Red color in clothes - meaning and rules of application

The concept of color symbolism has appeared since ancient times. People have long attached great importance to the language of colors, which, in turn, is reflected in folk tales, myths, traditions and teachings. After all, color is a kind of sign, symbol and signal. Using color, you can communicate information to others - in this case, color will play the role of those words that we do not say. Color has not only an aesthetic, but also a psychological and even physiological effect on a person. Color affects mood and well-being; color therapy as a type of treatment is recognized throughout the world.

For different peoples in different cultures, the same color can mean opposite things, so to avoid getting into trouble, it is better to study these nuances before communicating or negotiating with people of other cultures.

Color puts a person in a certain mood, and that is why stylists, image makers and etiquette specialists pay such great attention to color in clothing.

The language of color in clothing plays perhaps one of the most key roles in creating your image. The choice of outfit color largely determines the impression we make on our interlocutor, employer, or loved one.

Each color has many shades, which allows each of us to wear outfits of almost any color.

All the colors of the rainbow

Red – you are the center of attention!

In many languages, red means beautiful and wonderful. Polynesians, for example, use the word “red” to denote both the color red itself and the word “beloved.” And in China, red can also mean “sincere, frank” (for example, the Chinese say “red heart” about a sincere person)

The symbolism of red is quite controversial. Along with the positive meanings of the color red - such as joy, love, greatness and beauty - the color red represents blood, fire, power and struggle. Red was considered the color of kings, emperors and other high-ranking persons. For example, in Byzantium, only the empress could wear red boots, because the color red denoted a high position.

In Christianity, the color red simultaneously symbolizes the blood of martyrs for the faith, the sacrifice of Christ, the royal greatness of Christ, Red Easter, joy, beauty and love.

The activity of red color is difficult to exaggerate. If you want to attract attention, then there is nothing better than wearing a red dress.

In red you will not go unnoticed, but for an interview it is hardly worth wearing a red suit, since the activity of the red color may involuntarily suppress and frighten the future employer. Red is always appropriate for festive meetings and parties. This color is very invigorating and gives strength. So if you are planning to calm down and relax, you shouldn't do it in a room with red wallpaper. Red color improves appetite and has the property of raising blood pressure.

The red color in clothing obliges a certain behavior and demeanor, because this color is regal. Posture must be impeccable, and the gait must be graceful and stately, otherwise there will be some dissonance in the appearance. Red is the dominant color, so if you decide to have a confidential conversation with a friend or win someone over, this is not the best choice of color. Red can tire others.

Red palette

The shades of red are so varied that every fashionista can find a color that suits her particular color type. See for yourself how wide a spectrum of red you can find:

Cardinal Cherry Blossom Scarlet Blossom

  • scarlet (raspberry, magenta, garnet)
  • cherry (strawberry, poppy seed, wild strawberry)
  • flamingo (lotus, orchid)
  • cardinal (sangria, tomato, cranberry, shocking pink)
  • carmine (lingonberry, chili, crimson)
  • ruby (grenadine, maroon)
  • pink (carnation)

And this is not the most complete list yet!

Red, like many colors, has light, bright and dark tones (remember the article about color types of appearance).

Light colors are feminine, elegant and gentle. These are cranberry, flamingo, and carnation shades. This includes the enchanting soft pink color, the colors of lotus and orchid. They add softness and tenderness, calm femininity to images. And pastel shades, such as pink powder and pink lavender, can make your appearance dreamy and mysterious. Muted shades of pearl pink, porcelain pink, and English rose add elegance and sophistication to the look. With their help you can create sublime, sophisticated images in a retro style.

Soft pink color English rose color English rose

Bright shades carry energy, emotion and strength. Scarlet, carmine, coral are dynamic and bold colors. They cannot be overlooked. They make you pay attention. They can evoke opposite emotions: anger or delight, love or rage. The color of strength and greatness, leadership, is the shade of cardinal. This shade is associated with fire, blood, birth and renewal, destruction and evil. A shade that needs to be skillfully used in images so as not to evoke negative associations.


Poppy and rowan are playful and teasing shades. All shades of the bright red palette carry a great charge of emotions. They are exotic, whimsical. Take at least a shade of shocking pink or fuchsia. They simply attract attention! These shades are good to use in accessories, as accents, as well as in summer and evening wardrobes.

The dark palette of red represents maturity, calm and power. These are rich, aristocratic and luxurious shades. Bordeaux, ruby, rosewood, elegant wine. They all contain inner warmth and do not evoke such violent emotions as bright colors. Shades with a dominance of brown are often used in business clothes: cocoa, coffee, cappuccino. They demonstrate rationality, initiative and composure well. Refined cool shades such as rose wine and raspberry jam symbolize wealth and tradition.

Burgundy color

Orange is a holiday of childhood!

Orange is an intermediate color between yellow and red, so to some extent orange has absorbed the properties and symbolism of both colors. Orange symbolizes warmth, joy of life, childlike carefreeness and optimism. But in large quantities this color can irritate and tire a person.

I would like to note that the color orange in clothes really decorates very few people, so you need to be careful with it. If you love this color, you can use it in outfit details or accessories. A bright accessory of this joyful color can lift the mood of both you and those around you.

A little history

Initially, fabrics were dyed with natural dyes, which they learned to extract approximately 4 thousand years BC. Phoenician artisans obtained red pigment from insects (a type of aphid) that lived on the leaves of oak trees. The Egyptians obtained red from the heads of red-orange sunflower flowers. The cochineal beetle, which lives on the leaves of the prickly pear cactus, also became the source of this color.

Unfortunately, the pigments obtained in this way were not durable. To fix the color, tin or aluminum alum was used. This technology has become secret. In the 1500s, the most successful export of red in history began. It was associated with the delivery of precious paint to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors. For several centuries the Spaniards kept this secret technology. The scarlet color was highly valued throughout the world. And the sale of red fabrics brought good money. Kings and wealthy Europeans were willing to pay a fortune for the red cloth.

In the 19th century synthetic red pigment was invented. The first artificial dyes were named after two cities in Italy - magenta and solferino. Whatever the red dye is made of, it remains popular in any era and does not lose its meaning: courage, passion, war, perseverance. The rich palette of red shades hides a special power that emphasizes and reflects the spirit of the times and the cultural characteristics of the eras.

Yellow is a piece of sunshine!

The color yellow symbolizes sunlight, gold and at the same time the withering of nature, autumn days, ripe ears of corn. Perhaps this is why in some cultures (for example, in Japan) yellow is a mournful and sad color. Among the Slavs, yellow was considered a symbol of jealousy, betrayal and betrayal, and some people still have this attitude towards the color yellow.

At the same time, yellow is considered a symbol of joy, sun, fun and celebration. In some countries, this color was a sign of distinction in society; it was worn only by nobles from the upper classes and kings.

Yellow carries a great charge of energy, activity, optimism and vitality. Despite its brightness, yellow symbolizes lightness, youth and fun.

If you are wearing yellow clothes, get ready for increased attention.

An all-yellow outfit can give the impression that there is too much yellow, so if you are afraid of getting tired of it or boring others with this active color, choose accessories or details in yellow clothes.

The activity of yellow can be muted if you combine it with calmer colors in clothes: gray, white, blue, turquoise.

Filling with strength, energy, passion...

Red is one of the strongest and warmest, most people who use it awaken positive emotions associated with comfort or joy - this is psychology. For some, it may be considered aggressive and annoying, flashing too often. This largely depends on the emotional state of the person. Women choose red to attract male attention. The shade is considered a symbol of passion, brightness, awakening, life, rock. The presence of a red tint in a girl’s clothes gives incentive, strength, and brightness to the image. Based on psychology, it is advised to wear red for those who have problems with their intimate life.

Green – life and harmony!

Green is the opposite of red. It symbolizes hope, freshness, calm, stability, peace, youth, harmony, awakening and life. For the human eye, green is the most familiar and comfortable color, because the earth is filled with green color: foliage, grass, vegetation, forest. Green color calms, heals nerves and fatigue.

Of course, there is another opinion about green, otherwise such an expression as “melancholy green” would not have appeared, but such oversaturation can happen to any color if there is too much of it. Some people perceive green as too calm and passive.

You can't find a better color in clothes if you want to sit confidentially with friends or win someone over.

Choice of stars

Famous people, movie and pop stars are used to attracting glances. Therefore, they often choose red dresses for special occasions. This is how Charlize Theron appeared at the 2021 Oscars in a red Dior dress.

Blue – serious consistency!

The blue color symbolizes constancy, loyalty, nobility and mystery, which is evoked by the blue of the twilight sky, which seems deep and endless. Knights in the Middle Ages dressed in a blue suit so that the lady was confident in constancy and fidelity. The concept of “blue stocking” symbolizes boredom, immobility, seriousness, stable in all activities. Due to its proximity to black, blue color symbolizes sadness and melancholy among some peoples.

As for the dark blue color, it is more likely to be an evening and elegant color, but many girls also use this color in office suits, replacing it with a darker black.

Fashionable looks

Red clothes can be used to create everyday and evening looks. Some brides decide to use red in their wedding dress. But in business style, red is rarely used.

Only red

Fashionable monochrome looks can also be created in red colors. To create a bow, you need to use different shades of red and different textures of fabrics. If the monochrome combination seems too bright, you can dilute it with a neutral-colored accessory.

For example, a red suit consisting of a top and trousers can be worn with beige shoes, complementing the ensemble with a cherry-colored handbag.

Ensembles in which the red shade smoothly transitions from light to dark look impressive.

Everyday looks

You can create original casual looks using red straight-fit trousers. They can be combined with a yellow-orange top, a light brown bag and dark brown sandals.

An interesting look is obtained if you use a red top and jacket. Let's combine them with beige trousers. Complete the ensemble with a dark cherry wide belt, sandals of the same color and a brown bag.

You can create a bright summer look if you pair a dress with small white polka dots with a bright red jacket. Complete the look with a beige belt and yellow shoes.

Skinny blue jeans with cuffs can be worn with a white sweater and a warm coral jacket. Complete the ensemble with white and black loafers and a gray bag.

Evening looks

The main element of an evening look should be a red dress. The shade of the dress should be chosen to suit your type of appearance. The cut of the dress should be as simple as possible. The “main violin” in the toilet should be color, and not the complexity of the style.

Purple – contradictory depth!

The complexity of purple is that it is made up of red and blue, which are opposites. The effect of violet color on a person is twofold: it activates and inhibits at the same time. Maybe that’s why many people consider purple to be a sad and slightly depressed color. It is difficult to perceive and evokes conflicting feelings among others, for all its beauty.

At the same time, purple is one of the most mysterious and deep colors. It symbolizes wisdom and spirituality.

Selecting a shade by color type

Girl spring

(fair skin, hair from light yellow to golden brown, eyes with a green tint). Coral shades, lobster color, fiery red, orange red will suit her.

Summer girl

(pale or cool-toned skin, light brown or chestnut with an ashy tint, eyes often gray-blue). Crimson, wine red, and transparent scarlet are good here.

Autumn girl

(skin from transparent white to golden with freckles, red hair of all shades, eyes from blue to golden brown). Its shades are rust, brownish red and garnet.

Winter girl

(porcelain white to olive skin, dark hair, rich gray, brown or dark eyes).
You need to choose Bordeaux, Burgundy wine with a blue tint and pure red. Photo: epicstockmedia/

Pink is true femininity!

The color pink symbolizes tenderness, kindness, fragility and romance. This is the most feminine color, it is obtained by mixing white and red. The perception of the color pink by men is clear: in front of them is a girl, and she needs to be loved and protected.

Hot pink (fuchsia) is more aggressive, but still retains the appeal of this feminine color.

Brown – comfort and stability

The fate of brown is very similar to the fate of gray. For a long time, brown was considered dull and boring. It symbolized sadness and fatigue. In Ancient Rome, this color was only worn by slaves or the lower class.

But over time, this calm and appetizing color came into fashion, like gray. Now the color brown symbolizes comfort and good quality, stability and peace. It gives rest to the eyes and nervous system without tiring the person.

Now brown is associated with chocolate and something very warm, earthy and cozy.

Positive, negative influence on men and women

The influence of the color red on the psyche of men and women can be used. It can invigorate and increase self-confidence. This shade helps you make the right decision, stimulates activity and increases your desire to achieve your own goals. It has a sexually stimulating effect on men.

But red also has a negative effect. It can excite so much that it will lead to aggression, irritability, and temper. Too much red drains a person, exhausting and tiring. Psychologists do not recommend wearing clothes of this color when depressed or during stress.

Black is both classic and extremely discreet!

Black color has long symbolized mourning and misfortune, but black managed to gain primacy among classical colors thanks to the famous Coco Chanel. Psychologists say that this color is chosen by people who want to be as inconspicuous as possible. The man in black does not want to express anything to others, he wants them to know nothing about him, but only to guess. For most peoples, black symbolizes negativity and depression, grief and darkness.

In the fashion world, black color occupies a leading place and is considered classic and impeccable. Even though black can really slim your figure, this color is not suitable for all women. The fact is that black can obscure the delicate features of the face or make one look gloomy and pale. To liven up a black outfit, you need to choose bright or light accessories. You can replace black with dark blue or dark gray.

Who is it suitable for?

There is no woman in the world for whom the color red would categorically not suit her. You just need to choose the right shade. Age must also be taken into account. If young girls can create monochrome looks and wear clothes in the brightest shades, then older ladies should use dark tones and “dilute” them with other shades.

When choosing a shade of red, you should consider your color type:

  • “Winter” girls have a bright appearance; pure red, as well as shades of red wine and pomegranate, suit them well.
  • “spring” young ladies very well. The color of flame, coral, light tomato, brick will suit them.
  • Most berry shades, scarlet and wine, are suitable for “summer”
  • Representatives of the “autumn” are perfectly suited to brown-red tones, garnet, lafite, and cinnabar.
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