85 ways to learn to communicate with people and be an interesting conversationalist

What is the problem with most people? They do not have the skills to communicate correctly and effectively. Therefore, they are uninteresting to others, do not know how to persuade, resolve conflicts and achieve their goals.

Today we have prepared for you a selection of 8 bestsellers, after reading which you will become real masters of communication and persuasion. In addition, we attach a link to our sprint to each book so that you can quickly familiarize yourself with the key ideas of each of them.

You can agree on everything! How to achieve the maximum in any negotiations

Gavin Kennedy

Gavin Kennedy - “Anything can be agreed upon”

One of the best books on the psychology of communicating with people. Each chapter provides not only theoretical statements, but also practical tasks to consolidate knowledge. By completing tasks, you quickly realize mistakes that you might not have noticed before. The book describes both work and life situations for men and women.

"Charm Using Secret Service Techniques" by Jack Schafer

The book “The Like Switch” by former FBI special agent and psychology professor Jack Schafer (in the Russian edition “Turning on the charm using the methods of the special services”) received mostly positive reviews from critics and readers. The book has more than 100 positive reviews on the Amazon website, and more than 800 positive ratings on the Goodreads book portal.

Many people want to be charming, attractive and interesting. However, you should not be upset if you think that nature has deprived you of these talents. With the help of former FBI agent Jack Schafer, anyone can learn how to make the right impression.

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Psychology of persuasion. 50 Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini – “The Psychology of Persuasion. 50 ways to be persuasive"

Another bestseller. The book on communication, as you might guess, is dedicated to 50 tips that shed light on the secrets of communication and the psychology of relationships between people. For understanding, Cialdini gives examples of interesting experiments with explanations. After reading the book, you will learn not only to be more convincing and sociable, but also be able to recognize and stop attempts at manipulation towards you.

"Power of persuasion. The Art of Influencing People by James Borg

In this book you will not find NLP or tips on manipulating people. Persuasion is the ability to influence a person by addressing him directly and helping him make sense of a situation. Just reasoning and honesty, no tricks. James Borg's advice applies to both work and personal life.

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Never Eat Alone and Other Networking Rules

Keith Ferrazzi

Kate Ferrazzi - "Never Eat Alone and Other Networking Rules"

This book about communication teaches you how to make useful contacts and build relationships with people. The main idea of ​​the author is that without the ability to be honest and open, it is impossible to conduct business in the modern world.

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What are the benefits of reading books?

How to learn to speak and present beautifully? Experts advise devoting maximum free time to reading literature of various genres. What are the main benefits of reading for speech development:

  • They contribute to the active development and expansion of vocabulary, the ability to formulate and express their thoughts beautifully and grammatically correctly.
  • Accelerates text comprehension, promotes memory acuity and concentration.
  • They will teach you how to present your thoughts in a logical and coherent manner, and how to compose long, complex sentences.
  • They develop imagination and an artistic view of the world around them.
  • They stimulate the development of self-confidence and the ability to express themselves freely and beautifully with strangers.

Regular reading of literature is an excellent way for the comprehensive development of personality, charisma and self-confidence. Thanks to reading books, from a very early age a person learns to correctly construct sentences, put stress, and pronounce complex words and terms.

The ability to speak correctly requires an integrated, comprehensive approach that combines the use of printed literature, audio and video materials. It is best to read books out loud - this will help you feel like a real speaker much faster.

How to talk to anyone

Mark Rose

Mark Rose - How to Talk to Anyone

This book on communicating with people will be more useful to those who have phobias and fears about making new acquaintances. Especially with the opposite sex. The author says:

  • about simple ways to start a conversation;
  • how to quickly and easily interest your interlocutor;
  • how to take the first step towards full communication with a person;
  • how to build and maintain business relationships.

TOP 10

1.Never eat alone and other rules of networking. Keith Ferrazzi

This book will teach you how to build relationships and make useful contacts. It sets out one important idea that in the modern world it is simply necessary to be open and honest, otherwise running a business or starting a family will be a very labor-intensive process. The more sincere you are, the more people will be willing to support you and be there for you.

You can read the introductory excerpt by following the link.

2. Don't growl at the dog! Karen Pryor

A technique is described that makes it possible to establish relationships with loved ones, friends, children and even clients. With the help of positive reinforcement, you can achieve the desired result from a conversation with any person, even an animal. The author herself was a dolphin trainer, and decided to share with us her invaluable experience and discovery of how to influence others without suppressing or manipulating.

You can read more here.

3.How to talk to anyone. Mark Rhodes

This benefit is more for those people who have fears and phobias about meeting new people, especially those of the opposite sex. Simple ways are described on how to start a conversation, how to interest your interlocutor, maintain business communication, and in general how to take the first steps towards full communication with others.

An excerpt from the book is presented here.

4.How to win friends and influence people. Dale Carnegie

This unique bestseller reveals all the secrets of human relationships. Consists of exercises, real-life examples and recommendations. In addition to helping improve your communication, it will also give you confidence in your abilities. It is very easy to read, in one breath, and at the same time surprises you with the fact that real miracles can happen from one phrase. If you consider your communication skills to be very important, then this book should become your reference book.

You can buy the book here.

5. You can agree on anything. Gavin Kennedy

The best material on how to negotiate effectively and correctly. After each chapter, practical tasks are given to reinforce the theory. After completing them, you become aware of mistakes that previously might have seemed insignificant. Both men and women can apply it in practice, because not only work processes are described, but also life processes, for example, such as buying a car or a house.

More information about the book is written on the liters website.

6. Psychology of persuasion. 50 ways to be persuasive. Robert Cialdini

It consists, as you guessed it, of 50 tips that reveal the foundations and secrets of such a science as the psychology of interpersonal relationships. Interesting experiments that have a clear theoretical explanation are given as examples. In addition to helping you learn how to influence others, this book will also be useful in that you will be able to decipher manipulations towards you.

You can also read about the book at the link.

7.Rules for a happy life, success and strong relationships. Alan Fox

Alan shared his experience and a whole arsenal of tools with which you can become happy and learn to build healthy and strong relationships. It is easy to read because it uses humor and real-life examples that perfectly support the theory.

Here is an excerpt from the book.

8.Genius of communication. Aksenov, Borisova

It is an excellent base from which to begin your journey to understanding the basics of communication. Deciphering and familiarization with basic terms, many examples not only from life, but also from the practice of the authors, who are not only theorists, but also leaders of psychological groups, the topics of which are the development of confidence and sociability.

9. I'm listening to you. Eastwood Atwater

A small book that contains very important points for effective communication, because you need not only to be able to speak well, but also to listen to your interlocutor so that he develops trust in you and a desire to open up. Learn to listen and you will be heard back.

10.Charismatic speaker. Sergey Shipunov

It will help to open and support creativity, with the help of which you will become a bright and interesting person. Practical recommendations are outlined on how to behave in public, speak beautifully, without using filler words, how to set your voice so that it is pleasant to others, and so on. In addition, you will find information about gestures and facial expressions, which play an important role in the process of contact with others.

This book is provided here.

Development tools. Rules for a happy life, success and strong relationships

Alan Fox

Alan Fox – “Development Tools. Rules for a happy life, success and strong relationships"

In his book about communicating with people, the author offers a whole arsenal of tools with which you will begin to build strong and healthy relationships. The book is easy to read because it consists not only of dry theory, but is also seasoned with real-life examples and humor.

What is communication skills

You have important negotiations ahead, you don’t know how to express your thoughts or convey your point of view to your interlocutor. You feel constrained in a conversation with your opponent, you are embarrassed to make even a speech prepared in advance. This is how misunderstandings, omissions, and conflicts arise.

It would seem so simple to say what you think. But while you are choosing the right words, their meaning is lost. How to develop communication skills and learn to have a direct, open conversation? Psychologists have developed many practices and trainings that help you become an excellent speaker.

Sociability is the ability to establish contact with an interlocutor, the ability to quickly adapt to an unfamiliar environment, a new work environment. Translated from Latin, “communicabilis” means “communicable.”

What kind of a sociable person is he? It has the following characteristics:

  • He pursues a specific goal. Expresses his thoughts clearly. He does not speak for the sake of simply not being silent. He knows how to inspire trust and find compromises.
  • Such an employee knows in what direction to conduct the dialogue in order to achieve maximum results.
  • Manipulation is easy for him. He knows how to change the topic of conversation, moving from one style to another. He carries himself confidently, is charismatic, and easily finds a topic for conversation.
  • He is able to easily find a common language with an interlocutor of any age, status, social status and nationality.
  • It’s interesting to be with him as a teenager experiencing youthful maximalism, poppy and a wise professor.
  • The quality of the conversation of such an interlocutor differs from empty chatter; he has useful and interesting information, and also knows how to present it vividly.
  • Feedback and the opinion of the other party are always important to him. He perceives communication as a creative process and improvises.

A sociable person is able to speak in front of an audience without preparation. This is a person who knows how to not only win the attention of listeners, but also manage it. Leadership, restraint and flexibility of character are his natural traits.

I'm listening to you

Eastwood Atwater

Eastwood Atwater - "I'm Listening to You"

A small book on communication, but despite its size, it is packed with important introductions for productive communication. After reading it, it will be easier for you not only to speak, but also to listen to your interlocutor, and this skill perfectly helps to form a positive impression of yourself in the interlocutor’s head.

A word about words

Author: Lev Uspensky.

This author is well known to teenagers and children, but adults can read the book “A Word about Words” without a shadow of embarrassment. A real literary treasury about the language in general and about our native Russian in particular.

Where do the legs of misspelled words come from, which letters are considered the rarest or most expensive in the world, what are “mumziki” for, etc. Lev Uspensky will answer all questions in an accessible manner - for mothers, fathers and teenage children.

If your life is directly connected with the word, if you want to understand your history more deeply, this masterpiece is for you.

Charismatic speaker

S. Shipunov

S. Shipunov – “Charismatic speaker”

This book on the psychology of communication teaches you to discover your creativity, which helps you become an interesting, bright personality. The author gives practical recommendations:

  • how to speak beautifully;
  • how to behave in public;
  • how to put on a pleasant voice;
  • how to control facial expressions and gestures.

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The Russian language is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Author: Maxim Krongauz.

Language changes as rapidly as we do. Alas, it becomes impoverished and acquires new words that make many of us wrinkle our noses - swear words, jargon and various borrowings, they irritate and awaken the desire to talk about the “lost generation”, “death of the language”, etc.

The author, who masters the topic at a professional level, will gracefully and with humor help you answer the main questions and awaken a true interest in the Russian language.

A really useful book that will give you many pleasant moments and the right thoughts.

Communication genius

D. Aksenov, V. Borisova

D. Aksenov, V. Borisova – “Genius of Communication”

At the beginning of your journey to improve your communication skills, this book will serve as an excellent base. The authors are not just theorists, but also practicing psychologists. A lot of examples from life await you, including from the authors themselves. Basic terms are given with explanations.

That's all. Read these 10 books on communicating with people if you haven't already. Tested on myself (a terrible introvert): the tips and exercises revealed in them work. Good luck with your communication and copywriting.

Secrets of good speech

Authors: I. B. Golub and D. E. Rosenthal.

Many generations have grown up on the benefits of these authors. And a considerable number of journalists and philologists grew up from these generations.

In this textbook, professionals in their field help you get rid of mistakes and speak correctly, no matter how old you are or what your level of training is.

The book is created in an entertaining form, so you don’t have to tune in to “boring reading”, but enjoy good literature, remembering the main techniques of oratory.

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