Influence by the power of thought and the law of attraction. How to get everything we want?

Dear friends, if you decided that this article is devoted to the principles of gravity, then you are mistaken, because we will be talking about a different type of attraction. This article is especially for those who want to be the creator of their own life and attract only good events into it.

After the release of the film “The Secret,” probably everyone in our country already knows how the Law of Attraction works! However, every person manages to interpret the same things in his own way, based on personal life experience. And not so much from experience, but from the limitations that it has. These kind of prohibitions and prohibitions, living with which is not very pleasant or easy.

The film "The Secret", of course, is useful in its own way and is worth watching at least once. But the trouble is, even after watching it and acting as indicated there, for many, nothing good comes of it. Why? Let's figure it out and work on the mistakes, but first of all, it's worth deciding how the Law of Attraction works. After all, having learned its principles, many things will immediately fall into place, and therefore, you and I will be able to qualitatively improve our own lives.

The essence of the law of gravity. Answer the question: what do you want?

The law of attraction is one of the natural laws of the universe. The remaining laws sound like the Law of Faith, the Law of Expectations, the Law of Reason.

But let's return to the law of attraction of thoughts. Its essence is extremely simple and literally duplicates the words of my grandmother: everything in a person’s life is determined by his thoughts. They are a living magnet that attracts all events to themselves.

Thoughts are the power that is given to us at birth. But most of us don't even think about it. Because we basically don’t pay attention to how we think. We think about what to say, what to write, but we rarely think: “Did I think correctly?”

The influence of the power of thought is underestimated, although even science adheres to the fact that attraction is a physical process.

The law of attraction has several important consequences, which are also the essence of the power of thought: everything we value increases. Everything we focus on as much as possible gets stronger.

A simple example: are you happy? Happiness will increase. Are you sad? The sadness will increase along with your thoughts about it.

To learn how to attract good things into your life, you need to understand one important thing - what you really want.

Have you ever seriously thought about this question? 90% of us think they know what they want. But this is not true at all. We release our desires into space without even understanding whether we are formulating them correctly.

So, choose a time, be alone with yourself and think about what you really want. Think carefully, consider what you would like to remember in old age. Write these goals down on a blank sheet of paper and begin your journey towards making them a reality. At the same time, do not forget that if you focus on your goals, you will only enhance their speedy implementation.

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How the Law of Attraction works for me

In general, in life I am a rather pragmatic person; I look for logic and cause-and-effect relationships in everything. Despite the fact that my entire site is dedicated to the power of thought, I am still surprised every time I see manifestations of the Law of Attraction. And he works all the time, constantly. The trick is to learn to see it. But then a white streak seems to open up, when everything comes together amazingly.

For example, I recently decided to run in the morning. I decided that I would start as soon as the snow completely melted. And suddenly my husband gives me wireless headphones with the words: “what if you decide to run.” After this, my mother gives me Nordic walking poles.

This morning I looked out the window and made sure that the snow had finally melted and everything was dry (this happens a little later outside the city). And about an hour later I receive a newsletter with a detailed article about how to run properly, how to eat while doing it, where to start and what to pay attention to.

And then I thought about miracles in my life. I sit, think, remember interesting incidents and how it all began. Another hour later I receive a letter from Sveta with a new article about miracles. I sighed and decided to write too)

How the Law of Attraction attracted me to Korean cosmetics

The latest surprising coincidence was Korean cosmetics. One of my friends sells hyaluronic acid from Seoul (which is cheaper than in any salon that has crazy markups). I’m not particularly interested in this yet, but she studies all the new products and tells me about achievements in this industry, including regular skin care cosmetics.

She told me about “bomb” masks that can be used at home, but with the effect of salon procedures. She lives far away, I listened, she wanted masks, but somehow I didn’t get around to doing it.

On my birthday, I went out with three close friends (others). One gave me a set of Korean cosmetics. The second is a jar of Korean mask. The third is that same “bomb” set of masks and at the same time the book “Korean Philosophy of Beauty”, which she personally translated.

Three friends, independently of each other, gave me the cosmetics I was thinking about. I didn't tell them anything about this. And there are many such examples.

How did my Law of Attraction begin?

But such materialization of thoughts was not always the case. Once upon a time there were no miracles, I often focused on what I didn’t have. When we first met Svetlana, she called me the Fairy of Pessimism and the Master of Skepticism.

Our meeting and the forum (it was much more active then) greatly influenced me. I voraciously read books on positive thinking and practiced various techniques. My thinking was changing, and at that time I began to write articles about it (for example, here: Positive thinking and Positive thinking. On the importance of a positive attitude)

The first results began to appear.

Later, I took Svetin’s Course in Miracles “Magic for Every Day-1”, and he inspired me so much that we already wrote “A Course in Miracles-2” and “A Course in Miracles-3” together.

And now I would like to summarize what is most important for the Law of Attraction to start working.

How to make the Law of Attraction work

1. Acceptance of the current situation as it is.

I have downfalls and difficult times. The article I linked to above describes in detail the “Oh well” principle.

I am still guided by this, it is one of my favorite principles that helps acceptance.

For example, today I have a flight to Greece, but my visa is still not ready?

Well, okay. It’s a shame, my vacation for the last two years, but what can I do, I can’t influence the consulate. I relaxed. What will be will be.

By evening the visa is ready, but the plane has already departed. And then my friend gives me her accumulated miles, and I fly off on the first flight for free. I accepted the situation, and I got the best airline, a non-stop flight and a good plane (everything was much worse on the last minute package).

Or, for example, did a crazy UAZ drive into our car in another country? Unpleasant. Well, okay. As a result, the driver begged us not to call the traffic police, paid a large amount, and upon return we repaired the car under CASCO.

Or, even worse, a huge truck rammed the entire left side of my car. Well, I thought, the main thing is that no one was hurt. But it took a long time, and I saw a cafe right next to the road. I bought some delicious buns and cappuccino and was just settling down to have breakfast when I saw a traffic police car. Everything was arranged quickly, I did it without stress, and for many years later I stopped by this wonderful cafe with positive memories, no matter how strange it sounds. Nerves are more expensive.

Of course, not all situations can be easily accepted. But most of the troubles that we dwell on for a long time are quite possible.

2. The second key point, which has been talked about a lot in different aspects, is Gratitude. I won’t describe it in detail, but everything is clear.

3. Focus on the good. Where attention goes, energy goes (this is especially clear at marathons).

I learned to think about what I want, and not about how bad everything is now.

For example, not “I’m so tired of working, I can’t see any progress, I don’t have money for a vacation,” but I performed simple techniques.

For example, when a trip to the seaside was cancelled, I stopped thinking about the fact that I had no one and nothing to go with. Instead, I put a photo of me swimming in the sea on my desktop.

During that year I went to the sea 4 times.

The Law of Attraction worked great. The two trips were unexpected and completely amazing. For example, I was sent on a business trip to Dubai at the expense of the company. Or, another example, a former colleague whom I had not seen for a hundred years called and said: “Do you want to fly for a week on a promotional tour to Madeira? 500 Euro". For 500 euros (at that time, 20 thousand rubles) to Madeira? Of course I want.

Later, I tried another method: I set a photo of a beautiful beach and sea as a screensaver on my phone, looked at it and was happy.

This picture came to life almost exactly. The beach pleased with its desertedness and swings:

4. I stopped caring about the lack of material things. I need a laptop, but I can’t buy it. No, no, I will keep it in focus that I need it, but when it is, then it will be. So, within 2-3 months I got three laptops, and for free. The Law of Attraction was amazing in its simplicity. I myself would never have imagined in my life that a wish could come true this way. Therefore, it is very important to think about WHAT you want, but not think about HOW to get it.

How can I get a new laptop for free?

For example, they may call you on a business trip for a presentation for which they purchased a lot of laptops. The company did not need them in the future. And after the presentation they say: “Kat, don’t you need a laptop? Maybe you can take them, we don’t know where to put them.” It's that simple. Many years have passed, but this laptop still serves my mother.

I would call this principle “Don’t sweat it.” Everything appears at the right time.

5. Avoid negativity and people who treat you poorly.

I don’t read the news and have limited my interactions with people who make me feel empty after meeting them. This doesn’t always work out, then I use Negative Drain. I don’t like to be charged with negative emotions and other people’s attitudes.

I also avoid judgment. This has been happening for a long time, even when I read a wonderful post from Blondi on the forum:

By the way, I recently found one interesting way for myself to calm down and, as a result, be positive. We all periodically find ourselves in a bad mood, and sometimes even in a terrible mood. I personally tend to judge people, even in my thoughts, but still. I am often aggressive towards people, although I don’t show it. As a result, I was simply fed up with my own aggression, I analyzed its reasons and realized that it all comes from the fact that I consider myself competent to judge some things that do not concern me.

Well, even a trivial example, when you stand in line and are nervous because the buyer in front of you is choosing for a long time. Or something else, come up with it yourself. So, now every time I get irritated and want to judge someone, I tell myself: “It’s none of my business.”


And this phrase turned out to be so effective, you have no idea! I instantly calm down and lift my spirits.

Strangers rarely annoy me now. And even if this happens, I put myself in the shoes of this person. Did some scoundrel cut you off? I can do this too sometimes, by accident. Is your child screaming so hard his ears are blocked? But mine can do the same in other circumstances. Etc.

I also began to be less critical of myself.

6. There are many techniques in the course of miracles that help you see and create happy events, but this is for now.

I used others before, but also in the same spirit. Basically, they were all from the forum or from books.

And now I want to share some with you.

The Law of Attraction in action. Techniques from the forum that open a white stripe

1. For example, I really like the “3 miracles” technique.

Immediately after waking up, sweetly stretching in bed, say the following words: “ Today 3 miracles will happen to me.”

" Thus, from the very morning we set ourselves up for exceptionally happy events and magical interaction with the Universe. Don’t forget to write down all the miracles that happened to you during the day in a special notebook or notebook every night before going to bed.

Not only do I love this technique, forum users wrote about it:

…Although I don’t believe in magical rituals and Simoron techniques, I decided to try the “3 miracles” technique […] I just woke up in the morning, remembered your post and firmly decided: today 3 miracles will happen to me.
And they happened! Not to say that they were such miracles as the world had never seen, but at least what happened was a miracle for me personally and for the first time in my life. The most amazing thing is that all this can happen in one day. ...Girls, I can’t calm down about the “3 miracles” technique, I tried it for several days in a row and it works every time!
Only for this you also need to learn to see these miracles. Take everything pleasant that happens to you as miracles, be it a smiling passer-by, a bus arriving on time, or the sun peeking out from behind a cloud. Don’t think that these are ordinary little things; such small miracles add up to a continuous stream of luck. Yes, you will see for yourself - the longer you use this technique, the more significant and significant your miracles become.

2. Memoir

Every evening you need to write down the key event of the day, at the end of the week - the key event of the week, at the end of the month - the key event of the month. There should be only one event. It can be both positive and negative, relating to both work and any other activity. The main thing is that it is key. Start writing your “MEMOIR” today. But first, write down your goals for a certain period - one, two or ten years. Later, periodically analyzing the “memoir”, you will be able to:

- see the main interests of your life, what you really consider important to yourself; - assess whether you are moving towards your goal or moving away from it; or maybe you will understand that you don’t need to achieve it at all.

3. Success Diary

3. Every evening, record in your Success Diary (be sure to write, thinking is not enough) three things that you did well. Also, these could be events that caused positive emotions, compliments, etc.

4. From the book “Brain Rules”

The brain will forget almost all information that you do not repeat.

No matter how painful it may be for all the “sufferers” to hear, the brain only remembers what you repeat. What does this have to do with “sufferers”? And despite the fact that it is quite easy to get rid of any suffering: you just need to stop constantly thinking about it. We can say that this is the secret of getting rid of, for example, unhappy love: you block the internal dialogue, and the brain soon forgets everything that happened.

Scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus proved this fact using the example of schoolchildren. Herman became famous for making a surprising discovery: people forget 90% of what they learn in class within 30 days. And the highest percentage of forgetting occurs in the first hours after the lesson.

Everything you think, say, feel and do, you attract to you like a magnet.

Whenever you appreciate the happiness present in your life, it multiplies!

The Law of Attraction works, that's how it works. Simple and even complex miracles are easy to create...

Impact with the power of thought: how to attract positive energy into your life

  1. The most important thing is positive and pure thinking. Find something to be happy about and something to thank the Universe for. Believe me, soon negative events will completely leave your life forever.
  2. Visualize! The more clearly we imagine our desires, as if they were happening in reality, the more signals we send into space.
  3. Decide on the values ​​in your life. If you find it difficult to set goals right away, understand what you value most. And from there, move towards setting goals.
  4. Be grateful. Influencing with the power of thought works for those who know how to give thanks. Remember that you have something that many do not have. Find something to be grateful for and say thank you to the Universe every day.
  5. Approve. Use ready-made affirmations or come up with your own. Powerful statements and influence with the power of thought are the ideal alliance for making dreams come true.
  6. Learn to let go. Look at your life from the outside and think, is it possible that something or someone is stopping you from moving towards your goals? Let go of everything in your life that is pulling you back, and you will immediately begin to move forward.

First postulate: the laws of the universe are inviolable

Our world exists only because it is based on the fundamental laws of physics. Moreover, they are interconnected in such a way that any shift can bring ideal harmony into initial chaos. Therefore, nothing can affect the foundations of the universe except the Universe itself. Simply put, it all comes down to the inviolability of current reality and time.

In a practical sense, this postulate should be considered as a kind of limiter. That is, you cannot change with the power of thought those things and events that are protected by the laws of physics and logic. For example, you can imagine a new ice age as much as you like, but this will not make the climate more severe.

In a more down-to-earth understanding, this postulate can be considered in the following example. Let's say a certain person has worked as a janitor all his life, and then at one fine moment he begins to dream of becoming the head of the housing and communal services department. Naturally, the Universe will not fulfill such a desire, since it contradicts common sense. In particular, the janitor we mentioned has neither education, nor work experience, nor the skills necessary for this position.

What attitudes put a barrier between you and the Universe?

Why is it important to set realistic goals for yourself and understand your values ​​correctly? The fact is that influencing with the power of thought will work if you do not demand abundance.

It is the wrong attitude that can become a barrier between you and the Universe. Do you feel like you're not rich enough? Although in fact you are a very wealthy person. Do you want to travel more? Although you have already visited 5 new countries over the past year. Such things should not be asked from the Universe.

Appreciate what you have and focus on what you really need very much. It is important that your thoughts are positive and do not harm anyone. Then there will be no barriers between you and the Universe to fulfill your dreams.

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general information

In this world, absolutely everything has an energy field, that is, in fact, everything that surrounds us, even ourselves, is energy. This is what quantum physics tells us, and we cannot ignore it. In fact, human consciousness is what is obtained as a result of impulses that arise in the cerebral cortex. By the way, I already talked about this in the article about alpha visualization.

We know how to establish contact with the Universe only at the subconscious level, and everything that happens in our lives is a product of our thoughts. What our attention is drawn to will be attracted. Well, for example, has it ever happened that you haven’t seen a certain person for a long time? And suddenly you remembered him, and then suddenly a couple of days later you meet him? I had, and I did not find an explanation for this phenomenon until I began to study this issue in more detail.

Instill memories while falling asleep

The second method, which allows you to force yourself to remember yourself with the power of thought, should be practiced before going to bed. To do this, you need to relax and turn on your imagination. First you need to conjure up the image of the right person. This should be done until the image acquires photographic clarity. You need to remember in as much detail as possible all the details of this person - eye color, facial expression. Once this is done, you need to imagine yourself slowly moving into his body and mind. You need to feel what he feels now, get into his thoughts. Then you need to start instilling in him or her thoughts and memories associated with you. You can give this person a clear command like the one described in the previous method. This procedure can be carried out every night for a week or even a month.

What determines the energy of an idea?

Moreover, the power of each individual idea is determined by how often it comes to a person’s mind, and what kind of emotions and experiences are associated with it. The more energy a person puts into a particular thought, the more powerful it becomes, gradually attracting certain circumstances into real life.

If an idea comes to mind once, it will not have the same potential as our habits and beliefs. If you use the tools of positive thinking from time to time, and the rest of the time you are burdened with sad and unwanted ideas, then there will be very little benefit. That is why the question of how to think is critical in fulfilling desires. With the power of thought you can attract anything. What is important, however, is the quality and frequency of the ideas that enter the mind. If you work at it, even the most incredible desires will become possible.

Reality of thought

The most famous sages and scientists who have ever lived in this world have always argued: all reality around us is energy. Walker Atkinson said that if the mind is energy in a static form, then thought is in a dynamic form. Both of these states represent two phases of the same process. Whenever a person puts a certain thought into his head, he emits a vibration of a certain frequency - low or high.

The basic law of the power of thought says: energy attracts similar energy to itself. A person, like a magnet, attracts into his life those circumstances that are in harmony with his dominant frequency.

Second postulate: true strength is sincerity

The law of attraction and fulfillment of desires only works in cases where a person sincerely believes in the power of his subconscious. As a metaphorical image, it is worth imagining an archer aiming at a target. As soon as his hand trembles, the arrow will fly in a different trajectory, depriving him of the slightest hope of victory. So, thoughts are like arrows: they need to be controlled and directed precisely to the target.

It is quite difficult to achieve such concentration, so dedicated people use special techniques that strengthen consciousness. Thanks to them, they achieve the highest harmony with cosmic energy, and it answers their requests. We will look at them in more detail, but a little later, because there is one more, extremely important dogma.

The right image brings the dream closer to realization

This point is especially important if the goal concerns a specific location. For example, a person wants to attract the opportunity to travel with the power of thought. If this is a vacation on the sea coast, then you will need a shell, or a souvenir brought from this place. If your dream is to visit another country, such an item could be a coin or a postcard with a picture of the place of interest.

The subtle world constantly strives to transfer into reality those ideas that exist on the mental plane. And he is ready to quickly respond to any message that comes from people. Using this technique, you can further speed up the implementation of what you want.

How to make another person remember about themselves?

With the application of the law of attraction in everyday life, everything is more or less clear, but how can you make the right person think about you with the power of thought? This question is most often asked by girls, but it may also be relevant for some men. If you have such a goal, you can try several options for its implementation.

If you are in the same room with a person, or at least within sight, you can program him or her to think about you. To do this, you first need to concentrate well and think through the phrase of interest in your thoughts. For example: “You, (name), will constantly think about me!” These words are pronounced confidently, in a commanding tone. Then a blue ray is mentally drawn from one’s own forehead to the forehead or back of this person’s head, along which, as if through a mystical channel, this order will move into consciousness.

What is the power of thinking?

The law of attraction, which describes the power of thought, is one of the most powerful in the spiritual world. Every person has at least once heard the words that like attracts like. Its meaning explains exactly what the essence of this law is.

Adherents of this theory claim that a person attracts absolutely everything in his life with the help of thoughts. The effect of the law is so strong that it can bring into a person’s reality even those things that he does not want. That is why the sages say: be afraid of your desires, because they tend to come true.

Atkinson's work

One of the first researchers and writers who was interested in the issue of the power of thought was Atkinson William Walker. He wrote an interesting book. It's called "The Law of Attraction and the Power of Thought." In it, Atkinson describes the operation of this pattern, the characteristics of human consciousness, the role of willpower and emotions in realizing what is desired, as well as many other issues.

How to enhance visualization?

With the power of thought you can transform the existing reality - you just need to correctly formulate your desire. And, as already mentioned, the visualization technique helps to help it come true. It can be strengthened if the positive intention has physical reinforcement, for this you need some object or drawing that will be tangible, and which you can look at and feel how the dream becomes reality.

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