Carbine "Vepr" 308 (SOK-95): characteristics and design

The history of the appearance of the Vepr 308 and Vepr 308 Super carbine

Initially, the first version of the Vepr was created with a caliber of 7.62x39 mm. Next, a modification “Vepr” 308 appeared, in which the caliber of the cartridge was increased. The latest modification is the Vepr version Super-308.

The Vepr 308 was chambered according to NATO standards. This was explained by the fact that the plant wanted to create an export version. However, domestic hunters liked this option most of all. For this reason, the Russian manufacturer also began producing such cartridges.

The first models of the Vepr 308 were practically a copy of the Kalashnikov light machine guns, which were widely used in the army. Therefore, former employees liked this weapon.

Carbine Vepr-308 Win (SOK-95)

On a note! The only differences between the carbines were the trigger mechanism and retention elements. The burst firing function was also removed and the magazine capacity was reduced to 5-10 bullets.

Purpose of the carbine Vepr 308 Win (SOK 95)

The weapon was created for civilian use. This version is considered a carbine with an increased safety class. The main area of ​​application is hunting. But the weapon is also widely used in competitive events and even in extreme conditions.

Important! In addition, the carbine can be used for self-defense. This point is described and stipulated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Differences between Vepr 308 and Vepr 308 Super

Vepr 308 Super is an improved version of the carbine, which has become even more suitable for comfortable hunting. Main differences:

  • the body of the weapon became solid, making it more like a hunting rifle;
  • weight decreased to 3.9 kg;
  • a flash suppressor appeared in the muzzle brake;
  • the push-button fuse operates almost silently, unlike the lever version;
  • Availability of magazines with a capacity of 2 and 3 rounds.

Vepr 308 Super

Review of the Vepr-308 carbine

The Vepr-308 carbine, equipped with a spacious magazine and a convenient sight, has become one of the favorite hunting carbines of Russian hunters. Unlike other developments of automatic rifles, which had to be developed almost from scratch, when creating the Vepr carbines, the decades-tested automation of military weapons was taken as a basis.

One of the main advantages of Vepr-308 is its high power. The automatic features of the RPK allow this weapon to be used in any climatic conditions; it will not let its owner down even at record low temperatures, which often occur in the taiga in winter. With the advent of the Vepr-308 carbine, many large game hunters abandoned their old double-barreled shotguns and bolt-action carbines in favor of this reliable automatic weapon.

In order to certify their creation as a hunting weapon, engineers had to make some changes in the design:

  • The ability to conduct automatic fire was removed;
  • Magazines for 5 or 10 rounds appeared. Based on feedback from hunters, it can be understood that using a 10-round magazine gives an advantage in the rate of fire, but 5-round magazines are more reliable;
  • The shape of the butt was changed;
  • The forend became half-open;
  • The sight has a different shape. However, for those who do not like the shape of the front sight on the Vepr-308, there are many choke attachments. Some of them imitate a silencer, while others imitate an RPK sight.

Those who want to install a real silencer on their Vepr-308 carbine will also have to be content with various decorative muzzles. The installation of real silencers is prohibited by law. Some companies offer homemade devices that act as flame arresters and can muffle the sound of a shot by 30%.

Although the Vepr-308 automatic weapon is trouble-free, do not forget that this is not a bolt-action carbine, but an automatic weapon. Experienced users recommend cleaning not after the hunt is over, but immediately after shooting. After a few hours, it will be much more difficult to remove carbon deposits, and this can lead to damage to the chrome plating of the bore.

Experienced users recommend discarding the factory cleaning rod that comes with the kit immediately, as it can damage the coating of the barrel bore. You need to purchase a high-quality cleaning rod for cleaning weapons, preferably with a handle that rotates.


Vepr 308 has the following technical characteristics:

  • weight without optics, but with a magazine is 4.1 kg;
  • caliber 7.62 mm;
  • a domestic (7.62×39) or foreign (7.62×51) cartridge can be used;
  • total length of the carbine 110.55 cm;
  • trunk length - 59 cm;
  • magazine capacity varies from 5 to 10 rounds;
  • production started in 1995;
  • in the absence of an optical sight, the hitting range reaches 300 meters.

The design of the carbine is very similar to the AK-74, but there are significant changes. The main one is the lack of automatic fire capability, although the firing mechanism is almost identical.

The .308 Win version also received minor changes. A spring mechanism was added to the firing pin, which reduced the risk of pinching the cartridge capsule.


Since the design of the Kalashnikov assault rifle was taken as a basis, the large caliber corresponds to the original weapon, thanks to which the Vepr 308 is intended for hunting large animals.

The weapon's minimal recoil has a positive effect on shooting accuracy and accuracy. The design is well thought out and can operate at any temperature conditions.

Vepr 308 is one of the best options in terms of price and quality ratio.

Operating principle and disassembly

The operating principle is as follows:

  • first, the cartridge is “sent” to the magazine by the return spring;
  • then the channel hole is closed after the spring returns;
  • after pressing the trigger, a strong blow is applied to the firing pin;
  • the primer heats up, ignites and a shot occurs.

Before disassembling, you should make sure that the weapon is unloaded and has no cartridges inside. Any application of lubricant or simply checking is carried out exclusively using the instructions included in the package.

Assembling the weapon occurs strictly in the reverse order.

Options and packaging

Upon purchase, the carbine will be provided disassembled. All components are in a special lubricant that protects the parts from moisture and temperature changes. The weapon itself and its parts are packed in fabric treated with oil and placed in a wooden or cardboard box.

The package also includes a passport, certificate, maintenance material and legislative literature.

Complete set Vepr-308

Characteristics of the Vepr-308 Super rifle

In the table below you can see the features of the Vepr-308 Super carbine chambered for 308 Win and 35 Rem cartridges, which is designed for firing rifle cartridges.

General characteristics of the Vepr 308 Super
7.62 mm carbine 8.89 mm carbine
Cartridge used 308 Win 35 Rem
Barrel length, m 0,55
Number of grooves in the barrel 4 rifling directed to the right side 7 rifling directed to the right side
Trigger force for firing, kgf 2,5
Total length of weapon, m 1,04
Overall carabiner width, m 0,075
Weapon height, m 0,2
The speed of the bullet immediately after the shot 740 830
Aimed firing range, m 300
Magazine capacity There are three variations in total: for 3, 5 and 10 rounds
Total weight of the gun without ammunition, kg 3,9 4
Accuracy of Vepr-308 Super, m 0,05 0,06

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Vepr 308 are:

  • the coating of the chamber and bore is a very durable alloy;
  • the presence of automatic recharging using the released discharge energy of the bolt part;
  • the return spring closes the bolt;
  • using the trigger mechanism, you can prematurely calculate the shot and return the trigger spring;
  • the ability to hunt medium and large animals;
  • weak recoil;
  • you can shoot up to 300 meters away;
  • shooting accuracy is at a good level;
  • an enlarged aiming line allows for better aiming;
  • possibility of installing an optical sight;
  • high reliability and long service life;
  • not afraid of bad weather conditions;
  • relatively low cost.

Among the shortcomings are the following:

  • unfinished ejector system;
  • large weight and size;
  • not the best balancing;
  • the wooden parts are not processed in the best way;
  • despite the fact that the fuse is a push-button one, it still clicks loudly;
  • If you don't close the scope and it hits, it will be very difficult to adjust;
  • disassembling the gas chamber is inconvenient;
  • To clean the piston in the gas chamber, you will have to spend a lot of time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Vepr-308 carbine

The Vepr-308 automatic carbine has been produced since the 90s of the 20th century. During this time, domestic hunters studied all its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of Vepr-308 are:

  • Ammunition of 7.62x51 mm caliber allows you to successfully hunt both medium and large animals;
  • Weak recoil does not interfere with shooting accuracy;
  • Fire from an automatic carbine can be fired at a distance of up to 300 meters;
  • High accuracy of fire;
  • Ability to use optical sights;
  • Reliability of automation in various weather conditions;
  • High resource of all nodes;
  • Quite low price.

The Vepr-308 also has a lot of disadvantages:

  • The weapon is too heavy for running hunts;
  • The balancing of the carbine is not the best;
  • The wooden forend and stock are very poorly processed. Many hunters call them "firewood";
  • All manipulations with the fuse make too much noise, you can scare away the game;
  • An open sight requires very careful handling. When a weapon falls, it is very easily damaged;
  • Disassembling the gas chamber is too complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Some of these shortcomings can be eliminated by yourself. As can be seen from the list, the positive qualities of the Vepr-308 significantly outweigh the disadvantages, which is why the carbine is so popular both in Russia and abroad.

Finishing Vepr 308

Overall, the weapon is of good quality and is superior to most models, but some aspects still need to be improved.

The first thing you can do is to carefully secure the stock to the body, since its factory fastening is weak. The problem is solved by drilling a hole through which a screw with a cone washer is inserted. Thus, the attachment of the butt to the receiver is strengthened.

Accuracy may be reduced because the trigger mechanism is not well machined. To correct the situation, you can take thin sandpaper and clean the areas in the area of ​​the trigger hook and trigger.

Tuning Vepr-308

To date, designers have developed many elements for tuning the Vepr-308. Like many domestically produced products, the parts do not always correspond to users’ ideas about improving weapons. However, at present, tuning the Vepr-308 automatic carbine does not pose any problems, since many third-party companies produce a wide range of components. The only problem may be that upgrading the Boar may cost more than the weapon itself.

It is very rare to find options in which the butt and fore-end are made of expensive and exotic wood, but usually tuning the Vepr-308 serves to give the weapon brutality and complete similarity to a Kalashnikov light machine gun.

Differences between the standard model and Vepr Super 308

The Vepr 308 got its hunting appearance thanks to a one-piece stock, which was previously separated, like a machine gun.

Vepr Super 308 is 200 grams lighter than its predecessor. To increase accuracy and efficiency, the Vepr Super 308 received a more powerful barrel, while maintaining the original weight. The muzzle brake-compensator acts as a flame arrester. This feature eliminates the risk of blinding from a shot at night. The recoil has also decreased.

All sharp and catchy elements were also removed from the body to make hunting more convenient.

Vepr Super 308 has some disadvantages. In the Vepr 308 version, the mount for optics is in the standard place, but in the Vepr Super 308 it has been moved to the gas chamber. This step lowered the aiming line, but the firing range remained 300 meters.

The Vepr 308 used a lever safety that clicked loudly. These sounds could scare away the beast. In the modified version, the fuse became a push-button and convenient. You don't have to change your hand to switch. Everything can be done alone.

Previously, magazines with 5 or 10 rounds were used. The updated version also includes a three-bullet option.

Reliability of "Vepr-308"

Despite the impeccable reputation of the Vepr-308 Super, hunters note in reviews that the weapon rarely misfires after the second shot. When this happens, the shooter jerks the bolt, the cartridge falls out, and the next ammunition that enters the chamber also misfires. The capsules remain intact. This problem is solved by filing off the burrs on the sear.

Breakage of the firing pin, based on hunter reviews of the Vepr-308 Super, occurs no earlier than 2500 rounds have been fired, which is a very good result for this category of guns.

Despite the above problems of the rifle, it is one of the best and relatively inexpensive types of firearms designed for hunting medium and large animals. Vepr series carbines are often used to improve shooting skills.

Released modifications

, where this weapon was produced, many modifications have been produced since 1995. Each of them has its own “zest”.

SOK-94 "Vepr-308"7,62×39The first model produced by the plant. Currently in service with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
SLK-95 "Vepr-308"7,62×51Modification corresponding to NATO cartridges.
SOK-94R "Vepr-Pioneer"7,62×51Changes were made to the stem box.
SOK-98 "Vepr-5.45"5,45×39Option for export.
VPO-101 "Vepr-Hunter"7,62×51
VPO-102 "Vepr-Hunter M"7,62×63
VPO-133 "Vepr K"7,62×39Variant of civilian modifications from AKM and AK-74.
VPO-136 "Vepr KM"7,62×39Variant of civilian modifications from AKM and AK-74.
"Vepr 223"5.45×45
KO-SOK-2436,2×52Ammunition used is .223 Win
VPO-205 "Vepr-12 Hammer"18,5×76Smoothbore version with 12 gauge

Carbine "Vepr 223"

Options and modifications

  • VPO-205-00 is a model with a barrel length of 430 mm, has a removable flash suppressor and a trigger locking mechanism, eliminating the possibility of firing with the butt folded.
  • VPO-205-01 (L-520) - a model with a barrel length of 520 mm, has a non-removable flash suppressor, and the ability to fire with a folded butt.
  • VPO-205-01 (L-570) - a model with a barrel length of 570 mm, has a removable flash suppressor, and the ability to fire with a folded butt.
  • VPO-205-02 is a model with a barrel length of 680 mm, it has the ability to install internal muzzle bushings in the muzzle of the barrel, unified with guns of the Bekas and Bekas-Auto series, and it is also possible to fire with a folded butt.
  • VPO-205-03 is a model with a barrel length of 305 mm, has a removable flash suppressor and a trigger locking mechanism, eliminating the possibility of firing with the butt folded.
  • VPO-205-04 is a model with a barrel length of 483 mm and has a wooden folding stock.
  • VPO-206 is a modification of VPO-205-00 chambered for 12/70 cartridge.
  • “Vepr-12 IPSC” is a sports modification, modified in accordance with the requirements of the Practical Shooting Federation and taking into account the wishes of sports shooters. Additional elements have been introduced into the design to make handling the carbine more convenient (double-sided push-button safety, magazine release button, left-sided bolt cocking lever, no standard sights, etc.).
  • VPO-205S - a service modification chambered for .12/76 mm, developed in 2005-2006, intended for private security companies

Accessories and additional equipment have been developed and produced for Vepr-12 smoothbore carbines:

  • muzzle brake-compensator (“Ilyin compensator GK-01”);
  • various types of chokes (poluchok, “paradox” on the barrel (nozzles and barrel extensions);
  • telescopic folding bipod
  • magazine receiver shaft (available in two modifications: welded steel and cast duralumin);
  • several different options for the forend (smooth or with a Weaver rail - for installing a front handle, tactical flashlight, laser target designator);
  • sports ergonomic handles for comfortable holding of weapons (including adjustable ones).
  • receiver cover with Weaver rail for mounting sights;
  • box magazines for 4, 8 and 10 rounds;
  • drum (rotary) magazines with a capacity of 10 or more rounds (often pseudo-capacious, since Russian legislation prohibits magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds);
  • various stock options, including folding and telescopic;
  • tactical flashlights;
  • laser and diode infrared illuminators to improve the performance of night sights;
  • telescopic stock, installed through a special adapter instead of the standard one, which gives an additional degree of freedom for shooting with different shooters and in different conditions (for example, in winter clothes). Some types of telescopic stocks have compartments for storing spare parts and/or spare batteries for sights, flashlights or laser designators.

Precautionary measures

This weapon is a firearm and safety precautions must be observed when working with it.

  1. Immediately before loading, you must make sure that there are no foreign objects in the barrel bore and chamber.
  2. Every time the gun is picked up, you need to move the bolt frame back. This is necessary to ensure that there are no bullets in the chamber and magazine.
  3. Do not point a weapon at people or pets, even if they are unloaded.
  4. Although the target range is 300 meters, the bullet’s flight can reach 3 km. This should be taken into account.
  5. In case of misfire, you need to wait 5 seconds, as a prolonged shot may occur
  6. The weapon must be put on safety to eliminate the risk of an accidental discharge.
  7. Ammunition and guns should be stored out of the reach of children and animals.

The carbine must be serviced promptly and correctly so that it can serve for a long time and properly.

Vepr-308 design

The automatic rifle works flawlessly. The working resource reserve is large, no misfires were noted even after 500 shots. Experienced hunters recommend cleaning the gas piston immediately after shooting, since it will be more difficult to remove carbon deposits after a few hours.

The bore is made with high quality. The only downside is that the protective layer of chrome peels off after a couple of hundred shots. Long service life depends on the owner - without regular cleaning, the weapon will quickly fail. The factory cleaning rod is not suitable for maintenance. It is better to buy it separately; experienced hunters recommend a cleaning rod with a rotating handle.

To remove dirt and carbon deposits, cotton tape is used, which is also used to insulate electric motor windings. It can be cut into strips and wrapped around a cleaning rod. The white color of the material allows you to control the progress of cleansing. As soon as the tape remains clean after the next approach, the work can be considered complete.

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