Yellow color in psychology - what it means for a woman, man, child

Yellow is the brightest color in the visible spectrum that is most visible to the human eye. It is believed to affect the left side of the brain, where deep thinking and perception reside.

Yellow is the most sensitive color to the eye.

Origins of color

The word “yellow” is phonetically related to such words as “green”, “ash”, “gold”, “yolk”, “bile”. Not everyone realizes that the yellow tone is “related” to green. Yellow color is often identified with gold. The word of Germanic origin “gold”, which translates as “gold”, has a common root with the word “yellow”.

The color system was first created by Leonardo da Vinci. He was convinced that yellow belongs to the six primary colors. Isaac Newton later established that only three elements are basic in the color palette. These are yellow, red and blue colors. When mixed, they create all other shades.

In ancient times, although people revered the yellow (sunny) color, they considered it only a complement to purple (a mixture of red and blue)


The symbolism of this color is very diverse and even contradictory. It all depends on the shade. Warm tones have a positive meaning, cold tones have a negative meaning. For example, in France, cool yellow has long been considered a symbol of female adultery.

The golden hue represents solar energy, vitality and divine power. In ancient mythology, the color yellow is associated with the power and radiance of the god Apollo, and in China it is a symbol of the power of the emperor. During the reign of the Qing dynasty, only the head of state had the right to wear golden-colored clothing.

The color yellow also has a negative meaning in world culture. For example, Jews consider this shade a symbol of cowardice, betrayal and lies. The most negative heroes in Christian mythology, Cain and the disciple Judas, are depicted with yellow beards. In some European countries, yellow paint was used to stain the doors of villains and criminals.

The meaning of yellow

Yellow color is intended to awaken and stimulate, but its effect depends on the degree of maturity of the psyche and its characteristics. It tones up apathetic people, and pacifies nervous and aggressive people. The yellow tint promotes the development of intelligence, ingenuity and creativity. It is successfully used by specialists to correct the psycho-emotional state.

For men

Yellow color has high energy, so representatives of the stronger sex often avoid it, preferring more restrained tones. The attitude of men towards color is ambiguous. For some, it causes joy, awakens them to action and mastering something new. For others, the yellow tint provokes overexcitation and irritation.

Yellow color affects the right hemisphere of the brain. For a balanced person, its influence can be very positive, namely:

improves vision normalizes breathing and blood pressure stimulates the nervous system increases muscle tone stabilizes mood

A healthy man hardly feels the influence of the color yellow, since its effect is quite mild and unnoticeable. But depending on the shade, yellow can negatively affect the psychological and physiological state of a man. Almost everyone is put off by the dirty yellow color that turns into green.

There are few lovers of the color yellow among men; most representatives of the stronger sex have a neutral attitude towards it

For women

It is not surprising that many pregnant women really like this color, as it is identified with new life, strength, energy and positivity. In general, yellow shades have a good effect on the female psyche. If a woman prefers yellow, this indicates the following qualities:

excellent sense of humor subtle insightful mind good taste wild imagination and creativity sociability easy and non-conflicting character sometimes frivolity and frivolity

A dislike for the color yellow may indicate an envious and malicious nature, a penchant for intrigue and gossip. Sometimes intolerance to yellow shades indicates mental disorders.

For children

This color can safely be called children's. Children generally adore everything bright and saturated, but a persistent liking for yellow shades indicates that the baby’s preferences have already been formed, and his development is happening faster than usual.

A child’s love for everything yellow denotes such character traits as:

Determination. The baby has many interests and hobbies, he eagerly explores the world around him.

Self confidence. The child strives to be a leader and gain authority among his peers.

Curiosity and intelligence. The baby has every chance to develop high intelligence.

Openness and friendliness. The child easily makes contact with children and is not afraid of adults.

General influence of color on a person

Yellow belongs to the colors of the warm spectrum, but it does not affect the psyche as actively as orange and red. Its invigorating effect is not quick, but soft and gradual. It slightly accelerates physiological processes, but at the moment of exposure a person almost does not feel its influence. It promotes:

  • improving vision;
  • decrease in pressure;
  • stimulation of nervous activity;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • normalization of breathing rhythm.

Under the influence of warm colors, a person experiences a surge of positive emotions. It is useful for preventing fatigue and the accumulation of nervous tension. In winter, the presence of this color in the everyday palette is especially necessary: ​​it supports the body during the season of vitamin deficiency and significantly improves the quality of life in people with chronic diseases.

Negative effects of color

Despite the fact that the overall meaning of this color is positive, it should not be too much. A person cannot look at the sun for a long time; it blinds and clouds the mind. Same with yellow. It should be everywhere in moderation. You should not surround very young children with this tone, because instead of a good mood, it can cause tearfulness and fears.

Also, people with personality disorders and certain diseases should be careful with yellow shades, for example:

hypertension (high blood pressure) pathologies of the cardiovascular system obesity alcohol or drug addiction schizophrenia paranoia

To reduce the negative impact of yellow, you need to choose the right tones. People prone to aggression can benefit from lemony, but not dirty, shades. Depressed individuals are suited to rich tones close to orange.

How does it affect

Yellow color invigorates and improves mood

  1. Improves mood and helps cope with everyday problems.
  2. Stimulates nervous activity, activates processes in the body.
  3. Improves concentration, a person becomes more attentive, mental activity increases, memory improves.
  4. Promotes openness and ease of communication.
  5. Relieves depressive mood, melancholy, promotes the development of optimism.
  6. Has a beneficial effect on the human digestive system.

Shades of yellow

There are 136 shades of yellow in total. But they are all conventionally divided into warm and cold tones. Warm shades have an admixture of red, and cool shades have an admixture of green. Main variations of yellow:


Symbolizes vigor, activity, morning awakening.


Associated with autumn warmth, pleasant memories, home comfort and well-being.


Invokes dreams of relaxing on the sea beach. Symbolizes carelessness and idleness.

Yellow lovers - who are they?

A person who prefers yellow does not like to dissemble and pretend, but remains himself. He has a well-developed imagination, he is freedom-loving and sociable. Sometimes he can be adventurous and knows how to get around troubles. He also has an original mindset, resourcefulness and a sense of justice.

It has been scientifically proven that residents of sunny southern countries have a more open and friendly character than residents of the north

People who have a liking for the color yellow are undoubtedly accomplished and independent individuals. They are able to feel harmony with the world around them because they are not afraid to loudly declare themselves and their position. Such people are very patient with criticism and do not accumulate resentment inside.

If a person suddenly likes the color yellow, this may indicate a desire for change, a desire to achieve new heights and win the attention of others. He wants to change his occupation and start doing something he likes. Sometimes people pay attention to yellow shades after an unlucky streak in life, as if instinctively feeling that this color will help them get through bad times.

If a man wears yellow clothes, the weaker sex will perceive him as a soft, caring and compliant person. If a girl comes to a meeting in a yellow dress, a man may consider her frivolous and unreliable, but at the same time simple and perky.

So, psychologists have compiled a portrait of a person who loves yellow shades. Here he is:

inquisitive and sociable self-confident, but tactful and well-mannered loves to be the center of attention and catch admiring glances can be impatient and superficial is not afraid of change and development sometimes has slightly inflated self-esteem cheerful and smiling

Pros and cons

The advantages include:

  • honesty;
  • dexterity;
  • confidence;
  • original mindset;
  • justice;
  • optimism;
  • becoming independent;
  • clarity of thinking;
  • activity;
  • susceptibility;
  • happiness;
  • joy;
  • tolerance;
  • Liberty.

Negative qualities include:

  • sarcasm;
  • intolerant character;
  • absentminded mood;
  • causticity;
  • extreme criticality;
  • lemon shade - cruelty;
  • perfidy.

Yellow intolerance

Dislike for a certain shade does not always indicate serious complexes or mental disorders. Most often, dislike for a certain color is caused by some unpleasant associations. Perhaps a person is haunted by unpleasant childhood memories associated with a specific image. Someone was scared by a yellow toy, and someone was rude to an aunt in yellow trousers.

If a person completely rejects yellow shades, this may be caused by the following reasons:

negative experience of communicating with an active but frivolous person who did not restrain his communications and let him down at a crucial moment; prolonged depression caused by a long illness or deep mental trauma; a feeling of hopelessness and uselessness; long isolation, isolation; suspicious attitude towards people; loss of strength; low level of vital energy

Who chooses yellow?

Among other things, yellow symbolizes intelligence and openness, so it is chosen by people who are receptive to new ideas, able to make quick decisions and, of course, cheerful. If you want to develop some of these qualities in yourself, buy some yellow things. In addition, bright yellow has the ability to attract attention almost as much as red. So people who want to stand out also choose yellow. Keep this in mind if you do not want to become the center of attention.

The color yellow is simple and clear: in all shades it shows its radiance and positive attitude to one degree or another. Therefore, everyone who is still moping after winter can be prescribed yellow in their clothes as a miracle cure.

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Use in clothing

Although yellow clothing is associated with fun and communication, it is not always appropriate. Yellow shades in wardrobe items can repel people who are mentally tired. Therefore, you should not wear such things to business meetings, school or work, if there is a dress code there. If a person is going for an interview, he should not come to the employer in yellow clothes. This will cause mistrust.

Usually the following people prefer yellow clothes:

merry people, choleric people, pregnant women, teenagers with creative thinking, fickle and unreliable people

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No way in the world would they wear yellow:

pessimists, closed and phlegmatic individuals, people who have experienced severe mental trauma, businesslike and pragmatic men, individuals who have isolated themselves from the world

Yellow bright outfits always attract the attention of others. Therefore, they need to be chosen very carefully so as not to seem funny and not to highlight your shortcomings. For example, yellow clothes most likely will not suit a person with a “Scandinavian” appearance (pale skin, blond hair, freckles). It will only emphasize the pallor of the face and make the appearance faded. But for people with dark skin and black hair, yellow clothes make them look younger and fresher.

It is enough to have two or three yellow items in your wardrobe. Otherwise, you will be known as a frivolous person and will look like a parrot

Color associations and character

For each color, we have negative and positive associations, which is associated not only with physiological reactions to it, but also with cultural upbringing.

Red color

If a person is placed in a room with an abundance of red color, then his blood pressure may even briefly increase, his pulse will increase, and his breathing will speed up. In addition, the color red makes us think that time is passing faster than it actually is.

Associations with red color of saturated tones: energetic, sexy, cheerful, ardent, active, aggressive, hot, excited, warm, holy, patriotic, dry, militant, restless, tense, sinful, hatred, anger, decreased profits, something that knocks down confusion, fear, rebellion.

German scientists have determined that the red color of a football team's uniform increases the chances of winning when playing on their own field.

The presence of red in the image increases the attractiveness of both men and women. Women who wear red seem more interesting and beautiful to men.

It is believed that people who prefer the color red

— passionate, with pronounced leadership qualities, emotional, purposeful, prone to extreme sports.

Pink color

Associations with the color pink of rich tones: exciting, happy, exciting, the color of love, young, cheerful, sensual, girlish, infantile, immature.

Pastel pink evokes other associations: soft, sweet, gentle, childish, cozy, subtle, romantic, feminine, affectionate, intimate, weak, fragile, sentimental.

People who prefer pink

, often soft, gentle, weak-willed and dreamy natures, love comfort, are infantile.

Orange color

Associations with the color orange of rich tones: productive, tasty, warm, cheerful, courageous, fearless, curious, childish, happy, energetic, hot, juicy, sociable, friendly, loud, radiant, responsive, comedic, proud, ambitious, cheerful, joyful , lively, impetuous, young, dangerous.


- the color of cheerful and active people, dreamers with developed intuition.


Yellow is a tonic and invigorating color.

Associations with yellow color of rich tones: joyful, hospitable, decisive, noble, young, speed, movement, Sun, friendliness, energy, intuition, intelligence, favorable, safe, highly spiritual, healthy, cheerful, loud, meanness, cowardice, stupidity, deception , betrayal, jealousy, envy.

Associations with yellow-orange color of rich tones: enterprise, determination, wealth, cheerfulness, fun, aggression, strength, energy, warmth, pleasure, health, pride, importunity.


- the color of sociable, brave and intelligent people who know how to adapt. Usually this color is not liked by pessimists and introverted individuals.


Green and blue tones, unlike red, can reduce blood pressure and muscle tension, calm the nerves, and relax.

Associations with the color green of rich tones: life, benefit, movement, infancy, nature, hope, peace, abundance, adaptability, silence, undemanding, peaceful, soft, not nervous, serene, thoughtful, concentration, meditation, coolness, abundance, health, sympathy, weak, inexperience.

The green color of the text can evoke agreement with the statement.


- the color of sincere and honest people


Associations with purple-violet rich tones: nostalgia, memories, strength, spirituality, infinity, dignity, contemplative, mystical, night, conservative, thought, royalty, nobility, melancholic, mourning, pomp, loneliness, despair, sadness.

Associations with red-violet rich tones: sweet taste, sophisticated, thirst for tenderness, romanticism, excitement, passion, creativity, unique, cunning.


- the color of creative and emotional people.

Blue and cyan

Associations with blue saturated tones: dignity, moderation, calm, rich, pleasant, strength, robot, relaxation, maturity, quiet, cold, reliable, composure, melancholy, emptiness, sadness.

Shades of blue serve to relax, relieve tension and anxiety.


- the color of spiritually developed people, sublime, often melancholic and modest.


Associations with earth tones: simple, rich, warm, friendly, life, courageous, durable, safe, familiar, dirt.


- the color of self-confident and conservative people.


Associations with the color white: light, coolness, snow, purity, clarity, reliability, innocence, silence, normality, harmony, knowledge, spirituality, youth, emptiness, fear, sadness, work.

White color

Almost everyone likes it, so its interpretation is ambiguous - it can mean cold, spirituality, harmony.


Associations with neutral gray tones: quality, calm, inertia, practical, old, cold, smart, sensible, silent, selfishness, depression, indifference, independence, indecisive, deception, lack of strength.


- the color of sensible and cautious people.


Associations with the color black: clash, strong, elegant, mysterious, heavy, prestigious, cold-blooded, unemotional, noble, despair, silence, reserved, negative, despondency, hatred, malice, anger.

In Western culture the color black

is the color of mourning, while in the East it is a symbol of goodness, nobility and experience.

Yellow color in the interior

Lately, yellow walls have been trending. Office spaces can be painted yellow; this promotes creative thinking and increased productivity. However, only moderate shades are suitable for this purpose, otherwise such an interior will be irritating.

In a home environment, yellow is also acceptable. It allows you to feel comfort and warmth, lift your spirits, even if it’s raining and slush outside. Yellow interior items will create the illusion of sunlight in the room. This will improve your mental state and reduce depressive symptoms.

Recreation centers also widely use yellow in their interiors. It promotes the emergence of new ideas, creates an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Use in advertising and business

Yellow is the color that first catches the eye and stays in the memory for a long time. The most powerful effect on the psyche occurs when it is surrounded by other bright and saturated colors. Most often, yellow is used in combination with black. This is generally the most effective color combination, and the marketing gods use it successfully.

On all objects of increased attention you can find signs that combine yellow and black. It is impossible not to notice such symbols, because they contain both expression and aggression at the same time.

In the wild, bright colors serve as a warning and deterrent. Dangerous and poisonous animals wear bright and provocative colors. In the human world, the yellow-black combination is used on construction sites or roads, in emergency situations. You need to quickly attract attention even when in a hurry, for example, taxis are painted yellow.

The most readable composition, according to experts, is black font on a yellow background

Yellow color is easily visible to the eyes, even for visually impaired people. Sometimes yellow is combined with white. This is a combination of light and kindness, it evokes warm feelings. An example is a bouquet of daisies.

Yellow and bright green are used to lift the buyer's mood. They create a light, cheerful and summer atmosphere. It is not without reason that such shades can be found on the flags of exotic countries. But you can go overboard with these colors. If there are too many of them, it will cause irritation.

Yellow and blue are richness and depth. This contrast is often used for consumer products, as well as sporting goods.

Yellow combined with red gives a stunning effect. These colors enhance each other, providing an atmosphere of positivity, comfort and warmth. This is a very “friendly” combination. It is widely used in the entertainment industry.

Yellow color and love

For some reason, yellow flowers given by people are associated with jealousy, inconstancy and separation. Although in the language of floristry this means completely the opposite - a young, newly born feeling of love.

Yellow flowers are a symbol of young love

Psychologists characterize the style of love in which yellow dominates as playfulness, when mixed with red - mania (madness), when combined with green - pragmatism.

At the same time, this shade can mean well-being, wealth, and is a symbol of family and marriage.

The effects of yellow can be quite varied and complex. Not everyone reacts to this color the same way. Some people may find it bright and cheerful, others may find it annoying and unpleasant. Some people associate it with a warm summer day, while for others it may remind them of bad memories or associations. Yellow is often perceived as a high energy color and creates a feeling of encouragement. It is bright and immediately grabs the eye. It feels fresh, intense, overwhelming or even bold and strong.

Combination with other colors

The human psyche is strongly influenced not only by individual colors, but also by their combinations.

Yellow and red

Both colors are positive and warm. Both are directed beyond the boundaries of the individual. They symbolize openness, freedom, independence, joy and happiness. This combination signifies the exploration of new space, spiritual discoveries and the desire for progress.

Yellow and black

Spontaneous and rash decisions, overexcitement and increased attention. This mixture can symbolize a sudden crisis situation that requires immediate resolution.

Yellow and white

A union of warmth and tenderness, kindness and purity. Associated with innocence and childlike spontaneity.

Yellow and purple

Perky and carefree, cheerful and thirst for adventure. Often identified with escape from reality.

Yellow and orange

A dangerous and expressive combination. A hot and fiery mixture, symbolizing passion and suddenness.

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