10 secrets on how to quickly learn to make funny jokes + video from Pavel Volya

Hello everyone, friends! Julia Kel is in touch. Do you want to learn the secrets of sparkling humor, like comedians from famous TV channels? So you've come to the right place. I'll show you how to learn to make funny jokes using 10 simple rules and exercises. To become the life of the party, you don’t need to be a born comedian, just hone your skill.

When you start building your jokes according to these recommendations, you will see the result - a positive reaction from the audience. And over time, your skill will become more advanced.


Become sociable.

Sociability is a trait without which it is difficult to be funny. Almost all heroes of box-office comedies have similar qualities: talkativeness, fussiness, optimism, cheerful disposition. There are many examples – from the donkey from the cartoon “Shrek” to the inimitable Jim Carrey in all his cinematic incarnations.

Communication skills are needed in order to sense the mood and feelings of others, how they perceive reality and the personality of the joker himself. In no case should he be divorced from reality, unless he deliberately chose such a style.

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Develop your horizons.

Superficial jokes are designed for a narrow circle of people; it is unlikely that they will hook everyone - many people look for meaning in words.

We live in the age of postmodernism, when everything has already been said before us and “joked” about everything. The task of a modern comedian is to learn to joke about it all. But to weave Othello into your story, you need to at least know who Shakespeare is.

So, anyone who wants to master the craft of a jester, which, by the way, is one of the oldest professions, needs:

  • Read a lot
  • Enlarge your vocabulary
  • Visit interesting places
  • Communicate with different people
  • Develop diversified

Take a sense of humor test

Test your knowledge

If you want to test your knowledge on the topic of this lesson, you can take a short test consisting of several questions. For each question, only 1 option can be correct. After you select one of the options, the system automatically moves on to the next question. The points you receive are affected by the correctness of your answers and the time spent on completion. Please note that the questions are different each time and the options are mixed.

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Laugh at yourself.

Self-irony is an effective weapon against stress and depression. Psychologists say that it is useful for everyone to learn to joke about themselves. How to do it? Forget about embarrassment - let your complexes become a reason for a joke. It’s a paradox, but when we make fun of ourselves, those around us are noticeably pleased, which cannot be said if we begin to praise ourselves.

How to understand a person and his sense of humor? To become him, to be like him, to be frank where he himself cannot due to shyness or other psychological barriers.

Memories from childhood, ridiculous situations, embarrassments, or a story about your own emotions will do. The main thing is to be sincere, honest and direct.

How to learn to joke well in any situation: 10 rules

Friends, we have already talked about how to develop your humor, as well as what stand-up is and how to learn it. And today we’ll focus on how to make your jokes win-win and worthy of attention. You've probably found yourself in situations where you decided to make a joke, but no one appreciated it. Have you thought that maybe you did something wrong? Not every joke you make can be successful. But to make the humor really funny, you should listen to the tips that you will see below. Now you will learn all the secrets of high-quality public speaking.

Let's talk about the rules of good humor.

Build associations

This is one of the main criteria for a successful joke. You need to quickly generate ideas in your head and select dozens of interpretation options for the situation. You witnessed something or heard some news, instantly replayed everything in your head - come up with even the most primitive associations. One situation - several interpretation options. One of them will definitely be the best, and it is worth mentioning. It’s great if the listener can immediately visualize what you said.


Strictly practice self-censorship. What this means: You must come up with high-quality jokes that are catchy and funny. Avoid hackneyed topics, do not use clichés. If, in response to an ordinary phrase, the interlocutor says something like: “We saw better!”, then no one will laugh. No matter what, no one will smile. It's simply not funny anymore and it's hackneyed.

The above and similar clichés will reveal your complete lack of humor and the ability to come up with interesting jokes on your own. Generate a dozen jokes and choose one - the best one. This choice will mean that you have taste. And you are able to highlight what will hook listeners.

The ability to let yourself go

If you feel awkward in front of the public and not only are you unable to say a word, but you can’t even put your thoughts together, then you need to learn to let go of the situation. Squeezed and constrained, you will be of no interest to anyone; this is the worst state for a comedian. Try to relax and collect yourself. Self-irony will help you feel more confident (we’ll talk more about it later). Come up with answers in advance to all sorts of jokes directed at you.

Share sincere emotions

It is always important to establish trusting contact with the public and convey your emotional experiences to them. It is always more pleasant for the audience to watch a comedian's frank performance than to listen to his stories on abstract topics that do not concern him personally. Realize that the most compelling stories are the ones you put your soul into. Something sad happened and it seems you are not in the mood to joke? But even such a situation can be presented in such a way that the public will receive you with a bang.

You've probably noticed that most comedians never miss an opportunity to share their personal and family lives in a humorous way. Because the audience likes it. This is something that always backfires. Why? Because many people recognize themselves in this humor.

The ability to find an analogy

This is also a very important criterion. You must learn to easily and quickly find comparisons by sound and meaning. Let's say a phrase has several meanings, and you cleverly operate with it in such a way that others wonder how it didn't occur to them. Different phrases, things, situations and one common feature are what you need for impeccable humor.

Ability to develop paradox

Paradoxical things help in humor. Just look around and you will notice many situations in which there is a clear discrepancy. And think about it, if this is true, what else could be true? That's it, the mechanism has started. Incredible ideas begin to come into your head one after another. We read the paradoxical news and came up with several similar jokes to go with it.

Clearly worded jokes

When you start formulating your funny stories clearly and concisely, you will have more success in front of the public. Nobody likes to listen to a boring story for half an hour with all the (unnecessary) details. By the way, you can read about how to learn to speak beautifully and express your thoughts correctly in this article. Many people will already understand in the middle what the author is leading to and will generally lose all interest in his speech. To ensure that they always listen to you attentively, do not make a similar mistake and do not switch to unnecessary, unimportant details. Follow two rules:

  1. Minimum words. The shorter the story, the more understandable and better it is for the audience.
  2. The funniest and most important word is at the end of your joke. Build the story so that the meaningful phrase ends up at the end. If 3-4 more words are heard after it, then they will be superfluous.

This algorithm will help you understand how to joke correctly and accurately in groups.

Find the right moment

The best joke is the one that was said at the right time, then it will really “shot”. How do you know when it's time to use your humor?

  1. Noticed the analogy.
  2. Noticed inconsistency, illogicality, contradiction.
  3. Something stands out from the general background. Based on this and the previous points, you can easily understand that the time for jokes has come. Generate ideas quickly and embrace humor.
  4. And at the end, surprise your listeners with an unexpected ending. This is especially true if they have already guessed what you are talking about.

Channel your anxiety in the right direction

There is not a single person who would feel completely calm in front of an audience. Everyone who speaks (even makes a banal toast) is worried. But it is important to use this feeling in the right direction. Instead of feeling stiff, trembling throughout your body and shaking hands, channel your energy into speaking in front of an audience. All that energy that is spent on jitters should be invested in your jokes.

Anxiety is normal. But you should forget about it. Once you start connecting with your audience, you need to switch gears.

Self-irony is important

You have already read above about the importance of self-irony in humor. You need to learn to laugh at yourself. Highlight all your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. Come up with jokes about your imperfections that are noticeable to others.

Let's say you are too fat or thin and are tired of listening to the jokes of your friends, then come up with a dozen funny answers to them. If someone criticized your initiatives, do not get into an argument and do not try to convince this person, it is better to immediately agree and do it with humor.

Look for funny things everywhere.

To learn to joke, you need to look for the funny side in everything. You should definitely find something funny about any event or situation, especially one that happens to yourself. How to learn to joke in 7 days? Come up with an unusual challenge for yourself - don’t emit negativity for a week, don’t be indignant, experience only positive emotions, don’t feel sorry for yourself, and be constantly looking for a reason for a joke.

At first, not everything may work out, because it’s easy to joke when everything is good in life, but laughing in the face of difficulties is already a real skill.

What follows from this

Humor is a great way to talk about yourself. The most unpresentable brands have found a successful marketing path through funny posts. Therefore, implement it into your content strategy now, remembering that:

Humor should match your tone of voice

Even if you conduct social networks in a strict official style, a witty post and subtle humor will be appropriate. The main thing is that the voice of the brand remains even: a strict and meek mentor does not suddenly become a reckless schoolboy, and an adviser for young mothers does not start posting vulgar jokes.

Make jokes on time

A spoon is precious for dinner, but a good joke is for the appropriate occasion. Don't delay in formulating a successful post: if you haven't responded within a few days, let this be a lesson to you that you need to be faster. The same goes for popular memes: if you find a good picture to repost, check how long it has been around. Perhaps he still lives in the days of the dinosaurs.

What everyone is talking about is a great reason for jokes

Of course, if it is not a tragedy, death or illness. But a missed goal by the national football team, an artist’s embarrassment during a performance, an official caught taking a bribe - all this and many other high-profile news will highlight your awareness of current trends and attract the attention of subscribers.

Practical exercises.

Jokes most often come spontaneously. It’s unlikely that anyone can predict what will be funny in a given situation. Nevertheless, there are certain constructors of humorous statements that can always be used on occasion. Why not master them right now? For those who want to learn how to joke appropriately and funny, we offer several exercises, each of which reveals one or another type of joke.

We are looking for contrast.

If we see a person resting at his workplace, we can seriously ask: “What, are you resting?” It’s unlikely that the conversation will start or end, he’ll think. But if you use a radically opposite meaning, it can turn out to be quite a funny dialogue. For example: “Stop working, it’s time to relax.”

We connect the unconnected.

Probably everyone knows the joke “I really want something: either marriage or seeds.” Hearing this phrase for the first time, it’s rare that a girl manages to hold back a smile. Following the analogy, you can create similar characteristics, one of which should be completely neither rural nor urban. And the more absurd the last phrase, the brighter the reaction will be. For example: “I like black, laconic shoes with which you can conquer a man, effectively walk across the dance floor and, if necessary, crush a centipede.”

We play with words.

Looking for double meaning is one of the main tasks of a person who wants to understand how to learn to joke easily and naturally. To do this, it is worth taking a word or phrase out of context and using homonyms. For example:

– Turn the handle.

– Which one – right or left?

All the secrets of humor

You can joke in different ways. You can tell jokes, which is also a skill, since the meaning lies in the correct delivery and intonation. You can use irony - the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise the irony will turn into outright mockery. You can partially replace the existing template by inserting phrases you have created into it. Here are some powerful techniques.


Ridicule or sarcasm

Works in most situations if you use it correctly. To begin with, stock up on ready-made phrases, and only when you get used to them, use your own.

You will find an excellent example of such humor in the aphorisms of Faina Ranevskaya, as well as in the TV series Doctor House, Sherlock Holmes, Friends, and in the stories of Zoshchenko.

"Conscience? Are you talking about that thing that makes itself felt when there are no logical reasons to behave as they require of you?” D.House

- Why am I like Cinderella to you? I’m always cooking, washing, cleaning, washing...

- Well, I promised that with me you will live like in a fairy tale!



This technique can be used either only with people you know well, or when parodying famous personalities. In order for the parody to come out well, you should train your acting skills.


Use of euphemisms

Euphemisms replace an obscene or rude word with a decent, softened one. The point is to maintain a hint of the joke's obscenity or acceptable rudeness. This is done so that the joke or statement does not sound vulgar and inappropriate, but the meaning and emotional coloring are preserved.


Focusing on weaknesses

You should be careful because you can offend a person if you touch his weak point. But if this is your friend or lover, then you can joke kindly.


- Dear, what brand of car do you think is right for me?

- Washing room.


Poems, ditties

Also a great way to joke in an original way. Unrhymed rhymes are in vogue these days, but you can use ones you like. They go well in company.


Kirill decided to believe in God,

He went to church on Easter.

But I confused how to be baptized,

And he was killed by the grannies.

How to write jokes: keep a list of observations, stories, other people's jokes

My notebooks contain lists of potential topics, sometimes even partially completed articles. I've come across wonderful ideas, like sitting at a bar and not being able to start typing. I, in principle, could have left everything and quickly ran home, but instead I immediately wrote down a sentence or two or simply quickly jotted down rough outlines of jokes that I would use later.

How to come up with a joke - write down all your ideas

It's important to write down joke ideas immediately. At least a few key phrases that will remind you of the story the moment you start writing humorous stories.

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