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Wildlife is fragile and vulnerable. If you neglect its components, for example animals, there is a high risk of disturbing the balance of the ecosystem. A decrease in population and the complete destruction of some animal species can lead to serious consequences for the living world.

Currently, one of the most popular leisure activities is hunting. Before you go, it is advisable to study the rules that apply in our country so as not to turn into a poacher. Hunting without a permit can have very negative consequences for the offender.

Some Important Information

The main task of government agencies, which are called upon to monitor strict compliance with hunting rules in the Russian Federation, is considered to be the preservation of the species diversity of those animals for which fishing is officially permitted. These government agencies are also responsible for ensuring the wise use of available hunting resources. The identification and timely punishment of poachers directly depends on the honesty and integrity of forest department employees.

The size of the fine for hunting without a permit depends on the scale of the damage, as well as on the value of the killed animal.

Why do you need hunting control?

Current legislation clearly regulates the actions of inspectors. They are empowered to check documents, inspect vehicles and belongings of hunters without causing damage to them or compromising their integrity. If there are grounds, they also have the right to stop vehicles on hunting grounds. Identified administrative violations or crimes are recorded by the inspector in a report that is sent to law enforcement agencies.

Hunting control is carried out both by individuals and organizations that have entered into an agreement to carry out this type of work. Regional authorities provide special training to specialists; upon completion of certification, each inspector receives a certificate and badge. The goal of each inspector’s work is to prevent, identify, and suppress cases of damage to hunting resources.

The inspector has the right to check the availability of permits, as well as a document for storing and carrying firearms. His responsibilities also include checking and monitoring compliance with hunting rules, as well as all its parameters.

If a violation of the law is evident, the inspector has the right to stop the vehicle, inspect it and all things belonging to the violator. If necessary, a camera or video camera is used for recording. The received certificates are attached to the act, which is considered by state supervision or internal affairs bodies.

Next, an administrative or criminal case is initiated; at best, a fine may be imposed for a roe deer or other animal. At worst, imprisonment. The inspector's inaction or unlawful actions are also punishable by law.

Although duck hunting without a permit does not fall under the very concept of poaching, according to its definition, the lack of permitting documents still entails punishment. In this case, as a rule, weapons are not subject to confiscation, although they can be confiscated for a certain time - until the relevant documents are provided.

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Malicious violations of hunting Considering the high public danger of poaching, as a result of which rare species of animals are often destroyed, regulatory authorities are vested with broad powers, including video and audio recording of committed offenses, and drawing up relevant acts. The amount of the fine for violating the rules is determined by the degree of damage caused, and the use of transport is taken into account. Particular attention is paid to cases of illegal hunting in areas with an emergency state of ecology and in specially protected areas.

Changes for 2021

Hunting is a fairly broad concept that involves tracking, observing, and capturing wild birds and animals living in the wild. Those animals for which hunting is opened are recognized as an integral part of the hunting fund. The presence of a person with a firearm on the territory of the land is equated to hunting. What has changed this year? In 2021, an order from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation came into force, and as a result, fines for illegal hunting have increased significantly.

Illegal elk hunting is punishable by a fine of 80 thousand rubles. When shooting a female, the amount increases to 400,000 rubles. Illegal shooting in specially protected areas (specially protected areas) has been increased to 560,000 rubles. If several birds or animals are caught, the fine increases.

Destruction of an individual wild reindeer is punishable by a fine of 30,000 rubles, marmot, marten, beaver - 6,000 rubles per individual. Illegal mining of mink and hare entails a fine of 1,000 rubles.

The fee for destroying a capercaillie without a license is 6,000 rubles. If you illegally hunt snowcock, black grouse, sage, or pheasant, you will have to pay 2,000 rubles.

For duck, hazel grouse, coot, pigeon, partridge, the “basic” fine is 600 rubles, and hunting quail and moorhen without a license is punishable by 200 rubles for each individual. Repeated violation involves an increase in the fine by the amount of the increasing coefficient.

Fines for violations are provided for by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation in Article 8.37.

Fines and criminal liability for illegal hunting 2021

  • For refusal to present permitting documents (hunting license, voucher, permit for hunting weapons, extraction of hunting resources, etc.), a hunting ban is imposed for up to 2 years and a fine of 25 to 40 thousand rubles is imposed.
  • For hunting outside the hunting season - a fine of 35 to 50 thousand rubles, a ban on hunting for up to 2 years.
  • Violation of hunting rules is punishable by a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles. with or without confiscation of hunting tools or deprivation of the right to hunt for up to two years.
  • For hunting without permission/in violation of the conditions for hunting bears and ungulates classified as hunting resources - a ban on hunting for up to 3 years.

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Fine for killing a moose without a license 2021

  1. imposition of an administrative fine on officials in the amount of twenty-five thousand to forty thousand rubles with or without confiscation of hunting tools.
  2. for citizens, deprivation of the right to hunt for a period of one to two years;
  • As a result, major damage was caused.
  • To carry out the activity, a mechanical or air vehicle, chemical explosives, gases or other methods were used that led to the mass destruction of animals.
  • Animals and birds listed in the Red Book are shot.
  • It is carried out in prohibited areas: in specially protected areas, in areas where an environmental disaster, disaster or other emergency has occurred.
  1. Permit for hunting weapons
  2. Permit for air guns
  3. Permit for traumatic weapons
  4. Permit for bladed and gas weapons
  5. Documents and registration of weapons
  6. Classification of firearms
  7. Security guard license
  8. Military ID
  9. Criminal record

Fines and punishments for illegal hunting in 2021 - everyone should know

For the same violation committed by a group of people by prior conspiracy, the amount of the fine increases to 300 thousand rubles, the period taken into account is not 18, but 24 months, you can expect imprisonment for up to two years, and you will also not be able to hold high-ranking positions.

1. The application of such punishment occurs in the case of illegal fishing from boats and boats using chemicals and explosives, electric current, as well as other prohibited weapons in spawning areas or on migration routes to them. 2. This punishment may follow if a violation is detected in an environmental disaster zone, specially protected natural areas, or in a place of environmental emergency. If a crime is committed by an organized group, a group of persons by prior conspiracy, using their official position, or when causing particularly large damage, then the punishment for poaching in Russia in this case will be even harsher.

The procedure for obtaining permits and direct hunting with all the details is regulated by legislation in the field of hunting, in particular, from July 27, 2009 and by-laws and related laws.

Fines for illegal fishing in 2021

Other control and suppression measures are also required, but, on the other hand, new fines for illegal hunting in Russia in 2021 motivate “white” hunters to be more law-abiding and not succumb to the temptation to violate the current legislation in small things. So, what are the requirements for hunters:

The boar appears at night, so you need to be extremely careful. Windows, doors and benches of the tower should not creak, because the boar is a very cautious animal that listens for a long time before approaching. It is necessary to fire two shots in succession at once so that the wounded animal does not escape.

This type of hunting gets its name from the high structures from which it is necessary to shoot. A platform is equipped on an elevated platform. Sometimes a booth is set up there, since it takes a long time to wait for the animal while inspecting the territory. Complementary foods must be placed below.

Using a tower

The wild ungulate mammal, the ancestor of the domesticated pig, is known to hunters as the wild boar, but is sometimes called the boar. The geography of its habitat includes quite vast territories. In appearance, the wild boar is distinguished from its domesticated “relative” by its denser body; it is taller, but shorter in length. An adult wild boar reaches a weight of up to 200 kg.

Hunting the same elk outside the permitted season and without a permit faces a hefty fine. Moreover, the punishment is directly proportional to the harm that the hunter caused to the environment and wildlife. Thus, the most severe laws apply to organized poaching, when the shooting of protected animals is carried out by a group of people. Poaching on an especially large scale threatens not only with a serious fine, but also with imprisonment.

What to pay attention to

Considering how dangerous this process is, the Russian government has established that only a citizen who has reached the age of majority can take part in hunting with firearms, dogs, and birds of prey. Previously, the hunter will have to pass an exam on hunting safety rules, as well as prove his competence in handling weapons. A prerequisite for the legality of fishing is the payment of a state fee (license or cost of a voucher).

About competent hunting management

Elk: all sex and age groups from November 1 to December 31; adult males from September 1 to September 30. Red deer: all sex and age groups from November 1 to December 31; adult males from September 1 to September 30.

What's happening to us?

3.2. Dates of summer-autumn, autumn-winter hunting for upland game, steppe and field game, swamp-meadow game, waterfowl and gray crow: steppe and field game, swamp-meadow game, waterfowl from the third Saturday of August to November 30 upland game and the hooded crow from the third Saturday of August to December 31 3.3. Dates of summer-autumn, autumn-winter hunting for upland game, steppe and field game, swamp-meadow game, waterfowl and gray crow with island and continental pointing dogs, retrievers, spaniels, birds of prey: waterfowl from the second Saturday of August to 30 November marsh-meadow game from August 5 to December 31

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In December, the president signed amendments to the law “On Weapons” concerning the rules for the temporary export of hunting weapons abroad. They affect those who go hunting in the countries of the Euro-Asian Economic Union: these are Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. So, if you go, for example, to hunt a wolf in Belarus, you will not need to obtain permission to temporarily export your hunting rifle. You just need to notify the Russian Guard at your place of residence about this at least 10 calendar days in advance. You will have to attach documents confirming participation in the hunt - for example, a contract or invitation.

Consequences of breaking the rules

What fine can a poacher receive for hunting without a permit? Liability for illegal hunting depends on various factors. Experts do not advise committing violations that entail guaranteed punishment.

If your plans include spending your free time hunting, you must first study the rules and take care of purchasing a hunting document that identifies the hunter.

There are other documents that a person who goes for game should have. For example, this must be a permit to carry firearms from the Department of Internal Affairs. There is a significant fine for hunting without a permit, so it is better to obtain official permission to hunt on the territory of a specific farm.

A license is required to hunt a certain type of animal.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the boundaries of the lands within which hunting is permitted. Note that if they are violated, the poacher will be fined for illegal hunting. It is much more profitable to pay the state all the requested amounts and enjoy legal hunting with friends than to hide in the forest from every mushroom picker.

Repeated violation of hunting rules

The fine for hunting without a license (permission to hunt certain animals) depends on the type of hunt. So, in 2021 you will have to pay 60 thousand rubles for a bear, 30 thousand for a wild boar. The minimum fine for a beaver is “only” 6 thousand rubles per individual.

Fishing with nets and lack of a hunting license

Fishing with nets has its own system of fines, which depends on the number of fish caught and the overall scale of such fishing. For example, if there is a massive net catch of salmon, the poacher will have to pay a fine of 300 rubles for each fish.

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Punishments and restrictions for violators

Despite numerous warnings from experts, some hunters continue to violate the accepted rules. They are worried about the fine for hunting without a permit. What happens if you go hunting an animal without official permission (license)?

This behavior has serious consequences. Not only will persistent violators have to pay a fine for hunting without a permit, they will also face criminal penalties. Let us note that the reason for the punishment may be not only the lack of documents permitting hunting, but also other points that are important to carefully study in advance.

For example, there are certain rules for hunting certain animals; compliance with them is mandatory. Violation of the deadlines and shooting standards specified in the permit is punishable by a fine.

Helpful information

The fine for hunting without a duck permit is set based on the level of damage caused. Also taken into account is the use of transport, hunting in specially protected areas, in areas of special environmental situations.

According to the rules, the Administrative Code prohibits hunting without a permit. In addition to administrative punishment in the form of a fine, by decision of the court, a hunter’s weapon may be confiscated, and a hunting license may also be revoked. When going on illegal hunting, you need to be aware of the serious consequences. For poachers whose actions cause significant damage to wildlife, the state provides not only administrative, but also criminal liability.

Some hunters are convinced that they will not face a fine for duck hunting without a permit, since they have not killed a single bird. In practice the situation is completely different. Even preliminary shooting of weapons is carried out only with special permission, as well as after payment of the state fee. It is undesirable to tempt fate even when located on your personal property, since, according to hunting rules, responsibility is assumed for shooting at a distance of less than 200 meters from residential premises.

In such situations, a fine is imposed not for the use of weapons in a specific locality, but for violating hunting rules.

Powers of governors

We are accustomed to the fact that every year the hunting rules change slightly - the terms, wording and all sorts of little things are clarified. However, the amendments for 2021 turned out to be so significant that we decided to prepare an article analyzing the most serious innovations.

General provisions

Separately, it should be said about being in areas with hunting products. This means that if you, even without a weapon, are in areas with hunted animals or their parts, then from the point of view of the law you are also hunting. The clause will complicate the lives of unscrupulous hunters and poachers, who previously could hide their weapons and claim that they accidentally found an illegally hunted animal. But on the other hand, this formulation makes it possible to hold innocent people accountable, for example, in theory, barbecue lovers who decided to cut up and marinate meat on the spot - after all, many hunting grounds are adjacent to rivers and countryside recreation areas.

  • Fine - 500,000 or less, or in the amount of salary and income for 2 years, or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Illegal hunting using official and official powers, as well as by conspiracy, or with particularly large damage.

  • Fine - 500,000 - 1,000,000 rubles, or salary and other income for 3 -5 years, or imprisonment for up to 3 - 5 years + possible deprivation of the right to engage in certain types of activities.

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Hunting for species of fauna included in the Red Book. The current Red Book of Animals can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

  • Compulsory work for up to 480 hours or correctional labor for up to 2 years + possible fine up to 1,000,000 rubles or salary and income for 2 years + possible or restriction of freedom up to 1 year.

Please note that at the scene of the offense, the inspector has the right to draw up an act and relevant documents, collect evidence, search the poachers’ belongings or vehicle, but he cannot issue a receipt for a fine.

Who makes decisions on administrative responsibility?

The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation does not contain a list of fines for each specific violation, but there are general formulations under which specific violations fall. For example, there is no liability for hunting ducks or beavers without a license, but there is a general article - violation of hunting rules.

If a crime is committed by an organized group, a group of persons by prior conspiracy, using their official position, or when causing particularly large damage, then the punishment for poaching in Russia in this case will be even harsher. In this case, one of several penalties may be applied:

The hunter has a duty to take care of all natural resources; he must protect animals, as well as their habitat. This norm is prescribed in Art. 58. constitution of our country. Therefore, those people who decide to engage in poaching must understand the possible consequences of their actions. Moreover, responsibility is becoming stricter every year, and fines for poaching are growing. The poacher may not only pay a fine, but also retain his vehicles and weapons, as well as incur criminal liability.

Tougher penalties for water poaching in 2021

  1. The application of such punishment occurs in the case of illegal fishing from boats and boats using chemicals and explosives, electric current, as well as other prohibited weapons in spawning areas or on migration routes to them.
  2. This punishment may follow if a violation is detected in an environmental disaster zone, specially protected natural areas, or in a place of environmental emergency.

The most important mistake of our time among car enthusiasts is that many consider the payment for a downed animal on the road to be a traffic police fine. This is not true - in fact, it is a payment to compensate for the damage caused.

What is considered poaching?

It is understood as deliberate harm to the natural environment for the purpose of obtaining material personal gain. Rare animals die because of human whims. The main goal of poachers is to make money by illegally shooting birds and animals.

Poaching is considered to be the capture of animals in protected areas, as well as the shooting of game without a hunting license. Violations that are punishable by fines and criminal liability include violation of hunting deadlines. Shooting animals and birds listed in the Red Book is prohibited by law. Poachers have no moral and ethical principles, they do not care about wildlife, they only care about personal gain.

Who is prohibited from hunting?

Hunting is prohibited for animals and birds whose names are included in the Red Book. It is compiled in accordance with international requirements for the protection of flora and fauna. Endangered species of wild animals, birds, wild plants, and mushrooms are included here.

The following endangered representatives of fauna are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation: Far Eastern stork, Japanese crane, spoonbill, pink gull, klokotun, some species of herons, Amur tiger, elk, pink pelican, snow leopard and others.

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In their regard, hunting is permitted in certain cases established by the relevant law. Such a need arises, as a rule, during periods of regulating the number of individuals or when eliminating a threat to human life. This decision is supplemented by the relevant Government Resolution.

Otherwise, poachers face not only fines for violating hunting rules, but also significant prison terms. For a group of poachers operating at the wrong time, the most severe punishment is established. It is better for hunters to find out in advance what fine they face for roe deer or fine for elk.

Material aspects

If a novice hunter does not have a special agreement, a financial fine will be imposed on him. The document on private hunting specifies the basic rights of the hunter. You will also need permission to go into the forest with a gun. If there are no such documents, you will have to prepare for serious consequences.

Before you start hunting, we advise you to carefully study all the regulations and rules that apply in the Russian Federation. When hunting without a permit, the hunter is subject to a fine ranging from five hundred rubles to 4,000-5,000 rubles. In addition to financial punishment, an administrative penalty is also imposed on the violator. Of course, it is much easier to officially pay for a license and issue a hunting license than to be considered a malicious poacher and violator.

About some prohibitions

There is a very impressive list of animals that are protected by Russian law. In case of shooting of such animals and birds, financial punishment is provided. The fine for non-compliance with the rules exceeds two million rubles. Note that poachers go hunting to get the maximum benefit. Among those animals for which hunting is prohibited, we highlight the Amur tiger.

Shooting a powerful and majestic individual threatens the offender with serious punishment.

Also among the animals whose protection the state has taken upon itself, it is necessary to mention deer, roe deer, cheetah, and leopard.

Punishment for fishing with nets

Legislative bodies are developing laws that are aimed at ensuring the safety of fish populations. Catching fish moving from the sea to rivers with nets during the spawning period contributes to a noticeable reduction in the number of fish stocks.

Fishing using drift nets is quite effective, and its scale is colossal. And if we take into account the fact that poachers simultaneously install about a hundred nets, this will lead to a situation of devastation of the spawning area. To prevent this, permissible catch standards and fines for non-compliance with these requirements are introduced.

Fishing with nets is permitted in the following areas: Far East, Siberia and northern regions. In this case, you must have the appropriate license. Specialists mark networks with the owner’s data on them. This license cannot be transferred to third parties, and in the absence of it, a fine is paid for catching fish with nets.

Its size depends on additional factors, but it should be taken into account that for each individual salmon you will have to pay an additional 300 rubles, pink salmon - 35 rubles, crab - 200 rubles. What the fine will be for a roe deer or other forest dweller depends on the availability of a license and the time of hunting.

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Let's sum it up

New fines imposed for illegal hunting require a one-time payment of twenty to thirty-five thousand rubles. Hunting tools are also required to be confiscated from the violator. Such actions are carried out in order to prevent repeated violations in the future.

According to Art. 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for the liability of a person who has committed shooting on the territory of an animal reserve. Among the sanctions imposed on the violator are the payment of monetary compensation in the amount of 200,000-400,000 rubles. Such punishment, if the offender does not have material resources, is replaced by correctional labor for up to 24 months or arrest, the duration of which ranges from 4 to 6 months.

So, the lack of a permit or license to hunt entails serious fines. For poachers, the consequences can be much more dire than one might imagine at first glance, namely, not only administrative, but also criminal liability.

In order to avoid such problems, it is advisable to comply with all requirements and laws regarding hunting that have been developed and operate in our country.

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