What kind of guys do girls like: appearance and character

Some women pay more attention to appearance. Others are attracted by intelligence and a rich inner world. And yet, one can note a number of features of appearance and character that guarantee great success among the fair sex. Listing these qualities will help you understand what kind of guys girls like.

What girls look for in guys

A woman can be attracted to various aspects of a man. The criteria for assessing the opposite are very individual. The general points are:

  • Beauty. This is not a fundamental factor. However, the first thing that attracts a woman to a man is his appearance. With barely a glance, a girl will understand whether a guy takes care of himself, adheres to basic hygiene and whether he has a sense of style. Quickly drawing conclusions based on what you see is the prerogative of female psychology. Your appearance tells a lot about you.
  • A force that is a magnet for the female sex. This quality is well felt by others. It comes in different forms: physical, mental and spiritual.
  • Success. A masculine quality that is a priority for women. It is unlikely that a girl will date someone less successful than herself.
  • Strength of character and ability to achieve goals. A man does not have to have any special achievements at the time of meeting, but there must be a core inside that will help him make his way through life in the future.
  • Self confidence. The key that opens many women's hearts. It is important not to confuse a positive trait with self-confidence.

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What kind of appearance do girls like? Stylishly dressed guys attract more attention. Many people like men with good taste who understand fashion.

It is only important that the man does not look better than the woman. Funny? And nowadays the problem is very common.

The style and influence of the global fashion industry has spread to men very strongly. Haircuts, clothing style, and even manner of behavior - all this is promoted with great force. In my opinion, those who did not follow the changing trend due to their convictions deserve attention. Do you agree?

Basic qualities

There are a number of qualities that most strongly attract the fairer sex in men. We are talking about both external and internal components of a potential partner.


Some guys mistakenly underestimate the importance of appearance. Girls do not look at beauty or clothing brand, but at the overall impression when a person appears. It is formed from the following element factors:

  • cleanliness and neatness;
  • trimmed nails;
  • fresh breath;
  • washed and unwrinkled clothes, selected in the same style;
  • clean and well-groomed hair on the head;
  • straight posture;
  • medium or tall height;
  • lack of excess weight and, preferably, an athletic figure.

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For women, attention is as important as water for a flower. On the list of things to like in a guy, this quality deserves first place.

You can show attention in different ways:

  1. Compliment the lady.
  2. Be interested in the girl’s life and how her day went.
  3. Give surprises for no reason and create small pleasant moments. For example, coffee in bed or a romantic dinner by candlelight.
  4. Be interested in the thoughts and desires of your chosen one.

The need for attention and care is inherent in every girl, even if she puts on the mask of an “iron lady” and does not show her feminine weaknesses. It's not about expensive gifts, but about demonstrating care.

Intelligence and general erudition

A girl is attracted to a man not only by his beautiful body, but also by his “brains.” Of course, in order to please the female sex, you don’t need to become a doctor of science, but quick wits, intelligence and the ability to solve problems that life may throw at you will be a big plus. It is worth understanding: the skill of thinking is not related to an education diploma; in order to learn to think correctly, you need to constantly improve yourself.


Greedy people do not enjoy much respect from others. Girls are also attracted to guys who are kind. This does not mean that you need to become henpecked or a “wallet” for your chosen one. But paying a bill in a cafe or paying for a movie ticket, or giving an inexpensive gift is a natural manifestation of feelings.

A girl experiencing temporary economic difficulties, if she has the desire and opportunity, can be supported. Having realized that you are being used as a “material resource”, you need to quickly break off the “vampire” relationship, no matter how beautiful the manipulator is.

Sense of humor

Women are delighted with funny and interesting guys who will not let you get bored and will always cheer you up with a funny story or anecdote. The main thing is to feel the line where the amount of humor crosses reasonable limits and turns into clownery. Self-irony is also an attractive character trait.

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Most of all, girls like it when they can be absolutely sure of a guy’s devotion. True loyalty begins with thoughts. It is demonstrated also by small things, for example, the absence of deception in relationships.

Psychologist's advice

To increase the effectiveness of winning a woman’s heart, use the following tips:

  • Be yourself, don't pretend to be someone you're not. The pretense will sooner or later be revealed and disappointment in the person will appear. Sincerity and honesty are the foundation of favorable relationships.
  • Don't devalue your lady's hobby. Let's say a girl likes to twerk. If you don't attend her events, it's okay, but saying that it's a waste of time would be very bad.
  • Keep your word. Opinion and trust will 100% deteriorate if you don’t keep your word.
  • Stop criticizing a girl for her views on life. Being around you is a sign that she likes you, and talking about your personal life symbolizes trust.
  • Organizing an unforgettable evening. Vivid impressions that cause adrenaline in both partners help strengthen feelings towards the chosen one.
  • Correct conversation structure. Love to talk, build a dialogue in such a way that your companion will be pleased to take part in it. Try to talk about her from time to time. Thanks to stories about one’s personality, one’s disposition towards a person is manifested. Showing interest in your interlocutor can be considered the key to her heart.
  • Give the girl compliments and show admiration for her successes. Express a positive reaction to her statements. To win over your interlocutor, avoid arguing, even if you disagree with some of her opinions.
  • Share with your woman your plans for the future, with intentions for a life together. The main goal is to win the girl.

It may not be possible to win a girl, but you shouldn’t be upset. Perhaps your life partner is a completely different girl.

What can you recommend to win a woman’s heart? Share your methods in the comments.

Additional qualities

In addition to the basic qualities, there are a number of parameters that are important for women. The guy is required not only to attract the girl’s attention, but also to maintain the level of interest in himself at a high level until sympathy develops into love.


The guy must be energetically charged and active. Women feel the radiated flow of energy. There is no need to be active around the clock, but there should be no passivity or lack of initiative either.


Girls like men's toned bodies with six-pack abs, broad shoulders, a powerful back and strong legs. Playing any sport or visiting the gym will help you gain additional attractiveness. There is no need to add kilograms of “meat” on yourself and become a professional bodybuilder. A moderately athletic and healthy lifestyle will already create an attractive image.

Sexuality is enhanced by a sense of style and behavior, but skills in bed are no less important. Having a male genital organ must also include the ability to use it. Women pay attention to emotionality and technique, and therefore their level in intimate terms also needs to be raised.

Other qualities

  • The ability to protect yourself and the girl. A woman is a very fragile creature and needs male strength and protection. Even at the genetic level, a woman is looking for someone who can provide security for her and her offspring. Not every man can boast of self-defense skills, and those who have problems with this should strengthen their weak point.
  • Romance. Routine dulls all emotions, and an unusual evening, a walk or an exciting adventure will help to refresh them.
  • Reliability. It is important for girls in relationships to realize that they can completely rely on their chosen one. He will always come to the rescue and accepts the responsibility entrusted to him.
  • Determination. In difficult situations, the role of decision-making falls on the male shoulder. It is the man who is assigned the leading role.
  • Responsiveness and patience. At times women behave rashly and stupidly, they are subject to the influence of their mood. Therefore, they need someone who will be lenient towards them.

Thrift. Although women have taken over some of the men's responsibilities. But it’s up to the guy to nail a nail, repair something in the house, fix the plumbing, or do other work with his own hands. Or at least hire someone who will do it.

  • Politeness. There are plenty of boors and uncultured people around, so politeness can make a guy stand out in a pleasant light.
  • Punctuality. There is no need to focus on the benefits of this quality. And a girl’s reaction, for example, to a late date is quite obvious.

What kind of men do women and girls love?

Of 1,000 women surveyed about “what makes a man desirable,” according to Men's Health:

  • 75% said they were reliable, 67% said they were kind, 66% said they were morally honest, and 53% said intelligence was important.
  • 51% said that they would like a man who loves children very much.
  • 47% are looking for a life partner with whom they will have the same life values.
  • 46% noted the man’s passion for what he loves, and 35% noted his experience in intimate relationships.
  • 46% like men who are not afraid to say what they want and need.

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What is it about guys that turns girls off?

It's useful to know what women don't like to see in men. Having noticed something similar in yourself, you need to get rid of the excess.

A sample list looks like this:

  • Excessive passion for “fashion”. Manicure, pedicure, lipstick, highlighting and hair dyeing do not add points to a guy, and makes his image feminine.
  • Sloppy appearance. Unwashed clothes, unwashed hair, bad breath, body odor or clothing repel individuals of the opposite sex.
  • Inability to express one's thoughts normally and demonstration of one's own stupidity.
  • Illogical actions and inability to calculate the consequences of their actions.
  • “Talent” to look for problems and adventures on your own.
  • Aggression and rudeness.
  • Lots of dirty jokes.
  • Selfishness and self-obsession.
  • Indecision and cowardice.
  • Failure to keep one's word.
  • Bragging about your social status, rich relatives or friends.
  • Dependence on mother's opinion and lack of independence.
  • Untreated facial hair.
  • Inability to dress normally and lack of basic “taste.”

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Sharp mind4

Admit it to yourself, you wouldn’t want your interlocutor to be endlessly stupid or unable to answer trivial questions. A limited horizon deprives you of the opportunity to literally pick up the key to any woman’s heart from the first meeting. Information, education, erudition - all this is noted by inquisitive girlish minds, not least of all.

If you have a brain like a potato, then you won’t have to count on a serious romance. There is only one piece of advice here - try to remember your school lessons, find the area of ​​knowledge that you like, and try to go a little deeper into it. The image of a damn smart guy with a mysterious sparkle in his eyes and a sly smile on his lips works flawlessly.

Sexual compatibility of partners

Intimate life is an important part of a relationship. In this regard, much depends on the types of temperament and understanding of the partner’s desires. It is generally accepted that there are three types of temperament:

  • Low frequency. Carriers of this type of temperament do not need a lot of sex.
  • Mid-frequency. Where the need for sex is already much greater.
  • High frequency. When people have an excessively high level of sexual energy.

It is believed that identical types or those located nearby are best combined. For example, low and medium or medium and high. But it is much more important to listen to your partner and talk about your desires, then there will be harmony in bed.

Repulsive Features

There are qualities that women really don't like . These include:

  1. Habit of complaining. There's nothing worse than whiners. And the more he complains about life, the less respect the woman feels.
  2. Lack of social circle. If a girl understands that no one except her communicates with the guy, this causes bewilderment. The woman begins to think that something is wrong with her companion. Therefore, you should expand your circle of communication.
  3. Arrogance and boastfulness. No one likes to be around a guy who is trying to prove that he is a “cool kid.” A confident person does not need to constantly mention his achievements in an attempt to impress his interlocutor. Successful people behave modestly and naturally.

What can you change about yourself?

It may seem that you already have all the necessary qualities. Or vice versa, that you are too far from ideal. But you can improve yourself in almost everything, and there is no limit to perfection.

You can improve yourself in the following aspects:

  • Appearance. Buy new clothes. Wear visually matching outfits. Tidy up your hair and facial hair. Remove excess weight, if any. Build more muscle mass, in case of its deficiency.
  • Mind. It is recommended to raise your level of education. This will help: getting another education, reading books, constantly learning something new. On the Internet it is easy to find techniques for improving brain function along with special training applications.
  • Psychology. In this regard, a lot of work can be done. Make yourself more calm and decisive. Make a habit of keeping your word. Make yourself more punctual, polite, tactful, and so on. Almost any quality and character trait can be developed. This requires only awareness of your positive and negative traits.
  • Self-defense. For self-defense skills, you can come to any combat section that suits your taste. There are a lot of options - from boxing, wrestling, kickboxing and sambo to exotic types of oriental martial arts.
  • Money. An important part of our life. They do not solve everything, and relationships should not be built solely on a material basis, but money is still important. A woman should feel stability. The courtship process itself requires certain investments. Good work brings a decent income. To get there, you need to devote part of your time to self-development and improving professional skills. This can be compared to physical training. Ideally, the specialty should be interesting, then a high income will be a pleasant addition.
  • Individuality. This is a specific set of qualities in certain proportions, inherent in a certain person. In order to reveal such a quality in yourself to the level where others begin to notice it, you will have to work on yourself in different aspects for some time. In the end, your efforts will pay off, including with the admiring glances of the surrounding ladies.
  • Sexuality. This section covers work with appearance, behavior, emotionality and character. Of course, this includes the ability to receive pleasure yourself and give it to your partner.
  • Energy. Energy can be obtained by loving life and setting some goals for yourself.

This list is not universal. Possessing all the above qualities will not open the way to the heart of every woman. The most important trait is courage. It can be considered the quintessence of everything mentioned above.

Work on yourself

What attracts girls most in relationships? Self-improvement of their partner, understanding of his prospects in life together.

Stage one: the beginning of change

Think carefully about what you really need to charm a girl. Make your own list of what a girl might like about you. Put yourself in your lover's shoes and think about whether you would date yourself if you were in her place. What are you missing? Identify your missing traits and start developing them. It is not enough to appear outwardly confident, you need to be so.

Stage two: getting started

You understand what needs to change in yourself. Now it is important to start acting in this direction. To decide what you will get as a result, provide an answer to the following questions:

  1. What will happen after the changes? How will my life change?
  2. How will my life be built if nothing changes?

Answers should be as clear and frank as possible. Carefully analyze the prospects, this will help you take action.

Stage three: action plan

To truly achieve change in yourself, you need to follow a clear plan of action. Having completed, even the smallest, actions will help change your destiny. The main thing is not to be lazy, not to give up everything halfway, but to strictly follow the plan. Without a clear path, effective change cannot be achieved. Enthusiasm will quickly disappear, work on yourself will be sabotaged, as a result of which at first it will be difficult to overcome laziness. But you need to force yourself to follow the plan.

Stage four: new life

Follow the intended path every day, at least a couple of minutes a day. Do not miss working on yourself under any circumstances. Take every day as something new in yourself, show praise for yourself. Move towards your goals and you will achieve success.

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