How to earn money for a child aged 8, 9, 10 and 11 - more than 20 ideas for interesting and easy work for girls and boys

“Running and Walking” List

  1. Run 5 km
  2. Run 10 km
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Run the Boston Marathon
  6. Run the Honolulu Marathon
  7. Run the London Marathon
  8. Join the 50 States Marathon Club and run a marathon in 50 US states
  9. Become a triathlete - swim, bike and run
  10. Take part in the Ironman Triathlon competition and complete the distance
  11. Cross the Simpson Desert in Australia
  12. Take part in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.
  13. Walk the Appalachian Trail

“Velo” list

  1. Learn to ride a bicycle wisely and safely
  2. Ride a bike along the 10 most popular cycling routes
  3. Ride a bike around San Francisco
  4. Ride a unicycle
  5. Ride a bike in the mountains
  6. Take part in a bike race
  7. Take part in the Tour de France
  8. Cycle from Los Angeles to New York
  9. Learn to roller skate
  10. Learn to skateboard
  11. Learn how to rear up on a skateboard and other tricks
  12. Learn to ride a skateboard downhill

“Water” list

  1. Go kayaking
  2. Go kayaking
  3. Go sailing
  4. Take part in the regatta
  5. Ride a sailboard
  6. Ride on a speedboat
  7. Ride a jet ski
  8. Go water skiing
  9. Go water skiing without them
  10. Ride a cheesecake
  11. Ride on ice boats

Reasons to say goodbye to the past

Of course, it is impossible to single out any reasons that are relevant for everyone. But there are many typical and similar situations in which people simply need to start over.


One of the most common reasons is the divorce of a married couple, separation after a long relationship. Most people who find themselves in a similar situation quite logically wonder how to live further. Most likely, life will have to start again:

  • reconsider the usual household way of life or build a life completely from scratch
  • getting used to a new marital situation
  • learn to live independently, without a partner

It is generally accepted that when parting, it is doubly difficult for those who were abandoned. This means that they will have to work twice as hard to figure out how to start a new life after a divorce.

Death of a loved one

Another reason is the death of a loved one. In such a situation, before starting a new life and changing oneself, a bereaved person needs to cope with a difficult state of mind, overcome depression and stress . After all, such psychological traumas are characterized by a state of apathy and constant fatigue, and building a new way of life requires a large amount of energy and vitality.

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complex.” Arnold Palmer

“Golf” list

  1. Learn to play golf
  2. Roll the ball into the hole with one hit
  3. Play golf in all 50 US states
  4. Play golf with Jack Nicklaus
  5. Play golf in St Andrews
  6. Play golf at Pebble Beach
  7. Play golf at each of the 100 Best Major Golf Courses in the World
  8. Make a birdie, an eagle, an albatross and a mythical condor (a dictionary of golf terms)

List “Racket”

  1. Learn to play tennis
  2. Learn to serve well
  3. Play tennis as a couple
  4. Take part in a tennis tournament
  5. Take part in Wimbledon
  6. Learn to play squash
  7. Learn to play racquetball
  8. Learn to play badminton

List of “Team Sports”


  1. Baseball
  2. Softball
  3. Basketball
  4. American football
  5. Football
  6. Lacrosse
  7. Hockey with a ball
  8. Ice hockey
  9. Polo
  10. Volleyball
  11. Cricket
  12. Rugby
  13. Join a rowing club

“Fishing” list

  1. Go fishing
  2. Learn how to put bait on a hook
  3. Fly fishing
  4. Fish in the sea
  5. Go ice fishing
  6. Fishing in the Florida Keys
  7. Fishing for coho salmon in Alaska
  8. Catch a sailfish
  9. Take part in the White Marlin Open
  10. Win a fishing competition
  11. Take a week off just for fishing

List “Hunting”

  1. Hunt a deer
  2. Hunt a duck
  3. Hunt a crocodile
  4. Go partridge hunting in Scotland
  5. Hunt a bear

Bowling List

  1. Learn to bowl
  2. Hit a strike
  3. Join a bowling league
  4. Take part in a bowling tournament

Tip five. Do what you like

In addition to advice on changing jobs, I can suggest that all those who are thinking about where to start a new life should pay more attention to their area of ​​interest. Do you like fishing? Do you like being in nature? Try to devote every weekend to your hobby. Do you like to do handicrafts or cook delicious food? There is nothing simpler: do what you want, and those around you will certainly notice your talents.

Remember that your new life is ahead of you, and this life will bring you that feeling of satisfaction that you have been looking for for a long time.

So don't be afraid to do what you love. And even if those around you judge you. Don't pay attention to rumors and gossip. After all, this is your destiny, and you are its master.

“Not a single hour of life spent in the saddle is wasted.” W. Churchill

List of “Horse Riding”

  1. Take riding lessons
  2. Ride a horse along the beach
  3. Learn how to jump on a horse
  4. Take part in show jumping (obstacle jumping competitions)
  5. Ride a horse in New York's Central Park
  6. Ride down Bry Canyon on horseback
  7. Ride a horse bareback

List of “Winter sports”

  1. Learn to ski
  2. Learn how to ski jump
  3. Go skiing in the Alps
  4. Ski in the Andes
  5. Try yourself in heli-skiing
  6. Go skiing in St. Moritz
  7. Go skiing in Vail, Colorado
  8. Ski in the 10 most popular resorts in the world
  9. Go cross-country skiing
  10. Go snowboarding
  11. Go down the mountain on a sleigh
  12. Ride a snowmobile
  13. Learn to skate
  14. Learn figure skating

“Swimming” list

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Swim on all the Great Lakes
  3. Swim in the ocean
  4. Jump from a great height into the water
  5. Take part in a swimming competition
  6. Get a lifeguard certificate
  7. Swim the English Channel
  8. Swim across the Bosphorus

List of “Martial Arts”

Try yourself in...

  1. Karate
  2. Get a black belt in karate
  3. Kung Fu
  4. Jujutsu
  5. Taekwondo
  6. Judo
  7. Aikido

List of “Combat Sports”

  1. Try fencing
  2. Learn to shoot a bow
  3. Go to the shooting range
  4. Learn to shoot a rifle
  5. Learn to box
  6. Get into sparring with a professional boxer
  7. Learn wrestling techniques
  8. Learn the basics of self-defense

List of “Languages”

  1. Learn to speak French fluently
  2. Learn conversational Spanish
  3. Learn to read German at 8th grade level
  4. Learn 4 European languages
  5. Learn Arabic alphabet
  6. Learn the translation of “Hello” in 50 languages
  7. Learn 100 Basic Sign Language Words
  8. Learn to speak sign language fluently
  9. Learn Mandarin Chinese
  10. Learn Latin
  11. Choose a country and learn not only their language, but also study their traditions, cuisine, history and art
  12. Learn Italian to the level of understanding the opera librett
  13. Learn your grandparents' native language
  14. Become a translator
  15. Teach Russian to a foreigner
  16. Learn Esperanto (it is intended to serve as a universal international language, a second language for every educated person)
  17. Learn to interpret body language
  18. Learn to pray in Hebrew

“Music” list

  1. Learn to play the harmonica
  2. Learn to play the piano by ear
  3. Learn to play the drums
  4. Learn to play your favorite song on the guitar
  5. Learn to play three wind instruments
  6. Play in an orchestra
  7. Conduct in an orchestra
  8. Form an orchestra
  9. Combine string quartet
  10. Act as a street musician
  11. Play little-known musical instruments, such as Hanga
  12. Teach your child to play a musical instrument

List of “Singing”

  1. Take some singing lessons
  2. Learn to yodel
  1. Compose a song
  2. Sing karaoke
  3. Sing the national anthem in front of a large audience
  4. Release an album
  5. Join a church choir
  6. Learn to sing opera
  7. Join the barbershop
  8. Sing a duet with your favorite singer

“Music” list

  1. Visit the “International Jazz Festival in Havana”
  2. Visit the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
  3. Visit a real blues bar in Chicago
  4. Visit the French Quarter in New Orleans
  5. Listen to Joshua Bell play the violin
  6. Listen to Andrea Bocelli in Milan
  7. Listen to your favorite band live at a concert
  8. Buy all Il Divo albums
  9. Listen to all Chopin's musical works
  10. Go through all the points on the “Jazz” sheet
  11. Listen to the New York Philharmonic
  12. Build your music library with classical music

List of “Dances”

  1. Take Rumba Lessons
  2. Take lessons in merengue
  3. Take cha-cha lessons
  4. Take tango lessons
  5. Take ballroom dancing lessons
  6. Take waltz lessons
  7. Take foxtrot lessons
  8. Take belly dancing lessons
  9. Take ballet lessons
  10. Take tap dancing lessons
  11. Take hip-hop lessons
  12. Take flamenco lessons
  13. Take square dancing lessons
  14. Take jitterbug lessons
  15. Take Irish step lessons
  16. Take krump lessons
  17. Take hula lessons
  18. Take samba lessons

How to start a new life.


Surely, each of us has thought more than once in our lives about starting our lives anew, with a clean slate, on Monday, right tomorrow... But if millions think about this, then thousands begin to do something, but only dozens achieve results . Why? The main reason is laziness. It is justified in different ways, but this does not stop laziness from being laziness.

We need to start a new life. From Monday. Why from Monday? Most likely, because today is Friday (or rather, already Saturday), I am sitting in a very drunk state and feeling sorry for myself to the point of tears. Tomorrow (or rather today) it will be very bad, and you will have to “get treatment.” Of course, to relieve headaches caused by alcohol, I will use alcohol. And this means that on Sunday I will sit and stare at the box, trying to get back to some kind of normality so that on Monday I can be a cucumber and go to work. That's when I'll start a new life! And on Monday, if I remember my idea at all, I promise myself that it will be next Monday, because today there is absolutely no time. And if suddenly next Monday I am in normal condition and ready for a new life, then the question will immediately arise - so, what should I do? I don’t know... I always wanted a different life, but I didn’t really think about what its fundamental difference was from the old life. Having a lot of money and an expensive car, I remember that, but what to do for it? Oh, okay... It won’t work anyway.”

I'm fat... Yes, that's exactly my problem. Young people don't want to date me because I'm fat. All! You need to lose weight and everything will be fine. So, now I’ll find the nearest fitness center and work on myself. This one is what you need. It’s only a five-minute walk from home, and a nine-month subscription is thirty percent off! Oh, what is this? After yesterday's workout, I can't reach my alarm clock to turn it off. Everything hurts... You can lose weight without such hellish workouts. I will eat less, and after six I will not eat at all. How can you not eat on Saturday evening? I have a stomach ache. Why mock yourself? By the way, my friends told me about a diet where you can eat whatever you want, but at the same time drink green coffee to lose weight. This is it for me! Somehow, in three months, this coffee didn’t help me at all... So it’s not for me. They also advertise goji berries for weight loss...”

However, besides laziness, there is another reason why good intentions remain just intentions - the lack of a system. We are not taught in school how to change our lives. They don't give you a textbook or assign homework. Someone can then reach all this on their own, while the rest will only try to feel their way in the dark, after which they will return to where everything is already familiar.

So, the reasons that prompt us to break out of the boring circle of everyday life are different for everyone. But there will always be another person who had the same problems as you. Lack of money, bad job, unpleasant environment, abandonment by your significant other, lack of purpose in life... The older a person is, the more difficult it is to break out of the usual way of life. And yet, we are surrounded by examples of people giving up everything and reaching new heights, becoming examples for thousands of others. When you read the autobiographies of such people, you catch yourself thinking that I could not do this. That's why they reach the pedestal, because they are willing to sacrifice and take risks where others retreat. We must always remember this.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!” Helen Keller

List of “Adventures”

  1. Learn to swim underwater with a snorkel and mask
  2. Dive deep to a sunken ship
  3. Jump from a steep cliff into the water
  4. Learn to scuba dive
  5. Scuba dive in Bonaire
  6. Scuba dive in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  7. Dive in an aquarium
  8. Dive in the 10 most popular holiday destinations for diving enthusiasts
  9. Swim with sharks
  10. Swim with crocodiles
  11. Try rafting on a mountain river
  12. Go on a cruise
  13. Learn to surf
  14. Swim with polar bears
  15. Sail in a submarine
  16. Visit the underwater sculpture park
  17. See the sunken Titanic in person by diving to it in a submarine
  1. Swim in the world's largest pool on the Pacific Ocean in Chile

List of “Heavenly Adventures”

  1. Fly in a hot air balloon
  2. Fly on a paraglider
  3. Tandem skydive
  4. Get a skydiver's license
  5. Fly a helicopter
  6. Experience a canopy tour
  7. Try gliding
  8. Experience base jumping
  9. Fly in a single-seat helicopter
  10. Go on a seaplane trip
  11. Fly on an airplane with an open cockpit (like during World War II)
  12. Bungee jump from a bridge

List of “Adventures beyond the Earth”

  1. Take a walk in the tropical forest
  2. Walk on hot stones
  3. Ride a “mechanical bull” (rodeo)
  4. Drive a sports car
  5. Take part in rickshaw races
  6. Go on an off-road motorcycle ride
  7. Go mountain climbing
  8. Go climbing indoors
  9. Climb Kilimanjaro
  10. Climb the Vinson Massif
  11. Climb to the top of the Carstensz Pyramid
  12. Conquer Everest
  13. Climb to the top of Elbrus
  14. Conquer McKinley (Alaska)
  15. Conquer Acancagua (the world's tallest extinct volcano)
  16. Conquer all Seven Summits
  17. Ride the Orient Express
  18. Ride along the longest railway - the Trans-Siberian Railway
  19. Spend the night on the train
  20. Break the Guinness World Record
  21. Create a maze in a field (Corn Maze)
  22. Take a ride on Route 66
  23. Ride a sand buggy
  24. Ride a dirt bike
  25. Ride the pictures
  26. Take a ride on the 10 most popular roads in the world
  27. Try zorbing
  1. Ride the largest Ferris Wheels
  2. Ride the 10 biggest roller coasters
  1. Visit the Moon with Virgin Galactic
  2. Experience the state of weightlessness

271. See a rocket launch. Live

List of “Adventures with Animals”

  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. See a whale
  3. See the platypus
  4. See a koala
  5. Visit the San Diego Zoo
  6. Go on safari to the Serengeti (Tanzania) or Masai Mara (Kenya)
  1. Save endangered species
  2. Become a vegetarian
  3. Adopt a pet from a homeless animal shelter
  4. Get a Corgi
  5. Milk a cow
  6. Join PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
  7. Ride a camel
  8. Ride an elephant
  9. See a gorilla in the wild
  10. Go dog sledding
  11. See turtles hatch and run to the sea
  12. Run with the bulls
  13. Bird watching in Panama
  14. Join the Audubon Society
  15. Watch the birth of a chick
  16. Buy a Dexter cow
  17. See eggs in a nest
  18. Swim with a manatee

Section for parents: 3 tips on how to help children earn money

As you have already noticed, most of the listed ways to earn money require help or assistance from parents. It will largely depend on you whether your son (daughter) wants to develop further or abandon the business he has started.

Before reading the tips themselves, I recommend watching the video “Children and Money.” There is a younger child involved, but I think that his mother’s approach can become a role model for parents of older children.

Many parents do not notice how they are strangling their child’s initiative in making money. They buy a bunch of gifts without asking for anything in return. “God forbid that the child gets little rest in the summer and overworks herself!” - think caring mothers and fathers. As a result, the child grows up infantile and waits for those around him to solve his problems. At 30-35 years old, he is not yet able to provide for his family, children, or even himself.

Even at an early age, it is useful for a person to instill smart thoughts:

  • money does not appear out of thin air;
  • a person is responsible for his own life;
  • One who does not depend on other people feels worthy.

The sooner a child starts earning money, the sooner he will begin to appreciate the work of others, including his mother’s and father’s. He will learn to take initiative, think creatively, negotiate with different people and be independent.

The skills acquired at the age of 8-11 will help you achieve success in adulthood:

  • build a career;
  • provide for the family;
  • gain financial independence;
  • have authority in society.

Encourage any desire of your child to earn money. Help us look for areas that not only bring in income, but also arouse interest. Praise the young worker for his first financial successes. At the same time, do not force him to do monotonous work, from which he becomes despondent.

How can a schoolchild earn money at such a young age? In theory, there are a lot of options, but not all of them are suitable for a child. For example, you should not force small children to do heavy physical labor: carrying bags of groceries, clearing snow. Such work will only harm your health.

Tip 1. Become a role model

Parental authority is extremely important for a child. If he respects you, he will easily listen to advice and strive to adopt good habits (including financial ones). Therefore, strive to learn something new and earn money.

Your authority will definitely fall if you start doing the following things towards your child:

  • regularly criticize, point out mistakes;
  • use blackmail;
  • overindulge;
  • control every step.

Don't act lazy in front of children. If a child sees you lying on the sofa and watching TV for half a day, he is unlikely to want to earn pocket money through hard work.

Tip 2. Set the right goals

Such things as “financial independence”, “economic crisis” and “prospects” are still incomprehensible to a child’s mind. If you start loading the younger generation with them, you will completely discourage the desire to make money.

To increase motivation, formulate more mundane goals:

  • the opportunity to save up for a toy, phone, tablet;
  • complete freedom to manage your earned money;
  • mastering a new hobby.

At first, the child will work only for monetary results. And only after some time (for example, a year) will he understand that he enjoys the process itself.

Tip 3. Organize the receipt of money

This advice is rather technical. When working on the Internet, money usually goes to the performer’s electronic wallet. But only identified users of the payment system can withdraw funds. Legal identification is available from the age of 14. Therefore, create a wallet in your name and provide payment details on the earning sites where your child works. Cash out and give the young worker your honestly earned money.

In real life, neighbors and acquaintances will pay the children. Make sure your child does not associate with dubious individuals.

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