How to tan a badger skin at home

Editing and canning

Raccoon dog skins

The skin, degreased and blemished, is ready for preservation using the fresh-dry method. With the inside out, it sits on a rule of the appropriate size with a width to length ratio of 1:3 or 1:4, i.e. The width of the skin fits into its length from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail 3 or 4 times.

Hunters of the Far East use rules of a slightly different design (see figure). the skins mounted on them take on a more beautiful shape. These rules are used to degrease the skins of raccoon dogs and foxes.

Typically, a straightened skin is 5-10 cm longer than or equal to the length of the animal’s body. The hind legs are tied up, and the front legs hang down freely with the straightener in a horizontal position. Paper strands are inserted into the cuts of the front legs, which, after removing the skin from the rule, makes it easier to turn the legs inside out.

As mentioned above, there are significant deposits of fat on the flesh of a raccoon dog, and only the surface layer is removed by degreasing. As the skin dries, the fat contained in the flesh melts and appears on the surface in the form of droplets. Therefore, the steamed flesh is tightly wrapped over the entire area with newsprint, which absorbs moisture and fat well and ensures uniform drying of the skin. The tail and paws are wrapped in paper.

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There are several conflicting opinions regarding the drying temperature of skins. However, the maximum temperature indicated is no higher than 35 degrees. According to some observations, the skins dry well until they are completely ready in 2-3 days in the temperature range between 20 and 30 degrees, but away from the heat source. When the meat wrapped in paper dries, it retains its elasticity and freshness. In this form, the skin dries for about 1.5 days, then it is removed from the straightener, the paper is removed, and the inside is wiped with a clean rag or paper. After this, it is turned inside out and hung out to dry. The readiness of the skin is determined by the drying of the flesh on the head.

The preserved skin is additionally wiped, the hair is combed, freeing it from dust and dirt. The skin is ready for long-term storage in a cool, dry place or for donation.

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