Dried meat: recipe for cooking at home

Dried meat

This meat is a wonderful product for lovers of hiking and extreme conditions, and athletes. It is very easy and quick to have a snack on the go, and at the same time it will provide you with a quick surge of strength and energy. And this means a lot in traveling conditions.

In addition, dried meat can be easily turned into regular meat. To do this, just fill it with hot water and leave for an hour until it returns to its previous state. Or you can simply add a piece of this product when cooking soup.

How to cook dried meat

It is quite easy to prepare at home. It's a simple process. Lamb and beef are good for this. It's better not to take pork. It does not make a normal product.

Of course, the meat must be fresh. This is the main condition. In addition, it should be completely non-greasy, without streaks.

The beef needs to be cut into pieces. It is better if their thickness is no more than one centimeter. But even if you end up with thicker pieces, that’s okay. The cooking process will just take longer.

The thinner you cut it, the faster your meat will dry out. Even when preparing, you need to consider for what purpose you are preparing such a product. If you use it at home, feel free to make thick pieces. But if you are going to take it on a hike, then the pieces must certainly be thin. This will make it easier to use it on the road. Agree that a thick piece will be difficult to chew.

What do you need for cooking?

To dry meat at home, you do not need any special meat dryer. You can get various types of such a product by cooking them in a conventional oven or in an electric dryer. And if you have time, patience and a well-ventilated room without flies, you can achieve excellent results without any equipment at all.

Having figured out how to dry meat, you need to understand what the product itself should be. Beef and lamb are suitable, sometimes chicken is used. There are many dry-cured pork delicacies on sale. But it is better not to dry pork at home, since it is more susceptible to colonization by microorganisms than other varieties. The product must be fresh, of high quality, without bones, films, cartilage, veins and pieces of fat.

To prepare the dried version, you don’t need to use anything else. Although salt, pepper, and various herbs are often added for taste. For a dried product, you will definitely need herbs and spices, which work not only as taste improvers, but also as preservatives. Fenugreek, coriander, and chili are often used for this.

Dried meat: homemade recipe

The meat must be cut across the fibers so that later they do not interfere so much during the eating process. We put the prepared pieces into a bowl, and we ourselves begin to prepare the brine, which we will need later.

To prepare it we need a mixture of peppers. You can purchase a set of a combination of several types: red, black, white, green. But you can also obtain such a mixture yourself by grinding individual types in a coffee grinder. The result will be no worse. We will also need salt, bay leaf, soy sauce, sugar and boiling water.

For two kilograms of beef, the amount of ingredients will be as follows:

  1. Two full teaspoons of table salt.
  2. Also two teaspoons of pepper mixture.
  3. Fifty milliliters of soy sauce will be enough.
  4. A teaspoon of granulated sugar.
  5. A few chopped bay leaves.
  6. You can also add some herbs for the meat.

Mix all these ingredients in one bowl and pour a glass of boiling water. The resulting solution must be stirred so that the salt is completely dissolved.

Next, pour brine over our meat, mix everything so that each piece receives its own portion of salt and spices. Cover the pan with a lid; no excess air should enter it. And we put it in the refrigerator for three days. During this time, the meat will soften and become saturated with salt and spices.

Sugar makes meat taste more tender, enhancing its aroma. Salt provides protection against the development of microorganisms. And soy sauce gives it a special flavor. It makes dried meat at home much tastier.

How to cook chicken basturma by cold drying?

From this recipe you will learn how to make delicious and aromatic basturma from chicken fillet. Repeat it completely or change it to your own taste. Everything is extremely simple to prepare. The main difficulty is to endure 10-15 days until the meat reaches the desired condition

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