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  • May 21, 2019
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Before we look at how to develop charisma, it is important to understand what this term means. As you know, in ancient Greek this word meant “gift of the gods.” But then, in simple words, what kind of person is a charismatic person? This is the kind of person who in all situations takes a leadership position not because he has positioned himself that way, but because people position him as such for his qualities.

Now let's try to delve deeper into this topic.

Charisma is...

As already mentioned, charisma can be defined as certain personality qualities and the ability to correctly express them in public. Such people, as a rule, are a “gift” both intellectually and morally. They have their own objective view of everything, which is supported by logical arguments.

If a person is charismatic, then he is charming. Therefore, he must not only be able to behave correctly, demonstrate his abilities, but also look presentable and pleasant to the people around him. So if you're wondering how to be charismatic, start with charm.

Of course, this phenomenon is not always congenital. People acquire it only over time, adapting to society and following its values. After all, without public recognition there will be no charisma. It is important! So, how to develop charisma? You need to work on yourself tirelessly!

Do you think these are empty words? Then look at skillful speakers who, with their speeches and behavior, are able to make a person cry, sympathize and be inspired. Can they do this for no reason? We don't think so!

For years they worked on themselves, on their speech, behavior and appearance, in order to ultimately become an example for other people who think that they cannot do anything in this life.

Developing a feature

A charismatic person must feel interesting. Only in this case will he be able to share positive energy with others and give an emotional response coming from the depths of his soul. You need to believe in your own irresistibility, think of yourself as a person who can change a lot. Let's turn to specific actions and actions.

Improving body language

Nonverbal messages are important - they help demonstrate existing capabilities. You need to learn to assume the appearance of a confident person who is in complete control of the situation. It is not recommended to cross your arms over your chest or turn your gaze away. People may think that the other person has something to hide.

To build trust, it is helpful to try to appear calm in any situation. Body language can tell a lot. Facial expressions and gestures emphasize an impenetrable character and aggravate manifestations of firmness and rationality.

Gaining self-confidence

Not everyone has strong character. For this reason, it is necessary to develop it independently through volitional efforts. Gaining confidence won't happen overnight. You need long-term work on yourself and the desire to overcome adversity. Without developed confidence, it is impossible to act actively, based on reasonableness and responsibility.

Working on public speaking skills

Learning to give a speech in public is not easy. This requires a specific skill that will not appear automatically without proper practice. Oratory involves, first of all, mastering one’s own emotions. This means you need to reduce negative reactions to a minimum. Then nothing will interfere with speaking or interrupt you at the right moment. Proper diction is half the success. To achieve results, it is wise to train at home every day in front of the mirror.

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Showing emotions

Some people, for specific reasons, try to hide their true face. This happens due to the fear of appearing impolite, insufficiently educated, intelligent, or knowledgeable. So it turns out that many people deliberately suppress their emotions. This is not beneficial: a feeling of dissatisfaction appears, neuroses are formed. It is necessary to learn to show emotions, and not try with all your might to get rid of them. It is harmful to hold back a sincere smile, words of gratitude coming from the heart.

What is it like?

Also, before you understand how to develop charisma, you need to understand what kind of charisma you want to develop? After all, there are plenty of types! Someone can “win” the audience with kindness and authority. But is it possible to comprehensively influence the environment? How to develop charisma that combines all spheres of influence?

So, here are the main types:

  1. Authoritative - by their example, people try to influence others and encourage them to change as well. For them, this person will be an idol, an example, or, more simply put, an authority.
  2. Kindness - with their words and actions, such people are able to give a person a piece of their soul, so to speak. They draw the attention of those around them to the fact that they will be completely safe with them.
  3. Visionary - such individuals are able to make a person believe in their strength and beauty, external and internal. They also encourage you to believe that everything is possible in this world. We are all examples of this! We can! Let's just do it!
  4. Focused - such people can make every person confident. They do not show their true qualities in order to open the eyes of others how smart and successful they themselves are. Such individuals will always listen to you and help you.

If you can find the strength within yourself to combine all these types into one big one, then you will no longer have the question of how to increase charisma. But if you are still far from such achievements, stay with us.

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