9 secrets on how to become the ideal life partner for your man

“All men are the same!” How often do girls say this phrase in relation to the stronger sex? But they forget that men also have a language and can also say to them: “All women are the same!” And such words touch the heartstrings. After all, not a single girl or woman wants to be equated with everyone else. In her soul, every woman believes that she is unique and inimitable. And how much of everything such a girl will give to the man who emphasizes, notices and appreciates it... wow!

Every man has his own ideal woman. Everything is a certain “Skeleton” according to which men try to choose the very ideal woman.

For some men, it is important that their ideal woman is economical (like a mother), sociable (so that friends will appreciate), while others are looking for an enterprising and business woman (so that she can provide for herself), passionate and flexible (so that she satisfies the basic instincts of a man).

So how is the article about that very ideal girl and wife? More on this later.

A woman is a cheerful muse

A happy woman is one who creates bright positive emotions and fills her lover and everyone around with her mood! The main calling of a woman, laid down at the genetic level since the times of the primitive system, is to create home comfort and psychological comfort in the family. Then, when a man returned home after a hard hunt for mammoths, he needed to rest psychologically. Today, the “hunt for mammoths” has turned into a hunt for SUCCESS and financial feasibility. Therefore, after a hard day at work, a man needs harmony and psycho-emotional comfort, because he has returned “home” to his fortress.

What does the stronger sex need?

For a partner to consider you a true life partner, unfortunately, it is not enough to have a beautiful appearance, to be an “athlete and Komsomol member.” If this were the case, many women would not be mired in marital quarrels, infidelity and divorce, and the profession of a family psychologist would lose its relevance.

Every gentleman has a need to feel loved and needed. He expects care, loyalty, support and understanding from his girlfriend. Women must have:

  • devotion;
  • poise;
  • ease;
  • thriftiness.

This means that each partner wants to come to a clean and cozy home, where they are comfortable not only physically, but also mentally. He wants pleasant communication with his chosen one, so that he can be filled with energy and calmness from her.

Learn new things and improve every day

A man is proud that he has an intelligent and wise woman. And if you can discuss some important topics with her, and in the process he comes up with a cool idea for solving a specific problem - then in general - you are the best in the world! Think about what kind of man you would like to have, what interests he has - and then develop in this direction: health, economics, art, motivational literature and the like. A man needs to develop to realize himself, and a woman with whom it will be interesting to communicate on any topic is a woman who develops and looks at the issue from her own special perspective and sees the situation differently.

Elaborated image

First, let's talk about appearance. How can you be beautiful if nature has not provided you with sufficient data? It's simple - makeup, the right clothes, the right amount of accessories and delicious perfume.

The Internet allows you to find makeup tutorials for any occasion. Learn to choose the right makeup for the occasion. It’s just best to stick to naturalness and naturalness when working. But for an evening reception, you can choose a brighter option.

When it comes to clothing, there is a lot of advice here. Remember that clothes should not only be spectacular and attractive, but also comfortable. If you feel awkward in a short skirt, for example, then it is better to choose a longer option. After all, confident women attract much more attention. But my article “How to be a confident woman” will help you acquire this quality.

Don't hang yourself with chains and bracelets like a crow. Remember the golden rule of three accessories - less is more. And remember that they all must be combined with each other. A hot pink clutch obviously won’t go with a blue evening dress and classic pumps.

Know your body. After all, there are several types of female figures: apple, column, hourglass, and so on. For each type, certain clothing is suitable, which emphasizes the advantages and hides the disadvantages. For example, women with broad shoulders should not wear a heavy top, which will visually make the shoulders appear even larger.

The book “What to Wear with What” helped me in determining which clothing models were right for me; I highly recommend it.

The main thing is to HEAR your loved one. Learn to understand!

Learn to understand a man every day. Sometimes he needs your praise, sometimes he just needs to enjoy the silence together, and sometimes he needs to help him find the right solution himself. Often a man simply does not know how to delicately express his condition, his dissatisfaction or indignation, so as not to offend his companion, so he simply remains silent and endures for a long time, but in the end he may burst! Therefore, it is important to listen to his requests, claims and finally understand why conflict begins in the family. Hear, react and understand your husband, because this is how he sees your love, because you do for him what is important to him! Remember: if the man is happy, YOU will be happy.

What not to do

We found out what you need to do to become the best wife. Now let's look at the main women's taboos in family life.

Don't criticize your husband again

Family is not a place for self-affirmation. If a man has failed or made a mistake, you should not attack him with reproaches. Otherwise, he will completely lose the desire to do something for you and share his experiences. And the phrase “I told you so!” in a split second she can turn her wife into enemy number one.

Be diplomatic and include empathy at least sometimes. Filter your words and emotions, think in advance about the reaction they will cause. Remember - criticism without a request causes nothing but rejection. Your eternal dissatisfaction will eventually lead your husband to think that you feel bad with him. And he will naturally go in search of someone who will appreciate him.

Don't compare him to anyone

Having gotten married, a man wants to finally take a break from eternal competition and feel like the best for his chosen one. Don't deprive him of this pleasure. Talk often about how lucky you are to have him. Let him know that your choice was conscious and you did not doubt it for a minute.

Don’t even mention your ex-men. The husband must be sure that they are all defeated by him and buried in the past. You should also not show excessive sympathy for famous actors, musicians and other media personalities. And even more so, cite them as an example. Otherwise, in response, you may also receive a comparison that is not in your favor.

Don't burden him with jealousy, resentment and whining

Learn to deal with your cockroaches yourself. Your husband is not a nanny to constantly take care of your psychological comfort. Keep all your doubts, fears, grievances out of nowhere and groundless jealousy to yourself. Every time you burden your husband with this, his love for you decreases, at least a little. And this is not an exaggeration.

Therefore, all your words and actions towards your spouse must pass through a strict filter. If you do not have enough strength to cope with accumulated experiences, it is better to share them with a psychologist.

Don't complain about him to your friends and relatives

Never wash dirty linen in public during a conflict. By complaining about what a scoundrel your husband is, you humiliate not only him, but also yourself. After all, this is the person closest to you, an integral part of your life. And since you married him, it was the best option available to you.

Therefore, at the next meeting of the women's council, when all your girlfriends scold their husbands, think carefully. The grievances against your husband will be forgotten, but your loved ones will continue to consider him a scoundrel. Not to mention the fact that your stories may one day become public knowledge. And then you will find yourself in a very sticky situation.

Tell only good things about your spouse, praise him often in front of your friends. People around you will begin to treat your family with even more respect.

I also recommend watching this short video.

Love yourself! Know your worth! You are queen!

Remember, others love and respect you when you respect yourself! A man especially feels your inner emotional state! If you dream of a king, then become a queen! Enjoy and improve your body, take care of your hair, facial skin, nails, lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Create your own unique clothing style and stick to your concept, learn to combine styles and colors, harmonize everything around you, watch your speech and gestures, posture, look at yourself from the outside and make your appearance luxurious. A man subconsciously looks for the best female to continue his lineage! Become the BEST! Men love with their eyes - keep your charm and body in good shape!

5 qualities of an ideal wife. An ideal wife - what is she like?

Why do you need to be perfect?

It’s clear that becoming the ideal girl for a guy is not an easy task. But as the Russian proverb says: “If you love to ride, you also love to carry a sleigh.” It means that if you want to enjoy life, you must constantly work! This also applies to relationships! When a girl wants to have a handsome, smart, athletic, caring and loving young man, she needs to match him herself.

Such guys do not lie on the road and they want a worthy partner next to them, and not just a girl whose brain is filled with endless fantasies and illusions.

If a girl has never achieved anything in life, has not developed comprehensively, then she will definitely find a man like her.

If the girl’s main goal is to get married as quickly as possible, no matter who, then naturally, there is no need for great intelligence and there is no need to try very hard. She will get married, faced with the difficulties of family life, she will wonder why everything is happening this way. And soon the couple will come to the conclusion that they are completely different personalities and want different things from life.

Conclusion : the set high bar requires a lot of effort and patience!!! Remember, generals' wives married lieutenants.

Support your loved one! A happy family is a close-knit and friendly team

Always be on his side. Stop praising other men, even TV series characters! (Subconsciously, he perceives this as recognition of someone else who is better than himself, and weakens the connection between you). Share his views, but have your own opinion and a stable inner core. Everyone should have personal space. Be an independent person! Consider when you should give in and when you should defend your opinion - this is how the truth is born. At the same time, always maintain PEACE and harmony! Always count to 10 before speaking and keep the question in mind: “Do I want to be right or happy?”

How to become imperfect?

What should you do in the next 24 hours and stick to it constantly?

Tell her that you don't have to be perfect.

Just go to your boyfriend and tell him this. Loudly, confidently and more than one hundred times.

Tell it to everyone - me, your lover and your boss. Oh yes. Don't forget your beloved mangy cat.

Open the window, take a deep breath and shout, “Fuck you all!” I don’t have to be perfect for you!”

Close the window.

Breathe out calmly.

Everything is going as it should.

Tell us about your fantasy.

So that he crawls off the couch (his penis falls during sex, he blushes and runs off to cry in another room, rapes you, files for divorce, commits suicide, or is taken away by an ambulance).

If your imagination is limited to something ordinary (I spilled juice on his trousers, took out a napkin and started wiping it off), then come up with something more explosive.

“I imagine how you caress me with your tongue, and from behind you are fucked in your manly butt by a bearded man. Hey, where are you going, wait!”

Shock your macho man with your fantasy. Are you even capable of this? You can rehearse with a friend. (And don't forget about your mangy cat)

Throw away his gift. Which you don't like.

I understand that it is not customary for an ideal and boring girl to do this, but now you will do it.

Out the window, into the trash can!

Even an expensive and memorable gift - out the window!

But wait. If his gift can be broken... Ugh. I love these moments. A bunch of little fragments! Oh yeah!

Destroy these gifts not in front of him, demonstratively, dreaming somewhere in the depths of his soul that this act will win his heart for the rest of his life. Do it alone. For myself. Prove to yourself that you are not a perfect person.

Stop looking for perfect people

You are always looking for some ideals. Like a young 15-year-old lamb, you love a certain type of man, thereby driving yourself into a corner, into a framework and into loneliness.

You like some, and some you don't.

You live with rose-colored glasses and are still waiting for your prince, even if you have a husband, a granddaughter and a rocking chair - you still live and think exactly like that. You are waiting for the prince.

If I ask you, are you waiting for a prince? You will laugh and tell me - Gord, what kind of prince are you?

Knights, kings and counts pass by. And you wrinkle your nose because it’s the prince you need. Despite what you say and think now. I see you deeper than you can imagine.

You need an ideal created by your pink-cheeked snot. You're missing out on the cool, unusual, awesome, crazy, crazy, original, funny! Looking for the prince with his big eyes, controlled by a small brain.

For him to destroy your perfect straw house. You want to suffer for him and you are waiting for this suffering. You forgot that there is a whole world behind your nose. But for you, your nose is your whole world.

Do something out of the ordinary.

Namely this. Make a mistake, do something wrong on purpose or accidentally.

And when they scold you, wag their finger at you and say, “Don’t do that again”...

Answer this crap - “I will!” I'll still do it."

Believe me, no one will expect such an answer. Because perfect girls always say, “I won’t do this again.”

And you answer - “And that’s what I will do!” Cause a conflict between people blinking frequently and looking at you in shock with your answer.

Answer different people this way. Especially him.


  1. You should have only one ideal - your health and your body. That's all. Dot.
  2. Tell everyone that you don't have to be perfect. Pay attention - tell it to everyone. Say this to a new person every day. Even to those who are afraid to say this.
  3. Tell your boyfriend a wild fantasy.
  4. Throw away the crap gift. It's such a bad thing to do. You won't do that again, will you?
  5. Answer everyone - I will do so. And, in general, I will do as I want!
  6. Stop looking for perfect people. Or are you still 15 years old?

Give it back! The more we give, the more we receive - the law of existence

Women's mission is to give: emotions, joy, useful experience, skills, knowledge, kindness, love! Draw and fill your inner jug ​​of strength: the energy of the sun, prayer, time, hobbies, beautiful moments in life. Be positive, notice the beauty in little things, communicate with positive people. Enjoy every second of your life. Everything is given to us to make us better, so seek joy and learn from experience. Smile at the world and the world will smile at you!

And most importantly: take responsibility for your life in everything! Create your life the way you dreamed of since childhood, then all circumstances and your loved one will come to you the way you dream of!

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