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Low wages and relentlessly rising prices in stores - alas, this is our Russian reality. What to do? How can a family save without getting into debt, without switching to Rollton, without burdening themselves with a credit burden, and without going robbing? There is a better way - to learn the golden rules of saving money.

Saving does not mean begging and starving. This is the ability to competently distribute your own budget.

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What is family budget saving?

The family budget consists of individual expense items. People usually spend money on food, cars, clothes, children, household appliances, medicines, etc. Saving a family budget means reducing expenses, for example, on clothes or food. Before cutting costs, you need to determine whether such an opportunity exists at all.

If you record all family expenses for a month, you can understand which items in the family budget are the most expensive or useless. For example, you may “suddenly” realize that trips to restaurants and cafes “eat up” a significant part of your income. Or you will realize that some foods can be completely abandoned without losing the quality of the family’s nutrition.

To track family budget expenses, it is convenient to use ready-made tools:

  • Home accounting software
  • Excel table
  • Family budgeting apps

You can do home accounting using a regular notebook, but, as practice shows, this is not very convenient, especially in terms of generating reports. Using the program, you can get a table of family budget expenses for the month in a couple of seconds. And if you use a notebook, then “building” such a report will be difficult - you will need a calculator and time. If you do not plan to use the program, then work with a simple Excel table.

Buy A+ class household appliances and use them strictly according to the instructions

Modern A+ or A++ class equipment consumes much less electricity, but only if it is used correctly. If you place a refrigerator in the kitchen next to the stove, it will work in enhanced mode to maintain the required temperature. A similar situation will arise if you try to cool hot food. Timely defrosting will prevent the formation of ice on the walls of the chamber and reduce energy consumption by an average of 15%.

Computers and televisions are actively used only a few hours a day. The rest of the time they are in standby mode, actively absorbing electricity. It is not enough to simply turn off the device with the button on the power supply. You need to disconnect it from the power source.

Saving on food

If you decide to save your family budget on food, this does not mean that you should eat less. On the contrary, an analysis of food expenses may indicate that some products can be replaced with cheaper and healthier ones. For example, if you bought expensive varieties of sausage, then regular meat would be a more useful substitute for it. If it is poultry, then the difference in the price of a kilogram of sausage and chicken will be noticeable.

When going shopping, make a grocery list in advance. The list will discipline you and the likelihood of thoughtless expenses will decrease. It is also not recommended to visit the supermarket on an empty stomach, because a hungry buyer may take some harmful and expensive sweets with him.

Cakes, pastries and chocolate are unhealthy foods. Many people understand this, but continue to eat this “food”. Is there a less harmful substitute for these sweets? Of course, there is, for example, halva, sherbet, honey. The difference in the price of chocolate and halva is large - chocolate is several times more expensive (if translated into kilograms). It’s easy to replace unhealthy sweets with healthy ones, and as a bonus, you save money and improve your well-being.

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Going to restaurants and cafes is also an expensive undertaking. A cup of coffee in a catering establishment costs an order of magnitude more than the same cup drunk at home. This also applies to dishes. The cost of a bowl of soup prepared at home is a couple of tens of rubles, but in a restaurant you will have to pay a couple of hundred rubles for this soup.

It's time to act

Unfortunately, financial literacy is not taught in our schools and universities, so our citizens, interested in how to save money in the family, draw advice from the vastness of the Runet. According to government statistics, the salaries of Russian citizens reach minimums from year to year, it is not surprising that more and more people are asking:

  • how to save money in the family;
  • simple ways to save money on a small salary;
  • How can a family save money in a housing scheme?

Then check out our tips; by the way, we previously wrote about where to look for working promotional codes for stores. Knowing how to save money in the family and optimize your personal budget, any of us can achieve excellent results. Now is the time to act!

Poll: How much do you spend on food per month?

The best advice for saving your family budget in the field of catering is a wish - learn to cook! Food prepared at home is much cheaper than what you buy in a restaurant or cafe. Carry lunches with you. Even if there is a cafe or cafeteria near your office, bring your lunches from home. This is a good way to save your family budget and get rid of possible digestive problems.

Expenses for lunch (in cafes and restaurants)

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How to save on clothes and shoes - tips for housewives

Purchasing clothes is quite an expensive undertaking. It is generally accepted that women “spend more” on clothes than men. But it is not always the case. Modern men can easily follow trends and buy new fashion items and accessories every month.

The main tip for saving your family's clothing budget is to buy simple, durable and inexpensive items. It is better not to buy clothes from foreign brands and pay attention to domestic manufacturers. For example, shoes from domestic manufacturers are not much inferior in quality to Western brands, but they are several times cheaper.

We advise you not to buy clothes and shoes in boutiques located on the “red line”. The rental price of retail space in popular places is high, so it affects the price of goods. If this is acceptable, then buy clothes through online stores after reading reviews.

Repairing clothes and shoes will save costs. For example, if the zipper on a jacket is broken, it is much cheaper to repair the item than to buy a new one. For a small fee, sewing workshops can “reanimate” any element of a wardrobe – from trousers to a hat.

Take the test:

Test: What salary do you deserve? Find out the psychological limit that determines your income level. Everyone receives the salary that the subconscious allows. It is a subconscious block that prevents many from receiving a decent salary. The test will reveal a psychological block.

Tips for housewives regarding children's clothing - ask your relatives if they have any clothes left for children. Often you can get children's clothing for free or at a minimal price. The child grows quickly, so there are things in good or even perfect condition. There are groups on social networks in which children's things are given away for free or for a nominal fee.

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Look for promotions, discounts and cashback

It’s worth taking a closer look at discounts. Stores today are fighting for customers, so any way to attract them is used - liquidation of stale goods, promotions in honor of holidays, seasonal discounts and Black Fridays. You can save a lot of money on such events: sellers discount from 5 to 90% of the cost of the goods, depending on the specifics of the store.

But the main thing that advanced buyers save on is cashback, or a refund of part of the money for a purchase. There is no need to be afraid of this option: companies offer cashback for the same reasons as discounts. But for us this is a real way to make money, and in two ways:

  • Register in the cashback service. Such sites redirect users to online stores, and take a percentage for intermediation. Part of it goes to us in the form of cashback;
  • Apply for a debit or credit card. Everything is simple here: you use the card, and the percentage for purchases is credited to your card account automatically.

By the way, it’s convenient to look for plastic cards with cashback on We offer a large catalog: you can choose what type of cashback you want to receive - classic, when “real money” is returned, or a bonus program.

Budget savings on utility bills and housing

Significant savings in the family budget can be achieved by reducing home heating costs. If a heating boiler is installed, then the main costs in winter come from paying gas (or electricity) bills. Heating costs can be reduced through additional insulation. You can insulate not only a private house, but also an apartment. It would be a good idea to install plastic windows with double-glazed windows and check them for normal operation of the seals.

Use only LED lamps for lighting - they are ten times more efficient than incandescent lamps. We advise you to choose appliances with low power consumption (refrigerators, washing machines, lamps).

Give up your landline phone (or change your tariff to a more favorable one). Communicate with relatives from other cities via Skype or WhatsApp. Pay your utility bills directly through your client bank rather than through the post office - this way you will avoid fees when paying.

An important component for saving a family budget is controlling water consumption. If you do not have water meters installed yet, be sure to install them. With proper control, you can significantly save on water bills - do not just pour water, wash in the shower, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and washing dishes.

Bad habits

Review your bad habits: smoking, for example, or drinking Coke every day. This will be good not only for your wallet, but also for your health. An average of 25,000 rubles to 40,000 rubles are spent on cigarettes per year. Try not to buy yourself a cup of coffee before work. At least not every day. The ritual is pleasant and sets the mood. But per year this amount is about 55,000 rubles.

Try not to lend money to everyone. After all, there are people who do not repay their debts. Learn to say “no” to those who are not close to you and whom you do not particularly trust. Stop taking online loans! Then you have to pay such interest that it’s just “don’t worry, mom.” Is it necessary?

What is bankruptcy of individuals and what consequences does it have, read more in our article.

Poll: How much do you spend on utilities per month?

Periodically check current Internet and cable TV rates. Providers often introduce new profitable tariff plans, and you can use the old “expensive” tariff for years.

For those families who live in a rented apartment, savings are especially important. The less you pay for rented housing, the more money remains for other expenses. If the transport infrastructure in your city is developed, then it is not necessary to rent an apartment in the city center. The price of housing in residential areas is much lower. You can easily save money and reduce your monthly expenses by several thousand rubles if you rent an apartment in a residential area with good transport accessibility.

Mortgage repayment costs can also be reduced. To do this, you need to study bank offers on loan refinancing. Surely some bank will have a better offer. By reducing mortgage payments by a couple of thousand per month, you can save 10-30 thousand rubles per year on your budget.

Set your priorities wisely

Saving for the sake of saving is ineffective. You need to save money to achieve something. But the goal “to live better” is not suitable: it is too vague and does not provide sustainable motivation. It is better to choose something material and tangible as guidelines.

By prioritizing, you will clearly know what you are saving for and how long it will take. And also, you won’t deprive yourself of spending that makes life in the present more fulfilling and satisfying.

For example, if you like to draw or swim, don't give up on your hobbies. Without a positive charge, any savings will not be a joy. Instead, focus on another category of spending where restrictions won't hurt. And then set goals. It is easier to save when you are planning a vacation to Turkey or a down payment on a mortgage. Let's say in the first case you need to collect 50,000 rubles in six months, in the second - 350,000 rubles in several years. Based on these goals, make a specific plan - how much to save from each salary and what to save on in the process.

Public transport and personal car – you can save money

If you travel around the city mainly by public transport, then you should think about buying a travel card. Typically, the higher the denomination of the card, the lower the cost of travel and the greater the savings. For those lucky people who live within three kilometers from the office, walking to work will be relevant. This method of moving will bring your budget several thousand saved rubles.

It's good to have a reliable and economical car. Taking into account urban conditions, it is better to buy a compact car with low fuel consumption. If necessary, you can equip your iron horse with gas equipment. The price of gas is several times different from the cost of gasoline.

Criteria for saving a family budget in the field of transport:

  • For regular trips around the city, use a transport card.
  • Walk to work if possible.
  • When choosing a family car, focus on low fuel consumption, reliability, availability of spare parts and compactness.
  • Use taxis only as a last resort (one taxi trip is equivalent to a week of trips on public transport).

Transport costs

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Self-care - can you save money?

An increased level of spending on appearance is most often relevant for women. You shouldn’t forget about your appearance, but it’s quite possible to save money on this procedure. For example, a private hairdresser who works from home will serve you no worse than in an elite hairdresser. And the quality of work from such masters is often better than in institutions of a similar profile. The savings are obvious - the private owner does not pay rent and the tax burden on him is lower. All this directly affects the cost of hairdresser services.

Nail care can also put a strain on your budget. An ordinary person can rarely evaluate the quality of gel polish applied to nails. For such a service in a beauty salon you will need to pay more than one thousand rubles. It is much easier and cheaper to organize your own nail care.

We also advise you to pay attention to the advisability of all kinds of “rejuvenating” procedures - lifting, massage, solarium, etc. Explore alternative, perhaps more effective, rejuvenation techniques. Eliminate frankly harmful foods from your diet (sausages, sweets, canned food, fatty foods) and you will look younger without additional burden on the family budget.

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Economical attitude to rest and entertainment

The most expensive part of the family budget in the summer is going on vacation. Some families limit themselves to visiting relatives and friends in different cities, others buy inexpensive trips to the nearest sanatoriums, and still others go on vacation to prestigious seaside resorts.

Reasonable vacation planning will allow you to effectively save your family budget. Firstly, you need to plan your trip and book a tour in advance - at least six months in advance. In this case, you will buy tours at the lowest price. Secondly, different travel agencies offer different prices for the same tours. Don’t be lazy and contact several tour operators at once, and you will see that prices for approximately the same tours may differ by 10-30%. Imagine what it means to save 30% if the initial price of a tour for the whole family is 150 thousand rubles - saving 30-40 thousand rubles on a trip is a tangible plus.

If you just want a change of scenery and get vivid impressions, then you can book an inexpensive bus tour, for example, to different cities of the country. Such a trip is available to any family, because it can cost between 10-50 thousand rubles. A very economical option is an independent trip to the “sights” by car or train with advance hotel reservations.

Moderation in entertainment also plays an important role in saving money. Constant trips to clubs and bars can ruin any family budget. Instead of a nightclub or get-togethers in a bar, you can get the whole family out into the countryside, have a picnic, go on a hike, or play with your children in nature. A regular walk in the nearest park will allow you to relax and invigorate.

Exercise doesn't have to be expensive. If you regularly visit a fitness center, then you should consider an annual membership. The cost of one visit to the gym in this case will be significantly lower. You can also do physical exercises at home. Any advanced simulator can easily find a cheaper analogue. Regular dumbbells and a set of exercises with them can replace a trip to the fitness center. The main criterion for playing sports at home is regular exercise on all muscle groups. Buy dumbbells and a horizontal bar - together with walking, these sports equipment will bring a lot of benefits to your body.

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What can't you save on?

There are areas of life where you cannot save. For example, health expenses should be strictly defined in the family budget. If you need to undergo an examination or tests, it is better not to save money and choose competent doctors and high-quality equipment. It is better to solve small health problems right away, because an advanced disease can bring big problems and expenses in the future.

Saving on self-development is also not a good idea. If you need to improve your competence, then feel free to purchase professional literature and training courses. As practice shows, money spent on self-development will definitely come back to you in the form of a salary.

High-quality food is also a mandatory expense item. The main principle of saving on food is replacing some expensive and harmful products with others that are cheaper and healthier. Be sure to budget for fresh fruits and vegetables. For families with children, spending on “greens” should be mandatory.

Don't forget about rest either. After a good rest, labor productivity increases. This does not mean that you need to urgently fly to Turkey and book a five-star hotel. To get started, just change your surroundings - go on a visit, to the cinema, chat with friends, or devote the whole day to yourself.

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Time for shopping

Some people are accustomed to purchasing all the goods necessary for life immediately after receiving their salary, while others distribute these expenses into several parts. Everyone decides for themselves how to save their budget. On the one hand, a one-time payment for utilities, the purchase of household chemicals and food products allows you to immediately stock up on goods. The risk of wasting the required amount on recreation and entertainment is minimal. On the other hand, shelf-stable goods should not be purchased when possible, but in bulk, at low prices.

Motivation for saving the family budget

Use a family budgeting program to get an idea of ​​your monthly expenses. Having a report on your family's expenses can help you create a savings plan. To control the budget, you can use not only the program, but also a regular notebook or Excel spreadsheet - the main thing is that accounting is kept on an ongoing basis, then you can easily determine which expense items can be reduced or reduced.

By saving on expenses, you can accumulate a round sum. Agree that it’s nice when you have several tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles in stock. Having such a reserve, it is much easier to plan large purchases - a car, a dacha, an apartment.

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17. Save every day. If you find it difficult to save 10% of your earnings, you can create a simpler habit - round up the amount in your wallet every day and save the rest. For example, there are 5,600 rubles left. — 600 rub. postponed. 9,200 rubles left. — put aside 200 rubles. The same can be done if you use a card. Simply transfer the balance to your savings account.

The article contains many tips that help you save very small amounts. It may seem that some of them are not even worthy of attention. However, let us remember that it is small, regular expenses that make big holes in our wallets. To be convinced of this, it is enough to maintain a budget for several months. If you don't already do this - . This is a convenient tool that will allow you not only to calculate and analyze expenses, but also to plan a budget, calculate loan repayments and save for big goals.


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