How to fulfill your desires? Technique of wish fulfillment

  • July 4, 2019
  • Psychology of thinking
  • Anna Smirnova

Whatever man has come up with to quickly implement his plans: spells, rituals, magical drawings and runes. To fulfill your desires, you first need to prepare yourself and the subconscious. How to learn to dream productively? How to quickly fulfill your desires? Are only the lucky ones really lucky, or is there a way to realize your intention that suits everyone?


Before you make a wish, think about whether it is really yours. It often happens that our fantasies are imposed by stereotypes or pictures of a happy life from TV. Try on your desire. Imagine as if the wish has already come true. How does this make you feel? The right desire causes calm joy, satisfaction from possession. The false brings discomfort and awkwardness. A true dream should come from the heart and give positive emotions. Such intentions come true quickly and easily, because they initially live in their owner, they just need to be transferred into life.


The Russian mentality prohibits wishing for the best for oneself. This is considered unethical and selfish. How to fulfill your deepest desire? Give up the habit of judging yourself for your own dreams. You have the right to be happy, buy nice things, travel and work in a job that brings you pleasure. How to learn to fulfill your desires? Try to suppress the nasal inner voice that repeats: “You haven’t lived richly, there’s nothing to start with. Where money speaks, conscience is silent. Money can not buy happiness". Such thoughts, ingrained in the head since childhood, block the flow of finances, and they, in most cases, are necessary for the implementation of intentions. The possibilities of the Universe are limitless, and man has every right to use them. Allow yourself to dream and realize your plans.

Finding yourself and your purpose

I don’t know any special esoteric techniques for finding yourself, your purpose, or at least your favorite thing. Maybe ask the Universe to help you see, understand what you could best realize yourself in, and carefully wait for an answer in the form of signs, sensations, new information. But there is an excellent psychological tool that will help you put things in order in your head, calm raging emotions and open up your creative abilities. I've written about this many times, but I can't help but mention it again - these are Morning Pages.

The essence of the technique: you need to write three pages of text every morning. What text? And anyone. Anything, whatever comes to mind. It is important to write at least three pages, preferably more. On this site you can do it here.

Read more about Morning Pages here.


How often do we thank someone for something? More often we are unhappy and complain about life. Be happy with what you already have, and then the Universe will respond. How to fulfill your desire right now? Imagine that you got what you wanted and thank the Universe for what you already have. This is one of the techniques for realizing a dream, for example, you want your own apartment. This means that your gratitude to the Universe should begin something like this: “I gratefully accept an apartment that suits me in all respects.” Another option: “I thank the Universe for living happily in my own apartment...” Thus, you accept what you would like to see in your life, without martyrdom and remorse, with joy and inner satisfaction.

7. The wish did not come true

Quite often an event does not happen the way you wanted or nothing happens at all. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is learn to trust the world, because the gifts of fate may turn out to be the best thing that happened to you. There are many examples in life when a person received even more than he planned. For example, one guy kept a wish book, where he constantly wrote down his dreams and intentions. After some time, he noticed that everything had come true, but according to a different plan. The difference is that he got even more than he wanted.


The final result that will come true after sending a desire into space directly depends on how you formulate it. Focus on the positive. For example, if you dream of finding family happiness and make the following wish: “I want to get rid of loneliness.” This form of desire will attract even more problems because it is driven by negative emotions. The correct form of expressing intention looks like this: “I gratefully accept into my life a relationship with a loved one who suits me in all respects.” At the same time, you need to be clearly aware of these parameters in order to clearly understand who exactly is right for you. Form a request like an order form, so it will be easier for the Universe to understand and satisfy your wishes. When constructing a sentence with desire, there should be no prefixes “not” or the opposite action. Formulate your requests clearly and in a favorable manner.

Health and weight loss

Prayer “The Holy Spirit Solve All Problems”

Surely, you have seen the prayer “The Holy Spirit, the solver of all problems” a thousand times. For some reason they really like to post it on forums, in comments, etc. But almost no one ever tells whether this prayer helped them. To be honest, I have never used it myself. But one girl wrote a review:

This Prayer is for an important request. I asked to bless our family with healthy children, to easily get pregnant, carry and give birth to healthy children. It can be read once in a lifetime, and after the wish is fulfilled, this prayer must be written where many will read it.

Maybe that’s why they write about her everywhere, that she helped fulfill an important wish? You can read it to fulfill any desire, but the example related to health, I think it’s ideal to use it for this purpose.

This is the prayer. Read 3 times clearly and clearly.

The Holy Spirit, solving all problems, shedding light on all roads so that I can reach my goal. You, who give me the Divine gift of forgiveness and oblivion of all evil. Done against me, in all the storms of life staying with me. In this short prayer, I want to thank You for everything and once again prove that I will never part with You for anything, despite any illusoriness of matter. I want to dwell with You in Your eternal glory. Thank you for all your good deeds to me and my neighbors. I ask you this and that.

Dissolve the disease

Another interesting method, tested many times, was suggested on the forum and in the comments:

I was tormented by illness. And on VK I read about this method - take salt, write what we want to get rid of, I wrote the word “disease”. And you need to whisper into the water, “Dissolve my sorrows, and dissolve my problems. Bring happiness, joy and health to my home.” And with these words, pour water onto the salt, and repeating them, stir with a spoon until dissolved. Then pour it into the sink and thank the Universe. I will say that this is a very powerful ritual! The disease is gone!

The essence of technology, more details

1. Take salt and pour it onto a plate. Use your finger to write on the salt what you want to get rid of. 2. Take water and pour it into a glass. You say the words to this glass of water: “Dissolve my sorrows, and dissolve my problems. Happiness, joy and health have settled in my home." 3. Pour water over the salt, with the same words: "Dissolve my sorrows and dissolve my problems. Happiness, joy and health have settled in my home.” Start stirring the water and salt with a spoon until completely dissolved. All this time you repeat the same words. 4. When the salt has completely dissolved in the water, simply pour the water into the sink. And say “Thank you” to the Universe.

Water spell

Or you can speak water. This method is known to everyone, but, despite its simplicity, for some reason it is rarely used. Probably, there is a lack of self-confidence; many people probably think that only “specially trained” grandmothers can do this. No, anyone can.

But I won’t describe the essence of the technique; it won’t be possible to do it briefly, but the nuances are important. It’s better to read a full, detailed article on this topic from Svetlana Mitina: The Conspiracy of Water or how to make “living water”.

Environmental friendliness

How to fulfill your desires in an environmentally friendly way? Give up hope of influencing other people with its help. The dream should concern you directly, even if you wish health for your children or a well-paid job for your spouse. For example, instead of: “I want my children to be healthy,” it would be correct to formulate this: “I am happy that my children do not get sick and feel great, study well and have friendly relations with others.” That is, project all intentions onto yourself; other people can take care of themselves.

Brief rules for making a wish

Esoterics perfectly formulated the main elements of the request. For this to happen, you need to:

  1. Desire exclusively for yourself. It is prohibited to ask for another person, even the closest one. It is better to forward the person a link to this article. Let him order it himself.
  2. Eliminate the particle "not". This combination of sounds is invisible to angels. Therefore, instead of “not being single,” they read “unmarried.”
  3. Avoid setting strict deadlines. Time should not appear in the assignment. An ultimatum is considered disrespectful to the highest patrons.
  4. Write in the present tense. Imagine this has already happened. Briefly describe the sensations.
  5. Concentrate on feelings. Don't ask for money, but for the pleasure of ownership.
  6. Pay attention to detail. If you want a car, please describe the color and make. But if you dream of a child, then do not describe the baby in detail. They may refuse.
  7. Making riddles is environmentally friendly. This means refusing a negative attitude towards other participants in the process. If you are in love with a married man, then ask for a harmonious partner in destiny. Believe me, the Supreme Ones know better who will make you happy.

Don't dictate to the universe exactly how to perform. She can handle it herself. For example, there is no need to look for sources of finance to acquire what you want. They will open if you do everything correctly.

Two basic laws of success:

  1. Record the request only in high spirits. Drive away sadness from your heart in any way possible. Options: film, music, childhood memories, intimate conversation.
  2. Make the recording calmly. Excitement, anticipation, excessive delight will destroy the possibility of receiving.

After performing the ritual, you need to forget about it. Don't expect to dream every second. Thoughts aimed at what you want will definitely push away a happy chance. Keep yourself busy with something everyday and interesting.


The laws of the Universe are based on balance. If you want to receive something, you must first give something. Give care and attention. Help others selflessly and joyfully. There are always many people around who need care, not necessarily financial. It is enough to visit a nursing home, look after lonely pensioners or children in orphanages. You can do something nice for a loved one, give a gift or do a good deed. Every little thing will result in positive moments in your own life.

Signs Your Wishing Manifestation is Working

Here are the signs to look for to know that manifestation has worked and you are heading in the right direction. Some of them will seem subtle, and some will seem significant and even flashy.

  • You hear mentions of your desires from others. This is an overheard conversation or discussion on the radio where people mention something related to your manifestation.
  • Excitement. If you feel emotional excitement for no reason, this may be a sign that the manifestation of what you want is close.
  • You see repeating numbers. Such signs are important in our lives and are a good sign of a working manifestation of desire. Pay attention to the numbers that regularly catch your eye.
  • Others talk to you about your goals. People around you may bring up topics related to your desires (even if they don't know about your current goal).

These are just some of the many possible signs. Read more about the signs of the Universe in the article “How to learn to see and understand signs? Development of intuition."

For a more extensive understanding of the principles of manifestation, I encourage you to read Mia Ohm's book Effective Magic.


The most important thing about how to fulfill your desires is not to dwell on them. They made a wish, wrote it down and forgot. Just put the dream in a distant box in your head - this is a working technique for making a wish come true. Take it out of there only to maintain motivation, and the brain itself will find options for implementation. Release your dream into space, the Universe will decide how it should come true. There is no need to scroll through the options and chain of events in your head. This can slow down the entire implementation process.

Techniques for attracting love

The technique of making and fulfilling wishes is a powerful tool for attracting love. Since ancient times, our ancestors knew how to find a soul mate in order to live happily with her for many years. First of all, you should open your soul to this great feeling and be ready to meet it, to let it into the life of a second person. Love is not only the willingness to accept the attentions and care of another person. It presupposes, first of all, the ability to give, accept as it is, and not strive to remake it according to one’s own prism of concepts and values.

To find your soulmate, you need to visualize the image of a person who seems like an ideal couple. You should clearly understand how you spend your time in a place, what you do, what your habits and preferences are. The power of thought is considered by magicians to be the surest way to find love. When you have an accurate and detailed image of your partner in your head, you need to let go of the desire, simply send it into space so that the Higher Powers receive the necessary information and can make your dream come true.

Love spells and other magical rituals cannot be called correct in love, although no one denies their effectiveness. It’s just that such techniques make love unreal. If you strive for an honest relationship and dream of a happy, long life together, it is better to turn to the Higher Powers so that they can see how ready you are for a serious relationship and send a meeting with your soulmate.

Simoron’s technique for fulfilling desires is considered by many in the love sphere to be quite effective. She offers several rituals to find a match. There are many adherents who use it to solve a wide variety of problems in life. Everyone is free to determine for themselves the most effective practice for building their own life.

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How to make a wish correctly

There are several rules for formulating desires in the right way. This is one of the secrets you need to know to achieve the desired result. So:

  1. The intention should belong only to you and concern you personally. Formulate your desire on your own behalf, without involving others.
  2. If the dream affects someone close to you, shift the focus to yourself.
  3. The wording should be with the message that you already have what you want.
  4. The most specific description possible. This is especially true for personal life. Write down point by point what you want to see at the finish line. For example, if this is a husband, then write down in detail all the qualities that are important to you in him as a man. For example: caring, loving, wealthy, not greedy, loves children, and so on. Write what is important to you, try not to miss a single moment in the description.
  5. You can't use negation. The message should be positive and direct, setting up for immediate execution. For example: “I will never eat sweets at night again,” replace with the phrase: “I eat delicious and healthy food that helps make my figure ideal.” Practice correctly expressing your thoughts in a positive way.
  6. Remove frames. All restrictions are only in your head. For example, there is a desire to earn a certain amount per month. Add the phrase “and even more” to the wording, then the dream will sparkle with new colors and the Universe itself will decide what framework is acceptable. The possibilities are endless, and you need to take advantage of them.
  7. Regarding financial dreams: initially decide why you need this amount. Having specific physical goals for financial investments is the key to actually achieving your desires. Money doesn't like abstraction. Is there a way to fulfill your desire right now? You can achieve quick results if you let the Universe provide different options for realizing your plans. Therefore, when thinking of a million to buy a car, it is better to put the car itself first. Perhaps it will come to you in a completely different way, without savings. For example, you win the lottery or receive gifts from loved ones.
  8. Be sure to write down your wish. In order for fulfillment to happen as quickly as possible, the brain must see the physical embodiment of the dream, at least in writing. Moreover, it is advisable to do this with pen and paper, rather than saving printed text in notes on your phone. Then the information will be recorded in the subcortex of the brain, and the intention will begin to come true miraculously.

How to attract money? Best techniques

In fact, in order to have more money in your life, first of all you need to change your thinking, get rid of, so to speak, the “psychology of poverty.” We have already written a lot about this, read about how to develop the psychology of wealth.

But still, you can use certain techniques to make more money in your life. Techniques also help to tune in to wealth.

Our favorites:

Money House

A very effective technique proposed by Svetlana Kuleshova - Money House. She herself writes about the results: “I managed to increase my income 3 times, large sums of 30,000 or 50,000 rubles began to appear at once. A car appeared.” Personally, I, my sister, our marathon participants and many site visitors have already made such houses for ourselves, and our income has increased.

The essence of the “Money House” technique: you need to create a beautiful house for money. You can use a box (don't forget to cut out windows and doors) or buy a ready-made house, after which you need to make furniture for this house. After that, put coins and a few bills in the house.

You can read all the details and reviews here.

Money mat

Another technique from Svetlana Kuleshova, which received a lot of feedback, is the money mat. For example, the reviews are:

11/16/2015 Author: Diana This is cool! I couldn’t find a job for a long time; I had a hard time living with money at the expense of my parents. Since there was no money, I made the rug myself and knitted it for 2 days. I did everything according to the instructions, and after I activated it, amazing things began to happen. A friend offered me an excellent job, and they paid me every week; in the first week of work, I managed to exceed the plan and received 8,000 rubles. more. My hobby is doing makeup and one photographer invited me to work with him at a photo shoot, my work was noticed and now I also go out to do makeup for money, at various events and photo shoots. Just imagine 2 weeks ago I had nothing, but now I have so much and I always have money in my wallet. Thank you very much to the creators of the site, I now believe in the power of thought and miracles) 05-11-2015 Author: Zhenya Aaaaaa... It works. I find this incredible, but the facts say otherwise. 5 days ago I ran out and bought it. I don’t really believe in the phase of the moon, so I didn’t wait for the new moon, but I sincerely believed in my rug). And lo and behold, today I receive super news, in the month of October I had the most contracts for the sale of services of one company, the sales amount exceeded 3 million and this company awarded me a pleasant cash bonus and a vacation package to Prague for 4 days. To say I'm shocked is an understatement. Firstly, no one had talked about such a bonus before, and secondly, I didn’t even think that I had so many sales. I love your site and thank you so much for this technique.

The essence of the “Money Mat” technique: you will need a new beautiful red mat. On the back of the rug you need to write “Wealth and success”, then place it at the entrance to the hallway, and under it a piece of paper with the phrase “My monthly income….. I am rich and very successful.” When leaving the house, stop on the mat, relax and imagine how it is filled with money, how the energy of wealth fills you.

You can read all the details and reviews here.

I am a money magnet

This is af - I am a Money Magnet. Say it to yourself every day.

I am a money magnet. Everything I touch turns to gold. I have more wealth than King Solomon's mines. Money falls from the sky on me. At the moment, even more money is being printed for me. Ideas that bring money come to me every day. I get unexpected checks in the mail. I have more than enough money for everything I want. I have the house of my dreams. I have the best. I am grateful for every day and celebrate it. I know when I ask for what I want, no matter what it is, no matter how impossible it may seem, if I believe and know that it is mine, the answer must be... “I listen and obey.”

How to use meditation?

Meditation is a state that helps clear thoughts and relax the body. During the period of meditation, it is necessary to abstract from pressing problems and switch your consciousness to something pleasant. This relieves tension and makes clear what was overlooked in the turmoil. Meditation for fulfillment of desires is useful because you can free up your brain for new ideas regarding your dreams. Pure consciousness is capable of generating ideas that simply had not been thought of before.

For successful meditation, you first need to stop all internal dialogues. Stop re-washing past events, dialogues, and reliving the past. Stop the flow of thoughts about the future, focus on the present moment. Usually people who are far from esotericism and yoga think that to meditate you need to learn highly spiritual teachings and become on par with the guru. In fact, anyone can do this every day, for example before bed. First you need to take a comfortable position, the one in which you feel as relaxed as possible. Lying down is a great option. Comfortable clothing should not distract you, remove sources of extraneous sounds (phone, computer, TV), ask your loved ones not to disturb you for a while. Listen to your feelings; you can count your inhalations and exhalations to focus. Feel every part of the body, this exercise is useful for developing intuition. It may not work out the first time, since the human mind is designed in such a way that thoughts come in an endless stream. The task when meditating to fulfill desires is to stop reacting to them, to look at your life as if from the outside. Often our intentions are thwarted with unnecessary worry or stress about their implementation. You need to be able to collect facts in your head without judgment and determine the course of further events rationally and without extraneous emotions. The main thing is regular relaxation training; ultimately, it will be possible to achieve this state in the daily chaos, regardless of external conditions. Then the percentage of emotional, rash decisions will automatically decrease, and the implementation of plans will happen faster.

Improved relationships

Hawaiian Cleansing Technique or Ho'oponopono

A very popular technique that produces incredible results is the Hawaiian Cleansing Technique or Ho'oponopono. I first heard about it here, and since then I have repeatedly used it to solve some problem situations. Many visitors to the site also talked about their experiences: with the help of this technique you can solve many problematic situations, but it works especially well for improving relationships. If you have difficulties (conflicts, misunderstandings, etc.) with your mother-in-law, mother, colleagues, girlfriend, or anyone, try this technique. Very soon you will see changes. But I want to warn you that sometimes the situation temporarily worsens, it seems that it has become even worse. You have to experience this, continue to do it, systematically, every day, and then everything will be harmonized.

The essence of the Ho'oponopono technique: Since a person creates his surrounding reality with his thoughts, it is worth starting the process of cleansing from himself by soulfully repeating the following phrases: 1. I'm very sorry 2. Forgive me 3. Thank you/Thank you 4. I Love You

Using this technique, it is especially effective to improve relationships with people, with loved ones, colleagues, mother-in-law, or anyone else that you think is worth improving. If you are interested in this technique, read the book by its author, Joe Vitale, “Life Without Limits” and check out the forum.

Mental conversation

There are a huge number of varieties of this technique; you can communicate with a person on a mental level using meditation, incl. aimed, for example, at working out the relationship specifically with your mother, but you can do this in any form, mentally. For example, one of the site visitors suggests this method:

The essence of the “Mental Conversation” technique (quote):

“I want to share one proven method for getting out of a difficult situation when you are treated badly and unfairly. Before going to bed, relax and arrange a conversation between our higher selves. You calmly talk to the person, mentally imagining him and explaining to him what he is wrong about and your position on this issue, then calmly tell him what to do correctly and what he is wrong or mistaken about. . In a notebook, every day we briefly formulate the result we need. For example, “N apologized to me, stopped harassing me, insulting me, paid my salary, relations improved,” etc. This ritual is performed until the situation gets better. For example, I can say that it was verified both by my business partner, who accused me unfairly and demanded an unrealistic amount during division, and by the collective misunderstanding of my daughter’s envious girlfriends. I have resolved these very difficult situations using this technique. I’m happy to share, it works, just don’t give up and don’t get nervous when talking with your higher self and everything will work out. Good luck!"

If your clients annoy you

Almost everyone who works a lot with people, for example, with store visitors, beauty salon clients, etc., sometimes experiences irritation and fatigue. There are psychological explanations for this (when clients show aggression, complain a lot, etc.) and esoteric (when you are energetically and emotionally devastated). If this is your case, then try placing a water bottle near your work area. Water will take away negative energy. At the end of each working day, throw this bottle away. Advice from the forum will help you psychologically tune in to the client:

“Try to see a person in each of your clients. Imagine that you came to yourself and met yourself in such a terrible mood. I don't think you would like it. Clients also annoy me from time to time. And when this happens, I go and... pour them tea, put candy on the saucer, smile, and they immediately become so good-natured too. And my irritation disappears as if by hand. In a moment of strong irritation, do the opposite: talk to people, you can exchange a couple of simple phrases like: “Wow, how wet you are, the weather is terrible! Warm up” And force a smile! And yet, you don’t need to come to work with the expectation that now…these freaks will come again, etc. Imagine that a fat girl with a laugh will come in, followed by a handsome guy, then a modest man with glasses... that’s enough for your imagination. I think sooner or later you’ll actually see them.”


This practice is one of the main ones for the successful realization of desires. When visualizing, you need to clearly imagine that you have already received what you wanted. Choose one desire, focus on what it is and what it will give you. For example, you dream of an apartment. Imagine how you enter this room, how many rooms there are, the sound of your steps, the smell of fresh plaster and sunlight through the windows. You need to feel the moment of fulfillment of a desire in order to be ready to accept it when the time comes. Be attentive to your feelings. It happens that a person feels out of place, uncomfortable or uncomfortable. This means that the desire is false and is not truly yours. Such a wish will probably not come true, and if it does, it will not bring happiness.

Once the desire is selected, review its implementation in reverse order. If we take our example as a basis, then start visualizing from the place in the apartment to which you have reached, and gradually return. Mentally divide your journey into 10 parts and play one of the pieces in reverse order in your head for 10 days. Why is this being done? This way, a clear understanding will be recorded in the subconscious that you already have what you want. This means that the path to realization has been completed, and starting it again will not be difficult. Reinforce every day with emotions, enjoy what you do, and be grateful to the Universe for it.

Dream come true in a month

In 30 days you can fulfill any dream if you correctly perform the following ritual:

  • Write the message down on paper. Buy 15 wood beads and 15 glass beads. String the beads on an undyed thread made from natural materials.
  • Every day before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up, say your wish as many times as there are beads on a string. They will perform the function of a rosary. While pronouncing your wish, clearly imagine what you have planned.

Repeating it 30 times will open energy flows that will lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

Open the following video, where you will have the opportunity to fulfill one wish in just a minute.

Mantras or affirmations

In reality, each of us has our own mantra that we can use. This is a phrase that needs to be repeated in a situation when there is an energy decline and it seems that the dream will never come true. Mantras for fulfilling desires should be easy to remember and pop up in your head automatically. They may change over time depending on preferences. For example:

  • “Every day my life gets better and better.” Even if there is collapse around you, repeat this phrase, and gradually your thinking will begin to change. After all, even the most severe failures bring us lessons for self-development and bring goodness.
  • “I have found/found my purpose and am successfully realizing it.” Suitable for those who have not yet figured out why they came into this world. Helps you tune in to the best and look for opportunities for development.
  • “Everything I do is aimed at success and prosperity.” For those who are not confident in their own abilities and do not know how to fulfill their desires.
  • “My income is growing every day.” Allows you to set yourself up for productivity and energizes you for financial desires.
  • “I love and accept myself.” Reinforces self-confidence.
  • "My Universe loves me." When everything seems to be turning against you. This mantra of wish fulfillment directs the subconscious to search for the most successful options for realizing your plans.

You can come up with some of your own affirmations that will personally bring you energy and direct your activities in the right direction. Their task is to return attention to the main goal, to distract from unnecessary worries and worries. Force the brain to generate ideas to fulfill intentions.

Ways to make wishes come true

There are many ways to bring your desires closer to fulfillment. All of them are based on the power of the human subconscious and the training of positive thinking.

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The most popular and effective of them:

  1. Affirmations are positive statements that need to be repeated daily. Option for psychological auto-training. It tunes you into a wave of positive emotions and thoughts, as a result of which your subconscious finds all sorts of ways to fulfill your desires.
  2. Visualization using a wish map. You draw or look for suitable images, stick them on whatman paper and sign them with positive affirmations. Within a year, all wishes made should come true. We wrote in detail about how to create and activate a wish card in this article.
  3. Meditations and energy practices. There are many of them - below we will talk about one of the most effective techniques for instant fulfillment of desires.

Regardless of the method you choose, practice daily. Develop the habit of thinking positively, and then your dreams will come true as if by magic.

Obstacles on the way to fulfillment of desires

In the heads of many people there are offensive and sometimes absurd beliefs that slow them down on the path to realizing their plans. A person may believe that nothing will come of his idea and worry about the opinions of others. They often doubt their own abilities, complain about their age or lack of professional experience. There are especially many negative beliefs related to money. For example, that you can’t earn a lot of money, that you can’t live in abundance honestly, that there’s always not enough of it. In order to get rid of thoughts that put you in a reactive state and stop the process of fulfilling your desires, you need to do the following:

  1. Identify and formulate for yourself what exactly the problem is, how exactly the negative belief sounds in your head. Write them down on a piece of paper in a column.
  2. Choose the most persistent one, the one that destroys in the bud all attempts to move forward on the path to realizing your plans. Try to remember where you got it from. Perhaps it was imposed in childhood or it is often repeated by the spouse. Say goodbye to it and write down something else next to it, new and worked out in a positive way. For example: money brings me joy and freedom, I easily and quickly earn... thousands a month and even more.
  3. Introducing a new belief will take some effort. The first option: mentally scroll through the new installation five times. The second option: record audio with your own voice and listen to it on your way to work or in any other free time. Continue this technique for 21 days. The results will not take long to arrive.

Examples that can be repeated

What is clearer to the brain is not a list of rules, but a prototype. Below are several wishes on various topics. Check it out to understand the principle.

About the birth of a child:

  1. I am raising my beloved child in a complete harmonious family with affection, attention and understanding.
  2. I carry under my heart the heir of my family.
  3. Every day I admire my son/daughter’s actions, incredible talents, perseverance, and optimism.

Wealth and prosperity:

  1. My daily life is filled with abundance and prosperity.
  2. I have a financial reserve that fills my soul with a sense of stability and security.
  3. Money pours into my hands in a continuous stream. I am happy to manage a large income.

Heart Sphere:

  1. I feel love in every cell of my beautiful body. My husband/boyfriend responds to me with sincere reciprocity.
  2. My husband and I experience constant attraction, we miss being away from each other, we strive to spend as much time together as possible. (This is for the currently single).
  3. I am married to a man destined to be.

Career and business:

  1. I am a professionally trained, unique specialist. Industries/companies/people need my work.
  2. Solvent, grateful, respectful clients are drawn to me. I am fully qualified to provide them with the assistance they need.
  3. I am an inventive, dexterous, successful businessman. My income is constantly increasing.

Living conditions:

  1. I am the owner of a beautiful, comfortable, spacious house.
  2. I own a Tesla car.
  3. I live in a cozy, comfortable five-room apartment.

Beauty and health:

  1. My problem (name) is solved in the simplest, most environmentally friendly and fastest way.
  2. I am slim, cheerful, filled with positive energy.

For the New Year:

  1. I get timely opportunities to implement my ideas.
  2. I am happy, joyful, optimistic. The chances are reaching out to me.

On New Year's Eve you can write a wish on any topic. Not necessarily one. Don't limit yourself.

It is also optimal to make wishes on the new moon. For this, there are separate techniques that push the request to heaven.

How to let go of desire

Over-importance is when a dream is so strong that a person can’t think about anything else. Such a focus on intention creates a lot of obstacles in its implementation. The Universe loves to maintain balance in everything. Therefore, an easy attitude towards what is happening gives rise to ease in fulfilling desires. How to let go of importance and switch to other things? First, think about the option in which your wish will not come true. It is likely that much more interesting options will appear. Secondly, do things that will distract you from your main desire. And thirdly, you can do the following practice: on a piece of paper, correctly formulate your desire with all the details, without denial and environmentally friendly. Fold the sheet into an airplane and release it out the window with the following words to fulfill wishes: “I trust my desire to the Universe and I know that it will fulfill it in the best possible way.”

3. Always formulate your desires correctly

If your mental formulations are incorrect, then all efforts to fulfill your desires will be reduced to zero. I personally know many examples when a person made a specific wish and received the expected result. For example, a girl dreamed of a prestigious job, imagined and described her workplace in detail. As a result, she received the desired position, but only for a few months. Or here’s another example: a woman dreamed of becoming pregnant and set precisely this goal, forgetting about the child itself and his health. She soon became pregnant, but a month later she had a miscarriage. There are many examples of similar situations. The formulation of desires is of great importance, so it will be useful for you to learn how to fulfill desires by correctly formulating them.

The first main rule is to always convert your desires into intentions. Only after you have identified what you want and clearly formulated it, the time begins when you need to convert it into an intention. How does desire differ from intention? It's very simple, intention is what you really intend to get, that is, the result, but desires are just dreams. Intention is the confidence to achieve your goals. You don’t dream or want to get something, but you are determined and have no doubt that all your plans will come true.

Best days for wishes

The most energetically powerful days for making wishes are the days of the new moon. It is customary to formulate statements of intentions and release them into space on holidays, for example, New Year or birthday. Such days are filled with good wishes, which means they carry strong mass energy. It is also beneficial to practice wish-fulfillment techniques on the days of the spring and autumn equinox. There are still a few days a year that are filled with power from well-placed planets.

Golden minute of the day

To fulfill a wish, you can calculate the most favorable moment. First you need to choose a strong date to send your intention into space. Suitable numbers of the month are from 1 to 24. The selected date will indicate the hour, and the order of the month will indicate the minute. For example: you chose September 15th for making a wish, which means that the golden minute of the day for the fulfillment of a wish falls at 15:09. If the day is chosen from the 25th to the 31st, then the month becomes an hour and the date becomes minutes. For example: you chose March 30, which means the golden minute will be at 03:30. The main requirement is to make only one most cherished wish and let it go until it comes true.

Believe in the fulfillment of your desires, visualize and imagine that they have already come true. This way the brain will tune in to achieving the goal, and the dream will gradually become a reality.

8.Your intuition, hidden signs

How to make wishes come true? Where to begin? The first thing is to create your intention. Then reduce the importance by switching to other things, just observe what surrounds you. There is a high probability that life will give you a lot of opportunities to achieve your goals. As for signs, there are many theories about this. Some people believe this by looking at matching license plate numbers or the occasional car breakdown before an important event. But others believe that this is all nonsense, trusting their intuition, which constantly prompts with unexpected thoughts and dictates to us to make spontaneous and sometimes rash decisions. After a while it turns out that everything was not in vain. So never ignore your intuition.

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