Psychology of color in clothing. Tell me what color you wear and I'll tell you who you are!

Psychologists around the world rightly argue that the choice of clothing color indicates, at a minimum, a person’s momentary mood, and, at a maximum, his vision of himself in society. After all, it has been proven that the brain perceives colors differently and associates them with certain feelings and situations.


The word "white" is of Indo-European origin. An ancient version of this word had the root "bra" or "bre". It can be translated as “to shine,” “to shine,” “to shine.” Experts consider white to be the oldest color. Leonardo da Vinci, who developed a harmonious color system, included white in the list of six primary colors.

The nature of this color is truly amazing. It seems to combine all other colors, and at the same time denotes the absence of any color. It is both simple and complex at the same time. On the one hand, white is light and purity, the birth of a new life, and on the other, lifeless winter, boredom and emptiness.

Positive and negative value

The meaning of black can be positive or negative, depending on the specific situation.

Positive characteristics include:

  • restraint;
  • prudence;
  • creation;

Negative qualities:

  • depression;
  • depression;
  • emptiness;
  • detachment;
  • destruction.

Different cultures have different attitudes towards black people. In Asian countries, it symbolizes remnant, a successful career, and high intelligence.

Young children are dressed in dark colors to bring good luck to them.

In Europe and America, black is a symbol of mourning and the dark side of life. Therefore, a significant number of people do not like it and avoid it in everyday life.

Symbolism of color

White is identified with innocence, justice, divinity, freshness and lightness. This is the color of peace and purity, openness and piety. Many white animals are considered sacred in different countries. The peoples of Asia revere the white elephant, the Greeks, Italians and Germans - the white horse, the Egyptians - the bull, and the Chinese - the snow-white tiger. The white dove has long been considered a symbol of peace and good news.

However, the white color symbolizes not only innocence and selflessness, but also cowardice, blindness, infertility and mourning. In Asia, in particular in China, as well as on the African continent, it is customary to dress the deceased in white clothes, because the spiritual eyes of the soul will not see anything in black.

Choice of stars

White outfits are often worn by movie and pop stars for the most special events. So, for the Oscars 2016 ceremony, Jessica Alba chose a simple white wrap dress. And Kate Beckinsale chose a straight silhouette outfit with a snow-white skirt and a bodice decorated with black sequins.

No woman has any reason to refuse to wear white clothes. You just need to choose the right style and skillfully combine colors.

Significance in psychology

White color is devoid of emotional connotation, so it does not characterize a person’s attitude towards anything, but only determines a person’s energy level. This color is identified with the reaction of flight, release and dissolution.

Most often, white does not provoke anxiety and aggression, but brings peace. A white interior relieves fatigue and relieves nervous tension. However, prolonged stay in a monochromatic white room can lead to apathy, absent-mindedness and depression.

For men

Most representatives of the stronger sex do not have much sympathy for white people. They treat him neutrally. Men are more favorable to cool, muted shades. They also like black color. If a man likes to surround himself with everything white, then this indicates the following traits:

openness, sincerity and honesty sociability aristocracy well-developed imagination love of freedom independence freedom from prejudice romanticism striving for the ideal

Typically, white clothes, white cars or pieces of furniture are chosen by men from the upper class, thereby emphasizing their “chosenness” or “stardom”. However, love for white is more likely not a demonstration, but a desire for a better (beautiful) life, confirmation of one’s status and best qualities.

For women

Unlike men, many women simply adore the dazzling white color. They subconsciously associate it with the bright feminine principle. In everyday life, this color is not at all practical, but the fair sex enjoys surrounding themselves with white interior items and wearing snow-white clothes and linen. Women's strong attraction to this color usually characterizes them as follows:

the girl has unlimited inner freedom, she is very clean and loves order, she thinks positively and is happy to share her good mood with others, sometimes she likes to be alone, she maintains spiritual virginity, she experiences inner peace and serenity

Regardless of a woman’s age and lifestyle, a snow-white wedding dress evokes pleasant and bright emotions in her, because it symbolizes true feminine qualities such as sincerity, kindness, holiness and mercy. Every girl subconsciously wants to meet a new bright stage of her life in such clothes.

For children and teenagers

Children are rarely fascinated by the color white, since babies are usually drawn to everything bright and shiny. Although, on the other hand, every child is like a blank white sheet. Almost all young children love to draw, as if depicting their own world and creating a new life.

White is the color of angelic purity and innocence. A baby's strong interest in white can indicate a powerful spirituality.

If a child leaves a lot of white space on a sheet of paper, this indicates the ability to perceive everything new, as well as resistance to stress. White leaves room for imagination. If a child likes to paint with pearl paints on top of other colors, this indicates great mental potential, openness and friendliness.

Children who love white shades can be described as follows:

freedom-loving, but accommodating and obedient sometimes self-contained confident and sociable disciplined intelligent beyond their years calm and balanced

Teenagers who prefer dazzling white clothes and accessories strive for spiritual purity and perfection. Most likely, they have inflated demands on people and themselves. They pursue ideals and perhaps dream of belonging to bohemia.

White color can calm a hyperactive teenager and switch attention from material to spiritual. Sometimes an addiction to the color white can indicate a loner’s nature, youthful maximalism or inability to adapt to real life.

Blue clothes: psychology.

Psychology considers the blue color in clothing as follows:

  • Confidence, security and calm radiate from blue;
  • Those who prefer blue clothing strive for balance, peace, loyalty, stability;
  • In light blue clothes, he shows the brightness, tenderness, youth, liveliness and lightness of a person;
  • People with a penchant for extravagance prefer strong blue or eye-catching blue clothing;
  • People who have an antipathy towards blue do not have inner peace.

Blue (psychology of color in clothing) is a symbol of harmony and balance, as well as calmness; blue color has the ability to relax, bringing peace in the emotional sphere. People who wear light blue tend to be introverted and a certain outward shut-down. This is the color of a phlegmatic temperament. It is elegant and sophisticated, conveying emotional silence and composure.

Consistently choosing the color blue can express a desire for a calm and orderly environment, free from troubles and disturbances. Viewed among cool tones, it can convey a sense of distance. Used in excess, the medium can plunge into melancholy, so it is better to dilute it with a warm shade.

Indigo, the color of blue and violet in the spectrum, is a symbol of spirituality and inner awakening. Suitable for particularly tense and nervous people. It is worn by reserved and very private people who want to live in their own world.

Negative effects of color

White is the color of success and prosperity, but it is good in reasonable quantities. Its excess can negatively affect work activity and distract attention. Staring at white for too long can create a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. White is a symbol not only of successful and wealthy people, but also of hermitage, sacrifice and death.

It’s not for nothing that polar explorers often feel sad and suffer from depression. A long stay surrounded by white color has a depressing effect on the nervous system. There is such a thing as sensory hunger, which means a lack of emotional sensations. It occurs when a person does not receive the required amount of visual images, as well as sound signals and tactile sensations.

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White color is capable of purifying consciousness, but in excess it depresses analytical thinking, suppresses the emergence of new ideas, and leads to passivity and indifference. A large amount of white color acts on the consciousness as a sleeping pill, developing detachment from the world, indifference to real events and problems. It must be remembered that harmony is created by the balance of light and shadow, as well as the right combination of colors.

Shades of white

It would seem that white color cannot have shades, because it, like black, is universal. But if you approach this issue from the other side, then here too there is room for your imagination to run wild. In fact, all shades of white are highly whitened tones of other colors. The human eye distinguishes them perfectly, unlike shades of black, which seem to merge.


Slightly greyish, glossy and soft shade.


Very light tone with a hint of ice blue.


This shade is even lighter, so the difference is barely noticeable to the eye.


Yellow-white, very lightened tone with a radiant effect.

Milk or cream

White with a soft beige tint.


Matte white color.


It is lighter than ivory tone, bright and shiny, but with a yellow tint.


White matte tone.


Soft shade with a hint of gray.

Pearl white

Slightly grayish white color with a matte sheen.

Sea foam

This shade has a beige undertone but is lighter than milk.


White-grayish, matte tone.

Combination with other colors

White color is compatible with any color, as it is a neutral and versatile color that well emphasizes and reveals the essence of the neighboring shade.

There is no better combination than white and any other color. Some discreet compositions simply do not attract attention, but cannot cause irritation

White and red

A very bright and contrasting combination that symbolizes power and might. The combination of white with blood red, red-orange and burgundy looks equally impressive. Such combinations are always amazing. And yet, not a single New Year can do without such a tandem of flowers.

White and blue

This combination looks natural, because it is often found in nature. These are white clouds and blue skies, sea waves and snow-white foam... By combining white and dark bright blue, maximum contrast is obtained.

White and purple

This combination cannot be called popular, and yet it has the right to exist. The soft composition is created by a milky shade of white and pale muted purple. But tones such as purple, lilac, grape or violet create an unusual and contrasting color tandem.

Makeup and jewelry

The white color of clothing is very demanding on the quality of makeup. If your skin is problematic, then it is better not to wear snow-white blouses or use colored scarves in order to “distance” the color from the face.

If there are no skin problems, you still need to monitor the quality of your makeup. Only perfect skin looks good with white. But its shade is unimportant. White suits both fair-skinned and dark-skinned girls.

Jewelry for white clothes can be chosen from white or yellow metal, with or without stones. When creating summer looks, feel free to use bright jewelry.

White lovers

White is the color of kindness, openness and boundless freedom. People who have a weakness for the white color scheme are free from prejudice, do not burden themselves with bad memories, and know how to forgive and let go of the past. They are not vindictive, but love truth and sincerity.

Lovers of white feel inner freedom; they are devoid of deceit and envy, but many of them try to appear better than they really are. Perhaps with the help of white clothes or accessories they want to “whiten” their past mistakes and hide their flaws.

People who dress in all white are usually very neat. Sometimes they go too far and bring themselves and their everyday life to the point of sterility. They have high demands on their own appearance, as well as on the appearance of other people. This can be quite annoying to those around you.

A weak and dependent person will not dress up in white from head to toe. This color is chosen only by self-sufficient and confident people.

In general, white lovers are open and positive individuals. They do not like to weave intrigues; their whole life is in full view. Although it also happens the other way around: those who love the color white are sociable only superficially, but do not let the first people they meet into their souls. They have good manners, are always polite and responsive, but do not talk too much about themselves.

Psychologists have very controversial opinions about the color black.

Some say it is associated with elegance, sexuality and sophistication. It dominates the clothing of modern women. And for business meetings, most often, women wear a black suit. In the 21st century, this color is a symbol of grace, reflection and wisdom, excellence and power. A person who is completely confident in himself chooses black, thereby emphasizing his superiority. Black color is extraordinary, unlike others. Its “magic” property is the ability to emphasize or drown out. Others say that black is a symbol of crisis and defeat (remember, for example, the flags of the Third Reich, the “black sun” in the form of a left-handed swastika). Black is considered the line where life ends. Black signifies the idea of ​​"nothing" ("nothingness"). Black color is a refusal.

Therefore, the person who chooses him rebels against his own fate.

There is an opinion that the color black is very closely related to sexual attractiveness. Love passion is covered with a veil of darkness, therefore, black color is a symbol of passions and desires. It is not without reason that in some African tribes, women with “rich” black skin are valued as mistresses. Among the Arabs, a “black heart” is a sign of love, and the phrase “black eyes” speaks of a beloved. Favorite color is black. This is their psychology.

Use in clothing

Even if a person does not like wearing white clothes, someone else will not be disgusted by them. If you need to win people over, then it is better to wear something white to a meeting or business negotiations. However, a completely white image, on the contrary, can scare away, so it is better to dilute it with something. This could be a bright bag or scarf, a dark belt, or contrasting trims on clothes.

White top and black bottom are a classic combination for a business look. It looks both stylish and elegant at the same time. For an evening outfit, a snow-white dress or suit is ideal, but in this case you should not overdo it with sparkles. Excessive shine may be inappropriate even at the most solemn moment.

Fashionable looks

Using white clothes you can create a wide variety of looks, from casual to dressy.

Business images

It's hard to imagine a business wardrobe without a white blouse or shirt. They are worn with a suit (skirt or trouser) or a sundress made of thick fabrics. Using a white shirt you can create many different outfits. For example, in combination with a black skirt and a fitted jacket you will get a business-like and moderately elegant suit. And if you wear the same shirt with beige trousers and a brown jacket with a straight silhouette, then the business look will turn out to be more restrained.

A white dress can become a piece of business wardrobe. But it should be of the strictest cut, for example, a sheath dress. Wear this dress with a dark-colored jacket.

A white business suit is not a very practical thing, but for a special occasion it is quite suitable. On ordinary days, a jacket and skirt (trousers) can be worn separately, combined with clothes of a different color.

Everyday looks

Many people consider white clothing to be impractical for everyday wear. However, she is so attractive that rarely does a fashionista refuse to buy white clothes. When creating everyday looks, as a rule, one white wardrobe item is used - a turtleneck, cardigan, skirt, trousers or coat. You can combine them with things of almost any shade. It is advisable to select warm-colored accessories only for warm shades of white and vice versa.

Evening looks

White evening and cocktail dresses are the trend of the season. These dresses are made from lace, satin, and silk. Decorated with embroidery and rhinestones. You just need to not overdo it with glitter, since the white color is solemn in itself.

The styles of evening dresses can be any, but preference is still given to light, airy models.

For evening wear, you can use not only dresses, but also a snow-white trouser suit with wide trousers made of well-draped fabric.

Wedding fashion

White color is a centuries-old favorite of wedding fashion. Despite the fact that modern brides often wear colored dresses, white still remains unrivaled.

For a wedding, you can sew a traditional dress with a full skirt and corset top, or a wedding dress in the Greek style, charming in its simplicity. Short white wedding dresses also look attractive.

If the bride wants brightness, then she can choose an outfit with colored trim. White wedding dresses with scarlet, blue, green, gold or silver trim look great.

White color in the interior

White color has the property of expanding space, that is, pushing the boundaries of rooms. However, nowadays it is rarely chosen as the basis for interior design. The reason is simple - white is not practical. Its use in the interior has both its pros and cons. Its advantages include:

the ability to reflect light, which makes the room seem lighter; a feeling of purity and celebration; visually expands the space in the room; goes well with other colors; creates the impression of freshness and neatness; is not tied to any style; looks great on any materials

Disadvantages of this color:

impracticality (especially for flooring or walls in a children's room) feeling of discomfort (if you overdo it with white in a room, the room will look boring and featureless) difficulties in care (the slightest dirt is visible on white surfaces, so they have to be washed more often than on coatings of more practical colors)

If there is too much white, it creates the effect of a merged space. In such a room it will be uncomfortable, which will create the impression of emptiness. It is more suitable for decorating small rooms that need to be visually expanded. An example is a studio apartment. If the room is large, then you cannot overuse white. If the walls are painted in white shades, then when choosing furniture you should give preference to rich and cheerful colors.

Many modern designers are fond of white, but this trend is just a tribute to fashion. White is relevant at all times, but in reasonable quantities

Use in advertising and business

Marketers associate this color with luxury and wealth, so products designed with an excess of white are designed primarily for wealthy customers, or those who want to appear as such. This color does not have any negative connotation; it would seem that it is generally devoid of emotional coloring. It doesn't cause bad feelings, but it doesn't attract attention either. Therefore, it is not used so often in advertising.

Typically, white is used when the customer simply wants to convey some dry information to people (for example, black font on a white sheet). These could be announcements, messages about certain events, reminders). In this case, a neutral effect is required.

Who is it suitable for?

Every woman has at least a few black items in her wardrobe. What explains such “national” love? Everything is very simple. Black color:

  • is practical;
  • always appropriate;
  • perfectly slimming;
  • goes well with other shades.

But, despite the many advantages, it is worth recognizing that this color is not for everyone. It suits best brunettes with perfect complexion and bright eyes. The complexion can be both light and dark. But black clothes highlight and highlight any defects (wrinkles, pimples, age spots).

Owners of blond hair can also wear black clothes, but it is better for them to “dilute” the color with other shades.

Health effects

White color perfectly absorbs stress after a hard day at work. To relax and unwind, just take a shower and put on a white robe. The person will immediately feel relief. But you shouldn’t stay in a room where everything around is white and monochromatic. The psyche quickly gets tired of a large amount of white.

It is able to regulate the functioning of the endocrine system, improve the condition of the skin, and calm the nerves. A bouquet of snow-white flowers on your desktop will help relieve stress from nervous work. White dilutes negative energy and expands consciousness.

White color helps a person to tune in to a new business, to begin a new stage of life. Under its influence, brain tissue is gradually restored, blood vessels are strengthened, and vision improves. White is a good antidepressant, but in a reasonable dose.

This color improves mental state, gives hope for the future, and helps clarify difficult situations. If a person needs to get rid of painful thoughts, he should wear something white and festive or buy a beautiful white piece for the interior.

* * *

White is the color of life and death, the color of beginning and end, development and rebirth. All the secrets of existence, divine wisdom and earthly simplicity are hidden in it.

The study of white color continues, many experts treat it with some caution, so it is not used too often in color therapy.

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