What kind of men cheat on their wives and why - 12 main reasons

There are no faithful and unfaithful men, there are those who are good at playing hide and seek, and those who are of no use to anyone. But some terribly gullible and naive women have the thought firmly in their heads that their husband does not walk to the left. She clutches at this statement like a straw, and yes, perhaps it helps them not to go crazy from fear of answering the question “do all men cheat.”

Science, that's what it is

As we are shown by global research statistics in this case, from 20 to 60 percent of the male population of the planet suffers from the “disease” of infidelity. Lovelaces of Russia belong to the not the most “criminal” part of this study, and confidently retain their 22-25% of the total number of the stronger sex of the country. In other words, one in four people is potentially guilty of infidelity.

But these are just cold numbers, and I know that’s not enough for you! Do you want facts? Then follow the text below.

Cheating statistics

There are several opinions about this. The opinions are listed below:

50% of men cheat

American psychologists think so. The remaining fifty are very faithful men and husbands.

Changes 70% of males

This “quantity” of percentage is indicated by statistics flashing in many youth newspapers.

Want to know? — Signs of betrayal

You can't go against nature

There are two main female views on the problem of “maleness”: all men walk, and mine is no exception; It’s a shame, but you can live, the main thing that comes back to me. And secondly, it’s not nature’s fault, it’s he himself who has degenerated so much that I’m not interested in sex enough, and in general he’s lost his conscience.

There is a third “camp” with the opinion: it’s all because of me, there’s something wrong with me. We will return to this female opinion a little later.

In fact, they are a little right, and most of all the third group, but with amendments.

Will such a man really cheat?

If you met and fell in love with a representative of one of the described types, this does not mean that the family is doomed to suffering. After all, love really works wonders. Each of these men has a wound in their soul. You can find and treat this wound before it begins to control your husband.

What is needed to prevent betrayal? You can't tell offhand. But you must understand the risks very well and always be one step ahead. An unenviable fate for a fragile woman. However, some people like to take risks. Even if betrayal happened, you can survive it. You will learn about 19 steps that help you overcome pain and restore relationships in the training How to survive betrayal?

Why are they not faithful to their wives?

Let's go through the list:

  • The very first and most common fact: a man has a natural desire to impregnate as many females as possible, in order to leave a large number of his descendants, and increase the number of his kind. But in the modern world, instincts are dulled (although not completely killed) by morality and public opinion.
  • I didn't get enough exercise before the wedding. Or the wife is generally the first girl with whom sex is just a stone's throw from the registry office. The most dangerous kind of husbands. If a man who has had enough of women cheats, then he understands with his head that this is physical attraction. But a married “virgin,” if something breaks down in a non-family relationship, will think that this is definitely better and more real than their existing union with his wife. In other words, a man with the “inoculation” of the understanding that after any start of a relationship, there will be a period of monotony and habituation, is very advantageous in comparison with a boy from the house of his mother and father to the house of his wife and family.
  • A situation in which even I cannot say with certainty which answer I will choose. Treason without preparation, reflection, spontaneous. On a business trip, after a corporate event, a party, when meeting an old friend, on vacation, that is, betrayal that happened by chance, without any planning or thoughts about it. Which the guy’s wife will most likely never know about (if both sex partners have enough brains not to wag their tongues and not translate a random crossing of rails into a scheduled train), in which there is no time to think with one’s head, and decisions are made under the pressure of passion, danger, and an accelerated state of mind. Just like sports, massage, games, spending time with emotions and pleasure on a physical level. The least dangerous betrayal for the family. If a woman understands this with a cold brain, then it is quite possible to continue living with her husband for 20,50,100 years without worrying about the safety of her home.

The husband is polygamous and previously lived in an open relationship

On the topic of what his psychology is and why men cheat on girls, it would be correct to mention the following facts:

  • Your spouse cannot immediately suppress his instincts , if previously he gave them complete freedom. He can't stop looking at other women anymore.
  • No matter how much you feed the wolf, it still looks into the forest.
  • If a man is an alpha male in life, a hunter and a lover , then it will be difficult for him to suppress this in himself.
  • The guy wants to live according to his intentions and desires , but he cannot do this openly and cheats.

Therefore, he secretly makes cool mistresses, with whom it is cool and with whom he can temporarily forget about family life and all the problems that arise from it.

Why 2.0

  • Confirmation of your status as a powerful and desirable man. This is more of a diagnosis than a situation. This type of lover does not bother at all who is the one who has her eye on him and surrenders herself. They want me and “give me”, which means I’m still cool - the conclusion of an overgrown youth. The social status and age of the partner are not important, because a lady with a higher status or even similar status can be completely ignored, filtered out as a male. One of the problematic segments of husbands.
  • Collector. He fucks everything that moves, and what doesn’t move, he loosens it and fucks it too. The type is very close to the one described above. Treat with castration.
  • The wife is not satisfied. Not only physically, but also refuses fantasies and experiments of a sexual nature.
  • Husband's complexes towards his wife. Like “... will she use this mouth to kiss my children?!..” But with a mistress, anything is possible, and it doesn’t matter how she reacts to it.
  • Out of anger. And not always for the first infidelity on the part of the wife. I just wanted to and was able to “take revenge.”
  • “With a prostitute and while drunk, if you don’t remember her name, it doesn’t count.” - a very widespread position of men on fleeting sex and affection for money.
  • Going to bed with another woman is an attempt to escape from problems and a family crisis. A type of relaxation from all the problems associated with everyday life.
  • A measure to be with a woman while the legal spouse is on a business trip, with her parents, or on vacation for a long period of time. This also includes pregnancy.
  • Temperament, love of love and so on. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, not even to himself. He just wants and, if possible, takes any women who are attractive. At the same time he loves and wants his wife. Either accept it as it is or say goodbye. There is no middle ground.

By alcoholic accident

There is one expression that sounds like “saw the night, walked all night until the morning.”

And if men walked all night until the morning with alcohol and surrounded by beautiful women , then a drunk husband by the end of the evening may forget about his wife.

After all, there is an appetizing beauty sitting on it and there is plenty of alcohol around. Then the man cheats because the male gaze sees only girls with a good figure next to him, who also don’t breathe very smoothly towards him.

Because of alcohol, he forgets about the one and only.

He no longer has much control over his speech and actions.

Cheating occurs unconsciously.

This happens both in clubs and at noisy parties, holidays and other drunken places.


The above stated takes place in our lives. But as we see, it spoke either of an accident or of the psychological pathology of a womanizer.

Why do ordinary, average husbands go “to the left” contrary to all logic? And I'll tell you.

So you think that since he sleeps with her, that means she is better, more worthy, more beautiful, smarter, and so on. And these may all be reasons, but the main thing is that she is new to him . She's different. Other words and movements in bed. Different body scent, different voice, different reaction. New and exciting. And with all this, you can be more status, more beautiful, more well-groomed than her. And he wants someone who is not you. Do you understand me?

If a person is financially dependent on their partner, they are more likely to cheat

According to a 2015 study published in the American Sociological Review, a person who is completely financially dependent on their partner is more likely to cheat on them than if they were economically independent. Moreover, this is more typical of men who rely on their wives for financial matters.

It is also noteworthy that men are less likely to cheat on their wives if they earn more than them. However, not by much: if their income begins to amount to more than 70% of the family budget, they are again close to treason.

So what should we do?

Giving 100% advice on matters of personal life is not a rewarding task. But no one stopped me from speaking out. So, as you and I said from the beginning, sometimes women begin to think that the problem lies in them, that it actually exists. I’ll tell you a few words now, just don’t be offended, but try to understand.

Men walk away from unhappy women or even leave them many times more often than from positive women. When you constantly lament that your boss is an asshole, your colleagues are the last creatures, and the conductor, a female dog, still noticed you and had to pay the fare! That there are only morons around, and if you are only given a chance to get settled in life, then you will do them all. This is very important... just for you. And over time, the man realizes that there is a lady nearby, offended by life, who is dissatisfied with everything and is not happy with anything.

In general, the reason for brainwashing is far from the last one on the list called: “Why is he cheating on me/Why did he leave me.”

And secondly, for guys, devotion and patience are not so important as emancipation and rich sexual fantasy in bed. And if we add to this the housekeeping and well-groomed behavior of the girl herself, then my dears, every night with you will be like with a new goddess every day.

Extremely - if you yourself see that you have become grumpier or, for example, gained an extra 15-30 kg, and from that same sweet stole, only hair color remains, then please think about the fact that a man wants to use a beautiful body, without claims, for any reason, to his brain.

Physiology and love

Male love has its own characteristics, according to psychologists. Yes, there is something about a man's passion that distinguishes it from a woman's passion. Man's love is fundamentally in the field of physiology, while woman's love is in the field of psychology. Sexual need feeds all a man's feelings. Having achieved its satisfaction, the passion gradually fades away. A woman’s love is long-lasting and a man needs to try very hard to make her stop loving him. Find out more about the psychology of love on our website.

The next feature of men, according to experts, is their polygamy. What does it mean? Is this good or bad? Nature made them this way. Men have an inherent desire for sexual variety. They are biologically programmed to leave as many offspring as possible. To do this you need to have many sexual relationships with many women. This postulate can be taken into account, or you can treat it with skepticism.

Another reason that lies in the field of psychology is the difference in temperament. Pronounced extroverts cannot stand the routine and monotony of family life. They, like air, need new impressions and experiences, relationships and new contacts.


In the modern world, the institution of marriage has ceased to be a strong means of tying partners to each other. Even in those days when treason was punishable by physical punishment, even piquant cases happened

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