Does everything come back like a boomerang? Or how to get the desired result in your life?

Each one will be rewarded according to his deeds. Each of us has probably heard this wisdom at least once in our lives. The idea of ​​justice is one of the “elephants” on which our society rests. The idea that a worthy reward awaits a person for good deeds, and punishment for criminal deeds, morally strengthens and instills peace. But does the boomerang rule really work? What is the global idea of ​​justice based on and is it worth waiting for the return of the notorious weapon after committing certain actions? Can we control the boomerang at all? The materials in this article will clarify and answer these questions.

Fate. What is this?

By definition, fate is

  1. the course of events in his life that does not depend on a person’s will.
  2. life path, all events, circumstances in life.

If you ask people on the street what fate means, then, in general, the answers will be divided into 2 groups:

First: fate is predetermined , and a person cannot do anything, and the only right decision is not to resist fate and go with the flow, resigning yourself to it.

Second: everything is in our hands , our life depends solely on how we can build it. And the building blocks in it are our daily decisions.

It’s similar to the road, and in the first case, when you drive along it and everything is predetermined: where is the overnight stop, where is the cafe, where you need to refuel the car, where and what kind of travel companions you pick up.

And in the second case, you also eat at an expensive price, but you can already choose which cafe to stop at, which gas station to refuel at, and which fellow travelers you don’t pick up, but just drive by.

In any case, fate is the road.

But you should take the time to observe life and you will understand: everything in it is interconnected. Sometimes this connection is very transparent and not so easy to notice. But if, knowing the laws of life, you take a closer look - everything is clear.

It is important to understand and learn: You create your own destiny .

You create your own destiny

This is especially clearly seen in the so-called “boomerang effect”.

Let's figure out what and how here. And exactly how to take control of your destiny.

Sweet revenge

If someone has offended a person, there is no need to harbor a grudge or try to take revenge. It's better to just wish everyone well and move on. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to erase from life what caused pain, but if you focus on this moment, you can miss your happiness. And revenge is also not the best solution. Even if we assume that the “retaliatory strike” strategy was successfully implemented, a person cannot say for sure that in the future he will not make a similar mistake, and he will definitely not be revenged in the same way.

Let's say there is a situation: a girl got a job as a secretary. She had to become her boss's mistress because she didn't want to lose her job. Her boss is a family man, and he has a very strict wife, but this does not stop the man from going “to the left.” After some time, the girl comes to her boss so that he signs documents about her going on maternity leave.

The man could not come to terms with the fact that his subordinate had an affair and decided to fire her without severance pay. The girl threatened to tell everything to his wife. The boss began to beg not to destroy the family. Although the expectant mother was offended by such an attitude, she did not resort to extreme measures and was still fired. A few years later, this girl became not only a happy wife and mother, but also a successful entrepreneur.

One day she met her former boss. He was not going through the best period in his life, and he threatened her that he would tell the press that the now respected businesswoman had a relationship with her own boss in the past. The woman began to beg him not to ruin her life, and he disappeared. Like her in her time, the man remained silent. This is an excellent example of how the boomerang law can operate in relationships between people. In addition, everything might not have turned out so well if the girl had taken revenge on her boss at one time. Yes, he would have found himself in an unpleasant situation, but how would her life have turned out then?!

Boomerang Law. Karma.

What is a boomerang? The boomerang is an ancient weapon. When you throw it, it makes a circle and returns back to the person's hands.

The same effect manifests itself in our lives: in our actions, thoughts and emotions.

The Boomerang Law is a rule or principle: everything you give comes back to you.

If you throw something into the world around you, it will definitely come back. Good or bad.

Your current life is a balance of boomerangs that you threw before. If you want to improve, throw more good boomerangs.

But there is always a time delay. And boomerangs have a property - they may arrive from a different direction than where you sent them, but they return.

This is called “karma”. What is translated from the ancient Inin language: action, cause-effect, retribution.

This law is well known among the people. Remember the proverbs and sayings:

What goes around comes around. As it comes back, so will it respond. What is hello, so is the answer. Don't dig a hole for someone else - you yourself will fall into it.

And this principle works both ways. For both good and evil. For both plus and minus. For both creation and destruction.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to manage your life using this principle.

It's like learning to drive a car so you can drive it on the highway. And also learn the “rules for safe driving on the highway” so as not to pick up the wrong travel companions, avoid potholes on the highway, not stop at a cafe where you can get food poisoning, and not leave your car where it will simply be stolen.

It is much better to drive along the highway, enjoying the views around, delicious buns in roadside cafes and a pleasant conversation with an interesting fellow traveler.

How to achieve this?

Imagine that each person throws dozens of different boomerangs every day.

These are: his words spoken to someone, his actions, his thoughts and emotions. They fly away from the one who released them. They fly, but after some time they return to their owner.

What you put out into the world always comes back to you . Whether it happens today or in a year is not so important.

If you send something joyful and kind to others, then you will soon receive something good and kind. If your boomerang is anger, resentment, a bad deed, some nasty things, then expect a retaliatory blow to yourself.

That's all there is to the boomerang law. Let's look at that - as with another concept - karma.


Life itself knows who and how to punish. And a person should not think that if he stole something, then his valuable thing will be lost. Consequences for actions never equal the amount of harm caused. The payoff is always much greater than the damage caused. For example, if a person insults someone, he may get into an accident. If you hit someone, something could be stolen from him, or a fire could happen in the house. What a person values ​​most always becomes the object that will be affected first by the boomerang rule.

Now, knowing about the Law of Boomerang, you can take a more clear approach to creating your life, your own reality. It happens that sometimes you really want to take out your irritation on someone, blame, scold. Please can you do this. BUT! But now you know that you will DEFINITELY receive an equivalent answer! Is it worth it to indulge your irritation if you can get, for example, illness in response?!

By following this law, you can attract all kinds of benefits to yourself by giving something good into the world. By the way, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something material (this is me answering the frequently asked question: “What if I don’t have anything at all right now, what can I give away, what should I do?”)! You can use one very interesting (and most importantly, useful and really working) technique - give people gifts MENTALLY!

How? And it's very simple! You should imagine yourself approaching a person and giving them something! You just have to do this completely sincerely and with the kindest and purest thoughts! Only in this case will there be any benefit from this action (that is, the return will return to you). What to give? Anything!!! This is your imaginary gift. This means you can imagine absolutely everything! Feel like a genie or a goldfish!

Give wads of money, bouquets of flowers, luxury cars, houses, yachts, tropical islands! You can, for example, give a person health. Imagine it yourself somehow, for example, in the form of a golden glow, enveloping a person and pouring strength and energy into him! The main thing is that you yourself imagine how people feel joy from your gifts, how good they feel! Who can you do all this with? With whomever you want - friends, relatives, complete strangers on the street, etc.

I like to do this exercise when I'm walking down the street. I give gifts to people I meet in this way, trying to determine in a few seconds what would bring this person the greatest joy. Here comes a girl - I mentally “give” her a gorgeous fur coat. For a second, an image appears of her happy and joyful, looking in the mirror in this fur coat! Positive!

Here is a terribly busy man with a cell phone, clearly solving some problems. I gift him with a vacation on a tropical island. The image is of him in a hammock with a cocktail in his hand, admiring the sea and enjoying the peace. Positive again! I'm moving on. An old lady with a bag, a mother with a child, a couple in love. Everyone gets their gifts! And by the end of the street I am so saturated with positivity that my mood soars somewhere in the sky!

I really love this technique. Firstly, it requires practically nothing from you except imagination. Secondly, you lift your spirits because the act of giving is extremely enjoyable in itself! Well, thirdly, in this way you give out your positive energy into the world, which means you attract all sorts of benefits (and material ones too!!!) to yourself!

By the way, don’t be afraid that you will give away too much of your energy. There is one very interesting feature here - when you radiate positivity, you yourself become more and more energetic. But when there is negativity, your energy decreases! Don't ask me why this happens. Honestly I do not know. But the fact remains a fact, regardless of whether we know “why it works like that?” It works and that's it! :))

What does karma mean?

Life is like a big supermarket: take what you want, but don’t forget - the checkout is in front, you have to pay for everything.

The word “karma” or “karm” in the ancient Indian language means “action, deed, deed, retribution.” This word refers to all the actions and deeds of a person that were committed by him in the past, as well as the consequences caused by these actions.

This is a “set of boomerangs”, good or bad, launched by a person.

What goes around comes around? This simple saying can simply explain the meaning of karma.

Your current life is a balance of boomerangs that you threw before. If you want to improve, throw more good boomerangs.

How does the law of karma work?

The basic idea of ​​karma is that each person will have to answer for what they have done. For good he will receive good, and for evil he will be punished. Retribution does not necessarily happen in this life. Buddhists believe in reincarnation—the transmigration of an immortal soul into a new body after death.

Do you not believe that you are not a body, but a soul?

Here's a simple exercise for you:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Think of a cat in your mind. Resurrect it in your memory. This is a “photo” of the cat from your memory.
  3. Now ask yourself, who is looking at this “photo”? Clearly not the body. And the eyes are closed. This is YOU - the immortal soul living in the body.

But these are high matters, let's return to the ordinary everyday level.

Suppose you were born into a poor family, your relatives die, misfortunes haunt you. Why is this happening? According to the principle of karma: you have bad karma. That is, in a past life you did a lot of evil, and now you must be held accountable for what you did. Or, in other words, now you are accepting the boomerangs sent earlier and paying for your deeds.

According to the law of karma: each person is entirely responsible for his situation today.

This principle allows a person to predict what impact his actions and actions will have on his future life. It is especially important that death does not save a person from returning boomerangs: be they good or bad.

Karma is not a punishment. It's just a natural process, a law of the Universe, that boomerangs come back.

How to change your karma? Or how to use the boomerang law to your advantage?

Is it possible to change fate? Yes, and it’s easy, although not without difficulty. What and how should I do for this?

Knowing about the boomerang law, you should already understand: if you really create good, do something that actually brings benefit, then, in fact, you are doing it for yourself. After some time you get this boomerang back.

To understand what exactly is lacking in your actions, analyze your life: what do you lack, in what area do you lack luck?

If there is no love, perhaps you didn’t give it to someone? There is no money - perhaps you took something else or are not giving enough in exchange? There is no health - maybe you need to help someone get better? At least morally guide the person to recovery...

The rule goes something like this: “What you want for yourself, give it to people!” . Do little good things every day and the results will follow.

And karma can be neutralized and corrected with the help of specific actions and deeds. Thus, karma is not something fatal for a person; he can change his life.

If negative situations constantly repeat in your life: you are robbed, you are sick, you are unlucky in love, you are deceived, you have problems with work = some kind of boomerangs constantly fly to you.

Deal with them. You can turn things around in this area by doing good deeds, atonement for past negative actions, bad boomerangs.

And how long will it take to do these good things? Until things improve in this area.

Until you fire enough good boomerangs and you start getting them back. And, it's magic, but the state of affairs will completely unfold - everything will just be fine.

The more good we do in our lives, the more good we “sow” around us, the better, more prosperous and happier our lives will be.

And vice versa, the more bad we do, the more negativity radiates from us, the stronger the troubles and problems that arise on our life path.

Never do “because.” Act only “in order to.”

You should not take revenge, no matter how hard it is for you. The Universe itself will deal with this person. It is impossible to do harm to another and not answer for it.

Sometimes you can turn the other cheek - in this case, the offender himself is asking for a more severe and difficult outcome for him.


Anyone who once saw the enthusiastic eyes of his beloved or the happy smile of his child, I think, will never forget this moment, since in fact he has already become a living witness to the positive action of the boomerang law.

And having received such an experience once, now he will strive to repeat this wonderful moment again and again. After all, such concepts as Happiness, Joy, Love are very contagious things and cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Today, each of us has a wonderful opportunity to take our rightful place in the single energy chain of Universal Love and launch our boomerang of goodness in order to become not only a receiver, but also a transmitter of all the best and brightest that exists in our difficult world...

Therefore, dear reader, I wish you to avoid indifferent communities in every possible way, and devote all your time to achieving Love and Happiness in life. If this note was in some way encouraging or inspiring for you, then please share your impressions in the comments below.

Boomerang's law and Newton's law in physics

Let's look at the what and how between the Boomerang law and ordinary physics.

Boomerang's law is actually just a fancy name for Newton's third law. Simply put, it can be formulated as follows:

There is always an equal and opposite reaction to an action. Or in another way: the interaction of two bodies on each other is equal and directed in opposite directions.

For example, in the demo below. One ball flies and hits another, motionless one. in this case, the first ball stops, and the second, which was motionless, continues its movement.

There is also a law of conservation of energy , the essence of which is that energy does not disappear anywhere, but only transforms into another form.

Watch the video demonstration below. Balls are the same boomerangs. They fly back and forth until someone stops them or changes the nature of their movement.

Like a person who does the same thing, runs in circles, sends and receives back his boomerangs. This happens until a person makes a real effort to change it. For example, with balls - until he stops their movement with his fingers.

To put it simply: with balloons, what you send is what you receive.

Boomerang Law and your thoughts

If you thought badly about someone, it means that you sent a bad energy impulse in that direction. And this is already a negative action.

And, according to the boomerang law, it will come back to you in the form of problems or just frustration, even if you did not do other bad things. At least someday, from someone, you will also feel an unpleasant negative attitude.

And vice versa, if you put good thoughts, ideas, something positive into the world, then good things begin to fly to you from the world - everything around you becomes kinder and more responsive to you.

Every thought, whether positive or negative, has energy. And in life, that which has great energy is realized.

You noticed that many things were happening that you did not want, were afraid of, or did not like. Why is this happening? You don't want something to happen so badly that you constantly think about it. You focus all your attention on what you don't want. You are putting energy into something you don't want. And that's why this happens.

Therefore, concentrate on what you really want to get

Short statuses about boomerang

When you sting me cruelly, I will not respond in kind, I am stronger! But I will understand the essence from this lesson And you will go into the memory of past days


I will forgive you and even pity you, And I will let you go from my heart with ease. It is much harder to live with resentment. I’d rather treat my loved ones with happiness


Any action you take is a boomerang. What you launch will come back. But remember that often the return force is greater than the launch force


You launched a boomerang, but I, alas, didn’t dodge. There was a bruise on my soul, but still I smiled


And she clenched her teeth harder, Even though she wanted to howl from the blow. And that makes it even more painful that she only remained silent in response to you.


Don’t do evil, it will be worse for you. He doesn’t care what rank you are! It will certainly overtake you, like a boomerang launched by you.


Life usually brings those who do nasty things to people to their knees and makes them cry bitter tears. Be careful not to get burned by doing bad things to people, evil comes back like a boomerang.


It’s wrong if you think that you won’t find any kind people, while considering yourself to be kind in any way. Everything will come back! What you give is good to you, And evil will not be any different to the evil one!


Souls now suffer from negativity innately. Good people can be counted by name. We respond to anger with the same return, but after that we also get angry and cry.


Why? Because there are lessons from heaven. We are often angry and cruel. If we extinguished the negativity with kindness, then without a doubt we would live happily ever after

Let go. Farewell.

He who does not return anger with anger saves both - himself and the other. Ancient India

By being offended by a person or situation, each time you send a powerful negative destructive impulse, which will result in destructive negative events in your life.

It is simply unprofitable to be offended!

You yourself once launched this boomerang to yourself. Accept what happened as a fact. If you can fix something, do it. If not, just let it go. And focus on something positive.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a special case of the Boomerang Law. It goes like this: what you direct your thoughts and attention to is what happens.

This means that what we are focused on, what the main focus of our attention is on, what the lion's share of our thoughts are devoted to, manifests itself in our lives in the form of fulfilled desires, achieved goals and desired events.

We are all living magnets and fill our lives with certain events and people. And what lies inside us will sooner or later come out and become our reality.

The Law of Attraction allows you to manifest your dreams and fulfill your desires.

How does the law of attraction work in life?

The secret to using the law of attraction: think about what you want and ignore, don't think about what you don't want .

In life, we are accustomed to considering and taking everything good for granted, and, as a result, not investing energy in good events. We just accept them, rejoice and that’s it.

But if you don’t plan, don’t create good things, then without energy the law of attraction won’t work.

But when it comes to bad things, we very often take an active position: we think, analyze, worry. That is, we feed, invest energy in the bad. And what do we get according to the law of attraction?

The environment, the media, films often carry a pronounced negative feeling and cause unpleasant feelings. Crisis, crime, misfortune. It is very difficult for an ordinary person to ignore all this flow of negativity. He gradually concentrates on it. And what does he get in the end? All this, only in your life .

Focus your attention on desired events and results . Direct your attention and energy to what you want to change in your life. Look for the positives for yourself in every difficult situation.

Ignore the negative information that involuntarily comes to you.

Someone may stop understanding you: How is it that you don’t care? There's a war going on there! How is it that you don't watch the news? It's very simple - you can't change anything there, so why watch them and worry about it. Don’t watch the news, crime news, or “murder forecast for tomorrow.” Make a decision and just don't do it. You will notice that your life will become much calmer and more enjoyable. You simply stop paying attention to the bad .

Move away from the source of negative information. Change the topic of conversation to something positive. Don't pay attention to nasty things in conversation. Just ignore it.

You must intentionally cultivate positivity in your mind. You won’t be able to completely protect yourself from negativity, so learn to respond to it easily without weakening your attention to what you want.

Those who use the Law of Attraction from a positive approach are called lucky ones.

If something bad happens to you, then:

  1. Assess why this happened.
  2. Try to rebuild your life so that this can’t happen again.
  3. Try to formulate and adopt a rule that will prevent similar situations from occurring in your life in the future.
  4. Let go of the situation, shift your attention to the positive components of the situation.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. Like reaches out to like.

Examples from life

Is there a boomerang law in life? Yes. Surely you can remember more than one such case. Imagine two people, each of whom wants to take a higher position in their company. There is a struggle between them. One of them, considering himself smarter and more cunning, begins to tell management unpleasant information about his opponent. This leads to the latter being fired in disgrace. Or maybe he leaves on his own, unable to bear the gossip behind his back.

Examples of the boomerang law in life

Imagine: you are walking down the street, and a man falls on the road, slips and, it seems, injures his leg. Now you can pass by: in general, it is unlikely that anything bad will happen to you in life because of this. However, after some time you may also need help, and then many will refuse. You won’t even be able to connect the situations with each other: after all, a person fell on the road, and, let’s say, your salary was delayed for a month. But in the first case, you passed by indifferently, and in the second, your friends will indifferently pass by your problem.

If you help a person, then goodness can be expected from anywhere. It’s just important not to get hung up on waiting for the “reward”, the return of the boomerang.

It is important to understand that the boomerang law does not work with mathematical precision. A thief can be killed - it is not necessary that something should be stolen from him. A killer can live a long life of up to 100 years, while being poor, rejected and deeply unhappy. One thing is true: if you give good, you get good, if you give evil, you get bad.

And it takes a while for your boomerang to return. Sometimes this gap lengthens so much that people simply do not see this cause-and-effect relationship. But it always exists, even when it seems that a person is absolutely sinless and does not deserve it at all: no matter what happens to him, he did it before.

It is also interesting that the “return” will most likely occur from another person, not from the one to whom you sent the boomerang, and under other circumstances.

How to avoid becoming a victim of the boomerang law?

Use the Boomerang Law. Create what you want

Here are some tips and rules of life that will help you get only good things from life, and not receive or greatly mitigate the negative consequences of the boomerang effect:

  • The main rule: treat people the way you want them to treat you - this is the old “golden rule”. It concerns not only actions, but also words, thoughts, intentions.
  • A universal way to deal with adversity: put the good where you got the bad from . For example, if you have problems with work. Spend your energy learning to do a better job and/or help someone else do a better job or help someone else find one. Or, if you are having problems in your personal relationships, try to do something meaningful and positive within your relationship with your partner. Or help others create a good match, or improve their current relationship. Launch more good boomerangs into this area without launching bad ones in response .
  • Don't gossip. Just don't talk bad about anyone unless absolutely necessary. Even if you don’t invent anything, but retell to other people the bad deed of one of your mutual friends or bad news, this negativity will definitely leave its mark on you. If you wash someone's bones today, be prepared for the fact that tomorrow you will become the object of gossip.
  • Never wish harm on another person, even mentally. Even if he is guilty before you, seek justice by legal means and believe that life will punish him (this will definitely happen according to the Boomerang law), but do not curse or send all the troubles of the world onto his head. Some of the curses will return to you.
  • Don't do harm to people. Even if you get enormous benefits, even if everyone around you is doing it or no one will know about it anyway, even if it seems to you that you won’t be able to find out the formula for success any other way. The tears shed by someone through your fault will come in response, it’s a matter of time.
  • Don't be jealous. If you put in due diligence, you will achieve what you want tomorrow. By being jealous and angry, you only launch several more bad boomerangs in your direction.
  • Don’t watch the news, crime news, or “murder forecast for tomorrow.” Your life will become much more comfortable from this.
  • Do at least a few good deeds every day. Even the most insignificant, at first glance, goodness will definitely return to you. You can simply give sincere compliments to people, highlighting something good about them. Imagine how much happiness you will see on the horizon if you bestow goodness on many people.
  • Always be in a good mood and think positively. Concentrate on the positive, on what exactly you want to achieve in life. Give your attention to the positive, the good.

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What is hello, is the answer?

The idea of ​​justice is the ratio of the efforts made and the result obtained. However, this beautiful structure collapses with a crash the moment a person finds himself in a situation where the result does not meet expectations. For example, the office workhorse continues to earn the minimum wage, while less hardworking employees are appointed to management positions. Or a child, in whom the parent has invested his entire life, grows up and leaves him without attention and love. One of the most painful experiences for a person is disappointment in the object of faith (God, the Universe, Life, Justice). Losing direction and faith is a strong fear, akin to the fear of death. That is why people hold on to the idea of ​​justice with both hands.

Being people who are not devoid of a share of healthy skepticism, we admit: the boomerang effect is not a sound into the void, and the idea of ​​justice is completely justified, otherwise it would not have so many adherents. At the same time, the flying weapon acts equally in any direction: both evil and good return.

However, there are also several arguments in favor of skeptics. If you look at the surrounding reality from the outside, you can easily find hundreds of examples that indicate that the boomerang arrives selectively. For example, it miraculously avoids unscrupulous officials or cynical politicians, while citizens of irreplaceable professions suffer hardships all their lives and live below the poverty line. It’s even worse when a respected and beloved person becomes terminally ill or suddenly leaves this world. Is it worth seeking justice in such a situation? A difficult and rather rhetorical question.

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