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DIY crossbow shoulders

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Homemade shoulders for a crossbow are not uncommon, because they are often used not only when making a crossbow on their own, but also to replace the arcs that come with a purchased crossbow. Quite often, inexpensive crossbows are equipped with arms made of not very durable plastic, which crack and break over time. You can also make shoulders for a crossbow yourself if you accidentally, through your own fault, broke the original arches of the crossbow, and there is no money for a new set.

There is no need to rack your brains about what to make crossbow shoulders from, since many materials are suitable for this, the main feature of which should be strength and flexibility.

You can make crossbow arches from wood. The best choices for these purposes are maple, ash and acacia. You need to carve the shoulders out of wood according to the drawings, although it is enough to follow one rule - the shoulders should be thicker in the center than at the edges. Maintain symmetry.

Photo. DIY crossbow shoulders drawings

Another very common and at least time-consuming material for making crossbow arms is spring. Its shape is ideal for making crossbow arches.

Do-it-yourself composite crossbow shoulders usually involve the use of various alloys. For example, fiberglass and plastic are also suitable for making homemade shoulders, but they are harder to find and plastic can be brittle.

The process of making homemade shoulders is simple:

Photo. Wooden crossbow shoulders

Yak power crossbow

Yak power crossbow

Should you use a crossbow? Increased tension allows you to increase the range of aimed shooting and the strength of the shot. Before you first strengthen your crossbow, you are obliged to know that according to the legislation of Ukraine, crossbows with a draw force of more than 20 kg are respected by armor and their saving and carrying is possible only if a specific dose is detected ox. Narazi bezposredno to those. You can power a crossbow in 3 ways. This means shortening the string, changing the length of the string and installing a stronger arch. Let’s just say that the first two methods are ineffective, because in order to change the main draw stroke, it is necessary to make significant structural changes to the crossbow - move the trigger mechanism, and shortening the crossbow’s drawstring is particularly sensitive when using the crossbow light and soft synthetic threads, and also does not give special increase in tension in connection with the same constructive interconnections. The simplest, but at the same time the most effective method is lost - installing a stronger arc. No special attachments are required to install the reinforced arc. Vaughn has a similar design to the emergency arc. At the same time, after installing the strengthened arch, it is recommended to immediately take a tensioner for the tension, since it is not very easy to pull 68 kg with your hands. And also a good arrow catcher, so that you don’t have to buy a new arrow for the skin rash. Most models support the installation of a reinforced arc, but there are some models whose locks and trigger mechanism cannot be used as hard (due to the increased arc capacity of 68 kg).

Before purchasing a crossbow, be sure to read the description or check with the seller to see if a reinforced bow can be installed. Installation of a reinforced arc on a crossbow, failure to recover on a similar zusilla, unsafe consequences (uncontrolled release, breakage of locks in a tensioned frame, breakage of the trigger mechanism), and we recommend that you never attempt to force a crossbow not intended for Whoa. Let's look at a small list of crossbows that can be equipped with a strong arc - these are the crossbows of the Man Kung MK-150, MK-175, MK-200, XB21, XB23 series, as well as the Poe Lang CR-042G1A4NS-40 model You can find a strong arc in the section accessories for crossbow.

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Reinforced arms (arcs) for a crossbow - how to strengthen the arms (arcs) of a crossbow with your own hands

Reinforced crossbow arms (crossbow bows) have more power than the standard arms included in the kit. In Russia, crossbows with a tension force of more than 43 kg are prohibited, so you can, of course, make reinforced shoulders, but using them is illegal.

Photo. Spring crossbow arches

You can strengthen the crossbow's shoulders with your own hands using additional linings made of carbon or metal. To do this, pads are cut along the width of the crossbow's arc, one smaller than the other and attached to the shoulders from the inside in places where the greatest bending occurs when the bowstring is pulled, one on top of the other, starting with the largest.

Reinforced crossbow arcs not only make the crossbow more powerful, but also prevent breakage and excessive bending, which significantly extends the life of the crossbow.

DIY crossbow shoulders video


How to strengthen a crossbow

Strengthening the crossbow is required to increase the tension force, which, in turn, increases the range of aimed shooting and makes the weapon more powerful. There are three ways to help strengthen it. For example, you can:

  • shorten the string itself;
  • change the length of its stroke;
  • install special reinforcements on the arcs.

The first two options are more complex, since their implementation requires changing the design of the crossbow, and for this you need to have the appropriate skills and a lot of time.

The simplest is the installation of pads on the arch (shoulders) of the crossbow.

  1. To do this, you need to cut 2 linings, for example, from carbon or metal.
  2. In this case, one should be smaller than the other. Crossbow string.
  3. They need to be attached from the inside of the arc.
  4. Fastenings must be made in places where the greatest bending occurs during the tensioning process.
  5. The linings need to be attached in the following order - first the large one, and on top of it the smaller one.

How to strengthen the Tarantula crossbow

Question for experts in this area. There is: 1. Crossbow “Tarantula” 2. Reinforced shoulders (68 kg) + standard ones (43 kg) The question is: what can you think of to increase the tension force. I have two thoughts. Put an insert from the cut off shoulders (43 kg) to the reinforced ones. According to the type of spring, short (2/3? length), then the main one (68 kg). Or make an extension from aluminum alloy to lengthen the stock by 15 cm, to increase the stroke of the bowstring. As far as I know, the lock holds up to 200kg. Please don’t just throw stools (it hurts), preferably slippers (it doesn’t hurt, but it’s understandable)

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