How to understand that you have fallen in love: signs that will help you determine true love

Falling in love, first feelings, tender and timid glances. Each individual can talk for hours about the very first and sincere feelings, about the closest and most desired person who was nearby or, alas, ignored. Everything begins with love and ends with love. From the greatest and brightest feeling, new people appear, reckless actions are taken, fatal mistakes are made, and sometimes wars break out. Is it possible to break it down into its components in order to understand the signs of falling in love in men and women? Are they objective and universal for everyone? More about this in the article.

The main signs of falling in love

Among the main hints of love are:

  • Constantly high spirits and expectation of a miracle.
  • An overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy.
  • Thoughts and dreams about the object of desire. You will want to be constantly nearby, spend all your free time together.
  • Sudden initiative, activity, desire to “move mountains,” get a new education, or anything that previously seemed difficult and impracticable.

How to distinguish love from sympathy?

A man’s behavior when showing sympathy and falling in love is often similar. Both feelings cause pleasant experiences, positive emotions. But there are also some differences in them. When a man likes him, it will be pleasant to spend time with a woman and communicate with her, however, if she is not around, the lover’s thoughts will not constantly return to the object of sympathy.

If a man is in love, he will constantly want to see the woman, be near her all the time, and have physical contact with her. Thoughts will be limited only to the girl. When communicating with her, his mood improves.

It is important to remember that both friendship and male love develop on the basis of sympathy. It is important not to confuse these 2 feelings, since a mistake can lead to disappointment.

Love, affection or sympathy

When experiencing attraction to the opposite sex, it is very difficult to immediately understand the sensations. To begin with, it is worth analyzing all the concepts.


The feeling of love is distinguished by a strong emotional component, attraction, attraction. We blindly rush towards the goal, not noticing a person’s shortcomings, we extol him above the clouds.


This is a habit that manifests itself in the desire to wake up, walk, cook, watch movies together. It is most clearly expressed after a breakup. This is a kind of dependence on the object. With the usual algorithm, relationships freeze in one place and do not develop, are not supported by emotions, but are considered the most reliable and strong.


We feel an emotional connection and a closeness of spirit. In this case, age or gender does not matter. Sexual motives are completely excluded here. Most often, sympathy arises against the background of common interests and support.

Signs that I'm in love: how to recognize love

This is the deepest sympathy developed against the background of falling in love. It assumes selflessness, complete acceptance of a person with his shortcomings. It can also take place without a sexual component. For example, love for parents, children, animals.

It does not appear out of nowhere, but develops gradually, filling you more and more every day from the inside. Feelings become deeper and more conscious. You have only one interest and all other men are unable to impress.

Differences between infatuation and love

The feeling of being in love flares up instantly, sometimes at first sight. The passion boiling inside will not force you to give up your own benefits for the sake of the object of desire. The desire to see him will become selfish rather than sacrificial. We will be offended if we do not receive similar reciprocal behavior from our partner. All this speaks of falling in love.

Love presupposes selfless help, participation in all life processes of the beloved, empathy without claims and reproaches. Sometimes this feeling is accompanied by jealousy, irritability, depression, and mood swings.

What should a woman do in such a situation?

You need to understand yourself and understand whether men's feelings can be mutual. Are you ready to share them, build relationships and respond with similar feelings? If yes, then prove yourself. You shouldn’t become the instigator of a frank conversation; the guy should take the first step. However, it is possible to hint at reciprocity. It will be enough to use the basic flirting techniques - a flirtatious wink, reciprocal touches, a sincere smile.

After the girl points out the possibility of close communication, nothing else needs to be done. A man in love will express himself, and his signs will become more confident. A sense of self-respect should determine every step and action of a girl.

How to know you're in love - 25 signs

  1. You want to talk about family, children and the further development of relationships.
  2. There are thoughts about the wedding in my head.
  3. There is a desire to sing, dance, and enjoy everything in the world.
  4. Sometimes you accidentally call him by the name of other people around him.
  5. You easily forgive all oddities.
  6. Musical preferences change towards the hobbies of your loved one.
  7. Interest in previous hobbies wanes.
  8. You are willing to sacrifice your time and activities to be around him more.
  9. You don’t notice his shortcomings point-blank and constantly justify them.
  10. An unreasonable smile often appears on the face.
  11. Sometimes you act absent, completely lost in thoughts about your partner.
  12. The scenario of the next date is scrolling through my head, what needs to be said, what to interest.
  13. A kind of rehearsal for a meeting. You look forward to messages or a call, you can not let go of your smartphone for hours or update your page on a social network.
  14. You don’t fall asleep for a long time, dreaming about your lover.
  15. Another way to understand that you are in love is to analyze your reaction to words. Criticism from him is perceived extremely negatively and makes you depressed, while with a compliment you fly higher than the sky.
  16. Constantly talk about it to your family and friends, listing its endless advantages.
  17. You spend more time on your appearance, try to put on beautiful makeup, choose clothes and accessories.
  18. You begin to see signs in all events: you were at the same event, participated in a competition together, or studied at school. This means that we have definitely found the other half.
  19. The girl becomes prone to rash actions: “accidentally” ending up at his entrance, finding a reason to call.
  20. Creative abilities appear: you want to write him a heartbreaking message, a poem, or prepare a treat.
  21. Feels a sudden surge of energy.
  22. An easy way to understand if you are in love is to listen to your body. When we meet, the heartbeat quickens, it makes you feel hot, and your face turns red.
  23. Do you want to be aware of everything that happened in his life.
  24. You dream of physical intimacy: kisses, passion, hugs.
  25. I want romance, spend an unforgettable evening, day together, go on a trip.

How to check a man's feelings?

Men are not inclined to reveal their true feelings and goals. If they tell you about love, there is a high probability that it is a lie or at least an exaggeration. Conversely, a person who carefully hides his feelings may be desperately in love with you. Checking helps to dot the “e”.

Direct question

Challenge the man with a direct question. Ask directly: “Aren’t you in love with me for an hour?” He will have to answer, and you will have to watch the reaction. A person in love will probably be embarrassed, and it doesn’t matter what he answers - it’s important to record his behavior.

A man who is not in love behaves calmly. Out of delicacy, he will either be embarrassed to admit his lack of feelings and answer vaguely and ambiguously, or he will say something like: “Why not?”

Canceling a date

For a man in love, canceling a date is the most offensive and painful event. His reaction is always bright and violent. He expresses not indignation, but genuine frustration. A person who does not experience serious feelings calmly endures the date or expresses dissatisfaction.

The main thing is that your refusal to date is believable. If a young man understands that you are just playing with him, testing him, you will significantly lose in his eyes.

Make it clear that you have problems

Come up with a serious problem that is difficult to solve and share it with the young man. A man in love will immediately come up with a dozen ways to solve it. Then he will offer his help and will be interested in this issue for a long time.

A man who is not in love does not show any zeal. Moreover, if you ask him to help, he will not be able to hide his displeasure and annoyance. If there is no love, there are no common problems.

Behavior in disputes

This is one of the most productive and masterful ways of identifying feelings. The main thing is that it is difficult to suspect you of premeditated actions. The essence of the test is to start an argument with friends. You must defend a point of view opposite to that held by the subject.

A man in love, whatever his opinion, always takes the side of his beloved woman and supports her in an argument. If there are no feelings, a person behaves naturally - he defends his point of view.


Try paying attention to another young man and watch the reaction of the object of interest to you. If the latter has serious feelings for you, he will be sincerely upset. Otherwise, you will see annoyance, anger, contempt or disappointment on the man’s face.

A person in love experiences in such situations not so much a wounding of his ego as pain and bitterness of regret. These feelings are reflected on his face. Do not delay the experiment, your task is only to determine the reaction.

Meeting friends

If you don't rely on your intuition, let your friends look at the object of your research. Introduce a young man to them, let them look at him from the outside. It is no secret that from this position true feelings are always visible better.

To assess a man's attitude towards you, introduce him to your friends, but do not count on the objectivity of your parents and girlfriends. Choose representatives of the stronger sex.

There are a huge number of ways to test a man for the sincerity of his feelings. But don't get carried away with them. Wait a little and everything will fall into place. True feelings will definitely manifest themselves, and you won’t have to arrange tests.

Test: how to understand and find out if I'm in love

A small test that will help you recognize how strong your feelings are:

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  1. Do you understand each other?
  • We don't know each other well yet.
  • There have already been several dates, but it’s too early to give a clear answer.
  • Yes.
  1. Do you support each other?
  • Just out of politeness.
  • One person clearly shows more compassion.
  • Yes, we care about each other;
  1. How do others perceive you?
  • Like acquaintances.
  • Like those who try hard to hide the connection.
  • Like a couple.
  1. Have you visited him?
  • No.
  • No, but we are going to.
  • Yes.
  1. Are there any joint plans for the future?
  • No.
  • Yes, but nothing serious, just talking about the next date.
  • Yes, we are planning a summer vacation together.

Everything is very simple. If the majority of answers are 3, you are clearly in love, if 2, it’s too early to draw conclusions. The number 1 indicates the absence of a close connection.

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Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Hello, my name is Yaroslav Samoilov. I am an expert in the psychology of relationships and over the years of practice I have helped more than 10,000 girls meet worthy soul mates, build harmonious relationships and return love and understanding to families that were on the verge of divorce.

More than anything, I am inspired by the happy eyes of students who meet the people of their dreams and enjoy a truly vibrant life.

My goal is to show women a way to develop relationships that will help them create a synergy of success and happiness!

What to do with falling in love

I will give you some tips on how to find out, determine that you have fallen in love, and build the right tactics of behavior.

  • Don't get lost in the whirlpool of events. Don’t give up your favorite hobby and traditions, continue to improve and attend courses. Don't get depressed if something doesn't work out the first time. After all, love should bring joy.
  • Always smile sincerely in front of a guy. This will not only set you up for positivity, but will also show him that you are a bright, cheerful person.
  • Don't invent a non-existent image for yourself. Don't say you like what he likes. Behave as naturally as possible. After all, if the relationship works out, it will be difficult to live someone else’s life. In addition, such behavior looks feigned and false, which will immediately alienate the chosen one.
  • On your first dates, you shouldn’t overwhelm your partner with conversations about serious intentions, marriage and children. To begin with, friendship, tenderness, and trust must arise.
  • Keep the tone of communication in the middle. Don't be too whiny and affectionate, but don't communicate with indifference and coldness. Let what is in your soul remain a mystery to him.
  • Do not deny him the desire to watch his favorite film, even if such a topic is not to his liking.
  • Give compliments more often, praise, call by name. Men love with their ears just as much as girls.
  • Don't be afraid of this bright feeling. Even if nothing works out, it will be an invaluable experience and vivid experiences.

What is the difference between love and infatuation?

If we talk about the difference between falling in love and love, then the first in psychology is divided into easy infatuation and romantic attachment. It is not difficult to guess that in the case when love is in the nature of infatuation, the physical component of the external image of a lover or beloved comes first. The animalistic desire to physically possess the object of infatuation and the absence or minimal amount of frankness, trust, sincerity, and understanding turns light infatuation into the desire to be in the same bed with your loved one.

The probability that then the relationship will begin to fade away is almost 100%. Romantic love, from the point of view of psychologists, is more focused on the internal qualities of a loved one. These could be common hobbies, views on the world or events, an attractive inner world and everything internal that hides behind the outer shell.

Such feelings are more suitable for creating a long-term relationship that will pass through all barriers and obstacles and turn into love. New research in the field of falling in love has shown that for the moment when a person realizes that he has fallen in love, 0.15 seconds pass. At this moment, a cocktail of hormones is released into the blood and a state of bliss and euphoria occurs. So it is for a beginner who tries drugs for the first time.

How to tell a guy if she's in love with him

  • She doesn't flirt with others. All her attention is on you.
  • She gives surprises and gifts. And it's not about their financial value, but their importance to a man. She smiles when she looks at you and laughs at your jokes.
  • She closely monitors herself, changes outfits and looks to please you.
  • She calmly calls and texts first.
  • Your companion keeps her gaze on you for a long time, and when she becomes noticed, she blushes and is embarrassed.
  • The girl adjusts her hair and chain, trying to appear more attractive.
  • She tries to take an interest in his problems and achievements and support him.
  • He reacts deeply and sincerely to the words of his beloved, he can rejoice or, conversely, be offended, upset and even cry when he hears minor irritation or misunderstanding.

How does a man’s manifestations of love reflect his age?

Signs of a man in love - psychology by age:

  • young people deify their beloved, thoughts about her cause awe, an emotional outburst, and enthusiastic feelings. They want to show their best side, they are ready to do a lot to prove their exceptional strength, courage and dexterity. Often the tendency to act rashly leads to unpleasant consequences for all participants;
  • after reaching 35 years of age, youthful enthusiasm subsides a little and a man no longer wants to show off in front of his lady love. He begins to show concern towards her, tries to help in solving problems and in every possible way to make the life and life of his beloved easier;
  • a man who falls in love after 45 years shows his condition with restraint. By this age, negative experiences of the adversities of family life usually accumulate. This is explained by the fact that in the family the relationship with the wife is strained, although it all started with the same love. They are cautious, test their feelings for a long time, and only a woman’s initiative will make their heart burn with renewed vigor.

A man's behavior during the period of falling in love is influenced by many factors. This includes age, the horoscope sign under which they were born, and individual character traits. It is easier for an interested woman to reciprocate by understanding and correctly interpreting the signs that a man is in love.

Stages of falling in love

In addition to the obvious signs described above, there are also stages. In each of them, the personality reveals itself in a new way. Behavior analysis will help you understand whether you are in love or not.

Initial signs

The initial stage of falling in love is the most troubled time. First, an increased interest arises in the object - what he loves, where he lives, what he and his family are interested in, whether he has a soulmate. Next, you begin to imagine how suitable you are for each other. You are attracted to everything about him without exception: humor, voice, actions, figure, clothing style. He speaks funny and appropriately; the others pale in comparison.

You have already planned what your ideal wedding will be, how many children you will have, what kind of house you will live in and where to go on vacation. These thoughts are breathtaking. Even in his obvious shortcomings you find tenderness and constantly justify them. No one bothers you or annoys you.

Secondary symptoms

When you are in love, you do things that are not typical for you. This means that the first stage smoothly flows into the second. Girls begin to take care of themselves, style their curls, apply makeup every day, instead of banal pants and sneakers, wear stylish dresses and heels.

At this time, a person drinks, eats and sleeps less. Hormones produced internally dull other senses.

Women become cooks, poets, singers and try with great effort to show their best sides. However, in the presence of the object of adoration, words often “get stuck” in the throat, thoughts are confused and it is not so easy to collect them into one sentence.

Third stage

The last stage comes when your charm hooks a man, and he begins to pay increased attention to you. Already timid confessions indicate the beginning of a relationship.

Signs that you are in love:

  • I am infinitely glad to meet you, but you behave more boldly and confidently, without confusing your words. You try to seem honest and natural.
  • When dating, you show high intelligence and knowledge in many areas.
  • From the touches, butterflies begin to fly inside your stomach, and your palms treacherously become covered with fine sweat, a wave of excitement covers you.
  • You are happy when the next date is already scheduled and you don’t have to worry about the outcome of the relationship.

If you notice such signs in yourself, love has definitely settled inside.

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Psychology of a man in love

Manifestation of love in men can be of 3 types:

  1. During the period of falling in love, a person makes every effort to win the girl he likes. He compliments her, surprises her, asks her out on dates, and tries to impress her in any other way.
  2. A man gets lost in the presence of the woman he likes. His thoughts are confused, he is nervous, and feels insecure. Such a person may remain silent because of his shyness or say something different from what he thinks.
  3. Young people who do not talk about their feelings and try not to show their emotions in any way, they hide all their experiences behind a mask of calm. You can often find out about their feelings only from the man himself.

First steps

First, you need to decide on the nature of your feelings: friendly intentions, admiration for popularity and demand, a passing hobby or a real romantic mood.

Method 1: Defining “crush”

This is a fairly broad concept that includes a whole range of different emotions. Conventionally, I will divide it into several types:

  • Friendly - you can trust a person, need his support and help, but at the same time not be burdened by serious connections.
  • Admired - when you idealize a person. You are fascinated by his actions and want to gain similar experience. This kind of love fades away when the rapture wanes.
  • Fleeting. Attraction to the opposite sex is instinctive. While in a relationship, you may feel attracted to other men. This suggests that you are interested in something new.
  • Romantic - you want to be more than friends, you dream of kisses and hugs.

Method 2: When you are close to your crush

Analyze your behavior. There are three possible types of reactions to a partner. The most common is embarrassment in his presence. The second is, on the contrary, an ardent confidence in one’s superiority, a desire to tease and tease. The third is flirting. You are having a nice conversation, you want him to pay attention to the new dress or hairstyle.

Method 3: When you are at a distance

Do you often mention your lover when talking to others? If this is the case, try not to discuss his shortcomings behind his back; he might find out about it. If you unobtrusively share your emotions with your friends, they will help you understand your feelings. Don't refuse advice.

Ten signs that a man shows love for a woman

Psychology identifies the following signs of a man in love:

  1. He is really interested in listening to his beloved. When a man not only listens attentively to a girl, but also actively supports the dialogue, he is in love.
  2. He makes any sacrifice for the sake of his beloved. If she asks, he is ready to give up bad habits and even get-togethers with friends. Instead of football, he agrees to watch TV series with her.
  3. Not shy about looking vulnerable. When a man truly loves, he speaks openly about his feelings, without fear of appearing weak.
  4. He always likes the way his beloved looks. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing: an evening dress or pajamas, with or without makeup, she’s always beautiful to him.
  5. He is proud of his beloved. All the successes of his girlfriend give him a feeling of pride, which he does not hesitate to talk about out loud.
  6. Always ready to protect his beloved. Hearing the anxiety in the girl’s voice, he finds out what she fears and seeks to resolve all issues personally.
  7. Shows genuine concern. He asks if she dressed warmly, if she should meet her after work, if she was very tired, etc.
  8. He likes to bring joy to his beloved. He buys flowers, sweets, arranges a romantic dinner, makes gifts - all for the sake of his beloved’s smile.
  9. He likes to touch her. Psychology explains a man's falling in love with the desire to touch the object of his love as often as possible, to hug, run through his hair, or take hands. Indeed, for many, tactile contact is very important.
  10. Allows you into your personal space. This speaks of trust, which arises only in a loving person.

Some men find it difficult to express their feelings out loud. They try to show their love in every possible way to be heard by their beloved. By considering this in time and taking a step forward, a woman will begin the emergence of a strong relationship.

What should I do if he doesn't notice me?

The first and most logical thing to do is to attract the attention of the object of adoration. When you don't know each other, try writing him a message on social networks or adding him as a friend. If he likes you, he will probably show interest. If you communicate, but not as closely as you would like, change your image, and you will attract his interested gaze.

Find out the tastes of your lover, ask his friends about his main hobbies. Analyze what kind of girls he is attracted to and adapt the style to the necessary parameters. Pretend that you are interested in the same things as him: watch a few football matches to stay on topic, talk about a successful fishing trip or an exciting trip. Like-minded people come closer together.

Why and for what do they love?

Sometimes they love in spite of everything, common sense, the slander of relatives, they just love and that’s it, quietly and tenderly, often saying to themselves, “well, how mine he is, this dear and beloved person.” And at the same time your heart skips a beat with happiness!

I remember how one of my friends said that “I even like his hoarse voice when he plays and sings with a guitar”... it’s definitely about love!

One of the men, oh, click, here it is, mine! But this does not always happen, because love is a calm, good feeling and it does not come immediately. With love, the amplitude of vibrations is practically absent, there is simply “everything on top” and EVERYTHING!

Unrequited love

Many girls, hitting the stone of indifference and suffering, fall into depression from indifferent feelings, become lethargic and apathetic. It's possible to deal with disappointment. Spend time in public more often, appear in the company of friends, make new acquaintances. Take a deep dive into your hobbies and sports activities. Do everything to ensure that you have as little time as possible to think about your unrealized romance.

A change of environment helps. Visit relatives in another city, fly away or go on vacation. From there you will return with fresh thoughts, and perhaps a new lover. Don't waste your life on those who are not interested in you.

Changes in appearance

Emotional burnout - what it is and how it is related to stress, signs

If a woman is in love, her image changes, she tries to look better - these are the main signs. The appearance of a girl in love changes due to internal changes: a sparkle appears in the eyes, a pleasant smile, facial features become softer. A woman in love often has her head in the clouds, her muscles relax, and her face becomes friendly.

A girl can change her clothing style and wear dresses more often, even if she previously preferred jeans. Suddenly you may have a desire to change your hairstyle or hair color, or do makeup. All this in order to win the attention of the object of sympathy.

Girl putting on makeup

In the presence of a man, the fair sex wants to look perfect, sometimes this goes beyond the bounds of reason. She can go overboard with cosmetics and jewelry, and wear high-heeled shoes where this is not appropriate.

Note! Often girls in love attract the attention of not only the object of their affection, but also other men. The lover radiates warmth, her movements become light, one gets the impression that she loves everything around her. It is this state that attracts the opposite sex; another man may like her.

Statistics and educational facts

  • At the first meeting, a guy pays attention to the girl’s face, and not to the subtleties of her figure. And if it seems cute, that’s enough to trigger feelings, even when the silhouette is far from the model’s.
  • Any coincidence can become the basis of falling in love. Similar facial features, hobbies, field of activity.
  • A person in love is indecisive and absent-minded.

Another interesting sign that you have fallen in love with a guy is the internal sensations you feel when you are around him. They are similar to strong intoxication.

Stability of feelings

How do quarrels with parents most often occur?

“I was offended, I feel bad, but I still love my mom and dad. If they suddenly get into trouble, I will come to the rescue, despite all the disagreements.”

How do quarrels happen between lovers who have recently found each other?

“Should we break up? What if this is not my person? Do I even need it? If he starts asking for help now, I’ll proudly turn around and leave. Let him get out on his own!”

Can you feel the difference? Love is a stable phenomenon. It doesn't go away, it doesn't diminish because of a few disagreements or problems. What disappears after the first difficulties is just a temporary hormonal surge, and not deep intimacy.

How to recognize genuine indifference

It’s easy to determine that a woman has become indifferent to you.

  1. He rarely calls , feigning interest in you.
  2. She asks you to buy something or borrow something, which means she is pursuing a selfish goal and is using you.
  3. Talks about other men .
  4. If you understand that the relationship is on the decline, suggest breaking up . If she reacts to this calmly, it means she has fallen out of love.
  5. You give her compliments, try to make plans, but she doesn’t respond to them and doesn’t participate in the conversation.
  6. Moves away from you when you want to approach her, withdraws his hand.
  7. He ignores your calls, does not respond to messages, and when you meet, does not give a clear answer, citing being busy.

How to make girls run after you on their own

It is generally accepted that a man seeks a relationship. But you can make girls run after you and try to achieve mutual feelings. How to do it?

  1. Don't show too much interest in the girl. Either be indifferent or show attention, warming up feelings.
  2. You must have a passion.
  3. Don't show jealousy.
  4. Don't look for a reason to call. Communicate with the girl only on business.
  5. Arouse interest in yourself by becoming popular.
  6. Don't show interest in the girl's past relationships.

Read more articles about relationships at this link.

Stages of falling in love in girls

The feeling of sympathy arises unexpectedly; it is impossible to plan it, just as it is impossible to plan sincere joy and sadness. Chemistry, magic, instinct - all this speaks of the feeling of falling in love. The stages of this feeling in women and girls can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. Flash. The sudden feeling is still incomprehensible and causes many emotions that contradict each other;
  2. Awareness. The girl begins to understand her feelings and shows sympathy;
  3. Euphoria in the event of a response, developing into addiction. I want to devote all my free time to my chosen one. If the feelings are not reciprocated, depression and loss of energy may develop.

Couple in love

Falling in love does not pass without a trace; it is one of the components of a relationship. There are 7 stages of their development:

  1. Love. At this stage, the fair sex is fascinated by attention and time spent together. The stage is dangerous because the ability to think rationally is lost. A woman has a desire to see only the good in her chosen one; she does not want to understand his shortcomings. Psychologists say that lovers do not really know each other, they see the one they want;
  2. Becoming. Romance turns into everyday life, prudence returns, and the girl begins to evaluate her partner. At this stage, many couples become oversaturated with each other's attention and break up. Those whose relationships survive form a couple;
  3. Negation. A testing stage that not all couples go through. The advantages are no longer so noticeable, the girl begins to learn about the shortcomings of her chosen one. She tries to change his behavior and habits, but in response she receives resistance. You can’t do without quarrels and scandals;
  4. Humility and calmness. The realization comes that the person next to you is a separate person with his own character;
  5. Interaction and service. If at the previous stages the goal was to please oneself, now the couple is ready to interact and change for each other;
  6. The girl's friendly attitude towards her chosen one. She behaves not like a woman in love, but like a loyal friend;
  7. A love that will not fade. Emotions no longer boil over, relationships are perceived calmly and measuredly.

How to quickly make a girl fall in love with you

You can make a girl fall in love with you. There are several ways.

  1. Always look neat and wear perfume.
  2. To be self-confident.
  3. It is appropriate to joke when communicating.
  4. Look into her eyes, smile at her.
  5. Give compliments and explain why she is special.
  6. Surprise her with pleasant surprises.
  7. Become her friend.
  8. Help her and her loved ones solve problems.
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