14 ways to find peace of mind and tranquility

In everyday life, such a concept as tranquility can be equated to valuable expensive stones. The frailty and vanity of existence can drive every person crazy, and it becomes impossible to constantly be in some kind of psychological astral plane. In general, peace of mind can be described as a state of harmony between the surrounding world and a person.

Few manage to achieve this, which is explained not even by the complexity of the technique for achieving peace, but by the reluctance of the individual to change his views and thoughts on everything that happens. If you try to put aside fears, doubts and strive to master the recommendations of psychologists, then everyone can find peace of mind.

Accept the circumstances

Past events cannot be changed. If you immerse yourself in long-term experiences, you will only increase the negativity in your life. Acceptance is a conscious level of understanding. You agree that the circumstances came into your life for a certain experience that you must go through. Learn the right lessons from your experiences and move forward without clinging to the past.

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Why do people need peace of mind?


Every day you can meet people with an unstable emotional platform. They are irritable, aggressive, harsh. Such individuals “flare up” at the slightest opportunity; they are constantly tormented by anxiety and doubt. Accumulated stress and psychological overstrain over the years results in a number of serious diseases that are not always treatable. The body ages prematurely and loses vitality. It is impossible to relieve stress, anxiety, restlessness, and despair with pills without harming your health. And treating the body without resuscitating the soul is pointless.

At the same time, a mentally balanced person has a number of irreplaceable qualities:

  • Maintains a clear mind and sober mind, regardless of what is happening.
  • Acts rationally, without giving in to emotions.
  • Has goodwill, openness, friendliness, trust in people and the whole world.
  • Maintains self-control, which helps to achieve success and good results in any business.

Develop spiritually

Be alone with yourself more often. In silence it is easier for us to hear ourselves and dissolve in the present moment. Developing mindfulness helps spiritual development and achieving inner peace and balance. You will begin to more easily understand your internal reactions and responses to people, situations, and the outside world. Use meditation and explore other self-discovery practices.

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Enemies of peace

Even having achieved the desired state of mind and body, the feeling of peace can be lost if you succumb to:

  1. Fears . All people are susceptible to phobias. For each person, fear can manifest itself differently and be of a completely different nature. Some are afraid of the future, others are afraid of the opinions of others, others are worried about taking the next test. Mental balance is usually disturbed by fear of some event that has not yet occurred. A person doubts, worries and suffers until the cherished date arrives.
  2. Feelings of guilt. When the calls of conscience begin to torment you after committing an incorrect action, your sleep, appetite, and mood are disturbed. A person, feeling guilty, remembers his offense every minute, and the thought that nothing can be changed depresses him even more. Self-flagellation continues until the situation is resolved.
  3. A load of obligations. Many are brought up from childhood that if you give your word, then you need to keep it. But they don’t always mention in time that they shouldn’t promise things they can’t do. Some people try to comply with requests because they can't say no. Others deliberately try to show their superiority by promising many impossible things, without even thinking about what they are taking on.
  4. Offended. If a person is offended by someone, then he loses his inner balance due to an excess of negative emotions. The dominance goes to the injured pride.
  5. Anger. Hatred, resentment, desire for revenge - this cocktail instantly destroys a person’s peace. Thinking over a plan of revenge, maintaining aggression, remembering the evil caused, a person screws himself up in his thoughts. This does not allow him to sleep peacefully and think soberly.

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The path to achieving peace of mind

You need to immediately understand that negative emotions are common to absolutely all people. It’s just that balanced individuals know how to look at things differently, sometimes showing indifference and selfishness to the situations that happened to them. So, to achieve inner harmony you need:

Know yourself, understand that mistakes are the norm

It’s worth listening to your “inner voice,” trusting your thoughts and giving yourself the right to make mistakes. Constant self-flagellation cannot change reality; in order to move on, you need to forgive the mistake and accept it as a valuable experience of the universe.

Live in the moment

Some memories and grievances from the past, fears of the future haunt the current reality. A person rushes to extremes and tries to understand what it would be like if the situation had turned out differently, what it would be like when he fails to do this or that. Such thoughts take away precious minutes of life and do not allow you to fully experience the taste of reality.

Learn to refuse

You shouldn't take on an unbearable burden. You need to be able to soberly assess the situation and not be shy to refuse if there are reasons for it.


You can’t bear a grudge against the whole world. The fact that we do not let go pulls us into the rattling swamp of negativity and utopia. It is worth forgiving a person, even if he does not want to apologize. And there is no need to wait for the culprit to come running for forgiveness.

Let go of negativity

Periodically, you need to conduct relaxation sessions and psychological techniques to remove blocks and free yourself from emotional burden. You can go into nature and isolate yourself with the forces of the universe; breaking dishes and loud screaming in an open area helps a lot. After every unpleasant incident, quarrel, scandal, resentment, a small residue of negative feelings remains. If these “weights” are not removed, then they accumulate and become a heavy weight, with which it is difficult to have a balance of soul.

Strange but effective techniques

In psychology, sometimes there are extraordinary methods that change our consciousness in a special way and allow us to remove negative blocks. The following can help you find peace of mind:

  • Selfishness. You cannot constantly think only about others and sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others. People who do not know how to take care of themselves constantly experience discomfort if they did not have time or were unable to help others. They unconsciously create an environment around themselves where others take advantage of their kindness and selflessness. Therefore, you don’t need to reproach yourself all weekend or take a bunch of papers home, forgetting about rest if you didn’t have time to finish your work on Friday. It’s better to have a good rest this time, and come on Monday with new strength and work productively. At the same time, you shouldn’t rush to extremes and cross the line. You need to think about other people and respect their opinions, but this should not turn into “voluntary slavery.”
  • Gratitude. In any situation, you need to say thank you to everyone around you, even your enemies. This does not have to be done out loud, the main thing is that everything is sincere. You can thank for your help; your loved ones express words of recognition for the fact that they are nearby and you can always rely on them. It’s difficult to say thank you to our enemies, but they are the ones who give us a very valuable quality in life – experience. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to understand the world from only one side, and the diversity of life is reflected in the character and actions of people.
  • Laughter. When you really want to cry, you just need to laugh. This will help release all the clamps and drive away the negativity.
  • Installation for happiness. Our brain, like a computer, can be programmed to do any action if you choose the right code and password. Every morning you need to start with encouraging words and the mindset that the day will go well, calmly and nothing can throw you out of balance.

Express methods for achieving internal balance

In addition to constantly working on your consciousness, in some situations you need to quickly normalize peace of mind; for this, a number of exercises are used:

  • You need to sit down and try to relax. Closing your eyes and thinking about pleasant moments in life, the sea, usually helps.
  • It is necessary to slowly repeat words that bring peace of mind. It is better to decide on them in advance, since in anger it will be difficult to find the necessary associations.
  • It is worth performing breathing exercises - take a deep breath and exhale.
  • If possible, you need to do what you love or switch to work.
  • The best cure for bad emotions is positive music.

Helpers in overcoming the difficult path to peace of mind

Every person has a favorite activity. A hobby helps you clear your thoughts, be alone with yourself, and get to know your world. But there are universal activities that help you find peace and strengthen your spirit and body.

  1. Sports activities. It has been known since childhood that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. From a psychological point of view, this can be interpreted in such a way that during physical training, especially in the fresh air, blood circulation is normalized, all metabolic processes are launched, and the necessary hormones are released. Daily exercise strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the entire body. When a person is healthy, nothing worries him, he is cheerful and cheerful. Frail people who don’t like sports and don’t watch their diet have a lot of health problems. The occurrence of pain, regardless of the location of the affected organ, cannot but disturb the “poor guy.”
  2. Yoga. Meditations relax, help you get to know yourself, and give your body a chance to rest. To benefit from your classes, it is better to first sign up with a good trainer.
  3. Music, cinema. Watching positive videos, listening to upbeat music and incredibly funny comedies bring a lot of bright emotions into life. If you constantly receive a dose of positivity, then it becomes easier to deal with negative moments in life.
  4. Books. Reading calms you down and puts you in the right mood. It is important to select interesting and useful literature. It is enough to devote 30-40 minutes to a book every day and soon the desire to read will come on its own.

Tips for every day

For harmony to last constantly, you need to learn to transfer it from thoughts to everyday life.

  1. Doing what you love. It is very important that work brings pleasure. It is difficult to remain mentally calm if you spend most of the time during the day doing something you don’t like.
  2. Finding the positives. In any situation you need to find the positive sides. You may need a piece of paper and a pen to get started, especially if your thoughts are difficult to put together. Having remembered a positive perspective, you need to write it down, and upon completion of the work, read the reading material and smile.
  3. Accepting people with their shortcomings. In an effort to find an ideal and surround themselves with the best, people often try to change their loved ones. You need to understand that everyone has their own ideals and you cannot be impeccable for everyone. Your loved ones should remain exactly as they are; if you start to change them, they will be completely different strangers. The main thing is that these people are nearby and love in their own way, as best they can. But this is their most important advantage, which covers up other visible disadvantages.
  4. Dream. Proper rest is very important for the body. It must be of high quality and last at least 8-9 hours. If possible, you can introduce a daily rest of about 30 minutes. In developed countries, having a daytime siesta shows an increase in employee productivity and performance.
  5. Prayer. Prayer helps believers in times of despondency. It allows you to spiritually distance yourself from problems and external irritation.
  6. Avoiding negativity. In order not to lose your peace of mind, it is better to avoid watching depressing films and talk shows. If a scandal is brewing, then you should not react to your interlocutor’s “underdresses.” It’s better to just leave at this moment; if this is not possible, then you need to mentally paint yourself a picture of the sea or other calming landscape. This will help you get distracted and focus on the negative will be less noticeable.

How to find peace of mind - 5-minute practice

Peace of mind is hard to find, but easy to lose. To maintain balance you need to work on your emotions and outlook on life. The soul, in its trepidation and vulnerability, resembles a guitar. How you set it up and what melody you choose is what it will play. Becoming a good “musician” is not difficult, the main thing is to really want it.

Signs of chronic stress and internal imbalance

It is of paramount importance to correctly and timely diagnose the presence of mental imbalance in a person.

A similar condition in psychology is characterized by chronic stress - a disease with the following behavioral and emotional signs:

  • Unreasonable manifestations of anger and malice.
  • Unreasonable resentment.
  • Excessive emotionality and fussiness.
  • Lack of motivation and desire for self-improvement.
  • Prolonged depression.
  • Decreased level of concentration, absent-mindedness and carelessness.
  • A sharp decrease in performance.
  • Deterioration of memory, perception of new information and brain activity.
  • Lack of self-confidence, dissatisfaction with the lifestyle.
  • Apathy towards communication with others, isolation and “screaming” loneliness escaping from within.
  • Fatigue and lethargy, accompanied by a feeling of fatigue.
  • Loss of interest in world events.
  • A pessimistic mood and negative thoughts are reasons to think about whether you have chronic stress.
  • Lack of appetite and decreased level of interest in hobbies, hobbies, and favorite activities.
  • Unreasonable feelings of anxiety and fear, regular panic attacks.
  • Unreasonable coldness towards a partner, manifested in loss of sexual desire.
  • Disruption of the usual daily routine, accompanied by insomnia.

The human body has the ability to regenerate and restore at the genetic level. Your task is to detect the problem in time, enlisting the desire to find a way out of the current situation.

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