10 ways to drive a man crazy, according to men themselves

How to drive a man crazy and become the one and only for him? Many representatives of the fair sex often thought about this. Some women are naturally endowed with the gift of driving men crazy, and they do not need to make any special efforts for this. But others have to try, but nothing is impossible and this “art” is quite possible to learn. The main thing to remember is that there are no trifles in this matter, everything is important here: subtle gestures, details of appearance, manner of speaking, etc.

What kind of women do men go crazy for?

Many people believe that men simply adore and pay attention exclusively to long-legged blondes, but in fact there are many other qualities that attract the male sex much more strongly.

  • Most of all, men are interested in women who are confident in themselves. They may experience certain complexes, but they will never show them to others, especially men.
  • Men also love it when a girl is interested in them. Don’t be shy and ask a man questions of a different nature. A man is always flattered when he is asked for advice, even if he does not understand this topic.
  • Another quality that attracts men is a sense of humor, but you don’t need to get carried away with dirty jokes.
  • The opposite sex very much loves representatives who smell, or rather fragrant, incredibly pleasant and tasty.
  • One of the most amazing and proven ways to attract your chosen one is a hairpin. At the same time, all men madly adore the mystery and what is connected directly or indirectly with the prefix “sex”. For example, translucent clothing, half a hint in communication, half insult in conversation, half a smile, and so on.

#3. Cum/squirt a lot and often

This is what tells us men - that we are tough guys, handsome guys and we can do anything =)

That we are sex gods)) that’s all. Psychologically, this has a profound effect on a man. I don’t know how to explain this to you logically, well, it’s cool to have sex with someone who gets high and splashes out all his emotions and gets high over and over again, squirts, cums, asks him to stop twitching because I can’t have enough. Understand?

Of course, I don’t argue - this largely depends on the man’s experience; but mostly from the woman herself.

And all this has a very cool effect on you. After all, by orgasming you will receive a release over and over again and as a result you will be satisfied, satisfied, joyful, happy, not deprived of anything, etc., and not a hysterical fit of angry dissatisfied and so on. Orgasm is the ultimate goal of what we are here to do this whole thing for.

I recommend that you study: “What determines female and male orgasms.” You will understand a lot!

What kind of appearance do men like?

Psychology has been looking for an answer to the question of how to drive a man crazy for a long time. And a lot of research and surveys are being conducted, as a result of which one can get an idea of ​​what strong representatives of humanity turn their attention to primarily.

  • Figure. It is believed that the stronger sex likes thin people, but in reality this is not the case. Most men pay attention to the smoothness of the shape of the waist and chest. The most important thing in a lady’s appearance and figure is proportionality.
  • Round tummy. To prevent your figure from losing its femininity, you should not get carried away with training unless absolutely necessary, since men prefer a rounded tummy than a six-pack.
  • Hair. Men are not only attracted to blondes; they are equally interested in brown-haired women and brunettes. But the most attractive and attractive to them are people with long, well-groomed hair.
  • Nice smell. As already noted, men like ladies with a pleasant body odor. But what attracts them most is the natural aroma of health.
  • Healthy smooth skin. Even an ideal figure will not replace smooth skin, and will not create the desired sensation if it is rough and has a huge number of acne.
  • A slight smile. All men prefer cheerful and pleasant young ladies. A sincere smile will never leave any person indifferent.

To summarize the above, we can say that there is no point in having complexes, but you need to take care of yourself and learn to present yourself to the man you are interested in so that he is interested and captivated. It's not that difficult, but it requires constant self-care and a lot of time.

You can appear in different clothes:

  • tights / stockings (my favorite) / one / the other / one color / another color / one shape / another other
  • socks / without socks / one color / another color / transparent / etc (this is also exciting)
  • You can’t always be smooth (without hair) / intimate haircuts (why not)
  • in one underwear (panties and bra) / second / transparent / third / tenth
  • transparent and seductive robes
  • erotic costumes
  • bright lipstick (especially on the f*ck it’s terribly arousing; lip marks remain, etc.)
  • in a skirt / short skirt / shorts
  • with glasses / without glasses

Posons (if you are here) noticed who even has glasses? )))

  • On high heels
  • with one hairstyle/different hairstyle
  • in a tight dress / short dresses / elegant dresses / other
  • no underwear at all
  • In short, the options are overwhelming

How to drive a man crazy, psychology, how to behave

Everyone has long known that not all representatives of the fair sex have model qualities. But everyone, without exception, dreams of finding their prince and love. And how to do it? Psychology knows many tricks on how to drive a man crazy. One conclusion can be safely drawn - men do not like bores and preoccupied boring ladies; they prefer light coquettes.

Psychologists say that a sincere radiant smile will make anyone look beautiful. A man has enough worries and problems of his own, so they will initially notice a laughing happy face in the crowd.

Experts say that the period of high-quality seduction can last for months. Conventionally, it can be divided into two stages.

  1. Acquaintance and friendship.
  2. Close approach.

And only after both stages are behind you can you move on to more effective weapons: delicious food and the most exciting leisure time for both, sexy beautiful lingerie and realized erotic fantasies of both, unusual interesting sex, and so on.

Of course, it is impossible to plan and calculate everything, but it is the little things that make up a pleasant time together. We must remember that a man always needs to be surprised and constantly delighted, made to be a little jealous within reason and appreciate the attention given to him. Otherwise, the hunter will lose interest and start looking for something new.

A girl should not ignore or miss any little thing that can affect a man.

Among these additional “things” we can highlight:

  • Perfume. They must occupy a certain place in the image and turn the head of the interested representative of the opposite sex. There is a special perfume that causes sexual desire on a subconscious level, but it is very important not to use it too often, because addiction can gradually develop.
  • Romantic dinners at home. Such evenings will be like a short break from visiting cafes or restaurants.
  • Small partings and separations. To prevent a man from growing cold, seduction tactics should include periods of insignificant separations and short separations, when feelings for each other should intensify. Such moments are very useful in order to avoid addiction in a couple. After all, most relationships are consumed by everyday life.

#4. Learn to make cool, fabulous shit

What kind of cool mistress are we talking about without an enchanting, gorgeous dick?

Learn. Develop yourself. Lots of videos/photos/explanations. I have nothing to say here.

Believe me, this is very important. I judge from myself - sh*t is sometimes even cooler than sex (for me at least).

Sex without sex = I couldn’t even imagine this before. It’s so psychologically enjoyable that it can’t be put into words + it’s also a 2in1 physical pleasure.

I won’t say, of course, for all men that this is the same for everyone as it is for me, but believe me, this is a MUST HAVE!

When can you have sex?

This question worries everyone. You always want to find a middle ground, not to start ahead of time, so as not to frighten off, but at the same time not to delay. It is very important to determine this time in time.

In most cases, a young lady who gives herself away on the first date loses interest and develops a certain opinion. But you shouldn’t promise sex after the wedding either; Soviet times are gone, and modern society treats this issue a little differently.

So that men don’t say that delaying the moment of first sex is a relic of the past. This is far from true. The longer a girl ignores a man in this regard, the more desirable and interesting she becomes. A woman has more time and opportunities to check and evaluate her chosen one, and also to become more valuable and desirable to him.

All men of their chosen ones are conditionally, at the subconscious level, divided into two groups:

  • For serious relationships
  • For pleasure and entertainment

In the latter case, girls jump into bed on the first evening, and then worry that they cannot build a long-term relationship. There are cases when such a girl manages to marry a guy to herself, but at the first scandal he will definitely reproach his wife that their story began with intimacy. And this will be unpleasant for anyone.

Use the following components for stimulation:

  • kisses
  • touch
  • stroking
  • touch
  • biting
  • whispered words
  • language
  • lips
  • etc.

If you are not carrying out everything according to the full program, then follow the advice that I gave at the beginning about:

  • Do not interrupt contact with the main male genital organ - that is, he (the man) turns you on there and everything else; and in response you should turn him on (with your hand on the penis, stroking, touching, etc.), as soon as you generally remove your hand from the penis, the excitement will subside. You absolutely cannot allow this to happen!!!
  • Show sounds and emotions in the process of your and his arousal to maximize the effect

Let's take an example of your possible behavior in erogenous zones:

  • Lips = regular kisses with your lips, tongue and all that stuff.
  • On the cheeks and neck = your tongue and lips are involved (that is, the same thing)
  • You can play with the nipples with your tongue / bite lightly and move lower and lower (gradually)
  • Belly and lower abdomen closer to the groin, the same lips and tongue help, you go down generally gradually
  • The main area (dick and balls) = well, there should be great s**t in a good way (where would we be without it)
  • For example, you can caress the buttocks with your hands, touch them, squeeze them lightly with your hands (for example, when you give a blow job), biting can also happen, from there you can move on to the penis/balls or to the anus (many men are delighted with such caresses)
  • The thighs can also be touched and caressed (during sex = it’s like conducting an electric current throughout the body)
  • Fingers and toes = caress with tongue and lips / lick / this is really very exciting psychologically, dominance, a feeling of maleness, just like during sex.

Give emotions

Men, no less than women, love it when they are given surprises and bright impressions. Be a source of joy for him, give him unexpected and pleasant surprises.

A surprise can be anything, the main thing is to rely on the preferences and interests of the chosen one in the process of creating a gift. Based on this information, give him a certificate for a jeep safari or a snowboarding lesson, buy a radio-controlled helicopter, arrange a date for him on the roof of your house, or go for a joint massage.

Your task is to evoke genuine joy from an unexpected gift, which, by the way, should not be practical at all, but should evoke vivid emotions. Men like it when women think about them and make an effort to please them.

Watch the video from practicing psychologist Nadezhda Mayer. Nadezhda will tell you why to surprise a man and how to give him bright emotions.

#6. Give yourself 100% to the process / relax / turn off your brain and get high (enjoy the process)

I don’t know about other men, but you really feel it.

You can't have really cool cool sex if your brain (head) is turned on, darling.

Sex = it's more and more in the head. Not so much physical interaction, but psychological.

When the brain is fucking turned off = sex will be much better, brighter, etc. than if the brain is working.

Try it somehow (practice, learn) and see for yourself.

There can’t be any orgasms with your head on. Only when you give 100% to the process, relax, get high, are 100% liberated = then everything will be cool for both you and the man.

You should not care about anything and everything. You must be in the process (in contact with a man).

It doesn't matter what hairstyle you have there. What do you look like there, do you have a hole in your tights/stockings or not. Something else doesn’t matter, it’s all bullshit. It will only do harm. Do whatever you want and don't think about anything.

Should you tell a man that you miss him? To make what you want come true

How to make a man miss you from a distance? Not only psychological, but also magical techniques can help. Most of them are associated with the esoteric understanding that thoughts are material.

Do you want the guy to call? Imagine him and the feelings he must feel in order to have a burning desire to make a call. Do you dream of appearing to him in a dream? Think about your loved one before going to bed, remember the pleasant events associated with him. The main thing is concentration and a firm belief that everything will work out.

Thoughts do not materialize immediately. Learn to control desires. Control your consciousness and you can create a powerful energy channel that will connect you with your loved one.

There are also conspiracies to attract male attention. But practical magic has its price, and it is not safe to indulge in it. Use psychology and mental connection, and you can become the most desirable for your man.

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