How a man in love looks, we learn to distinguish between looks: intimate, flirting, furtive, languid

A man’s gaze, his gait, his gestures change when he sees the woman he likes. Just by looking at something you can determine what a person really feels. Eyes are the mirror of the human soul. How to avoid falling into the kingdom of distorting mirrors and recognize the gaze of a man in love, learn from the article.

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The look of a man in love expresses interest. Since the guy is focused on his passion, from those around him, first of all, he singles her out: he searches with his eyes, tries to catch her eye. When their gazes intersect, his further actions can develop according to the following scenario: he will either stare intently and uninterruptedly, as if spellbound, into the girl’s eyes, or, embarrassed, will look away to the side. The reaction will depend on his temperament, character, the circumstances in which the meeting took place, on how the lady of his heart treats him.

Determined, self-confident young people, not accustomed to giving in to difficulties, express with their gaze their determination and desire to win a partner. They have nothing to hide. They openly look ahead, boldly declaring, through various non-verbal signals, the firmness of their intentions to a potential partner and others.

If a guy looks at you in fits and starts, he is either quite shy and modest, or has not yet understood exactly what feelings he has for the girl. It may well happen that at the beginning of a relationship he will try to figure himself out, rather than send signals of sympathy.

It should also be taken into account that under the influence of love fluids, a guy’s behavior and his character can change radically. The buffoon and soul of the party can become a secretive and withdrawn modesty, preferring solitary leisure. It is possible that he will avoid direct visual contact with the girl. And a guy who is not very sociable will suddenly begin to amaze everyone with his wit, broad outlook and intelligence. Feelings will become a test of strength for him. And, having accepted this challenge of fate, from a shy young man he will turn into a leader and ringleader. Then, wanting to attract the attention of the girl he likes, he will cast scorching, piercing glances in her direction.

Being in the same company with his beloved, the first thing a man does is monitor her reaction to the story or news being discussed. If he looks at her face after he has spoken, this is a clear sign of sympathy.

Not wanting to give himself away ahead of time, the man studies his girlfriend to determine how she feels about him and whether she is ready to accept his advances. He admires his beloved: her movements, appearance, gestures, smile, and enjoys communicating with a special person for him.

Is it true that the look of a person in love changes?

A man in love becomes straight in his gaze and lingers on the woman longer than usual.
When we fall in love, a powerful hormonal surge occurs in the body. We try with all our might and means to interest the object of our adoration, to capture his attention, thoughts, body, we want to spend every minute next to him. Seeking reciprocity, people in love change their appearance, go on a diet, go to the gym, and take up new hobbies.

At the same time, they observe their passion, note her reaction to her actions. A guy in love directs his gaze towards the girl, watches how she communicates with colleagues/friends, moves, laughs, dances, how her appearance, clothes or manners have changed.

A man in love becomes straight in his gaze, lingers on the woman longer than usual, his eyes seem to shine, “sparkles” flicker in them.

Duration of eye contact

The sphere of love relationships is an endless subject of study by many specialists. Harvard University psychologist Zeke Rubin has made many developments in the field of research on this feeling. He and his supporters argue that eye contact is an important component of interpersonal interaction. By looking into the face of your interlocutor, you can accurately determine his emotions and thoughts associated with them. One of the psychologist’s well-known developments is called “Rubin gradation.” This scientific method allows you to calculate a person’s falling in love by the amount of time spent on the object of contemplation.

Eye contact between people communicating usually accounts for approximately 40-50% of the total dialogue time. If the numbers increase by an order of magnitude and reach 70-85%, this indicates that Cupid has intervened in the relationship.

At the moment of the first conversation with the object of passion, the man’s attention is so concentrated on the woman that he can easily describe her hairstyle, demeanor, timbre of voice and her outfit.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that if a man stares at a woman for more than 10 seconds, most likely he experiences not just sympathy, but falling in love. A shorter glance towards a woman indicates a lack of interest in her.

Do you want to check if your object of desire is in love with you? Count how long he doesn't take his eyes off you during the conversation.

How to test a man's feelings in practice4

Romantic confessions, regular calls and sweet compliments... all this is certainly wonderful, but these signs do not always indicate deep feelings. That is why many psychologists recommend that girls who doubt the sincerity of a man’s serious intentions, so to speak, test him in action. And this can be done in several ways, which will be discussed below.

  • Shock the guy with your confession. The method is not ordinary, but quite effective. Try to be the first to confess your feelings to the guy and carefully watch his reaction. It’s not difficult to guess that if the feelings are mutual, then the reaction will be appropriate. Most of all, a man in love wants to hear tender and sincere words from the lips of his passion. They will immediately put a smile on his face and his eyes will shine with happiness. Otherwise, you will see a man who will be discouraged and even somewhat upset. He will try in every possible way to change the topic and look away. A very sad sight, you know.
  • Live through a stressful situation together. And then, in your conclusions, start from how the guy behaved in the current unforeseen situation. Was he your support in difficult times, did he empathize with you, solve your problem, or did he brush you off? A man’s behavior speaks much more eloquently than any words.
  • Go out for a romantic walk. It could also be a trip to the cinema, or a gathering in a cozy restaurant. The main thing is to immediately make it clear to the young man that any physical contact will be excluded. Will this prospect please him? And in general, would a guy agree to such a date? The answer is obvious, if his intentions towards you are serious - yes! A guy in love will happily spend time with you, sincerely enjoying your presence, even if he knows for sure that no intimate continuation will follow.
  • Try to bring up hot, provocative topics during a conversation. And at this moment, watch the speech of your chosen one. Does the guy try to laugh it off, uses profanity in his speech, or does he try to angrily argue with you while answering, resorting to insults? Alas, this is not at all a model of behavior for a young man who cares about you.

Pupil size

Physiologists say that love is a chemical reaction. They explain the emotional uplift that a person experiences when falling in love with the production of norepinephrine, dopamine, adrenaline and oxytocin. This cocktail turns on the same buttons as drugs, so it seems to us that we are floating above the earth and feel absolutely happy.

How can you tell by looking that a man is in love? It turns out that the process of arousal causes the pupils to dilate. Moreover, it does not matter what exactly provoked it - the sight of a beloved or a meeting with a robber in a dark alley. Our parasympathetic nervous system does not care what became the reason for the change in the usual psycho-emotional state. The pupil will reflexively enlarge in any case.

Back in the 70s, psychologists White and Maltzman conducted a number of experiments in this direction. The subjects were given excerpts from three books to listen to: erotic, neutral, and containing scenes of cruelty and violence. It was found that at the beginning, the pupils of all subjects dilated, expressing their interest in the new information, but in the further course of the experiment, such a reaction was observed to the first and third books. Psychologist Bernik also came to a similar conclusion, claiming that men and women’s pupils dilate when they are sexually aroused.

This feature of the human body was used by our great-grandmothers from several generations, who wanted to attract the attention of the gentleman they liked. To dilate the pupils, thereby informing the object of love about arousal, they ate a small amount of poison - belladonna tincture. It’s good that in our time, progress allows us to solve this problem in a less radical way. For example, in Asia, the female half of the population now wears colored lenses with dilated pupils.

Confirmation that people find pool eyes very attractive is the active use of this fact for advertising purposes. Often on posters and packaging of cosmetics you can see images of models with dilated pupils. Marketers claim that such a move increases sales levels significantly.

How to understand that a guy likes you if you don't communicate

It happens that a guy and a girl always cross paths in a hallway, a store, on the street, at school or college. She has feelings for him, but is afraid to admit it, because they don’t communicate. Probably, the guy can also be in love, but is embarrassed to take the decisive step.

How do you know that a young man likes you if there is no communication between you? First of all, pay attention to some features of his behavior.

  1. Every time you cross paths, he rubs his hands together excitedly. When greeting you, he looks away shyly, straightens his hair or clothes.
  2. When your eyes meet, you see his embarrassed smile. Or he averts his eyes, pretending to be focused on something else.
  3. He turns around after you, holds his gaze, gives you a sweet smile.
  4. A lot can be understood by the guy’s pose. When a girl is attractive to him, he makes sure to always be in her sight, at any convenient moment.

What is the look of a man who is in love?

A representative of the stronger sex in love is so focused on the girl that at the moment of communicating with her he can “fall out” from the surrounding reality. He does not pay attention to the city noise, cars passing by, becomes a little absent-minded, but at the same time he is able to reproduce in detail all the information that she tells him. He looks carefully, listens and tries to remember everything, even if he is absolutely not interested in the topic being discussed.

What is the look of a man in love? Shining, sparkling with joy and positivity, gentle, affectionate, warm, friendly, caring. He sees the treasure before him and enjoys the charm and beauty.

His pupils are dilated, his eyebrows are slightly raised, as if he is asking: “I love. How do you feel? From time to time, a mischievous, playful light flashes in the eyes. He does not always manage to restrain the “pressure” of his gaze, to control its power. Therefore, sparks are sometimes very bright, turning into flames. They say about this look: “I would eat it with my eyes.” After all, among males, love is inextricably linked with physical desire and attraction. This explains the fact that during flirting his gaze can be flirtatious and intimate.

A flirting look is difficult to confuse with any other. It is intermittent, flirty, intriguing, promising, charming, sparkling, alluring.

An intimate look indicates sexual interest. He is slow, sliding through erogenous zones, assessing, undressing. This look lingers on the bare parts of the body and speaks more clearly than words about the man’s passionate desire.

An important element of non-verbal expression of feelings is the game of eyebrows. Fixed eyebrows indicate a lack of interest. Elevated ones convey a wide range of emotions: surprise, amazement, delight, admiration, and the desire to attract attention. Such eyebrows make the look more open, as if they “open” the eyes in order to reduce the distance between the interlocutors.

The key to many questions is a man's smile. It is believed that when a person falls in love, he experiences a feeling close to euphoria. It embraces the lover when the object of love appears. A wide, open smile is a mandatory attribute of sympathy.

The emotions in the gaze and smile should be identical. Dissonance may indicate insincerity. You should pay attention to the symmetry of the smile and the facial wrinkles that appear around it. An uneven, slightly slanted smile is a bad sign.


Be careful with men if you detect any of the following looks:

  • deceiving - looks past the girl, every now and then a quick glance;
  • angry - an attentive, suppressive look, expressing hatred;
  • offended - tries not to look at the girl, but as soon as he turns away, he immediately glances at the back;
  • selfish - the gaze is focused on the bridge of the nose, the man does not need flirting, romance or bed, he has a business issue, which most often relates to finances;
  • humiliating - ambitious, proud, important look.

Starting a family

Men's opinions about relationships with women do not coincide in matters of marriage. Girls already from childhood begin to talk about marriage, dreaming of starting their own family as soon as possible.

Guys only think about it when they are 25-30 years old. What is this connected with? First of all, with the fact that after the wedding the man is responsible for providing for the new family. At an early age, they are unlikely to be able to do this. In addition, guys understand that their masculine view of love for a woman and sex with her is unlikely to please the chosen one. In this regard, for representatives of the stronger half of humanity, marriage is not only the creation of a family and the beginning of a happy life with a loved one. For them, this is also, to some extent, a restriction of freedom. Many men foresee similar consequences. And those who did not realize this and got married sometimes bitterly regret it.

It is worth keeping in mind that the psychology of men changes with age. And if it is enough for a 20-year-old guy that there is a beautiful and interesting girl next to him, then at the age of 30 he will begin to realize his responsibility for marriage in spiritual and material terms.

Intellectual abilities

However, a man’s attitude towards a woman is based not only on the beauty, tenderness and sexuality of the chosen one. Her intellectual abilities also play an important role. A stupid and uneducated friend is unlikely to be of interest to anyone.

By nature, men are hunters, owners and winners. They always take the chance to show off their “booty.” The same is true in this case. A young man will certainly be happy if he introduces to his friends a respectable, intelligent girl he has conquered.


Sometimes a man who understands that a woman loves him selflessly begins to use this for his own selfish purposes. Moreover, such situations occur quite often.

Men's manipulations in relationships with women turn their chosen ones into some kind of dumb sheep who either continue to remain victims for the rest of their lives or leave their partner.

Most often, gullible and conscientious ladies fall into such networks. Their wonderful human qualities bring them a lot of trouble. As a rule, manipulators are well acquainted with the art of seducing women. Already at the first meeting they ask questions concerning their lives. This allows you to find out the weak points in the character of the chosen one. A trusting and sincere woman tells a man almost everything, including negative information from her past. And therein lies her main mistake. In the future, the manipulator will constantly reproach the woman for her wrongdoing, which will allow him to instill in her a feeling of guilt. As a result, she will begin to forgive her lover a lot, since she, as it turns out, is even worse than him.

Such manipulation can be prevented. To do this, a woman needs to add a little common sense and insight to her positive qualities.


As mentioned above, a man by nature is a hunter. He loves to show off his booty, while seeing that others also want to get it. However, he will never share the trophy.

It's the same with women. Most men prefer to be around attractive girls, but they don’t like it if they start flirting with someone.

Choosing a lover

All men are different. Some of them have a soft soul and a kind heart, easily succumbing to the sweet persuasion of women and their cunning, while others, on the contrary, have a rather tough character, which leads to violence and suppression of the will of the chosen one. But the male view of women in any case has many characteristic features.

How do representatives of the stronger half of humanity choose their soul mate? The fact is that all of them, experienced and not, are connected by the natural instinct of reproduction. That is why, when meeting for the first time, a man’s view of women is such that it is intended only to evaluate the girl’s figure, the length of her legs, the size of her breasts and the thinness of her waist. The scent of a lady is also important. This is where male physiology comes into play in relation to women. And it is the aroma that sometimes contributes to the continuation of relationships or repels them from them.


Breast. The gaze smoothly rises, and we are fascinated and ready to look without stopping at the woman’s breasts. I won’t even think about bringing into this our subconscious desire for feeding, and everything connected with the mother.

Let's leave this to the psychologists who make money from it. We have our own, men's truth. Well, tell me, how not to admire a woman’s breasts?

Show me someone who is not interested, does not excite and does not attract attention, and I will send him to Mars, Jupiter or Tatooine! Let it not spoil the feeling of beauty for us men! and yes, in this case it’s not entirely clear, but still, or is it?!

On the truthfulness of nonverbal signs

The facial expressions and gestures of a man in love will speak for themselves

They can be completely trusted. If a person’s speech is meaningful, he is able to control it, leave something out or lie, then nonverbal signals occur unconsciously and are beyond control

. It is thanks to these signals that you can learn about true feelings, since most of the information is transmitted by them, and not by words.

Recognizing a man in love is not always easy. Many of them, wanting to hide their real feelings, try to seem unapproachable and cold. And it also happens that a man simply acts out a passion that he does not feel. But in this way he tries to seduce the woman he likes.

The facial expressions and gestures of a man in love can help reveal true feelings.

Love and sex

In this matter, male logic in relations with a woman also has its own characteristics. For most representatives of the fairer sex, sex and love are concepts that, although not identical, are still closely related. At the same time, physical intimacy is just as important for a girl as spiritual intimacy.

A man's view of relationships with women is more frivolous. Sex for a guy is nothing more than a process that allows him to get pleasure. Most men are ready to sleep even with an unfamiliar woman without much difficulty. Love has nothing to do with this. Moreover, subsequently the guy is unlikely to choose an available girl as his wife.

The male view of relationships with women is such that representatives of the stronger half of humanity always want specifics and honesty. Guys like a self-sufficient and active girl who plays by her own rules. Representatives of the fairer sex should always remember men's secrets in relationships with women. The process of conquest itself is very important to young people. And if interest in a woman continues to persist, then this fact will be a guarantee of a strong and long-lasting relationship. Male psychology differs from female psychology in its straightforwardness and lack of sensitivity to emotional overtones.

Family life

How do men behave in marriage? Family structures can have completely different power hierarchies. Of course, all men are different. Some people prefer to become leaders in the family. Others are content to sit quietly on the sidelines. But most men are still satisfied with the first roles in the family. After all, the instinct of leadership is inherent in them by nature itself. It will be better if a woman does not compete with her husband, without even trying to undermine his position.

Psychologists note that men, unlike the weaker sex, are not so dependent on the opinions of others. In this regard, they are purposeful and capable of taking serious volitional actions. In the event of critical situations, men, thanks to their analytical mind, can mobilize quite quickly and immediately respond to the changing situation.

View in the struggle for leadership

Gaze is the most powerful non-verbal method of influence. It can subjugate a person and determine the nature of your further communication. However, can it be called a tool - something that we can consciously use for our own purposes? Can a person’s will break the instinctive desire to avert his eyes under a persistent and unbending gaze?

In nature, the strongest male will also have the most persistent gaze. You can often see how a large animal, having met the gaze of a smaller representative of its own species, turns away, as if yielding and submitting to it. Body size, muscle mass, jaw size and other traits certainly influence the non-bloody determination of a dominant male. However, this is not enough.

A look is a sure sign of real strength, vital energy, the ability to fight to the end, the readiness to die in battle.

Man is a social being, so he is influenced not only by natural factors. This includes morality, ethics, and social status. Thus, a long gaze in culture may simply be regarded as incorrect behavior, and that is why a shy desire to look away will arise in us. However, the main factor influencing the persistence of the gaze is will. This is what can make your gaze your greatest psychological weapon.

Is it possible to make a guy fall in love with your eyes?

A study conducted in 1989 confirms that simple eye contact can make a person fall in love. Two strangers (of opposite sex) were asked to look into each other's eyes for two minutes. This was enough to create passionate feelings for each other.

Visual connection is a powerful stimulator of love and affection. When a person looks someone directly in the eyes, their body produces a chemical called phenylethylamine, which can make the person feel in love.

A man's eyes reveal the true essence of all intentions. Having learned how to understand by looking at what is on a person’s mind, you can predict the course of communication and adapt to it. It is important for any girl to be confident in the sincerity of a guy’s feelings. Armed with the above information, you can learn to recognize what a guy’s gaze says.

Women's legs

Women's legs. No matter what happens, no matter how much the sky crashes to the ground and no matter how much American astronomers threaten us with the planet Nibiru and giant asteroids that will destroy the Earth in 2 billion years, we still look immediately and always at women’s legs.

This is a song, this is our dawn, our “Sapsan emergency stop.” Long, slender, in tights, stockings, naked, with or without heels, women’s legs always stop us, attract our gaze, make our heads spin around our necks like a top.

Looks expressing sympathy

Even the bravest man is timid in front of the one who struck him down on the spot. He can steal glances at you full of passion, enjoying your facial expressions, gestures, figure, hair. He looks you over from head to toe, imagining how he will feel you in his arms. Seeing such views is difficult, but real.

Sharply turn your eyes to him - if you see embarrassment or undisguised passion, then he is definitely attracted to you and he is not averse to starting a relationship with you.

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