50 signs that you are a physically and mentally healthy person, according to doctors

Many diseases do not affect your well-being for years until a sharp deterioration occurs. But based on indirect signals, you can substitute that it’s time to make an appointment with a doctor and undergo a full examination. Doctors identify 10 signs of an absolutely healthy person that you need to pay attention to throughout your life. It is especially important to monitor your condition for people over 30 years of age.

Thick, shiny hair

Brittle, dry or thin hair is a sign that something is going wrong in the body (for example, due to stress, hypothyroidism or malnutrition). The opposite is also true: healthy hair indicates a healthy body. Their growth depends on the condition of the follicles and skin, as well as the body's ability to create the correct hair shaft. The condition for the growth of thick, shiny hair is the presence of key components such as protein, healthy fats and vitamins. Therefore, healthy hair indicates proper nutrition and absorption of all beneficial components.

Flexibility and adequacy in the use of psychological defense

When we are in a state of danger or severe stress, our subconscious tries to protect us from experiencing these unpleasant emotions, so it gives the command: “Run!” A person with a mental disorder is likely to completely succumb to this instinct. At the same time, avoiding negative emotions, he aggravates problems, which only get worse during his hesitation. A healthy person, in turn, has the opportunity, in defiance of his subconscious fears, clenching his entire will into a fist, to act as circumstances require of him, and not as primitive fear dictates to him.

Durable nails

Another indicator of your condition is your nails. They are a good representation of your body's problems, including systemic diseases and skin problems.

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A pink nail bed with no lines or discoloration and strong nails without lines are all signs of good health. However, if there is discoloration (white or brown marks in the stock) or dimples appear, this may be a sign that something is wrong. For example, fungal infection, lupus, anemia and other systemic diseases.

Regular menstrual cycle

Menstruation normally occurs at intervals of 27 to 35 days. Regularity of the cycle is a sign of reproductive health. Constant or periodic failures indicate a dysfunction of the ovaries, when a woman’s body does not produce the required amount of hormones. This may be indicated by overweight or underweight, headaches, frequent mood swings, fatigue, and bad mood.

Healthy teeth and gums

Strong teeth and pink, non-inflamed gums play a key role in maintaining health, as does oral hygiene.

Like other areas of the body, such as the skin and intestines, the mouth is filled with bacteria. Most of them are completely harmless or even beneficial, and the body's natural defenses and good prevention, including daily brushing, can control them. However, without proper oral hygiene, bacteria levels can reach levels where oral infections such as tooth decay and gum disease can occur.

In addition to periodontal disease, cardiovascular diseases, for example, can develop. And pregnant women are at risk of premature birth. Therefore, brush your teeth more often and visit the dentist regularly.

About smoking

Another problem is smoking. It in itself causes irreparable harm to the body, and in combination with alcohol this harm is multiplied. The destructive consequences of such a habit are so numerous that there is no point in remembering them all. One of the little-known consequences is obliteration of blood vessels. The vessels “collapse” and stop functioning. When two hundred types of poisons included in tobacco smoke enter the blood, the blood vessels undergo spasms, which results in micro-strokes and micro-infarctions. The extreme degree of such spasms is gangrene of the limbs. For this reason, many people literally have their arms and legs cut off. A smoker one day (unexpectedly, mind you!) becomes disabled. Why are such facts little known? Because people with disabilities do not shout about it at every corner, but simply quietly leave the field of view of society. There are millions of disabled people, but no one cares about them, they simply don’t pay attention to them. Much better known are cases where a person smokes all his life and lives for a hundred years. Why are such facts widely known? Because there are only a few of them - that’s why! Which group will you fall into if you smoke - one or the other? Do not know? No one knows.

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It is useless to fight bad habits. You find freedom when you stop your battle. There is only one way to unhook yourself from the destructive: switch to something else, more constructive. If you used to feed the systems of alcohol and tobacco smoke, the weather vane of your attention looked in their direction. Now we need to redirect all our attention to another, alternative direction, for example, to take care of our health. Thoughts and intentions should be entirely and completely absorbed only in how to improve your physical fitness, increase your vitality, and cleanse your body of garbage accumulated over many years. It is not an effort of will, but a switching of attention that breaks the threads connecting you with the destructive force that enslaved you.

By the way, miners and surgeons most often become drunkards, since their work is hard, as well as whoever you think - narcologists. Why would this be? After all, narcologists, on the contrary, “treat the sick.” Firstly, because their attention, one way or another, revolves around drugs. Secondly, alcoholics and drug addicts are not sick at all, and therefore it is impossible to cure them. The attention of these people is caught in a destructive loop, so they do not need to be treated, but to break out of this loop in the manner indicated above.

Drug and alcohol addiction has been dubbed a disease by doctors, the task of most of whom is not to cure a person, but to treat him. Do you notice the difference? Drug addiction and alcoholism are not diseases. And if not, then all people should be declared sick and driven to clinics for treatment. Humanity has a much stronger dependence on synthetic food products. Quitting smoking is a piece of cake. And you try to stop eating dead animal corpses, which you have become accustomed to since childhood. It's much more difficult.

Waist circumference

Fortunately, body mass index (BMI) is falling out of use as a measure of health. The method of using weight-to-height ratio to estimate the amount of excess fat has always had its detractors, and in recent years they have gained the upper hand.

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A study of the relationship between heart health and BMI found that 50% of overweight people and 29% of obese people were metabolically normal. In addition, 30% of normal weight people were cardio-metabolically unhealthy.

Currently, doctors are more inclined to measure waist circumference as a key indicator of a person's condition. Accumulating belly fat poses a greater health risk than being overweight by BMI standards. Even among people who were not overweight, a larger waist was associated with a higher risk of early death. Research suggests that this may be because fat that accumulates in the midsection is more metabolically active than subcutaneous fat, releasing hormones and other cells that affect the body's biochemistry.

Spiritual and moral health

An important criterion for health is spiritual and moral education. Unfortunately, today modern society is experiencing a spiritual and moral crisis

Many scientists and artists paid special attention to this aspect. Theodore Roosevelt noted that a person who is not raised morally is a threat to society

Heine called morality the mind of the heart. Aristotle believed that morality is a state of mind that is expressed in actions.

Undoubtedly, moral education should be practiced from childhood. In modern society there are certain moral problems:

  • family crisis - many parents are incompetent in matters of creating a family life and raising children;
  • the actions of parents, educators and teachers are inconsistent;
  • there is no clear ideology in the state; accordingly, the moral sphere is filled with so-called surrogates, products that are unusual for modern culture;
  • lack of management program and mechanisms for moral education.

Spirituality is an integral part of the national idea; without them it is difficult to achieve success in all areas throughout the state. Morality is a reflection of universal human values.

There is no person who is born already rich spiritually and morally. From the first days of life, a person is influenced by various factors - parents, educators, teachers, social and educational environment. This is how the formation of a spiritual and moral personality occurs.

Getting enough sleep

It is common knowledge that insufficient sleep increases the risk of diabetes, weight gain and heart disease, and can even reduce a person's life expectancy. A good night's sleep is essential for a long and healthy life. It plays a critical role in the immune system, metabolism, the ability to remember and learn, and other vital functions.

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Sleep is a restorative process that rejuvenates the body. Animals deprived of sleep lose their immunity and die within a few weeks. Many basic regenerative functions (tissue repair, muscle growth, protein synthesis, growth hormone release) occur during night rest. Therefore, good sleep and feeling well rested, fresh and energized when you wake up are a sign of good health.

No headaches

If your temples and back of your head sometimes ache, or you feel heaviness in your head, this may indicate an increase or decrease in blood pressure, nervous tension, physical or mental fatigue due to a stressful situation experienced. When this happens sporadically, the migraine goes away quickly after taking medication or resting - this is normal. A healthy person does not suffer from long-term, constant headaches for unknown reasons.

Watch the chair

There is no easier way to find out what's going on inside your body than to look at what comes out of it.

Normal stool varies. Despite what various blogs and TV journalists say, it is not necessary to do this once a day (or the stool must have an ideal shape, or not smell). It is better to focus on your inherent bowel function. If there is a long-term change, you need to closely monitor what is happening. Additionally, if you experience pain or other severe symptoms, you should contact your doctor. Warning signs include blood in the stool, persistent constipation, or prolonged diarrhea.

Normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

The gastrointestinal tract functions differently depending on a combination of constant and changing factors - genetics, eating habits, medications, current health problems. If changes occur, abdominal pain, skin rashes appear, bowel movements are disrupted, and constipation often occurs. The absence of such symptoms indicates a healthy digestive tract.

Fresh breath is a sign of balanced intestinal function. A sickly-sweet breath odor may indicate diabetes, too sour - indicates reflux (belching), fishy - about kidney problems.

Social support

Research has shown that having strong social connections and opportunities for interaction are very beneficial. Obviously, mental health depends on this, but it also affects physical health.

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People with greater social connections live longer than their more isolated peers because they have lower levels of stress, which adversely affects coronary arteries, bowel function, insulin regulation and the immune system. Another line of research shows that nurturing behavior triggers the release of stress-related hormones. At the same time, the positive effects of social support extend both to its recipient and to the one who provides it.

Physical health

A physically developed person is a person whose all organs function. Physical health indicators are largely determined by lifestyle and are determined by several factors. Physical health depends on genetic factors, as well as on the social environment and field of activity. Stress, lack of physical activity, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol abuse negatively affect physical health indicators.

The physical component of health is constant development, maintaining vitality and the body in good shape.

A physically developed person pays special attention to training. Of course, we are not talking about physical development like professional athletes

For an ordinary person, this means yoga, jogging, fitness, and going to the pool. Systematic training is the basis of physical development and good mood.

Physical health criteria

Physical health criteria reflect an individual’s lifestyle. First of all, we are talking about reasonable behavior, which implies:

  • optimal balance of loads and rest;
  • training appropriate for age, gender and training;
  • eliminating bad habits;
  • good nutrition;
  • moral, mental health.

Science considers physical health as an integral indicator of an individual’s adaptability to society and the performance of functions. Harmonious physiological development is a combination of the following factors:

  • healthy lifestyle – the degree of influence is 50%;
  • environmental factors – the degree of influence is 20%;
  • genetic predisposition – the degree of influence is 15%;
  • the degree of influence of chronic pathologies is only 15%.

Features of physical development

First of all, it is necessary to determine the optimal ratio of the work and rest phases. Human physical health – regular exercise necessary for:

  • strengthening the immune system (as an indicator of a person’s physical health);
  • restoration of metabolic processes and blood flow;
  • normalization of blood pressure and pulse;
  • increasing strength and endurance.

When forming loads, it is important to consider several factors:

  • age;
  • individual personality characteristics;
  • physiological state.

If a person plans to seriously engage in sports, it is necessary to consult a specialist about possible contraindications.

Watch your tongue

Chinese medicine believes that the tongue can be an excellent barometer of health and wellness. It's no substitute for a medical diagnosis, but your tongue can tell you how well you're digesting last night's dinner or how you're managing stress.

If the tip of your tongue is red, then it is a sign that your heart, mind and emotions are excited. This is often accompanied by insomnia, rapid heartbeat, nervousness and anxiety. Other signs include a thick layer of white plaque, which signals that your digestion is not working optimally, and teeth marks on the sides of the tongue "indicate low energy, sluggish digestion and loose stools."

Signs that life is rewarding are

  • Concern for the good and benefit of all beings;
  • Lack of desire to appropriate someone else's property;
  • Honesty, truthfulness, sincerity;
  • Modesty, calmness and poise;
  • Performing any act only after careful consideration of the consequences;
  • Attentiveness, sensitivity, vigilance;
  • Harmonious desire to achieve the first three goals of human life - destiny (dharma), abundance (artha) and fulfillment of desires (kama), without conflicts between goals and without causing harm or disturbance to the environment and surrounding beings;
  • The mood of serving and helping others “as oneself” and expressing respect to those worthy;
  • Constancy, peace and tranquility, virtue and piety arising from spiritual knowledge and personal spiritual experience;
  • Serving Elders;
  • A mind free from passion, anger, envy and pride;
  • Constant, varied gratitude to others and to God, generosity, generosity;
  • Humility gained through knowledge acquired through voluntary repentance, abstinence and severity;
  • The ability to see the spiritual principle in oneself and in everything;
  • Discrimination and recognition of the material and spiritual worlds;
  • Excellent practical memory and wisdom to act correctly;
  • A useless, and therefore unhealthy and harmful life for the person himself and those around him, is characterized by opposite signs and manifestations. It leads to illness and suffering.

Follow a diet

Everyone agrees that it is important to eat healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

This diet lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevents certain types of cancer, the development of eye and digestive problems, and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Variety and quantity are equally important because no single fruit contains all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. It is important to eat vegetables and fruits of different colors every day.

About alcohol

There is not a single organ that is not destroyed by alcohol. But the brain undergoes the most dramatic changes. With each mug or glass taken, the process of destruction of the cerebral cortex begins.

In 1961, three American physicists studied the smallest vessels in the retina of the human eye through a long-focus microscope. For the first time in the history of science, people were able to look into a blood vessel and see how blood flows there. What did the physicists see? They saw the walls of the vessel, red and white blood cells. Everything is as it should be, nothing special. But one Monday they sat another patient in front of a microscope, looked - and gasped. A person’s blood had blood clots, adhesions, and clots of red blood cells - up to a thousand pieces in “clusters.” The physicists were scared, but the man was sitting - it seemed like nothing. The second or third patient is fine, but the fourth has blood clots again. We started to find out and found out: these two had been drinking the day before.

Scientists immediately decided to conduct an “experiment”: a sober person, for whom everything was fine, was given a glass of beer. Fifteen minutes later, the same alcoholic red blood cells began to run in his blood. Thus, it was proven that not only in a test tube alcohol clots the blood, but also in the vessels of even a slightly drunk person.

Let’s say that such gluing does not pose any particular danger for large vessels. But in my head the situation is completely different. The human brain is made up of billions of neuron cells. Each such cell is fed by its own microcapillary - so thin that red blood cells can only squeeze through in one row. And when the alcoholic bonding of red blood cells approaches the base of the capillary, the capillary becomes clogged, and after a few minutes the neuron dies forever. So, before you drink, you should remember what will follow from this.

After any, even moderate, drinking, the cemetery of dead brain cells is replenished. And when doctors open the skull of any so-called “moderate drinker”, everyone sees the same picture: a shriveled brain, the entire surface of the cortex covered in microscars, microulcers, structural prolapses—these are all areas of the brain destroyed by alcohol. When doctors open up “specific drinkers,” they are surprised not at how much the brain is destroyed, but at how the person continued to live.

Along with neurons, alcohol also damages germ cells. Children conceived by drunken parents are born defective at best, and freaks and morons at worst. Siamese twins, for example, come from the same place. In 1998, at the peak of perestroika chaos, the birth rate of children with all kinds of developmental disabilities reached thirty-seven percent. Oddly enough, ninety percent of all morons are children of so-called “cultured drinking” parents. Alcohol and its breakdown products remain in the body for more than twenty days. So, if parents (even non-alcoholics) drank on holiday, and a week later they conceived a child, you should not hope that he will be born full-fledged. To restore healthy reproductive cells, men need to avoid drinking for at least one hundred days. And for women, due to physiological characteristics, it is better not to try it at all before giving birth.

Pay attention to your mental and emotional state

Research shows that mental health disorders (most commonly depression) are associated with the risk, occurrence, treatment, progression, and outcome of serious chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, and cancer.

Chronic illness and depression are interrelated. Not only the first entail the second, but also vice versa. By ensuring your own emotional and mental well-being, you also improve your physical condition. Supporting your mental health, especially by practicing meditation, deep breathing or yoga, and working with a qualified therapist, helps maintain overall health of the body.

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Good skin

The condition of a healthy person is determined by the appearance of the skin. Dull color, flaking, excessive dryness or oiliness, rashes indicate improper functioning of the body. The appearance of acne in adolescents is a physiological norm, but such a problem in an adult can indicate hormonal disorders, the presence of a source of infection, malfunction of the digestive system, and neuropsychic disorders.

The condition of the skin depends on genetics, the influence of environmental conditions, and the functioning of the body. But it should have a healthy color, be even and without rashes.

Folk remedies to improve complexion

Facial skin care at home involves the use of a wide variety of approaches - from pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations to folk and homemade creams, scrubs, and tonics. The preference for homemade cosmetics is determined by its naturalness, safety and a wide variety of ingredients used. The choice of one or another component allows you to eliminate a specific problem - from oily shine to providing fortification. At the same time, it should be noted that folk remedies for improving complexion are unlikely to cure diseases that affect appearance.

One-component masks

Cottage cheese or sour cream will help whiten your facial skin, fresh cucumber or watermelon will moisturize and refresh, give you youth; grated carrots or coffee grounds will provide a little darkness (do not leave them on your face for more than 5-7 minutes). For the procedure, you should not use stale or even stale products.

Flax seeds

Pour 1 teaspoon of dry flax seeds into half a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid and leave for 20 minutes, then strain and bring the finished infusion to a boil.

1 tablespoon of oatmeal and pour in a small amount of infusion so that it completely covers the flakes, leave for a while until the flakes swell, and put the resulting slurry on your face as a mask.

After 15-20 minutes, wash with lukewarm water.


Combine 1 tablespoon of finely grated carrots with 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of freshly prepared, still warm mashed potatoes, mix thoroughly, and place on your face as a mask.

After 15-20 minutes, rinse off the mask with warm water and then wash with cool water. Washing off this mask with warm beer gives even greater results.

Beer based

Combine ¼ glass of slightly warmed beer with 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. potato flour and 1 tbsp. grated carrots, the result should be a porridge-like mass (it can be brought to the desired consistency using potato flour or a small amount of carrots).

Apply to face for 15 minutes and rinse with warm beer, then rinse face with cool water.


Mash the ripe pulp of one peach (several apricots can be an alternative), mix with 1 teaspoon of oatmeal, the result should be a sour cream-like mass. If your facial skin is dry, you can add 1 tsp. vegetable oil.

Place the resulting mask in an even layer on your face, rinse with slightly warm water after 15-20 minutes.

Based on black tea

Brew 1 teaspoon of black tea with a glass of boiling water, add a few dried rowan berries and a few dried nettle leaves, leave to infuse. After 15 minutes, strain and use for daily washing.

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