How to become rich for an ordinary person: the most complete guide

Almost everyone in Forbes' top ten saw their fortunes increase in 2018, but Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' fortunes were unstoppable. For the first time in history, he became the richest person on the planet and reached $112 billion.

Also in the top three are traditionally Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett. Who else is among the people with the largest fortune, what assets provide their income and what advice from billionaires you can pay attention to - in our article.

Changing our thinking

The essence of all popular films about how to become rich comes down to one thing - the time-drawn advice “think like a millionaire.”

There is a whole science hidden under this mysterious phrase. World luminaries of psychology, in the course of numerous and long-term studies, have identified 7 main differences between poor and rich people:

  1. People of low social class are more susceptible to external threats than wealthy sections of society. A poor person looks for and finds danger everywhere - education is only for the big, health is an expensive pleasure, justice exists only for wealthy people. Vigilance everywhere and in everything negatively affects not only financial well-being, but also life expectancy.
  2. Poor people do not know what a sense of personal control over a stressful situation is. They tend to blame others for their failures and live in the past (if my parents had not divorced, I would definitely have become a billionaire). At the same time, rich people prefer to direct emotional outbursts towards achieving new goals.
  3. The self-esteem of a low-income person is based on public opinion. Free money is almost always spent on improving one’s image in the eyes of others (a new phone, branded clothing, and it doesn’t matter what was bought on credit). A rich person will never follow the lead of an indifferent society - the concept of self-sufficiency eliminates the need to show off.
  4. A poor person has more empathy for others than a rich person. Deep insight into other people's emotions often prevents you from becoming successful.
  5. People from low social strata attribute their personal merits and achievements to events and coincidences. A wealthy person is fully aware of how he achieved success - only to his own strength.
  6. Needy people tend to believe that social hierarchy is an unfair pattern given at birth. The “chosen” class, on the contrary, is clearly aware that only personal merit contributes to upward mobility.
  7. And finally, a poor person only thinks about tomorrow, or at most about the prospects for a month. Rich - thinks several years ahead, which allows him to implement long-term projects with excellent financial forecasts.

Agree, is it difficult to just completely abandon your beliefs and become rich?

Everything that was instilled in childhood, formed in youth, and determined in adulthood has absolutely no meaning. Realizing this fact means taking the first step towards well-being. Hard work on yourself requires maximum concentration and inner inspiration. What is the best motivation to work? That's right - a goal or an accurate idea of ​​why wealth is needed at all.

How the rich think - basic psychology

Let's first answer the main question, what is wealth and who is a rich person.

After all, everyone understands this in their own way.

For some, wealth means their own apartment, car and the opportunity to vacation abroad twice a year, but for others, even a million dollars a month will not be enough.

Let's continue.

Probably the most accurate definition of wealth was given by Robert Kiyosaki, an American millionaire and writer. In his opinion:

Wealth is the amount of time you can spend not working while maintaining a comfortable standard of living.

A rich person is a citizen who has the opportunity not to work for money, but owns assets and receives enough passive income from them for himself. That is, income that does not depend on his labor efforts. Such people are also called “rentiers” - this is a person who lives on interest from his capital.

It turns out that wealth is measured not by money, but by TIME, since all people need different amounts of money, but life time is limited and it is not advisable to spend it on something that does not bring pleasure. Most people have a job they don’t like all the time, but it’s important to do what you love, because this is the only way to understand how to become rich and free from external circumstances.

Key ideas from Robert Kiyosaki in 360 minutes - in the recording of his master class. Order your recording using the link.

Consider the following questions:

  • Why are some people able to make money and others not?
  • Why do some people work from morning to night and receive pennies, while others manage not only to work, doing what they love, but also to actively relax?
  • Why do some manage to attract financial luck, while others live from paycheck to paycheck or even in debt?

These questions are of interest to every person, but to most they seem rhetorical.

However, psychology experts will say that there is practically no rhetoric in these issues.

Poverty and wealth are not so much a matter of luck as of approach to life and way of thinking.

This doesn't mean that changing your thoughts will instantly make you a millionaire, but it will definitely help you start taking the right steps in that direction. One desire “I want” is, of course, not enough. Even the laziest people want to get rich. It is important not only to want, but also to try to put your desires into practice.

And if the treasured million no longer seems unattainable for you, then read this article about how to earn it and become a millionaire.

As you can see, any wealth guide insists on a change in thinking. Think like rich people and you will definitely become one. But what does this mean in practice? Changing your way of thinking is not easy - it’s not enough just to change your thoughts, you also need to transform your own behavior.

However, there is a difference between the thinking of the rich and the poor. Let's try to express this difference clearly.

13 differences in the thinking of rich and poor people:

  1. Rich and wealthy people are confident that they are the creators of their own destiny., while poor people believe that they were destined to be poor. Such people continue to go with the flow, without even trying to change anything.

    Advice: stop going with the flow - it's time to get out of the river and onto the shore!

  2. Rich people work to increase their income , poor people work to make ends meet.
  3. Rich people dream less and do more , although positive and clearly defined goals are not at all alien to wealthy people.
  4. Rich people are always open to new ideas and opportunities., while the poor are fixated on their problems and surrounding circumstances.

    If you are not satisfied with the circumstances of your life, change them!

  5. The rich learn from successful people by adopting their behavior patterns and interacting with them. Poor people are more likely to associate with losers and even poorer people to improve their self-esteem. We have already written about how to increase self-esteem.
  6. Wealthy and successful people do not envy other people's successes , but try to extract useful experience from other people's achievements; the poor are outraged by the successes of others.
  7. Rich people are confident and open about their successes.
  8. The rich are not afraid of temporary difficulties , preferring not to panic in difficult situations, but to solve the problem pragmatically.
  9. The rich view their income as the result of their own labor , the poor count the number of hours spent on work.
  10. The rich can quickly change tactics , strategy, even the general direction of their activities and their entire lives. The poor complain, but continue to follow a path that is often chosen not even by them, but by life circumstances.
  11. Wealthy and successful people continue to learn throughout their lives , developing and improving; the poor believe that they are already smart enough, “they were just unlucky.”
  12. Successful businessmen never stop once they have reached a specific level - they continue to develop and improve, bringing their wildest plans and dreams to life.
  13. Rich people think about money pragmatically and logically , not emotionally. The average person continues to have a low level of income, thinking about money and wealth at the emotional level, and a successful businessman looks at finance as a tool that opens up certain prospects for him.

And most importantly , the rich always work for themselves . Even if they do not own a firm or company, they always occupy a position that allows them to act independently and make their own decisions, rather than implementing someone else's ideas.

You will learn even more about the psychology of wealth and poverty and what prevents you from getting rich, despite all your efforts and abilities, in the free online training “The Wealth Gene”. Work through your limiting beliefs and start your journey to wealth.

What matters is not where you are, but where you are going!

Thinking that you are working for someone else is a big mistake. Be independent in everything, especially in your own finances. Don't let other people manage your time and money. The best way to get paid on time is to pay yourself.

However, if you are reading this article, it means that you are already taking the first steps towards achieving expressed and obvious financial independence.

Goals and Intentions

You make the difficult decision to become rich consciously, and from that moment on you have no right to make a mistake. Now every second of time is allocated to achieving the goal. And here it is, an unexpected second difficulty. Most of us have some kind of financial desire - to pay off debt, buy a house or apartment, earn a decent pension. Tomorrow your mood will change and you will want to open your own business from scratch or buy a dacha in a deep forest.

Unfortunately, goals change easily and are often forgotten or ignored. When fleeting desires rapidly change in the mind, this is not a firm intention, but simply crazy thoughts, a game called “if only”. They have nothing to do with true intentions and therefore the dream of becoming rich remains only a pleasant bedtime story (makes it easier to fall asleep after a tiring day at work).

To make your golden dream come true, you need to fully focus on your goals. Only an analytical approach and qualitative analysis. Need a home? Write down all the components, down to the smallest detail:

  • location;
  • number of storeys;
  • area of ​​the house and plot;
  • number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • material of walls, foundation and roof;
  • decor and view from the window;
  • furniture, appliances, dishes;
  • cars in the garage, etc.

How much did you end up with - 5, 10, 20 million? Now you can move towards realizing your dream. The mechanism is identical for setting any goals and is a good way to weed out “empty” dreams. Having thus analyzed your desires, you can quite realistically draw a picture of future wealth in which there are no debts, half a century of experience earning a pension, or the next flagship of Apple Corporation.

Only true goals and intentions hidden deep in the subconscious will help you become rich.

Rule #4: Use your ideas

Nick Woodman in the photo from the site: Gazeta.Ru

Even if they seem like a failure to you, it's still worth a try. What if it was your development that brought you popularity, like Nick Woodman? The creator of the most famous and best-selling action camera, GoPro, has achieved everything he has today by doing what he has always been passionate about, using his intelligence and desire to achieve his goals to the fullest. It was his love for sports that led him to the idea of ​​​​creating a unique compact device that allows you to shoot in dynamics. Woodman himself says that if it weren’t for his passion for surfing, nothing would have happened.

His inquisitive mind worked in the right direction: after attaching a disposable Kodak to his wrist using a homemade cuff, Nick realized that his dream camera would have to withstand the test of water, constant movement and the elements. And for this you need an improved mount that will help hold the device in one position. The rest is history.

So take action and don’t be afraid to show your ideas to the world. Millionaires and billionaires are not passive observers of other people's achievements. They are all motivated people who use their abilities and believe in themselves.

Valuable qualities

In psychology, there are whole theories about what set of qualities a person should have in order to become rich.

It makes no sense to delve into scientific research within the framework of one article; the works of doctors occupy more than one book volume. Let's look at the most valuable features:

  • Perseverance is the ability to overcome difficulties and learn from failures only lessons useful for future development, an essential component of wealth. A brilliant genius of exceptional tenacity was Thomas Edison. His famous phrase: “There were no failures. I discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work,” in response to a friend’s sympathy in yet another failed experiment, became a motto for all doubting people who are ready to give up after the first difficulty.
  • Faith – we are not talking about religion, although the experience of successful people shows that true believers, devout people achieve their goals several times faster than convinced atheists. Boundless confidence in the success of the project, its benefits for others, personal abilities and strength literally work wonders. It’s as if the body is mobilizing all its internal capabilities in order to direct them to conquer the peaks.
  • Knowledge - it is impossible to achieve the goal and become rich without “mental baggage”. This is a reflection of reality in the human mind. The greater the angle of internal vision, the greater the chances of reaching a straight road. A talented artist will remain an amateur if he cannot mix paints, apply specific stroke techniques and distinguish pencil leads by hardness. This does not mean that he will not be able to sell his paintings, but knowledge would help him reach a completely different level. And so in any type of activity, from astrology to cleaning the premises.
  • Propensity to work - you rarely meet a person who wants and loves to work. For the most part, people want to rest and relax, this is a feature of modern “Homo sapiens”, freed from the main dangers of the surrounding world. But, as it turned out, during an interesting psychological experiment, performance depends entirely on passion for the task. In other words, doing what you love will have a greater chance of success than being forced to do something. An example is classic employment at the main place. No matter how qualified and experienced a person is, if he looks at his watch every 10 minutes, waiting for the end of the working day, he is not in “his” place.

All of these qualities can be developed by any person. As a rule, they are formed in parallel.

That is, the deeper the faith becomes, the greater the desire to work, and as knowledge accumulates, perseverance and firm confidence in one’s abilities and opportunities to become rich appear.

Avoid extremes, don't become a fanatic

Another thing to avoid is reckless adherence to any ideology. You've probably seen people with limited views. For example, religious figures who hold opposing points of view on theology. They have one thing in common: they cannot go beyond the boundaries and think freely.

This also applies to political beliefs. When you are young, it is easy to get excited about certain ideas, to believe in them, to declare yourself a supporter of something. You can drive yourself further and further into the framework of ideology. This way you will forget how to think for yourself.

Every time I think about it, I think of the kayakers of Scandinavia. They successfully rafted down all the rapids in their countries and decided that they would achieve the same success in the USA, in Grand Rapids. They all died.

A big whirlpool is not a place you want to end up in. And I think the same can be said for really deep ideology.

Stories of rich people

The experience of successful people is a valuable story of personal development from which you can draw inspiration and motivation.

Joanne Rowling

“The Boy Who Lived” brought its creator, British English teacher JK Rowling, $650 million.

This is how Forbes magazine assessed the writer’s condition as of December 2021. It is noteworthy that Joan was a dollar billionaire in 2004, but lost her status due to charitable donations in the amount of $200 million. In 1993, a young, creative girl was literally left with nothing - divorced, without a job and with a small child in her arms. But there was an idea that was slowly but surely coming to life - 3 chapters of the legendary Harry Potter were waiting for their finest hour.

Four years before the publication of the first volume of the novel, JK Rowling experienced all the hardships typical of poor people - surviving on unemployment benefits, depression. Much of the black streak was reflected in books about the magical world. But in the end, Rowling, in a relatively short period, became the first person in the world to earn wealth from just one story - an unprecedented case in the literary community. The example is worthy of emulation or at least careful study.

Hamdi Ulukaya

An American billionaire of Turkish origin, he is annually included in the rankings of the richest people on the planet with an impressive fortune of $1.7 billion.

Hamdi created his Chobani yogurt empire from scratch. A true provincial, Ulukaya was born into the family of a Kurdish farmer. Despite his nomadic lifestyle, the young man received a good education - he graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Ankara in 1994. I decided not to stop there. At age 20, he moved to the United States to study English at Adelphi University in New York.

In 1998, Hamdi Ulukaya took a job with a private farmer in upstate New York. A visit from his father that same year marked the start of his own business. The hereditary farmer categorically did not like the local Feta cheese and he suggested that his son import a quality product from his native Turkey, of course, his own production. In 2002, it became the first brainchild of Ulukai. The business brought income, but even more problems. For 2 years, Hamdi overcame numerous obstacles to develop his own business. In 2005, he accidentally came across an advertisement for the sale of a yogurt factory. After inspecting the building and equipment, the young entrepreneur decided to buy the plant, contrary to logic, debt and the advice of financial advisers. Taking advantage of the state program for lending to small businesses, Ulukaya began a thorny but successful path to the top of material well-being.

Hamdi Ulukaya states in numerous interviews that anyone can get rich if they are honest, persistent and true to their goals.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is not leaving the rankings of the richest people in the world. A difficult childhood in a dysfunctional family did not break, but only strengthened the girl’s determination to achieve something worthwhile in this life. Pregnancy at 14, the birth of a stillborn child - events that completely influenced the development of Oprah's personality. Against the backdrop of a gradual slide into the abyss, the mother of the future celebrity makes the only right decision - she sends her to her father, in another state.

At the age of 15, the girl ends up with a strict, but more prosperous parent, who made getting an education a priority. During the year of the “strict regime”, Oprah was able to become one of the most successful students, win several major competitions and take her first steps in journalism.

The active and eloquent girl’s talents were quickly noticed by influential producers from the media environment. At 17, she was already a full-time reporter. In 1986, at the age of 31, Oprah Winfrey launched her own show, which made her not only famous throughout the world, but also a very rich woman. The list of awards, achievements, charitable and commercial projects of the TV presenter can be listed endlessly. But there is only one conclusion - it all depends on the person and his attitude to the situation. Some people learn valuable lessons and conquer heights, while others fall painfully from the heights they were born with.

This is only a tiny part of the influential, famous and very rich people who started their business from scratch, having behind them only boundless faith in their own capabilities. They have a lot to teach aspiring entrepreneurs. If a black girl from the ghetto, an unemployed divorced woman, or a Turkish Kurd from the provinces managed to get on the Forbes list, then anyone can do it. You just need to know where to start.

Jeff Bezos - $112 billion

The richest person in the world and the only one with a net worth of more than $100 billion is Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of The shares and capitalization of this company are growing at an insane pace - in five years the price of one security has risen 5 times. And it all started with a simple, but relevant idea for 1994 - to sell books on the Internet.

“When you work for the long term, you ensure that the interests of shareholders and customers coincide.”

Bezos puts the client at the forefront of his business and believes that in any situation it is necessary to first start from the interests of the consumer. In addition, in his company, everyone, even senior managers and himself, is required to spend two full working days in the help desk every two years.

“If you focus on competitors, you won’t take a step without them. If you focus on the customer, you can become a pioneer in your business."

Bezos is also no stranger to charity. In January, he donated $33 million to scholarships for undocumented immigrant students. In September - $1 billion each for the Day One Fund and a fund that helps organize preschool education in poor areas.

In addition, the businessman continues to pursue his own dreams - since 2000, he has been investing in space research through the private company Blue Origin.

Read: Think like Galitsky: 10 tips from a Russian billionaire and philanthropist

Own business

Opening your own business is a reliable, time-tested way to solve the question of how to become rich.

All representatives of the elite are businessmen in different spheres of the economy and industry. Feel free to join the ranks of millionaires. Moreover, today you can start developing your own business almost from school. Entrepreneurial activity is conventionally divided into two large classes - with initial investments and without investments.

You can open a business from scratch:

  • as an intermediary - dropshipping;
  • selling things on free classifieds sites;
  • providing services - tutoring, consultations, translations, repairs;
  • become a realtor;
  • start freelancing;
  • monetize your hobby.

For a more serious start, you will need start-up capital. But there are so many options that you can easily choose with minimal investment:

  • buy a franchise - thousands of offers in all areas of business, from the auto business to retail;
  • create a profitable website (blog, information page, online store, social media account);
  • organize a business at home - manicure, atelier, hand-made, etc.

If you deeply study the ideas and suggestions, you will find that at least 10 methods are ideal for you. As turnover increases, new outlets are opened, production facilities are expanded, and partnership agreements are concluded with large companies. It is clear that the diagram drawn is conditional and in life it will be far from easy to implement plans. But the main thing is to start.

Talk like a millionaire and become one: 15 words and phrases for your vocabulary

What surrounds you is the result of your thoughts and words. If you speak like a poor person, then the problems will only increase.

Millionaire's Dictionary:

  • conversion ← waste;
  • I can afford it;
  • I am worthy of a luxurious thing, soon it will be mine;
  • with every step I get closer to my goal;
  • I’ll use this money to go around the world, etc. ← I’ll save it for a rainy day;
  • my investment is returned threefold;
  • every investment brings benefits;
  • I attract money;
  • I am surrounded by better opportunities;
  • enrichment, saturation and expansion;
  • I live in abundance;
  • thank you for…;
  • I work at will;
  • I have enough time to do all the planned things;
  • my capital is growing every day.

Stop talking and thinking like this and magical changes await you:

  • terrible;
  • I do not have enough money;
  • I was not born into a rich family, I will not become like that;
  • All rich people are thieves, but honest people can’t earn that much in a lifetime.

When you change your vocabulary, interesting financial ideas will come to you. Some will seem stupid - don’t be lazy to write everything down.


There are many types of investments to become rich. They are selected taking into account the individual characteristics of a person: temperament, age, character (propensity to take risks). But the investment mechanism is identical in all cases. For clarity, let's break it down into several stages:

  1. Drawing up a financial goal. The concept of “wealth” is different for each person. For some it is money, for others it is property. But for everyone, without exception, there is a financial goal, with different costs and deadlines for achievement. At the first stage, a list of tasks is compiled. For each, the price and sales period are determined. For example, pension savings - 30 years and 20 million rubles, country house - 5 years and 5 million rubles.
  2. Determination of the amount and profitability of investments. A person wants to receive 50,000 rubles a month in 30 years, after retirement. The capital that gives such an amount per month is calculated using the formula 50,000 x 12 = 600,000/0.06 = 10 million rubles. But during this period, inflation will reduce the purchasing power of money, so the required amount is multiplied by a factor of 2.66 (average inflation rate). Total: 26.6 million rubles. The estimated return on investment is 12% per year. This means you will need to save at least 20,000 rubles per month.
  3. Choosing an investment strategy – active or passive. In the first case, investments are subject to constant, frequent analysis. In the second - “buy and hold”.
  4. Investment portfolio distribution. You can invest in shares, securities, bank deposits, real estate. The ratio depends on the goals, investment period and propensity for risky financial transactions.
  5. Selection of investment instruments. For passive investors, these are mutual funds and ETFs. Any stock exchanges are suitable for active ones, where you can buy/sell securities almost every day.
  6. Regular updating of the investment portfolio. Even for passive investors, this step is mandatory, because the economy is very dynamic, and the value of the portfolio should remain at least at the original level.

The topic of investment requires detailed study and careful preparation. Don't neglect financial education.

You cannot become rich without basic economic concepts.

How to get rich at home - 6 ways

I have collected popular and proven ways to get rich remotely. If I missed something or you have interesting ideas, please share in the comments.

Become a freelancer and build a team

You can’t make big money alone – tested 100 times. Yes, first you need to gain experience yourself by fulfilling orders. But as soon as the price bar rises along with professionalism, it’s time to create a team, give part of the work to it and receive commissions. And take on organizational tasks: searching and negotiating with clients, advertising, development strategy.

You can assemble a team without investment. Set piecework payment for each order.

Open an online school

Write down on paper the areas in which you are an expert. Think about how to teach and make your offer unique. Record educational videos or articles. Advertise them yourself or hire an internet marketer.

Azat Valeev earned his first million through online courses. The price of his personal coaching flew up to 500,000 rubles.

Investments are different. If you are currently launching courses on your own, then you can get by with 10,000 rubles. in one launch. Good camera, high-speed Internet, advertising, paid services.

Create a website

Come up with a powerful idea for a website. For example, a weight loss diary or a fan club (biography, jokes). Creating a website for the sake of a website is a fool’s errand.

Initial investment 1,500 – 2,000 rubles. for domain and hosting. For specialists 5,000 – 7,000 rubles, if you cannot do website building yourself.

This could be an exchange of articles with passive income - a percentage of transactions between the contractor and the customer, or an information site.

I recommend Vasily Blinov’s course on creating information websites. Follow the link to view the detailed program.

Become an Instagram star

Instagram stars with 500,000 subscribers receive up to 30,000 rubles. for an advertising post. It will be possible to achieve such indicators in a few months or years.

You need to post original, high-quality photos in a single theme. You can, of course, keep a personal blog about life, but the chances are 50/50 if you are not a pop star or an actor.

Resell goods from China

On Black Friday and in bulk, you can buy goods 20 - 30% lower than their actual cost in the store. Imagine a children's educational mat that costs 1,700 rubles here, you can buy it there for 500 rubles. List it for 1,000 rubles. and buyers will come running to you.

Why will they take it from you and not from China? The wholesale price is still lower. Not everyone knows and trusts Chinese stores. Nobody wants to wait. After all, when the thing arrives, the child can grow out of it. And you will also defeat Russian competitors at a lower price.

Create a YouTube channel

The author of the SlivkiShow channel, Yuri Yaniv, earns 133 million rubles a year. The YouTuber's videos receive several million views. He makes videos on interesting topics: how to live a day on a certain amount, shows the inside of equipment, tests life hacks. You can create a better channel.

I advise you not to copy, but to look for something of your own. Then don’t give up the channel while it brings in some money, you will find your viewer and achieve success.

Real estate

Real estate investors are, a priori, people who strive to become rich. To generate income, it is not necessary to have a huge capital; moreover, you can use a mortgage to purchase your first property.

The strategy is simple - invest money in real estate that is potentially attractive to a wide range of people (a modern residential complex, an old building in the city center, a country house in an area with developed infrastructure). Prepare the premises for renting - make repairs, buy furniture, equipment (rental cost increases 2-3 times). Find long-term tenants and receive passive income.

Thus, you create your own financial “safety zone”. By relieving yourself of worries about the future (being fired, fear of losing clients from a freelancer, possible illnesses), you free up valuable time for planning and self-education. According to analysts, a person feels free and confident with an income of $1,000 per month.

Another option is to resell houses, apartments, offices. The bottom line is that you invest in real estate at the construction stage (preferably up to 2-3 floors), after putting the property into operation (1-2 years), you make cosmetic repairs and sell the property for 40-70% more. You can also use mortgages and consumer loans for initial investments.

As soon as passive income from real estate reaches 150-200 thousand rubles per month, you can start investing in other assets (stocks, securities). By gradually increasing investment turnover, you can reach a constant profit of 1,000,000 million rubles per month in 1-2 years. And this is practically the finish line on the thorny path to obtaining wealth.

Feng Shui: the environment affects your financial condition

Feng Shui really attracts money. This does not mean that you will lie on the couch all day long and your wallet will be replenished. But any of your actions and intentions will be rewarded with money.

The main rule of Feng Shui: “If you buy a new thing, throw it away or give it to someone else. There are no piles of dresses you don’t wear or cups collecting dust on shelves.”

Several principles that attract money:

  1. Place a bunch of Chinese coins in your wallet or on your desk. For 20 – 40 rubles you can buy them on Pandao.
  2. Place the Ganesha figurine on your desktop.
  3. Light an aroma lamp with mint, orange, and patchouli oils 2-3 times a week.
  4. Don't put boxes under your bed.
  5. Don't hang pictures with waterfalls. Water represents money. Flowing down is akin to ruin. But fountains and sounds of water contribute to enrichment.

Add mint oil to 27 candles and light. Close your eyes, imagine how golden rivers flow towards you. Say: “I deserve the best! I'm rich". The candles should burn out on their own. Repeat the exercise for a week. It will cleanse the house and open money channels.

It's strange, but the more you help others get rich, the better off you are financially. And greedy people and skeptics always suffer losses. How do I help others? I give out coins tied with a red ribbon to my family and friends to attract money, I write articles for the blog so that people switch to remote work and forget about their need.


Investing in stocks is the same as investing in a business. An ideal financial instrument for people who do not have start-up capital or are simply not ready to open their own business.

A shareholder can receive income in two ways:

  • Dividends are passive income, which is accrued based on the company’s performance once a quarter, for 9 months or a year. To obtain significant income you will need serious capital.
  • Exchange rate differences – trading on the stock exchange. You can start with 1,000 rubles. The best option for novice investors. You can become rich here in just a year, as well as lose everything in one moment. This type of investment requires an analytical mind and solid knowledge of economics.

Regardless of the chosen method of investing in shares, experienced entrepreneurs advise adhering to three golden rules:

  • Study in detail the business in which you are going to invest money.
  • Find companies with reliable management teams (preferably with many years of experience).
  • Learn to evaluate stocks in order to buy at the optimal price and not make your investment unprofitable.

To gain valuable experience, choose a reliable broker. For example, Tinkoff investments are optimal for a successful start into the world of big money.

Where to get money for business without getting a second job

You already have the money. Use these rules to free up some funds:

  1. If you're begging yourself to buy something, don't do it.
  2. Allow yourself little joys. Remember, it is better to choose an experience, not a thing. They will expand your consciousness and leave pleasant memories longer.
  3. Don't buy too many items of the same category. Stick to minimalism.
  4. Stop advertising. Ignore billboards and don't watch TV. Install ad blockers on your phone and computer. You will notice how you buy less.
  5. Use cashback services.
  6. Raise prices for your services. Only that part of the clients who wanted to buy the work for pennies will flee.
  7. Dedicate 50–70% of your available funds to a cause that will grow into your business.

Don't make a cult out of money. Remember about family and health.


Bonds are of interest to investors.

But before practice, it is better to “practice” on stocks in order to gain sufficient experience and qualifications. Bonds have a complex classification and not everyone is suitable for becoming rich. Securities are selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Profitability – coupon and exchange rate difference. A coupon is an analogue of bank interest, paid once a quarter, half a year or year. The average rate today is 8%. Exchange rate difference is speculative income received from resale on the stock exchange.
  2. Amortization – the par value of bonds is not repaid at the end of the term, but in parts throughout the entire period of circulation of the security.
  3. The maturity date is when the face value is paid.
  4. Reliability – the best option is government bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance.
  5. Liquidity is a measure of how easy it is to buy or sell a bond. The more trades are conducted and transactions are completed, the better. You can evaluate it on special websites or in a trading terminal.
  6. Taxes - some bonds are subject to state duty, so that there are no unpleasant surprises, you should pay attention to this nuance before purchasing securities.

You can calculate the yield of securities using a bond calculator (just type it into the search bar in your browser).

Bank deposits

Classic deposits are more likely to protect money from inflation, but not a tool for enrichment. To live comfortably on interest, you must already be a millionaire. For example, for a monthly profit of $1,000, you need to keep at least 8 million rubles on deposit. Theoretically, this money can be accumulated in 20-30 years. To become rich in the short term, this period is not suitable. Therefore, we consider deposits as a “safety cushion” during active efforts to improve financial well-being.

Before storing money in a bank, we study the following points:

  • deposit insurance - the bank must be a participant in the state DIC (deposit insurance system), otherwise the legality of the activity is called into question;
  • interest payment – ​​monthly, at the end of the term;
  • deposit terms – the longer, the higher the interest rate;
  • profitability – annual interest (currently at the level of 7-8.5%);
  • bank reliability - give preference to large organizations, even at the expense of a couple of points of the rate;
  • do not keep all your money in one bank - distribute your capital between several financial institutions if the goal is to save money for 1-2 years or create a “safety cushion” for the period of establishing your own business.

When choosing a bank, use specialized websites or There are convenient ratings that are constantly updated, therefore, the information is always up to date.

How to start getting rich right now - useful videos and books

Video by Robert Kiyosaki “How to become rich in 60 minutes”

The video instructions from Robert Kiyosaki “How to become rich in 60 minutes” contain real tips and recommendations for getting rich from an American entrepreneur, investor and writer:

Books that will help you get rich

There is a lot of useful literature on the issues of achieving financial well-being. However, the most revealing and interesting in this matter are, in our opinion, the following books:

1) Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

R. Kiyosaki's books have sold around the world with a total circulation of 26 million copies. The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a real educational tool for those who want to achieve wealth and financial success. The work will help everyone awaken the entrepreneur within themselves.

2) Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”

Think and Grow Rich is one of the best-selling books in the world. This text teaches not only entrepreneurship, but how to achieve success in any area of ​​human activity, be it art, invention, teaching.

3) Bodo Schaefer “Mani, or the ABC of money.”

“Mani, or the ABC of Money” is a book by a successful businessman, speaker, consultant, and writer Bodo Schaefer. The works of this author have allowed many people to gain financial freedom, learn to manage their time and realize their inner potential.

mutual fund

Mutual investment funds pool the investments of all investors and then manage them through their own management company (management company). Thus, each investor has a share in a large portfolio, which is confirmed by securities - shares.

Mutual funds are:

  • securities (bonds, shares);
  • universal (mixed investments);
  • venture investments (high risk);
  • index (bet on the dynamics of the corresponding stock index);
  • real estate;
  • credit (investments in microfinance organizations);
  • commodity market;
  • antiques, art;
  • long-term direct investments.

Investment opportunities in mutual funds are extensive and versatile. You can create very effective portfolios with returns of up to 100% per year. But most investments have a much more modest rate - 10-15%. It all depends on the talent of the management team. Therefore, take the time to study the funds, in particular reviews on the forums.

But in any case, for beginners it is one of the best options to gain wealth with minimal risks and investments (the entry threshold starts from a budget 1,000 rubles).


Charity as such, of course, will not bring wealth. The concept is so complex and controversial that many reject helping their neighbors, motivating their beliefs with elementary questions: “Who would help me?” or “Why should I give away what is rightfully mine?” But there are also laws of equilibrium and balance in nature. Being fixated on the material aspect does not allow you to fully realize the fact - the more you give, the more you receive. This has not been proven by science, which means it is not true. But man has not yet come to understand many physical phenomena of the atmosphere; huge sciences such as astronomy and cosmology have not been studied. But this does not mean that air, other galaxies and universes do not exist.

Charity becomes a psychological technique to trigger a command to your own brain: “I have enough money to not only provide for my needs, but also to help people in need.” The mind will find a way to effectively interact with reality to make the installation work. The vast majority of billionaires and simply wealthy people engage in charity work. Whatever their motives, the results are obvious - their wealth increases every year, which can be tracked in the Forbes ratings.

Experts in the field of big money advise having two savings accounts at once - one savings account, the other a charitable one. What percentage of income to transfer is up to you to decide. But the generally accepted donation standard is 10%. The rate is not random, it has ancient roots (described in the Old Testament) and a clear definition of the “Law of Tithe.” According to the rule, by giving away part of your money, you launch powerful processes that lead to even more material wealth. But it is important to understand one point - this is not a bribe, not an investment, not a ransom for sins. You pay because you already have, that is, you disinterestedly, joyfully share your energy with disadvantaged people.

Larry Ellison - $58.5 billion

Ellison's income comes from Oracle, a software company he founded in 1977. In 2015, he announced that the corporation was heading towards cloud technologies, and this decision was strategically correct. Over the past year, ORCL shares have increased in price by 18%.

“My primary goal in founding Oracle was to create an environment in which I could work and have fun. Of course I wanted to earn a living. But I didn’t expect to get rich.”

Larry Ellison believes that the key to a successful career and life is the desire to enjoy what he does and remain independent in decisions.

“Don’t assume they are right because they are an authority or an expert. Think for yourself"

Having everything possible for a comfortable old age, the businessman donates a lot of money to charity. Two and a half years ago, he gave $200 million to the University of Southern California to create a new cancer research center. He also joined Buffett and Gates' "Giving Pledge" campaign, in which participants give at least 50% of their net worth to charitable causes.


Becoming rich means reconsidering your habits, lifestyle, environment and attitude towards money. But even after scrupulously completing all the points, you may be faced with the fact that material values ​​have not increased.

Most likely, typical mistakes were made:

  1. You work with great diligence... in the same place. The fact that you have taken on additional responsibilities or become more responsible for your work will not increase your wealth. Only a small salary increase is on the horizon. Look for additional ways of income, outside the standard format of working “for someone else’s uncle.”
  2. You are too focused on saving. Total savings, mandatory savings in the form of 20% of the salary, but no more money is made - a typical mistake of a novice oligarch. It is necessary to simultaneously increase your income, then the result will not be long in coming. For example, you earn $500 a month, of which $100 goes towards a deposit. It will take 83 years (!!!) to get $100,000. Isn't it too long?
  3. I am quite satisfied with the current level of income. Perseverance, knowledge and work have borne fruit - you began to earn not $500 a month, but $3,000. This is quite enough for a comfortable life and travel, nothing more is needed. Well, all that remains is to congratulate you - this is your personal level of wealth. Not a single billionaire stops at the level achieved. There is always, a priori, little money.
  4. You haven't started investing yet. On average, millionaires annually invest 20% of their income in promising projects. Wealth in the elite environment is measured not by earnings, but by investments - the more, the richer, accordingly. You don’t need to be a genius, a brilliant financial expert, or earn a lot of money right away. Start with affordable investments in mutual funds or securities through a broker.
  5. Chasing someone else's dream. To be successful, you must love your job. If the profession became the result of the desires of parents, the influence of friends, the advice of relatives, then there will be no result. The key to wealth is passion and love for your activity. Analyze what you like most in life.
  6. You have no plans for future “big” money. Rich people prefer to strive to achieve a certain level of wealth. This requires concentration, courage, knowledge and a lot of effort - but it is possible if there is a clear vision of what to do next with the benefits received.
  7. Spend, then save. If you want to become rich, you need to save your money first and then pay your bills. Once you receive your salary, immediately put aside the interest on a deposit, and use the rest for mandatory monthly expenses. Not enough - look for additional income.
  8. You still think that you don't deserve to become rich. Most people believe that wealth is a privilege available only to the lucky ones. But there is only one truth, you have every right to become a wealthy person in any civilized society, to which Russian citizens undoubtedly belong. Start with the question: “Why not me?”

Correcting mistakes is hard, voluminous and, most often, long-term. Again, it all comes down to a universal solution - don’t delay, work on yourself today.

Pavel Durov

Despite Pavel Durov's difficult relationship with the Russian government, he remains an example of a Russian businessman who built an empire from nothing. While studying at St. Petersburg State University, he created two non-profit Internet projects:

• discussion forum for students • library of scientific articles and abstracts

The third creation was the social network, launched in the fall of 2006. Pavel does not hide that the idea was suggested to him by a friend who met Facebook in the USA.

A year after its launch, the social network gained 3 million users, overtaking Odnoklassniki, and in December 2007 it became the second most visited site on the Runet after There were offers to sell, but the founders did not want to abandon the portal - they transferred 24.99% to the DST fund, but retained control over the company.

Misunderstandings and disagreements regarding goals grew between Durov and the shareholders. In 2013, the crisis reached its peak - Pavel sold his 12% stake in the authorized capital, and in 2014 he left the post of general director.

Now the main project of Pavel Durov is the Telegram messenger, which is used by more than 200 million people.

“Money is overvalued, because creation is much more interesting than consumption, and the internal state is disproportionately more important than the external” - P. Durov


To become rich, put into practice the advice of accomplished people. They can be found in interviews, biographies and books. We present to your attention the most effective recommendations.

Get started now

The sooner you take action, the faster you will achieve financial freedom. Regardless of your current financial situation, save and save money today. If your salary doesn’t allow it, find additional income. Fortunately, in the world of high technology, there are enough ways to earn an extra 100-200 rubles a day. And don't let the amount fool you. Remember one thing - a long journey begins with a small step.

Automate your savings

The biggest enemy of wealth is yourself. Too often a person gives in to temptation and spends more than he can afford. As a result, there are no savings, but only debt obligations. The best way to protect money from your own weaknesses is to automate the savings process. This means regularly transferring a certain amount from your salary/debit card to investment or deposit accounts. Thus, you not only get rid of bad habits of buying unnecessary things, but also save money that will probably go “nowhere”.

Live modestly

Have you ever met a person who aroused sympathy with his ascetic lifestyle, and later it turned out that he was actually a dollar millionaire? If not, read the amazing stories of extremely frugal rich people. We do not call for giving up all material goods and fanatically saving every penny, to the detriment of healthy eating, quality clothing and personal growth. But before buying another pair of jeans from a super fashionable and mega expensive brand, think about whether you really need a thing whose price is at least 100 times higher. The healthy habit of spending minimally and wisely will bring tangible dividends in the future.

Avoid temptations

There are a million temptations around to live beyond your means. Television, magazines, friends, family, colleagues - purchases are imposed everywhere, touching the most sensitive strings of consciousness. Why am I (my wife/husband, child, parents) worse than others? You definitely need to buy the same phone as manager Sergei or a TV like cousin Lena. The problem is that impulse purchases often lead to debt and long-term financial instability.

Dealing with an information attack is not easy, but it is possible: avoid shopping centers, send all advertising on e-mail to spam, firmly learn to say no to yourself and loved ones when it comes to expensive, but in many ways useless household items.

Get an economic education

Successful people take the time to learn key financial concepts. Information can be obtained from special magazines, television and Internet channels, and finally, books. Make it a rule to read financial news instead of gossip about other people's lives or empty communication on social networks. And let it be boring, unclear, uninteresting at first. Within a week, the puzzle will begin to form into a picture, understanding will come, and with it knowledge.

But be careful and selective, do not take all the information on faith. And listen especially carefully to investment advice - there is a high risk of running into scammers and delaying getting the desired wealth for a long time.

Change your environment

A person is defined by his family, friends, colleagues. And if loved ones need to be accepted, understood and loved, then you can part with everyone else if the only plus in communication is to have fun celebrating another holiday. It is difficult to become rich by working as a mechanic at a factory or having a circle of acquaintances whose only goal is to wait until Friday and celebrate the end of the week in an enchanting way. Again, this does not mean that you have to give up all attachments overnight. No, on the contrary, communicate more, meet new people, make friends. On the path to success, “natural selection” will still occur. It is within your power to speed up the process.

Practice Psychology

Learn the art of communicating with people. Communication skills with elements of manipulation will help to form a positive circle of acquaintances who will be able and willing to support you in the future. Making a first impression, being liked, and getting your interlocutor interested from the first minute are valuable qualities. You can’t do without psychological techniques here. Therefore, read, learn and put into practice the advice of the world's “gurus”. There will definitely be tactics of behavior that will unconditionally suit you personally.

Constantly think about how to become rich

Dreams are very good, they motivate and inspire. But we still need ideas. Without thinking about ways to earn money, the necessary thoughts will not just come into your bright head. Go through options, imagine situations that contribute to generating income, try on any role - from a world cinema star to an oil tycoon. It is advisable to write down every idea, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. A month or two of thought and the first fruits will appear - real and feasible methods of gaining wealth in the near future.

Combine everything at once

Reflections on how to become rich, a deep analysis of one’s own personality, and self-education are perfectly combined with actions. Theory + practice = success. No one is stopping you from improving your skills while you are preparing to open a Chinese goods store or investing in shares of well-known companies. Speed ​​up, try, make mistakes - luck loves the persistent and purposeful.

Focus on your talents

Every person is given abilities from birth that can be developed and improved at any age. It is a deep mistake to think that nature has deprived you (a belief common to every second inhabitant of the planet). Surely there is something that you can do better than your family, friends, colleagues, residents of the area, city, etc. You knit, sew, cook brilliantly, nail shelves, install programs, repair household appliances - monetize your skills. A business based on hobbies, interests, knowledge is the best option to become rich.

Adjusting your thinking to the wave of wealth: 23 principles

We have already driven out the poor and unfortunate and are ready to master the 23 main laws of wealth that millionaires use.

Advice. Write each rule on a sticky note and stick it to your desk to create a habit.

Look for a way to increase your income

Stopping at an income that allows you to make ends meet is the lot of the poor. The rich do everything to earn more and do less. Expand, delegate tasks to employees.

Example. Ivan is an SMM manager, he has collected as many projects as he can handle. If he takes more, either the quality will deteriorate or he will stop sleeping. If we increase the average bill, we will still hit the financial ceiling. Exit: open a digital agency, give orders to employees, monitor quality and take a percentage of the transaction.

Dream and do

Write down your main dream on a piece of paper and break it down into small steps. Take action every day, imagine and you will be surprised where you will be in a few years.

Do you think that dreams are for romantics? Just remember Henry Ford, who wanted to make the car accessible to everyone. I can give a hundred such examples. Your deepest desire will make you successful.

Connect with like-minded people

You can become infected by anything from your environment: negativity, positivity, an idea, and even poverty. Remember this when looking for friends or a soulmate. Communicate with kind, successful, like-minded people who have a lot to learn from. Avoid whiners who are used to blaming everyone around them, although they themselves do nothing.

Don't be jealous

There is no such thing as white envy. Low self-esteem and laziness cause anger and irritation towards other people's achievements. Sometimes the success of others is so infuriating that we subconsciously inspire ourselves: “Such things are not for us” - and in every possible way we fence ourselves off from what we want.

Learn to benefit from the experiences of others: yeah, he studied a lot; this girl did not take out loans, but kept her savings in foreign currency, etc.

Every time you pass by a luxury car or villa and say with envy: where did he get this from? Come up and ask how he achieved it. You will understand that behind luxury are hidden years of work.

Paint a clear picture of the future

Imagine where, how and why you will be in 5 – 10 years. Who you communicate with, where you get your income from, what problems you may encounter and your decisions with consequences. By doing the opposite, you will not go astray.

Always think about making money

Think about how to make a million every day. At first you will think this is nonsense. But after a while you will be visited by simple ideas that are brilliant.

The author of the “Master is OK” channel, Anastasia Madeira, once stopped thinking about a million in the abstract. I really thought about how many products you need to earn that amount. She now lives in a villa in Spain.

Find a passive source of income

Think about what could bring money without your participation? One good option is affiliate programs. People buy a product/service without your participation, and you receive a commission from the transaction.

Keep a success diary

Our brain savors the sadness of failure, and the joy of achievement quickly evaporates. Get a notepad. Write down even the smallest successes there. For example, today I bought hosting and a domain for the site, came up with a name, etc.

Always learn and develop

When you turn up your nose and think you know everything, life brings unpleasant surprises. Checked personally.

Information businessman and millionaire Azat Valeev advises: when you come to a training, communicate with another person, be silent and listen. Every person has the right to their own point of view.

Read books about efficiency and business, sign up for all kinds of webinars, discuss ideas with your team.

Knowledge is the best investment. You can lose your house, your car, anything but that.

Make the most of every minute

I thought for a long time about how people become rich, and I found the main answer: they spend every minute on business, self-development, and maintaining health.

Millionaires don’t watch TV shows or hang out on social media feeds.

Think about whether you are making your dreams come true

Advertising and the environment can impose their desires, the implementation of which is unlikely to make you happy. For example, get a higher education. Always remember: money is an attribute that will be added to your destiny.

Learn to control your emotions

I quarreled with a young man - that’s it, I won’t work, long live chocolates and melodramas. As long as negative and positive events throw you off balance and disrupt your plans, success will not be seen.

A Japanese information businessman I know always works, no matter if he has a quarrel with someone or his leg hurts. Thanks to his hard work, he has traveled halfway around the world and lives in the best hotels. Every month he earns more than 240,000 rubles.

Become a leader

Leadership skills can be developed. Organize events, hire a freelancer and outsource some of the work if your situation allows. The essence of leadership is to make decisions and take responsibility for any consequences.

Don't rush to get everything at once

Most millionaires started from scratch. Profits, investments, and business grew gradually. Today, define a goal that is realistic for the average person. For example, open a website, hire a couple of freelancers, etc.

The owner of casinos, hotels and $26 billion, Sheldon Adelson has been selling newspapers since he was 12 years old. His life took him everywhere, both to a brokerage firm and to journalism. Only 20 years later he organized a computer exhibition, which brought him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Learn the basics of marketing

Marketing skills will come in handy more than once during negotiations when partners find it difficult to sign a contract.

You will have better control over the work of advertisers. One mistake can cost hundreds of thousands. Yes, and if you are going to get rich remotely, then with marketing you will sell your services at a high price.

Don't buy luxury items from your first profit

Having felt the taste of money, you want to emphasize your status - buy expensive things. Stop. Invest 70% back into the business. And leave the purchase of luxury things for the moment when you achieve financial success.

Tell everyone about your plans

The universe will help you and connect you with the right people. Set goals publicly, then it will be difficult for you to blend in and do nothing. If you tell your family, followers or team about your plans, they will carefully ensure that you achieve your goals.

Change your strategy and thoughts according to circumstances

Those who quickly retrain and adapt to market trends are always rich.

Plan things for tomorrow in the evening

A clear plan will help you start your morning more productively. There are fewer temptations to look at your social network feed and lie in bed.

Do important things when you're most productive

Larks, move labor-intensive and important matters to the first half of the day, and informal meetings and responses to clients to the second half.

Owls mentally wake up in the afternoon. Until this time, it is better to take on routine tasks that do not require creativity and concentration.

Discover new ways to earn money

Everything that is not prohibited by morality and laws can and should be tried. The more profit channels you find, the richer you will become.

Save 20% for business

We received 20,000 rubles. – put aside 4,000 rubles, gave 1,500 rubles as a birthday gift. – leave 300 rubles. Remember, you can grow a fortune from a small amount if you manage your money wisely.

For those who do not understand investments or are still thinking about it, I advise you to make a deposit in a bank. Get rid of the temptation to spend it, and it’s easier to save it.

Don't take loans

Even spending all your savings on a business is risky, let alone taking out a loan. 200% confidence does not guarantee the smooth existence of a business.

Grow your business at the same pace as you save. If the business fails, then when you exit it you will not have to pay off debts for the next few years and will quickly recover.


If you want to improve your lifestyle, expand your horizons, become rich and independent, you need to get out of your comfort zone and go on an exciting journey through the financial world. Every step, new knowledge or valuable experience, allows you to create additional sources of income and completely rebuild your life. Personal freedom, the ability to manage time, doing what you love - already halfway through the journey, the quality of life will noticeably improve. If you are reading this article, then you are already ready for change. Diverse information in the early stages is a key moment in the formation of a future millionaire.

Leave comments, ask questions, rate and criticize. Share your concept of wealth - is it just money or freedom from material worries?

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