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Have you ever wondered why you live? What is the meaning of existence? If the answer is no, then your “existential crisis” is yet to come...

The article is intended for those who are ready to take their destiny into their own hands. And if you are reading this, then the time has come. The moment to think about the meaning of your life has come. Answer yourself the question “How old am I?”

Life is a game, and it is like a game of chess. We play white, and circumstances play out the game with black. It is our movements that create one or another chain of cause-and-effect relationships. And perhaps, like pieces on a chessboard, every time we come into life we ​​play different roles: now an Officer, now a Pawn, now a King, now a Knight, now a Queen. Each coming to this Earth returns us to the chessboard of fate, and we play a role - the role of the piece that we ourselves have chosen. The difference between each figure is only in the width of the step, the manner of walking and the absence or presence of obstacles in the form of other figures that either limit us or cover us.

What is the meaning of a chess game? Win against your opponent and checkmate him. You cannot underestimate or exaggerate the importance of a particular chess piece. After all, the Pawn, which has passed the entire board from edge to edge, becomes the Queen - the most powerful and invulnerable piece on the chess Olympus. And the most interesting thing is that an unhindered move allows the white Pawn to advance one square, and only black pieces on the way allow the Pawn to take a step wider, step over, accelerate the movement and create favorable opportunities for faster achievement of the goal.

Some of us came to be a Pawn, some - a King or a Queen, and some - an Officer or a Tura... The main thing is to understand yourself and play the chosen role beautifully and with dignity. It is the lack of understanding of oneself and one’s role in life that leads to deep disappointment in the face of death, when a person realizes that life has been lived in vain. The sooner you think about this, the sooner you will take your place on the chessboard, and each step will bring the little white Pawn closer to the goal of becoming the Queen.

Lao Tzu said: “A long journey begins with the first step.” The main thing is to choose the direction where to go.

But they are waiting for you! Something in this life cannot be complete without you and cannot spin with the speed and power of which it is capable. Or maybe something without you cannot even spin and come to life at all. Having taken your place on the chessboard called “Life”, you will go through a worthy path, which is determined by understanding yourself, your true spiritual needs.

It's your turn now, be brave...

As astrology says

Crisis translated from Greek means decision, verdict, decisive outcome. It is during periods of crisis that we make strong-willed decisions. We radically change some parts of our life or our whole life.

Astrology helps a person understand himself, determine his talents and abilities. And if you can’t find the meaning of life, then at least help you choose the direction of your search. And that's already a lot.

From an astrological point of view, crises are conflicts between internal and external. When a person does not understand the rules of the game, not because he is stupid, but because he does not realize his role. Who is he - Knight, Tura, Pawn?

A person complains that circumstances “go” in a way that is incomprehensible to him, creating problems and obstacles. But in fact, circumstances “go” according to the rules and are ready to help a person. Conclusion: you need to learn the rules.

And now directly about crises and ways to overcome them from an astrological point of view.

Our entry onto the playing field is determined by the so-called moment of karmic maturation. The task of the period of life up to this point is to remind us of the rules of the general game, walking and actions of all figures (what they are, what they strive for, how they can act and how to interact with them). When this period ends, we enter the chessboard of fate. And those who understand the rules of the game, realize themselves, their role, go step by step, day by day towards the intended goal, observing the rules. And those who have not understood and realized all the time confuse their “whites” and other people’s “blacks”.

The moment of entering the playing field is individual for each person. From an astrological point of view, it depends on the date of birth.

As you already understand, the moment of karmic maturation is a unique and very fundamental starting point, the beginning of our conscious life. It’s good when this moment comes after the age of 14, that is, when we approach our life more or less consciously. Such people already find themselves by the age of 30 and begin to implement their life program. It is more difficult for those for whom the moment of karmic maturation occurs at an unconscious childhood age or around the age of 25 or 27. Such people give the impression of overgrown children. And here the task of the parents is either to help the child find himself, or not to interfere...

Your life is ruined if you live in the past

Certain things will happen in your life: breakups, uncertainty, feelings of worthlessness and unimportance. Some memories and words will live in your heart forever. But you cannot let them determine your future - they are nothing more than words and events. If you allow every negative event to change your view of yourself, then the whole world will begin to seem bad to you. You will begin to blame yourself because you did not achieve the coveted promotion in the past. You will lose your love, thinking that your partner left you because of your imperfections, and now you are afraid to believe another person who convinces you otherwise. This completes a vicious circle and creates a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you do not step over what happened and what was said earlier, through your past feelings, you will receive a distorted vision of the future. As a result, you will end up with eternal excuses, worries and fuel for what could have been avoided.

All life is like a crisis

After the moment of karmic maturation, crises repeat every 6-8 years. Every 6-8 years, “black figures” let us know what was done wrong. Or one’s “whites” suddenly turn into “blacks”, and the person creates problems for himself.

If you are young and the question of the meaning of life came to you, then you have a great opportunity to go from Pawn to Queen, the main thing is to realize who she is, your Queen. To do this, you need to perform positioning, create an architectural plan for your destiny. The key questions that need to be answered are: what can I not imagine my life without? What can I do indefinitely? What activity inspires me to do it from morning until late at night? What would I do whether I have money or not? What could I do with pleasure, and what would also feed me? Drawing pictures? Embroidery? Astrology classes? Drilling of the wells? Writing books? Trade? Design? Business? Remember: by answering this question, you are choosing a game piece of your life and will have to follow the rules of behavior of this piece on the chessboard of fate. Only in this case will you reach your goal with honors. The answer to these questions will eliminate the most difficult and tragic crisis from your life - the existential one!

The existential crisis stems from the global nature of the spiritual task facing man. There are questions inside: “Who am I? What should I do anyway?” In most cases, such a crisis occurs once in a lifetime. “Why in most cases only once?” - you ask. Yes, because very often it is too late to change something in your life. And a person finds satisfaction in what he has.

Imagine a person is 50-60 years old - and suddenly he thinks about the meaning of life. There is a house, a family, children, a business or a position, and suddenly a person realizes that all this does not bring him true satisfaction. His spiritual needs never found application in his life and now remind themselves of themselves. You can't deceive your soul. Yes, everything is fine in generally accepted social stereotypes. And the person is sad and sad and cannot understand what to do next, but this is not clear to those around him, because he “has everything.” I so want to give up everything and send everyone far, far away. What to do in this case? Find a new application for your knowledge and experience, transform it into a different quality. Are you great at making money? Teach others, open courses. Have you been putting off your love of drawing your entire life? Draw, write, dance - find time in your life for this.

The crisis of internal space is one of the turning points associated with the search for a reliable rear. Where will I return after work and creative work, for nights and weekends, and will they wait for me there with joy and understanding? This is the period of creating a family, building a house, having children, creating internal support and comfort.

In a positive version, at this stage, all of the above appears in a person’s life and is strengthened, if present. In the negative, it collapses. It collapses because we suddenly, unexpectedly for ourselves, understand that we are not on the same path with this person, because we began to “come into consciousness” with pictures of understanding ourselves in the future, the role of which figure we can handle, but the person next to us does not harmonize with this picture. Instead of helping us step over the “black figures,” he himself personifies them and piles them up on our path. “Why did this happen?” - you may ask. Because at the time of marriage, starting a family, you still did not know what role you were going to play.

The next stage is a social crisis , when occupied external (career, social) positions are tested for strength - is this what we learned? Is that what they fought for? And what are we good for, like a Queen, a Tour or a Horse?

A person’s task is to work on his qualities, improve his level of professionalism, and change himself in accordance with the external conditions of life.

On the negative side, this period is accompanied by a change of career, disappointment in one’s social fulfillment, positions and social prospects are lost. And other pieces come to the squares of the chessboard we have conquered.

On a positive note, a person finds interesting prospects for further career growth.

Between the above two periods there is an intermediate development crisis. Which either throws you back or gives you rapid dynamics and helps you effectively survive the social crisis. Throwing back occurs due to regret and disappointment in the opportunities and prospects that we grabbed 15 years ago, without suspecting or realizing our role for which we came into life.

In a negative situation, a person spends more resources on “show-off” and self-affirmation: that’s what kind of Horse I am! And he develops less himself and develops his life situations. Shows authoritarianism, pride, anger, resentment. This period is generally characterized by the stimulation of situations in a person’s life that cause a state of internal resentment.

What to do? Show more politeness, respect for yourself and others, try to be objective, resolve situations at a round table of negotiations, where each partner will express their point of view and a compromise will be found. The main thing here is not to overestimate yourself.

This period is accompanied by divorces, documentary and legal problems, conflicts with partners, and division of jointly acquired property.

In the “plus”, a person is actively developing, covering large territories of his manifestation, investing all his resources in his destiny. He is actively promoting in society.

Your life falls apart when you start following someone else's path.

Why strive so hard to speed up the development of our relations? What is the reason for the attractiveness of the idea of ​​becoming someone's and not someone else's? Love that is a consequence of the desire for comfort, the desire to avoid lonely nights and feel attention to oneself, although it has nothing to do with passion, will never be the same love that will inspire you to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, turn on your side and tenderly hug your soulmate. Try to discover true love that motivates you to become a better person, that intimacy that is so rare today. Stop saying out loud that you don't want to be alone. Live alone, eat alone, go on dates but sleep alone, and gradually you will know yourself. You will begin to develop, find sources of inspiration, control your dreams and beliefs. And when the same one or the same one comes your way, you will stop doubting your feelings and yourself. Just wait. You must wait, fight for this person and try for him if you have already found him. After all, love is the most beautiful feeling that your heart can know.

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Your life is falling apart because your patience is limitless.

The man should have been happy that he was alive. By agreeing to anything less than what you want, you are harming your potential. As a result, you deceive both yourself and the whole world. But right now, the next Michelangelo could be sitting somewhere, huddled behind a MacBook and spending his time writing out invoices for office supplies because it helps him pay his bills, it doesn’t require effort, and he’s willing to put up with the work. Don't be the same, don't ruin your life. Work and personal life are not independent from each other and are closely intertwined. Every person should strive to find an exciting job and find incredible love. And this is the only way to become truly happy.


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Your life is falling apart because of your desensitization

Almost each of us is afraid to say too much, to know the depth of feelings and to show people how important they are to us. But caring and obsession are not synonymous. If you show your neighbor how special he is to you, you will reveal your vulnerability to him. But there's nothing to be ashamed of here. There is something incredibly beautiful and even magical in that very moment when you completely open your heart to someone you care about. Show your loved one what inspiration she brings to you. Tell your mom in front of your friends that you love her. Don't stop being open. Share your feelings, be bolder in choosing your love and how exactly you love. This is what courage is.

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Long-term lack of results

The second reason why a person may find himself at a dead end and not know how to live further is powerlessness of a different nature.

You make efforts, but the result is zero. You are not deprived of intelligence, you have enough knowledge, but again they are not offering you a job. Or... you are ambitious and purposeful, but luck has not smiled on you again. Or... you are attractive, interesting to talk to, a good cook, but it’s not you who is being asked to get married again. Once, twice, ten...

Do you think these situations cannot be compared? Everyone strives for pleasure, that’s how we are designed. Long-term inability to get what you want is serious stress. Hurt. What if someone else makes your dream come true? It hurts twice.

The psyche adapts as best it can. If you do not solve the problem for too long, desires will gradually fade away - apathy will set in. And a complete reluctance to think about how to live further.

Let yourself feel bad

You may well feel bad and admit that everything you receive from life at this moment is real. Perhaps you are faced with an unexpected illness or job loss. You may suddenly have financial difficulties, or bad news may fall on you. Whatever it is, you have the right to complain. Having the blues isn't the worst thing you can do. In fact, this is a healthy, necessary response that will help you in the healing process and return to normal life.


Any effect must have a cause. This logical rule does not work everywhere. A person cannot always ruin his life on his own. A turning point is a sudden change that knocks a person out of the standard system of thinking and existence. What are the reasons for this phenomenon:

  • External factor. Sometimes a person is not the cause of his problems. People around him can ruin his life. For example, a neighbor who decides to smoke in an apartment can start a fire in a high-rise building. No one is insured against floods, epidemics, or injuries caused by a drunk driver. External factors that change a person’s life are illness or death of close relatives.
  • Internal factor. A person can become confused in his thoughts and in his life. Sometimes people do things that they later regret. For example, an incorrectly chosen career, an unsuccessful marriage, or suddenly realized stupidity force you to reconsider your future life prospects.

Your life is falling apart due to constant comparisons

Your value does not change depending on how many people follow your social media page. The same goes for your happiness, intelligence, and compassion—they are in no way dependent on how much you have in your bank account. A person whose wealth significantly exceeds yours cannot be called more worthy or better than you. We get fixated on things that other people like, who our friends subscribe to, and so not only our lives are spoiled, but our personality is also destroyed. Inside such a dependent person there arises a need to feel important, and often we often achieve this at the expense of those around us.

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