Stranger in an elevator: how to protect your child from a rapist

Stranger in an elevator: how to protect your child from a rapist

Children often perceive the elevator as an attraction that they can ride on, and very often they forget about the safety measures in it, riding on the roof or opening the doors of a moving elevator. And we, parents, often breathe a sigh of relief if your child is traveling not alone, but with one of the adults who, it seems to us, will stop the child. But is this always the case, is the child safe when it is not his father or mother who is traveling with him, but someone else’s uncle, even your friend or neighbor.

The statistics are merciless, and they say the opposite; many children became victims of crime in the elevator or while waiting for it. What to do if you cannot meet or see off your child yourself?

The first rule should be: can your child go up or down the elevator independently, that is, can he reach the button for the desired floor, and does he know the safety rules in the elevator, can he call the dispatcher if the elevator gets stuck, or he feels smell of burning rubber. You must tell your child these rules yourself and explain the consequences of failure to comply with them. If for some reason you decide that your child is not independent enough, it is better if you accompany him yourself, or he will only go up and down the stairs.

You think that your child knows how to operate an elevator, and therefore you allow him to use it on his own, but do not forget that when you are not there, the child becomes an object for all sorts of abusers. Their methods can be very different, the child can be pushed into the elevator, or the attack will be spontaneous when the criminal is left alone with your child in the elevator. Therefore, if a child is waiting for an elevator and someone approaches him, regardless of age and gender, the child should turn to face this person and prepare to repel the attack. If possible, he should go downstairs, pretending that he forgot something in the mailbox, or go up to the apartment, but under no circumstances should he get into the elevator with strangers; he should politely refuse all offers, saying not to they waited, or that he would go up (down) on foot, and he would just wait for the elevator.

What to do if the child was already riding in the elevator when a stranger entered it? It is best to get out, citing your forgetfulness (forgot something at home), but if you are confused and the elevator has already moved, stand so that the person is in front of you, so that you can see all his actions, remember that attacking you with the back is easier than the front. Try to take a place closer to the doors and elevator buttons; in case of danger, you can use the button to call the dispatcher or run out when the doors open.

It so happened that the stranger pressed you into a corner and pressed the button for the top floor or stop. What to do in this case?

First, keep your presence of mind. Any criminal is easily frightened, and therefore you must be determined, there is no need to cry or beg for mercy, this is what the attacker expects from you, there is no need to threaten him, that you will report to the police or tell your parents (and you will need to tell in any case , even if you received death threats for telling what happened). Try to engage the criminal in a conversation, find out what he wants and whether it is worth doing it this way, offer to go to your home, and name any floor, you may have a chance to escape. But the conversation didn’t work out, the criminal rips your clothes off, don’t break free, you give him pleasure with your resistance. Snuggle up to him, try to hug him and, at the right moment, bite him hard on the nose or lip, you can bite them off or just bite through them, but in any case you can press the button for the near floor and run.

You were very frightened and could not orient yourself correctly, you found yourself undressed, and the criminal began to undress himself, do not be shy, take his genitals in your hand, as if stroking them, and forcefully pull down or turn 180 degrees. , whatever will be more convenient for you, and do not let them go until the elevator stops, don’t get lost here, run out of it, even if your clothes remain there, if possible, then, jumping out of the elevator, press the button for one of the floors.

It is always easier to give advice than to find yourself in such a situation, and even if you were mentally prepared for an attack, you cannot always take advantage of the given chance of salvation; you may simply not be in control of the situation. Therefore, if you are a victim of elevator rape, tell your loved ones about it. Dear mothers, having learned about the rape of your daughter, do not scold her or send her to the bath, change the girl into clean clothes and take her for examination, and carefully pack the clothes, they can play a big role in finding the rapist.

But the reader may ask, what should I do if I can’t bite off my nose or lip? Please, you can use hairspray or any other aerosol, take it out of your pocket or purse, discreetly direct the stream into the attacker’s face, and then, while he is trying to come to his senses, feel free to knee between his legs and run. Our advice was not taken out of thin air and not because the authors wanted it that way, but because they are based on real events when the victim was saved or had such a chance. Let's give examples: an 11-year-old girl's mother always taught that if her uncle pesters her and his fly is unbuttoned, the girl can pull hard because she will be peeking out of her pants. One day she was returning from school and got into the elevator with a man who lived on the floor above, it would seem, what danger could there be? And suddenly the man presses the button for the top floor, rips off the bottom of the girl’s clothes and unzips her trousers. And only now she remembered her mother’s advice, pointing her finger at the penis, asked what it was, the man invited her to touch it, and the girl forcefully pulled it down. Having run home, she told her parents about the incident in the elevator, but what could have happened without her mother’s advice. Another example is less optimistic: a girl gets into an elevator with a neighbor, and when he begins to tear off her clothes and threatens to tell her parents everything, the man, fearing punishment, strangles the child. We gave examples with girls because, firstly, they most clearly show the mistakes of the victim and her successes, and secondly, boys very rarely report rape to anyone, and this can be established when the child is admitted to the hospital or found dead. But to avoid possible mistakes, let us repeat the rules of this paragraph once again:

  • Teach your children elevator safety rules and explain the consequences of failure to follow them.
  • If your child is not yet independent enough to ride in the elevator alone, accompany him or ask him to use the stairs.
  • Under no circumstances should you allow your child to ride in the elevator with strangers, even if they are your neighbors.
  • If, while waiting for the elevator, your child notices the approach of a stranger, he should turn to face him and prepare to repel the attack.
  • The elevator car has arrived, but strangers are standing at the elevator: the child must refuse the trip under the pretext that he forgot to take something at home or left it on the street.
  • The child was riding in the elevator when a stranger entered: the child must leave the cabin.
  • If the child decides to continue going up the elevator with a stranger, he should face the person who entered, taking a place next to the door.
  • If a stranger starts pestering you, taking off his clothes, don’t threaten him to tell everything to his parents or the police, don’t cry, be calm, try to engage the rapist in a conversation.
  • The rapist presses you close to him, don’t push him away, hug him and bite your nose or lip, try to bite them off.
  • If a stranger takes off his pants or unzips his fly, take his genitals in your hands and forcefully pull them down or turn them, press the button for the near floor and run.
  • If you have the opportunity to run, don’t pack your clothes, run away with what you have.
  • If you happen to have an aerosol with you, direct the stream at the rapist’s face, knee him in the groin and press the button for the nearest floor, and then run.
  • If you do become a victim of rape, tell your loved ones everything and go with them to an examination (see Rape).

Safety rules at the entrance.

Safety rules at the entrance.

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To attack women, criminals prefer various secluded places where they can use superior power and impunity. One of these places can be an entrance, especially if it is poorly lit or has dead-end branches that will not allow the victim to escape from the pursuer. Women need to be able to stand up for themselves, since in the entrance you can be subjected not only to robbery, but the most dangerous can be an attack with the aim of entering your apartment. Criminologists describe a number of cases when a maniac, who was tracking a victim in a hallway, pushes her into an apartment, where the subsequent murder took place. When approaching the entrance, be more careful, because it is within your power to prevent a tragic situation. Remember the following safety rules:

• when approaching the entrance, carefully look around to see if an unfamiliar man is following you;

• if something seems suspicious to you, do not enter the entrance, wait outside for a while;

• if circumstances are such that it is dangerous to enter the entrance, call home on your cell phone and ask to meet you;

• in the case when there is no one to turn to for help at home, wait for your neighbors and enter the entrance with them;

• near the elevator, look around, never get into the elevator with a stranger;

• get the keys in advance, do not stand at the door for a long time, especially after you have opened it;

• when going out to get the mail or to your neighbor’s, be sure to look around the entrance and don’t forget to lock the door.

In the event of an attack at the entrance, try to suppress the fear that grips you, be prepared for resistance. Assessing the situation, determine what the criminal needs from you.

• In the event of a robbery, especially when the perpetrator is armed, think about whether it is worth giving up life or health for jewelry and money;

• If you are threatened with physical harm, then you have no choice but to violently resist. For this, first of all, use a loud cry, this alone will cool the ardor of the criminal. Scream about the fire, about the strong smell of gas, ring the neighbors' doors, in a word, make as much noise as you can;

• when a criminal approaches, hit him with your head in the nose, press hard with your fingers on his eyes, deliver a sharp and as strong blow as possible to the scrotum area, fight with all your might, remember that the man is much stronger than you and in order to give a worthy rebuff, you must gather all your strength;

• do not try to hide in your apartment, run outside, try to call the police on your cell phone.

Subsequently, be sure to inform the police about what happened, try to remember the signs of the criminal as best as possible, this is very important in order to prevent subsequent attacks on other women.

Situation: You are at home alone. What to do if the doorbell rings and you are talking on the phone with a stranger.

ANSWER: 1. Without opening the door, look through the peephole, find out through the closed door who you are talking to and the purpose of the visit, never open the door right away, especially during the day, when most of your neighbors are at work.

2. If the caller is unfamiliar to you, inspires suspicion and asks you to open the door under various pretexts (for example, asks for water to wash down medicine, tell fortunes, change a child’s diaper, call the police, etc.), contact your neighbors by phone or other means and ask them to protect you when going out onto the landing to talk with a stranger, or immediately call the police. You can also, approaching the door, shout into the depths of the apartment: “Guys, I’ll open the door myself!”, pretending that you are not alone in the apartment.

3. Open the door slightly without removing the chain. Make sure your neighbors are already watching

behind the platform, and leave the apartment to talk, closing the door behind you (keys in

pocket). It is not advisable for women to open up or go out to strangers half-dressed, because... this can suddenly arouse even a person who really came to you on business, and provoke him to violence.

4. If the caller introduced himself as an employee of utility, insurance or other services,

whom you did not call, ask him to show the official identification of the organization,

which he represents. Ask for a work phone number, call 09 and check

give him his last name and credentials, leaving him on the site under the supervision of neighbors and locking the door behind him. In other cases, act according to the situation. Do not allow strangers into the apartment unless accompanied by friends.

5. If you still have doubts about the purpose of the stranger’s visit, immediately report your suspicions to the police department by phone or through switchboard 02 to detain the stranger and establish his identity.

Talking on the phone

Always remember: when people you don’t know call, no matter what they say, they still remain strangers and you can’t know what’s on their mind.

You should never give any personal information to strangers over the phone. There is no point in saying your name; it is reasonable to say “hello” and not “so-and-so is listening.” The same goes for your phone number. Communicate it only if necessary.

Children should never tell anyone over the phone that they are home alone. If they call one of the parents, the child should say something like this: “He (she) cannot come now. Do I need to convey anything?

If you receive a call from someone who allegedly dialed the number incorrectly, do not tell the stranger your name and phone number. If a caller asks who is talking to them or wants a phone number, you should ask what number they called and then simply say, “You dialed the wrong number.”

You should not answer questions from strangers over the phone, and never give them your credit card number or any other information regarding your family members.

Hang up immediately if the caller starts talking obscenities. When making repeated calls, do not neglect to report this to the police. Almost all such entities are harmless, but is it worth checking this out from your own experience?

If you use an answering machine, for the safety of your family, it is recommended that you leave a message on the tape that says something like, “Hello, if you leave your name and phone number, I will call you back later.” Never say: “We are not at home right now.” You should not give your name unless for business reasons. Finally, always say “we” as this will deter potential attackers.

Of course, the telephone provides enormous advantages, which include the fact that it is an indispensable assistant. Always have a list of phone numbers to call in case of emergency.

Situation: Your actions in the event of advance warning of an earthquake and in the event that an earthquake suddenly finds you at home.

ANSWER: If the first tremors find you at home (on the 1st floor), you should immediately take the children and run outside as soon as possible. You have no more than 15 – 20 seconds at your disposal. Those who find themselves on the 2nd and subsequent floors should stand in the doorways and balcony openings, opening the doors and holding the child close to them. Or, in order not to get hurt by pieces of plaster, glass, dishes, paintings, lamps, hide under a table, bed, in a wardrobe, covering your face with your hands. You can take advantage of the corners formed by the main walls, narrow corridors inside the building, stand near the supporting columns, because these places are the most durable. There is a better chance of staying unharmed here. Under no circumstances should you jump from windows or balconies.

As soon as the shaking stops,

immediately go outside, away from buildings, to a free area.
Under no circumstances should you use the elevator
, as it can get stuck at any moment.

If the first tremors find you on the street, immediately move away from buildings and structures, fences and poles - they can fall and crush you.

You cannot hide in the lower floors and basements of buildings.

All vehicles, especially rail vehicles, are stopped, and passengers leave them and move to a safe distance. Particular organization must be shown when leaving train stations, theaters, and shops. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the administration.

It is prohibited to use the elevator, jump from upper floors, or light matches or candles.

Stay away from businesses containing flammable, toxic or explosive substances. Do not stand on bridges or overpasses. Do not touch the wires.

REMEMBER , after the first one there may be repeated shocks. Be prepared for this and warn others. This can happen after a few hours, and sometimes even days.

At the moment of destruction, flying bricks, glass, cornices, lighting equipment, signs, road signs, and poles also pose a danger. Earthquakes are almost always accompanied by fires caused by gas leaks or shorted electrical wires.

You need to think through and know your rules of behavior and actions in advance. Maintain order, discipline and self-control. Do not block corridors, passages, staircases. There should be no shelves or heavy pictures above the beds in the bedroom.

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