How to attract money and luck to yourself - 10 simple steps

Scientists' opinions on why some people are richer and luckier than others

There is a whole direction in psychology that studies the issue of attracting luck and money. People who come to the trainings are primarily taught a positive outlook on life, composure and self-confidence.

A prerequisite for quickly turning the situation around for the better is a change in mental images. Imagining yourself in need of money or losing your job can easily make these fears reality. You should think about the success of any endeavor and imagine what happiness it will bring. Otherwise, why take on a new business?

Psychologists ask about the attitude towards material wealth in the family of a person who wants to get rich. If relatives consider them evil and avoid wealth at all costs, then they will have to free themselves from wrong beliefs.

Snapping fingers

There is a technique of snapping your fingers with both hands at the same time - these clicks create a very powerful positive vibration. Since the right hand is responsible for the past, and the left hand for the future, the simultaneous activation of positive wave vibrations removes all negativity from the past and gives impetus to happy events in the future. By strengthening the clicks with the commands “allow” and “cancel obstacles”, you can work real miracles. When giving a command, imagine that it has already happened and snap the fingers of both hands.

Changing internal attitudes as a way to attract money

What prevents you from becoming rich and successful is, first of all, your own attitudes:

  • fear of big money;
  • feeling of guilt due to sudden wealth;
  • inability to protect and accumulate capital.

Having gotten rid of erroneous thoughts and internal pressures, a person will feel a surge of energy. From the many ideas for improving his financial situation, he will be able to choose the best ones and, persistently pursuing his intended goal, will receive a fantastic result.

Important! Although the rules are simple, only a few become very rich people. The conclusion suggests itself: it will not be possible to free yourself from destructive attitudes in one or two days of training. This is everyday work, and classes with a psychologist will give you the right start.

The complete replacement of the sad thoughts of a loser with the thoughts of a confident, successful person occurs gradually.

Popular ways to attract money

Anyone wants to figure out how to raise money. Some methods will require a lot of labor, others will allow you to get what you want very quickly with the help of a talisman or a spell. The main secret of the success of the method lies in faith in it and the energy invested in the implementation of the plan.

Communication with successful people

A person's status largely depends on his environment. You won’t earn much by communicating with embittered losers or people indifferent to material wealth. Their point of view will bring incorrect attitudes and will reduce the desire to escape from a series of failures and poverty.

Even one successful entrepreneur who appears on the horizon will bring enormous benefits. He thinks sensibly and is able to suggest what steps need to be taken on the path to wealth. In addition, he is surrounded by an aura of money, which will partially influence the newcomer.

It is right and necessary to seek the company of wealthy people if you want to become just like them. Successful people will open up many opportunities when looking for a job or help them start a business that will benefit their own business.

Expert advice

In order to better understand how to attract good luck, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

  • believe in yourself. People who lack self-confidence will never achieve success;
  • look for something that brings you joy and a sense of self-realization. Then your work will bring you pleasure and you will want to constantly develop as a specialist;
  • don't listen to those who drag you down. If someone laughs at you or claims that you will never earn much money, simply cut off communication with this person. Don't let other people's envy ruin your life;
  • do visualization. This works to quickly attract money, creating a certain subconscious attitude. Before going to bed, imagine how you are counting money or buying something you have been dreaming of for a long time;
  • start a vision board. It will remind you of your goals and motivate you to move forward. On the board, be sure to write the amount you would like to earn during the month;
  • get rid of old, ugly and broken things. Rich people never hang on to old junk; they prefer to buy quality things that will give them joy.

Anyone can attract money energy. The main thing is to believe in your strength and that there are no unattainable goals! If you didn’t have enough information, you can look at additional 35 ways to get rich.

The Golden Rule of Money

Money comes to those who love it. The “golden” rule suggests starting to dream about finances and imagine traveling to exotic countries or buying beautiful things that will become available thanks to them.

Important! During the process of meditation, a person should experience joy from the fulfillment of his cherished desires. In case of its absence, it is worth working on getting rid of pressures and fears.

Some people write poems dedicated to money, praising it in every possible way. Someone has a positive effect on a drawing with a stack of banknotes standing on the table. The choice should be made based on the characteristics and preferences of the person.

Popular prayers for wealth

Prayers are a consistent set of words, formed over centuries and tested by representatives of many generations. Appealing to higher powers with a request for help has been accepted since time immemorial. However, you should not rely only on prayers.

Success will come to a person who has driven out laziness and despondency and has actively taken up the search for ways to accumulate capital. Hope for the support of higher powers will give confidence in the correctness and effectiveness of actions.

In Rus', it is customary to ask Nicholas the Wonderworker and Matrona of Moscow for wealth and well-being. Both saints never refused to the suffering and helped to correct shaky affairs.

The famous prayer to Saint Nicholas goes like this:

“Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, I pray to you for help. Please be strict with me, but fair. Send me prosperity and abundance according to my faith and protect me from mistakes. Give me the wisdom to manage my money wisely and attract opportunities that will give me financial freedom. I trust in you, for you help everyone who asks. May your name be glorified forever and ever. Amen".

Advice! You need to read a prayer before going to work and before concluding an important deal.

Another prayer addressed to the guardian angel will help you achieve success in any business, not just those related to finance:

“I call on my guardian angel to touch my destiny, to direct my path towards prosperity and good luck. When my guardian angel hears me, by a blessed miracle my life will take on a new meaning, and I will find success in today’s business, and in future affairs there will be no obstacles for me, for the hand of my guardian angel guides me. Amen".

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Rituals, spells for good luck and wealth

A business that promises an influx of finance should be started during the waxing moon. There is an ancient ritual also associated with it. Having taken out the largest bill from your wallet, you need to raise it up and, showing the crescent of the month, say: “As you grow, let my money grow.”

It is useful to count your money more often and never leave your wallet empty. When shopping, you should leave at least one coin in it. When putting bills into your wallet, you should carefully straighten them and place them in order of seniority, “facing” you. Money appreciates respect and will not fail to please its faithful admirer.

According to the words of the clairvoyant Vanga, a powerful conspiracy for abundance and good luck was recorded. It is made on black bread, on an empty stomach. Having broken off a piece from the loaf and waited until nightfall, you need to retire to the room and say the following:

“God, as you fed all the hungry and needy during your lifetime, so help all members of my family so that they always feel full. Bring good luck to me and take away grief. May the long road of happiness, satiety and joy come to my home and never end. I solemnly promise to spend every penny wisely and help everyone who needs it. Amen".

Advice! Before any conspiracy, it is important to get rid of extraneous thoughts, focusing only on its pronouncement and the implementation of the plan in the near future. It is unacceptable to brag about the ritual or report it even to loved ones. Magic will not work in this case. Only keeping the secret and believing in the success of the conspiracy will bring generous results.

Feng Shui technique

When arranging the interior of a home or office, the Chinese and other peoples of the East try to arrange furniture and mirrors in the order established by the teachings of Feng Shui. Ancient eastern wisdom is in many ways similar to the basic modern postulates on how to attract luck and money to your home. Cleanliness of the home, especially windows, throwing away old unnecessary things and clothes are rules familiar to all people. However, there are differences based on the religion and traditions of the people who invented Feng Shui.

The hot climate made them value and revere water. To this day, when it has become available in most localities, it is believed that an aquarium or a small fountain indoors will bring harmony. The Chinese put a certain number of gold or red fish into the aquarium to open a money channel.

It's always nice when the house smells of freshness or sweet fruits. In the East, ripe fruits were considered obligatory attributes of wealth and prosperity.

How to treat money

Tips on how to attract high-paying jobs and money:

  • Get rid of the habit of borrowing money. You also cannot borrow money after sunset, otherwise the cash flow will flow away from you.
  • It is prohibited to pick up coins on the street. According to legend, they are specially thrown out by black magicians in order to bring poverty upon a person. If this is not true, then it doesn’t matter - it’s better to avoid the little things scattered on the road.
  • Stop complaining to others about your lack of funds. Discuss with people not your insolvency, but the possibility of increasing your salary.
  • A red leather or suede wallet is suitable for money. Please note that paper bills cannot be kept together with coins.
  • Buy an original box where you will put your savings. Be sure to count your savings every evening so that your monetary energy does not stagnate.
  • Remember charity. Do not regret sharing money, things, products with people in need.

How else can you attract money? Take advantage of effective practice that gives brilliant results. This is the pronunciation of affirmations. This set of words, repeated many times, reinforces the desired attitude in the subconscious.

Affirmations can attract money flows

The most powerful verbal formulas:

  • I live in joy and luxury;
  • I have high income;
  • my dreams come true easily;
  • I attract cash flows;
  • I am a wealthy and happy person.

You can formulate your own affirmations. They should be short and clear. There is no need to build complex sentences that will not bring the expected effect.

Please note ! Affirmations must be affirmative, without the “not” particle. You can’t say: “I don’t want to be poor,” it’s better to say: “I’m a rich man.” It is advisable to use the present tense.

Growing a money tree

A beautiful tree with succulent, fleshy leaves helps attract money and good luck into the life of its owner. It seems to reflect thoughts of well-being, accelerating growth and increasing the size of leaves. It has long been believed that this flower brings abundance to the home. It is possible to enhance its abilities by placing a couple of coins at the bottom of the pot where it grows.

Many people know about the specifics of the plant and, having seen a tree with a lush crown and large leaves in a friend’s apartment, they will probably want to take a shoot for themselves to improve “cash flow.”

Interesting ritual

However, there is one simple ritual that does not carry any risk, and any amateur who wants to attract happiness can use it:

  • take 9 coins;
  • assign each a name that reflects your desire - happiness, love, joy, wealth, fame, health, strength, help, luck;
  • put everything in a glass jar and keep it next to the money tree;
  • on Wednesdays, take out coins and, sorting through them, say their names.

Use of amulets

Another answer to the question of how to attract money and luck to yourself is to make and wear amulets and talismans. Ancient writings and signs that our ancestors worshiped will help now.

Europeans wore a round pendant around their necks, depicting a coin with a pictogram drawn inside. Its shape remained unchanged for centuries, and making an amulet at home was accompanied by a number of rules, such as the order of placing candles on the table and choosing the time of day.

Feng Shui advises tying three coins with holes in the center with a red thread and putting them in your wallet, away from prying eyes. The Chinese prefer to put gold plates in their wallets with an engraved symbol of the patron animal from the eastern calendar according to the person’s year of birth. The record must be hidden in a scarlet case.

Among the mascots are a frog with a coin in its mouth and a cat waving its right paw. They also relate to the teachings of Feng Shui. In principle, any object can become a talisman if you believe in its magical power.


To enhance your vibration, wear natural stones that attract good luck, such as:

  • green chrysoprase, bringing good luck to all entrepreneurs;
  • agate, an indispensable talisman for traders, brokers, lawyers;
  • red garnet, guaranteeing business prosperity;
  • jade - for money;
  • carnelian bestows family happiness;
  • coral is a symbol of maternal happiness.

There are many rituals, conspiracies, and prayers that clairvoyants use in their work. But they must be carried out by an experienced and knowledgeable person, otherwise there is a great danger of harming oneself instead of attracting happiness.

Money mantras

Mantras are associated with Buddhism, which preaches calmness and a friendly attitude towards others. Followers of the teaching believe in the immense powers of the universe and invite it to communicate their desires and aspirations.

Interesting! You need to start with a mantra every morning and, for greater effect, repeat it as many times during the day as you remember. It’s a good idea to keep a piece of paper in your wallet on which it is written.

The most common mantra that changes the flow of energy flows inside a person: Om lakshmi viganshri kamala dhairigan svaha.

Signs for money

They are different for different peoples. The Chinese are afraid of the number “4” because its sound resembles the word “death.” What kind of well-being is possible in an apartment or house with this number? Relying on superstition, in China they refuse this number even in the numbering of building floors.

In Russia, folk superstitions prohibit brushing crumbs off the table with your hand and passing money over the threshold. A bad sign is a black cat or a crooked person who gets in the way, especially if a big deal is planned. This sign makes it clear that things will not go smoothly and the intended profit is unlikely to be received.

Good signs include a coin found on the road, lying upside down. To increase wealth, you should put a silver coin under the threshold of the house, and place change in the corners of the rooms.

Important! Kindness and a positive attitude towards life and any events in it are also components of future success.

Practice magical instant wealth at home

The 100% action method is suitable for increasing profits in business and trade, increasing your salary, winning the lottery, receiving funds at no cost for free.

The step-by-step work plan to bring the income item into a steep dive looks like this:

  1. Calm down. Put financial worries aside for a moment.
  2. Remember one or two of your own childhood exploits, accomplished in distant realities.
  3. Share memories with your loved one if possible. Listen to his story.
  4. Together, rejoice for those fearless, active, enterprising children who were a long time ago.
  5. Record the feeling. Repeat if necessary.

Now you can go about your business, do your daily activities, work or daydream. An autonomous attitude will lead you to the right path of triumph. Trust. That's all.

Children's achievements mean the following options:

  1. For the first time we dared to go to the toilet at night without our mother. This is how much courage you need to have!
  2. We learned to ride: bikes, skates, skis; swim, jump from a springboard. It was very scary!
  3. They solved the test better than the class. We won the competition and became the winner of the competition.

Everyone has plenty of similar episodes. But adult ups and downs erase past impressions. But in vain. They contain the potential for rapid transformation of reality in the right direction. This is the growth point of an adult . Pull it towards you - you won’t regret it.

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