What does it mean if a girl is afraid to look a guy in the eyes?

The mysterious creatures of the girls who arrived from Venus do not get tired of asking the representatives of the stronger sex a wide variety of riddles, which take men a huge amount of both effort and time to solve. Until, for example, to understand why the girl does not look into the eyes? Is she embarrassed, offended, is she not interested in the interlocutor? It seems that this topic is worth understanding in more detail.

She's clearly hiding something

Physiognomy comes into play - a science that studies a person’s character, his reactions, etc. by facial expression.
Just like in the TV series “The Theory of Lies,” you can tell that a girl is lying or not telling the whole truth when she looks away after asking questions. No matter what a person says, the tongue may not fail and the speech of a liar sometimes does not betray him in any way. However, subtle changes in the face, averting the eyes and other unconscious actions can tell us the truth.

However, there is no need to rush at the lady and accuse her of lying ahead of time. It is better to look for additional signs of lying and not focus only on the fact that the girl does not look into the eyes when talking.

She's in love with you

The whole world knows that when sexually aroused, the pupils dilate. The pupils dilate, even if the object of adoration enters the field of view. Perhaps this is the real reason; she acts, of course, intuitively, trying to hide her interest from you. The instincts in us, although they have moderated their ardor, still live. A true woman will not hunt a man, she will give him this role. She herself can coquettishly avert her eyes to the side, thereby flirting with you.

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The most pleasant of all possible reasons when a girl is embarrassed to make eye contact is her feelings for you. Ladies are often afraid to show their feelings and emotions, fearing that they will not perceive her as she should.
Most women wait for the first step from a man. That's why all they can do is look away flirtatiously. This is usually done unconsciously, but it perfectly makes it clear that the girl is trying to hide the emotions that are creeping through her eyes.

In addition, such behavior may indicate sexual tension. In this case, women’s pupils dilate, and they try to hide the uncontrolled manifestation of feelings.

Secrets of the female gaze revealed?5

In fact, much to the disappointment of males, no. Women's behavior often does not fit into typical boundaries and goes far beyond them. So a stranger who looked up, and not diagonally, may just at this moment dream of having a couple of cute children with the young man she liked. And she looked diagonally not because he interested her, but because... that someone threw a piece of paper on the floor, and she can’t stand it.

In a word, female behavior can have such an incredible number of explanations that it is not something that cannot be classified - men with their average intelligence, in principle, cannot understand the course of female thought. The only thing they can do is follow the direction of the woman's gaze and hope. that everyone understood correctly.

The lady is bored

The situation when a girl does not make eye contact during a conversation is a clear example of the fact that she is bored by the conversation.
Remember how you behave during a dialogue that is not interesting to you: you think about your own things, look into the distance, look away, or just nod thoughtlessly.

You need to choose the right topics to talk to a woman. The mistake a lot of guys make is that they talk about politics, martial arts, or technical stuff in an attempt to show off their best side. Usually girls are not interested in these areas of life. It's better to talk about travel, dreams, films and music. In a word, about what the girl understands.

She is bored

It is quite possible that the topic under discussion is not interesting to her. Men often, in order to impress a woman, talk about topics in which they are well versed, throw around terminology, cite statistics, and rely on numbers. For the fair sex, this is dry and lifeless information. Try changing the subject. Cinema, books, travel, sports are closer to a woman’s heart. Women also love life stories. Tell something funny about yourself or ask about events in her life that she still remembers with warmth in her soul. Perhaps the question of our article will disappear by itself.

The woman is tired

Sometimes girls get tired of a long conversation and look away, and at the same time cover their faces with their hands.
This suggests that the information received is too much and the lady needs time to digest everything. It is unlikely that she will be able to perceive further conversation at all. In this and other situations, it is often enough to ask why the girl does not make eye contact. There are several interesting outcomes that can be predicted here:

  • She will look intently into your eyes and say something like: “It’s not difficult for me, I can look”;
  • She will be surprised and justified that she didn’t even notice it. Then the girl will try to periodically look into your eyes;
  • He won’t look you in the eye and tell you why. Perhaps he's just shy.

Of course, it is impossible to predict all reactions, but one way or another, something will happen that will help understand the reasons for a woman’s behavior.

In the direction of gaze: how to determine what a woman is thinking about3

A lot of research has been carried out on this matter, which has made it possible to find out how to determine a woman’s attitude towards a man depending on where exactly she averts her gaze. It turned out that this is quite eloquent!

So, if she lowers her eyes and seems to be rummaging with them on the floor, this with a high degree of probability indicates that the representative of the stronger sex is pleasant to her - in this way she seems to demonstrate her emotions and thinks about them herself. What happens next depends on the man - if he continues to court, then most likely it will be a success.

There are also situations when a girl looks away and looks at her interlocutor again. takes her away again - and this means not at all what men usually think - that is, in fact, the girl is not avoiding them at all, but quite the opposite. Experienced men understand what this signal means and use it to their advantage.

Many representatives of the stronger sex, who are considered real heartthrobs, supposedly because girls never refuse them, actually have a very simple secret: they choose those girls who show hidden interest with their averted gaze.

Individual characteristics

Some girls are such delicate creatures that it is difficult to try on a certain pattern on them and explain the reaction in simple words.
There are cases when people date for more than a year, or even two, but the girl never looks the guy in the eyes.

Naturally, the guy is not very pleased with this and gets the feeling that he is disgusting to the lady or she is afraid to open up to him. Moreover, he sees that the girl communicates with everyone normally, looks other people in the eyes without any problems, but he doesn’t.

This happens because the lady has a very special relationship with her partner. Well, somehow it happened that she couldn’t look me in the eye. In the end, this is not the end of the world, because the girl shows the warmest feelings and tries in every possible way to create a strong relationship.

What is the girl afraid of?

Did your relationship start recently? Then it's no surprise that your partner avoids direct gazes.

Girls are often embarrassed by their new boyfriends and intimacy with them. Therefore, any hint of this very closeness gives an inexplicable result. Remember that prolonged eye contact in romantic movie scenes usually ends with a kiss. Your girlfriend may be afraid of this outcome, especially if she is an introvert and you have not kissed yet. It would be a mistake to correct such a situation with direct conversations. Extra words can take away the charm and romance from the beginning of a relationship. Nevertheless, try through your actions to achieve trust, which will help the girl open up.

Gaze control

This title may sound a little naive and funny, but it fits perfectly with the next example.
You can control women with your gaze. Of course, we mean those who are not afraid to look you in the eye. If you want to win over a woman who is aggressive or neutral towards you, try practicing the following. Imagine that the girl is a small child, perhaps even your daughter. Look at a lady the way you would look at a little girl who is trying to prove something to you. Just be touched and radiate goodness.

The main thing is not to overdo it, since such tenderness can be perceived as disrespect and pity.

This can infuriate the person even more. Well, if successful, a change of mood will come almost instantly, and the girl will break into a smile.


All people lie. They do this with different frequencies and have different persuasion skills. But still very often they tell lies. And former partners are no exception. While communicating with him, a girl may notice that he looks away to the side, and in some cases this will be a sign that the guy is not telling something or is telling a lie.

It’s hard to blame him for this, because he was left without a relationship and is no longer obliged to share his real feelings and plans with someone who is no longer related to his life. But it’s also not good on his part to blatantly deceive. There are several reasons why men may lie to their exes.

Firstly, this is, of course, an insult to them. It is quite difficult to communicate with a person as if nothing had happened after the relationship with him was severed. The request to remain “friends” rarely translates into real life. A man may fundamentally not want to share anything with the one who left him.

Or he may deliberately tell lies in order to insult his former partner, put her in an unfavorable light, and make her feel guilty. You need to be aware of the fact that not all men can be called polite, tactful and understanding. Negative emotions can push them to do other things.

Secondly, this is the absence of any feelings or desire to continue communication with the ex. It may be that the guy has already come to terms with the breakup, let the girl go, and when meeting her does not want to tell the truth in order to let her in again. For himself, he has already put an end to it, and such a lie will only mean that he does not want to resume the relationship.

A girl, if she suddenly wants to return him for some reason, should keep in mind the reason that the man avoids visual contact with her. Often, from his cold and uninterested answers, you can easily understand that he is no longer interested in his ex-partner.

Thirdly, a man may deliberately hide details of his life or lie about them if he is afraid of judgment from his ex-partner. He may have some residual warm feelings for her, so he is afraid of offending her with some information. For example, he may believe that his ex will be offended by the fact that he recovered from the breakup so quickly.

After all, this would mean that he did not love her very much and held on to this relationship. The guy will lie not only in order to save the girl from suffering, but also in order to avoid problems, conflicts and showdowns on this basis.

Why does a man look away when talking?

Everyone knows that a person’s eyes reflect his inner world.
They also talk about the feelings experienced at a given time. If a man averts his eyes when talking to a woman, this may mean that: These are properties of his character.

Perhaps this man is a nervous and fearful person and averts his eyes during a conversation, not at all because he has a negative attitude towards the interlocutor. This is, in all likelihood, his usual behavior.

A man avoids eye contact because the interlocutor or the conversation with him is not of much importance to him.

It happens. Perhaps the matter he is currently thinking about is more important to him than the conversation with the person in front of him, so he cannot concentrate enough attention on the interlocutor.

The man has a secret.

When talking, he subconsciously hides his eyes from the woman because he does not want to give himself away. Perhaps the man is ashamed of his behavior, for example, having cheated on his wife or having done something that is difficult to admit even to himself. This is his attempt to hide his feelings and experiences from others, which are still reflected in his gaze.

Habit, psychotype, behavioral characteristics.

Some people talk, rarely glancing at the interlocutor, no matter who he is. After observing them, you will notice that communication taking place with virtually no visual contact is their habit, the norm.

The female gaze is very strong and assertive.

If this is so, the man may not be able to stand it, so he will look around and not into the eyes of his interlocutor. Some people have such a hard look that it actually incinerates those who talk to them, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman.

Difficulty communicating with other people, arising for various reasons.

Some people don't communicate with anyone on a regular basis. Perhaps they simply have little experience in normal communications. But an introvert, a person suffering from autism, or someone with disabilities such as social phobia or sociopathy can behave this way. Therefore, when you notice such a sign, try to understand who exactly is in front of you. Perhaps there is nothing to fear. Or you should stay away from an unsociable person, especially if you don’t know each other.

People with low self-esteem often have great difficulties in communication. As a rule, they are distinguished by a general tightness, a somewhat insecure and nervous state, and constantly suspect that everyone is discussing their appearance, manners, etc. Such people avoid the interested glances of others, so they try to avert their eyes.

Anxiety about existing problems, nervous tension.

Let's say, while talking to a lady, a man thinks about his unresolved problems. He is worried about finances, preparing for a meeting with a partner, repaying a loan, etc. If a person tries to do several things at the same time, concentration weakens and the brain refuses to concentrate. And then the conversation no longer goes as it should, it turns out somehow crumpled, and the interlocutor, seeing this, becomes slightly confused. Perhaps the man is thinking about the reasons for the quarrel with his wife or is already late for an important event. This behavior can be caused by any resonant life situations.

Having warm feelings for your interlocutor and being afraid to talk about them.

This reason is written in any women's magazine. Let's add this fact: if a man averts his eyes during a conversation, most likely he is far from indifferent to the woman, but he has some reason not to admit it to her. Perhaps he considers himself unworthy of a relationship with this lady, or one of them is married. A man may also come to the conclusion that a simple acquaintance should not be translated into a relationship.

There may be other reasons, to find out which you need to carefully understand the current situation. It is possible to correctly explain his behavior only by analyzing the situation. You should find out information about a person’s character, how he communicates with others, and important events that have happened in his life.

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