What kind of girls do guys like - TOP 10 body parts, character, appearance and clothes

Most representatives of the fair sex have self-doubt. And even if a woman has a beautiful figure and a pretty face, she is still tormented by doubts about her own beauty. And she is constantly trying to find answers to the questions: why men like some women more and others less. Why are some people loved and others ignored? Often they simply forget that a man can fall in love with a girl not only for her external beauty. And to understand this, you need to understand at least a little about male psychology.

Ideal appearance of a woman8

A man decides on his own which woman to love, but a survey of 1,000 respondents described the appearance of an ideal woman.

The strong half of humanity wants to see a pleasant-smelling woman next to them. The feminine aroma of a perfume should suit his spirit, just like the natural aroma of his skin. Creative perfume brands have caught on to this trick and now produce perfumes for her and for him. How these scents can bring people closer together.

60% of the three thousand respondents confirmed that they love women with “meat” when there is something to hold on to and something to look at. They are excited by the sexual curves of a denser body rather than by the straight lines of thin women. By the way, 25% prefer thin women, and 15% prefer women with more than 10-15 extra pounds.

A woman in tights can excite only 10% of men, while a woman in heels in a tight skirt excites more than 50%. The rest like both.

A dimple on the chin or cheeks when smiling drives more than 42% crazy. 23% admire freckles on the face, but only 21% admire moles.

In their sexual fantasies, men imagine a woman with flowing long hair next to them. 58% think so.

But they prefer to choose dark hair color, they are convinced that blondes do not shine with intelligence, and redheads are capable of treason.

You can find out more about what kind of appearance men like in our article below.

What kind of girls do guys like by character?

Guys love to dominate, they love to lead not only like-minded people, but also a woman. A man will give preference to a girl who is balanced, holistic, who knows what she wants and what a man wants. A girl should exude peace and kindness, but she should not be a defenseless lamb. A dream girl is the one who leads a man to victory, walking next to him. A cheerful, smiling girl will also not leave a guy indifferent.

Expert opinion

Anna Kolyada

Psychologist, poet and just a good person

We are all selfish by nature and this is not a bad thing at all. Men are also selfish natures. A man, first of all, likes his condition next to a woman; if he is in a state of some kind of happiness, then it will definitely not be easy for him to remain without you.

Which women men can't stand 9

No matter what men are, what is important to them is still not sex or borscht, what is important to them is the character of their companion.

When a man meets a woman teacher, it seems to him that she gives him good advice and takes care of him. But such women do not have an extreme point, they always say what is the right thing to do, and then the man feels like a schoolboy in class who did not learn his homework on time. Men have one mother-teacher, why does he need another?

A woman teacher can only be surpassed by a woman who can skillfully play with feelings. At first, such a woman attracts a man, but when from day to day she provokes him to jealousy and tries to make him guilty. No man will tolerate such an attitude towards himself.

A woman who tries to adjust a man to herself. Of course she says that she loves him for who he is. Over time, she tries to master him completely, she insists on musical preferences that she likes, substitutes friends who, in her opinion, are not suitable for a man.

Some are even capable of turning men against their own mothers. Each man is individual in his own way, and if his beloved tries to fix something, then they will never marry her.

Jealous madam. Of course, jealousy adds passion to deprivation, but not when there is too much of it. Listen to reproaches, feel mistrust, who will like it? Certainly not a man...

A lady who is too much in love. She spends all her free time educating the man; she always has free time for him. She believes that she is doing everything right and demands the same from the opposite sex. Men like individuals who, on the contrary, try to find free time to relax together. People like this get married right away.

Momsik girl. She discusses every little thing with her mother, every breath, every fart. At the very beginning of a relationship, a man is pleased with such a warm relationship with his family. But later, when he wants to find a family, he is tormented by the thought that his mother-in-law in their family will be more important than him.

Gossip. At first he is interested in such a lady, she jokes effectively, knows everything about everyone. But then he begins to think that she can gossip about him in the same way.

Comparison woman. A guy won’t want to live with a wife who compares him to her friend’s husband in the evening. He has a higher salary and has a car. The man begins to remember his childhood, where his mother’s friend’s son was always better than him.

Diet woman. When a man meets a woman on a healthy diet, he is glad that she will always look good. But they can’t stand it when a girl throws another hysteria about gaining 300 grams of weight. They immediately begin to starve themselves with a strict diet and hunger. This way she can reach the man.

What kind of girls do guys really like?

Every girl, starting from high school, dreams of beauty and attractiveness in order to attract and conquer the opposite sex. Looking at herself in the mirror, every young lady looks for strengths and weaknesses. If her collarbones protrude unnaturally, and her body cannot acquire the desired rounded shape, she wonders: will a guy fall in love with her? If the height is below average, and the legs do not seem so slender, she is looking for flaws in herself.

There are no unambiguous criteria for a girl by which the degree of her attractiveness is determined, just as there are no men who know exactly their type of girl.

What kind of women does the average man love10

In May 2008, the research center conducted a social survey among the stronger sex of the population, “Which women do men choose?”

Most Russian men have settled on choosing a smart and beautiful woman when they value kind ladies more. They noted that the ideal girl should have flexibility of mind, 63% of respondents think so, and only 29% of them prefer to marry smart women.

An ideal wife should have an ideal appearance, from the shape of her nails to her heels. 38% of men noted that good-looking girls resonate with them more than unkempt boyfriends. And 21% are convinced that beauty is important for a spouse.

An ideal woman should be kind, 20% of respondents think so. But only 14% out of 100% will choose a kind woman for marriage.

Only 16% of men choose a faithful lady for a relationship. And 20% consider fidelity the main quality of a spouse.

Femininity is important for men; they do not want to see their likeness next to them. 12% think so.

10% of respondents want to see sexy and relaxed ladies. This applies to wives and simply to the ideal woman.

An ideal wife should be able to love and support, 17% think so. And for the ideal woman, only 5% noticed this quality.

Apparently not all men prefer honesty; only 9% and 6% chose this particular character trait.

18% of respondents found it difficult to answer the questions; they believe that if you have already fallen in love, no qualities are anymore important.

What clothes do guys like on girls?

Guys care not only how well the clothes fit you, but also whether they are appropriate in a particular case. Don’t forget that men are rational people and they don’t understand why they should wear pumps with huge heels and uncomfortable clothes for a long walk in the park.

Men prefer elegant and feminine outfits that highlight your natural beauty. Dresses go great with these outfits.

What dresses do men like on girls?

Men prefer girls who are mysteries, so you shouldn’t show off all your charms right away. The dress should be sexy, highlighting your figure, and not aggressively sexy, revealing all your assets. If you are choosing which dress to wear, remember the main thing - either a mini or a neckline; together - never.

Men are not attracted, on the contrary, they are rejected by aggressive, “acidic” shades. If you are a fan of such tones, don’t be upset, make it an incredible accent in your look: shoes or handbag, accessories.

What hairstyles do girls like on guys?

Everyone knows that long hair is the most chic accessory of any girl. But when choosing between length and quality, choose the second. Your hair also tells a man's subconscious about your health and neatness. What styling to do depends only on you.

Loose hair will highlight your facial features and give your image a certain air of mystery; collected curls will reveal the fine lines of the neck and décolleté.


Available ones are liked only by those who are not looking for a serious relationship. But if a man is considering a girl with plans for the future, then such a quality as inaccessibility will definitely appeal to him. Especially if previously only available girls crossed the men’s path. At the first stage, a man simply cannot accept that there is a girl who can refuse him. Further, a conquering knight will wake up in him, who will try to win the girl at all costs.

As a rule, the more competently a girl holds the defense, the greater the chance that a man’s interest will only grow. But the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the man will think that he is not interesting and will find a girl more disposed towards him.

Why do some people prefer older partners?

There are many marriages in life when the partner is younger than his chosen one. And such unions are often strong and long-lasting. Many girls of the same age, observing this trend, ask the question: “Why do men love older women?” And here everything is explained simply.

Sometimes men are driven by the desire to be close to a wise and experienced woman, a kind of teacher. But often such partners were deprived of maternal affection in childhood and now look for this in their companion, instinctively choosing an older one. If you understand this psychological aspect, it becomes obvious why men prefer older women.

Female forms and sexuality4

Men like a feminine figure, with “curves in the right places.” Firm, beautiful breasts, a toned tummy and other delights of the female body are something that no man will refuse. Of course, not all girls are given a naturally beautiful figure, and there are men. who are touched by a woman’s belly or plump butt.

Fortunately, there are now many ways to highlight your strengths and hide your flaws with the help of the right clothes, shoes and accessories. Men like women who confidently express their sexuality and who know their strengths. Every man will be happy if there is a sexy woman nearby who knows how to correctly (not vulgarly) present her advantages.


Women give in to sex to get love, and men give in to love to get sex. Not a single healthy and fulfilling man can imagine his life without sex. This is one of his basic needs, which can be best satisfied by women. Therefore, this is another reason why men like women, because you can do this with them almost anywhere and at any time.

When a man looks at a woman, he always evaluates her sexually. Even if your man says that this is not so, then this is most likely exactly so! But this again happens at the level of natural instincts; at such moments, the man is controlled by the hormone testosterone.


What definitely unites all men is their sympathy for confident girls. Men simply cannot stand insecure people who are full of negativity and a bunch of complexes. What does a confident girl mean in a man’s understanding:

  • Confident in sex;
  • Has his own social circle;
  • Does not need constant encouragement;
  • Doesn't stick to every guy he meets;
  • Knows how to show himself in society;
  • Knows his strengths;
  • She doesn't control the man;
  • Knows when to stop;
  • Able to admit his mistakes;
  • Doesn't put pressure on a man;
  • Doesn't fall into despair;
  • Not afraid to take the first step.

These qualities will undoubtedly appeal to every man.

Features of male psychology

Every person has their own personal set of likes and dislikes. But when it comes to what average men like in women, psychologists identify patterns.

From childhood, boys are socialized into gender norms that include emotional control, winning, and avoiding displays of vulnerability. It happens that some guys are subject to social stigmatization (most often due to the authoritative influence of older relatives) and cultivate “feminine” character traits in themselves. As a rule, these include agreeableness, excessive tenderness, etc.

If we talk about a young man who has “correctly” gone through the stage of socialization, by the time he begins independent life he has a clear understanding that he must conform to the norms of society. He believes that he needs to keep his emotions to himself, be confident, resilient and closed off from the aggression of the outside world, and not show weakness towards others. However, all this is necessary for a harmonious relationship and emotional intimacy with a romantic partner.

Women are not always able to easily understand what a guy likes, since the habit of keeping everything to himself (instilled by the norms of society) deprives him of the opportunity to clearly express emotions. Therefore, it’s worth figuring out what attracts guys, as well as what kind of female ideal they picture in their imagination.

Do they like to kiss?

American psychologist Susan Hughes claims that women use kissing to establish an emotional connection, and men use kissing to increase sexual arousal.

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In 2009, it was experimentally confirmed that when a young man kisses, he transfers testosterone to his partner through saliva, which increases her sexual arousal. However, a survey found that most guys would prefer to refuse a kiss before or after sex, since for them it is less important than the sexual act itself. Another interesting survey among guys showed that in everyday life they prefer casual and quick kisses.

Which woman will he never let go?

Many scientists and psychologists regularly conduct surveys among guys to find out what kind of ideal companion she is. Not all opinions are alike, but there are patterns.

So, for any guy it is important that his companion:

  1. She had a good sense of humor. Guys love girls who can laugh at themselves, at others and just have fun.
  2. She had a beautiful smile. According to statistics, smiling women are considered more attractive. They attract the attention of others, endear them, and communicate with them more pleasantly.
  3. She was intellectually savvy. Guys love and respect smart girls who can carry on a conversation.
  4. Expressed sensuality. If a young man chooses a companion for a fruitful relationship, it is important for him that she supports him, comforts him and understands him.
  5. It had an internal core. Sometimes it is difficult for girls to combine femininity and strength, but these are the kind of ladies that attract men.
  6. She was purposeful. When a girl knows what she wants and knows how to achieve it, this evokes admiration and respect from a man.
  7. She took care of herself and had natural beauty. In recent years, a large number of ladies have resorted to hair extensions, eyelashes, nails, and sometimes agree to plastic surgery to improve their body. Perhaps, according to glossy magazines, all these methods bring them closer to the ideal, but average men turn out to be opponents of artificial beauty. Naturalness and well-groomedness, in their opinion, are enough.

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Why do men like to look at women's buttocks?

The view, popularized in Desmond Morris's book The Naked Ape, is that men find women's buttocks attractive not simply because fashion dictates so, but because of the "voice of their ancestors." In times past, before face-to-face sex became the standard, a man would take a woman from behind, in what is now called "doggy style."

In fact, young people find a certain appeal in it. And this is due to the fact that this is exactly what the ancestors saw at the moment of intimacy. Thus, the belief that the buttocks are one of the sexiest parts of the female body underscores the theory of human gene memory.

Do they like being jealous?

To some extent, all people enjoy being jealous. Such behavior may flatter a young man, but if a girl goes too far, controls and causes scandals, he will quickly get tired of it.

After a certain point it becomes really annoying and off-putting. Especially when jealousy on the part of a partner arises out of nowhere or because of her wild imagination.


A person’s gait conveys personal qualities and promotes self-expression. Look at your own steps from the outside and draw appropriate conclusions. If a girl walks smoothly, unhurriedly, inner strength and confidence are felt. If he steps with timid, mincing steps, he is overcome by complexes and doubts. When leaving home, do not forget to straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, and lift your chin. A proud gait attracts the attention of worthy men. Indecisive - guys with low self-esteem.

External data

Despite the fact that appearance is a deceptive category, everyone is greeted by their clothes. However, you should not be upset if nature has deprived you of long eyelashes, slender legs, and thick hair. What attracts attention is not so much beauty as the ability to use what you have.

Red-haired, black-haired, thin, plump, tall, short people find fans. What is the secret of happy owners of male attention and admiring glances? A common feature of the appearance of girls who win hearts is a well-groomed appearance. What makes a woman look well-groomed:

Glowing skin

Competent care will help you achieve results. Before buying expensive cosmetics, consult a cosmetologist (not your friends). Find out your skin type, get rid of acne, age spots, and minor blemishes. Be guided by the principles:

  • regularity;
  • literacy;
  • thoroughness.

When caring for your face, do not forget about the neck and décolleté area. Pay attention to your arms and legs.

Clean silky hair

Beautiful hair is the result of tireless work and constant attention. Thick strands can look untidy, while sparse strands can look elegant and attractive. The condition of the hairstyle depends on the quality of care and systematic visits to the hair salon. Remember: men like it when a girl has clean, shiny hair.

Healthy teeth

Paradoxically, a radiant smile can spoil natural beauty. Bad teeth and bad breath repel fans.

Perfect nails

A neat manicure and pedicure is an important component of a girl’s well-groomed appearance. It is not necessary to spend money on visiting a beauty salon. You can take care of your nails at home.

Thorough depilation

Black hairs on the face and legs look unsightly. Overgrown vegetation in the bikini area and armpits provokes unpleasant odors.

A clean body, fresh breath, soft skin - these are what men like in women, regardless of age, taste, character.

Nice smell

A girl should smell good. It is impossible to guess exactly what smell the chosen one will like. Therefore, do not experiment with strong aromas, do not fall for advertising tricks. Choose light perfume with a delicate aroma. Remember: no perfume can hide the smell of sweat and unwashed body.

Natural instincts

Even though the process of evolution has long ago made humans out of monkeys, primitive animal instincts live in each of us. Because of instincts, a man is subordinate to a woman. She attracts him at the level of smells, gestures, body movements, and so on.

This orientation of instincts is based on the physiological need to continue the human race and provide for the growing population. Not all men admit that their feelings are driven by something that they have no control over. Often, a man cannot explain why he likes this or that woman, and so it is in these cases that his sympathy is subject to the power of natural instincts.


This is one of the lists of female virtues that any sane man will appreciate. Many even imagine in their fantasies whirlwind romances with a school teacher or a sultry business woman. Without a doubt, men like smart and educated girls. Those who can support any conversation, those who have something to tell.

Two self-sufficient and educated people will always have something to do. With such girls, the horizons of joint activities expand, with them to the theater, and to a restaurant, and to a documentary film, and to a business meeting. Men appreciate girls who are not ashamed when they “open their mouth.” It is not for nothing that there is an opinion that the more developed the human brain is, the more sexual a person is.


Speaking about external attractiveness, we must not forget about the ability to choose the right clothes. A sense of style needs to be cultivated from childhood. You cannot mechanically copy the images of fashion models, waste time and money searching for and purchasing fashionable items. When choosing clothes, be guided by the individual characteristics of your figure. Consider:

  • advantages, disadvantages of physique;
  • height, weight, waist circumference;
  • hair color, eye color, skin tone;
  • Lifestyle;
  • climatic conditions;
  • character and mood.

The main thing is that things are designed in the same style, create a feeling of confidence, comfort, and correspond to the environment.

The well-known truth: taking care of your appearance is a proven way to avoid loneliness, sounds banal. However, guys are attracted to girls who know how to take care of their bodies, dress elegantly, and use decorative cosmetics. If you cannot find an individual image, seek help from professionals who will help you change your image and gain confidence. Change until the reflection in the mirror brings satisfaction.

Intellectual development

A stupid, narcissistic person with a model appearance is unlikely to be able to claim a relationship with a worthy man. To be able to maintain a conversation and conduct a discussion, you need to have knowledge and a rich vocabulary. Good education and being well read makes you feel confident. There is no need to flaunt your knowledge, talk about honors diplomas and excellent grades. A smart man only needs a few minutes of communication to assess the intellectual level of his companion’s development.

How to behave

The main rule of behavior is to be yourself. If a girl tries to behave quietly and modestly, but in reality she is completely different, this will sooner or later become known, and men really don’t like pretense.

It is important for women not to get hung up on material goods and not to demand too much from their potential man. At the same time, you need to clearly understand the requirements for the guy and voice them correctly.

In addition to sincerity, a girl should show some mystery. Men don't like direct confessions. This is scary because they see it as an attempt to take over the initiative in the relationship. For guys who are all hunters, this behavior is unacceptable.

What kind of girls do guys like - statistics and conclusions

Psychologists conducted many tests, and then systematized the answers of the surveyed group and drew conclusions after systematizing the data. Many parameters were taken into account: smile, face, figure, height, hair and many others... But the main conclusion is that a man falls in love with one feature of a girl, and often the one with which she is embarrassed.

Love turns a blind eye to any shortcomings, but the advantages turn out to be completely ordinary traits. Therefore, no matter what your appearance is, if you have feelings, everything becomes loved.

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