How to make a wish come true with the power of thought: practical advice

Can a person influence events in his life, or is everything inevitably planned? Many people have been practicing the fulfillment of desires with the power of thought lately. There are specially developed methods, schemes, and practices. wishes can come true without techniques, because this ability is inherent in every person from birth.

However, there are various obstacles to successfully realizing your dream, and we will talk about this in the article. Let's consider the role of doubt in this context and the invisible internal enemy that prevents you from getting what you expected. Let's also look at the concept of anti-desire.

Dreams do come true, and here's proof of it.

You know, dreams come true, and here's why...

  • Do you want to board a plane and fly far from home?
  • Do you dream of traveling to different countries and continents?
  • Do you want to have a prestigious job that brings you pleasure and a lot of money?
  • You want to get married successfully, have a child...
  • Or is your main goal today to be slim and beautiful?

Surprisingly, I was convinced in my own life that dreams come true! Moreover, even if at first glance they seem completely fantastic and impossible.

This is my favorite quote!

It represents 100% truth. And now, my dear reader, I will tell you how you can make your dreams come true into your life plans)))

Dreams Come True! And I know this for sure, since many of my desires have already become reality. This is what my blog is all about.

And with this article, I want to inspire you to fulfill your deepest desires! I will tell you the most exciting stories and share techniques for making your dreams come true)

Personal diary

I started keeping a diary in the seventh grade. I wrote down the events of the past day there, wrote about my experiences and dreams. I pasted magazine clippings or drew what I wanted to see. And one day, opening a diary that was about five years old, I was amazed.

There was a page in my diary that I had long forgotten to even think about . I wrote in it about my desire to see the world, described the countries I would like to see, and pasted in a magazine clipping with the sights of these countries. And, as it turned out, I visited almost all the countries I wrote about. Moreover, the trip was completely free for me due to my studies. And I saw everything I had dreamed of since childhood.

Clipping with countries I dreamed of seeing

Someone will think that this is just a coincidence, but there have been many cases in my life when I really wanted something, vividly imagined it, was sure that I would get it - and I got it...

Dream to see Paris

Drawing drawn in 2014

Photo I took in 2016

A personal diary has other advantages. You can express your innermost feelings, and in the course of writing come to a solution to the problem. And years later it is very interesting to read about your childhood experiences. A diary stores more information than your own mind. Therefore, I don’t regret keeping a diary and recommend it to everyone.

Pay attention to emotions

Emotions allow us to see whether we are on the right path or have lost our way. Identifying your emotions is not difficult. It’s enough to ask yourself at the right moment: “What am I feeling right now?” Essentially, there are only two emotions - positive and negative. Positive emotions, no matter what you call them (joy, delight, inspiration), all feel approximately equally good. They inspire you to new ideas and actions. Negative emotions (disappointment, sadness, envy, guilt, anger) have a destructive effect on our mental organization, and therefore cannot be useful. They limit your long-term vision of life and prevent you from moving forward. Materialization of thoughts occurs in any case. But if you are positive, your deepest desires will come true, if you think negatively, your fears will actually manifest themselves.

Fantasies and dreams, the difference between them

Many people confuse these two different concepts, which have huge differences. You've probably noticed that the dreams that you allow to come true come true.

Fantasy is vague and ephemeral, but a dream is achievable and concrete. Moreover, fantasies usually have nothing to do with reality. With the help of dreams, thoughts materialize. Many people who are in their fantasies agree on one thing: their ideas remained unattainable, they abandoned all attempts to achieve their goals. Our fantasies are illusions, but our dreams are real.

Let go of the desire

Once you have decided what exactly you want to achieve in life, what your intention is, mentally free yourself from desire. Any obsessive state to acquire something or achieve something can actually build large obstacles on the path to what you want. Don't get too attached to the result, enjoy the process itself. The materialization of desires will definitely come at the moment when you internally stop thinking about achieving your desire. And on the contrary, the more you focus on what you haven’t received yet, the longer it will take you to reach your cherished goal. In this case, the Universe very creatively draws obstacles and failures that are not so easy to overcome.

Wish card. What it is

A do-it-yourself wish card or wish poster is the personification of our thoughts and desires, which are transferred to paper. Our Universe hears all our requests and is able to bring them to life! You can reach the heavenly office faster with the help of a card, since written down thoughts work and come to life much faster.

Creation Rules

A few of our tips will help you create the right message for your desires:

  1. A do-it-yourself wish card can consist only of pictures, or maybe of pictures and text. Here the choice is yours.
  2. All “wish lists” must be written in the present tense.

Incorrect: I want a new job. I want a new car.

Correct: I have a favorite job. I have a BMW car.

  1. The more details, the better. To make it come true, try to describe your desire in the smallest detail. If you simply ask for a “red car,” they may drive you an old and battered red Cossack. But you wanted a BMW!

Incorrect: I have a good job.

Correct: I work as an editor of my own program on Channel One and earn 300,000 rubles a month.

  1. Do not use particles “not” and “without”. The Universe does not perceive them and erases them. When you say, “I don’t want to be fat.” The Universe removes the “not” and interprets it as: “I want to be fat.”

Incorrect: I don't want to cry because of guys. I don't want a divorce. I do not want to be ill.

Correct: I am happy and loved by my boyfriend/husband. I am healthy, my body is always in good shape, and my mood is high.

  1. It's best to use your own photo. There should be no strangers on the wish map. When you ask for a new car, try to put your photo next to it. Only in the marriage sector is it appropriate to take a photo of you and your fiancé together.
  2. Ask for as many things as you need. If it's yours, it will definitely come to you.
  3. The wish card has no deadline. It can be done for a year, two, five years and even 10. It all depends on you.
  4. What to do with a wish card when all your wishes have come true? Thank you for the work and simply dispose of it.
  5. A do-it-yourself wish card is made on whatman paper, on an A4 sheet. You can simply write down your wishes in a notebook or notebook. The wish card can also be electronic. If you know Paint or Photoshop, then feel free to create a new project for your future.
  6. You can simply make a wish card in the Notes of your smartphone or download a special application. You can make a wish card on your phone using these applications:

How to make a wish come true with the power of thought

It is possible to fulfill desires with just the power of thought. You just need to know certain rules, and then everything will work out. The power of desire can turn any desire into reality.

In fact, the ability to make wishes come true with just the power of thought is a completely feasible task. But, as in any other business, here you need to know certain techniques and constantly practice. Of course, you may not succeed the first time, but don’t be upset. The more you work on yourself, the faster you will learn to get what you want just by thinking about it.

Practical rules for fulfilling desires with the power of thought

The most important rule in all practices is your true desire. When you clearly know what exactly you want, a corresponding signal will already be sent to the Universe: the action plan is ready. Higher Powers do not like vague formulations and hidden meanings, they simply do what you want. Therefore, before making a wish, decide whether you really want it and only then clearly formulate it. It’s even better to do it on paper - this way it will be easier for you to understand what to strive for and make what you want a goal.

It often happens that as soon as we think about something bad, it immediately comes true. But with positive changes you have to try much harder. Specialists in the field of bioenergy know what it is - the emotions that we experience during our thoughts.

Psychics say that fear is one of the most powerful emotions. Because of it, our negative thoughts come true more often than what we dream about. Therefore, in order for our wish to come true, we must want it very much and imagine how good it will be when all this comes true. Having understood your own fears, life becomes easier and much simpler.

The following condition is one of the most difficult to fulfill. The fact is that now the Internet is simply replete with information about positive thinking and the fact that your deepest desire should always be in your thoughts. However, this is not quite true.

By constantly thinking about your desire, you become fixated on it, thereby short-circuiting a process that has not yet had time to unwind. Your connection with the Universe becomes like an overloaded telephone line. Having made a wish and applying all the necessary knowledge and rules, you must let it go

Letting go means not focusing all your attention on it and stopping thinking about it constantly. After all, when you invite one of your friends to share candy or gum, and they refuse, you don’t think about it further

According to this principle, you must let go of your desire. This is easier said than done, because having made a wish, we begin to really wait for it to come true, worry about it, constantly get nervous and count the minutes until it comes true. And then doubts and fears appear. It is they who ultimately block even the most favorable changes in life.

If you think negatively, achieving your goal will be very, very difficult. The point is that you should wish for what you want and continue to live as if nothing had happened. In such conditions, the Universe itself will give you a gift, pleasantly surprising you one day with the fact that, it turns out, the dream was not so unrealizable.

The power of thought is everywhere, it is not tied to anything, there are no barriers for it, there is no time or distance. Our thoughts are the greatest tool for fulfilling desires; the main thing is to learn how to use them. To do this, read affirmations, train your mind, let go of desires, enjoy life and of course do not forget to press the buttons and


By visualizing our desires, we fulfill them with the help of the universe. The law of attraction works on our side if we want it to. We always get what we think about most. And our life is at least half the result of our thoughts.

Visualization is the representation of the fulfillment of a desire in the imagination. Not just a representation of a desire, but a representation of its fulfillment! This is the key point.

For example, if you visualize how you lack something, the universe will listen and make this lack in your life even greater.

But if you visualize the very process of owning something or achieving something, then the universe will fulfill your desire. You will get what you need.

The main thing in visualization is to completely surrender to the feelings and emotions that will fill you when your desire is fulfilled. It is equally important to be the protagonist of your visualization. Then everything will definitely work out!

For example, you dream of a loving family, a big house, a fast car. There is no point in thinking about it as something distant from you. Imagine yourself driving comfortably along the highway in your car. Feel all the joy and euphoria from owning this iron horse. Feel how, when you press the gas pedal, happiness fills you, and your heart beats faster from the strong acceleration. Are you feeling inspired and excited right now? If yes, then you are visualizing your desire correctly. Let's continue! You are in a hurry to get home. Here you are driving through the gates of your own large house and putting your car in the garage. The house amazes with its grandeur, and it is very cozy. Your children are playing in the yard, and you join in their play, have fun and fool around, experiencing sincere pleasure. Your beloved leaves the house, laughs and calls you to the table. Mmm, delicious! And how wonderful it is when the whole family is together. There are so many interesting things to discuss. You feel so good with your family! After lunch, you decide to take a walk in the wonderful garden that surrounds your house. The smell of cherry blossoms, the smell of freshness and life flows into your lungs. Sometimes you feel like you're in a dream, but you pinch yourself and make sure it's real. Your reality, the one you chose!

This is roughly how visualization of any desire occurs. Enjoy, live your desire - and it will certainly come true! When you imagine the fulfillment of a desire in every detail, the powerful forces of the universe fulfill it. The universe always follows the path of least resistance. Because it’s easier this way - there’s less energy loss. Therefore, persistently scrolling through the picture of the fulfillment of a desire in your head sooner or later leads to its real fulfillment. The power of thought attracts into your life everything you want, including happiness and health. Take advantage of it!

How to visualize a desire correctly? Do it when you see fit. Naturally, the more often and regularly you visualize, the better. But you shouldn’t go too far, otherwise you’ll lead yourself to a nervous breakdown. Let visualization be a joy for you - do it regularly when you feel the right moment. That is, you need to experience pleasure from the process itself. If it is, then you are doing everything right!

So, friends, you and I have learned to correctly visualize the fulfillment of desires. Now you know that the power of human thought is capable of much. But how to develop the power of thought? How to speed up the fulfillment of desires? If you want to learn how to “professionally” use the power of thought, then the information below will also be very useful for you.


To enhance the power of thought, you can use magical rituals. These are certain actions that help you better tune in to what you want and enter an altered state. Rituals also increase faith and put more energy into your thoughts.

Many parapsychologists resort to the power of magical actions. For example, Juna recommended the following ritual:

On a blank sheet of paper, draw a circle counterclockwise. Place your photo in it, and under the image tell about your intention. You can also draw an image of what you want.

Then draw another circle, this time clockwise

Let the first circle of power be inside the second. Between the circles it is important to write the words: “I am surrounded (surrounded) by three rings of power. I am surrounded (surrounded) by the energy of creation and fulfillment of my desires and plans.”

Place the created pentacle in your room or in another place that you often visit. Take it out every day, look at it, read the magic words and visualize your dream. You need to work with the talisman of your desire for 1 month.

Arina Evdokimova spoke about this ritual:

Visualize a glass ball in front of you. It is in your hands. You feel it, look at it. In this ball, create a mental image of your dreams. Imagine that you have achieved your goal. Look inside the ball and see your desire in it.

Then bring the magic ball to your left ear and say: “I want this to come true.” Done? Okay.) Now place the ball near your right ear and say: “This will definitely come true.”

An excellent simple ritual, its advantage is that by imagining a mental image in a ball, you seem to protect it.

Vlad Kadoni gives this recipe:

After morning exercises, energy practice, or in moments of strong emotions (joy, anger, etc.), point your index finger upward and loudly announce your dream. At the same time, imagine how the energy from your finger rushes into space. This is how the process of transformation of thoughts begins. During the ceremony, do not be shy about other people, let them think what they want. The main thing for you is that your wish comes true).

Mantra of wish fulfillment. A very powerful mantra for wish fulfillment

When reading mantras, there is no need to think about the text or the meaning of the words. A necessary condition is the creation of vibration. You need to find the right rhythm of reading that will tune these vibrations within you. By joining the general energy flow, your words-messengers will soon return with a positive result. The number of readings is classic - 108 times. Mantras for desire need to be repeated from 20 days to a month. It will be better if at the beginning of practice you find a good audio recording. First time, listen and read at the same time. When you get into the right rhythm and feel inspired by it, you can read on your own. It is also necessary to take into account that in yoga there are feminine, neutral and masculine mantras. All of them are suitable for reading by both women and men

It is very important that you are able to break away from the surrounding reality and immerse yourself in the world of sounds. If you have been practicing reading for a long time, you can read them in your head

Think about what your ultimate dream is

This could be gaining financial well-being, strengthening the health of oneself or loved ones, the love and attention of a particular person. Usually, one is enough, the one you like the most, or it’s easier for you to pronounce it

But, in case of fulfillment of desires, it is better to read 2 mantras. Since most intentions require finances, you can combine reading a mantra for desire with a spell to attract wealth. For example, you want to go on a trip. To do this, you need financial well-being. In this case, read the mantra for desire 108 times. After this, read the money message any number of times, divisible by 3. Tune in to the positive and read.

Making wishes come true with the power of thought: the impossible is possible

Making wishes come true with the power of thought: the impossible is possible!

“When you really want something, the whole Universe

will help make your wish come true.”

Have you ever noticed how you think about something you want, and after a while your dream comes true, although you have already forgotten, distracted from it? And this happens all the time. But this is not a miracle or an accident! This is exactly what is called the fulfillment of desires by the power of thought. One day, having wished something fervently, with enthusiasm and with all your soul, you launch an energy impulse that “works” to make your dream come true.

Where will your dream take you?

Of course, someone will disagree and say that nothing like this has ever happened to him. But you should know that the fulfillment of desires by the power of thought has a number of features:

The accuracy of the wording greatly influences the “quality” of its execution. For example, “I want to go abroad” is completely different from the phrase “I want to go to Paris.” That is why visualization experts advise not just to dream, but also to imagine the fulfillment of your desires as if in reality. And an inaccurate thought in its implementation can, if not frighten, then at least disappoint, think about this in advance - before you wish for something with all your heart.

Focus on the dream

At a certain point in time, only one desire should be spinning in your head, then all your energy will be directed towards its fulfillment.

The reality of desire

Do not forget that absolutely unrealistic things will not happen anyway, just as inaction will not lead to anything. After all, everyone knows that you can’t want to win the lottery if you don’t play it. In addition, compare your capabilities with reality. Of course, you can develop your personal abilities, achieve financial independence, set different goals, but they still must be real - it is unlikely that even if you really wanted to, you would become, for example, the president of New Zealand...

Visualization of desire

Be sure to start visualizing your dreams. There are many techniques for this, but the most common is creating a vision board. This can be either a magnetic board on which you will attach images symbolizing your dreams, or an ordinary sheet of Whatman paper. You can paste the same images, photographs, articles, etc. on it

It is important to hang the board in a place where you can see it regularly and constantly think about your desires

Concentrating the power of thought

Fulfillment of desires with the power of thought is only possible if you do not share your dreams. You should not dissipate the energy necessary to fulfill your desires. For the same reason, no one should see your vision board either.

Time to complete

When you have taken into account all the features of fulfilling desires with the power of thought, and have visualized your dreams, do not set yourself up for quick success. You need to be able to wait, but you should be confident in achieving your goal. Wish for your dream to come true as fervently as you can. After all, “with your feelings you create your life” (quote from the movie “The Secret”), your emotions and actions are always aimed at embodying your thoughts.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect that your wishes will come true on their own. To achieve success, you need to act, to make your dream come true, you need to not just lie down and think about it, but also take steps towards its realization. Then your thoughts and your energy invested in achieving your goals will pay off, perhaps even earlier - when you did not expect it. But first, imagine the realization of your dream, think about whether this is really what you want...

An excellent video course with practical steps “How to make wishes come true”, which contains a lot of recommendations and advice on the subject of making wishes come true from a real practitioner.

You can get the book for free right now.

The method of realizing what you want with the power of thought

With the help of this practice, based on the work of thought and imagination, you can attract what you want. The exercise consists of three steps. You can allocate 3-5 minutes for each step. Naturally, before practice, do preparatory exercises to enter a resourceful state of mind, which many call trance. Let's consider practice with desires in the areas of health, money and relationships. Make up the rest yourself by analogy.

Step 1: Beliefs

Prepare a belief that reflects your desire.

For example:

  • I am healthy
  • My spine is healthy - for the health sector.
  • I receive 100,000 rubles a month - for the material sphere.
  • I let love into my life - for the love sphere.

Speak these beliefs consciously, concentratedly, confidently out loud or to yourself for 3-5 minutes. Remember there should be no other thoughts in your head. The whole focus is on beliefs.

Step 2: filling with energy

Take this step immediately after working with conviction. It also takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

For the health sphere, you imagine a column of white healing light descending on you from above. As you inhale, you imagine inhaling this white light. As you exhale, you see how you are filled with it and radiate it with your entire being. Or, as you exhale, you send it to the diseased organ, if you do the practice on a specific organ.

For the sphere of love, you imagine that the energy of love descends on you. And as you inhale, you inhale it, and as you exhale, you are filled with it and radiate it.

For money, you imagine money or a monetary item on a table. You can put real money on the table. for greater efficiency. Only more))) Or you can see the money egregor in the form of a golden cloud above you.

You imagine how this object, a bundle of money, glows and emits the energy of money that reaches out to you. Or how a beam of energy comes from the money egregor towards you. As you inhale, you inhale the energy of money. As you exhale, you fill yourself with it and radiate it. Fill yourself with energy and move on to the next step.

Step 3: visualization

In this step, you use your imagination and visualize the desired goal according to all the rules.

To develop the skills of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for imagination, it is recommended to train your left hand by writing with it daily. Paint. In general, any creativity is effective in awakening the power of the right hemisphere. In addition, it is important to do exercises to develop imagination abilities.

If visualization does not work for you for one reason or another, for example, you do not see images on the internal screen or you do not like this method in itself, try alternative methods. Remember that everyone is different. And to each his own. Listen to yourself and try

Boomerang effect

If a person is seriously thinking about using the law of dream attraction in his life, then he should know about one more important point. The fact is that everything in the world is in harmony, and you will have to pay for its violation

This is the so-called boomerang effect. Its essence lies in the fact that all evil deeds are returned in the same coin, and good ones, on the contrary, are encouraged.

That is, by wishing failure on a competitor, an entrepreneur risks bringing even greater trouble onto his own head. This is due to the fact that our thoughts are material. As proof of this, remember how many times you thought about some kind of trouble, and it immediately happened. So clear your mind of the bad and focus only on the positive things or events.

How to do it right

Most often, the fulfillment of what is desired under the influence of the power of thought occurs spontaneously. Few people make great efforts to make this happen. The entire space around a person is filled with different types of energy. By interacting with each other and a person, they form an event.

If a person creates the right energy around himself, then he is able to independently influence the events occurring in his life. In order for wishes to come true under the influence of the power of thought, the following rules should be followed:

1 - Exact formulation of desire; If a person himself does not know what exactly he wants, then he will receive something unintelligible. There are many ways to produce a precise formulation of a desire. You can describe it in detail on a piece of paper or visualize it. For example, if you want to visit Spain, then the desire “I want to go abroad” will be very vague

You should imagine yourself walking the streets of Rome or visiting its sights. It is important to pay attention to detail in this process.

2 - Concentration on your dream; Sending energy towards the fulfillment of a dream will be most effective if it is repeated periodically. You can remember your desire during lunch breaks or before bed, imagining in detail how you will arrange it.

3 - Having patience; Nothing happens at the snap of a finger. Awareness of this will help you be more loyal to the process of attracting what you want. You should wait patiently for your dream to begin to come true, and for the Universe to show you ways to achieve it.

4 - Desires must be achievable; It should be understood that not all wishes tend to come true. When setting your goal, you need to listen to the voice of reason. For example, acquiring eternal youth or immortality is an unattainable dream. But you can choose more mundane goals - staying young as long as possible or having good health.

How to formulate it correctly?

When you think about what you want to achieve or what gift you hope for from life, it is important to formulate your desire in the present tense. Realistically assess your strengths and set deadlines that are not too far removed from reality.

Another rule is to do without the particle “not”. The subconscious mind works in such a way that it simply does not take it into account, so be careful in your wording.

It is better not to share your plans with others. By telling your relatives and friends about your wishes, you only waste precious energy and gradually devalue your dream. It’s much more pleasant to talk about achievements later than to discuss plans.

The power of thought helps even those who are racking their brains on how to attract a person. Imagine your meeting in detail, formulate an affirmation that clearly expresses your desire. Repeat it regularly.

At the same time, imagine how an invisible line passes between you. Your tender feelings and kind thoughts will probably not go unanswered, and the sympathy will be mutual if you take action.

Show your sympathy openly - do something good and useful for the person you like, support him with a kind word at the right time.

Think about how to help him, what useful resources you can share with him.

Reasons why fulfilling desires with the power of thought is impossible

Thought is material, and the most incredible desires can be fulfilled, but it is impossible to do without preliminary preparation.
Before you use new tools to change your life, you need to clear your inner space. First of all, it is important to get rid of negative beliefs. For example, you want to receive at least 100 thousand rubles monthly

Regular meditations do not help matters - the amount in the account is still the same, which is 5 times less. The issue may be negative attitudes that continue to work at the subconscious level.

Parents or friends repeat that money is bad, and honest people do not receive high salaries. If you hear this argument regularly from different people, then it begins to seem to you that this is true.

What to do in this case? The law of attraction and fulfillment of desires will begin to work as soon as you get rid of other people's negative experiences that prevent you from achieving impressive results with ease.

Divide a sheet of paper into several columns:

  1. negative beliefs. Write down the settings that bother you;
  2. new beliefs. Reframe your thoughts so that they become positive;
  3. sensations from new thoughts. Imagine what pleasant emotions you will experience when your dream comes true. Describe them in detail.

Repeat new thoughts daily for at least two weeks.

If you think that good things don’t happen in life because you simply don’t deserve it, then write down: “I value myself, the best comes into my life.” Repeat affirmations in the morning and before bed, use during meditation. Another obstacle is benefiting from negative attitudes.

You want to get better, but at the same time during your illness you are happy, because your loved ones take care of you, call you regularly, and pamper you with gifts. On the one hand, you, of course, want to get out of the hospital as soon as possible, but, on the other hand, you are worried that after recovery you will receive less attention from others. As long as you do not give up such thoughts, the disease does not recede even with timely treatment and favorable prognoses from doctors.

Karmic lessons that you have not completed will again return you to the same fork in life where the wrong path was chosen. If you have successfully dealt with past negative experiences and cleared space for new thoughts, then it’s time to figure out how to make a wish come true with the power of thought.

We eliminate internal restrictions that prevent your desires from coming true

Internal blockages prevent the materialization of desires:

  • Negative Beliefs
  • Benefit
  • Karmic lessons

Negative Beliefs

The fulfillment of desires with the power of thought is hindered by negative programs that are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind.

They do not allow you to attract what you want, they have enormous power, influence your life, are reflected in it. They block the energy of thought and destroy it.

If you have any strong belief, it will nullify all your efforts.

For example, you want to have a monthly income of 100,000 rubles, meditate regularly, but nothing comes of it. It turns out that the reason for your failures in modeling what you want lies in the fact that in your subconscious there is a belief that money is bad or that you are not worthy of having a high salary. And any of your efforts do not give the desired result. Because conviction is stronger. It rules your life.

What to do?

You should take time to work with negative attitudes.

Here is a great technique for replacing negative programs with positive ones:

Take a piece of paper and cut out 6 squares:

  1. Museum of Beliefs
  2. Negative belief
  3. Neutral position
  4. New belief
  5. Feelings of having a new belief
  6. Clear knowledge and belief in belief

Place a figure in the “negative belief” square that you want to work with. Think about this belief. Is it useful for you? If not, then send him to the museum of beliefs (put a figurine there) and take a neutral position.

Then think about what belief you want to replace the negative one with and take the position of the new belief. Is it useful to you? How do you see your life with this attitude? Reflect on these questions and then place the figure in the sensation position. Try to experience a new belief. Do you feel what it's like to have it? Bring in as much positive energy as possible. And then take the final stand of faith and begin to cultivate the clear knowledge that your belief is the truth.

Do the practice regularly for 2-8 weeks with the right conviction.

Recording new programs

You can work with beliefs in the following way. Write down the negative attitude. And recode it into a positive one.

For example: “I don’t deserve anything good” we change to “I value myself highly. I deserve better. I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life.”

Now, just like before visualization, we calm our emotions, relax, stop the flow of thought using mantra meditation and pronounce a new belief for 10 minutes.

We do the practice regularly, 2-3 times a day.

I’ll say right away that you shouldn’t immediately start reading new thoughts, just as you shouldn’t immediately imagine what you want. You're just wasting your time. So don't rush. Don't ignore preparatory exercises.

You could even say that they are an important basis for change.

On a note:

You can find a specialist who will help you remove negative charges from your subconscious:

  • NLP specialist
  • Dianetics Specialist


The second barrier is the availability of benefits. For example, you make a wish to restore your health. But when analyzing the lack of results, you may find that subconsciously you do not want to get well, your illness is beneficial to you. For example, with its help you receive care. And until you give up the benefits, you will not be healed. It’s the same with any other desires.

Karmic lessons

Your wish may not come true if you have not learned a lesson from the situation from which you want to leave. To understand what kind of lesson you are learning, ask yourself what you need to understand from this situation. After receiving the answer, try to change yourself and your behavior.

You can get into the habit of keeping an analytical journal every evening. Analyze situations, think about what they teach you, take notes, write new statements and carry out a short written forgiveness of yourself and the people who are involved in these karmic lessons.

Making a wish come true with a glass of water. Glass of water technique

I want to share with you another powerful technique - it is called the “Glass of Water Technique”.

Many people know that water has amazing energy - it is capable of transmitting information, it can be “charged” for success and the fulfillment of desires.

There is only one condition - the water must be “purified”, not boiled, but ideally distilled or melt water. To enhance the energy of water, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Using this technique, you can solve some important issue for yourself, or use it to fulfill a desire. And the technique works perfectly to resolve relationship issues. There are two options for working with this technique:

According to Vadim Zeland's method

  1. Take a glass of clean raw water and a clean sheet of paper. Write your wish with a pen on paper (we formulate it in the present tense).
  2. Place a piece of paper with a written wish under a glass of water. Bring your palms towards each other, but do not touch them.
  3. Mentally create a powerful clot of energy between your palms. Spin your “energy ball” as if compacting it. If you don’t manage to feel your clot of energy the first time, don’t be discouraged, after repeatedly performing the technique you will succeed.
  4. Mentally repeat your wish written on the sheet or read it.
  5. Place your palms on the sides of the glass of water, but do not touch the sides of the glass. Transfer the energy of desire into the water.
  6. Drink some water.

According to the Jose Silva method

  1. Before going to bed, pour a glass of clean water. Take it in your hands at the level of the solar plexus and hold it with 4 fingers - the glass should be held between the thumbs and index fingers of your left and right hands, with the remaining fingers slightly spread.
  2. Mentally formulate your question or desire. For example, if you need to find a solution to a difficult work issue for which no thoughts come, formulate something like this: “Right now I’m looking for a solution to the question of how I can resolve a supply problem.” If this is a desire, then formulate it like this: “Now I am looking for a solution to the question of how I can get a new car (of such and such a make and color).”
  3. Close your eyes and slowly sip half a glass of water while saying, “That’s all I need to do to resolve this issue.”
  4. In the morning, when you wake up, drink the remaining half a glass of water and repeat the same.

The solution will come quickly and unexpectedly for you. For each desire or question, you need to perform the technique separately. You can try both methods - both the Silva method and the Zealand method - as you like.

Practice No. 1 for achieving what you want

If you want to become healthy, wealthy, harmonize family relationships or find your other half, and you need to change the situation now, then here is the simplest practice:

imagine yourself in the third person in two forms. What kind of person are you now? That you are standing, for example, on the right. And the second you - only wealthy, successful, happy, loved - are standing on the left. I repeat, imagine it in your mind and try to see or feel the difference. Now combine these two images. And throw everything that is unnecessary, interferes and does not fit into the image of a wealthy, successful person underground.

This practice must be done with open eyes and standing. Preferably in silence. This is how you learn to control mental images.

With the power of thought, you can free a person from alcohol or drug addiction in a fairly short time. You just need to skillfully change your image, and the addiction will disappear on its own.

Take action

To fulfill your desires, the power of thought alone is not enough

It's important to take action. Listen to your intuition and take steps to achieve your goal

To do this, learn to plan your affairs and strictly follow the plan. As you already know, in addition to achieving results by keeping your word, you also train your will in this way.

Recorded, completed. It's simple. The main desire. Remember, dear friends, if you act, you will have results.

What is the difference between a successful person and a loser? Just because the first one keeps his word, he acts, while the second one sits at home and does nothing. But to attract love, increase income, and get better, you don’t just need to want, you need to transform desire into intention and move forward

It is important to go beyond your comfort zone and go in the direction of your goals.

For example, To attract love, it is important to overcome your pattern of isolation, love yourself and other people, and let go of the past. This is what you should do. Combine spiritual work with real actions

Leave the house, take one step towards people, get acquainted.

To attract money, work. Don’t watch TV, but explore new opportunities; for example, a friend of mine who was 50+ years old started learning on the Internet how to create and make money from her crafts. I watched several free and paid webinars. Now he makes and sells paintings.

And the second friend keeps dreaming about money and suffers over the lack of it, but she herself does nothing. Naturally she has nothing. She dreams of winning the lottery, but she is too lazy to even buy a lottery ticket.

In fact, you can do a lot. Just believe in yourself and start taking action. But don’t forget to listen to yourself and your intuition. Move forward towards those goals that are true for you.

Visualization + Active Steps + Overcoming Internal Blocks = Fulfillment of Desires.


The power of thought exists! And in order to use it, you need to decide on your true goal, then, using visualization or other practices, fill your desires with energy. When the thought has enough potential, let it go. Also, do not forget about actions and internal restrictions.

Here and now

In pursuit of their desires, people do not live in the present. They think that if they attract a high salary, for example, they will be happy. But this is an illusion. Happiness comes from within. And it depends on your inner world, on your reactions to certain situations, on the ability to see the good and be grateful for it.

Therefore, you have a task. Starting today, keep your focus on pleasure. Look for the good in every day and enjoy life.

Don't have enough money? Realize that everything that is most valuable is given for free. And take advantage of it.

Don't have a relationship? Enjoy it. Take care of yourself, your spiritual growth, realize your abilities.

In fact, in material matters, the lack of money is associated with a pattern of abundance that you have not worked through.

And problems in your personal life come from low self-esteem, a pattern of isolation and proper relationships with other people. This needs to be corrected.

How does the law of thinking work?

This law is based on the fact that any human thought is material, no matter whether it is good or bad. Absolutely any mental image is transformed into a material object

This is a law that must be adopted and be able to use it.

A person complaining about a low-paid job to a loved one does not suspect that by doing so he is sending energy into the Universe. It turns out that he convinces himself that everything is bad for him. In fact, many wishes come true, but it should be noted that they are not formulated correctly. This is what causes dissatisfaction with what is happening.

You can take as an example a woman who always nags her husband for not spending enough time with his family. Day after day, she repeats to the man that he is inattentive to her. She doesn't pay attention to the fact that her husband works late and supports the family entirely.

Her attention is focused on one negative point

After some time, this woman is surprised that all her demands are in vain. My husband doesn't want to change at all. But she doesn’t even suspect that she herself created a message to the Universe

The right decision in her situation was to focus on the positive aspects in her relationship with her husband. Over time the situation may have changed

But the woman independently created the plot of intra-family relationships.

The law of thinking also works in other situations. We attract events into our lives on our own. Both casually spoken words and thoughts do this for us. This is especially true for our fears. If a person is afraid of something, then eventually it will definitely happen. After all, fears are visualized much more clearly. We go over every detail in our heads and think about it more often than about something pleasant. The ability to get rid of fears will help you go in the right direction towards achieving your goals.


1. There is a phrase “be afraid of fulfilling your desires.” And it is true. Because a materialized desire does not always bring happiness. Sometimes, instead of the expected miracle, you will encounter a bunch of problems.

Examples from the past:

“A friend wanted her family to allow her to adopt a stray dog. Although they already had two. Relatives were against it. And in the end the girl persuaded them. She prayed to God that this dog would find a good owner. And God gave it to her. I found an easy way.) But my friend later regretted it. By doing this, she closed herself off from travel and doomed herself to difficulties. I had to get up early and walk every day with all the dogs 2-3 times a day. This took a lot of time.

Another example, I once wanted a relationship. She described her partner, his qualities...

And they gave it to me. But naturally, he had not only advantages, but also disadvantages, which were difficult for me to accept at that time.

It was a difficult relationship. A difficult experience that reflected my internal patterns that I had not yet worked through at that time. Therefore, the best wish you can make is your spiritual growth. It's important to be prepared for what you attract. And match this in terms of purity of vibrations and energy.

You need to be very careful with this matter. And attract only what you really need. And ask for what you can carry...

It often happens that having received something, you need to give something back. This is how the law of balance works. Be prepared for this. Do you want money? But are you ready to give up your time for this? You want love, but are you ready to lose your freedom? And so on…

To make your wish come true, when making it, promise something to the Higher Powers... And then be sure to keep your word. Otherwise the Universe will take everything back.

For example, if you want a relationship, promise to take a stray kitten. If you want money, promise to give 10% to those in need. If you want to get pregnant, give your word to help orphans.

Based on what has been described, for the power of thought to work, you need:

  • State your request clearly.
  • Observe the law of balance.
  • Attract only true desires.
  • Develop spiritually. Work with your limitations and patterns.

How to make a wish correctly

There are 9 secrets on how to conceive something so that it comes true. There is no witchcraft here, you just need to fulfill a number of conditions:

  1. A wish must be made for a good purpose. Say out loud or mentally that what is planned will be good.
  2. Be sure to think of no more than three wishes. It is best if it is one big and specific one, something that should happen in the near future.
  3. Write down on paper what you want. Carry a piece of paper with the text with you until performance.
  4. You need to formulate it correctly and guess in the present tense with more details. The particle “not” should be excluded from the text. “I don’t want to be poor” is a wrong phrase. The “not” particle will fall out, and the opposite result will result. “I want to become rich!” - also incorrect. When does he want? How rich? The correct wish sounds like this: “I am rich, I have a restaurant business, my own villa in Madrid, and I have 2 billion dollars in my accounts!”
  5. The state when making a wish is on the rise of internal energy. First, think about something good, feel a surge of delight and at that moment make a wish. Do it as if you have already received what you want, and sincerely rejoice.
  6. Think about it and calmly release it, like a balloon into the sky.
  7. Don’t make wishes for others, but for yourself and only what you really need.
  8. Stop worrying about how it will be fulfilled and where the funds will come from. Success will come in any quality, not necessarily in kind. A situation may arise that allows the plan to come true.
  9. Mentally imagine a positive and negative outcome and be prepared for any of them.

Third postulate: truth in the heart

Our brain is like a hive filled with millions of different thoughts and desires. Some of them affect everyday life, others are aimed at finding love, and others even aim to comprehend the great. The trouble is that in this endless stream of all kinds of “I want” it is difficult to find our sincere dreams and hopes.

But the Universe is not a dispensing machine that fulfills all desires. No, she is very selective, and listens only to those requests that come from the heart. Therefore, a person needs to learn to weed out the false ideals that cloud his vision. And only then will he be able to understand how to materialize his desires in the real world.

Specify your desires

If a person says: “I want to get another job, since the old one no longer suits me,” then no special changes in life are expected. After all, you need to specify your thoughts, including the smallest details, for example: “I am finding a new job where I can open up, show my talents and abilities.” Wishes will come true only if you know exactly what you want, for example: “I am the director of a famous tourist company. There is now greater confidence that you will actually hold this leadership position. Specific requests will help you not to go astray, but to strictly follow the plan. After all, a person will never agree to work as a janitor if he has dreamed of being a pilot since childhood. The materialization of thoughts occurs faster if a person allows himself to have everything he wants.

How to set a goal correctly

To begin with, it is not recommended to choose more than three goals for yourself, otherwise it will be difficult to track emerging opportunities.

When forming your dream, it is worth assessing it from different angles so that concepts are not replaced. For example, if you wish for money, then you need to know exactly why you need it. What can they give that cannot be obtained in any other way? Perhaps you want to travel on them? But there are cases when you can travel absolutely free: for example, someone close to you will pay for the trip, or the company you work for will start sending you on business trips abroad. If you really want to travel, then you need to make a wish, and the Universe will find a way to fulfill this wish without millions in your account.

The same rules apply when you “book” yourself a meeting with your lover (lover)

You shouldn’t go into minor details, but it’s important to identify key character traits and model your feelings around this person.

Practical knowledge

If you are wondering how to attract what you want, then adopt an effective technique, just follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. complete all your tasks and get ready for meditation. Nothing should disturb or disturb you, so it is better to wear comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics that do not hinder movement. Turn on pleasant meditative music to help you relax;
  2. let go of all difficult thoughts, worries and fears. Think about all the good things that have happened to you lately. Remember your merits and good deeds. Mentally thank the people who helped you;
  3. imagine your dream in detail, as if everything you dreamed had already come true. Feel how you are filled with warmth and light. At the end of the meditation, turn to the Universe for help, asking to fulfill your wish.

How to wish correctly

You need to be absolutely clear about what exactly you want.
The desire is described in as much detail as possible, with all the clarifications (if vacation, then a specific country, if love, then a description of the partner). The wording does not allow negations and the use of the particle “not”. Desire is always formulated in the present tense, i.e. you imagine that you already have what you need. Visualization

It is necessary to direct energy in the right direction. Imagine your fulfilled desire in every detail. Not everyone is able to visualize right away. But it is a powerful technique that is worth learning. To make the task easier, you can draw your desire, mentally imagining its fulfillment, putting your energy into the drawing.

As long as you keep your desire to yourself, it cannot work. The last stage is to release the desire into the Universe so that it comes true, and not to remember it endlessly. There have been cases in everyone’s life when what they wanted came true, but they no longer needed it. When you worry about the fulfillment of a desire, energy is wasted on your worries, and not on getting what you want. Do it and forget it - the basic rule.

Examples of simple affirmations that will lead to success in life

A person cannot always correctly formulate what he wants. Below is a list of phrases for you on how to correctly send a signal into space:

My wish: ____________________ begins to come true here and now.

I thank the Universe for fulfilling my wish: _______________.

I am open to receiving the desire: ______________________.

Every day brings me closer to the fulfillment of my desire: _______________.

I trust myself and the Universe to fulfill my desire_______ in the near future.

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Powerful visualization process

The materialization of thoughts and desires will occur much more often if you systematically imagine the desired result. Imagine the ultimate goal you are striving for.

Imagine everything in as much detail as your imagination allows. How do you want your home to look? What color would you like to paint the walls? What is the interior like, how are the rooms in the house located? Describe everything in as much detail as you can imagine. The more you practice the visualization method, the sooner your thoughts will materialize

The techniques can be very different, it doesn’t matter. It is especially effective to visualize before going to bed, then the consciousness is freed from everyday worries and the subconscious begins to work

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