Is a narcissistic, egoistic man a disease that you have to come to terms with?

A narcissistic, egoistic man can clearly demonstrate his character traits precisely during family life. The tendency to selfishness is inherent in both men and women. This is not surprising, because the presence of traits of selfishness in individuals is quite justified, since, according to the interpretation in social psychology, selfishness is a person’s desire to put his goals and desires above others.

Selfish behavior of people, as a rule, manifests itself most strongly when alone, outside of a couple. When a person is in a relationship, selfishness fades into the background, since relationships in a couple or family are, first of all, a partnership. Women are not characterized by manifestations of selfishness in the family, which cannot be said about men.

Sofa lazy person

If you call your friend and ask him what he's doing, and he says nothing, then he's lazy. A businesslike and energetic person will never answer like that. He is simply unfamiliar with such a state.

Sometimes laziness is a consequence of boredom and apathy. That is, a person wants something, but he doesn’t know what exactly. Such lazy people are characterized by a lack of impulse, lethargy, and lack of motivation.

If you ask your friend which chocolate bar is better to buy, and he says that he doesn’t care, he’s lazy too. A favorite saying of lazy people is “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” Therefore, pay attention to how your friend feels about his work.

If he complains about the lack of time due to the fact that he has neglected his affairs, and at the same time he drinks tea and wanders around the room, consider him to have figured it out!

Distinctive character traits of a narcissistic, egoistic man2

It is difficult to recognize an egoist man. They do not show their true nature until the relationship gains momentum, so as not to scare off the “victim”. If for a girl the “charms” of a relationship with a narcissistic, egoistic man are still a mystery, then she will be interested in signs of his difficult character:

  • A narcissistic, egoistic man strives for ideals in everything - he is always dressed “to the point,” he has no facial hair, and wears expensive perfume. At the same time, they all earn good money, since they believe that material wealth is an integral attribute of a successful, and therefore ideal, man.
  • Behind the beautiful surroundings hides a person who is indifferent to his chosen one, who does not care that she recently had a birthday or the anniversary of meeting her, or any other significant event for her that was left unattended by her boyfriend.
  • There is no need to be mistaken that the man simply forgot about the holiday, although he may well present this as amnesia. In fact, he does not understand the meaning of congratulations or showing due attention to his partner, because he is the center of the Universe, which means that the girl should perceive even communication with him as a gift from the gods or manna from heaven.
  • Egoists consider themselves breadwinners, so their needs must be met as a priority, even to the detriment of the interests of their partner or other family members. At the same time, he does not want, and perhaps cannot, do household chores, considering it a purely female prerogative, even if the woman works the same as him or earns the same amount.
  • A selfish man can often show himself in small things - take the best or only free seat on public transport without giving it up to his companion, secretly eat the best or larger piece of cake...
  • The manner of grabbing for yourself all the best has its roots in childhood. As a rule, the favorites, the youngest or only children in families, grow into the individuals described above. Often, it is also difficult for poor parents to get attention from their selfish and mature child, but they tried to give him all the best.
  • A narcissistic, egoistic man often resorts to emotional violence when communicating with his partner, which can even manifest itself in publicly insulting a woman.
  • If she thinks that the young man will immediately run to apologize, then she is deeply mistaken. A selfish man will never sincerely apologize for the actions he has done. This can only be done as a favor in a casual manner.
  • Egoistic men are not interested in the opinions of others, just like the opinions of their partners. This trait acts as a stop-cock in a relationship when some decisions need to be made together.
  • It is also worth noting that an additional feature is the point when your beloved man used you to satisfy his needs or interests.

If a man’s behavior meets most of the criteria from the list, then most likely he can be considered an egoist. Building a relationship with him is difficult, but still possible. When entering into this difficult relationship, a woman must understand that it will be difficult for her, first of all. Therefore, maybe you shouldn’t engage in self-flagellation?

Incorrigible workaholic

The complete opposite of the “sofa lazy person” is a workaholic. He is ready to work from dawn to dusk for either 1,000 rubles or 10,000 dollars. The size of the salary is not important for him, since the motto of a workaholic is to work for the sake of work. He doesn’t know how to rest, and he doesn’t let others. For such a man, production interests will always be more important than personal ones, since he can self-realize only through professional growth. The first thing a workaholic date will ask you is where you work. He is sure that there is no more interesting topic than discussing a particular profession.

Narcissistic egoist

A narcissistic male never thinks about anyone except himself, his darling. He will go through a divorce with the classic formulation: “they don’t get along.” The subtext is this: you failed to adapt to all the cart of his shortcomings and did not recognize the obvious advantages in them. Such men pay increased attention to their appearance; even the smallest details are important to them. Their favorite accessory is a tie. A narcissistic egoist strives to be the center of attention. Everyone must admire him, and he is morbidly interested in what this or that person has said about him.

How to recognize an egoist in the first days of dating? He is terribly vulnerable and takes the most harmless joke directed at himself with hostility. He remembers all possible insults for a long time and will take revenge at the first opportunity. So, if you decide to make fun of your friend, and he sulks to the point of tears, consider that the diagnosis has been established.

What is male egoism?i

Selfishness is the achievement of set goals and satisfaction of one’s needs at the expense of other people. Often, selfishness is closely related to narcissism - this psychological disease, with its own characteristics and traits, is skillfully woven into a person’s character.

Unfortunately, the clinical picture of the disease is such that it cannot be treated, so a woman caught in the snare of a narcissistic egoist must either come to terms with her choice or leave this man forever and forget about him like a bad dream.

Narcissistic men, as a rule, do not grieve for a long time after breaking up with a previous passion. All they can worry about is the speedy or even immediate search for another simpleton to satisfy their needs and desires.

Fan of Bacchus

If his bar is always full of a wide variety of drinks, you know: this is a potential alcoholic. These people love to talk about drinking and tell funny stories about drunkenness. Alcoholics have two distinctive features: the habit of getting hungover and a special look at the bottle. For example, you go into a store together, and he, despite the fact that you were going to buy potatoes, rushes to the shelf with alcohol. A fan of Bacchus is constantly worried that he will not have enough alcohol, buys it in bulk and, at every opportunity, checks how much is left in the “bins of his homeland.”

How to get along with a Hysteric?

Never trust a hysterical person with large sums of money. It costs him nothing to waste them by inventing a fantastic story to justify himself.

A hysteric is not the best and very unreliable life partner. He is the tyrant of the home bottling. In family life you will suffer, suffer, but never be bored. The hysteric will not allow you to forget about his person even for a minute. You will not be able to radically change the character of your Hysterical spouse, although his behavior can be slightly adjusted by constantly calling for activities for the benefit of the family.

Hysterics love to drink, and their risk of becoming an alcoholic is very high. Under the influence of alcohol, hysterical traits appear in an even more exaggerated form. Hysterics quickly become drunk and completely degrade. If your spouse is Hysterical and drinking, think about it - this person is one of the worst options as a life partner, not only for you and for your children.

Domestic despot

The despot immediately makes inflated, sometimes absurd demands on the woman. For example, he states: “You hang around your relatives too often” or “Don’t wear that lipstick—I don’t like it.” He will dictate the rules of behavior to you and may even separate you from your close girlfriends and friends. A tyrant treats a woman as property. You haven’t promised anything yet, but he’s already starting to wrinkle his forehead at your mere glance at any other man.

It is useful to visit his home and see what kind of relationships have developed in his family. A domineering father and a quiet, submissive mother very often give birth to a son capable of becoming a real dictator for his family.

However, such specimens are rarely found in their “pure form”. Usually men combine the traits of several types at once, but still some character traits are the main ones that determine the personality, while others remain additional. The amount of effort you will have to put into transforming a man into a Human depends on how successfully (or unsuccessfully) a particular individual combines the traits of different types.

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Where do Tantrums come from?

Hysterical character traits are an innate quality. Already in childhood, hysterics attract attention, even if they have average abilities. At the same time, parents think that they are raising a child prodigy, and aggravate the hysterical traits of the child with improper upbringing.

A child with hysterical traits and average abilities grows up as the idol of the family. Adults admire him, brag to their friends, and demonstrate the young “genius” to guests. The child recites poetry with pleasure, sings songs, without being embarrassed by the company of adults, and achieves praise and admiration. Sometimes the Hysteric can be annoying and interferes in the conversations of adults.

If a child grows up in an atmosphere of permissiveness, parents praise him and convince him that he is the smartest and most talented, and his very average achievements are presented as outstanding, hysterical traits worsen. The more a child is praised, the more he believes in his extraordinary abilities. As a result of such upbringing, the child does not acquire the ability to analyze his actions; from a young age he considers himself an outstanding person, and he is allowed everything that others are not allowed to do.

If the hysteric cannot take center stage due to his abilities, he strives to become the ringleader in the company, to attract attention by boasting, stories about his victories, achievements or love adventures (real or imaginary), strives to stand out by embarking on an adventure or committing an extravagant act . A hysteric, even after becoming the father of a family, often behaves like a teenager, not wanting to become an adult, and even brags about it.

Women like the hysterical man because, compared to serious men who are preoccupied with various problems, he is easy to communicate with, not burdened with worries, and does not bother himself with problems. It is easy to fall in love with a hysterical man, but it is difficult to live with him. At first, it seems to the woman that there will be no routine with him, family life will be easy, fun, unusual, carefree.

Unfortunately, it is not. With him you will never feel at ease, you will not feel a strong male shoulder and a reliable rear. A hysteric, for example, may spend all his savings on nonsense that he can do without or commit another reckless act. You will fearfully wait for what else your spouse will do, and he will definitely live up to your worst expectations.

The hysteric pompously declares his love and speaks beautiful words. And only then does the woman understand that there are no feelings behind this stream of beautiful words. The romance disappears as soon as everyday life, family responsibilities and the need to support the family appear, and he begins to blame his wife for thinking only about money and not understanding him, his beloved, at all.

A hysteric is always an egoist. He considers himself special, and his wife as a mundane, insignificant and primitive woman who does not understand his originality. The hysteric is sure that he simply made his wife happy by marrying her.

Do not count on the loyalty of a hysterical spouse. Women like him until old age (after all, they love with their ears). Typically, Hysterics marry several times, easily changing wives and without experiencing any remorse.

All his life, the hysterical person loves only himself, without feeling deep affection even for his children. The hysteric is convinced that he and his own interests are above all, and other people (friends, colleagues, wife) should live for his sake in order to make his life comfortable and prosperous.

The hysteric is morally cruel towards loved ones, but not consciously, but because of his selfishness and mental immaturity. He simply has no time to think about others - his thoughts are occupied with himself and his beloved. You will not be able to force your hysterical husband to help you with the housework, because he will not receive enthusiastic recognition from the public, and he is used to protecting himself, his beloved, from thankless work. A hysteric does not know how to create; he can direct, call and lead, leaving the work to others.

A hysteric is not characterized by perseverance and hard work; he will quickly lose interest in work that requires time and effort - he prefers what is done easily and simply.

Hysterics often have a good memory, uninhibited thinking, they easily find a common language with people, and know how to please. Many arrange their lives at the expense of others and make easy money.

Hysterics know how to stand out from the crowd, emphasizing their strengths. They often make suggestions and initiatives to get noticed. Many hysterics prefer public professions in order to constantly be in the spotlight. In addition to vanity, there is also a mercantile interest - the desire to receive high fees.

Hysterics are extremely unnecessary, irresponsible and deceitful people. Their element is to promise, put forward ideas, negotiate and enter into contracts that will never be implemented. All their activities are posturing and empty chatter. They love society, where they can be visible and show themselves by performing an extravagant act so that people in their circle will talk about it.

Any hysteric has many faces, it can change depending on the situation. To make the right impression, he may demonstrate qualities that he does not actually possess. Only the closest people and his unhappy wife know the true face of the hysteric.

Hysterics are envious and envious of the success of others (they regard it as a lack of recognition of their own merits). To attract attention to his person, he uses any means, even a public scandal.

A hysteric is a typical backbreaker. He can live at the expense of a woman without experiencing remorse (however, the Hysteric does not know what conscience is). The hysteric demands gratitude and adoration even for a trifling matter, and even more so for a gift presented to the lady of his heart.

Hysterics love the delights and benefits of civilization, beautiful clothes and comfort.

The hysterical psyche is immature, so he is prone to rash, frivolous actions, which usually hurt others, or to adventures that lead to difficult situations. But the Hysteric does not learn from his mistakes and can repeat them again and again.

Hysterics escape from mentally traumatic situations by inventing imaginary illnesses (this is called “flight into illness”).

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