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Career achievements are not always expressed by the title of an administrative position held. In many types of activities, a career consists of mass recognition of the results of a given person’s work by other people. For example, cultural figures, athletes, specialists and others who again and again “with their own hands” create reasons for admiration from other people, without managing their colleagues.

Why do you need to develop your career?

Everyone dreams of rapid career growth and the coveted leadership position. However, in order for the plan to come true, considerable efforts will have to be made. It is worth determining why you need professional promotion. Some people are hungry for development, others want to get rich, others just want to lead a team. After identifying the main goal, it is worth understanding ,

how to build a career.

  • Someone thinks that he has stayed too long in one place. You need to find out whether you want innovation in this company or want to change your activities as a whole. In both cases, you need to look for trainings, courses, exhibitions and expand your skills.
  • If the goal is to earn money, never focus your consciousness on it. First of all, a high-quality task is completed - and only after that the calculation. Do projects at a high level and you will be noticed - your salary will certainly increase significantly.

Tales about personnel reserve and career planning

Nobody needs your career but you. The exceptions are wives, and even then not all of them, but only those who want to satisfy their need for dominance and other instincts, taking advantage of the achievements of their husbands.

Other careerists can pull you up with them, they can teach you something useful and equip you with some skills and connections. But only in those cases when it is possible to earn money from you, present the outstanding results of your work as your own, and have a relatively dedicated performer in your person. But in such cases, you will always be left in third roles, and only as long as you constantly demonstrate work efficiency and selfless devotion and obedience. There is nothing immoral about this, because this is the instinctive natural behavior of other human beings. You will sincerely be considered a valuable and convenient subject for the manifestation of their dominance.

Therefore, fashionable fairy tales about the formation of a personnel reserve, about planning the careers of employees, described in the books of inventors and theorists, are just fairy tales. Yes, the bustle under their guise is sometimes present in political parties and in public corporations managed by hired temporary managers who do not care about the future of these organizations, but they need to fulfill nice-sounding “formalities”.

If you delve into the essence of the criteria for selecting personnel reserves and analyze how it works in practice, comparing the quality of politicians and/or managers of the same organization, current and former 20 - 30 - 50 years ago, then the degradation is visible to the naked eye. Alas, the selection is carried out mainly on compliance, willingness to compromise and the ability to comply with the rules of the game, including taking “sins on the soul” in order to be able to punish when trying to show an uncoordinated initiative. And no one has canceled the principle of those in power promoting their heirs. That is, the further it goes, the weaker and weaker the managers become. Added to this are the consequences of the constant degradation of the mass education system due to the decline in the quality of teachers, each next generation of which is the product of training by weaker “teachers” than the previous one.

The results of such personnel work are also influenced by the quality of its performers. After all, the performers are also people with the same instincts as the reptiles, and me, and you. Imagine yourself in the place of a person who realizes that he is selecting those who with a non-zero probability can become his personal boss. How would you ensure your safety and demonstrate dominance? What qualifications do these party or corporate officials have? What social instincts are inherent in these bureaucrats, who are usually aware that the path to the top of this system is closed to them personally?

Another important question is what specific qualities should a careerist who agrees to go through such a sieve have? The fact of the matter is that he should not show individuality, leadership, intelligence, firmness, responsibility for his destiny, but must be flexible, obedient, efficient, loyal, observing rules and concepts. He has no right to grumble if it is not him who is promoted, but a competitor who happens to be in the right place at the right time or an undergrowth related to someone high-ranking.

The rules for training personnel reserves formalized in this particular organization are ALWAYS based on the allegedly inherent equal degree of rationality of people and the same mandatory reaction to external influences. They NEVER take into account the predominance of instinctive behavior over rational behavior, as well as the physical and social uniqueness of each individual. Therefore, they are inevitably focused on non-existent people and lead to the selection of those who verbally demonstrate compliance with these requirements, while ignoring the results of their work.

This approach inevitably leads to the collapse of organizations as soon as the proportion of selected incompetent verbiages exceeds a critical value. A clear example is the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union), which collapsed when the number of functionaries who came to it for access to the “sausage” exceeded the number of career specialists. The same can be seen by looking closely at the collapse of the once powerful parties of the so-called developed countries. The same thing affects old and young public corporations around the world.

If your career aspirations fit into such games, then you can play them.

Benefits of career growth

Many may say that working above the norm and putting more into work every day than you receive on your pay slip is a thankless task. It’s easier to monotonously cope with responsibilities, not take on too much and wait for your superiors to recognize you for the years of work you’ve done. On the one hand, the judgment is correct. But for those who are not used to standing in one place, completely different prospects open up.

Moving up the career ladder means self-improvement, learning new technologies, making acquaintances, meetings, expanding connections, the ability to adapt to other environments, constant exercise for the brain, and most importantly, an increase in the level of pay, which significantly affects your life outside of work. This is an opportunity to travel, provide education and benefits to your family.

Sincere love for the work that a person does

Practice has shown that this is a fairly significant factor, and the success of building a career in most cases depends on peace of mind and complete satisfaction with one’s job. That is why it is so important to choose the right profession so that it is to your liking, and not to please your parents or controversial fashion. Only when the choice is right can you think and plan to build a career. It is almost impossible to make a career in a field of activity that you sincerely hate, that you initially do not like.

What you need to know

Many people are interested in the question of how to achieve career growth, grow at work and not get stuck in one position for many years. In some cases, experience, having a diploma with honors and monotonously fulfilling the requirements of your superiors do not help you move up.

  1. Sincere love for one's work cannot but be appreciated. If it is not just a way to receive a salary, but the goal of your whole life, you will definitely be distinguished from employees who simply serve their turn from Monday to Friday.
  2. It is important to be able to listen and accept criticism and not repeat mistakes in the future.
  3. It will be much easier for a sociable person who knows how to carry on a conversation, ask for help or get information in a timely manner.
  4. No matter what kind of specialist you are, incorrect distribution of working time and irrational systematization of tasks will constantly prevent you from completing work quickly and not breaking deadlines.

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The role of education

The first and most important thing you need for career growth is education. In addition to the fact that you superficially study the basic provisions of your future field of activity, during an interview or when reviewing your resume, the HR department will definitely pay attention to this point.

Psychologist Daria Milai

Make an appointment

When applying, try to get into the highest ranked universities first. You shouldn’t go “just where”. You risk wasting 5-6 years of your life on useless skills. At the university, you can make useful contacts and even be recommended for a job by a particularly caring teacher.

Ask if there is an opportunity for additional education, attending advanced training courses, learning English, German or another foreign language.

Communication with professionals also provides invaluable knowledge. Therefore, when going to university, arm yourself with patience, adjust your memory and dare in several directions at once: specialized literature, business meetings, seminars, communication.

What are the common mistakes

You haven't fully asked yourself the question

You haven’t been able to formulate a specific question and continue to keep the abstract image of “good and interesting work” in your head. You must decide what meaning you put into these words. There is no single correct description of a good job; everyone has their own requirements and selection criteria.

What to do

Be honest with yourself and don't generalize. Consider what your goals are when choosing a company or industry. If it is important for you that the work is interesting, determine what this interest is for you. Are you interested in the people working in the company, your responsibilities, or the salary they offer?

Do you believe myths about the industry in general or the company in particular?

Without knowing specific industries, without talking to people who work in companies that appeal to you, you run a very serious risk of falling into a brand trap.

Alena Vladimirskaya

A well-built company image and stereotypes about areas of activity can mislead anyone. For example, a popular belief: PR people drink champagne at events, have fun and constantly communicate with interesting people. Without knowing the ins and outs, you might think that this is not a job, but a dream. But not everyone understands that between three-hour events there are months of scrupulous and routine preparation, sleepless nights and years of developing the necessary contacts.

What to do

In the era of social networks, it is a sin to complain about a lack of communication. You can always let your potential colleagues know the specifics of the job and hear what difficulties may await you.

No one has canceled attending industry seminars or webinars - this will allow you to get to know the industry and its representatives better. You will be able to ask questions, develop useful connections and understand whether this is what you need or not.

What personal qualities will you need?

Promotion requires:

  • determination;
  • responsibility;
  • hard work.

Self-discipline is what is needed for career growth. It will allow you to soberly assess tasks and distribute your capabilities. Punctual individuals command respect and win you over from the very first meetings. But neglect of responsibilities and failure to meet deadlines creates an exclusively negative opinion of you as an employee.

Self-PR, neat and unobtrusive, will also work to your advantage. If a person’s name is always heard, he is known and respected, most likely he will be recommended for a leadership position.

Motivate yourself to achieve to grow your career, despite all sorts of obstacles. Take failures as a new impetus for development. If you look for excuses, are reluctant to analyze and correct mistakes, you should forget about a career shift.

Know how to position yourself correctly. Know your worth. If you mindlessly do a lot of tasks for pennies, they will get used to it.

You should come to work in decent attire, with neat hair and light perfume. Appearance sometimes acts as a powerful argument in getting a position. A stylish coquette in a dress with curled curls will be more attractive to the boss if she has the same experience and knowledge as a colleague in dirty jeans with an unstyled mop of hair.

Face-to-face consultation

What are the features and advantages of face-to-face consultation?

Find out more

Skype consultation

What are the features and benefits of Skype consultations?

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Who needs career development and professional advancement?

As you already understand, career development is necessary for everyone who, in principle, is going to work. It will be more effective and will lead to the goal (income growth, prestige, recognition) faster if you approach the process consciously. This applies to all areas without exception.

The worker needs to understand what he needs to be able to do to get a higher rank, and how to put the skills into practice to get the highest possible salary. An engineer should stay abreast of innovations and keep up with industry news to stay in demand. The actor, depending on the chosen role, will have to improve various acting skills (stage speech, stage movement, choreography) and constantly monitor casting announcements.

And the field of activity is truly limitless for those who choose a traditional vertical career. This includes mastering time management and team building, marketing and investment basics, monitoring competitors and searching for new opportunities. How to understand what you need first of all? This is why our course “Career Development” was created. Professional career”, after studying which you will better understand your goals and plan steps to achieve them.

Business as a career opportunity

Running a business is a step for responsible, courageous individuals who are ready to take risks. You need to evaluate your skills and understand that you will have to start small and gradually move forward. If you want to make a profit in the first month, this tactic is not suitable for you.

Business is a great way to figure out how to make a career. You must be prepared for the fact that you do not have assistants; you will have to make all decisions yourself and take responsibility for them. But there will be plenty of those who want to hinder you or do things better and better than you.

First, you need to write a clear business plan, define goals - both personal and professional - and follow the developed instructions.

Don’t be afraid to take risks – you can’t run your own business without the risk of losing profit. Find like-minded people or good advisers, constantly move among those who have been working in your field for a long time, expand your connections.

The time to start a business is different for everyone. Some people do this already as students, while others need many years of professional experience. It all depends on your acumen, reaction to market changes, and ability to anticipate innovative trends.

How quickly can you grow professionally?

For some, career growth lasts for many years, while for others it occurs rapidly. This happens because everyone uses their potential differently. Some people grab every opportunity, while others are content with measured activities where you just need to go with the flow. Career and professional growth is, first of all, personal effort. How long it will take you to achieve the desired position depends only on you. Someone takes a leadership position after a year of work, while others never achieve it because they misjudged themselves.

Tips on how to build a career correctly

  1. Naturally, studying at a university is welcome. The more prestigious the university, the more interesting and in-demand the specialty, the easier it will be for you to achieve growth in the future .
    Your language training is important for some companies - if you have the opportunity not to abandon foreign language courses, take the chance to be better than your colleagues.
  2. You will never be appointed head of a department or head of a sector unless you have at least 2-3 years of experience in a specific position. Of course, this does not apply to cases where you were hired on a recommendation or acquaintance. To begin with, after graduating from university, it is better to apply for employment in a large, well-known company that can offer you a high-quality level of employee training, although not for a large fee. This will be a good start for further search for income.
  3. In each place you need to get the maximum number of skills. You never know what exactly will come in handy. For example, there is an opportunity to learn 1C, graphic editors, text programs - take on everything, especially if they offer you a certificate as a result.
  4. When leaving, maintain normal relations, and it does not matter on whose initiative you are leaving the organization. You may need a letter of recommendation, and you may run into the same people again.

Before you get into the team, you will probably have to go through a “casting”. Getting the coveted position directly depends on how you behave in the interview. Practice making a first impression in advance, think through answers and arguments to the most common questions. Answer with reasoning and confidence. After all, incorrect speech construction and ignorance of the basic laws in your field can turn even valuable knowledge into disadvantages.

Ask a question


Self-development is one of the engines of professional growth and development. Now there are a lot of opportunities for this, from the Internet to international educational programs. You just need to choose the path of self-development. Career development directly depends on self-education, so you need to constantly improve your skills.

Focus on one area while being interested in related areas. For example, if you are a specialist in marketing, knowledge in the field of management, sociology, and personnel management will be useful to you.

Don't isolate yourself - communicate with colleagues. Learn from the experience of professionals, read interviews with recognized experts in your field, and attend meetings with them. Many share their knowledge absolutely free of charge in their blogs, video blogs and books, which can be found freely available on the Internet.

What is not recommended to do in the workplace so as not to ruin your career?

Here are some basic conditions for career growth.

  • Be punctual. If you come to a new organization, create the impression that you know how to control what is happening. Even if you were not previously distinguished by this quality, it is worth reconsidering your foundations.
  • Do not spread gossip and do not participate in conversations where colleagues, and especially management, are discussed. Even if you really want to share your impressions, keep them to yourself, there are a lot of “well-wishers” around you who are just waiting for how to convey such information to your superiors.
  • Don't show off your advantage in experience or knowledge, especially if it differs greatly from the average level in the office. People tend to envy and even hate upstarts, and, accordingly, put a damper on their career prospects. Bring your potential to work.
  • Keep your personal life under lock and key, try not to “coo” with your lovers on the phone in the presence of colleagues. Learn to separate personal space and work relationships.
  • You need to point out the mistakes of your colleagues carefully and delicately, without showing how great you are for discovering the flaw.
  • Don’t be lazy to work, gain new knowledge and skills, don’t stand still. Feel free to sign up for trainings and seminars, even if it seems that they are useless and you know everything.

And one more rule - watch your appearance. Hairstyle, clothing and physical shape are also important .


So basically they want:


And not just to realize myself, but in some cases to check, what am I capable of? Can I cope with such responsibility and such difficulties?

Achievements allow you to treat your own personality with respect. Self-esteem increases, which gives you more energy to create and act. Bring your ideas and desires to life.

In addition, moving up the career ladder is, in any case, development. And, as you know, anyone who stops there and stops receiving new information, does not want to learn anything - simply degrades.

Fill the space

Sometimes it happens that for some reason a person is simply unable to remain alone with himself and his experiences. For example, if he was overwhelmed by a feeling of total loneliness. Then it is quite natural that he will do everything to avoid living it.

And filling space with work is socially acceptable in the modern world. Unlike alcoholism, drug addiction and other types of addictions.

Therefore, he stays late at the office, which allows him to achieve success by doing more than others. And also avoid the unpleasant emotions that arise when returning to an empty apartment.

Or vice versa, when they are waiting for him at home, but meetings with family and friends do not bring pleasure at all. Why do you want to spend as much time as possible without them?

Improve quality of life

Anyone who loves comfort and quality strives to earn large sums. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family; most have to use their resources and capabilities to the maximum in order to achieve a certain social status, that is, a position that promises good profit.

While someone is simply dreaming, lamenting that he is not as lucky as others and waiting for a “good wizard” to come and bestow all the blessings, careerists simply act, trying to make their desires come true.

Win the competition

Competition happens for something, that is, when in case of victory it promises some kind of prize. Even if it’s just recognition and respect from others. And sometimes it arises for the sake of competition itself.

Then such a person immediately becomes involved in any competition, always striving to be the best. Accordingly, over time, her efforts are noticeable and she moves further and further up the career ladder.

Get attention

Having achieved success, a person finds himself in the center of attention, which is simply vital for individuals with a certain amount of narcissism and demonstrative character traits. Why do you have to do everything to the maximum, just to be noticed and recognized. Sometimes even take risks.

Invest in the future

Some people don't care what happens to them in 20 years or less. They live for today and strive to satisfy their immediate needs. But others, on the contrary, are worried about what awaits them in the future. Therefore, they are trying to prepare the ground in advance, so to speak. So that in the future there will be as little worries and hassle as possible.

It is important for them to feel safe and understand that in a few years they will not have to “beg” in the event of force majeure situations.

They also want to provide a happy future for their children, give them the best education, movable or immovable property, and start-up capital.

Realize high ambitions

People have different types of temperament; there are those whose ambitions are simply “off the charts”. They are eager to conquer the world. And, what’s most interesting, they usually actually manage to gain fame.

No matter how much they want, they simply cannot stand by and watch others achieve their goals. Ambitious individuals have an endless flow of energy, which pushes them to achieve.

Get a return

If a person engages in an activity that benefits other people or animals, then in addition to monetary rewards, he also receives emotional returns. Which is sometimes more important to him than money.

Because gratitude and understanding that you were useful to someone, someone depends on you, gives a resource, inspiration to work day and night.

For example, this applies to doctors, veterinarians, volunteers who take care of stray animals, run nurseries, and so on. Not all people, of course, are different, but those who really invest and love their profession and their students are capable of achieving tremendous success in this life.

Coping with difficult life circumstances

Some circumstances simply force you to give it your all, for example, a serious illness of one of the family members, a loan issued for a car, an apartment, etc.

A person simply has no other choice but to work almost around the clock. Especially if his salary is not fixed, but depends on how much he has done.

He understands that if he stops working even for a short period of time, everything will break. Therefore, day after day, despite fatigue and general health, he goes to get “food” for his family.

Formed value system

We create for ourselves a certain system of values, from which we start when making any decision. And if a career ranks first on the list of priorities, a person will always make choices in its favor.

Even if you have to, as they say, go over your head. Because the rest is not as interesting and “catchy” to him as professional stability, growth, development...

Meet parental expectations

Every child wants to receive parental approval and praise. Since usually mom or dad are the most significant figures for him. Even if the relationship between them didn’t quite work out. Or even worse - some of them are no longer alive. But the image inside remains forever.

And so, if parents wanted, for example, to see their child successful, worthy, so to speak, of love and respect, he will “get out of his way”, but will try to live up to their expectations.

Most often, this situation happens with fathers who are not particularly good at expressing their feelings.

Their children may spend their whole lives trying to prove that they are good at what they do, each time encountering depreciation. Which can either motivate you to do even more, or, on the contrary, give up, admitting that you really are good for nothing.

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