White color in psychology: meaning, what it symbolizes and denotes

White color in psychology, like all other colors, has a special symbolism. What does it mean in clothing or interior design, what kind of people prefer it, does it suit everyone?

Even in ancient times, humanity paid attention to the difference in colors, using them to describe their experiences and natural phenomena. The display of such symbolism can be found in fairy tales, myths, religious, esoteric and other teachings. What is the meaning of white today?

Associations with whiteness

Like black, it is a neutral shade. But at the same time it contains purity, innocence, purity, light. When looking at an object with such a color, we are unlikely to experience negative emotions, such as irritation or aggression. On the contrary, it awakens bright feelings in us.

Gamma influences us in such a way that we become imbued with trust in it. After all, on a subconscious level it seems to us that there can hardly be a mystery hidden in it. That's why medical professionals wear this uniform.

This is freedom and self-control, pleasant memories from childhood and adolescence, harmony and bliss. In my thoughts, he will always be a symbol of kindness.

Effects from white

Impartiality : White offers fairness and neutrality because the balance and equality of all colors is contained within it.

Salvation : White saves us from the dark. This is a white knight rescuing a damsel in grief.

Epiphany : Symbolizing the state of purity, we can foresee anything with the help of white.

Efficiency : White is a clean and medicinal color that gives the impression of efficiency and organization.

What does the color white symbolize?

In certain cultures, oddly enough, it means death. When a person dies in the house, women wear headscarves, and men wear clothes in this palette. This is why many people who see snowy tones feel sad: they are associated with a grave.

But why does this happen? Some peoples believe that if the deceased is surrounded by blackness, then in the new world where he must go, he will not be able to see anything. And the light color scheme will show him the direction to the next world.

But such a designation, naturally, is not everyone’s priority. For painters, for example, whiteness indicates endless emptiness and the absence of shade at all. But this is to their advantage, since the colors applied to it are not distorted and retain their saturation. And if you place them on a black background, they will take on a completely different look.

In most cultures, color is a sign of divinity. It is used to denote purity and innocence. And also the right to “start over from scratch.” Let us remember that since ancient times it has meant a truce: when the enemy surrenders, he hangs out a white flag. This action indicates that he is willing to negotiate peace and renegotiate the relationship.

If we look at the night sky, we will see silvery stars. It is impossible to tear yourself away from them, as they attract with their freshness. Therefore, people have associations with hope and the opportunity to receive help from above in difficult life situations.

In many countries, animals and birds with a white color are considered sacred. For example, a cow, Greek horses, a Chinese tiger or an Egyptian bull. We have a widespread tradition associated with pigeons. It is not without reason that snow-white birds are allowed into weddings as a symbol of peace and the beginning of a new and wonderful stage in life.

Significance in psychology

White color is devoid of emotional connotation, so it does not characterize a person’s attitude towards anything, but only determines a person’s energy level. This color is identified with the reaction of flight, release and dissolution.

Most often, white does not provoke anxiety and aggression, but brings peace. A white interior relieves fatigue and relieves nervous tension. However, prolonged stay in a monochromatic white room can lead to apathy, absent-mindedness and depression.

For men

Most representatives of the stronger sex do not have much sympathy for white people. They treat him neutrally. Men are more favorable to cool, muted shades. They also like black color. If a man likes to surround himself with everything white, then this indicates the following traits:

openness, sincerity and honesty sociability aristocracy well-developed imagination love of freedom independence freedom from prejudice romanticism striving for the ideal

Typically, white clothes, white cars or pieces of furniture are chosen by men from the upper class, thereby emphasizing their “chosenness” or “stardom”. However, love for white is more likely not a demonstration, but a desire for a better (beautiful) life, confirmation of one’s status and best qualities.

For women

Unlike men, many women simply adore the dazzling white color. They subconsciously associate it with the bright feminine principle. In everyday life, this color is not at all practical, but the fair sex enjoys surrounding themselves with white interior items and wearing snow-white clothes and linen. Women's strong attraction to this color usually characterizes them as follows:

the girl has unlimited inner freedom, she is very clean and loves order, she thinks positively and is happy to share her good mood with others, sometimes she likes to be alone, she maintains spiritual virginity, she experiences inner peace and serenity

Regardless of a woman’s age and lifestyle, a snow-white wedding dress evokes pleasant and bright emotions in her, because it symbolizes true feminine qualities such as sincerity, kindness, holiness and mercy. Every girl subconsciously wants to meet a new bright stage of her life in such clothes.

For children and teenagers

Children are rarely fascinated by the color white, since babies are usually drawn to everything bright and shiny. Although, on the other hand, every child is like a blank white sheet. Almost all young children love to draw, as if depicting their own world and creating a new life.

White is the color of angelic purity and innocence. A baby's strong interest in white can indicate a powerful spirituality.

If a child leaves a lot of white space on a sheet of paper, this indicates the ability to perceive everything new, as well as resistance to stress. White leaves room for imagination. If a child likes to paint with pearl paints on top of other colors, this indicates great mental potential, openness and friendliness.

Children who love white shades can be described as follows:

freedom-loving, but accommodating and obedient sometimes self-contained confident and sociable disciplined intelligent beyond their years calm and balanced

Teenagers who prefer dazzling white clothes and accessories strive for spiritual purity and perfection. Most likely, they have inflated demands on people and themselves. They pursue ideals and perhaps dream of belonging to bohemia.

White color can calm a hyperactive teenager and switch attention from material to spiritual. Sometimes an addiction to the color white can indicate a loner’s nature, youthful maximalism or inability to adapt to real life.


This is a neutral shade. When looking at him, no thoughts or emotions appear. He can easily bring an individual to his senses, collect his thoughts and help him calm down.

It can also fill you with energy. If you feel tired or overworked, then it is advisable to rest in a room with a similar spectrum. It will give you slight alienation and harmony.

But you shouldn’t abuse this either, since it also has negative sides. If you look at the whiteness for a long time, a state of loneliness, melancholy and longing sets in.

I do not recommend being in a room where only this range is present. You should mix it with other colors, for example, pastels.


Features vary. Some perceive paint as a vacuum and meaninglessness, while others surround themselves with a similar palette because they feel purity in it.

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But in everyday life, the tone is absolutely impractical, since stains and dirt are visible on it. This is why many people don't take white things seriously. Before buying clothes, shoes or household items, an individual thinks about how difficult it will be to care for and wash them. From the very beginning this coloring is repulsive.

Many people do not like the color because it evokes associations with mourning. But still, an individual person has his own psychological “foundation”, which depends on many factors. There are those who do not like snowy weather, especially when it has been there for several months. For people living in the northern regions, such a landscape evokes melancholy and apathy, reaching the point of depression.

In other words, monotonous colors can make anyone tired. When there is nothing but whiteness, emptiness is felt. Because of this, the psyche first reacts sharply, and then gradually “falls asleep,” which makes us indifferent to everything that is around.

To prevent this, it is advisable to surround yourself with a varied palette of colors. Even in medical institutions they try to add pictures and make the decoration more colorful. This affects not only the number of visitors, but also the quality of their recovery.

But there is no need to look at it from one side. White color in psychology means joy. When we are surrounded by dark colors for a long time, we involuntarily want to run outside and feel the freedom given by whiteness.

And the following picture emerges: an overabundance of tone makes a person feel uneasy, but the same thing happens because of a lack. Therefore, between the snow-white shade and black there should be intermediate, brighter options. Only then will balance be achieved, and the individual will feel complete psychological peace for a long period.

Use in wardrobe

The meaning of white in clothing is associated with the expression of freedom and innocence. In ancient times, robes of this shade were the privilege of the nobility. In the era of the pharaohs, there were no dyes that could be used to whiten gray linen fabric. It was hung in the sun, where the canvas gradually faded and became snow-white.

Such processing of the material required a lot of effort and time, which affected the cost and made it inaccessible to the general population. In Russia, snow-white outfits became fashionable during the First Patriotic War of 1812. Napoleon Bonaparte's beloved Josephine adored dresses of this shade, which led to their recognition in many European countries.

The advent of cinema added popularity to white clothing. In the pictures under the spotlight, wardrobe items of this shade looked flawless. In the 20th century, this color became a symbol of aristocracy and luxury. Suits intended for expensive, prestigious sports such as yachting, golf and tennis were made from snow-white fabrics. White emphasizes the chastity and tenderness of the bride and is considered the main color of a wedding.

The preference for this shade when choosing wardrobe items is logically justified without resorting to mysticism and esotericism. The skin of a person dressed in light-colored clothes looks fresh, well-groomed, and clean. They favorably highlight the color of skin, hair and eyes. Snow-white clothes always look elegant, even if they have a simple cut and lack of decorative elements.

The indicated properties make clothing items of this color indispensable in the wardrobe of people of any status and age. In the wardrobe, this is the base color that will make a suitable pair with clothes of any other shade. It is able to reveal and emphasize the color tone, making it expressive and effective. Depending on the shade with which snow-white is combined, the effect produced on others differs. Common combinations:

  • With blue, yellow, red, green. Refreshing, cheerful, invigorating effect. Snow-white emphasizes the depth and expressiveness of the contrasting shade.
  • With brown and gray. A simple technique for creating a strict, elegant look.
  • With black. Classic and casual, elegant and expensive look. The combination of black and white is the best option for people who doubt their design abilities and sense of style; a black and white set, suitable for the office, sports activities, walks around the city, is a sign of high fashion. Many couturiers, including the legendary Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Hubert de Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Isabelle Marant, preferred this win-win combination.
  • With neon shades. It looks fresh, young, bright, defiant, rebellious, revolutionary.

Snow-white clothes are associated with increased soiling, which makes them impractical and not very suitable for some activities (cleaning, gardening, trips to nature). The laws of psychology predetermine the influence of the color white on the people around them - everyone intuitively likes this color, evokes pleasant associations and puts them in a positive mood.

Despite its many advantages, stylists do not recommend wearing white clothes to people who are prone to being overweight - their figure in such clothing appears more voluminous, as if they had instantly gained weight. Excessively thin people can use it to correct the lack of relief shapes. If you like white clothes, you can wear them regardless of your body size. When choosing wardrobe items, it is important to remember the rules:

  1. Vertical stripes are slimming.
  2. Ruffles, flounces, gathers create additional volume.
  3. The V-shaped neckline visually reduces bust volume.

White clothes reflect a person's lifestyle. If an individual prefers such outfits, he is a sublime, romantic, pretentious person for whom appearance is important. Such people carefully monitor their appearance, scrupulously selecting wardrobe items, accessories and hairstyle.

Application in advertising

The palette means openness. And most often it is used as a background component, since it does not contain a load in the form of emotions and meaning.

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If the advertising product does not set itself the task of evoking specific feelings in the audience, then a whitish color is perfect for simply conveying information.

We must not forget that white color is a symbol of purity and purity. It is often found in commercials with children's products or bedding sets. Marketers say that this tone is perfect for making purchases.

Impact on health and psyche

  1. Physiological effects. When we spend a long time in a snow-white room, we feel how fatigue slowly passes, and in its place comes calm, harmony and even euphoria. But this is provided that the palette is diluted with other colors. But when there is a lot of it, irritation occurs, and the eyes begin to hurt: the pupils become narrower, the senses become more acute.
  2. Psychological. Most often, it does not cause aggression, but carries only positivity. But monotony can provoke a feeling of endless emptiness, which leads to apathy and even depression.

Who likes it

This aspect depends on the person’s temperament and character, because everyone perceives it differently. For some, whiteness is their favorite color. Such individuals are easy-going and very demanding of what surrounds them. They consider themselves bohemians.

Those who prefer a luxurious and carefree life wear such clothes and bask in the rays of the southern sun. And all the objects surrounding them - the ceiling, furniture, dishes, bed linen - are made in the same colors.

But this stereotype is not always true. There are a variety of personalities among amateurs. After all, the symbolism of white color does not carry anything bad.

Anyone who loves this color has the following traits:

  • accuracy;
  • severity;
  • caution;
  • pedantry;
  • attentiveness.

They often show a not entirely healthy craving for ideal order and cleanliness. They are hostile to spontaneity - they follow specific rules and a set schedule for the day.

These are quite wise and intelligent people. They calculate their steps and carefully weigh any decision. Self-control and patience are their strong point. It is difficult to provoke such individuals into emotions, and they often have high (sometimes even too high) self-esteem.

general characteristics

White color is the fusion of all the colors of the rainbow. Surprisingly, this is true. The fact is perceived by a person rather symbolically. It seems as if the entire material world merges into one point, so we are able to see the color white, which in psychology has many meanings.

Even without scientific research, ancient people elevated him to the rank of a divine principle. To this day, this perception remains relevant. The meaning of white flowers often indicated purity and light. And light is a symbol of divine power, the mind of the individual. In psychology, perhaps, there is no color as symbolic as white. He is everything and nothing. A white surface inherently reflects all rays of light falling on it. Therefore, we see exactly this color of the object. The meaning of white flowers in this plane is very important, since it is interconnected with the characteristics of human perception.

In addition, white is an achromatic color. Its antipode is black paints. Psychologists take this fact into account. After all, the struggle between light and shadow, good and evil is eternal. It should also be noted that the color white is perceived differently by women and men, adults and children. When analyzing a person’s mental state, it is necessary to take into account every nuance in the study.

What does dislike of the color white mean?

In this case, most likely, the person is the absolute opposite of the image described above. Such individuals are less organized and reasonable; they do not strive for absolute purity and control. In company they are characterized by relaxed behavior.

Sometimes they prefer a little chaos. For example, a perfectly tidy desk will irritate them.

Who is it recommended for?

Both in the wardrobe and in interior design, whiteness is perfect for those who love order and neatness. Against such a background, the slightest flaws will be visible, so it will be a good solution for confident people who want to feel more freedom.

The whitish tint visually expands the boundaries. He is adored by those who want to live in balance and peace not only with their own inner world, but also with their outer world.

When there is a need to take a break, relax from the everyday hustle and bustle, and feel calm, it is definitely recommended to add color to the interior or to your appearance.

The main thing is not to focus only on a monochromatic palette. It should be diluted with other colors, since excessive exposure to snow-white walls causes irritation or melancholy.

Interior use

Pure white color can visually expand the boundaries of space, which is used by interior designers when decorating small spaces. In spacious apartments, it helps to maintain a common artistic concept. There is a so-called Scandinavian style, which involves the use of furnishings in a predominantly snow-white shade. In this case, it is important to correctly place bright accents.

It should be remembered that an excessive, undiluted predominance of this color will turn the room into a monotonous space devoid of individuality. The dominance of a shade in the interior evokes boredom and disappointment, makes you feel a sense of detachment and fruitless efforts. It can make a home feel sterile and cold.

A well-designed all-white interior is impressive and always looks fashionable. To prevent it from becoming boring, designers use the technique of combining different textures and textures. Furniture in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles will harmoniously fit into the snow-white space. Objects of art on a white background concentrate attention on themselves. It is no coincidence that the walls in museums are painted this shade.

Application in clothing

In all eras, people considered such robes sacred. For example, the priestesses of the temple in honor of the goddess Vesta took vows of innocence and wore outfits exclusively of this tone. The Roman and Egyptian peoples had such a wardrobe and embodied power and inviolability. Therefore, it is inherent in higher positions: priestesses and rulers.

In the Catholic and Orthodox religions, righteous people were depicted in similar robes. Kohler means the rite of baptism and communion (it is still used in these ceremonies).

Color is significant at a wedding. From time immemorial, all brides wear white dresses as a symbol of purity and purity.

Such clothing also has a place in everyday life, since it does not look vulgar and at the same time gives the image solemnity and airiness. It is also preferred for festive occasions, official receptions and events.

Whiteness is present in the uniform of many professionals: in science, medicine, cooking. It inspires confidence and indicates sterility.

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This is a sign of perfection and lightness. Its distinctive feature is that it contains the entire spectrum. And in many countries it is associated with divinity.

In this science, it is believed that snow-white cleanses energy. People who prefer it are sincere and truthful. They are neat, but often become too demanding on this basis.

According to the rules, such individuals should not place mirrors in places opposite the bed or doors. In the first case, this can destroy the marriage bond, and in the second, all positive energy will evaporate.

The tone activates imagination and allows you to unleash your creative potential. It also brings to the fore the best that is in the human soul and points the direction towards humility. Many attribute to him the ability to spiritually heal.

It is recommended to use the palette in kitchen design. Against a whitish background, all foods and dishes will look bright, which will lead to an increase in appetite. But if the room is cool, then the presence of whiteness should be minimized, since the cold will be felt even more strongly.

Curious and useful for ladies and young ladies

White color is the embodiment of purity and innocence, goodness, sacrifice and truth. However, it also serves to convey such sad concepts as the pale face of death, its coldness and emptiness.

White color - meaning In religious symbolism, white is the color of purity, holiness and spirituality. For Christians, this color represents life, goodness and innocence.

At the same time, for residents of the East, white is a symbol of deceit and remarkable intelligence.

Psychology of white color A person who prefers white to all other colors strives in every possible way to get rid of troubles.

White color is perfection and completeness, it demonstrates an absolute and undeniable decision, the removal of all obstacles.

The fundamental quality of white is equality, since it contains absolutely all colors, and in it they are all equal.

White stones can help, inspire, give freedom and inspire a certain faith.

White clothes This color is almost always at the peak of fashion, and this season it generally formed the basis for most fashion collections. And all thanks to its versatility, brightness, expressiveness and effectiveness. In addition, the advantage of white is that it can be combined with any other colors.

Almost all collections this season contain a variety of dresses made from white fabrics.

Every woman will find here an outfit that can highlight the advantages of her particular figure: long or short, tight-fitting or flowing with loose folds, elegant and airy - in any of these dresses you will look irresistible!

Shorts, breeches or trousers in white also suit almost every woman, adding style and completeness to her look.

It is also recommended to choose white accessories and shoes for outfits of this color.

Today, a wide variety of hairpins, headbands decorated with straws, bows or feathers, wide belts, massive bracelets, necklaces, beads or silver earrings that will fit perfectly into your ensemble are relevant. And shoes with high wedges or heels will give your legs even more slenderness and grace to your image!

White color in the interior Thanks to white color, you can make your interior as expensive and elegant as possible. And thanks to modern cleaning products and the advent of removable covers created specifically for upholstered furniture, this previously elite color has become widespread.

By painting the walls with white glossy or semi-matte paint, you will not only make your room seem larger, but you will also be able to easily clean them if they get dirty. White is also a good color for painting the floor; dust is visible on it even less than on dark-colored paint. The only exception is white tiles for the kitchen - you will have to wash them every day.

What are the advantages of white? • Clothing or interior in white will always be relevant, will not become obsolete and will not become boring.

• White color in interior design makes it much easier to decide on the combination of materials and styles. Everything is very simple and organically built into a single ensemble.

Tips for using white The most advantageous way for anyone who wants to become elegant and noticeable, but at the same time not provocative, is to prefer white clothes.

White color is unique not only because of its compatibility with all other colors. It can make your look classically calm and unapproachable. At the same time, by combining a white outfit with eye-catching accessories or complementing it, for example, with a bright jacket or scarf, you can easily create an unusual and festive ensemble.

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