How can we learn patience and restraint, be patient and calm?


  • The benefits of patience or why you need it
  • How to develop patience and endurance
  • How to develop patience: alternative options

Patience is such a useful human ability, characterized by the ability to remain calm under unforeseen, changing circumstances. This quality also helps you to tolerate normally what you don’t agree with or to “cheer up” in a negative state of affairs that is independent of you at the moment. Wise people, taught by life, come to patience when they have to accept external or internal factors as such. How to learn to endure? You need to be able to forgive others and your own mistakes, showing emotional and spiritual maturity.

The power of patience

In life you cannot live without patience. Do you want to become healthy, happy people. Whether you want to achieve certain goals, become financially prosperous, or do something worthwhile in life, you must learn to wait and know how to be patient.

After all, for example, health cannot be obtained immediately. A person has abused his body for a long time, and when his body gives in and gets sick, he wants to take some pill and get cured right away. But that doesn't happen.

It is on this unrealistic desire of the patient that a lot of money is made. Supposedly magic pills are invented, all kinds of consultations and promises of unrealistically quick healings are offered. A person finds a miracle remedy on the Internet and immediately buys it. But he doesn’t want to work on himself, on his health.

But this is the only way, mainly on your own, you can become healthy and happy. Doctors only help the body heal, especially in severe cases when surgery is needed. He must do all the main work himself. The body has enormous powers of self-healing. We need to take care of our own health and humbly wait for the results. And for this you need to develop patience. And so in all areas of life.

How and in what ways does determination manifest itself?

  • Profession. To achieve heights in your professional career, first of all, you need determination. Most often, this quality is indicated in the resume by people who want to find a rewarding job.
  • Studies. Purposeful people gain knowledge and experience faster. As a rule, such students are the best among teachers.
  • Experience. When people say that they are not goal-oriented and therefore cannot do anything, these are excuses. Every person is purposeful, but everything depends on desire. Examples from childhood: when a person learns to speak, walk and count - this is determination.
  • Strength of will. Thanks to determination, a person develops willpower. After all, pursuing a goal when there are so many obstacles around can sometimes be incredibly difficult.
  • Sport. Determination helps an athlete get in shape faster and achieve certain results.
  • Life goal. It happens that a person has one single goal, and it is his meaning in life. Without determination, it will be difficult to achieve anything.

What patience looks like

Iron patience is an important quality of a person, which helps him achieve any, even difficult goals, not give up in difficult situations, be calm and sober, and therefore always make the right decisions.

After all, what you want doesn’t always come easy. Certain difficulties often arise. Faced with all sorts of obstacles along the way, a person simply gives up and gives up. The reason for this is excessive demands from reality and a lack of basic patience.

Therefore, if we want to achieve something in life, to become healthy and happy people, we must learn to be patient. It’s not for nothing that they say: “patience and work will grind everything down.”

Previously, patience was always considered good manners and was revered as an essential quality of a wise person. Patience, wisdom and virtue have always been together. Today, with the modern pace of life, we have forgotten how to endure. We cannot stand in line for a long time, we get angry and swear with others if they make us wait, and we cannot stand waiting for the result of our work. And so in all areas of life. We all lack patience.

The inability to tolerate leads to problems not only outside the home, but also within the family. We are not patient with our children, with our loved ones, because of this we quarrel with them and spoil relationships. All this destroys the family hearth and leads to divorce. Where can a modern person get patience?

The benefits of patience or why you need it

In an unpredictable life, it doesn’t hurt anyone to have patience, because so often it is not enough to survive difficulties that seem overwhelming at first glance, unsettling. And when there is nowhere to draw strength, internal, previously hidden reserves in the form of patience rise from somewhere deep and help to become stronger.

How to develop patience is a good question, but let’s first look at what it’s for. So, the benefits of patience:

Steadfastness. The ability to “jump over your head.” Extra strength. You say no to fuss and worries. With patience comes hope for a brighter future. You get rid of unnecessary resentment and anger.

Patience is well developed by the practice of communicating with different people. Due to the imperfection of the world in which we live, it is extremely useful to develop patience towards other people. You can stop lecturing them; anyway, empty criticism only leads to anger and resentment, and not to constructive changes. Together with an adequate attitude towards others, you increase tolerance towards yourself and do not “give up” at the slightest difficulties.

Impatience as a cause of illness

I keep trying to show you on this blog that negative thoughts and emotions lead to physical illness and mental imbalance.

And it is precisely the lack of patience that gives rise to a flurry of all kinds of bad thoughts and emotions, which means that sooner or later you will get sick.

Everything is interconnected. You can't expect improvements in your life because you're unhappy with what you have now. You can't stand in line because people annoy you and you're always in a hurry. You cannot be patient with your children and your loved one, which means you are angry with them and demand that their behavior correspond to your ideas. That is, there is an interdependent process here.

The presence within you of incorrect attitudes and negative manifestations of the psyche gives rise to impatience. But the very lack of patience entails a new flurry of bad thoughts and emotions. All this drains our strength and leads to an imbalance in the psycho-emotional sphere. Here you have nervous exhaustion, depression, neuroses, as well as all kinds of body diseases. So if you want to be healthy, learn to be patient.

Where is it used and who needs it?

The ability to endure is useful where circumstances do not depend on will and desire. It will preserve strength in trying to overcome obstacles and save you from rash actions. Who needs it?

  • To parents. This group needs a lot of it. Raising the younger generation is not an easy task. There is often a clash of interests, which can result in quarrels, disputes and resentments. Here adults simply have to be patient. Firstly, because they are responsible for the child, and secondly, because they set an example of dialogue for their children. They want to raise patient children.
  • For students. Different categories of students need patience in order to sit until the end of the lesson, finish the homework they started, finish reading a book, finish studying a play, and finish much more.
  • Bosses, chiefs and the like. Patience is what will help the boss explain the task to the end, listen to the subordinate and argue intelligently at meetings.
  • Subordinates. It is needed for high-quality completion of tasks and instructions, communication with superiors, and with other employees in the office.
  • For children. You need patience to wait for your mother in kindergarten, to finish your porridge and to draw a cactus.

Patience is an internal resource that everyone needs, regardless of social and property status, age and gender.

No need to endure through force

And now I will tell you exactly the opposite. There is no need to endure through force. If you use willpower to be patient and endure something by gritting your teeth, then you will also earn yourself physical illnesses and mental problems. Why such a contradiction?

You often hear advice that you need to be patient, endure and everything will be fine. But here two opposing concepts are confused, and many psychologists do not understand the essence of the matter.

If you wait for something through force, use willpower, try very hard to be patient, then this is not the patience that a person needs and which saves him from many of the problems that I spoke about. Let's say you're standing in line, you start getting angry, you lose your temper. But then you remember that this is not right, that you need to be more tolerant. You begin to restrain your anger, trying with all your might to hold it back. This is where you make a big mistake. By not allowing anger to manifest itself outward, you are thereby driving it inside, where it will begin to localize in the body and cause illness.

You create unnecessary tension, which leads first to an energetic and then a physical block.

But how does real patience, which is a sign of wisdom and which we need, differ from the patience when we squeeze emotions and drive them inside.

I'll tell you now.

Quotes about patience and endurance (200 quotes)

Patience is a virtue, calmly enduring pain, misfortune, sorrow, and misfortune in one’s own life. Restrained expectation of favorable results from something. In Western Christianity it is one of the “Seven Virtues”. Patience is a very important human quality needed in life. Without it, we make many mistakes along the path of life. It’s not for nothing that people have a saying: “If you hurry, you’ll make people laugh.” This is true. We are always in a hurry and in a hurry somewhere, as if we are afraid of not being able to do something in this life. Self-control is a stable manifestation of a person’s ability to restrain his emotional manifestations, suppress impulsive, thoughtless emotional reactions, strong inclinations, desires, including aggressive actions when a conflict arises. We have prepared quotes for you about patience and endurance.

The long-suffering is better than the brave.

Patience is a wonderful quality, but over time it makes us indifferent. M. Martin du Gard

With every hardship comes relief.

Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm.

Never lose patience - this is the last key that unlocks the doors. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Everything comes on time to those who know how to wait. Francois Rabelais

And the heat of the day will not scorch He who is tempered in proud patience. D. Rumi

Have courage if you want to change something. Be patient if something cannot be changed. And be wise to know when courage is needed and when patience is needed.

Those who know how to wait will wait for more.

Patience turns grass into milk.

There is a limit beyond which patience ceases to be a virtue.

Edmund Burke

The Almighty answers in three ways. He says yes and gives you what you wanted. Says “no” and gives what is best. He says “be patient” and gives the best.

Once, even after receiving a kick, Socrates endured it, and when someone was surprised, he replied: “If a donkey kicked me, would I sue him?”

He who wants everything at once is poor because he does not know how to wait. Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko

If anyone has even an ounce of patience to spread their wings, they will definitely fly when it happens. Rika Noyamano

The impatient waits twice. Mac McGinnis

Self-control, restraint, patience are moral brakes that allow you to avoid an accident at sharp turns in life. V. Zubkov

Endurance is the only way to survive in a world of idiots.

- Don’t train my patience... - Don’t test it. - I know...

Everything comes in due time for those who know how to wait. Honore de Balzac

You learn to wait calmly only when there is nothing left to wait for. Maria Ebner-Eschenbach

Patience is endurance in sorrow for the sake of beauty, endurance in labor for the sake of beauty.

Have patience! Let the dirt settle and the water become clear, then the right actions will begin to suggest themselves.

If anyone has even an ounce of patience to spread their wings, they will definitely fly when it happens.

In family life, the main thing is patience. Love cannot last long. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Duel

Our people are patient, but our people are dissolute. Anatoly Ras

Just as warm clothes protect against cold, endurance protects against resentment. Increase patience and calmness of spirit, and resentment, no matter how bitter, will not touch you. Leonardo da Vinci

I know how to endure, I know how to forgive, But there is a limit to everything And it’s better to know it!

Only the ugly duckling is happy. He has time to think alone about the meaning of life, friendship, read a book, and help other people. So he becomes a swan. Just need patience!

Fear the wrath of a patient man. Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield

He who endures much will wait for what he cannot endure. Publilius Syrus

Restraint should be in the arts what modesty is in love.

K. Vatle

Patience opens the way to victories. Luck follows patience.

You will learn to endure. After all, love is largely patience, learn to forgive, learn to speak, learn to be silent. Learn to love.

You can endure the world of demons for the sake of an angel.

True love is not the kind of love that can steadfastly endure long years of separation and survive the most distant distance between lovers, but the kind that can withstand years of close proximity with dignity.

Patience is a wonderful quality, but life is too short to endure for long. Abul Faraj

Restraint is an artificial quality that most of us develop only as a result of countless misfires.

When angering a person whom God awarded with angelic patience, do not forget that nature could reward him with heroic strength.

The soul is dumb, it has no voice, it cannot scream. She must endure, endure and endure...

No one becomes wise without being patient. Ant.

Patience is the art of nourishing hope.

Where patience ends, endurance begins.

It is easy to love beauty and perfection. In order to perceive a person in his touching imperfection, patience and love are needed...

Restraint is more necessary for those who hear bad things about themselves than for those at whom stones are thrown. Antisthenes

By patience the elect are tested, like gold in a furnace, refined seven times. F. Karpov

When you feel like giving up on your dream, force yourself to work one more day, one more week, one more month, and one more year. You will be amazed at what will happen if you don't give up.

Tolerance is a woman's gift.

The biggest bankrupt in this world is a man who has lost his enthusiasm for life. M. Arnold

One of the highest earthly possessions is self-control. D. Prentice

Never lose patience - this is the last key that opens all doors.

A woman who has never seen her husband fishing has no idea what kind of patient man she married.

Sometimes listening means having the patience of an angel because some people talk nonsense on a regular basis while others cry incessantly.

Self-control is the key to mastery. X. Benzel-Sternau

He who is able to endure everything is given the power to dare anything. L. Vauvenargues

To create a family, it is enough to love. And to save, you need to learn to endure and forgive.

Patience is a weakened form of despair disguised as a virtue. A. Beers

He who is able to endure is able to achieve whatever he wants.

They tolerate it when there is no choice and when it is very profitable.

I am not an angel, I have no wings and there is a limit to my patience.

To become patient, people must first learn to doubt; to be able to respect the opinions of opponents, they must first recognize the possibility of errors in their own opinions.

He who patiently prepares for the journey will certainly reach his goal.

The golden rule of marriage is patience and forbearance.

I can't leave the house, I get bored and lose my patience. And I don’t like to be bored and endure!

The patience of that sorceress is like that who can turn water into pearls. A. Jami

It is as fitting for valiant hearts to be patient in times of distress as they are to be joyful in times of prosperity.

M. Cervantes

Patience alone will not pull you out of poverty.

If you suddenly feel unbearable loneliness, endure it. And be the one who comforts someone else.

There is a remedy for every pain: patience. Publilius Syrus

The more impetuous and ardent a person is, the greater the skill of self-control he should have.

Patience and time give more than strength or passion.

I tolerate everyone, if I don’t have to endure it for very long!

Cacti are courageous and patient: they die standing.

Strength also includes patience. Impatience shows weakness.

Those who have patience are able to create silk from leaves and honey from rose petals.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Patience is not my strong point.

Increase patience and calmness of spirit, and resentment, no matter how bitter, will not touch you.

Leonardo da Vinci

After you've endured something you don't like all day, any fly can become a nuclear bomb.

“If you endure it, you will fall in love.” I love this phrase, but in reverse.

The most important thing is not to lose heart... when it becomes too much for you and everything gets mixed up, you can’t despair, lose patience and drag on at random. You need to unravel the problems slowly, one by one.

Strange thing! Patience comes with age. The fewer years of life we ​​have left, the greater our capacity for patience.

We are given patience so that we can find a way to cope with our difficulties and stop being afraid of them.

The one who knows how to wait wins.

Genius is the patience of thought concentrated in a certain direction.

Isaac Newton

Joy and happiness are the children of love, but love itself, like strength, is patience and pity.

Prishvin Mikhail Mikhailovich

If you wait a little, everything will fall into your lap.

As much as I love being debauched in life, I just can’t stand it when such things are described in books.

Alphonse Allais

Patience is the art of hoping.

A person with a huge reserve of patience and tolerance goes through life with a special degree of calm and tranquility. Such a person is not only happy and emotionally balanced, but he is also healthier and less susceptible to illness. He has a strong will, a good appetite, and it is easier for him to fall asleep, because his conscience is clear.

The habit of working patiently is the same as the habit of patiently enduring pain.

Michel de Montaigne

Any adversity should be overcome with patience.

Be patient - the sun must rise again. It always does this!

It is fitting for a person to have patience in his labors and suffering, and generosity towards human faults and mistakes.

Catherine II

Only the patient will finish the job, but the hasty will fall.

When you know that everything will end well, you can be patient.

It is as fitting for valiant hearts... to be patient in times of adversity as they are to be joyful in times of prosperity.

Miguel de Cervantes

All human skill is nothing but a mixture of patience and time.

Patience is a great strength. When it bursts...

Patience is the virtue of beggars.

Philip Massinger

A thoroughbred horse cannot cover distances of a thousand miles in one jump. On a nag you can cover this distance in ten days, if you don’t stop halfway.

Our enemies provide us with the perfect opportunity to practice patience, perseverance, and compassion.

Patience is the weapon of the weakest and the strongest.

We cannot change how we appear in photographs; we cannot change our favorite expressions; the way we drink coffee, the way we love people for the way they drink coffee, even if they drink it in a completely twisted way. Willy-nilly we have to endure, we cannot skip over even the smallest detail...

Before you start a joke, you need to know the limit of patience of the person you want to make fun of.

Lord, grant me patience! Now! This very minute!

Perhaps the one who stands and waits serves the High Will no less.

A man is a creature that can wait three hours straight for a bite and is unable to wait fifteen minutes for his wife to get dressed.

If you humiliate yourself, you will find peace: because he who reproaches himself remains patient in all cases.

If sometimes the sting of grief strikes the chest, These days, my son, don’t forget the armor of patience.

I am extremely patient if things end up my way.

Time is the best censor, and patience is the supreme teacher.

Frederic Chopin

All it takes is patience, time and pressure.

In fact, every person is miraculously good if the dosage is calculated correctly. The most unbearable types can seem almost like angels if you see them once every three years and for no more than thirty seconds at a time.

Hope and patience... the two softest pillows we can lay our heads on in times of hardship.

Robert Burton

The donkey is ready to endure all the hardships and sorrows. And anyone who himself lacks endurance and patience calls him stubborn.

Every loss has its advantage, if only you have the patience to find it.

It takes a lot of patience to learn patience.

While there is no war, enemies must be pacified with gifts; if they take up arms against you, you cannot evade. Patience and humility are necessary for both peace and war.

John of Damascus

If you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.

The devil does not approach the patient and humble.

Overcome hatred with love, injustice with truth, violence with patience.

Save your souls with your patience.

People tolerate deception, but do not like it when their eyes are opened.

The worst thing is that I don't have any patience. If something wrong happened to my life, I will not wait for the favorable moment, which will come “just” in a week and will allow me to correct the situation. It would be better if I completely ruin everything myself, but right today, without any “agonizing waiting” and breathing exercises!

When disturbing emotions arise, apply the antidote. Meditate on patience.


If a person did not have such patience and endurance, all good people would have died long ago and the evil and soulless ones would have remained in the world.

No matter what passions your enemies fight you with, endure without despondency, without bitterness, with meekness and humility, and do not allow impatience, anger, murmuring and blasphemy to move in your heart.

If you want to live, you will always find some kind of straw and insist that everything is still quite bearable.

He who knows how to wait will wait for more.

Of course, the flames of the fire illuminate, but why not wait for the sun to rise?

If you learn to tolerate your neighbors, it will become easier to tolerate yourself.

The first and main prerequisite for success in business is patience.

Forgive one insult and you are sure to receive many more.

If luck sleeps, wait...

You can endure a lot before you run out of patience.

You teenagers with supernatural powers! Don't test my completely unsupernatural patience.

Patience can turn into passion.

There is no greater error than hatred, And there is nothing greater than patience. Therefore, I strive always and everywhere to Learn patience.

We have acquired the best things in life through patience.

Umar ibn al-Khattab

The real sign by which you can recognize a true sage is patience.

Henrik Ibsen

The most tolerable of all types of melancholy is sleeping under your blanket...

It is easier to find people who voluntarily go to death than those who patiently endure pain.

Gaius Julius Caesar

The secret of all education is patience; and curiosity is not the same as a thirst for knowledge.

Sailors need the greatest endurance not during a storm, but during the calm before the storm.

Alexandr Duma

In life, a person with endurance always wins. And you have to endure it not for half an hour, but for years.

Peter Kapitsa

The further, the worse,” the father could not stand it. — The girl flies around the house with her eyes closed, sings something, plays those records with love songs, damn them, and talks to herself. There is a limit to human patience. By the way, she also laughs for no reason. I wonder if there are a lot of eighteen-year-olds in the mental hospital?

Sophisticated words destroy virtue. Intemperance in small things will ruin a great cause.

Patience is a sign of a leader.

Modesty and appropriateness in conversations are worth more than eloquence.

Francis Bacon

Patience and work will fray your brains.

Impatience is intolerance of time.

Olga Muravyova

The most important thing in life is endurance. The ability to step away and stand aside, and then calmly take a chair.

We will achieve more with patience than with force.

Edmund Burke

I can tolerate everything, except what cannot be tolerated.

If you are patient and diligent, then the sown seeds of knowledge will certainly bear fruit. The root of learning is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

Leonardo da Vinci

I tolerate everyone. Except the intolerant ones.

He who is able to endure is able to achieve whatever he wants.

Benjamin Franklin

Patience is the antidote to anger.

Society in any state is a good, but the government, even the best, is only a necessary evil, and in the worst case, an unbearable evil...

Thomas Pei

Love is inseparable from tolerance, which gives it strength.

Even if you are very talented and put in a lot of effort, some results just take time: you won't get a baby in a month even if you get nine women pregnant.

The basis of all wisdom is patience.

Tolerating intolerance is extremely difficult, and tolerating the intolerant is simply impossible.

We have forgotten how to wait. It's almost a forgotten art. And our greatest treasure is to be able to wait for the right moment.

Many people have patience - not everyone has an arrow, a scale and a point beyond the horizon of the unknown. Foma Evgrafovich Toporishchev

The patience of lovers is limitless, I am ready to wait even my whole life.

Patience is useful in genius, just as self-restraint is useful in mediocrity.

Patience itself is commendable, but it is thrice commendable if it achieves the chosen goal! Foma Evgrafovich Toporishchev

There are a good hundred reasons why I dislike you. Name one reason why you should be tolerated.

Calmness, patience, a strong spirit will break the circle of fatal bad luck. Elizaveta Reznikova

Water wears away stones.

All human mistakes are impatience, a premature abandonment of method, and an imaginary concentration on an imaginary task.

The only wisdom we have is silence and patience.

Try to be more tolerant of those who have not grown up to your prejudices.

He who is patient is better than the brave, and he who controls himself is better than the conqueror.

Be patient, Cossack, you will be an ataman!

From patience comes experience, from experience comes hope. Seneca (Elder)

And most importantly, you will be happy. We will all be happy. Life is short, be patient a little.

The best prayer is patience.

Patience is a type of devotion.

This is the last drop of my patience.

He who knows how to restrain his anger will never commit shameful deeds.


The only thing that is unbearable is that everything can be transferred.

Arthur Rimbaud

Of all the stones thrown at me, a monument can be erected.

Wait - luck comes to those who are patient!


- Not in the sense you think. I knew you loved me and I waited. I have always believed that the patient will certainly win in the end.

I have seen many storms in my life. More often than not, they took me by surprise, and this taught me - quite quickly - to always look into the distance, forced me to learn that I could not control the weather, that I had to be patient and reckon with the wrath of nature. Not everything obeys my desires, and therefore it is better to quickly get used to it.

The water doesn't resist. The water is flowing. When you put your hand into it, you only feel caress. Water is not a solid wall; it won’t stop anyone. But she will always make her way where she wants, and ultimately nothing can resist her. Water is patient. A drop wears away a stone. Remember this, my child. Remember that half of you is water. If you can't break the barrier, go around it.

If you want to catch game, you better take your time. Be silent and wait, she will probably become curious and stick her nose out.

When you reach the end of the rope, tie a knot and hold on.

When they shout: “Long live!” - it only means that they are still enduring.

Patience is like keeping a knife in a wound that has been inflicted on you.

Only by bringing personal patience to a greater degree will you be able to live in such a way that humiliation does not even touch you.

Life together is 90% patience, the rest... is love.

Life is short, you can be patient.

True human love is the result of respect, devotion and patience.

Stay patient and don't forget that everything in this world is temporary.

Society insults you at every step and you must endure, consoled by the knowledge that if you stay on your guard, the time always comes when the smallest person can take revenge on the one on whose side there is power.

If everything is not good now, it will be soon.

How to develop this quality?

Let us finally give you some more advice:

  1. Start slowly counting to yourself to ten, pronouncing each number well when your patience runs out. Even if you don’t change your mind about making your prepared speech, it will have a different emotional coloring.
  2. Attend psychologists, yoga and meditation courses.
  3. Always bring any task to the end.
  4. Practice breathing exercises, starting with mastering one exercise every morning, so that it brings joy and does not turn into a tedious obligation.
  5. Praise and pamper yourself for the results achieved.

Also, to develop patience, find an activity that requires attentiveness, perseverance, and painstaking work. For example, beadwork, assemble car models, puzzles, and you will definitely succeed.

Counting to 10

This method mainly refers to that aspect of patience, which is defined as endurance, self-control. Before you lose patience and give vent to your feelings, you need to count to 10 in your head. During these ten seconds, the initial emotions will give way to reason or at least lose a little of their fervor. Of course, particularly impatient subjects count very quickly. But still, the first five seconds will help. Gradually the count will become slower, and with each unit it will be easier to mobilize patience. An intelligent person will immediately feel the difference.

Be realistic.

Often people want results that are too quick, they want quick and correct answers from others, etc. But in life they are faced with reality - everything is not as fast as they want.


Even time itself cannot go faster. For example, you want to succeed in this life. You have meta, there are real steps to the happiness you need. But you see that you are not yet completely able to relax and enjoy. Why? Not because you are not trying hard or because you are surrounded by careless people. You just need…. patience! To achieve success, ask anyone, it takes time! None of the successful people became so in an instant. Purposeful, patient people achieve success.


Perhaps you would definitely have become successful if not for the circumstances. You can jump over some circumstances and move on, but not all. So don't beat yourself up over it. The very fact that you are striving for something is commendable. After all, it may be that circumstances will change and you will already have enough preparation to implement something faster. This is much better than having everything but not being able to use it! Circumstances include poor health, family responsibilities (often caring for someone close), and poor economic situation in the country as a whole. If you get nervous and depressed because you can't change you will only make it worse until you give up, there is a chance to be a winner, but if you give up, then you have already lost!

Circumstances change. The main thing is that you don’t change! Be patient!

Surrounding people.

You cannot force those around you to be faster and more agile. Everyone has their own temperament and speed. Just as you seem too fast to some people, they seem too slow to you.

Therefore, on your part, you can take some measures to somehow speed up others .

For example, to prevent someone from being late for a meeting with you, call again and remind this person about it. A good option is to leave a note in a visible place for your family or write an SMS with some kind of reminder. If you know that someone is constantly late, then find something to do during this time, to be productive despite others. Anyone who is late should steal time from themselves, not from you! If you know a special rush hour on some road or just in some store, then avoid these places at this time. Review your routine and you will be able to quickly shop at your favorite store in a short time and without queues. Remember that most people don't analyze situations or don't want to. Therefore, if you do this, you will win! If you cannot always remind everyone of everything, then you need to be patient and fill the waiting time with something useful. You won’t be able to change those around you, so don’t waste your nerves on it! This article does not cover all situations. However, after some reflection, try to find some new solution for yourself and think about how you can still be patient and continue to enjoy life!

See useful and practical articles below.

Where can I get it?

The Bible says patience is a virtue. How to become virtuous? With age, as a rule, comes wisdom. And one of the components of wisdom is patience.

Of course, each person’s threshold of patience also depends on their temperament. Some are already born with a developed ability to endure. What should someone do who doesn’t have enough innate patience?

In order for life to find harmony, it is necessary to learn patience and acquire it. There are a lot of recommendations on how to develop this quality in yourself.

Fill in waiting time

Time is very valuable. The patience of many people threatens to burst in those moments when they have to wait. Waiting seems like a waste of time and a reason why other things don't get done. The more importance a person attaches to time, the more likely it is to lose patience. This can infuriate one person and drive another to despair. In any of these cases, the quality of life deteriorates, the mood tends to zero, and hopes are lost.

But there is a way out. To ensure that having to wait does not become a challenge, you need to effectively fill the waiting time. So the “waiter” will turn from a victim into a ruler over time. You can read a book while waiting in line, write poetry during a long drive, do visualization while waiting for a traffic jam to clear, or exercise while walking with your child.

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