25 Best Personal Growth Courses for Men and Women

Personal development trainings use various techniques that allow you to increase intelligence, communication culture and emotionality.

Thanks to online personal growth courses, you can get rid of internal conflicts and negative thoughts. You will learn not just to set intermediate and main goals, but to be sure to achieve them. You will be able to communicate better with people.

We have compiled for you a complete list of excellent personal growth courses that you can take remotely.


Website : https://wikium.ru Phone Cost : free (limited functionality), perpetual subscription - 3,990 rubles. (no restrictions) For whom : adults and children
Now you can sign up for the free webinar “The Brain is a Superpower You Don’t Use.” At the webinar you will learn what filters are stopping you, how to get a breakthrough in life, how to set goals and quickly achieve them, how to stop thinking in stereotypes and what exercises to do to develop your thinking.

The online platform Vikium is the largest developer of cognitive simulators and specialized courses in Russia and the CIS that develop the basic cognitive functions of the brain: attention, memory and thinking. More than 6 million people use the site. The simulators are based on the methods of Russian and foreign neuropsychologists, which have proven their effectiveness in experiments and scientific work.

Each user receives an individual development program. This is a personal training plan, which is compiled individually based on an introductory test and questionnaire when registering on the platform. Adjusts automatically based on progress. The workouts only take 15 minutes a day.

In total there are more than 100 simulators on the site. The interface is clear and bright, and the tasks are not too complicated, so they do not cause stress.

The platform also has training courses: from speed reading to developing emotional intelligence.

Top 10 online courses

Let's start with the first ten lines of the ranking of the best courses according to the editors and Internet users. The list contains only proven and well-established schools and training centers, including “Business Youth”, “Russian School of Management”, Advance, etc.

“Metamorphoses Online” from the school “Business Youth”

Metamorphoses Online is an online version of the acclaimed on-campus training “Business of Youth”, which has already been completed by more than 9,000 people. Its author is the founder of the school, a successful entrepreneur Peter Osipov. The course is dedicated to a comprehensive, deep transformation of personality and reaching a new level of development.

It lasts 30 days and takes place on a closed platform, where participants get acquainted with materials and complete tasks. They are checked by curators and given feedback. Also during the month there are 5 classes with Peter Osipov. An interesting feature of the course is the work in teams of 5 people.

In the course program:

  • drawing up a contract with life;
  • analysis of social roles;
  • searching for the best version of yourself;
  • analysis of strong and weak personal qualities.


  1. An interesting and popular project.
  2. Analysis of homework and feedback from curators.
  3. Working in teams – you won’t find this anywhere else.
  4. Lots of rave reviews.

There are three tariffs to choose from: “Advanced”, “Premium” and Platinum. Cost – 15,990, 22,990 and 52,900 rubles. respectively.

“Your course to success” from the Advance Information Technology Center

Your course to success is high-intensity motivational training from the Advance information technology center. It is hosted by the center’s founder himself, the world-famous expert on effective teaching, Nikolai Yagodkin. His clients include university rectors, owners of large companies, ministers and parliamentarians from different countries.

The training is dedicated to:

  • forming useful habits to increase productivity;
  • correct goal setting;
  • rational planning;
  • getting rid of laziness and procrastination;
  • effective time management.

It will be an excellent base for further training and development. Advantages of this course:

  1. A world-famous school with a good reputation.
  2. No water - only effective methods.
  3. Access to materials immediately after payment.
  4. The classes will not take much time - about 20 minutes a day.

Cost – 2,000 rubles.

“Mental self-regulation” from 4brain

To achieve success in life, it is very important to be able to manage your own condition. The Mental Self-Regulation course on the 4brain platform will just help you with this. You will learn how to cope with anxiety, stress, procrastination, apathy and other destructive conditions.

In a programme:

  • mastering methods of adaptation to stressful situations;
  • introduction to effective motivational techniques;
  • working with attention;
  • training in physiological and psychological self-regulation.

The course lasts 6 weeks. In total you will have to attend 25 lessons lasting 20-30 minutes each.

Benefits of the course:

  1. 4brain is a popular brain development service with a good reputation.
  2. A minimum of theoretical information – just the essence. The main emphasis is on practice.
  3. Interesting exercises and games.

Cost – 1,990 rubles. with discount. Various payment methods are available: bank card, Yandex.Money, Qiwi wallet, WebMoney.


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Greetings, friends. Today the topic of our conversation with you is...

“Goal setting” from Vikium

Goal setting is a course from the popular brain development platform “Vikium”. Here you will learn how to set goals and achieve them. This skill will be useful to you more than once in life and will help you achieve success in all areas.

You will learn:

  • how to understand which direction to move;
  • how to distinguish true desires from false ones;
  • where to find inspiration;
  • how to maintain a high level of motivation throughout your journey.

Benefits of the course:

  1. A well-known, well-established site.
  2. Low price.
  3. Lots of practical recommendations.
  4. Interesting and non-boring presentation of the material.

The course consists of 6 lessons and costs 990 rubles. You can also subscribe to all 16 Vikium courses for RUB 4,990.

“Personal success training: how to use your capabilities” from the Russian School of Management

Personal success training is conducted by the Russian School of Management, a federal accredited educational institution with 18 years of experience. It takes place in the form of an online broadcast of a full-time course held in Moscow. To participate you will need to allocate 5 days, 7 hours a day. The schedule can be viewed on the school website.

The training is aimed at unlocking personal potential and improving the quality of life. The teachers are famous business trainers, professors, and successful entrepreneurs. They will share their knowledge and personal observations and inspire you to change for the better.

In a programme:

  • working with personal values ​​and priorities;
  • developing skills to manage emotions;
  • highlighting the components of personal effectiveness;
  • overcoming barriers to achieving goals.


  1. Intensive and deep training.
  2. “Golden” teaching staff.
  3. Serious educational institution.
  4. After completing the program, a state-issued diploma of advanced training is issued.
  5. Possibility to receive 13% of the amount paid in the form of a tax deduction.

Cost – 25,130 rubles. You can get a 30% discount if you team up with a friend. Installment plans are available using the Halva card.

“Time management” from New Business University

Time management is a serious course from a serious institution. In 350 academic hours, you will learn time management inside and out and successfully implement it into your life.

The training consists of a theoretical basis and practical exercises. The program is broad and deep. Here are just some of the issues covered during the course:

  • what is flow state and how to achieve it;
  • types of active and passive recreation and how to harmonize them;
  • how to allocate time taking into account your character and temperament;
  • how to build a balance between work and other areas of life;
  • what is vertical and horizontal business management and much more.

Throughout the course, you will be supported by mentors who you can turn to for help at any time. After passing, a diploma of completion is issued. So if your activity is somehow related to psychology, you will be able to use the knowledge gained in your work.

The cost of the course is 15,500 rubles.

“Mechanics of Laziness” by Galina Ievleva

For a very long time I was looking for the perfect course to get rid of laziness and finally found it. The Mechanics of Laziness from Galina Ievleva is not just a collection of inspiring quotes and tips that are very difficult for chronic lazy people to apply. The course examines the underlying causes of laziness and the structural features of the brain that affect productivity.

You will be able to get answers to your questions:

  • why popular time management techniques don't work;
  • why we set goals but cannot achieve them;
  • what happens in the brain when we are distracted from work;
  • why we put off important things until later;
  • how to get rid of the pressure of the word “should”.

The course consists of 5 blocks and costs 9,990 rubles. You can also buy workbooks separately for 990 rubles, which will greatly facilitate the learning process.

“How to cope with stress. Best practices for self-regulation.” on Udemy

On the path to success you will face many obstacles. Stress is one of them. The How to Cope with Stress course will help you minimize the effects of psychological pressure and increase endurance. On it you will master various techniques for effective self-regulation: bodily, mental and deep subconscious.

The author of the course is a psychologist with more than 30 years of experience, Svetlana Ereshchenko. Works using methods of cognitive behavioral psychology, NLP, art therapy, transactional analysis. She managed to combine techniques from different areas in one course to comprehensively study the problem.

Benefits of the course:

  • low price;
  • experienced mentor;
  • emphasis on practice;
  • certificate of completion;
  • no restrictions on travel time.

Cost: $18.99. If you don't like the course, you have 30 days to get your money back.

“Improver Express” from Pavel Volya

Improver Express - a course from the well-known comedian and presenter Pavel Volya. Not everyone knows that he was once a simple Penza guy from an average Russian family. He managed to fulfill the dream of millions of people - to break into the “people” and start earning six-figure sums.

On the course, he shares the secrets that helped him become who he is now. The motto of the course: “I could do it, so you can too!”

You have to master more than 20 effective life hacks and implement them into your life. Here are some of them:

  1. Be proactive.
  2. Love order and discipline.
  3. Develop healthy stubbornness in yourself.
  4. Use envy as a source of motivation.
  5. Be grateful to the world.
  6. Get rid of “tails” - unfinished business.
  7. Learn to say “no” to everything that conflicts with achieving your goals.
  8. Stop swearing.

At first glance, these rules are simple and uncomplicated, but when faced with reality, they dissolve into a dull routine and are pushed to the margins of consciousness. Pavel Volya, in his characteristic inspiring and ironic manner, will explain how to avoid this. You will receive not only working tools for effective changes, but also a charge of positivity and motivation.

Access to the course forever costs 15,000 rubles, for a month – 6,000 rubles.



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“Self-motivation and self-discipline - 2018” from Alexander Belanovsky

Self-motivation and self-discipline - 2021 - training from a successful businessman, founder of a training center, author of more than 40 books Alexander Belanovsky. It is dedicated to the two pillars on which a successful mature personality rests.

In the training program:

  • working with internal conflicts;
  • search for resources for life;
  • prioritization;
  • control over your own emotions;
  • “laser method” for focusing on achieving the goal;
  • rules for effective delegation;
  • drawing up a personal Constitution that will help you make the right decisions.

In 3 weeks, you will seriously improve your motivation and self-discipline and defeat the main enemies of a productive life: laziness, procrastination, fear, uncertainty, doubts and excuses. The training costs 2,990 rubles.

We have separate selections of women's and men's courses on our website. If you want to focus on developing gender-specific qualities, take a look there.


Website: https://smotriuchis.ru Phone: Cost: from 0 rub. for the training

Knowledge is an investment in human capital, another successfully completed step in self-development, enrichment of the inner world and expansion of the range of competencies. But in addition to purely professional education, which is necessary for work, a modern, promising person seeks to obtain resource information that will allow him to stand out among others.

Online lectures from the section “Personal development, distance learning” will tell you how to get rid of the fear of public speaking, develop speaking technique, master the art of self-presentation and telephone conversations, and explain how to get along with others. You can learn all this on your own - at a time convenient for you and with the required intensity, but under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Many video courses in the section can be taken for free; others are more than affordable. Lessons from the best teachers at SmotriUchis.ru will be useful both for those who are studying the issue from scratch, and for those who are planning retraining or retraining.

Online-school of personality development “POSSIBLE”

Website: https://mozhno.school Phone: Cost: from 990 rub. for the training

Online course “How to enjoy work and business without changing jobs?”

An online course of 5 video lessons with practices, exercises and homework, thanks to which you will look at your work differently and become more effective.

This training is for you if:

  • You stopped enjoying work or business
  • Work has turned into hard labor for you
  • You don't feel the significance and importance of what you do
  • You stopped waking up with joy to live a new day
  • You have lost your former energy and joy from what you love
  • You don't want to lose your job, but you can't enjoy it

Who is this course for?

For businessmen, managers, TOP managers, specialists, executives, employees of small and medium-sized businesses.

Develop leadership qualities

In his book The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, lists several character traits that a true leader must possess. If you are interested in the topic of personal development, pay attention to them.

  • Develop optimism - you must exclude from your own vocabulary all expressions associated with panic and other negative manifestations. Try to be calmer, in any situation, first of all, convince yourself to look for the positive sides.
  • Courage is another quality of a leader. Iger is confident that a good leader creates opportunities with courageous actions, and, on the contrary, closes doors in front of him with cowardly actions.
  • Focus - the ability to concentrate is now called one of the main skills of the century. If you can think about something for several minutes at a time without distraction, you have already won the competition with the mass of your peers who are accustomed to constantly looking at their phones and surfing the Internet. Don't waste your time and energy, learn to focus at the right moment.
  • Curiosity - Eigel believes that the path to innovation begins with curiosity. And this quality of character can also be developed. Try to surround yourself with new sources of information. Look for something new and unusual - for example, if you have always preferred to watch documentaries and science films, try studying the top detective or science fiction films. Perhaps this is the kind of experience that can awaken your curiosity and give you new ideas.
  • Justice is a leader's investment in the future. If you live with justice, treat people around you fairly and impartially, then it may be more difficult for you now, but in the future you will create a reputation as an honest person. Usually such emotional consistency is appreciated.

Read more about the character of a top manager in our article about the qualities of a leader.

Center for Business Communications "IGROX"

Website: https://igrox.ru Phone: Cost: from 0 rub. for the training

Online trainings take place over the course of a month, where you interact with the trainer in a live format, asking him questions, completing homework and receiving feedback. The live format allows you to receive maximum emotional support for working on yourself, so it gives the best results. Teachers recommend starting with the online training “Brain Rewiring: The True Version of You” because it gives the biggest personal breakthrough.

If you have good self-motivation and are ready to develop independently, then this online format will be most useful. You can watch video lessons at any time convenient for you, return to topics that you did not understand very well, and also complete homework, communicate via email with a trainer and receive prompt feedback. We offer you 3 different trainings: sales training, public speaking training 1 (recorded webinars without homework) and public speaking level 2 from a series of video lessons with homework and support from the trainer.

Paid courses and trainings

If you haven't found a suitable program among the ten listed, I have a few more interesting options for you.

“SMART goal setting” from the Advance Center for Educational Technologies

SMART goal setting is a specialized course from the Advance Innovation Center. Here you will learn an effective goal-setting method developed by the famous entrepreneur and author of world best-selling books on personal effectiveness, Paul Mayer.

The course consists of 6 theoretical lessons, more than 200 practical exercises and tests to consolidate the material. It is hosted by Alexander Zgoda, the general director of the center, an expert in the field of personal effectiveness and motivation.

On the course you:

  • learn to set goals;
  • learn how to effectively achieve them;
  • try the method for personal and professional purposes;
  • learn to analyze each of your goals for compliance with the necessary criteria.


  1. A training center with a good reputation.
  2. Innovative training program.
  3. Lots of practice.
  4. Tests to check results.

The course costs 9,900 rubles.



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Charisma development training from the Russian School of Management

The charisma development training is an online broadcast of a face-to-face training taking place in Moscow.

You will be able to feel like a student again and experience all the charm of the presence of “live” teachers. There are as many as 13 of them on the course: famous business trainers, coaches, scientists. They will teach you how to position yourself correctly and develop a strong, charismatic personality.

In the training program:

  • basics of personal effectiveness;
  • setting goals according to the principles of SMART and GROW;
  • inspirational leadership;
  • etiquette and image of a business leader;
  • emotion management techniques;
  • protection against manipulation and much more.


  1. Serious intensive training designed primarily for business people. It will help you quickly improve your charisma and leadership qualities.
  2. Completion of the course is confirmed by a diploma of advanced training.
  3. Possibility to return a tax deduction of 13%.

The training lasts 40 academic hours over 5 days. Participants in online training, like those attending in person, will have the opportunity to receive feedback from teachers.

Cost – 25,130 rubles. It is possible to arrange an installment plan for 4 months.

“Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Training” on Udemy

Self-confidence and self-esteem training - a course from a successful businessman and founder of the Institute of Charisma, Anatoly Krasovsky. It was created for people who often suffer in life from indecision, fear of change, and lack of self-confidence. With the help of competent theory and special exercises, you can finally throw off this ballast that interferes with harmonious development and achievement of success.

Over the course of 7 lessons you will:

  • boost self-confidence;
  • get rid of fears;
  • “treat” your low self-esteem;
  • form the right beliefs;
  • use self-hypnosis techniques.

The course costs only $18.99. For this money you will get unlimited access to classes. You can access it from any device. If the course is not suitable for you, you can get your money back within 30 days.

“How to deal with pride” from Natalia Volkova

How to deal with pride - a master class aimed at reconsidering your attitude towards yourself and the world. If you notice that you are excessively categorical, arrogant, and intolerant of other people’s opinions, then he is just for you.

You will learn why pride is a very harmful and energy-consuming quality for its owner. No wonder it is included in the list of the seven deadly sins. By overcoming pride, you will not only receive a powerful boost to personal development, but also improve your health.

In a programme:

  • how is pride different from pride;
  • signs of pride;
  • ways to pacify pride and emergency situations;
  • preventive measures.

The cost of the master class is 1,860 rubles.

“Personality DNA” from Mikhail Fedorenko

Personal DNA is a course on a comprehensive upgrade of one’s self. Its author is Candidate of Economic Sciences, ex-Minister of Information Technologies of the Moscow Region, 2nd Class State Advisor, successful entrepreneur Mikhail Fedorenko.

His course is aimed at the total remelting of personality and the creation of a new person - flexible, strong, corresponding to modern realities. If you are truly ready to change and leave your comfort zone, then this is the one for you.

The program consists of 5 sections:

  • correct thinking;
  • strategies for achieving goals;
  • gender personality characteristics;
  • secrets of mastery;
  • energy and physical health.

Cost – 25,000 rubles.

“Self-discipline” from Radislav Gandapas

Self-discipline is a three-week course on developing strong-willed qualities. The creator of the course is business coach, author of several best-selling books on self-development and motivation, Radislav Gandapas.

This course is for those who lack self-organization and willpower, who are prone to laziness and procrastination, who live in constant chaos and disorder. If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, I strongly recommend that you go through it as soon as possible. After all, no matter what talents a person has, without self-discipline he will not be able to achieve success in life and realize his full potential.

Classes will help you implement simple, healthy habits into your daily routine and teach you how to manage things faster and more efficiently. You don’t have to “break” and “reshape” yourself - the whole path consists of small but regular steps, so personality transformation will occur comfortably and naturally.

The course costs 2,900 rubles. Lessons will be available within 21 days from the date of payment.

“Personal growth” from New Business University

Personal growth is a voluminous and deep course. In 590 hours you will learn everything about personality development, master modern and effective methods of working on yourself, and analyze various psychological theories of personality. This course is for those who prefer a serious scientific approach and are willing to spend time on a deep immersion in learning.

The course is divided into 50 blocks, I will list some of them:

  1. Relationships with people.
  2. Lifestyle.
  3. The paradox of work.
  4. Values ​​and priorities.
  5. Personal potential.
  6. Self-realization.
  7. Time management techniques.
  8. Developing self-confidence.

The classes are exciting and interesting, the educational material is accompanied by videos, illustrations, and presentations. Throughout the entire training, you will be accompanied by a supervisor who you can contact if you have any questions.

The cost of the course is 19,500 rubles. The first introductory lesson is free.

“Crash Course on Productivity and Personal Effectiveness” on Udemy

A crash course on Productivity and Personal Effectiveness for those who want to get the most out of their internal resources. You can complete it in a couple of hours and save a lot of time in the future by increasing the efficiency of your own activities.

You will learn:

  • how to increase productivity when solving everyday problems;
  • what is flow state and how to use it;
  • what needs to be done to ensure that time management techniques work flawlessly;
  • where to get additional energy;
  • how nutrition and sleep affect productivity;
  • how to increase the amount of information consumed by speed reading.


  1. Low price.
  2. The ability to take the course from any device without time limits.
  3. Upon completion, a certificate is issued.

Cost: $19.99.

“Self-realization” from Viktor Ponomarenko

Self-realization is a course by Viktor Ponomarenko, a well-known Russian psychologist, psychiatrist, and business coach. It is aimed at revealing the potential inherent in a person.

In a programme:

  • human temperament as the basis of personality;
  • theory of 7 radicals in personality development;
  • What is a personality profile and how does it work.

The training is recommended primarily for graduates of educational institutions, businessmen, managers, and freelancers. After completing it, you will clearly see the area for self-realization and will be able to take steps in the right direction.

It consists of video lessons with theoretical information and practical tasks. Costs 1,990 rubles. Access to materials will open for 21 days immediately after payment.

Take a look at our selection of the best psychological trainings.


Website: https://academy.iearth.online Cost: from 1500 rub. for the training

Do you want to get satisfaction from work? To be loved and to love? To be successful and healthy? Have a friendly family and loyal friends?

Only specific knowledge and practical skills. Skype support during the course. Author's exercises, tests, meditations. Homework for better understanding of the material. Knyazeva Vera will help you understand what is happening in your life and inspire you on the path of spiritual and personal development. By learning to manage your inner world, you will learn to manage your reality!

As a result:

  • You realize your purpose.
  • You will receive a unique practice of scanning the current state of your body, launch programs for healing, slimness and youth.
  • You will test the relationship between male and female energies and, through deep and effective practice, learn to harmonize them.
  • You will build harmonious relationships with children and fill your life with love, joy, wisdom, pride, surprise and other resource states.
  • You will gain access to the resources of your family and establish good relationships with your family and parents.

Free courses

For those who are not yet ready to pay for online courses, I have several excellent free programs - start with them. And be sure to read our article Where to start self-development, it contains a lot of useful information.

“Decision Making” by 4brain

Decision making is a free course on the 4brain brain development platform. It contains 5 lessons for self-study + an exam at the end. The goal of the course is to develop decision-making algorithms for participants in any situation.

In a programme:

  • consideration of the reasons for indecisiveness and complexity of decision-making;
  • searching for all possible solutions;
  • training in correct prioritization;
  • mastering ways to select the optimal solution from all possible options;
  • evaluation of decisions made and accounting for mistakes made.

Indecisiveness is a serious obstacle to personal development. You have a unique opportunity to get rid of it quickly and effectively. And most importantly - absolutely free. You don’t even have to register on the site - follow the link and start practicing right away.

“How to find the strength to grow and develop?” from Advance

How to find strength for growth and development? – free webinar from the Advance Information Technology Center. I have already written about my love for this school in the article Self-development courses, and now you have the opportunity to try its products for yourself.

The webinar is moderated by the center’s general director, Alexander Zgoda. This is a man who managed to graduate from school at the age of 14, from university at 20, and at 21 he opened his own law firm. He knows firsthand the enormous importance motivation and self-discipline play on the path to success, and is ready to share his personal tricks and life hacks.

At the webinar you will learn:

  • why being lazy is completely normal and natural for a person;
  • how to “negotiate” with your laziness so that both you and she are satisfied;
  • what tricks can be used to deceive laziness and procrastination;
  • how to properly combine work and rest.

I highly recommend participating in this webinar. In addition to useful practical advice, you will also receive a powerful charge of motivation for development.

“Priority setting algorithm” from CROSS Online Academy

Priority setting algorithm - video course from the CROSS Online Academy, the founder of which is the outstanding psychotherapist, author of 35 books, Mikhail Litvak. The course consists of 4 lessons, after completing which you will be able to organize all areas of your life and organize your affairs and goals.

You will learn:

  • how to rank and prioritize your values;
  • what happens when we set our priorities wrong;
  • How to avoid mistakes in this process.

To gain access to the course, you need to submit an application on the website.



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“How to overcome laziness and get crazy motivation” from Neurosophy

How to overcome laziness and get crazy motivation - a free master class from the Neurosophy project. This is not a motivational training where you get a dose of inspiring speeches and go home. This is a practical lesson on mastering methods of managing motivation from the inside. These methods are based on deep systemic knowledge about the structure of the brain and the functioning of the endocrine system.

At the master class you will learn:

  • how to plan and follow plans effectively;
  • how to cope with procrastination, laziness, low productivity and other enemies of a successful person;
  • how to bring all your affairs to completion;
  • how to get your routine in order and start getting enough sleep;
  • how to increase self confidence.

To register for the master class, you need to enter your email.

“Time Management: Time Management” from 4brain

Time management: time management - a free course for self-study. It will introduce you to the basics of time management and help you develop good habits. Consists of 5 lessons and a final exam. Each lesson ends with a short test to consolidate the material. The authors of the course are Sergey Krutko, Kirill Nogales and Artem Zakharov.


  1. Basics of time management.
  2. Goal setting.
  3. Planning.
  4. Time management systems.
  5. Tools.

At the end you will find a list of useful literature for continuing your studies with a detailed description.

3 exercises for laziness from Konstantin Dovlatov

3 exercises against laziness from one of the most popular coaches in Russia, Konstantin Dovlatov. They will help you finally get off the couch and start moving towards your goals.

You will learn:

  • how to charge your internal battery in 17 seconds;
  • how to restore strength after long work;
  • how to make faith in your strength stronger than laziness;
  • how to stop procrastinating.

Try it - you have nothing to lose. The course is free and will take you very little time. To receive it, you need to enter your email - video lessons will be sent there.

Pavel Kolesov Training Center

Website: https://psy-course.ru Cost: from 0 rub. for the training

Professional psychologist, NLP trainer, coach, writer Pavel Kolesov has been teaching a number of original video courses and training lessons for more than 17 years.

Pavel Kolesov is a successful person, a real darling of fate. His credo is “You should enjoy life! Life should make you happy!” Pavel lives easily and happily and teaches this to everyone in the “School of Luck” courses. The author presents the teaching material in simple, understandable, accessible language, succinctly, clearly, and with enthusiasm. Take responsibility for your life and start changing it for the better! Luck will be your companion in all areas of life!

What will you learn?

  • Smile twice as often
  • Find new opportunities for self-development
  • Rest more often and spend time with loved ones
  • Improve your well-being
  • Increase energy levels
  • Get more done
  • Make fewer mistakes

Valeriy Sinelnikov Online School

Website: https://v-sinelnikov-online.com Phone: Cost: from 0 rub. for the training

Valery Sinelnikov’s online school is a community of people striving for development, united by a common idea: serving the Truth, serving God and people, the desire to be the master of their life, to live happily in love and harmony with themselves and with the world around them. The mission of the School is to create a Space of Love, Light and Goodness in yourself, in your life, in your family, in your Homeland, in the country in which you live, on planet Earth, in the entire Universe.

All training programs in the online School are prepared in such a way that everyone will find exactly the topic that interests them at the moment.

At the webinars, such topical issues as:

  • working with the subconscious;
  • transformation of negative emotions;
  • health, work with pain and illness;
  • relationships in a couple, in a family;
  • proper upbringing of children, relationships; parents and children;
  • birth programs;
  • financial well-being;
  • and many others.

Levels of Personal Growth

Your inner world should change a lot, and this will all be reflected in your appearance, and you will also get rid of the feeling of guilt if you consciously engage in personal growth.

To achieve harmony and happiness, changes must affect:

  • Physical level
  • Social level
  • Intellectual level
  • Spiritual level

The physical level affects everything that concerns the body: healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, feasible physical activity, breathing practices, communication with nature to improve the health of the body, relaxation, sex life, etc.

Social level : these are relationships with loved ones and relationships at a professional level, other communication connections in society, adjusting all of your connections with the outside world, assessing your purpose, material security and improving life in general in society.

Intellectual level : correct setting of your goals, searching for the main goal in life, conscious understanding of the nature of your feelings, both positive and negative, working on your emotions.

Spiritual level of personal development : affects personal qualities and spiritual qualities, such as selfless help, acceptance of people with all their vices, non-judgment, the ability to forgive. Gaining knowledge not only about life around, but also accepting one’s destiny.


Website: https://welcomebackhome.academy Cost: not specified

Start your changes by creating good habits! It is habits that determine a person’s entire life.

“Sow a habit and reap a destiny” is time-tested wisdom. Each of us has habits that get in the way

living life to the fullest and dragging us down. The main reason for bad habits is lack of awareness and attention. Without awakening awareness, years of struggle with these habits turn into only years of unsuccessful struggle with oneself: the desired changes never come.

The initial Mind Detox meditation course, which has already been completed by several thousand people, has shown very good results. Everyone who completed the full course has already felt from their own experience that even 10 minutes of meditation a day brings great changes - the mind becomes calmer, stress goes away, clarity and joy appear.

But you can go even further, you can get much more from meditation, and I invite you on this fascinating journey deep into yourself.

Personal Development Center Kaizen Academy

Website: https://academy-kaizen.com Cost: from 199 rubles. for the training

The trainings are held in the format of webinars, which means you will have the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world, from any device, even from your phone.

Feedback You will be able to ask questions to the trainers, receive an analysis of completed tasks and recommendations for further steps

Focus Specially designed development programs are focused on each student, taking into account his predispositions

Your results are important to them. During consultations, you can identify your own strengths and areas of growth, which will make your training even more effective.

Thanks to the trainings you will be able to:

  • Love yourself and your body
  • Feel your willpower
  • Gain faith in yourself
  • See your way
  • Making the right choice
  • Feel yourself and your emotions
  • Understand and accept others

How many trainings should I take to solve problems?

Personal growth - what is it?

There are a few points to pay attention to:

  1. It is impossible to solve all problems. One difficulty will invariably give rise to another. You should not strive for a life without difficulties. You need to perceive the problem as an interesting task.
  2. It is not the number of trainings that determines overcoming difficulties, but the actions of the person himself.
  3. For the most part, this is a motivational event that helps get started. But, if there is no willpower (inspiration can disappear at one moment), nothing will help.


Website: https://cross-club.info Phone: Cost: from 4900 rub. for the training

Basic online course CROSS transformation

During the training you will cover:

  • How character traits are formed.
  • At what age does this happen? How they become embedded in the individual.
  • How character traits influence life.
  • Which is a consequence of the presence of negative character traits in life.
  • Negative and interfering character traits.
  • 4 blocks of character traits. Features of each trait. Methods of character correction.
  • How to develop traits that help you win.
  • Techniques and techniques for developing helping character traits and getting rid of hindering ones.

Together with your trainer, you will diagnose your character traits. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to understand how you acquired these traits and what you need to do next with them. During coaching, you will strengthen your existing positive character traits, as well as develop those that you lack.

Center for Personal Development “Introspection of Consciousness”

Website: https://insoz.ru Phone: Cost: from 8000 rub. for the training

There is a familiar world, more or less studied - this is the physical, material world. And the metaphysical spiritual world. Magic, religions and hundreds of cases from history unquestionably prove that everyone lives in a diverse system where every person wants to find his place. Proper upbringing and self-organization skills are perhaps the most important component of a person. In the world, success and harmony are achieved by those who have developed healthy thinking and intuition, because everything else begins with this, don’t you agree? Beyond the usual five senses, absolutely incredible things happen, and “knowledgeable people” of the center can easily show you the right path of life with the least resistance.

What is the benefit of the center?

There are dozens of teachings and beliefs. Each one praises itself in a sophisticated way, and to sort them out and sift out the unnecessary, an ordinary person does not have enough strength, money and time. Therefore, the teachers solved this problem in a convenient way: they selected the most powerful areas and the best specialists in their field. Therefore, if you want to feel deeper and understand your role in this world (the rest will follow), then rest assured you are in the right place, you will be strengthened and guided.

Arcanum Personal Development Center

Website: https://arcanum.ru Phone: Cost: from 3800 rub. for the training


Now it is fashionable to talk about purpose and even more fashionable - to find it at all costs. But, as soon as the conversation turns to what this purpose is?, most often you can hear answers that are completely different in essence. Why is that? Because the very concept of purpose has a more philosophical metaphorical key than a literal one.

During the online marathon, you will be offered exclusive author's psychological exercises, techniques with cards and meditative practices.

At an online marathon using various decks of cards, you:

  • explore your talents and abilities, your ambitions and vector;
  • find your niche and field of activity;
  • you will understand what you really want to change in your life;
  • you will be able to understand what the problem is and how to fix it;
  • you will gain resources by removing blocks in the subconscious;
  • let go of the past and find support in the present;
  • plan and change the course of the future;
  • make the right effective decisions;
  • gain confidence and courage to act;
  • realize your uniqueness and originality.

How to get the most benefit

Personal growth training on its own cannot be beneficial. They just give a kick. In general, there is a correlation between cost and quality. A person's knowledge is only worth what people are willing to pay for it.

Personal growth begins with the understanding that security is much worse, because it is just an illusion. The fact that a person has worked at one company for several decades does not insure him against dismissal. Then he will find himself on the sidelines if he does not constantly learn and develop personally.

So, personal development training is a good way to force yourself to do something. If they replace real steps towards achieving a goal, you can form an addiction and, as a result, lose your money. Sellers of such training skillfully take advantage of such clients. In fact, personal growth courses can also be taken remotely. Sometimes there is no need for them, because even a free article on the Internet can inspire action.

Psychology of the third millennium

Website: https://ptt.life Phone: Cost: from 1500 rub. for the training

The educational project “Psychology of the Third Millennium” is a team of like-minded people united by the goal of personal growth and solving social problems of our time. The project originated in 2005 in Russia and by 2008 the Project team reached the international level. Masters and specialists of the Project regularly conduct their programs in different regions of Russia - from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg, as well as in Europe, Asia and the USA.

All training programs are presented in all four spheres of life - physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual, and are aimed at those who cannot participate in full-time training due to work commitments, family circumstances, distance from residence, etc. .

Online learning is an opportunity to become a participant in unique programs implemented in a modern format, at a time convenient for you and at your own pace.

Three paths to personal growth

And if the question of personal growth arises at all, it means that there is no harmony in your life and some changes are needed.

You can start practicing self-development at any age, at 20, 30, 40, and 50 years old. You can always engage in self-development!

Personal growth or self-development is the process of developing some new qualities in yourself that will lead you to improvement in many areas of life.

In 1959, the famous psychologist Karl Rogers indicated that personal growth must begin if you want fundamental changes in life and he highlighted

The law of “personal growth”, which fits into one phrase: “If..., Then...”.

For example, if I don't know how to swim, then I will drown if I don't take some action.


If I learn to swim, then I will swim in any situation.

There are different methods, let's look at which ones.

  • From the books
  • Develop your own method of personal growth
  • With the help of a coach (the most expensive and fastest way)

And a mixed path, when you little by little try what is closer to you, how better and faster you can achieve your goals.

Center for Personal Development "Journey"

Website: https://psiholog-si.ru Phone: Cost: from 3000 rub. for the training

Life is a series of stressful situations that often require a psychologist, consultant or psychoanalyst to resolve. A therapist who will offer a solution to your problem that you yourself cannot cope with. Sometimes misunderstandings in the family, problems in personal life, work, problems in parent-child relationships tire even the strongest personality. You don't have to fight this alone. In such a situation, it is better to immediately contact a specialist.

Training objectives:

  • Increasing the level of awareness (here and now).
  • Learn to consciously manage your life.
  • Strengthening the sensitivity of the etheric and astral body, developing bioenergetic skills.
  • Filling with vitality, improving well-being.
  • Establishing protection from negative information and influences.
  • Practical work with the tools PENDULUM, MAGIC BALL, thanks to which you will learn to read information from the past, present and future.
  • Working with the Mental Body. How to work with the pineal gland (3rd eye)
  • Learn to scan people, objects, situations and events.

Academy of Personality Development

Website: https://academrl.ru Phone: Cost: not specified


Conducting trainings for women and men since 2010. We help people find a way out of difficult life situations, overcome problems and get to know themselves better. Courses and seminars are conducted by certified psychologists and coaches. Our specialists work for results: if you do not feel any changes after completing the full course of training, we will refund your money.

The best coaches have developed psychological training for women. They help cope with depression, open doors to a wonderful new world, where you become more successful, sexier, and successfully establish contact with the opposite sex. You will understand that your life is in your hands. You can achieve anything you want. You will get rid of complexes and fears, overcome your phobias, and be filled with energy and strength to achieve your goals. You will understand how powerful your feminine beauty is.

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