What is human self-realization, 10 signs and ways to implement it

Self-expression is an opportunity to show yourself to the world around you. Everyone does it differently. Some people write poetry and stories, others prefer singing. Some people paint or devote themselves to dancing. And there are those who experiment with their appearance. Each of these methods helps to unlock your potential and develop your abilities. What else is self-expression needed for? How can we show the world those feelings that are hidden inside us?

The relationship between freedom and fear of self-expression

Self-expression, which is free, is the basis of a happy life, eliminating doubts and problems. Why is it desirable to show character and inherent potential?

Self-expression leads to joy and happiness despite adverse circumstances. Self-expression is a source of inspiration that provides relief from negative emotions and unwanted fatigue. Self-expression promotes understanding of potential and desires, self-knowledge. If desired, character traits develop. Self-expression raises self-esteem, gives confidence in strength and the presence of a basis for development. Self-expression is the basis of finding like-minded people. A social circle that matches your interests and worldview makes interaction with other people complete.

Circumstances that lead to the concealment of potential and inclinations, real character, make a person tense, shy, and complex. The development of the situation in this direction leads to concerns about a decrease in self-esteem. The person does not feel free and happy. For this reason, self-expression plays an important role for an individual. What opportunities for self-expression are there?

This is an impossibly difficult Self-Expression...

And again on our website there is an article from Olga Grzhibovskaya about her own experience in correcting a difficult Ba-Zi map that is overloaded with Resources.


What am I talking about? A person has the gift of speech, two arms, two legs, and thinking abilities. He can sing, draw, make furniture and spaceships, take care of flowers and raise children. It would seem that our whole life is self-expression!

However, approximately a quarter of the population will perfectly understand what will be discussed in this article, since they, like me, are typical “resource seekers”, belonging to a special type of personality prone to accumulating energy and very reluctant to spend it. It seems that there is nothing wrong with this: well, a person saves, because the supply does not last his pocket. And in terms of property, knowledge and information - it couldn’t be better!

But the fact is that excessive resources are almost always UNUSEFUL, and the problems associated with it are quite serious. This includes self-doubt, excessive self-examination, a tendency to suppress one’s emotions and desires, increased suspiciousness, and sometimes phobias and even diseases caused by an overload of the immune system (for example, problems with the thyroid gland). And how we deal with them depends entirely on our ability to activate our Self-Expression.

Let me remind you that the element of Resources in Ba-Tzu is the element that generates (supports) the element of personality. For example, for a person the element of Wood is Water. And Self-expression, in turn, is an element generated by the element of personality. That is, for the same person, the element of Wood is Fire.

If you haven’t built your map yet and don’t know your personality element, you can do it right now, using the information from my free course at this link (opens in a new window).

The “resource person” does not automatically become a loser by the fact of birth, only because he has a lot of elements of Resources “collected” in his bazi chart. And nothing can be done about it. But because the accumulated energy does not find a sufficient outlet, and, stagnating, turns into an internal source of negative energy (Sha). And you just need to learn how to bring it out correctly, or rather, make it bring benefit to others, and, accordingly, money to you.

What is Self-Expression, and why do you need to understand it?

For those who have everything in order with self-realization, the problem may seem far-fetched. It’s also difficult for the sparrow to understand why we don’t fly - it’s so elementary! But oddly enough, it is often difficult for a person with insufficient or absent element of Self-Expression in the chart to even grasp what it is - I know from my own experience.

The question is not that a typical resource worker does nothing (under capitalism, each of us deeply felt the principle “He who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat”), but HOW he does something!

A simple example: you need to write an article. You can go in two ways: the first is to scour the Internet, and from fragments of other people’s texts and thoughts, compose a logical opus on a given topic; the second is to delve into your own head, remember what you saw, heard from people, compare theory with reality, and write exactly about it. The first is again the accumulation of resources (drawing other people’s ideas), and the second is the active processing of existing reserves and the release of the product of one’s own production. Unique, and therefore much more in demand.

Resources are when I “use someone else’s”, and self-expression is when I “create my own”. Fundamental difference, right? By the way, the content of Dmitry Vladimirovich’s website, which I highly respect, is unique, creative content, despite its popular orientation.

Of course, people with dominant Self-Expression also have something to struggle with. Such people can grab onto everything new with fervor and self-forgetfulness, but also quickly cool down without receiving an immediate result. They can safely take on 10 unfamiliar tasks at once, especially if they feel their material interest. Often such a person simultaneously calls, runs, makes an appointment, and calculates how much money he will have to spend on. And, in general, he achieves his goals. If, of course, you have enough strength to implement at least half of your plans.

A typical resource specialist in the same situation will spend a long time scattering his brains, thinking about the topic from all sides. He will change the paradigm a couple of times and... without doing anything, he will move on to thinking about a new, even more amazing idea.

If there is a lot of Self-Expression, but there are no Resources, a person easily gets down to business, thinking only 1-2 steps ahead, and, having stumbled upon obstacles, cools down. The resource manager, in the absence of Self-Expression, on the contrary, will spare no time in thinking through the concept as a whole. But he hesitates to move on to active concrete actions where he already needs to call, meet, agree, and declare himself. And he fails his good endeavors for exactly the opposite reasons. In addition, he is reluctant to work on several projects in parallel, preferring to devote himself entirely to what he has “thought out.” Therefore, if a project is a success, it is a complete success. And if it fails, then there is no alternative.

Usually resource workers are intellectuals, but in the extreme case of a strong element of resources in the absence of self-expression, they cannot even complete their education. And since in class we often have our heads in the clouds, they often ask questions, the answers to which have already been voiced many times. This is what earns them the reputation of being slow-witted.

Why bother understanding what self-expression is? Then, to know how to help yourself. If we want a happy, harmonious life, we will have to find a way to regularly release the accumulated energy, otherwise we will become a repository of failure and depression.

As a rule, a “resource manager” does not have isolated problems. They pile on him en masse: lack of work, husband, housing and excess weight (or anorexia) - a typical bouquet. I once breathed it all deeply. But the good news is that these problems are usually solved all at once, at the same time. If you choose the right “key”.

After hanging in the described state for a year and a half and reaching the end of my rope, I finally entered graduate school and found four jobs. And since I was an economics teacher by training, lectures for students at universities, teaching business planning to aspiring entrepreneurs and trips to exhibitions and fairs as a marketing manager provided me with a whole ocean of self-expression. I fluttered with happiness like a butterfly.

The husband was found as a logical consequence of the crazy pace of life and many new meetings. Of course, at that time I still had no idea about bazi; Perestroika simply forced me to change my mind.

How to consciously launch self-expression

First of all, take a fresh look at everything you do. Assess this from the outside - is your activity visible to others, or are you rather building crystal castles in your imagination. Self-expression is taking initiative, turning your attention to the outside world rather than inside yourself, transferring knowledge, offering your ideas to other people and, of course, implementing them.

For young people with excess useless resources and insufficient self-expression, it is necessary to start an independent life as quickly as possible, which will force them to look for a rented apartment, work, pay bills and solve all everyday problems. If you are the mother of such a child, just purposefully help him develop practical skills and theorize less. And cultivate in him the desire for independent life, self-sufficiency and freedom.

For those resource workers who find themselves in a difficult situation, feel problems in many areas at once and cannot break out of the vicious circle, I seriously advise you to start with what each of us can do - with daily exercises. After all, physical effort and exercise is a pure form of self-expression. For people suffering from severe depression and some mental illnesses, doctors even “prescribe” physical activity.

For example, at school I tried my best to avoid physical education lessons, took certificates, and I must say, I was constantly sick. My personal record is sore throat 7 times a year. But when I entered the university, I came across the draconian rules of the physical education department.

And I also ended up in a group of outdoor skiers. The sore throat disappeared. Then I couldn’t understand why at all? I'm so sick! Just 8 hours of physical exercise a week completely balanced my enormous wasteful resources and provided a healthy mind in a healthy body.

And I’ve been doing exercises – well, let’s be honest, due to some health problems – for 14 years now, and as a “side effect” I’ve gained an ideal weight and a much more optimistic outlook on life!

The other extreme

Everything that is excessive gives rise to its opposite. This is what happened with my reckless desire to “express myself.” It seems that it is simply impossible to deplete a person with four elements of resources in his chart. It turned out that it was possible, and very quickly. After a year and a half of working without days off or vacations, I felt completely empty. I could no longer look at the inveterate poor students from private universities, or at the incorrigible excellent students from state universities, or at faxes, or at price lists.

At the same time, my main self-expression turned out to be hopelessly neglected. With a drooping pigtail, it sat on the windowsill, from where the path to the entrance was visible, and waited for the “prodigal mother” to return from her next business trip. And I myself walked around orphaned and tattered, not because there was no money for clothes, but because there was no time to take care of my wardrobe and appearance.


And, finally, how to get rid of the main problem of “resource people”, the so-called perfectionism, the desire for an ideal ideal or the syndrome of “excellent students”? The desire to thoroughly understand everything, and only then begin to act?

In Bazi we accept as a fact that Harmony is an elusive thing. But when we strive for it by performing real actions, our life becomes better, more interesting, more comfortable. A perfect balance of elements is impossible. And if the world turned out to be balanced, it would stop developing. Therefore, it is enough for the balance point to serve as a guide for you.

And then, at every turn of fate, there will be, albeit not always expected, but quite significant “carrots” waiting for you. This is harmony :)

Self-expression in the profession

A job that has a connection with a hobby and brings a decent salary is a secret dream. If you express yourself in a profession, happiness becomes an integral part of life. Work should not only bring a salary and serve as a source of food and livelihood. In most cases, such self-expression is achieved by creative people, born leaders. Focus on hobbies and potential, wanting to achieve realization and open prospects for moving forward.

Signs of personal self-realization

The world-famous US psychologist Abraham Maslow put self-realization at the top of his pyramid of human needs. And he made it practically a guarantee of happiness and harmony. He also analyzed many successful individuals and developed a list of their signs and characteristics. In his opinion, individuals who have realized themselves:

  • They are distinguished by seriousness and responsibility, they do not scatter promises left and right;
  • accept themselves with all their shortcomings and do not internally criticize;
  • listen to their true desires;
  • have a sense of humor;
  • do not dwell on failures, but move on;
  • do not suffer from apathy or depression;
  • have their own strong opinion about everything, are not subject to the influence of others;
  • are able to qualitatively analyze their own and others’ actions, drawing correct conclusions;
  • are able to clearly plan, calculate, act;
  • have a flexible mind;
  • tolerant of others, do not judge or blame.

If in this list you find a lot in common with yourself, then you are on the right track. If not, then don’t despair. In any case, great prospects for growth open up for you.

Since self-realization and self-development always go hand in hand!

In this blog in the sections “Self-development” and “Tests” you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself

Self-expression in creativity

Self-expression in a creative direction has a high level of effectiveness, since a person devotes time to what he likes, realizes creative inclinations and skills, while simultaneously receiving recognition. If you wish, enjoy the results of creative work alone, as this will also be beneficial.

Knowing your inclinations and chances for realizing your potential, proceed to the creative embodiment of your inclinations. Creativity includes composing music and writing unique texts, prose and poetry, photography, and dancing. Do a hobby as often as you can, it will give you happiness.

If you haven't discovered your creativity, experiment and find direction. Try to draw, create creative images in airbrushing, write poetry and prose, take photographs, dance. Any direction will give freedom to the heart and soul, promote self-expression and the search for “I”. Once you find the right direction, develop open-ended skills. There are no barriers to advancement, as modern offers delight in diversity. Visit dance clubs, maintain a blog or website, participate in discussions, write prose and poetry, publish literary works on the Internet, present people with crafts, knitted toys, painted pictures and comics. Having made the right choice, pleasure will appear in your life, give you a piece of happiness, and help increase your self-esteem. Do not succumb to other people's opinions and fashion, as self-expression is useful, and suppressing potential will lead to harm.

What else is important to a person besides creative self-realization?

  • Professional self-realization.

Another aspect of personal fulfillment is professional self-realization. The leading mechanism here is the process of self-actualization. It is he who directs all the activities of the individual in an effort to maximize the potential of a person and his abilities in the professional field. Within the framework of a profession, a person can show not only the social component, but also himself, his personal motives and goals, therefore such activity provides the greatest opportunities for self-realization.

Modern people devote almost all their time to work. Professional activity occupies a central place in the life of every individual. It is here that most of the knowledge, skills and abilities are formed, experience is accumulated, and personal growth occurs. A person's social status changes. The main goal for many people is the ability to choose a profession where the personal characteristics and talents of the individual will be most fully realized. It is this kind of activity that will lead a person to success.

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In the process of professional self-realization, not only knowledge, skills and abilities are formed, but also the perception of the surrounding situation changes. Certain aspects of these adjustments indicate the level of personal realization.

The following points may be relevant in professional activities:

  1. A person understands his belonging to a certain professional group.
  2. An individual correlates the level of his competencies with those required for a given profession, understands his place in this type of activity and understands further paths of development.
  3. People around him give their assessment of a person’s professionalism and his suitability for the position he occupies.
  4. Self-esteem is formed in this area when a person realizes and accepts his position, analyzes it adequately, understanding all the positive and negative qualities, and takes into account the available opportunities for development.
  5. The ability to imagine your future life in the context of a given professional field.
  • Social self-realization.

If other areas of activity can be based on social factors, then social self-realization is based solely on the personal motives of the individual. A person strives to achieve a position in society that seems most suitable for him personally.

This realization of an individual is closely related to the social roles that he assumes. This can be humanitarian, pedagogical, political or other types of activity that are of great importance to society.

Also, successful self-realization in society and life in general depends on certain human abilities, for example, on the presence of empathy combined with responsibility. And here we don’t just mean the people around us. The highest degree of social self-realization is achieved by those individuals who are able to bear responsibility for their actions. A person must have a clearly formed position “I am for others” within himself. Thus, socially oriented individuals in their lives are guided, first of all, by how they look in the eyes of others. This extrinsic motivation is crucial.

Self-expression in appearance

This way of expression is typical for girls and women. Psychologists note that external attributes create a unique image, because they contribute to the manifestation of character and potential. Focusing on your inner feelings, create a wardrobe, do haircuts and hairstyles, select accessories, apply makeup and manicure. Do not chase fashion, which suppresses personality and does not allow you to find a source for expressing your inner world.

By creating a suitable image that matches your inner feelings, you will become a person. Stand out from the crowd, remembering that no two people are the same. Individuality is manifested in the image.

Tattoos and piercings are popular among young people, but they allow you to deviate from the standards and express yourself. For this reason, the option is suitable for self-expression.

Self-expression through games

Computer games are a great way to demonstrate reaction speed, attentiveness, and intelligence. For experienced gamers, shooters are a way of self-expression. The more complex the game character, the more actions he performs, the more intricate the plot strategy, the higher the status of the player who is able to make a rational decision in a short time, find a way out of a deadlock situation, and solve puzzles. The best games are presented on the portal shoot.ru. Don’t waste your time searching, go to the game portal, choose a genre, immerse yourself in virtual reality, show skills, analytical thinking, and ingenuity. The site shoot.ru has more than 1000 selected online shooters with various characters. Racing, adventure games, zombies, strategies, fights, tanks, games for two. Choose the genre you want, go to the section, read the description, download the game, plunge into the world of adventure. The gaming service is updated daily with new exciting toys.

Self-expression through tastes

Hobbies, tastes in the literary, musical and cinematic world are the basis of self-expression.

Create a collection of songs, books, films, taking into account your preferences, opinions about works that are classic and modern. The passion for collecting gives pleasure from watching films and listening to music, contributes to the formation of the right circle of friends, recognition of taste by interlocutors.

Taste preferences are the basis for the manifestation of a worldview, an opinion about different life situations.

The place of art in people's lives: finding oneself

Self-expression in art is a task that faces many creative people who are thinking about expressing their individuality. What explains this?

The inner world is filled with images and associations that cannot leave a person without emotions, the desire to show emotions. The exchange of elements of the inner world promotes emotional communication between people, the manifestation of the unconscious and the finding of inner harmony. Creative works serve as a manifestation of opinions about the world around us, current circumstances, and a direct manifestation of the inner world resonates in the soul of the audience. For this reason, self-expression in art is the task of creative people who develop their inherent potential.

A rational person moves away from self-expression, adapts to thinking stereotypes, the rules of the metropolis, and the needs of an active and successful life. This situation does not bring real happiness and leads to disappointment in life.

Creative works perform a utilitarian, adaptive function and regulate life. To manifest the “I”, it is necessary to restore contact between feelings and mind, create a holistic and harmonious personality, and understand personal meanings. For this reason, psychologists recommend the manifestation of character not only in appearance, taste preferences, profession, which are external attributes, but also in art, in which art therapy helps.

Examples of personal self-realization

I am sure you will find examples of successful personality realization among your relatives or friends. And if you think about it, you will understand that these will not necessarily be super professionals, wealthy and famous. But also, for example, a mother of many children who has realized herself in the family.

Or a modest entrepreneur helping an orphanage. Or a pediatrician, to whom people come from other cities. Or maybe a teacher whose class they are trying to get into based on a recommendation. And even a janitor who perfectly cleans his territory.

I think that it will be useful for you to have a frank conversation about ways of self-realization with those who interest you as a successful person or are an example for you. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to study the biography of one or another great personality.

For example, the famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who separated conjoined twins, describes his journey in the book “Golden Hands”.

Among famous people, such examples are famous and successful politicians, public figures, businessmen, singers, writers, and so on. The following immediately come to mind: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, JK Rowling, Walt Disney, Maria Teresa, Amancio Ortrega and many other names, known to everyone and not so much.

What benefits does art have?

Art therapy is beneficial for every person. Creative inclinations manifest themselves in different ways, but in each case, art realizes the inherent potential, attitude towards current events, helping to find the right direction of development and find inner harmony.

Self-expression. Art promotes the expression of experiences in words and actions. The deep layers of a person’s unconscious state find a place in the conscious world. Self-expression allows you to acquire harmony and integrity. For this reason, art connects a person with other people. In difficult situations, for example, after experiencing stress or shock, art therapy becomes a way to establish contact between the patient, psychologist or psychotherapist. Art and creativity. A person develops and implements certain associations through experiences and attitudes towards ongoing events. Creativity and creativity are important life principles. A creative approach contributes to the successful search for a solution in any situation, as it strengthens contact with the unconscious component of the personality and internal forces. Creativity brings pleasure, relaxes in crisis situations, and eliminates pain. Experiences are manifested in art, testifying to the transitory nature of feeling. Any physical, moral, mental pain remains in the past after a person goes through self-expression, talks about sensations, emotions. Art conveys individual experience, human knowledge, accumulated feelings. Transmission through creative works resonates with listeners who tune in to the appropriate wavelength and become receptive. A person expresses himself, after which he gets a chance to overcome the stage of life and further development. Art cannot claim objectivity and correctness, truth, since all people differ in their worldview and character, but the experience of each person is useful for others. Modern life and the demands of society destroy the individual, therefore there is a need to search for true feelings and return to the inner world. Many adults perceive creativity as a game, which guarantees benefits.

Ways of human expression

Self-expression can be represented by numerous types of activities; creative self-expression of the individual usually deserves special attention, since it is socially approved and attracts genuine attention from others. Those who can also be creative join in and interact with others with interest at the level of metaphors, while those who are deprived of this opportunity have the chance to passively choose their response in someone else’s creativity.

In order to successfully throw out various emotional storms through creativity, you need to try several activities and find what best helps you realize your ideas. Someone can express emotions by singing or dancing, and this is more about expressiveness and the ability to share a state. For others, writing stories or creating dishes is typical, which is more about transforming the world through the introduction of new ideas and forms. One cannot ignore scientific creativity as the highest degree of recreating one’s ideas - this is how a person stands out not only among his immediate environment, but is also at a completely different level of existence relative to the entire civilization.

The simplest option, accessible to everyone, is expression through appearance. Women unconsciously often use this technique, wearing some special dress or rough boots, depending on what they want to emphasize at the moment - defenselessness or stability of character. Every morning, by creating your own unique image, you can gain confidence and the ability to further creative transformation. Even by wearing clothes that are somehow transformed and have pin-level uniqueness, a person gets the opportunity to feel different and bring some kind of sign or meaning to a space with the help of a small accessory.

Bright makeup, multi-colored hair, tattoos and any changes in appearance (including plastic surgery) are about self-expression, creating at least such an external appearance, which is rare. On average, people are all the same, despite the fact that no one is identical, but self-expression comes when there is a need to stand out even more, become recognizable on the streets and attract the attention of not only your closest acquaintances, but the majority. In addition to appearance, there are more difficult and deeper ways of self-expression - achieving sports titles, scientific degrees, even a certificate of commendation or a bonus as the best employee. These are longer paths, but located at a different level of self-realization.

These are only the most popular options that can be analyzed and structured, studied and observed. In reality, there are as many ways of self-expression as there are people, since this is not a template, but a presentation of the inner.

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