11 signs that your intuition is working correctly

Not everyone knows how to trust their inner voice, and few are given a sixth sense. Developed intuition - this is a premonition that prompts a certain step, after taking which it turns out that the choice was correct.

This kind of anticipation can sometimes save you from difficult situations and is a powerful mechanism, provided you know how to handle it.

estet-portal.com will reveal the signs by which you can determine that you have strong intuition , and you can easily rely on it. The article will also introduce you to accessible ways to develop your sixth sense and entrust yourself to its influence.

They constantly listen to their inner voice

We all have an inner voice that we tend to ignore because our decisions and ideas are usually impulsive and rash. However, this voice is usually very helpful. This is our unconscious sense, capable of judging situations and people in hundredths of a second.

According to Francis Chollet, author of The Intuitive Compass, the trick to making the best decisions is to balance the voices of intuition and rational thinking. If we can achieve an effective balance between the two, we can make the right choice in no time.

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How to recognize intuition

Let the author tell you a modern fairy tale about intuition.

Once upon a time there lived a young and cheerful girl, Phoebe. She was crazy about the practices of self-development and self-exploration. Phoebe followed intuitive eating, tried to listen to the voice of her heart, and do exercises to develop intuition, and rely on her own feelings in everything. She had many spiritual teachers to whom Phoebe turned for advice. She also had an amazing Tarot deck, to which the girl asked many questions. Phoebe considered herself very conscious and spiritually developed, but the girl always tried to look for answers to the questions of the Soul somewhere in the external space, without turning at all to her inner world.

And then one day Phoebe was faced with a difficult test in life, she had to choose a man from two suitors, to realize which prince was more suitable for a relationship. How to recognize intuition in love and in relationships with a man? This question caused her quite a lot of tension. Phoebe asked the Tarot, her teachers, but no answers satisfied her. Then Phoebe remembered the art of meditation and decided to find the answers within herself. The girl sat down in a cozy chair, lit candles and plunged into the inner space of her soul. After a couple of minutes of practice, Phoebe realized that her attention was like a tattered cat that had just been thrown out into the street from a warm house, and that was running chaotically through the gateways, looking for at least some food in boxes with past experiences. Phoebe realized that she had absolutely no control over her attention and was unable to find answers to her concerns and questions. The girl immediately decided to complete the meditation, when suddenly all her chakras took a deep breath.

It dawned on Phoebe: the universal wi-fi had opened up to her, and information about absolutely everything in this world and, in particular, about herself became available. Phoebe happily took advantage of this opportunity and said: “OK Google, where should I move in life, what should I do? OK Google, build a route to my soulmate. OK Google, how can I become successful in this life?”

Phoebe found information about her path, about elections and any clues about every turn of her life's road. The girl was shocked by this process; she very quickly came out of meditation to happily run to post information on Instagram about how to recognize intuition with the hashtag “universal wi-fi.” Phoebe was already filled with enthusiasm to open her own school and courses, to teach others how to connect to their own wi-fi, when suddenly, the “Internet connection” was cut off, and the girl lost this intuitive connection. She was very upset and upset. But in fact, Phoebe did not understand that every day she reproduces this connection to the universal wi-fi, inside she has this function with which she can connect with the source of limitless knowledge. And if Phoebe’s “attention cat” had been trained, the girl would have been able to direct it consciously and establish this universal connection, download any information on the question that had ever tormented and worried her.

There are 4 preparatory steps in this fairy tale that will tell you how to recognize intuition:

    • 1) Train your inner “attention cat” . To receive internal intuitive clues, you must be able to manage your thoughts, internal state and attention.
    • 2) “Download the instructions.” Phoebe had access to all the information, she had the opportunity to connect with herself, but she completely forgot about exploring how this process happens in principle, how she can enter there again. Your “path” of connecting with intuition must be conscious so that this process happens to you again, and you can control it. Learn everything about the process. Phoebe didn’t know what intuition was, how it worked, how this process happened, the girl always trusted the opinion of only teachers. The young lady did not have much life experience and did not observe the behavior of others. Her picture of the world was very limited. If Phoebe knew what intuition was, and she had some ideas about how it works, then she could approach this process creatively and direct it towards intellectual and spiritual development.
    • 3) Understand your motivation. Think about why you are trying to develop intuition. Maybe it's a current trend and you want to get quick insights and make your life easier. This is probably internal laziness and a thirst for simple solutions. Remember the motives for developing intuition, and also know that you should develop logical thinking too, learn to think and reflect, observe. Paradoxically, all exercises about pumping up intuition are powerless without the support of your mind.
    • 4) “Inner instinct” is worth developing. The role of intuition in our lives is very great, because it is it that allows us to connect with any knowledge, about ourselves and about other people, available to humanity. Intuition helps you find yourself, improve contact with yourself, with your feelings, with your body and make thinking more effective and creative. To take advantage of our intuitive gifts, we must clearly understand who this “mystical lady” is. Develop and strengthen this “super ability of the soul” consciously.

They analyze everything

You can't be an intuitive person if you don't pay attention to everything that happens around you. Even the most insignificant details are like small puzzle pieces that intuition considers necessary and meaningful.

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Access to the information you need

Intuition provides us with information in accordance with our interests and aspirations. Our desires and goals are like tuning a receiver; they ensure that we receive the necessary “messages”. The more specific we are in our goals and desires, the more accurately our intuition works. Accordingly, problems with goals and desires also affect the quality of intuition: there is too much information, and ambiguous one at that. But this is not a problem of intuition itself, but of our “certainty”: what exactly do I want?

Here is a small list of the main destroyers of intuition .

  1. Conflicting goals (I want and don’t want), doubts about goals. It's like switching between two or three radio channels every second. Information is coming, but it only increases the overall uncertainty.
  2. Non-specific, undefined goals . No request - no response, in this case, intuition usually does not work at all - there is nothing to serve.
  3. Desire . The goal becomes overly significant, stress and tension increase—information becomes “noisy.” “Inappropriate” information is ignored, and desired information is reinforced. This is dependence when we are centered not on ourselves, but on something external (on another person, on results, relationships, objects, etc.). Accordingly, there is no freedom, there are no options.
  4. Fear . Also a strong desire, only with a minus sign: something I don’t want. Again, intuition is distorted: information that speaks of threats is amplified, and “peaceful” information is ignored. Here you can’t do without psychological correction. Fear has roots in a dramatic, unexperienced past.

There is only one general recipe: determine yourself. Relax, think about your interests and clearly formulate: what do I want? Internal certainty makes the external situation much more understandable and calculable.

They listen to their body

Something gives you spine pain, some idea gives you chills, and that guy is giving you good vibes? Intuition not only communicates with you through internal dialogue, but also through inexplicable sensations. Listening to our body and the sensations our environment makes in it, especially in the so-called second brain, the gut, is fundamental if we want to improve our intuition.

What is Intuition and how does it manifest itself?

If we ask ourselves the question: “What is intuition?”, we will understand that this is a very complex and flexible concept that has no boundaries or forms, and can accommodate any person’s idea of ​​this very phenomenon. That is, everyone means something different by this concept, and an analogy can be drawn with such concepts as love, happiness, the meaning of life, where there is no clear definition, and everyone brings their own idea. This is why the concept of intuition is interesting, and this is why it is dangerous. To understand how to recognize intuition, we will use our mind and imagination. It is in this process of understanding the “gut feeling” that we will connect with you the left and right hemispheres, and the different thinking processes associated with them.

Intuition is actually a special style of thinking

Intuition is always connected with reason and logic, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. If we turn to our soul and imagination, then in addition to universal wi-fi, the following metaphors and images may come to us.

Intuition is a muscle

Intuition can and should be trained and developed just like in the gym. The more you train your intuitive skills, the better you develop contact with yourself and trust your internal processes. You can use and rely on it, and make decisions based on the information that comes from your inner world. That is, by training you pump up the “muscles of your soul.”

Intuition is “radio”

Many people are between two radio stations. That is, you are not tuned to the right wavelength and cannot hear the message that is being heard. To recognize intuition, tune in to this wave, you can turn the radio station control, tune in to a very clean signal. Imagine that you heard a small piece of a song on the radio that you really like, but you just can’t grasp the entire musical composition. That is, the signal is interspersed with fragments of melody and ordinary noise, and you catch some fragments, but you don’t hear the song itself completely. The more you tune into this signal, the more accurate and pure the incoming information will be.

Be ready to get what you want

This is a valuable but often overlooked starting point for research. Sometimes we ask questions and are afraid in advance of receiving unwanted answers to them. When questions are asked of the universe or our higher selves, these concerns do not go unheeded.

Remember that in the end the universe always gives you what is good for you. If you are not ready to receive, you will not receive. Be honest with yourself about your questions and desires. Are you ready to change?

Develop a true desire to hear the universe. Be willing to accept the answers no matter how or through what they come to you. You may receive a sign from a stranger, a random source, an event, or even a billboard on your way home. The options are endless. However, you must sincerely wait for any answers before they are revealed to you.

You see right through people

No amount of smiles or compliments will cloud your mind if you feel that this person is not worth trusting. Your first impression is often correct. However, don't forget that everyone deserves a chance. Sometimes the prejudices that arise in us due to the appearance of a stranger can be mistaken for a premonition.

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