Esoterics and self-knowledge - the path to yourself - for beginners

Hello everyone, Oksana Manoilo is with you and the topic of today’s article is esotericism, self-development and personal growth. I will briefly reveal the essence and at the end I will give some valuable recommendations and practices that will help you in life.

More and more new people are thinking about this topic every day. Humanity is developing, which means man and his desires are developing. And a person invariably wonders why he needs life, what is the meaning in it, what is his purpose on earth. The desire to understand yourself, to comprehend your inner world, your mind and soul. And since generally accepted science does not provide answers to these questions, then people look for them in esotericism.

Why is esotericism necessary for self-development and personal growth?

In this article you will learn:

The term “esotericism” is ancient, has been used for about two millennia, and is translated into Russian as “internal,” because esoteric science studies the inner essence of a person, phenomena in the world and the world as a whole, how they are structured and how they interact with each other.

Previously, esotericism was secret teachings, accessible only to special chosen people, who often had to go through many tests, and the knowledge they received was inaccessible to mere mortals.

Today, esoteric sciences are not something secret or hidden “behind seven seals”; knowledge about human interaction with the universe at different levels is available to everyone. Comprehension of this knowledge is the path that a person needs to go through to comprehend the secrets of the Universe, to know and develop himself. But knowledge of these spheres of existence is possible only if we combine theory with its practical application.

Esotericism unites many teachings, such as magic, astrology, various fortune-telling, healing, and much more, but all the teachings included in esotericism teach a person to know himself through his consciousness, mind, subconscious and understanding of his hidden potential.

Center of Esoteric Knowledge Aquilon

Website: Cost: from 4,000 rubles.
per month, there are free classes Distance course “Practical Esoterics”

The entire training course consists of 6 large sections (in each section you can take a free introductory lesson):

  • Practical psychology and parapsychology The most powerful and effective thing that has been developed by psychological science to date.
  • Classical scientific astrology Studied natal astrology and astropsychology, astrology of relationships and compatibility, prognostic astrology, electoral astrology, biorhythmology.
  • Mantika Under this name there are less scientific methods of predicting the future and studying personality, but sometimes no less effective - working with the famous Tarot cards and runes.
  • Phrenology Includes palmistry and physiognomy - sciences that allow one to judge a person, his character and fate by appearance - in particular by physique and face, the shape of the hands, patterns on the palms.
  • Modern Feng Shui An ancient Chinese teaching about the harmonization of the surrounding space, adapted to the realities of modern life, taking into account the characteristics of Western and Slavic culture. After completing this section, you will have a good feel for the surrounding space and diagnose it for violations of harmony.
  • Fundamentals of healing and alternative medicine Methods and technologies of treatment (healing) accumulated over centuries by healers from different countries and peoples.

Self-development and personal growth through esotericism

Some teachings give reason to believe that through esotericism we gain an understanding of God and the human soul that is accessible to us.
And, naturally, it also gives access to “forgotten” knowledge about the relationship between the human soul and God. But only a spiritually developed person can cognize and comprehend higher knowledge. Esoteric practices must be put into practice in order to improve spiritually, so a person studies the basics in order to then gradually come to an understanding of higher knowledge.

At each new segment of the path of esoteric teaching, it is necessary to achieve certain goals in order to gain the opportunity for further self-improvement.

The goals of people who come to esotericism are always different, but they are always united by one thing - a thirst for knowledge.

Kaizen Academy

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An Internet project dedicated to personal development is based on the Japanese practice of Kaizen. This philosophy permeates all the academy’s training programs for the qualitative improvement of life, the development of the financial sector, and health.

Academy events:

  • Video practice “TOTAL self-confidence”
  • Mini Course in the recording “TOTAL self-confidence”
  • Special offer. Card "Sun"
  • Meditation. Remember the past.
  • Meditation. Health: Symptom Remodeling
  • Course in the entry “Shadow sides of the BEST cards”
  • Course in the recording “Secrets of Court Cards”
  • Recording the Money Course

Personal growth and self-development where to start

First, a person needs to qualitatively improve his life in the material world, and this is the first thing that one who follows the path of development of his soul receives.

Next, you need to know your inner essence, using your new knowledge to achieve awareness, harmony and peace.

As a result, having gone through a long and thorny path, the practitioner will come to a new quality of life, where he will change personally, where his very being will become more perfect.

In order to correctly perceive new knowledge, you need to rely not on logic, but on your feelings, which scientists call the subconscious, since it is impossible to understand these truths with the mind.

The subconscious can change reality; it includes a process that is aimed at “esoteric action”. This makes it possible to change your destiny.

Developing Awareness

People often go to extremes when they start practicing mindful living. Sometimes they become completely immersed in this idea, forgetting about loved ones. They try to comprehend every little thing, adding mystery to every situation. How to change your life for the better without going to extremes?

SpeechIt is important to strive for conscious speech, weighing every word. Sometimes you shouldn’t react aggressively to angry statements from your interlocutor. It is worth considering that his spiritual development may be very different from yours. Sometimes it really is better to remain silent and be lenient.
BehaviorEvery person should practice restraint, suppression of aggressive emotions. Meditative practices help, a splash of negative energy in a positive direction (dancing, sports, jogging).
MovementSmoothness of movement is something that can and should be controlled. When the interlocutor waves his arms, knocks on the table in order to prove that he is right, this does not inspire confidence.
ActivityDrawing up clear plans, breaking complex operations into simple actions - this helps to achieve the goal.
ActionsYou can analyze your actions by keeping a diary. Did your actions today help you personally and the people around you?
Goals and valuesA clear understanding of your goals helps you achieve them. They must be thought out and recorded.
ThinkingThinking positively is not that easy. It is important to acknowledge the presence of negative emotions, not to suppress them, and not to engage in self-deception. You need to try to act thoughtfully, leaving yourself time to let your emotions out.

Goals of self-development and personal growth

As new knowledge is acquired and mastered, a person’s perception expands, he gains the opportunity to experience new feelings and receive impressions that were not previously available to him.

The very worldview of a person who follows the path of comprehension of esoteric knowledge changes; he begins to see not an illusion, but reality as it really is.

Such a person acquires new values, he has new true goals, instead of those imposed from the outside, he becomes balanced and harmonious.

Esoteric practice begins with awareness of oneself, one’s intentions, desires, feelings and goals. From answering the question “Why?”, from understanding your responsibility and from the first steps towards achieving your goals.

Training the mind, soul and body, improving oneself, getting rid of unnecessary things and cultivating what one wants in oneself - this is the true essence of esoteric practice.

Art transformation

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Yantra is a symbolic image of a certain Divine energy, it looks like an intricate geometric pattern and has enormous mystical power. If the image of the Deity, or its murti, is simply the appearance, that is, the body, then the yantra of this Deity is its consciousness.

Since ancient times, yantras have been used for meditation, for immersing consciousness in a state of detachment from the outside world, for harmonizing the influence of a particular planet on a person, in Ayurveda and astrology.

What does the course consist of?

Every day of the week you will find special practices for harmonizing one or another area of ​​life, recommendations on nutrition, appearance and mood that day, video recordings of practices, audio meditations, mantras, video lessons on yantra therapy for each planet!

Personal growth and self-development - Trainings

The next stage is to reveal yourself, your talents, true desires, and understanding your feelings. Only by realizing his true self does a person gain his true power and the ability to control his destiny.

Esotericism makes it possible to solve many issues even at an initial level; only by touching new knowledge can you influence your life and follow the path of comprehending the Highest Truth.

You can touch this knowledge right now and try the effects of esoteric practices on yourself. This will be a big step in your self-development and personal growth. Leave your email and receive the video by email.

Author's course by Oksana Manoilo

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This course is for those who are READY TO ACT

  • If you have problems in life with money, health, relationships.
  • If you have dreams, goals and plans.
  • If you want changes in your life, then this course is for you.
  • My practices are clear and simple.
  • Your life will begin to change immediately.

You will systematize knowledge and acquire skills. You will be able to apply this in real life. You will have a clear scheme and action plan for every day. Harmonize your personal life. Those who don't have a soulmate will find one. Build a happy personal life by applying the knowledge and practices from my course. Build relationships. With loved ones, family, children, colleagues, bosses, business partners.

By purchasing a three-month system, you get the whole complex at once. The three-month system is time-tested, problems are solved, lives are changed and the most cherished dreams come true.

Clear Goal System

We also talked about this in detail in previous lessons. The most ancient knowledge indicates that building a positive intention, a system of goals and priorities according to the Chakras is the most perfect way to build goals.

Chakras, energy-informational points of the head and spine, describe all aspects of your life: spiritual evolution, working with information, leadership and teamwork, intellectual sphere, creative self-realization, financial well-being, family happiness, excellent health.

Where to buy the best books on esotericism

The times when secret knowledge was passed on only by word of mouth are long gone. What a blessing that we live in the information age and can learn from hundreds of experienced practitioners and researchers of magic.

Don't miss this opportunity! In the book catalog of "Witches' Happiness" you will find proven recipes, unique personal experiences of magicians, solutions to esoteric mysteries and everything that your witch's soul craves.

And we will be happy to help you with choosing books. Write to or call: 8-800-333-04-69. We are also always in touch on Facebook, Telegram, VK and WhatsApp.

"Witch's Happiness" - the magic begins here.

Online project “Lakshmi-Ameya”

Website: Cost: from 0 rub. for studying

The online project “Lakshmi-Ameya” is an institute that teaches Vedic astrology, numerology and palmistry. Teachers include hereditary astrologers, gurus and Brahmins from India. Since 2021, 4,000 students have successfully completed training in the online school. The latter today apply the acquired knowledge in practice or earn money by consulting other people.

Graduates of the school have improved their lives, financial levels, relationships, many have become successful astrologers, conduct marathons and webinars, and conduct consultations with famous people. The school trains professional astrologers, teaches how to consult and make money, tells how to improve life, encourages helping people and changing the world around them.

Performing a systemic action and achieving results

Any ideal fantasies about your goals in life, working with positive intentions, praying and meditating on your goals will not help if you forget to take action. It is important not only to work hard, but to do it smartly, systematically, structurally, and efficiently. It is important to be able to be flexible and be able to adjust the direction of your activities, change tactics and strategy, methods and techniques.

Life will show you which of your actions are right and which are wrong. It is important to be detached and flexible, changing the way you work, easily abandoning methods that do not work, and quickly comprehend and implement new, more effective technologies.

The science of taking action includes many aspects, working with time, working with feedback, team building, interacting with the energy of money, discipline, working with information flows and much more.

Serving people

Ganapati Satchidananda Swamiji

A person is designed in such a way that at the highest peak of success he begins to think about how to help other people, how to change the world for the better, what spiritual legacy he will leave behind.

Probably, God created man with this wonderful program, which is located in the depths of his soul. The essence of this program is that when a person discovers a new level of knowledge, approaches the infinite truth one more step, then there is a desire to share his discoveries and realizations with other people.

The more fully you embody your destiny, the closer you approach God; in a sense, you begin to become like God and become a God-man. This is the state where you become a perfect devotee of God, embodying His wise, loving will in this manifested world.

Perhaps it may seem to you that I have gone into the religious jungle in my reasoning and think about God too often. It is not so important what to call eternity: God, Consciousness or the Absolute.

The highest level of success is the level at which you have not only achieved success for yourself, but are ready to share it with other people. Having discovered a treasure, your desire becomes to share this treasure with everyone who is ready to use it correctly. The joy of creativity and the happiness of service is the pinnacle of success.

Kailash School

Website: Phone: Cost: from 0 rub. per course

The philosophy of the Kailash school is a healthy attitude towards oneself, family and society. Andrey Duiko's school helps a person discover previously hidden abilities that he did not even suspect about, including telepathy and clairvoyance.


Special Life Changing Meditation Videos! A 5-minute viewing of these videos will replace several hours of reading mantras and performing practices. Exercise machines are the easiest method of adjusting your destiny to the energies of health, wealth, luck and happiness! Absolute alignment of fate. This noise is unique and evens out a person’s destiny. It turns out to do things, earn money, poverty disappears. It feels as if the whole world is creating only good events for you. It will be useful for those people who are haunted by total bad luck in life. Finding marriage, gaining material well-being, finding your own home, finding happiness in life, finding positive thoughts, getting rid of illnesses, getting rid of poverty, getting rid of spiritual weakness, these are not all of the listed effects of this noise on a person.

Regularity of Meditation Practice

Any practice gives results only if you do it constantly. It is important to practice regularly, every day. It is best to practice meditation every morning, because it is sunrise that is the time when a person’s consciousness is most receptive to spiritual practices.

If your social rhythm and schedule allows you to devote time for meditation only in the evening, then you can also practice in the evenings. It is important to practice at the same time every day, then you can ensure consistency in your practice.

To practice this technique, it is enough to allocate 10-15 minutes. If you have the desire and opportunity to practice longer, that’s also good. The secret of success is not in the duration of practice, but in its regularity.

Make a decision for yourself that you will practice every morning, then you can get significant spiritual and energetic results.

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