Why is a man afraid of the woman he is in love with, how does his behavior change? The True Causes of Fear

In love affairs, men and women behave differently. Girls wait for the object of their love to turn his attention to them. It is believed that men meet and start serious relationships first. But sometimes this is not really the case and girls wonder why this man is afraid of me, the woman he is in love with? What is wrong with me?

A woman may notice that the object of her passion is not indifferent to her, but does not take any steps towards him. Or the relationship had some beginning, but has no continuation. What is the reason for this behavior of men?

Why is a man afraid of the woman he is in love with?

  • 1.Signs of a man in love
  • 2. Reasons why a man is afraid to meet people first
  • 3. Reasons why a man is afraid of a woman
  • 4. A sorceress who eliminates a man’s fears
  • Signs that a man likes you
  • How to seduce a woman?
  • Why is a man afraid of the woman he is in love with?
  • Signs that a guy likes you
  • How to determine if a man needs you?

Behavior of a man in love

When a young man meets a girl for whom he has the most tender feelings, he is able to transform himself in order to attract her attention. Or, on the contrary, you may completely lose self-confidence.

Let us tell you in detail how a person in love behaves:

  • A man interested in a girl is always looking for any excuse to see her more often. He may accidentally find himself in the places where she happens to be, or invite her to meet even on the most insignificant occasion, or even without it at all;
  • He will be interested in many aspects of his beloved’s life and will want to share her hobbies. Even if he didn’t like the theater before, for example, then for the sake of his beloved a man will be ready to go to performances literally every day;
  • That is why in conversations he will constantly ask about the girl’s life in order to get to know her better;
  • In the speech of a young man in love, obscene or expressive expressions appear less and less often, he begins to attach much greater importance to his words;
  • During this period, a man turns into an excellent listener; he pays great attention to the speeches of his beloved, not only to support her at the right moment, but also to always be able to surprise her, please her, by giving her something she has long dreamed of.

In this video, psychologist Yaroslav Samoilov will tell you why guys are often afraid of a serious relationship with a girl:

Tips for girls

A girl has the power to dispel her partner’s fears

  1. The young lady can hint at her desire. She can say that she has finally met a guy with whom she would like to live together for many years. Then you need to ask the young man what he thinks about this.
  2. A girl can directly express her desire to move to the level of a serious relationship. She should talk about her feelings and desires in a calm atmosphere.
  3. Some young ladies decide to take a drastic step and pose the question head-on, forcing the guy to quickly make a decision or break up. In fact, such behavior can only anger the young man.
  4. A girl must understand that a man will never want to connect his life with his partner if she constantly reproaches him and deprives him of the joy of life. Therefore, it is important to behave correctly, to show the young man that when moving to a serious relationship in his life, nothing will change or worsen.
  5. A girl should not show her weakness or show dissatisfaction with her partner’s indecisiveness. You should not throw tantrums and scandals, and demand that the young man move to a new level of relationship.
  6. A young lady should not get hung up on the desire to start a family; it will be better if she continues to engage in self-development and finds some kind of hobby or hobby.

If a girl sees that her beloved has some fears, she should find the reasons that provoke them and try to rid him of them. The main thing is not to put pressure on your partner, and to be able to support him in difficult times.

Now you know why a man is afraid of relationships. As you can see, there are many reasons that influence this. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at your partner and try to recognize what exactly is bothering him. Based on the cause of fear, begin your actions. Remember that every young man deserves to be happy by connecting his life with his soulmate.

Other signs of falling in love in men

Not all people have such emotionality. Sometimes lovers tend to withdraw into themselves and hide their feelings. In this case, observing nonverbal signs will help determine their true intentions.

These include:

  1. Touching . A person in love always unconsciously tries to touch the object of his desire. Adjust your collar, touch your fingers when passing something, or take your hand to help you get up from your seat, even if this is not necessary. Sometimes a person himself does not notice this, which undoubtedly speaks of his sympathy;
  2. During a conversation, the man seems to be drawn to the lady by his heart, and his disposition is indicated by the turn of his body in her direction, the tilt of his head, feet and hands turned towards her;
  3. Some young people are characterized by some fussiness , which manifests itself in a constant desire to straighten clothes or hair and remove non-existent specks of dust;
  4. A rather significant sign of falling in love is the so-called “ mirroring ” - a phenomenon when a representative of the stronger sex unconsciously repeats the facial expressions and gestures of the object of his sympathy due to a subconscious desire to become closer to her.

Unequal relations

Every relationship has a leader. With only rare exceptions, relationships have complete balance and equal division of responsibilities and rights. Basically, one person is slightly (or not) dominant over the other. And, by the way, according to statistics, most often it is the woman who dominates. This fact is not always obvious to a man, but is perfectly obvious to a woman.

Dominance comes in different forms - you can manage the family budget, keeping all the “treasures” under your pillow or in your account, you can secretly give commands and solve all incoming problems in your own way, or you can even see elements of tyranny. As for the latter, this is observed in families where a man dominates.

After all, men are naturally endowed with greater physical strength, and what else besides fear of violence will allow one to subjugate a person? There is an answer - fear of one’s own insignificance and failure, fear of being a “loser” in the eyes of a partner, fear of screwing up. Yes, men can also be afraid of relationships and may even be afraid of the women with whom these relationships are built. But, fortunately, not all men are cowards and not all women are monsters.

How does a lover show his feelings?

Many people are used to showing their love in different ways, but there are also common trends:

  • Of course, in order to win her heart, a man will try to become better, to show himself in the best light. At the same time, he immediately begins to pay more attention to his appearance, sometimes reviews his wardrobe, and some even sign up for the gym;
  • Another manifestation of feelings will be care. Such minor little things as help with a heavy bag or concern about well-being show that a man feels sincere sympathy and is ready to surround a woman with love and attention;
  • When a girl appears, a guy who is in love with her immediately improves his mood, which can definitely be seen by the facial expression and the blooming soft smile;
  • Wanting to spend as much time as possible with his beloved, the young man will invite her on dates, sometimes to the most unexpected places.

Features of male indecision

The girl feels that the guy has sympathy for her, but his timidity slows down the development of the relationship. Common situation? The man is probably afraid to allow himself to fall completely in love and show emotional expression, as this may be perceived as weakness. Other factors that may influence indecision include:

  1. Self doubt. The guy will feel like he is unworthy of the attention of the girl he likes.
  2. Adherence to biases and prejudices. It is expressed in the desire to live according to certain rules and principles, reaching the point of absurdity.
  3. Fears. They come in different types and strengths. To some extent, all people are subject to them. Fear of failure takes away determination, which is important in a love theme.
  4. Increased anxiety caused by certain events.
  5. Melancholic or phlegmatic type of temperament.

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How does a man in love look at a woman?

The look of a loving person is a topic that has been described more than once in all possible novels, to which poems have been dedicated. And indeed, there is actually something special in this look; it is he who helps to understand that the girl is the object of the young man’s sympathy. How exactly does a gentleman look at the one for whom he has tender feelings?

  • Firstly, a loving man will always look into a girl’s eyes and examine her face. If he is focused on the figure, women should be careful, because in most cases this indicates a desire for a short-term relationship;
  • Secondly, the duration of eye contact is very important. When looking at a friend or person for whom you have no feelings, your eyes linger on him for no more than a few seconds. If a representative of the stronger sex experiences a strong attraction, he will try to admire the girl for as long as possible, practically without blinking;
  • Upon closer inspection, you can see that the lover's pupils are dilated. This is a sign of sympathy or strong arousal;

What I can? (a question not only for men, but also for women)

In order for a man not to be afraid of the woman he is in love with, it is not enough for a woman to be sincere, pure, grateful, and bashful. It is not enough to understand a man and the reasons for his fears. A woman also needs to understand her own desires. Real, heartfelt, and not imposed by the environment. And learn how to fill them yourself. Why do this?

First, these simple steps will restore your peace of mind. We are happy when we realize our desires.

Secondly , they will add attractiveness, since our states “smell” those around us and always influence their attitude towards us.

Thirdly, understanding what we really want opens up a new path to realizing ourselves as a couple. A couple relationship is something that is bigger than me. These are sensations of a different order.

And finally, fourthly , this will free a man from the frightening responsibility of filling our “I want” alone, a black hole the size of God.

Why is a man afraid of the woman he is in love with?

Love is a complex and incomprehensible thing, and human behavior during this period does not always follow general rules. If for some this is the ideal time to show their best side, reveal their potential and perform feats for the sake of their beloved, then others begin to doubt themselves. Therefore, it is not surprising that in ordinary times a confident man is lost at the sight of the lady of his heart.

What are the reasons for the fear that grips a young man when meeting a girl with whom he is in love?

  1. For young men who have not yet had a serious relationship, the main reason for fear is lack of experience. Many of them simply do not know how to behave in a given situation, which is why they behave insecurely, afraid of making a mistake;
  2. General lack of self-confidence is also one of the reasons. Often such guys believe that they are not good enough for their chosen one. This may depend both on the personal qualities of the gentleman himself and on the behavior of the girl;
  3. More mature men may avoid relationships even if they are madly in love with a woman due to negative experiences in the past. Reluctance to repeat previous mistakes leads to fear of interaction;
  4. Those who are accustomed to stability may be frightened by the changes that falling in love necessarily brings. Not everyone is ready to bring new things into their lives, and this reluctance can overshadow their feelings for a girl;
  5. Sometimes fear in a man can be caused by too active actions on the part of a representative of the fairer sex.

Who doesn't dare to have a serious relationship?

Womanizers avoid serious relationships

There are types of men who, in almost all cases, will be unable to take a serious step.

  1. A married guy who doesn’t even think about creating a serious connection with his chosen one, he is quite happy with his wife.
  2. Young people who are too young do not look at life seriously at all; they still have the wind in their heads.
  3. Womanizer. For him, relationships are just a game from which he enjoys.
  4. Young people who, in principle, oppose marriage.
  5. Men with high self-esteem who do not want to be responsible for someone.
  6. Unbalanced young people.

If your partner belongs to one of the above categories, then you need to realize that starting a family with him is almost impossible, at least at the moment. Of course, the girl can wait until the situation changes. However, she must understand that she will simply lose years, her youth. It is possible that while waiting, the young man may decide to break up, and she will be left broke. If you love your partner very much and understand that he really has phobias before serious relationships, which manifest themselves on an instinctive or subconscious level, then you can give him a chance, help him overcome his fears; if that doesn’t work, consult a psychologist.

How to overcome fear?

Let's share some effective tips for those who feel insecure in the presence of their girlfriend. Perhaps these instructions will help such men establish relationships with the opposite sex.

  • Overcoming yourself. The most effective, but at the same time the most difficult option is to step over your fears and declare your love, despite your hands trembling from fear. Having shown his strength once, it will become much easier for a man to overcome his own prejudices;
  • Another option, longer, but at the same time most favorable, is to work through your fears. Sometimes you can even use the services of a psychologist for this. In this case, a competent specialist will help you understand the real causes of the complexes and get rid of them;
  • Communication with other young people facing a similar problem.

Thus, by observing a man’s behavior, it is easy to determine his feelings for a certain woman, but if he experiences problems communicating with the opposite sex, this problem needs to be worked out with a competent specialist.

What can a woman do to make her boyfriend stop being afraid?

In truth, a man’s fears and concerns should not be the concern of the woman who causes them.

If a man is a psychologically mature person, then he himself will understand his experiences and overcome fears and uncertainty.

Of course, you shouldn’t deliberately devalue his feelings and mock his timidity, but you don’t need to become a psychologist for him either.

If fear turned out to be stronger than sympathy for him, then be glad that the relationship did not develop: it means that this guy is not ready for a normal relationship, he has a bunch of complexes and psychological problems. And you definitely don’t need to take responsibility for him, even if he likes you.

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The main reasons for fear of relationships

The main reasons for a man in love to avoid relationships lie in negative attitudes and stereotypical beliefs.


Male jealousy: features, causes and signs

Fear of responsibility

At first glance, the man seems calm and confident. He actively communicates with girls, but when a conversation begins about a serious relationship, he tries to avoid continuing it.

Such a guy is convinced that he can do without the presence of the mistress in the house, and, in his opinion, it is better to find communication and sex on the side. He is sure that family relationships will become a terrible torture for him, so he perceives and associates love with a series of problems.

Low self-esteem

A man may be mistaken in thinking that he is not worthy of a girl because of his low income, inexpressive appearance, or outstanding abilities. Even if this contradicts the actual facts, many guys are critical of themselves, underestimating their capabilities.

Low self-esteem affects the level of priorities, leads to instability in relationships, and indifference to the partner.

The nature of men's fears and complexes

Any fears have deep subconscious origins. Human relationships are based on the functions of receiving and giving, between which there must be a balance. When a person is afraid of giving or receiving, a conflict occurs in the balance of the natural mechanism.

Men's nature is to give. However, if a man avoids developing relationships and is afraid of falling in love, it means that he has internal prohibitions at work on an unconscious level.


How to get rid of attachment to a person: ways to break emotional shackles

The male psyche is designed in such a way that drastic transformations lead to negative experiences or stress. Some guys are committed to tradition, decency and honesty, but they cannot always adapt to change. Such people value modesty, complaisance, and self-respect in women. When expectations and reality do not coincide, an unconscious conflict appears that destroys internal values.

Also sources of unconscious fears or complexes can be:

  • negative previous experience;
  • desire for leadership;
  • fears of failure;
  • children's complexes leading to an ambivalent attitude towards sexual contact;
  • lack of communication skills with women, which are developed in childhood;
  • fast pace of life, causing discomfort or destroying life values;
  • fear of being deceived.

Why guys avoid bossy women

Young people are afraid of a woman who displays a managerial character. Girls with strong leadership qualities scare off some guys with their independence, desire for management and control. Such young ladies are often brought up in an atmosphere where the mother plays the main role in the family.

The reluctance of the stronger sex to become dependent on a woman is caused by a factor that hurts male pride. Many guys do not want to become objects that unquestioningly follow direct instructions, since they consider submission to women a manifestation of weakness of character.

Fear of trusting a woman

If a man had an authoritarian mother or a lover cheated on him in the past, he may avoid responsibility and provoke a breakup. He just vowed to himself never to become vulnerable again, and therefore does not fully open up to his partner. If he has had an unsuccessful marriage and a scandalous divorce with division of property behind him, he can directly declare that he will never marry again.

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