15 important and most importantly simple and pleasant joys of life


I have often been asked in my life: “Why are you always smiling?” Why not. This irritates many people because there is no joy in their life and they cannot smile as naturally. I consider myself a cheerful person, I have learned to enjoy life no matter what. Yes, it's not easy. There is a lot of pain, suffering, and falls in life, but the state of joy from life itself has not left me for many years.

A quick way to achieve a state of quiet joy

Stop. Right now. Raise your head to the sky (if you are outside) or go out onto the balcony of your apartment or into the courtyard of your house.

Inhale the air... just very slowly. Just as slowly, look around the horizon, look at the clouds, the sun (or moon), the foliage of trees (or snow)…

Feel like a part of a huge, beautiful and very complex world...

And smile at the fact that you have the opportunity to hear, see and feel this world and yourself in it. And also the fact that you are alive and every minute you can receive joy from this simple but very important fact.

Everything looks pretty simple. Some even succeed sometimes. And very few people live like this. Why not everyone?

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How to learn to enjoy life and be positive

Anyone interested in learning how to enjoy life should pay attention to children. It is children who know how to rejoice every day, to notice the positive in literally everything, in every little thing. Their sincere and ringing laughter charges their parents and other people with positive energy. They have fun when the first snow falls, when a picnic is planned, etc. The child is simply a model for someone who wants to be a happy, positive optimist.

A child always shows his joy sincerely. Adults should learn this from children. They also recommend turning to memories of your childhood and what could have made you happy then.

When a person begins to feel the emotion of joy, the neurons of his brain produce happiness hormones (endorphins). Their level can be increased:

  • chocolate;
  • listening to pleasant music, watching a good movie;
  • refusal or minimization of communication with pessimists, stopping the perception of bad news;
  • creative activity;
  • comedy videos, funny stories from life;
  • remembering moments filled with joy;
  • planning a pleasant pastime, a fun holiday, etc.

Only strong personalities manage to be cheerful and please other people, no matter what, even in difficult situations. It’s possible to become like this, but it’s very difficult.

When we are filled with joy, we work and devote ourselves to the maximum, and are also able to “infect” other people with this state. But without effort and self-development it is impossible to achieve a state of cheerfulness. It’s a huge job to carry within yourself all your life and give others joy, kindness, and happiness.

A long and systematic path to a state of joy

There is a more systematic, fundamental and long-term option for entering the State of Tasty Joy.

Step one: find and realize your Life's Work.

This is something that makes you crazy and for which you can get up at five in the morning without an alarm clock. This is a task in which you do not get tired, but on the contrary, you gain additional energy. This is a business that brings you both joy and money at the same time - and you no longer need to do anything else to provide for your life.

Step two: find your mission in this life.

This is much more than a Favorite Thing. A mission often goes beyond a specific embodiment and is implemented in different ways at different stages. This is what makes you want to live for a long, long time, and what moves you forward and makes you get up if you stumble and fall.

Step three: build the right (for you) lifestyle.

It's where you live, how you live, who you live with. How much do you travel and where, where do you eat and what, how many hours do you work and how much do you rest. Who do you communicate with, how long are you alone... The list of points could take a long time. This is how your daily life is structured.

Step four: form your environment.

These are the people who surround you: your loved ones, your friends and girlfriends, relatives and colleagues, loved ones and children. These are people with whom you often communicate, in whose field you are, who influence you in one way or another.

Step five: create.

Write fairy tales or stories, draw, sculpt, sew or write music - the scope of imagination here is almost unlimited. This can be done both as part of your Favorite Business, and simply for your own pleasure and fulfillment. When you have qualitatively implemented these five steps, the State of Tasty Joy appears on its own and remains with you for a very long time - or even forever. And you don’t have to invent anything, go to trainings and engage in spiritual practices just to catch him for a couple of minutes. You just live in it... that's all.

What is joy?

Joy is an internal emotion of pleasure and cheerful mood.

A person can enjoy many things in his life. From the joy of knowledge, the joy of communication, the joy of movement and, in the end, simply the joy of life, which many characterize as causeless joy.

Joy is different from satisfaction. Joy, as a “higher” emotion, relates more to the soul, but the “body” is associated more with satisfaction, as its reaction to something.

I’m now happy that I’m writing a new article on my blog about self-development. What are you happy about?

Take a piece of paper and write 10 things that make you happy most in life.

For me personally, enjoying life is a skill that I try to improve every day.

Let your interest be joy. Everything else is unimportant.

— Osho

Unfortunately, not all people know how to enjoy life. There is a lot of negativity in our society.

If every person paid more attention to their thoughts and emotions, then society would be more rosy, harmonious and prosperous.

Well, to create such a society, you need to start with yourself.

And if you are reading this article, then you already have an interest in this topic and a desire to be more joyful.

The emotion of joy is an ideal emotion to interact with people at work or while spending any leisure time, to inspire confidence in your interlocutors and is constantly in the spotlight.

The emotion of joy is the best emotion to be creative. Most masterpieces of art (art, music, culinary and many others) are created based on this emotion.

The emotion of joy is a high emotion to think about human existence, the meaning of life, one’s purpose , and other philosophical topics, which are so important for every person to talk about!

The third way: variety

The third way to immerse yourself in the State of Tasty Joy is to have many small tasty moments in life. I will not theorize - I will give examples from my personal life and experience.

I'm delicious and happy:

  • When I communicate with a person and understand that with him (or with her) you can go to any depth and soar to any height...
  • When I sit in a cozy coffee shop in any city and drink hot and strong coffee...
  • When, at the very beginning of the flight, I feel the plane take off from the ground...
  • When I look into the eyes of people who have undergone transformation...
  • When I take my first step in a city I've never been to...
  • When a cat purrs on my lap...
  • When I finish writing an article, or a fairy tale, or a story...
  • When I hold a cool thing in my hands (for example, iPad2)…
  • When I touch a woman's hair...

This list can be continued endlessly...

You have it too. It’s just that you most often choose not to give yourself these moments of joy. Because they seem unimportant and insignificant compared to your serious and big Affairs...

Because there is a magic word “later”, and you put them off for this word...

Because it’s scary that as soon as you start to receive these moments and deeply enjoy them, you will have no time (and desire) left for big things and to fulfill all the numerous obligations that you have taken upon yourself...

Joy is so... fleeting, open and warm . Yellow-green in color, spring sweet smell and taste somewhat reminiscent of honey, rustles like a light breeze and rings with the voices of birds at dawn. Hugs and tickles... And grain by grain adds up to a lasting memory and feeling - into what people usually call happiness .

It gives hope, paints the days in bright colors, runs like a trail through our entire past and showers the imaginable future with magical shining powder. It inspires and fills with courage, pushing forward to the very heights and cherished dreams.

Joy rushes with open arms to those who have known her for a long time and smile sweetly at her when they meet . And she desperately hides from those who are not waiting for her, who are not ready, or who have already forgotten what our beauty looks like. Meeting her again after a long separation can sometimes be more difficult than getting to know her again: considerable effort is required not to be afraid of possible feelings, not to turn away and run off again about your business, pretending that you didn’t recognize her.

Or you really won't know. Everything depends on us. How ready are we to allow ourselves to experience joy? Only we know how much we need it. And you don’t need to deceive yourself that this is not so. Without joy, life is insipid, boring and empty. Proven by experience.

In the post about living from scratch, one of the stages in building a dream life in my plan is to find activities that warm the soul. At this stage, you just need to make a list of everything that makes you happy. And I’ll probably start doing it here. Filling your life with small but pleasant moments from this list makes the days warmer, happier and brighter, helps awaken feelings and a sense of life, teaches you to soak in the moment and savor reality.


I love…

  1. breathe in spring;
  2. penetrate your consciousness into your favorite music, detaching yourself from the whole world;
  3. dream before going to bed;
  4. fruit and berry, fruit and pistachio ice cream;
  5. dedicate the day to traveling for pizza;
  6. hot chocolate;
  7. strawberries, raspberries and cherries;
  8. find new ways to promote projects;
  9. celebrate small victories;
  10. work hard and reap the rewards you deserve;
  11. look at the sea;
  12. cross stitching;
  13. Recently I started painting anti-stress coloring books;
  14. read inspiring books: business, psychology or fiction;
  15. series with an intense plot, where you have to work your brain hard;
  16. Guitar Hero with your favorite songs;
  17. spend time with your cats;
  18. rain for enhancing home comfort;
  19. snow for the feeling of magic;
  20. mountains for the feeling of freedom and the understanding that life is not at all what we think about it;
  21. time spent with family;
  22. a feeling of spiritual softness, calmness and harmony;
  23. visit a new city and feel yourself in the flow of bustling life;
  24. observe people who have achieved a lot or are just achieving;
  25. evening lights of high-rise buildings from the bus window;
  26. find people who understand, and whom you understand and feel;
  27. interesting, sincere and useful blogs;
  28. ASMR videos for chills and calming effects;
  29. write down goals and achieve them;
  30. improve yourself every day;
  31. engage in your Internet projects;
  32. find an unexpected solution to a problem;
  33. get rid of unnecessary things;
  34. clear space;
  35. look from the window at the empty city in the rays of the resurgent sun;
  36. light candles and wait for the lights to turn on;
  37. morning coolness;
  38. a warm blanket even in summer;
  39. watch good movies before bed;
  40. write when you can’t keep up with the flow of thoughts;
  41. inhale the aroma of the morning;
  42. early rises, when the kitchen is completely filled with the first rays of sunlight;
  43. walk on wet sand;
  44. light warm breeze;
  45. a huge and all-consuming feeling of love;
  46. silence and peaceful sky;
  47. sounds of bustling city life;
  48. morning birdsong;
  49. comments on blog posts;
  50. new ideas that you want to start implementing immediately;
  51. new post from your favorite bloggers;
  52. play meaningless games on social media. networks (at such moments I always get brilliant ideas);
  53. travel on a train overnight;
  54. transform the space around;
  55. create your future life and ideal day;
  56. when everything planned for the day is done;
  57. get to new places in your home or favorite city where you have never been before;
  58. outdoor summer cafes;
  59. moments of insight;
  60. dance strange dances while no one sees (or only Nikita, or dance with him);
  61. when mom is happy and healthy;
  62. when our cats are healthy;
  63. when everything planned works out;
  64. to be alone;
  65. living a super active day, when in the evening you just fall off your feet and are overwhelmed with emotions (but only when such days are quite rare);
  66. ride a bike (although I already vaguely remember how it was, but I want more);
  67. notice what others don't see;
  68. meet sensitive people with a huge inner world;
  69. listen to your favorite songs at high volume (and not with headphones);
  70. remember your dancing youth;
  71. dance;
  72. when you manage to get ready somewhere in 15 minutes, and everything you need for this is already prepared in advance;
  73. be in nature, feel it;
  74. to look at the stars;
  75. tea with jasmine and bergamot;
  76. when there is nothing to do, and the day can be filled with everything your soul desires;
  77. when you allow yourself to rest;
  78. stopped working the start of the war has reopened
  79. find new opportunities to survive in this difficult situation;
  80. taste of vegetables and fruits in nature;
  81. find something that has long been lost or forgotten;
  82. blooming trees;
  83. walk holding a hand or hugging a loved one;
  84. remember dad;
  85. inspire others;
  86. take a hot shower when it's cold;
  87. looks good in photographs;
  88. when others like the way I photographed them;
  89. embrace;
  90. allow pleasant changes into your life;
  91. interesting dreams;
  92. hot sandwiches;
  93. new bright emotions;
  94. when your favorite rock band releases a new song or video;
  95. when I can chat without embarrassment in a new company (has this ever happened?);
  96. when a new company welcomes me in a friendly manner (let's start with this);
  97. messages on VK from old friends who are now far away;
  98. spending time with mom;
  99. feel confident;
  100. just live and feel alive.

What “loves” would you add to your list of joys? Maybe you and I have something in common? Share in the comments or you can even write a post on the April theme of the project “Moments of Inspiration” . Draw inspiration from other participants there as well.

Try to update your own joy list as often as possible. And try, if possible, to bring at least one point into your life every day. You have no idea what miracles your days will be filled with. Don't forget about this and enjoy life!







A few more words about cheerfulness

Let's look at the definition in more detail. Cheerfulness is:

  • the ability to see the positive in everyday things that few people bring joy, for example, in the early morning, in a mug of tea, in rain and snow;
  • the ability to not lose heart in difficult situations;
  • a friendly perception of life, whatever it may seem at the moment;
  • the ability to trust the future without worrying about it;
  • the ability to understand that life is the most valuable gift a person has;
  • the ability to be happy here and now, without attachment to the past and unnecessary anxiety.


Let's tell you how optimism manifests itself in everyday life.

  • A cheerful person is always surrounded by people. They feel his positive energy and warmth of communication. An optimist not only always smiles, but also charges those around him with a good mood.
  • An optimist knows how to maintain composure in stressful or extreme situations, when a pessimist panics and loses control.
  • Cheerfulness is the best medicine for diseases, even if they are considered serious or incurable. Getting positive emotions and joy every day, as well as believing in recovery, even helps cure cancer. One of the participants spoke about this in the film “The Secret”. A striking example is Louise Hay, a famous book author, a woman who independently cured herself of a cancerous tumor.

Making a wish map

Take whatman paper or a note board and attach images of something that will bring you joy to the chosen base. It is advisable to maintain approximately the same ratio of material and intangible. This is a very simple psychological exercise: knowing specifically what you want and seeing it before your eyes every day makes it easier to get what you want. Be sure to gradually add new joys, and make it a rule to fulfill at least one of your existing desires once a week. To comply with this condition, you need to add to your happiness map, in addition to global goals, also minor ones - those that you can fulfill in the near future. Meeting with a friend, going to a new cafe or relaxing on the weekend outside the city. Such simple joys are the foundation of a happy life.

Find your place in life

It’s good when the main joy in a person’s life and the source of financial well-being is one type of activity. Work occupies a significant place in the life of any person, and if it does not bring positive emotions, it is not so easy to be happy. The best advice for people who are unsettled in their professional life is to try to figure out what the reason is. You may not like the type of activity itself, the manager or team, or the principles of work organization in a particular company. Once the main problems have been identified, solutions should be considered. You can always change your job or even get a new profession. Do you want to become happier? Find something you like. Hobbies can be anything - sports, handicrafts, board games. Make acquaintances with like-minded people or join a thematic club. You will definitely enjoy such productive and useful leisure time.

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