How to develop superpowers yourself at home - lessons, exercises and tips

What does it take to unlock your hidden abilities?

There are five steps, after going through which a person realizes how to develop superpowers at home. These steps are a kind of rules that will help to reveal superpowers in the shortest possible time.

  1. The first rule, without which it is impossible to achieve success, is sincere belief in what you are doing and in your own strengths. It is faith that literally inspires a person, gives him inspiration and energy.
  2. Another important condition for using magic is the correct use of your abilities. Remember that you cannot use powers given from above to harm another person. If an adept chooses to serve the forces of darkness, then he must understand that he will have to pay a very high price for everything he has done. Such offenses can even cost the life of the magician himself.
  3. To achieve success in any area of ​​life, a person must always improve himself. In the case of superpowers, it is also necessary to constantly learn something new, improve existing skills and develop in new areas.
  4. It is important to always set yourself only a specific goal. Having achieved it and recorded your result, you can begin a new task.
  5. Every day you should not only study theoretical material, but also apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Training should be continued until the skill is perfected.

Important! Do not start studying new material if you do not fully understand the previous one.

Perhaps anyone can discover the gift of a psychic. However, not everyone will be able to take the study of magical science seriously and achieve the highest levels of knowledge.

How to develop superpowers: 6 secrets

Fact or fiction of the superpowers we all dream of? Can a person fly, control the weather, travel through time and foresee the future - Andrei “Karna” Kotelnikov, a philosopher, master of spiritual practices, a man who, through long training and research, has developed extraordinary capabilities, talks about this and much more.

- Hello Andrei! Tell me, is it possible to develop superpowers that ordinary people do not have?

- Hello. The question is actually both simple and complex. That is, on the one hand, yes, it can be developed. So, if desired, anyone can become a modern “magician”. On the other hand, many people already have them, they are just often so hidden that the person himself is not aware of their existence. Which ones, for example, are you interested in?

— For example, levitation, can a person fly?

- Well, I think that if you are not an Indian yogi in a state of samadhi, then you will not be able to fly, you will not be able to move objects with the power of thought, but you can predict the future or, what is even more interesting, shape events. For example, so that the bus arrives at the right time. It is clear that he has a schedule, but he can appear even when he should not be. Or another example: I teach students to erase clouds. Moreover, we usually choose not giant clouds, but one specific cloud from a number of small ones, the rest remain in place. You can also stop the rain: if it’s raining outside, I only need five minutes for it to subside or almost stop.

- So this is who we should be grateful to for such a wonderful summer (laughs)! What other benefits do you get from your talents?

— You can find the right card from those lying on the table: choose a ticket for yourself during the exam (you just need to think about the number of the ticket you want to find). The guys admitted that they successfully passed the sessions this way. You can also become invisible. At the same time, I will not disappear right before your eyes. But, for example, if you walk into a room and I’m wearing an “invisibility hat,” you won’t see me. Of course, we are talking about psychic invisibility. That is, if you film the process, I will appear there. But the person in real life will not notice me; it will seem to him that he is alone in the room. Agree, a useful skill. There was a case, once my wife and I were riding on the subway, we decided to have fun and became invisible. The trick was a success: the passenger who entered, without a shadow of a doubt, decided to sit right on top of us and did not understand why he could not do it. He was brought out of his trance by the laughter of the teenagers sitting nearby. I can also “instill” some taste in you when you drink, for example, water. And then it will seem to you that it contains lemon or something else. It helps in real life: this way you can force a child to drink bitter medicine (laughs).

— I really want to learn how to pull out the necessary tickets! How to learn this?

— There are special trainings. For example, you can start with Zener cards, on which a wave, a cross, a circle, a square are drawn, and try to feel the image without looking at the picture. Or, instead, you can take four aces from a card deck, shuffle them and place them face down on the table, and in your imagination draw, for example, the Ace of Diamonds. Move your hand over each of them. Each card has its own effect. For example, it could be a hot or cold sensation or tingling in the fingers, etc. Feel free to turn this card over, and if it is an ace of diamonds, then give yourself a plus sign; if you made a mistake with the suit, then give yourself a minus sign. You shuffle again, you choose again. And in this way you can tune in to this feeling of resonance (when your premonition ceases to be a guess and becomes certainty). Practice until you clearly have a feeling-state: I know that there is definitely an Ace of Diamonds there. It's not even a matter of how many times you guessed right. It is important to catch this state: I am 100 percent sure! Remember, it is more important for us to capture the subtlety of the experience, not the intensity. For example, you know what lemon tastes like?

- Yes, sour.

- Sour. And you have no doubt about it. Even if you haven't bitten it yet. Monitor the sensation during the exercise. And then you can try to guess more complex things.

- But there are physical and chemical laws! How does a bus that is not on the schedule “at the behest of your will” appear at the stop? How can you tell if the tea is sweet or without sugar without tasting it?

- Let's start with the fact that if you want to start training these abilities in yourself, you will have to admit that all these “magic things”, “subtle”, “immaterial” exist. Because the main essence of everything that happens is that we interact with the dense world by force of will. And at the same time he changes from this. Even if you don't succeed at first, take it on faith for now. After several successful experiences, your self-confidence that everything will work out for you will strengthen. In general, such exercises are a very useful experience in themselves, because they allow you to expand your worldview. And when this happens, you will begin to influence the material world more consciously. And I assure you that rain, clouds and the bus will worry you to a much lesser extent, because, by and large, you have the levers to control the events of your Destiny.

— Does everyone have their own inclinations, or can you develop any unusual skill?

— Let’s just say that everyone has everything that I listed above. A person may simply be more inclined to engage in some activity. It's like playing the piano. Everyone can play, but not everyone will be a talented pianist. But at an elementary level, as I said, everyone can do this. The whole question is how much work is put into it.

— Did your unusual skills help you in some difficult situations?

- Undoubtedly! One day, it was just after Sergei “Sever” Kornilov’s training on “Superpowers”. It was winter, there were snow drifts, and my car got stuck in the snow. I put my wife behind the wheel, explained where to press which pedal, and I tried to push the car out from behind. It didn’t work out: after all, a person is physically weaker than his iron horse. Then I set up a mental program and pushed the car out of the snowdrift. By the way, it later turned out that my handbrake was lowered, but nevertheless the car started to move. Another time we were visiting, and at our friends’ house, the magnetic lock broke. He did not respond to any manipulations, it was late at night, and it was impossible to call service and repair assistance. I “worked” with it and managed to squeeze it out. We were saved.

- But how did you do it?

— I have already said that all these actions are not related to physics. In the case of the castle, I simply imagined that I was the Terminator. But it was a fairly deep idea that I was all iron and hydraulic cylinders. A hydraulic cylinder can easily handle a small lock, but a man of flesh and muscle cannot. That is, in this way, with these fantasies, these thought forms, I deceived my consciousness.

- Andrey, I understand the Terminator, but tell me: how did you become an invisible man? Or how the clouds were erased?

— To become invisible, you need to mentally “shrink” to the size of a pea, and to become noticeable, on the contrary, imagine that you are the size of a room. Try to do this, and all the guys at the disco will only notice you. But concentration and total faith are important: yes, I will succeed. And about the clouds. We do this in a very simple way: we look at a cloud and either paint it with blue sky paint, or we imagine that we have something like an eraser in our hand and just erase it. It is important to maintain your attention for at least five to ten minutes. But, of course, the main thing is not in visualization and mental coloring of the sky. And the fact is that we “influence” the cloud with our will, instilling in it that it does not exist.

“I heard that a person, even a physically weak one, if he has inner strength, can disperse a flock if he proves to its leader that he is stronger!” But a cloud isn’t a dog, isn’t it alive?

- Yes, you understood everything correctly. It is this kind of will that I am talking about. Only I have already mentioned that we are beyond the material perception of the world. What we are talking about now goes into the territory of extrasensory perception, supersensitivity. And there, you will be surprised, and objects that are not alive, in the eyes of a modern person, become alive (smiles). By the way, you shouldn’t be afraid of the word “extrasensory perception,” because sensory perception is the perception of the surrounding world using the senses: vision, hearing, smell, etc. By the way, a person has 32 representative systems, and if desired, he can learn to manage them. For example, with your vegetative power: go for a long time without water, air and food, do not freeze in the cold, feel the taste of food without tasting it, eat poison and not get poisoned, “ordering” the intestines not to absorb it, etc. But this is already aerobatics. But I’m not inspired by such “feats”; I’m more interested in moving in space, telepathy, and time management.

- Incredible... A person is capable of this! But why aren’t we all still psychics? Why isn’t this taught in schools, or at least in specialized educational institutions?

- The main reason why we do not have these abilities in a developed state (they exist in the basic version, but we do not develop them) is that, from childhood, we are taught that they do not exist. We are taught that there are arms, legs, a head and nothing else. If a small child were taught this from birth, he would have neither doubts nor difficulties with practice.

This is stipulated by the rules of the society in which we live.

Accordingly, this is so tightly integrated into the structure of a person that we forget or do not even know about what we could be. Most people in the modern world live in their own minds, in their own heads. They are not even always aware of what exactly they are experiencing right now. Usually we record only very strong experiences. We lose the ability to reflect on some experience, in other words, to register it within ourselves. Does not know how to transfer the point of attention from the outside world or from one’s own mind towards one’s other bodies: the physical, etheric emotional body, etc. Remember the experience when we learn to work with upside down cards, we don’t know where which one is, but our body itself gives the hand a signal? This is an attempt to improve the ability to listen to your body and its impulses.

But it's not all that sad. We can develop abilities with the help of various psychotechniques, in which we try, so to speak, to deceive our consciousness. For example, game technology helps a lot. On the one hand, consciousness loses control - the game is not serious, but on the other hand, we return to that childhood state when we were closer to ourselves and still remembered what it was like to be a wizard.

— Can I ask you to give advice to those who want to develop new skills and capabilities?

— I’ll be happy to share the secrets of my craft!

Firstly, any superpowers, if we are talking about interaction with subtle matters, require a high degree of self-reflection. What it is? This is the awareness of what is happening to you at this time. Therefore, you need to train yourself in the subtleties of experiences.

Secondly, you need to understand that any events are reflected in internal states, often even before the event occurs. And you need to constantly catch these subtleties of changes in your inner space. This allows you to realize that when this or that event approaches, for example, you begin to experience a certain state and experience.

Thirdly, you need to have a sufficient degree of not only awareness, but also sensitivity. For example, the hand should feel a subtle push over the desired card.

Fourthly, concentration is important. The ability to hold a certain thought form in our consciousness for a long time, for example, when we erase a cloud.

Fifthly, the ability to abstract and confidence that everything is going as it should. Let's continue the example with the card: the whole difficulty lies in the fact that this feeling is very subtle, and if I start practicing, I will succeed once, but twice I will not succeed. And if I am overwhelmed by a strong feeling of annoyance or a feeling of the stupidity of this process, etc., then my emotions may be for it. Moreover, it interferes like a nervous psycho: nothing works out. And, conversely, intense joy. Both states, with their strong background, will “illuminate” subtle sensations - “I clearly feel that this is the ace of diamonds.” Against any strong background, it will be very difficult to capture subtle experiences. Therefore, the ability to detach yourself from your experiences is also necessary here.

Sixth, practice, practice, practice. The main thing about it is persistence and calmness. There are many different techniques - both those given above, and in books and films. You practice them, and then, having found some key, starting to notice it in yourself, you need to train.

— It’s very interesting, I personally want to start practicing as soon as possible. But, tell me, does it happen that a person doesn’t like his uniqueness?

- Yes, there are moments when a person has a gift, but he begins to resist. This happens because our society is designed for us to all be more or less the same. We are taught not to stand out too much from the crowd, they always build certain frameworks and templates. And the one who is not with us is against us (laughs), and it’s hard for a person without society (this is embedded in us by animal programs), and he strives to be “like everyone else.”

I have come across several cases where a person tries to get rid of his abilities. For example, one little girl, who had developed keen vision from birth, could see through the wall. She knew what the neighbor who came to visit was wearing: a blue dress with white polka dots. Having heard this, her mother gets so scared that she is going to take the baby to the doctor (or a priest, to drive out demons). Her daughter is unusual, abnormal, which means she is sick. It is not surprising that after a number of such stressful situations, the girl’s abilities were closed.

But this is the toughest option. The situation is a little easier when a person has something like that, and he feels like a “black sheep” (and others see him that way too). Imagine, Olya, that you could see infrared light or a person’s temperature. And, for example, a girl comes into the room, you look at her and say: “What, high temperature? Are you sick? You become unusual, dangerous. And if this comes to you automatically, you yourself will try to get rid of this ability so that you are not kicked out of the team. Nobody wants to be an outcast.

I can give a concrete example from myself. When I discovered the ability to sense lies, I initially became a very unpleasant person because I quickly flew off the handle into aggression due to the fact that I was lied to. And, I confess to you, for me personally, learning to give other people the right to choose, to allow them to lie, was much more difficult than learning to feel the truth.

— It must be difficult to live as if in another dimension...

— I would say differently: discovering new possibilities of the body in yourself presupposes that you learn to live with all this inside yourself. Fortunately, they very rarely open like Pandora’s box, they are usually worked through slowly, but at the same time your character changes, your life, and most often your environment, your worldview, and your attitude towards people and events. You see, Olya, extrasensory perception, against his will (laughs), makes a person an empath. It itself inherently implies hypersensitivity, incl. and in empathy for another person. It's a double-edged sword and you have to make choices about how you want to be.

You are either moving towards developing extra abilities in yourself and, thus, following the path - “I am becoming special.” Or, on the contrary, you choose the path to “dissolve in the crowd.” I think both ways are good: any acquisition implies that life becomes richer, but in any case, it changes.

Where to start, lessons for beginners

As mentioned above, every adept must daily absorb new knowledge and apply it in practice.
However, before starting to study, a person must decide on the direction in which he will work. There are many varieties of magical science. So, for example, a beginning psychic may choose to learn levitation (the ability to fly), telekinesis (to move objects with the power of thought), clairvoyance (the ability to see the invisible), hypnosis (the ability to control the will of other people) and the like.

Having decided on the field of activity, you need to choose a teaching method. You can, of course, use the services of practicing magicians, but you cannot be 100% sure that such a teacher will have real abilities and will not turn out to be a charlatan.

You can also start studying magical science on your own. To do this, you should learn various mantras, prayers, and learn meditation. This information can be found on the Internet or purchased a suitable book in a specialized store. Please note that magical literature should only be purchased from trusted places.

So, for example, those who want to connect their lives with clairvoyance must improve their ability to meditate every day.

For those who want to learn how to move objects with the power of thought, you should start your training with an exercise with a feather. Place the feather in front of you on the table, stare for a long time and imagine how it begins to smoothly rise. After several months of persistent daily practice, the result will be visible.

What superpowers do people have?

What are “psychic” abilities in general? After all, each of us has heard this term, one way or another. Some people mistakenly believe that psychics are ordinary fortune tellers and magicians. And those who have watched the corresponding TV shows consider them to be ordinary charlatans doing their own business. But in fact, extrasensory perception is a very deep and broad concept that can include either one superpower or a combination of many of them.

The list of superpowers can safely be called solid, and it includes:

  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see what ordinary people cannot see. This includes the visual perception of an aura, fragments and scenes from the past or future, the vision of phantoms and images. Clairvoyance itself has several branches. For example, among clairvoyants there are mediums - people who see spirits and can come into direct contact with them;
  • Clairvoyance - this term refers to the ability to hear something that comes from higher powers. For example, a warning, location of the desired object, etc.;
  • Clairaudience is the ability to clearly perceive your inner voice, as well as parting words coming from spirits, phantoms or divine entities;
  • Clairsentience is reading information from the entire field of the Universe. In common parlance this skill is called “developed intuition”;
  • Clairolfaction is the ability to sense odors that an ordinary person cannot smell without a special gift;
  • Telepathy – the ability to “read” the thoughts and intentions of strangers;
  • Telekinesis – moving objects only with thought and concentration of attention on them;
  • Healing is the ability to heal oneself and others without drugs and herbs, through the power of thought, bioenergy and specific mental images;
  • Psychometry is the ability to “read” information from objects, photographs and other materials.

There are also categories of people with superpowers who do not possess the skills listed above, but do possess techniques for entering the astral plane, out-of-body travel in space and time, etc. They can see the world from “the other side.” Some of them claim that they have been to other planets and communicated with “natives” from there.

A striking example is the Ukrainian author of seminars on spiritual development Valery Lukyanov.

And although the girl became famous more for her appearance and “doll” figure, she always insisted on being perceived as a person with superpowers. We will tell you how to discover superpowers in yourself in the next section.

A simple exercise to apply forces in real life

Anyone who is just beginning to learn the science of magic is recommended to study a simple and effective ritual using a watch.
Before you go to bed, lie down on your bed and, closing your eyes, imagine waking up at a specific time the next morning (try to imagine a specific hour, minutes and seconds).

Now you need to pick up the watch and draw with your finger along the dial the entire period of time that you plan to sleep through. Imagine that this vacation will be able to fully restore energy and strength.

For this exercise to give results, you need to repeat it before bed for several weeks.

With the help of this ritual, the beginner will be able to develop the ability to concentrate and reveal his hidden abilities.

Having learned how to discover your superpowers at home, every motivated person will be able to embrace the world of magic. Remember that you can only use your gift for good. Follow all of the above settings and then the result will not take long to arrive.


Our consciousness works at a fast pace, and sometimes a psychological connection cannot be formed due to the flow of information. Unnecessary information clogs the mind and prevents you from focusing on the necessary signals. Learn to relax your mind. To do this you just need:

  • Reduce the possibility of stress.
  • Exercise.
  • Eat properly.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  • Practice yoga whenever possible.

Train your intuition, a sense that helps you rationally explain upcoming events. Every person has intuition, but not everyone can use it.

By tracking people's verbal and nonverbal reactions, you can learn to track and recognize lies. Practice on a friend, without revealing your plans to him, ask him to tell a few stories, but so that among them there are real and fictional ones. Observe his behavior, write down your observations, discuss the result with a friend.

Uploading: human brain simulation

IBM was one of the first to attempt to model the human brain down to the molecular level. The project organizers hope that the model they are creating will allow us to better understand some aspects of the human mind, such as perception, memory, and maybe even consciousness itself.

The project uses the Blue Gene mainframe with a performance of 22.8 trillion floating point operations per second, which in principle allows for real-time operation. In addition to demonstrating the process of “electrical coding” of the “reality” perceived by the brain around it, the project can provide some assistance in identifying “faulty” areas of the brain, the appearance of which leads to the development of mental disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and various depressive states.

A key part of the project will be the world's most complete computer model of the neocortex and the brain itself. To cope with the massive amount of data generated by the project, the team relies on visualization tools to help them find and flag interesting results for future research. The scientists purchased a supercomputer from SGI to create a small media center that displays 3D models to immediately evaluate the meaning of the data. So far, a group of scientists have written two software packages for cognitive computing. The 3D models represent about 10% of the 10,000 firing neurons, but with new computers purchased this year, the simulation should be 1,000 times better. This will allow, for example, to delve into the cell and study the process of neuron excitation.

Still, some scientists express doubt that the experiment will achieve effective results in the next decade. The huge amount of data generated by the project simply cannot be analyzed. However, no one doubts that with the advent of sufficient computing power, creating a working model of the brain will not be difficult. At least? will cost less than the new operating system from Microsoft.

Settlerika: is resettlement possible?

Settleretics (by analogy with cybernetics, and from the English settler - settler) is the science of the continuous and regular “relocation” (i.e. transfer of information content) of consciousness and personality, from the aging brain to the reserve brain (the brain of a young body - bioclone, or into the artificial neurocybernetic brain of a cyborg), with this person achieving practical immortality. Settleretics must solve two problems: first of all, find methods for retrieving this information (the so-called uploading ), and secondly, write the information into a natural or artificial medium (the so-called downloading ).

As for the first task, the main question here is: is it possible for consciousness to exist in isolation from the biological body? The answer is most likely yes. According to one popular theory, consciousness is not matter, but a function of highly organized matter. It exists in the form of encoded information concentrated in the human brain, mainly in the neocortex (the latest, “highest” part of the brain; in humans, the surface of the neocortex occupies 95.6% of the total surface of the cerebral cortex). At the same time, the laws of nature should not prohibit the “movement” of personality and consciousness to another material medium, because information is invariant with respect to its medium, both the material one on which this information is encoded, and the ideal one, that is, the code itself.

Muscle training

In addition to proper nutrition, which accounts for 30 percent of success, you must remember to exercise. It is advisable to conduct classes in the gym and with a trainer, but if for some reason this is not possible, you can use a set of home exercises or join the “Workout” movement. It is also important to remember that any strength training is dangerous, and it is advisable to properly draw up a training plan before starting.

Workouts may vary depending on whether you're more interested in definition or strength. Physical activity in these cases will be fundamentally different. If we talk about strength, then the main rule applies here - it is better to do fewer repetitions, but with more weight.

Each exercise is responsible for working with a separate muscle group. Conventionally, muscle groups are divided into parts of the body: arms, back, chest, abs, legs. The workouts are structured in such a way that each muscle group is worked every other day. A day of work is a day of rest. This is the best training option, as many trainers say.

Additionally, amino acids and protein can be obtained from special sports nutrition. Many people confuse sports nutrition with so-called chemistry, or anabolic steroids, but that’s a completely different story. Sports nutrition is the same nutrients that you can get by eating a chicken breast or a glass of milk, only in dry, powder form. They are not harmful to health and do not change hormonal levels, but they help strengthen muscle mass.

A superhero is a person with super extraordinary abilities.

Here is an interesting point, which is again connected with our wise children. A battle of generations on the topic of who is a superhero and who is not. Children, no matter who you ask, will talk in different voices about the notorious Spider-Man, Superman, Hulk, Doctor Strange and similar characters created by the film industry. Adults, who keep within themselves a sharp, burning memory of a terrible war, who still have strong echoes of its pain in their Souls even after several generations, with firm steadfastness inspire romantic children that all these superheroes of yours are bullshit, and the real heroes are their great-grandfathers, who they passed the war, endured its hardships and horror, showed themselves heroically, gave freedom and the right to live to all of us. Distressed children are contrasted with adults angry at frivolity.

But the truth is that both are right. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are undoubtedly heroes. Heroes of the hard third dimension, who survived the war, which manifested itself at all levels of existence, and not just within the framework of our planet, which in its significance was so fundamental and fundamental that in the circles of beings with higher vibrations than ours, it is generally considered Universal and Decisive. Who are these people who showed their heroism in this war, monstrous in scale, significance and consequences for all things? Aren't they superheroes with super powers? Exactly them! Undeniable!

Uploading Consciousness

Uploading consciousness is a term familiar to all first-year students. This is when, after a night rave party, you immediately go to a calculus exam, cheered up by an alcoholic energy drink :). In science and science fiction, “consciousness uploading” is understood as a hypothetical technology that allows, after scanning the synaptic structures of the gray matter, to transfer consciousness from the brain to another medium.

Accurate brain scans produce a wealth of information about what is happening in our bodies psychologically, physiologically and chemically when we are happy or sad (or experiencing stress, rage, love, the desire to kill, spiritual upliftment or the desire to selflessly help people) . But is it possible to recreate, as a result of scanning, not an exact copy of our consciousness, but of ourselves? Scientists do not yet have an answer to this question, but research is already underway. For example, you can read about an experiment with connecting the human nervous system to a computer in Wired magazine .

Proponents of transhumanism believe that the human species is not the end of our evolution, but rather its beginning. Let's assume that we managed to remove the tracing paper from human consciousness without destroying the brain, and place it on an adequate medium so that the structure of the human brain is completely preserved. Will this be a step towards immortality? After all, the resulting copy of the human mind is perhaps nothing more than a copy that can henceforth live its long life, while the owner of the original mind grows old and dies.

To some extent, the problems that arise with identifying a copy of consciousness can be circumvented if the process of consciousness transfer is made smooth. To do this, for example, you can insert a chip with telecommunications capabilities into a person’s head, and as the brain biologically ages, transfer more and more replacement powers to the chip. In this case, at the moment of physical death, there will no longer be an independent human consciousness, and the problem of identification can be considered solved.

Weak points and warm-up

During training, be sure to focus on weaker muscles. For example, if you press a barbell horizontally in a lying position, muscle development is extremely slow. To correct the situation, a special power frame is optimal.

The initial part of the amplitude is excellently worked out here. At this stage, the upper squeeze of the projectile occurs much easier than the lower one when lifting. In the presented installation, you can focus on this point and use increased weight.

There are special limiters here. They are placed so that the position of the bar is 10-15 cm above the chest. From this position the projectile is pressed.

Bench training at home and without a trainer is extremely difficult. Therefore, a thorough warm-up should be carried out before them. You can work with a medicine ball. While holding it, slowly rotate your straightened arms in different directions and in full amplitude.

Then throw the ball into the wall away from you 8-10 times, hold it in outstretched arms and repeat this cycle.

Don't forget to stretch your joints and ligaments.


The video explains how to develop psychic abilities. Filmed by the channel Esoterics secret knowledge.

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People with superpowers

In this article you will learn:

Yes, the widespread interest in the issue of human superpowers is a trend of our time. Of course, even before, the minds of scientists were occupied with exciting thoughts on the topic: “How can we make it taller, bigger, stronger, more unusual, and generally something new, never seen before?” But this was of a single point nature and in overwhelming quantities only among the masses of these same scientists. Well, that’s why they are innovators, “bright minds” and many steps ahead, as centuries-old practice shows.

A new dimension has arrived

However, we have all already stepped into a new dimension, forever closing behind us the door to the hard third dimension and its dual reality. We are carriers of memory, important experience, and we have already transferred it to the Source. However, in the new world there are different rules and they now dictate new conditions of existence for us. Our new reality is limitless opportunities for creation, which are realized through joy, lightness and permission.

Modern children are residents of this particular new dimension and they do not understand at all why it is painful and difficult when it can be easy and joyful? Why, walking along an alley on a sunny summer day, seeing a fallen tree blocking the path, drag it further with you when you managed to climb over it? After all, it seems easier, having comprehended its appearance and made efforts to overcome it as an obstacle, to leave it behind and go lightly, no?

Our children feel more than we feel, they believe in miracles fiercely and selflessly, without separating them from reality, so can we at least allow ourselves to assume that they may NOT be wrong, and everything unthinkable and amazing is really possible if you want it? What if you just come into compliance by working on yourself? All this is possible by gaining knowledge, developing skills and learning to perform simple practices, such as this one:

How to become happy

Our reality still combines those who continue to play out three-dimensional heavy games and those who are already accepting the new rules of the game. And physical age has nothing to do with it. Although in fairness, people knowledgeable in this topic still recommend that the older generation treat children as wiser, more knowledgeable creatures, who feel a priori more by default. Simply because, at birth, they already have settings that correspond to the reality in which they will live, and adults themselves have to reflash their microcircuits. C'est la vie, as they say, but how interesting!

Some time ago, or rather at the junction of 2006 and 2007, the feature film “Heat” was released on cinema screens on New Year’s Eve. The advertisers were tasked with advertising the film in such a way that, of course, attendance would be maximum. A massive PR campaign was carried out; no mention of the premiere was made unless the iron was on.

Advertising for the film, it must be said, was carried out in a rather positive manner, but what was memorable and memorable was the capacious slogan invented by someone undoubtedly talented - “In January there will be “Heat”. It was meant, of course, that the premiere would fall on the New Year holidays, but something amazing happened. The weather in January 2007 in the central regions broke all records in terms of above-zero temperatures, surprising meteorologists a lot. Later, assumptions were made about the mass consciousness involved, and now it is clear as day. However, then it was still three-dimensional time and there were still six whole years before the fateful planetary Transition and, nevertheless, such a result.

How to determine if you have psychic abilities

To evaluate your ESP abilities, try asking yourself a few questions:

  • How light a sleeper are you?
  • Do you have developed intuition?
  • Do you feel someone's presence when you are alone in a room?
  • Are you lucky in life?
  • Are you superstitious, do you listen to various omens and signs that the world sends you?
  • Are there people in your family associated with magic, witchcraft, or healing?
  • Are you sensitive to the energy of people around you?
  • Try to spread your palms to the sides at a distance of about twenty centimeters. Do you feel the warmth that comes from your hands?
  • Do you think that you were “born in a shirt”?
  • Have you experienced a feeling of discomfort and fear in places where some tragedy happened, although you did not know about it before?
  • Do you communicate with inanimate objects?
  • Can you easily persuade a person to do certain things?
  • Can you help the patient and alleviate his pain when communicating with him?

The greater the number of affirmative answers, the more developed your extrasensory perception is. If you answered “yes” to more than 10 questions, you definitely need to develop your abilities, because you are a real psychic.

But having abilities alone is not enough to become a professional in this field. It is also necessary to develop your sensitivity and intuition through training and exercise.

Hidden human reserves

It has been known since ancient times that people use only 10 percent of their capabilities. The remaining resources are “sleeping” and persistently waiting for you to “wake them up”. Superpowers include even such a simple concept as intuition. Intuitive abilities can also be developed and improved. Just for a moment, it’s worth imagining how much easier your life will become if you are able to determine what a person is thinking about, his attitude towards you, and so on. There are a large number of rules and exercises that help develop your extraordinary features. The main thing to take the first step is to start believing in the presence of the supernatural.

Absolutely everyone has hidden talents

How to become a healer

Healing is a special gift that can be developed if you truly want to help people and cure their illnesses. In addition to possessing unusual abilities, the healer must have an excellent knowledge of human anatomy, and also be a real specialist in the field of botany - know about the medicinal properties of plants and trees, and be able to make medicinal ointments and infusions.

Most often, healers heal with the help of their energy passing through the hands. To learn to feel the energy in your hands, the following exercise will help:

  • spread your arms a few centimeters;
  • imagine that a light ball appears between your palms;
  • feel it, roll it between your palms;
  • when the ball becomes very large and warm, throw it into space with the words: “I give away heat for good.”

This initial exercise will help you feel the energy of your own hands, which in the future will be aimed at healing.

Manifestation of psychic abilities

Extrasensory abilities can manifest themselves as:

  • Clairvoyance is the ability to receive information about what is happening regardless of time without the participation of the organs of vision. It is an inner vision of something that goes beyond the real world.
  • Clairaudience is the inner voice, gaining knowledge about the Universe at the level of auditory vibrations.
  • Clairvoyance is the ability to receive information directly from Space, understanding the processes occurring in the Universe. A person receives the correct answer out of nowhere and cannot explain how this knowledge came to him.
  • Intuition is the ability to foresee certain events using clues sent by the world, dreams and premonitions.
  • Telekinesis is the ability to influence objects using the power of thought without any physical effort.

Very often, psychic abilities are revealed in cases where there is a threat to life or a person is in a critical situation and needs help. At such moments, some inner voice tells you how to act.

A person can also feel superpowers while in an altered state of consciousness under the influence of psychotropic or narcotic substances. Healers and shamans in various cultures knew this very well and used the properties of certain plants to enter a state of trance and communicate with otherworldly forces.

How does this exercise contribute to self-development?

  • Your memory, logical thinking, and intuition will improve.
  • Creative abilities will increase, new talents and a channel of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairvoyance will open.
  • Your third eye⁴ will also be activated and begin to work, and your dreams will become vivid and filled with activity.
  • The skin of your face will rejuvenate every day, you will no longer need expensive creams and plastic surgeries.

Truly, one can endlessly continue to describe the merits of this exercise.

Proper nutrition

The nutrition of a person who is concerned about the development of physical strength must be balanced and correct. You will have to stick to some kind of diet and eliminate foods that either do not have an effect or lead to weight gain. No matter how much a person attends strength training and lifts iron, he will constantly see the same numbers on the scale and wonder why the weight is not increasing. As in any business, in nutrition it is necessary to have some understanding of what and how it affects the body.

Nutrition should solve the following problems:

  • Contain enough calories so that the body does not feel hungry during the day. The feeling of hunger is the main enemy on the path to muscle development. When the body needs resources for burning, it will begin to burn not only fat layers, but also protein elements.
  • Also, nutrition should influence the decrease or increase in total body weight. It all depends on the tasks. Gaining mass and strength training are an integral part of becoming a novice strongman.
  • Nutrition should reduce fat and increase muscle mass.
  • Nutrition also affects hormonal levels. In order for the development of physical strength in men to proceed quickly and efficiently, the male hormone testosterone must be released.
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