use the “game of joy” as often as possible in our lives and then we will not need any antidepressants.

Ray Bradbury "A Cure for Melancholy"

The young girl Camilla slowly loses all her vitality and fades away right before her eyes. Not a single doctor can give her an accurate diagnosis and finally explain how to help the poor girl. A desperate family decides to place a bed with a sick woman on the street and ask all passers-by for advice. One mysterious gypsy finds the name of Camilla's illness - melancholy.

This book is about how the best cure for any illness is, of course, love...

The best positive books. 10 books that make you want to live

In this review I have collected my favorite positive books, books that inspire. It included both books that I talked about in the newsletter, as well as new ones, both fiction and autobiographies. All of them are available for downloading for free, without SMS (moreover, I couldn’t include many wonderful books precisely because I couldn’t download them). Enjoy!

1. J. Canfield “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

One of the most moving books I have ever read is Chicken Soup for the Soul by J. Canfield.

A collection of amazing short stories from life will not leave anyone indifferent, but will strengthen faith in mercy, the power of forgiveness and love, and inspire good and bright deeds.

I can’t say that I’m particularly emotional, but many of the stories in this book brought tears to my eyes. One of my impressionable friends couldn’t read this book at all because she cried over everyone.

And of course, these stories are positive and very bright.

Here are some reviews from the Internet (taken from

Arthur Out of nothing to do, I read the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The man whom everyone calls a cynic, whom everyone fears, this man cried while reading this book. After Jack Canfield brought tears to my eyes, I started to respect him! It's a pity that I didn't have such a father as a child!

Olga first met this author in the book “Healing the Female Soul.” The author really uses living examples to help you find support in yourself, restore your faith in the victory of good and gain opportunities for a kind-hearted life. A friend, after reading this book, began to feel and understand her husband and children better, the very atmosphere in their relationship changed, became more sincere, open and friendly...

Slava I read “Healing the Soul” and some of the stories brought tears to my eyes. A good book that allows you to look at life from a different perspective.

And here is one of the stories (I took it at random, there are many wonderful stories in the book):

Many years ago, one young man who lived in a fishing village in Holland showed the whole world what the reward for a selfless act is. Since the life of the entire village depended on fishing, a voluntary team of rescuers was required for any unforeseen event. One evening, a fishing boat was caught at sea by a strong storm. The team in trouble sent an SOS signal. The captain of the rescue ship alerted his crew, and the villagers gathered in the town square, from where the bay was visible. While the volunteers launched the boat and rowed against the huge waves, the rest waited anxiously on the shore, lighting the way with lanterns. An hour later, a lifeboat appeared out of the fog, and the villagers ran towards it with joyful shouts. The rescuers, who fell exhausted on the sand, said that the boat could not take all the fishermen on board and one person had to be left, because otherwise the lifeboat would have capsized and everyone would have died. The captain began to call for new volunteers to go after the remaining fisherman. Sixteen-year-old Hans stepped forward. His mother grabbed the young man’s hand: “I beg you, don’t go.” Ten years ago, your father died in a shipwreck, and your older brother Paul has been missing at sea for three weeks. Hans, you are the only one left with me. Hans replied: “Mom, I have to go.” What will happen if everyone says - I can’t, let someone else do it? Mom, I must do my duty. When the signal sounds, we must all do our duty in our turn. He kissed his mother, got into the boat, and she disappeared into the night. Another hour passed, which seemed like an eternity to Hans’ mother. Finally, the lifeboat emerged from the fog, Hans standing at its bow. Cupping his hands like a megaphone, the captain shouted: “Have you found the last one?” Barely able to contain his feelings, Hans shouted back: “Yes, we found him.” Tell your mother that this is my older brother Paul!

The history of the creation of this book is interesting. Jack Canfield demonstrates by his example how to achieve the desired goal. Nobody wanted to publish Chicken Soup for the Soul, just like Harry Potter at first. Here is what the author himself writes about that time:

In the fall of 1991, Mark Victor Hansen and I began publishing our first book, Chicken Soup for the Soul®. We flew to New York with our agent, Jeff Herman, and met with every publisher we could get an appointment with. Everyone said they were not interested. “Short story collections don’t work.” “No one is interested in life stories.” “The headline is absolutely no good.” We were also rejected by 20 other publishers who received our manuscript by mail. And after our book was “rejected” by more than 30 publishers, the agent returned it to us and said: “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.” What have we done? We said, “Next!” We understood that we had to think more broadly. We racked our brains for more than a month until it dawned on us. We printed forms representing a promise to buy our book when it was published. The forms contained columns for the name, address and number of books that the person was obliged to buy. For several months we asked everyone who attended our lectures and seminars to fill out this form. Ultimately, we ended up with 20,000 such promises to purchase the book. The following spring, Mark and I went to the American Booksellers Association convention in Anaheim, California, and went from booth to booth, engaging in conversation with any publisher who would listen, and demonstrating the commitment of our audience. But even with such “assurances” that our book would have a market, we were turned away again and again. But again and again we said: “Next!” At the end of the second, very long day, we gave a copy of the first 30 stories in the book to Peter Wegso and Gary Seidler, co-presidents of Health Communications, Inc., a start-up publisher specializing in books on breaking bad habits. They agreed to review the manuscript at home. At the end of the week, Gary Seidler took it to the beach and read it. He liked it and decided to give us a chance. And hundreds of “followers” ​​paid! Rejected more than 130 times, our first book sold 8 million copies, launching a series of 80 bestsellers translated into 39 languages. What about those forms promising to buy our book after its publication? When the book finally came out, we stapled each notification form, sent it to the indicated addresses, and began to wait for the checks. And almost everyone who promised to buy the book kept their promise. And one entrepreneur from Canada bought 1,700 copies and gave them to each of his clients.

It should be noted that, having received consent to publish, Canfield did not relax as he could have, but continued to distribute the book himself, for example, he wrote to newspapers with a proposal to publish a short excerpt. He set himself the goal of becoming a millionaire and achieved it.

Now “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and the continuation of the “Chicken Soup” series have been published in tens and hundreds of millions of copies.

If you like the book and want to read the sequel, you can check out the rest of the “Medicine for the Soul” books. Second helping”, “Chicken soup for a woman’s soul”, “Chicken soup for a mother’s soul” here

And of course, if you are wondering how Jack Canfield achieves his goals (and he has very ambitious ones), how he was able to achieve success, become a popular author, coach, millionaire (possibly a billionaire), then

Joanne Harris "Five Quarters of an Orange"

What should you do if you only inherited from your mother an album in which her culinary recipes were recorded? Despite the fact that much greater wealth passed into the hands of the remaining children. Of course, study it, and in great detail!

After all, a seemingly simple trinket can open the door to the past, can give the key to its mysteries and secrets.

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David Mitchell "Cloud Atlas"

Six different people, six different stories, only one common feature - the same birthmark. In the novel there is a place for fatal accidents, connecting destinies, good and evil, heroism and betrayal, and much more.

And as a result, the author’s reflection on humanity and its future comes out. And also about what the essence of people themselves is.

Jenny Downham "While I Live"

The main character is a sixteen-year-old girl who wants to live here and now, who wants to try so much in this life. That’s why she writes a whole list of wishes, which she immediately undertakes to fulfill. Some of the items on her list are dubious and not entirely innocent. But in general she is not like others.

She strives to complete everything as quickly as possible, because it is possible that she will not have time later...

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by Mark Manson


The subtle art of not giving a damn is about the fact that there are things much more important than “faster, higher, stronger.” It seems that everyone around you is achieving something, and you are the only one marking time. The cult of success in modern society makes people unhappy. Therefore, it is important to determine what success means to you. Forget about the opinions of others, bad circumstances and just live your life, without regard to what is considered correct and successful. Relax, don’t waste your nerves on things that don’t matter, set your priorities correctly and just live - that’s the main message of this book. It's a breeze to read and there are a lot of funny stories from life.

Joanne Harris "Blackberry Wine"

Did you know that wine can change your life? We don’t know how it is in life, but in Joanne Harris’ novel it is so. Jay McIntosh discovers six bottles of blackberry wine. Somehow they had survived from his childhood. The creator of this wine is a strange old man who once dramatically changed Jay’s life.

It is with this discovery of this unusual wine that changes begin in the life of the protagonist: the search for his place in the sun, the search for his talent, and, ultimately, the search for himself.

"Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen”, Kelly McGonigal

Psychologist and Ph.D. Kelly McGonigal is the first teacher to teach willpower to Stanford University students. The idea of ​​an unusual course became the basis of a book that is recommended for all adults to read without exception.

You will learn that willpower is a tool that can and should be trained, like the muscles of the back or legs.

The main principle of working on willpower can be called an original agreement with yourself: I’ll work on this thing for 10 minutes, and then I’ll quit. The most curious thing is that with this approach, “later” never comes.

Willpower is promoted by sound sleep and proper rest. But stress, which Kelly McGonigal has been studying for many years, seriously affects the ability and desire to achieve goals and generally do anything useful. In the book, the author also gives recommendations that will help you relax and unwind so that internal conflict does not interfere with your path to happiness.

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Dmitry Khara "P.Sh."

At the center of the story is Oleg, who has his own business, for which he works tirelessly. However, his long-awaited vacation is coming soon. He finds a strange travel agency that offers travel, but only for people prepared for it. Oleg agrees, but preparations for the trip leave him in a state of shock. He is forced to do something he has never done and take on roles he has never played before. And all this in reality.

All the preparation generally benefits Oleg, but unexpectedly he puts his life in great danger...

We also recommend reading 22 books that will not let you sleep and 20 books that can be read in one breath

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