Primary human needs and ways to satisfy them

Hello, friends. Today we will talk about human needs. Oh, how many things we want at once! Moreover, sometimes desires change literally at the speed of light (this is especially true for the fair half of humanity).

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But there are several basic needs that almost every person strives to satisfy throughout life. Let's look at them in more detail.

Manifestation of need

The need is manifested in the selective attitude of the individual to the existing conditions of the external world and is a dynamic and cyclical quantity. Primary needs relate to biological needs; in addition, a person feels the need to stay in society. The peculiarity of the need is such that it is an internal motivation and stimulus for activity, but at the same time work becomes a subject of necessity.

At the same time, doing something creates new needs, since certain funds and costs are needed to bring the plan to life.

Needs in society

A society in which human needs are not developed and reproduced is doomed to degradation. The needs of people in different eras correspond to the spirit of entrepreneurship and development, reflect dissatisfaction and despair, express collectivism, a common faith in future affairs, generalize people's aspirations and claims that need periodic satisfaction. The relationship between primary and secondary needs is formed not only in terms of social status, but under the influence of the accepted lifestyle, the level of spiritual development, and the diversity of social and psychological groups in society.

Without satisfying urgent needs, society cannot exist and reproduce social values ​​at the level of historical and cultural standards. Urgent needs for movement, communication, and possession of information require society to develop transport, means of communication, and educational institutions. People care about satisfying primary and secondary needs.

Maslow's pyramid: what is it?

Let's look at what Maslow's pyramid means, based on its meaning and structure.

Maslow's famous pyramid of needs is a visual model of the idea of ​​the American psychologist Abraham Maslow, demonstrating what the hierarchy of human needs looks like. Maslow's diagram is a theory of human motivation presented in the form of levels.

Maslow's pyramid is based on a person's vital needs, which are consistently formed from birth and further during adulthood. At the basic level there are physiological needs - the need for warmth, quenching thirst, hunger. At the top of the pyramid, at its apex, there are other needs - aesthetic (harmony, beauty) and the needs for self-expression, personal development, and the realization of one’s goals (self-actualization).

According to the theory, lower-level human needs must be satisfied before people begin to realize “higher” needs. The author wrote that when “a person’s belly is regularly full,” then he has other needs of a higher level.

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