Tactical pen: what is it and what is it for?

Every person tries to protect themselves. Some enroll in self-defense courses, others find allies or defenders, and still others purchase self-defense equipment. Buyers have high demands, so manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times and produce devices that are accessible to all age and gender groups, and also have an acceptable price-quality ratio. Among such self-defense items, the tactical pen stands out.

History of occurrence and methods of application

It is almost impossible to establish the exact date of development. However, we can safely say that it appeared exactly after the release of the Kubotan, which was released in the 1970s.

The tactical pen has become a worthy analogy and competitor to its predecessor. This self-defense item is made in the form of a simple stationery pen. It easily fits in the pocket of everyday clothes, you do not need to obtain special permission to wear it, and its appearance does not cause fear or apprehension.

For the reasons listed above, you can always carry it with you. It does not raise any questions from law enforcement agencies. In appearance, this is an expensive and stylish accessory, while the device actually performs the main specified function - writing, although it is inconvenient for them to do this.


You can often find tactical pens made of light metals in stores. Aluminum or titanium alloy are popular. Plastic models are much less common. The use of light metals and plastic reduces the quality characteristics of a self-defense device.

Given the minimum dimensions, the use of light metals reduces the weight of the product. These two criteria affect impact force and strength. So choose steel or brass. The mass of the product doubles at once, which means the impact will be stronger.

Interesting Facts

This product, unlike a knife, is not prohibited from being carried and used, since, in fact, it is an ordinary pen. Plus, the handles in front of the knife are also safe for the owner. The knife is an offensive weapon. It is not so safe to use it for self-defense.

When choosing a tactical pen, you need to focus on the following features:

  1. Product strength. It is better if it is made of stainless steel or titanium: this model will withstand many impacts. A tactical pen can be made of hard wood (bamboo, etc.). Products made from aircraft aluminum also work well, but plastic is definitely not suitable.
  2. Comfortable and stable in the hand. Holding in the hand is an important, but highly individual factor. You need to check in advance how firmly and comfortably the product is held in your hand: the force of the impact depends on this. It is advisable to choose a product with ring notches - they prevent slipping. Special knurling, curly protrusions or corrugation will not be superfluous.
  3. The tip of the product. It should be sharp enough and strong. A super-sharp handle is not needed (there is a risk of unintentionally killing the attacker) - a reinforced tip with increased penetrating power will do. It’s good if the model is equipped with a reliable clip or clip, thanks to which you can hide the product in your pocket.
  4. Which rod is suitable for this product. It is desirable that it be the most common type, which can be purchased at a regular stationery store.
  5. Attaching the cap. There are two options: manual fixation (like with simple fountain pens) or using a thread. The last method is more reliable.
  6. There are also additional elements. For example, a model may have a glass breaker, which is used to break a car window in emergency situations.

Look at the appearance of the handle. Since it can successfully write, it will become a stylish accessory.

The real functionality of a tactical pen, is it effective on its own?

Tactical pen - what is it? This is a popular and useful device that is responsible for several functions:

  1. It can be used for important records. It’s inconvenient for her to write a long text, but it’s definitely suitable for a couple of notes.
  2. Durability and reliability allows it to be used as a stop or lever.
  3. In the hands of a master, a pen becomes an object of self-defense.

Many models are equipped with a sharp and reinforced tip that serves as a glass breaker. In addition to the main functions, there are a number of additional ones. In some cases, this brutal accessory is equipped with a flashlight, compass or even a knife.

Monteverde has released a real multi-tool . They equipped the handle with a stylus for smartphone screens, and the other end with bits with two types of screwdrivers. In addition, a level is built into the rod of the product, and a ruler is located on the body.

Using a pen for self-defense

The Internet is replete with advertisements about a miracle invention that will help anyone cope with even a stronger opponent with a knife in their hands. This is just a marketing ploy.

After listening to a lecture by an experienced salesman, many rush into battle even with strong opponents. After this, the owners of the invention are disappointed in it and spend an additional amount, but on treatment and medications.

Note! No one warns the buyer that in the advertisement all the actions of the actors are perfected down to the second and planned by the director.

It brings real benefits only to martial arts experts. The fight with an opponent when using this item is carried out using the knife fighting technique. That is, injections and pokes are applied, the same grips are used. At the same time, the opponent with a knife in his hands has an advantage, because he has a real edged weapon in his hands. Pricking and poking with a pen does not have the same penetrating power.

When fighting, it is recommended to strike at painful points that are not protected by clothing. Often this is the face, neck and throat. In a real fight, this is almost impossible to do, and climatic conditions reduce the risk of falling into the indicated places.

Blows to the head are most effective in winter. As an alternative to a successful fight, you can consider delivering a series of lightning-fast and powerful blows to your opponent. At the same time, you must be confident in your fighting skills, the precision of your strikes, and also in your dominance over your opponent.

Note! Any use of a tactical pen requires good skill and extensive training. Otherwise, having a pen will not save your life and health. If a person has not been trained, then he will be able to effectively use it only if it gets into the eyes or throat.

Using a pen for self-defense

In many promotional videos you can see how a tactical pen can be used to easily neutralize a stronger enemy, even if he has a knife. Having taken a self-defense course from such “PR people,” many are not afraid to engage in combat even with an armed enemy, often losing their life or health during this unequal fight. Never forget that a tactical pen is nothing more than an ordinary object, and a knife is a murder weapon.

The main thing in the technique of using a tactical pen in combat is various injections, and the use of the pen occurs in the manner of knife fighting, using the same grips. We must not forget that this is not a knife, and the injection does not have sufficient penetrating force.

So, to cause significant damage, blows must be delivered to pressure points unprotected by clothing, the face, neck or throat. In real combat, it is very difficult to poke a pen into the neck or face area, and our climatic conditions are not very conducive to light clothing.

The second option for effectively using a tactical pen is to deliver a lightning-fast series of many strikes on the enemy. To implement this tactic, you need to surpass the enemy in combat skills by several levels.

In a street fight, no one will allow you to poke at a painful point that is not covered by clothing. Any technique using a tactical pen requires good skills and long training. An untrained person will only be able to effectively use a tactical pen if they accidentally get it in the eye or throat.

Tactical pen technique

If you nevertheless decide to buy yourself this item for self-defense, then it is recommended to study the basics of its use in practice. Knowing how to hold an accessory correctly is half the battle.

There are three types of grips:

  1. Straight knife. It cannot be considered one of the most convenient if you have a handle in your hands. Compared to a knife, it does not have a stop, so it can slip into a fist.
  2. Reverse grip. It is considered to be in demand and effective. With its help, the handle is securely fastened in the hand, and the thumb placed on the reverse end prevents the handle from slipping out.
  3. Palm rest. This grip can only be recommended for experienced fighters whose palms have hard calluses. With this grip, the end of the handle rests in the middle of the palm, and the rod itself passes through the fingers clenched into a fist between the middle and ring fingers.

The owner of a tactical pen in his pocket must learn the basic rule of successful combat - surprise use. Set yourself up to use the pen once and as unexpectedly as possible. So, you can deliver a strong blow that will neutralize your opponent for a while.

If the blow is of insufficient force or is aimed at the “wrong” place, then the second blow will already be expected by the opponent and will not bring the desired result.

Choosing the Best Tactical Pen Model

The tactical pen, in turn, does not raise questions or concerns. The law does not prohibit wearing it, since it still belongs to the category of ordinary stationery pens.

If, despite all the nuances and subtleties, you still buy a tactical pen for yourself, then you should familiarize yourself with the selection criteria. First of all, decide whether you want to become the owner of a branded and high-quality accessory or a Chinese analogue will suffice. This will significantly affect the cost of the device. First determine what you need it for.

Criteria for selection:

If you have already prepared a significant amount for the purchase, then you should remember that a tactical pen is a small accessory that can easily get lost. Perhaps you should reconsider your choice and opt for cheap Chinese analogues. However, they can be of high quality. Their loss will not be so unpleasant.

When purchasing these everyday items that are designed to help you in critical situations, you should use common sense and be aware of responsibility for your actions. You should not buy too aggressive models that will arouse curiosity among law enforcement agencies.


Penetration ability of various brands of tactical pens

In pursuit of taking a leading position among sellers of self-defense products, manufacturers of the most popular brands ordered an independent test. The following manufacturers took part in the competition with their best inventions:

  • the best tactical pens from Boker Plus Tactical Pen CID , Laix B 5 , Smith & Wesson M&P ;
  • Kubotan knife made in China;
  • A simple ballpoint pen made of durable plastic.

As a competitor, the testing group chose a sports mat, on which a jacket was put on for plausibility. During the test, the leader was immediately identified - this is Kubotan. The blade went into the sports mat up to the hilt.

The simplest ballpoint pen won the silver medal. The small diameter allowed it to enter the cage 50% further than tactical handles.

However, even among tactical pens there are test winners. The Smith & Wesson M&P bullet pen took first place. That is, we can judge that with its help it is possible to inflict painful and heavy blows. The other two pens shared the honorable second place.

Despite the summed up results, the pen is still an effective defense device. In skillful hands, it can compete with weapons. But if you don’t have the skills, then a stone or stick picked up from the ground will be more useful.

Collecting EDC: tactical pens

In the last article we talked about what kubotans are, what they are intended for and which kubotan is right for you.

This time we want to develop this topic a little more and talk about tactical pens. This phenomenon is relatively new and not always clear.

So what is a tactical pen, what are its main features and what materials are used for manufacturing? So, let's go.

In short, a tactical pen is a ballpoint or gel pen in a hard casing that can be used as a means of self-defense for striking. (It is important to remember here about personal responsibility before the law, and also that the use of any object to cause bodily harm may be construed as the use of “shock-crushing action”).

Important points to consider when choosing a tactical pen:

Review of popular tactical pen models

So, let's go over the popular options that you can find in our store.

The champion in terms of the set of characteristics is, undoubtedly, the TACTICAL HANDLE BM1100-14, DAMASCUS STAINLESS. DAMASTEEL, BLUE INK from Benchmade. We have never seen anything more strict, impeccable and elegant. If you don’t set yourself any tactical goals, then such a pen will be quite company with your new iPhone and crocodile leather briefcase. The pen body is made of Damascus steel. And the main technological secret of this device is that it is Damascus made of powder steel - Damastil. That is, it is powder Damascus. It cannot be broken at all. Nothing and nothing. The only people who can beat Chuck Norris are Chuck Norris and a guy with a damask steel tactical pen.

A more modest and practical option is the BM1100-2 TACTICAL PEN, BLACK INK from the same brand, made in the same form factor. The only material used here is aircraft-grade aluminum. Very light, stylish and reliable tactical pen. Thanks to the shape of the body and the flat cap, the pen fits very confidently in the hand. One of the best options in terms of reliability-convenience-price ratio.

If handles with a textured body seem too aggressive to you, then the next option will leave you with no doubts. This is a TACTICAL ROCKET PEN BLACK, BOKER PLUS 09BO065, BLACK. Well, yes, someone will say, this is an ordinary pen in a metal case, what’s tactical about it? And he will be right. But behind the modest appearance lies a steely character. There is a video on YouTube where this handle is hammered into a dry wooden board. They hammer it in. And then they take it out using a nail puller and pliers. And the pen writes quite well. Nice pen, don't you agree?


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