7 Main Topics Discussed in a Therapy Group

Definition of the terms “psychology” and “psyche”

Psychology is a science that studies the functioning, development and patterns of occurrence of various mental phenomena and the psychological activity of both a group of people and an individual.

There are several definitions of the term “psyche”. So, for example, one of them says that the psyche is a certain set of mental phenomena and processes, such as: memory, emotions, perceptions, sensations, and so on; aspect of human life in his interaction with the environment in which he is located.

Some people study psychology on their own, while others study psychology professionally at universities. Depending on the way they study, people prefer different topics in psychology that are interesting to them. For students, the choice is based on the topic currently being studied or the branch of psychology that is more interesting to them. For independent study, they mainly choose topics in psychology that are interesting and relevant at the moment, which can solve a specific problem. The science of psychology is very interesting and broad, it reveals many areas of life and helps a person understand himself and the people around him.

Popular psychology

Popular articles on psychology. Of interest to the widest range of readers.

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Articles on problems of parapsychological research: telekinesis, telepathy, extrasensory abilities, clairvoyance, etc. Critical understanding of this kind of phenomena within the framework of psychological science. 41 articles,

A world lost and regained

This is a story about one moment that destroyed an entire life. This is the story of how a bullet pierced a man's skull and entered his brain, shattering his world into thousands of pieces that he could never put back together. This is a book about a man who gave his all to reclaim his past and conquer his future. This is a book about a struggle that is not used to winning, and about a victory that does not stop the struggle. [A.R. Luria. The world lost and returned. The story of one injury] 22 articles,

Psychology of relationships

Psychology of relationships, primarily relationships between men and women. 77 articles,

Modern psychology and the wisdom of centuries

Research of current problems of modern psychological knowledge based on reference to philosophical and religious concepts of the past. 16 articles,

★ Gambling addiction - addiction without drugs

  • 100/5

There are not many things in our world on which a person can depend, and at the same time, the biological mechanisms of this dependence are still unrevealed. Gambling addiction is one of those things. Indeed, gambling addiction is sometimes called a drug-free addiction. And there is some truth in this - science still does not know the nature of such a phenomenon as excitement. But this does not mean that gambling addiction is incurable. Doctors think differently.

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★ How gambling addiction occurs

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Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of webinars on how to get rid of gambling addiction on your own, how to develop willpower and not be led by your own desires. Gambling addiction is a problem for tens of thousands of people around the world, but not everyone thinks about what prerequisites lead to addiction.

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★ How does depression manifest itself?

  • 100/5

Depression is one of the most common diseases, the symptoms of which are found in millions of people around the world. The disease causes significant damage not only to mental but also physical health, and also leads to a significant decrease in the quality of life. Let's look at the symptoms, causes of depression and ways to prevent depressive complications.

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★ Psychology and money: 4 tricks of our consciousness

  • 100/5

Psychologists have come to the conclusion that finance and psychology are “companions” of each other.

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10 reasons to run away from a psychologist without looking back

  • 100/5

Initially, we respect the professional who works with us, but it is still necessary to take a sober look at his methods and our reactions. Psychology is now a mass profession, so sometimes we find ourselves in the hands of weak, inexperienced or even illiterate specialists. There are quite a few signals that it is time to part with the therapist, and they sound especially convincing when presented by a psychologist.

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10 tips for a drunk man

  • 100/5

You and I all know what not to do while drunk. You cannot drive a car. You can't appear in front of your superiors. You cannot withdraw cash from the card. In short, there is a well-established list of taboos and rules of behavior for a person who is in a drunken state. But alas, in contrast to all these “don’ts” known to everyone, there are many other, unspoken rules of behavior.

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40 days before conception

  • 100/5

If you intend to conceive and give birth to your child consciously, intend to respect his essence from the very moment of birth, then this article is for you. And also, and above all, for those who have never thought about it. It's time!

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IQ of the Russian and foreign elite in 2006

  • 45/5

Measurements of the IQ of the world and Russian elite for 2006 are given

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VIP foresight until 2010

  • 90/5

An attempt to predict a person’s future using psychogenetic methods.

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Do you know all the differences between boys and girls?

  • 100/5

No one will argue that there is a difference between boys and girls. What is the external difference alone worth? But how else and why do they differ from each other?

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Interesting topics in psychology

When studying psychology, people select different topics depending on what they are most interested in. Thus, the most interesting topics in psychology are topics about sex, relationships, introspection, communication and others.

At the moment, psychology helps solve many problems, and it is also connected with many other sciences. There are many branches in psychology, each of which is a relatively independent area of ​​scientific research in one or another area of ​​society. Industries are divided into special and fundamental.

The fundamental branches of psychology are called the term “general psychology,” which includes the general meaning of the concept of human behavior and psychology, regardless of their specific activities. In turn, special branches are engaged in the study of human behavior and psychology depending on their activities.

You can select interesting topics in psychology from the general psychology section, as it includes:

  • The study of personality psychology and individual differences. It studies emotions, feelings, will, needs and motives, character, inclinations of a person and his abilities for something.
  • Psychophysiology.
  • Animal psychology. He studies the psyche of animals.
  • Social psychology. It studies the manifestations of a person’s personality in society, his psychological compatibility with others, and relationships with people.
  • Age. Studies the development of the personality of a growing person, his consciousness, various psychological processes and his activities.
  • Psychology of cognitive processes. It studies human thinking and memory, his perception and sensations, imagination and attention.
  • Psychology of communication. Studies the psychological aspects of interpersonal relationships and others.


These are parables about life, about love, about relationships.

  • ~ Butterfly Lesson
  • ~ Fisherman and businessman
  • ~ How to choose a wife?
  • ~ The path to love through spirituality
  • ~Beauty
  • ~Does evil exist?
  • ~ The future is a continuation of the past
  • ~ Judgment
  • ~ The Tale of Zhenya and Mom
  • ~ Fear or opportunity?
  • ~ Taste of life
  • ~ How important is Love in life?
  • ~ Cups of coffee
  • ~ Incredible generosity
  • ~ The Gates of Heaven and the Gates of Hell
  • ~ Generous Apple Tree
  • ~ Parable about the dog
  • ~ Wise view
  • ~ A friend is known in...

For research work

Many students engage in research in the field of psychology. Below is a list of interesting research paper topics in psychology for those who are just starting out as a researcher in this field.

  • Magic of color.
  • Study of mnemonic rules.
  • Study of Internet addiction in people of different age categories.
  • Study of the influence of the Internet on people.
  • Study of various teenage subcultures. Values ​​and interests.
  • Individual differences in memory in humans.
  • Study of the behavior of adolescents and adults in conflict situations.
  • Study of the process of human personality formation.
  • Conflicts. Causes of occurrence. Methods of settlement.
  • Study of the mechanisms of expression of emotions.
  • Research into the causes of stress and methods of dealing with it.
  • Studying youth slang as a form of self-affirmation.
  • A study of the process of evaluating people by each other. The science of beauty.
  • A study of difficulties in interpersonal communication.
  • What does the handwriting say?
  • The status of a teacher through the eyes of modern students.
  • Is loneliness normal?
  • Self-esteem problems.
  • Research on children's creative abilities.
  • Manipulation research.

For reports

It is not uncommon for students to make reports. There are also quite a few interesting topics for a report on psychology; you can easily find a suitable one in the list below.

  • The influence of mass information on the psyche of a teenager.
  • Memory records.
  • History of the development of the science of psychology.
  • Foul language among teenagers. Causes and solutions.
  • Verbal and nonverbal forms of communication among schoolchildren.
  • Aggression in society. Methods of its suppression.
  • Methods of psychological research.
  • The importance of partnerships for success.
  • Stages of development of the human psyche.
  • Methods for developing intelligence.
  • Basic scientific principles of psychology as a science.
  • What is the connection between human consciousness and speech?
  • Stressful tension. Methods of dealing with stress.
  • The phenomenon of a smile.
  • Personal identification.
  • Human temperament.
  • Forms of knowledge of the world that surrounds us. Sensations and perceptions.
  • Peculiarities of human thinking.
  • Methods for successful memorization.
  • What role does memory play in human life?
  • Prerequisites for the development of a creative personality.
  • Types of people's thinking.
  • Psychology in family relationships.
  • What influence does the family have on the development of individual abilities?
  • Manifestation of a person's individuality.
  • How to develop strong-willed qualities?
  • How does motivation affect a person? Where does motivation come from?
  • Stages of relationships in marriage.
  • How do relationships differ in Muslim and Orthodox families?
  • Formation of self-esteem.
  • Conflicts between children and parents.
  • Types of raising children.
  • Communication. Speech style. Mechanisms. Essence.
  • Man as a social being.
  • The art of communication. Significance.
  • How are stereotypes formed?
  • Authority and ways to maintain it.
  • Internet addiction. Methods of struggle.
  • Complexes and methods for their elimination.

What does personality psychology study?

Various philosophers, scientists and psychologists have tried to briefly define personality.
If we generalize and try to give a unified explanation, then psychology studies a person as an individual subject in relation to himself, to society, as well as interaction and connections with people around him. Thanks to this scientific direction, you can better understand your own capabilities, motives, character and temperament, which ultimately, when applying knowledge in practice, leads to positive changes in relationships in society, allows you to develop and improve yourself. The psychology of human personality is based on the recognition of two concepts - man and personality or individual. Individuality is multifaceted, everyone has their own characteristics, feelings, thoughts, desires, interests, habits and abilities. At the same time, a person is considered a general concept in psychology and biology.

For coursework and dissertations

Term papers and dissertations in psychology are more serious, because the topics for them must be unique, previously undiscovered, relevant, and so on. When choosing a topic for these serious and voluminous works, we advise you to rely on sections of psychology that are interesting and relevant to the student. Some interesting topics for psychology coursework are given below.

  • Divorce. Psychological problems of children.
  • Features of raising a child.
  • Role behavior and its characteristics of working women.
  • The influence of the family on the formation of the child’s psyche.
  • Ethnic norms of etiquette behavior.
  • Features of the formation of the psyche of orphans at the stages of value, semantic and objective consciousness.
  • Cognitive appraisal of difficult situations.
  • The idea of ​​happiness.
  • Freedom of choice and its features among students of humanities and science majors.
  • Features of human long-term memory and its dependence on individual psychological characteristics.
  • Unlocking human creative potential.
  • Problems, acceptance and socialization of the “bodily self”.
  • The problem of age socialization.
  • Overcoming learned helplessness as a development factor.
  • Mental readiness for age-related changes.
  • Features of the manifestation of aggression among young people.
  • Personal boundaries.
  • Reasons for suicide.

Interesting topics in psychology for a diploma:

  • Psychology of passion.
  • Analysis of age-related crises.
  • The influence of family relationships on the psyche of children.
  • The use of drawing methods to develop imagination in preschool-age aunts.
  • Leadership skills. Development.
  • The role of motivation in people's lives.
  • Methods of intellectual development of children.
  • Peculiarities of gender identity of adolescents.
  • Psychological causes of conflicts in young families.
  • The influence of an incomplete family on a child’s self-esteem.
  • The influence of child-parent relationships on adaptation to school.
  • Psycho-emotional state of children from single-parent and two-parent families.
  • Development of the moral sphere of a preschooler’s personality. The influence of family upbringing.
  • The influence of team cohesion on work performance.
  • Development of stress tolerance skills.
  • Fighting the negative influence of society.
  • Features of alcohol dependence. Relationship with stress.
  • Formation of ideas about the seasons in children.
  • Development and diagnosis of attention in children.
  • Development of color perception in children.

Teen Themes

There are many interesting topics on psychology for teenagers, for example:

  • Fighting aggression in adolescence.
  • Peculiarities of manifestation of deviant behavior in adolescents.
  • The influence of the media on adolescents.
  • How to understand, accept and love yourself?
  • Diffidence. Causes and methods of struggle.
  • Features of self-esteem in adolescence.

The science of psychology has been well studied and continues to be studied. This is a very interesting field that fascinates many people. If you want to better understand yourself and the people around you, then in this article you can find many interesting topics to study.

Top interesting articles

10 ways to increase motivation at work tomorrow

Each of us sometimes needs inspiration, something that will give us energy and strength to continue moving towards our goals. Because stress and constantly arising difficulties over time can deprive you of the desire to give your best as before. Especially if long and hard work has not led to the expected results.

Or it happens that a person simply does not understand why he should “go out of his way.” She was unable to discover what would stimulate her to act, to leave her comfort zone and take risks, to try new things.

A person who is motivated to succeed will definitely achieve it. If only because he doesn’t give up trying and believes in himself. He is faithful to his dream and knows why he sometimes has to make superhuman efforts to “stay afloat.”

In the same article, 10 methods are indicated at once; you can choose the most suitable one for yourself and go to conquer the world. Well, or just make your dreams come true.

Nonverbal signs of communication between a man and a woman

Relationships are the most difficult, but at the same time valuable area of ​​a person’s life. People are so different that it is quite difficult even with a great desire to find a common language. And even more so to understand what they really feel towards each other.

This is why it is so important to know not only the main types of nonverbal signals, but also to understand the difference in the expression of sympathy between women and men.

Then you can easily recognize it even in the interlocutor who is not yet aware of what emotions he is experiencing. And, keeping in mind the gender difference, take actions that will certainly help achieve more constructive and productive communication with him.

How to find a way out of depression: the most effective methods

Depression is a disease that is accompanied by very difficult experiences, sometimes so unbearable that you want to stop them at any cost. And, unfortunately, no one is immune from it, since modern man has to cope with a lot of difficulties, withstand tension when there are no more resources at all.

In this article you will find methods that you can rely on in difficult times. They are aimed not only at combating depression, but also at preventing it. Which, you see, is also very important. Still, it is easier to anticipate the onset of a protracted illness than to deal with it later.

Main types of conflicts and the best ways to resolve them

Quarrels and conflicts happen to all people, even very peaceful ones. But not everyone knows how to solve them without destroying relationships, careers or social status.

The conflict arises because two different opinions and desires collide... Even among two people who passionately love each other.

How can you find a way out of this situation while satisfying your needs and without forever losing the favor of your opponent and the people around you? How to resolve issues peacefully in order to continue to interact, and not make plans for revenge?

Quite difficult, but quite possible. In general, follow the link and find out everything for yourself.

Top 10 most effective ways to make a guy fall in love with you

And this information is for women who want to improve their personal lives. When you fail to attract the attention of the man you like or move with your partner, so to speak, to a new level of relationship.

Sometimes we do things that seem quite normal to us, but which repel other people. Accordingly, it turns out that we ourselves stand in the way of our own happiness and do not let it happen. The time has come to remove barriers and find long-awaited love, and just get the attention of the opposite sex!

What happens if you don’t sleep at night and what harm will it cause to a person?

Did you know that staying awake at night provokes the onset of depression, which was mentioned a little higher? Or that they begin to age more actively than those who do rest at the right time.

His blood pressure levels rise and fat deposits begin to accumulate. Regardless of whether he plays sports or adheres to diets. Men are at risk of impotence. And in women, arousal decreases, that is, the desire for sexual intimacy arises less and less often.

And this is not all the scientific facts about the harm of sleepless nights. For more details, follow the link.

Types and examples of instincts of modern man

When it comes to instincts, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? If only the instinct of self-preservation and continuation of a kind, then you simply must read this article.

And not just for general development, but also to understand the nature of some of your desires and motives. Perhaps this will help you understand where you are going too far. And what points should you pay attention to to make your life better and happier?

And isn’t it interesting to learn about the existing differences, as well as the similarities between us and animals?

10 effective methods of manipulating people

And here we will talk about the psychology of influencing the opinions of people around us using manipulation techniques. Every person manipulates, mostly unconsciously, which is why they do not always succeed in achieving their goals.

No one will benefit from information on how to emerge victorious from any situation. The methods are effective for both personal relationships and work relationships.

That is, you can use them on business partners, colleagues, subordinates and even superiors. Among other things, protect yourself and your loved ones. Because you will promptly recognize attempts to influence your subconscious.

Features of human psychological defense mechanisms

Do you know what psychological defense mechanisms are? From the name it seems clear that they protect us, or more precisely, our psyche.

If it weren’t for them, then, most likely, not a single mentally healthy person would exist in the world. Since tension, anxiety, pain, fear and other not particularly pleasant feelings would simply take over our minds with their intensity and duration of experience.

But these mechanisms sometimes become not salvation, but, on the contrary, the cause of most of our problems and limitations, distorting reality. Then the person feels as if he is trapped and does not understand what to do.

To avoid such situations, be sure to study the material listed in this article. You will be aware of what is happening to you and choose the most productive way to resolve any issue.

What is procrastination and who is a procrastinator?

Such a complex word, the meaning of which, I think, is familiar to each of you. Procrastination is putting off important tasks until later, until the very last moment. That is, in fact, this is when a person creates a force majeure situation for himself, a deadline.

He thinks that he has a lot of time left and he will be able to complete the work on time. Or he doesn’t like her so much that he can’t bring himself to take her on, hoping for a miracle.

In general, follow the link and you will find out interesting information about the origin of this term. And also about what types of procrastination exist.

How to determine a person's character by his handwriting

Do you want, like Sherlock Holmes, to look at a letter and instantly give a brief, or maybe even a complete description of the author? If yes, but you think that this is practically impossible, I hasten to please you.

Almost everyone can learn to determine character from handwriting. One has only to study such handwriting parameters as tilt, pressure, outlines of letters, their size and location on the sheet. And, of course, practice.

Then no one will be able to hide the truth from you, you will read everyone at a glance, which will save you from most disappointments.

What do Rorschach blots and all the pictures in this test mean?

There are very often moments in films where a psychologist or psychiatrist, showing strange spots to their patients, draw conclusions about their mental health and emotional state.

And if it has always been unclear to you how you can characterize a person using some smeared ink, then the time has come to “see the truth.”

The secrets of all 10 existing cards will be revealed to you. Plus, you can also test yourself.

Why you shouldn’t swear: the benefits and harms of this activity

British scientists, during an experiment on students, managed to prove that strong words help withstand pain. It reduces the threshold of pain, and indeed the level of tension.

Accordingly, if you need to cope with some tense situation, you will have a better chance if you allow yourself to swear.

But there are also a number of disadvantages that are harmful to our health. Even DNA can change under its influence. In general, follow the link to determine whether it is worth allowing yourself to swear, or whether it is dangerous and no advantages will save the situation.

What is Stendhal syndrome: how strong is the influence of art?

A person with a blissful face and a detached gaze in front of, say, some kind of painting is not an esthete who knows a lot about art, but a person who has developed the Florentine syndrome.

Such a beautiful name for a mental disorder that occurs under the influence of music, painting, movies, etc. Moreover, it is dangerous and sometimes requires medical intervention.

In the article you will learn more about the signs, causes and methods of treatment of this disease, which can occur in almost all of us.

Zimbardo's prison experiment and conclusions about the influence of society on personality

Very interesting material about the psychology of violence, aggressiveness and cruelty. Phillip Zimbardo conducted an experiment that proves that every person is capable of causing pain to any other creature, even one with whom he was previously on friendly terms.

And even if you are not known for cruelty, under certain conditions you will show it, guided by the idea that you are just following orders, doing your job.

The Stanford experiment is still considered the most inhumane of all existing ones. And for this reason they do not dare to repeat it anymore.

What is genetic memory and how to use it

From our forefathers we receive not only appearance features, talents, character traits and inheritance.

It turns out that the knowledge, experience of our predecessors, their life stories can be passed on from generation to generation, complementing each other in order to protect us from repeating mistakes and help us find happiness.

And this phenomenon is called genetic memory. It is also called the collective unconscious.

In general, follow the link to find out how to access the unlimited knowledge that has been accumulated over the centuries.

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