A man averts his eyes when talking: loves or lies

Most people don't particularly like it when their interlocutor looks them straight in the eye during a conversation. Men, of course, experience the same feelings. During ordinary conversations, people most often exchange short glances, which are enough to show their attention to the interlocutor.

But many women are concerned about why a man doesn't make eye contact when talking to them. Some of them begin to suspect and lose confidence, although the reasons for this gesture may be quite natural.

If a man hides his feelings

The behavior of each young man is purely individual, but there are general indicators of secret love.

If a man is in love, the signs are:

  • Relaxed communication. He will casually communicate with the woman he likes, joke, and talk about something. There will be notes of warmth and care in his behavior. When he notices this, he stops short and becomes rude and cold-blooded. This is a normal defensive reaction.
  • Sight. He will often look at the woman, search with his eyes in the crowd. If a woman notices that he is looking at her, she will immediately look away.
  • Interest. He will, as if by chance, be interested in a woman’s life (random questions).
  • Jealousy. Interest in correspondence on social networks (looking at the screen of a woman’s phone), friends, trips/hiking in his absence, jokes about the men around her.
  • Calling out jealousy. Intentionally causes jealousy - flirts with others / shows that you are not the only candidate for a place next to him / deliberately demonstrates indifference (when another man appears next to a girl, he shows concern).
  • Looks for casual topics of conversation in order to spend more time with the object of his desire.
  • Voice. When communicating with the girl he likes, his voice will be softer than usual.
  • Mental connection. The thought of a man evokes his presence.

He hides his feelings for various reasons. With mutual attention from a woman, the shelter of feelings gradually weakens.

Externally it looks like this...

Your views intersect. What do you feel? Spark? This is what you need! It is likely that the feelings are mutual and you are very lucky. What about him?


He doesn't look like everyone else. Gently, discouraged, deep, there is embarrassment and confusion in the gaze, and there will also be brilliance and joy. Of course! I got caught in your web. Pay attention to the pupils. They will be expanded. Scientists have long found an explanation for this: this is how we look at what we really like, thus indicating sexual arousal! On top of that, he will go out of his way to look at you, even when you don't see it, and want to look into your eyes more often.

Tip #1: Don't judge a man's mood just by whether he looks at you during a conversation! If he looks straight ahead, this only indicates shyness, not even a lack of interest.

Tip #2: Try not to be embarrassed or hide your gaze. This will help a man be more open with you and feel much more confident.

Interesting fact: Even if a guy avoids communication, doesn’t like to look at you, and when you sharply pay attention to him, he looks away, this speaks of his hidden feelings.

Interesting fact No. 2: It is important to be able to separate love from lust. A man in love will look first at his face, not at his figure!


Even if a guy is charismatic by nature, he has, say, good speech, but hesitation and excitement appear in your presence - this is a sure sign of falling in love. In the language of the chemistry of love, this is easily explained, since hormones affect the functioning of the area of ​​​​the brain responsible for spoken language.

Interesting fact: It has been established that when a woman experiences feelings, her voice becomes louder, but in men, on the contrary, it is quieter by one or two tones, softer and more trusting.

Facial expressions

A smile is the key to all answers. It is usually believed that falling in love inspires, and a person feels very good when the object of sympathy appears on the horizon. Therefore, it will be difficult for the guy to contain the storm of emotions that he experiences. He will smile widely and sincerely. This will be evidenced by the appearance of many facial wrinkles. But! pay attention to the symmetry of the smile; if it is asymmetrical, this is a bad sign.

Tip #1: take a closer look, the emotion in the gaze and smile should match. If you notice some dissonance, perhaps the person is not as open as he wants to appear.

Interesting fact: There is an opinion that a smile is associated with an animal grin. A smiling man scares away potential competitors.

Eyebrows are one of the clearest indicators of your attitude towards a girl. If, when she appears on the horizon, they rise for a split second and their eyes open, this undoubtedly speaks of sincere feelings.

Tip #4: Pay attention to your eyebrows more often if you want to know whether what you are saying is interesting or not. But in no case should it be confused with a skeptical look, when the eyebrows take on a frowning appearance.

Along with the eyebrows, the mouth comes into play. It may open slightly, and the lips may sometimes tremble, as if scooping up air. Sometimes even a guy licks his lips because more saliva is produced in his mouth - a sign that a man is attracted to a girl. The same can be said about the nostrils; they will increase in size. It’s not surprising, because when you fall in love, smell plays a huge role, so a man tries to hear it.

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The main thing in facial expressions is positive messages; if you feel negative towards yourself, think about it.


  1. A man takes a deep breath when he sees the one he likes. It's not just a matter of excitement and lack of oxygen. Inhaling, the stomach stretches, the back straightens and the chest protrudes - this is a way to eliminate stoop, increasing height by a couple of centimeters and visually enlarging the chest, and, on the contrary, narrowing the waist. This way the figure seems more toned and desirable.
  2. A guy physiologically always tries to get closer and close the distance, so he leans in when a girl speaks, which indicates his interest. In addition, he strives for physical contact: he offers his hand, puts on a coat, straightens a stray strand of hair. And it’s not just about education! Such neutral, sometimes seemingly random touches are a good way to find out the girl’s reaction to them, and as a result, the girl’s interest.
  3. If he puts his hands on his hips, it means he emphasizes himself among the other guys. He is looking for attention from the girl specifically to his person.
  4. In any case, his poses remain open. For example, widely spaced legs indicate trust, while closed postures, for example, crossed arms or legs, indicate an unpreparedness for emotional contact.
  5. The body will always turn towards the object of sympathy, from the head to the toes.
  6. If you look closely, you can see slight swaying while the girl is talking about something, this indicates intimacy, among other things.
  7. When a man is worried, he touches his neck. But it is important to understand why this excitement is: from feelings or because of lies.
  8. The guy becomes prone to mimicry towards the girl; he unconsciously repeats her movements.

How does a lover behave?

Not all men in love always hide their feelings. A man in love does stupid things, behaves strangely, attracts the attention of a woman, and is not afraid to be funny.

A man in love is characterized by:

  • Awkwardness. Feels awkward, shy, clumsy in the presence of a woman.
  • Looks into the eyes. Having met the eyes of the girl he likes, he looks away.
  • Attracts attention. Speaks louder, straightens his shoulders/puffs out his chest/maintains his posture when passing by, attracts attention with loud sounds.
  • Becomes more caring. She asks how she got to her destination and how she’s feeling/feeling.
  • Trying to make you laugh. Jokes, tells jokes/funny stories.
  • Open pose. The lover sits/stands in an open position, with his body turned towards the woman.
  • Persistence. Shows persistence (meetings, requests to tell something).
  • Tactile contact. Tries to accidentally touch the arm/shoulder/cheek/nose/waist/hair.
  • Behavior. Shakes off invisible specks of dust, straightens clothes/belt, freshens breath before a conversation.

All women know well how a young man in love behaves. It is worth paying attention to it - assumptions will be confirmed, cards will be revealed.

Why does a man avoid making eye contact?

One of the most striking details of a woman’s appearance, according to men, is the eyes.

Eyes can convey the whole gamut of feelings inherent in a person, where love and disappointment, sadness and joy, delight and pain coexist.

A woman's gaze excites, intrigues, and attracts men.

That’s why the eyes are so important in self-presentation, which should radiate happiness and confidence, languor and bliss. It is with your eyes that you can show your sympathy or express anger. A person’s eyes reflect his spiritual beauty, as they say:

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul!” And lively, expressive eyes with a sparkle are a true decoration of a woman’s face.

The gaze has many varieties: changing, languid, secretive, studying, looking the man from top to bottom, intent and prolonged right into the eyes.

Your gaze should be open to communication, and not the coldly aloof gaze of the Snow Queen, to whom it is scary to approach.

Men cannot stand arrogance; they have a protest towards submission in their blood.

The size, color, shape of the eye, framed by flirty eyelashes, favorably emphasizes a woman’s individuality.

And a thin strip of hair above your eyes adds variety to your look.

After all, eyebrows enhance this game, as if shading and decorating the eyes, giving mobility to facial expressions. The fact is that a raised eyebrow makes the eye larger and more meaningful, adding intrigue and expressiveness.

Eyebrows also give the face a unique charm, create facial expression and the impression that women make on men depends on them. For example, a kink in the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose gives a mysterious look and a woman unpredictability in her actions. Inexpressive, lifeless eyebrows extinguish the sparkles in the eyes, reducing their depth.

Therefore, dear women, remember that by playing with the shape of your eyebrows, you are not just updating your image, but also adding spontaneity and unpredictability to your image, which ignites the hunting instincts in a man. When you “draw” your face in front of the mirror in the morning, play with your eyebrows, feel them.

This picture: eyes, eyebrows - is complemented by the nose. The nose seems to be the most prominent part of the face, but at the same time it is inactive.

However, subtle movements of the nose in the context of general facial expressions set off signals of your mood.

A wrinkled nose can express bitterness and rejection, no matter how much you smile or sparkle in your eyes.

Now the general impression is blurred, the conversation is not going well. You think that you said the wrong word, you start to feel embarrassed, but it’s all in the nose. Flaring of the wings of the nose and intense inhalation can also express rage or excitement.

In certain conversational contexts, this can be taken as a sexual signal.

Visual contact serves as a hint that you are open to meeting and meeting a man in the future. When your eyes briefly meet a man's gaze, a "spark of emotional empathy between man and woman" flashes.

You are both signaling to each other that you are ready to enter into a romantic relationship.

The duration of “conversation with the eyes” is extremely important; experts have determined that it takes several seconds to establish stable visual contact.

A man wants a woman: signs

The desire to get closer physically speaks of a caring attitude towards a woman. A man wants a woman - he likes her.

  • Lustful look. He looks at the décolleté, hips, and studies the woman’s form. The gaze wanders over the body.
  • Unambiguous hints. Hints at sex, comes from afar.
  • Flat jokes. Makes vulgar jokes that hint at desire.
  • Invitation to visit. Invites you to a cafe/cinema/restaurant/home with an unambiguous hint to continue the evening. When refused, aggression occurs.

Physical attraction gives rise to fantasies in a young man. The coincidence of fantasies and reality is the key to the success of a relationship. Men can truly fall in love after the first intimacy. Expectations were not met - he would not get to know the woman closer.

Why doesn't a man make eye contact when talking? Psychology of relationships

A sideways glance, a sidelong glance, alarms us, makes us think, as it perhaps expresses distrust, secrecy, condescension shown to us. Distrust, anger, and vindictiveness can also be expressed in squinting of the eyes.

With schizoid accentuation, schizothymic people usually do not look at the interlocutor, their gaze is directed either inward or above the interlocutor, since they are only interested in their own thoughts, ideas and are not at all interested in what the interlocutor is talking about.

It seems interesting, in our opinion, that deputies of the State Duma and other “powers of this world” often have an eyebrow raised on one side with horizontal folds on the forehead, which expresses a strong will and even self-will, a high level of claims, self-confidence combined with the denial of existing things or with disdain, often leading to hostility towards the world around us.

Looking down from above speaks of arrogance, perhaps swagger, contempt. This look is also indicated by “closed, curtained” eyes.

On the contrary, looking from the bottom up means subordination, humility, and helpfulness.

A fixed, direct, too firm gaze is a gaze aimed at testing the interlocutor. In normal conversation, the duration of the gaze is determined by an unconscious internal time counter. But when you need to pay attention to someone, the duration of the gaze increases, and if it is too long, for example, when a man looks at a woman, a feeling of intrusiveness arises, and subsequently aggressiveness.

Characteristic is the look of investigators and prosecutors when conducting an interrogation, which is characterized by toughness, insight, and a very long duration. His goal is to break the resistance of the defendant. Likewise, if someone wants to achieve superiority, showing that he doesn’t care, that he is an “iron” man, then in this case he demonstrates a firm, confident look, as if emphasizing: “You will do it my way.”

Considering the dynamics and duration of the gaze, we can distinguish the following stages: normal duration - weak, unnoticeable; an increase in duration raises the question of what this person wants, why he looks at me like that; further duration of the gaze causes unpleasant sensations and hostility, and then leads to aggression or pressure on this person.

“Running eyes” are characteristic of people who experience an indefinite sense of threat, fear, for example, such eyes are found in criminals who have spent a long time in prison, and swindlers.

How to understand that a married man has fallen in love by external signs

Marital status does not limit his desires and aspirations. There are men who can give love to several women at once. Signs of a married man's love are colored by secrecy and isolation.

  • Tries to catch the eye, often looks, searches in the crowd.
  • The body is turned towards the woman.
  • Smiles during the dialogue/when he saw.
  • Writes messages.
  • Becomes thoughtful/cheerful.
  • At every opportunity he tries to “accidentally” touch.
  • “Peacock” behavior – straightens his shoulders, maintains his posture, looks good.
  • Strives to catch the smell of perfume.
  • He tells how bad everything is with his wife.

Mostly married people do not plan to divorce. Falling in love with a married person is more often like flirting with no chance of a serious outcome. There are exceptions.

How to understand if someone truly loves you

Successful development of relationships turns infatuation into love.

Falling in love is associated with passion. Love presupposes a deep, long-lasting feeling of attachment, dependence, and a feeling of happiness from stability. Those who love deeply do not know how to hide their feelings.

Serious, deep, strong feelings are revealed by:

  • Anxiety/overconfidence.
  • The desire to play along, please/find a compromise.
  • Sincerity, openness in communication.
  • Participation in the life of the chosen one (advice, help, health care).
  • The desire to please.
  • Willingness to protect.
  • Willingness to sacrifice previous values ​​for the sake of communication.
  • Indifference to the shortcomings of the chosen one’s appearance.
  • Making general plans.

Whether he truly loves will be told by women's intuition. A woman knows more about love. This is how nature works. A center of love and passion flares up around a woman, warms the stronger sex, and helps to sort out feelings.

Loves or doesn't love: how to unravel feelings if he is silent

We receive only 7% of information from each other through speech. People, like icebergs, hide the most important things under the thickness of their subconscious. To break the ice between you, learn to interpret his nonverbal cues and reciprocate.


How to determine his love?

If you feel his sympathy, but he does not invite you on a date, then one of two things - either you have fallen unrequitedly in love, or with a partisan. If none of these options suits you, take a closer look at his behavior in your presence.

His pupils are dilated

This is how a man’s eyes react to a girl he likes (and vice versa) - this feature manifests itself when looking at something very pleasant for a person. When the pupil dilates, everything blurs a little and loses contrast, this is how we look at the object of our love - we do not notice minor flaws.

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So, if you notice that when a handsome colleague looks at you, his pupils dilate, and at the same time you are not an accountant giving him a salary (also a very pleasant sight, you must agree), then, most likely, he really likes you.

He raises an eyebrow

During an unplanned meeting with the object of his affection, a man involuntarily moves his eyebrows. Of course, all men and their eyebrows are different, but try to appear unexpectedly in his field of vision and you may well notice this repeating movement. Just don't wait for him in a dark alley.

He looks at you often and for a long time

If in a work group or at a party a man looks only at you, trying to catch your eye, he is clearly not indifferent. Lovers look at the object of their feelings much longer.

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This is the look of an artist who is trying to capture in his memory the elusive beauty of features in order to transfer them to canvas. In order not to miss some small touch, a lover can spend hours looking at the object of passion. And there is scientific confirmation of this. Serotonin is released in large quantities near loved ones. Who would refuse superdoses of the “hormone of joy?”

He preens

It is not for nothing that the peacock and drake have such bright plumage. Nature decided that a gentleman must stand out from his rivals in order to win the lady's favor. That is why a man in love, when the woman he is interested in appears, begins to involuntarily straighten his jacket, smooth his hair and shake off non-existent specks of dust from his sleeves in order to appear more attractive. He will straighten his shoulders, straighten his shoulders and suck in his stomach, even if he was previously sleeping on his desk.

He has an extended open posture

It is very easy to be convinced of sympathy towards you in a large company. Just watch who his legs are pointed at and who his body is turned towards. To you or to Lenka from the HR department. And everything will become clear without words to both you and her.

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Moreover, the hands of the object of observation are very eloquent. If, when near you, he does not clasp his hands or cross his arms and legs, this indicates that he is as open as possible to hugs.

He openly looks at you

You need to be able to distinguish between men's views. Long, embracing glances speak of love. The look, impudently sliding over the entire body, speaks only of the desire to have fun. A person who has feelings will not openly undress with his eyes (at most, he will look at you from behind when you cannot see). But a lustful look eloquently declares a man’s desires, and only you can decide how to react to it.

His nostrils widen in your presence.

A very eloquent non-verbal signal that is quite difficult to control and therefore easy to detect. When near his beloved, a man becomes very worried, his temperature rises, his heartbeat quickens, there is a rush of blood to his face, he may perspire, and he seems to be short of air.

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Therefore, a guy in love can behave atypically, because he is sure that he looks “stupid.” If you are interested, don’t delay in showing attention - things may get to the point where he starts avoiding you, afraid of revealing his weakness and vulnerability.

He has changed for the better

Active gesticulation of a man in your field of vision signals his desire to attract your attention. And in general, those around him note that the man has become more cheerful and smiling, he no longer grumbles at anyone, he joined the gym and changed his wardrobe. This is exactly how the life-giving power of love acts on people.

How to respond to received nonverbal signals?

If you find all these signs, then expect an invitation to a date. If you like a man, but his signals are limited to only 2-3 points, then perhaps you need to take the very first step. Of course, also non-verbal.

Don't move into the friend zone

Never support his jokes about other girls, do not give him love advice even if he asks for it, and stop all his attempts to tell you about his broken heart. Even if these conversations bring you closer, he will only see you as a friend.

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Laugh it off, hide behind urgent matters, avoid such conversations in order to let him know that you are not fit to be a “bro.” You are a woman from the tips of your pumps to the ends of your hair.

Touch him

When saying goodbye or in an informal conversation, try to touch the object of your affection. A light handshake, a touch on the shoulder - and now you have already crossed the invisible line of tactile intimacy and communication has become more intimate.

Pay his attention to your hair

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You can take the advice of playing with your hair as you like while talking to a man, but one thing remains clear - long hair affects guys like the look of a boa constrictor on a rabbit. The magic of loose hair, according to experts, lies in the fact that the parietal region is a large area for the release of pheromones. By playing with your hair, you are literally sending him “signals of love.”

"Mirror" his gestures

This recommendation requires a lot of concentration. It is important not to cross the line, otherwise he will decide that you are imitating him in order to laugh. You can copy poses, breathing patterns or gestures.

Men unmistakably recognize “friends” and “strangers”; it is important to demonstrate that you are his soul mate. He put the glass on the table - put yours down, he crossed his legs - cross them too. This will help him relax and feel safe around you.

Show an open pose

Try to be as close to him as possible so that he feels that you are interested in listening to him. The body, knees and feet should be turned towards him, as if you are “on the same wavelength” with him.

Look at him closely

If you've tried everything, but still haven't figured out his feelings, it's worth using the latest non-verbal weapon. A close look straight into the eyes sometimes makes even those who didn’t plan to fall in love. The technique is called the "Rubin Graduation" and involves looking the person straight in the eyes 75% of the time you talk.

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The fact is that the human brain always reacts to the interested gaze of an individual of the opposite sex and begins to convince us that we are in love, producing phenylethylamine. This substance is similar to amphetamine and is what makes us worry and blush. Yes, yes, love is a drug.

Of course, this technique will not work on a completely indifferent person, but if there is mutual sympathy, it will definitely help take the relationship to a new level.

Anna Ofitserova

What are the differences between guys and men falling in love?

Men at different ages show signs of falling in love in different ways. Mature, self-sufficient men differ from boys in life experience, social status, and life plans.

General signs:

  • Hidden expression of feelings.

Only those who are confident in reciprocity show feelings openly. Every drop of reciprocity gives confidence, awakens feelings, reveals sympathies.

  • Admission to your territory, to your life, everyday life.

The form of attention is typical for people in love of any age, if there is no partner/girlfriend/wife.

  • Reluctance to cause pain, to offend.

Possessing masculinity, regardless of age, a caring man is not capable of causing pain to his chosen one.

The differences in the signs of falling in love are due to:

  • The degree of development of the procreation instinct.

For guys, the instinct to procreate is developed at an unconscious level. Attraction influences a girl's choice in a crowd, a strong desire for physical intimacy. Young people have an inquisitive look. They “touch” the chosen one with their eyes from ears to toes.

In mature men, the instinct to procreate is consciously manifested/not manifested. The desire for physical intimacy is sustained and meaningful. The look is velvety caressing, without assertiveness.

  • The degree of spiritual intimacy.

For guys, the degree of spiritual closeness with their chosen one occupies a distant position/is unimportant. Guys rarely think about soul ties.

For mature men, the degree of spiritual kinship takes first place in relationships. By showing signs of attention, they seek spiritual intimacy with the object of their adoration. Understanding that communication gives rise to feelings and intimacy, they attach importance to the similarity of interests.

  • The degree of self-sacrifice for the sake of relationships.

The guy is ready to change his habits, appearance, plans. He will happily spend energy, strength, time on developing and deepening relationships.

An adult man breaks habits worse, less often. He values ​​his time and plans, and is used to living a measured life.

  • Degree of care.

The guys show a naive, kind, sincere sense of care. Men show material care, effective, similar to that of a father.


Body language is an expression of feelings. With its help, you can learn not only about sympathy for yourself, but also, in principle, read all the secrets of human consciousness, since every gesture carries its own message.

The first thing that shows increased attention to a girl is the gestures of the hands of a man in love. They are always on the move. If you are discussing something, your companion’s hands actively accompany the conversation, because the guy wants to impress you as much as possible and at least somehow get into the center of your attention. Open palms will often be shown, this is a gesture of frankness: “I am open to you, I trust you, I accept you.” Relaxed hands speak of goodwill, sincerity, and tenderness. But crossed or hidden hands in a pocket scream that the interlocutor has lost interest in what is happening. If a man begins to nervously fidget with something in his hands (car keys, key fob, napkin, phone), he wants to end the meeting as soon as possible.

Follow your companion's fingers; Freud also said that their demonstration reflects sexual overtones. Does he show them, highlight them, expose them? If they are actively involved below the belt (putting thumbs in the belt of trousers, sticking fingers out of pockets, etc.) - a gesture of obvious manifestation of erotic interest, one’s authoritarianism, desire to dominate over a partner.

A man in love, when he sees a woman he is interested in, always takes care of his appearance: straightens his jacket, straightens his collar, tilts his head to look at his shoes, shakes dust off his pants.

Pay attention to the man's legs. To find out if he is in love, look at how he sits and stands in front of you. Firstly, the toes of the shoes will always be facing you, this is a subconscious gesture indicating that the companion is ready to follow the woman. Secondly, look at the other person's ankles. If he is standing, his legs will in most cases be spread wide; if he is sitting, his ankles will be crossed. By the way, if a guy is unsure of himself, in a vertical position he will need support, for this he will begin to push one leg forward. If you are in company, this leg will indicate the one he has feelings for.

How men fall in love

There are several stages of falling in love:

  • Assessment

An assessment of the woman’s external data (face, figure, holistic image) occurs. Men like well-groomed women.

  • Interest

If you like a woman’s appearance, the young man will be interested in communication and want to get to know each other.

  • Attraction

A woman attracts you, you want to spend more time with her, get to know her better. Shows signs of attention and cares. If there is reciprocity, he wants to continue communication.

  • Impression

Trying to make a good impression, interest, attract attention, arouse sympathy.

  • Belief

Internal struggle, thoughts - is all this necessary? Making a positive decision.

  • Love

Desire for contacts and relationships.

“Amorous” people fall in love immediately. But the reverse process also happens quickly.

Serious, sensible people take a closer look.

What is a man's gaze like?

  1. Intimate - a smooth, not languid gaze slowly sliding over your body. If you don’t mind, just smile back at the man and you won’t have to wait long.
  2. Flirting - the man tries not to look below your face. The look is intermittent. Efforts are made to make you smile. If you like this person, smile at him and laugh at his jokes. Who knows, maybe this relationship will develop into something more.
  3. A man in love - the man’s pupils are dilated, his gaze is fixed on the woman’s eyes, his eyebrows are raised, as if he is asking you: “What do you feel about me?” There is a playful twinkle in the eyes. It's hard for him to take his eyes off you. The light turning into flame speaks of his passion. But what man, when he sees a woman he likes, does not feel attraction and desire for her?

Also find out how to understand that a married man has fallen in love?

How long can a man hide his love?

Depends on character, upbringing, principles, views.

There are men who force events - unable to hide their love for long. They strive to clarify the relationship, development/cessation.

Men who are ready to wait for months for the favor of their chosen one, without trying to make an effort (why am I the first).

Men for whom developing relationships is prohibited. They hide their love for years, enjoying communication with the object of their adoration. Marital status is an obstacle to the development of relationships. There are no thoughts about divorce. They are unable to do this.

Why does a man hide his feelings?

Men tend to hide their feelings and emotions. Closedness, conservatism, abstraction are characteristic features of masculinity. They appear on an unconscious level. A man hides his attitude towards his chosen one - reasons:

  • Shyness, lack of self-confidence, complexes.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Public opinion.
  • Marital status (own / chosen ones).
  • Bad experience in previous relationships (afraid of women).
  • Showing feelings is an indicator of weakness.

There is one way to maintain your image and calmness - to remain silent and hide your feelings.

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